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Notification Mail 1st April

18th April GD & First Interview
19th April Second Interview
20th April Medical
Joining Dates 23rd May to 4th July (every Monday)

Total called on that day 134

Candidates after GD 37
Candidates after first interview 21
Finally selected 11

GD and interviews are elimination round. AIR is only

considered to call for the process. After that they do not give
importance to ranks
ST -
Group of 13-14
Finally 5 were selected from the group
Case Based GD
Same topic may be given to 2-3 topics
Reading and thinking time 5min
Discussion time 20 min

You are working in company X and company Y is your

customer. Company Y trusts on your supplies a lot. You have
to supply the products by 10th of this month. But on 8th you
come to know that there is a shortage of a part which is used
to make the product to be supplied. You cannot consult to you
Senior Manager because he does not give importance to
these small issues and you have to solve it on your own.
There are three choices

1. Regrind the used parts and use them again. It can have
some chances of failure
2. Use the parts which are old and lying in the company.
This will guarantee minimal safety.
3. Talk to the employee of Company Y and supply the
products the product with some delay without letting the
manager of Company Y to know about this
Choose any of the three options or give solution of your
own choice and explain why you have chosen it.

First Interview (15-20 mins)

Panel of 5 people

Tell me about yourself

How is LNG transported to gas power plant
What is economiser
Pressure inside boiler drum
Saturation temp of water at 150bar
Working principle of cooling tower
What are natural draft and mechanical draft cooling
What is Electrostatic Precipitator
What is Soot blower
What is used for soot blowing (steam or compressed air)
Why do you want to join BPCL
Why not other PSU (IOCL HPCL etc)

Most of the questions were from power plant because my

training was from NTPC Dadri.
Second Interview (15 mins)
Panel of 2

Tell me about yourself

Final Year Project (Use, Economics, Future Aspects)
Favourite Subject
Explain VCRC
What is cryogenics
What is boil of in cryogenics
Role of Goalkeeper in the team
Position of your choice in the company
How would you work in marketing as you have studied
core mechanical engineering