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Annapurna Circuit Trek Know What To Expect

A hearty welcome to Nepal! The Annapurna Circuit is as taxing as its beautiful. Its arguably
one of the finest treks in the globe which witnesses tens of thousands of trekkers undertake
every year. If you open up yourself to this thrilling experience, you wont be embarrassed.
What to anticipate from the trek?

This trek takes you through lush-green forests & farming regions to barren & rocky mountains.
The Annapurna Base Camp trek trails can be damp, rocky, muddy, dusty, and slippery & lined
with snow. The Annapurna Circuit takes trekkers through some of the magnificent landscapes
Nepal has to provide.
Its essential to be ready for any climate condition. When you commence your hike, anticipate
the climate to be hot & humid. As you climb higher, it will definitely get cooler and cooler. You
will possibly start in shorts & a t-shirt and conclude in a pant and jacket.

Anticipate to be challenged both physically and mentally. And this is the best thing about
Annapurna Circuit trekking.

Whats the accommodation like:

Well, the Annapurna Circuit sweeps its way through towns with adequate lodging on offer. The
guest houses feature basic rooms. They usually feature power outlets, and occasionally boast
affixed bathrooms alongside western toilets.

During the peak trekking months guest houses can get filled, particularly at renowned stops
such as Manang & Tilicho Lake.

What About Snacks & Meals

You will find small shops dotted along the trail and in small villages you pass. Be aware that
goods get more expensive the higher you go.

Make sure you stay hydrated! 1 litre of water in Kathmandu may run you 25 rupees or 25 cents,
though further up the trail it isnt unusual to pay 150 rupees/$1.30 per litre. You can however
save cash by employing your water purification tablets or fill up at dependable water stations
accessible all through the trek.
The meals on the trek are basic with options ranging from porridge, pancakes, and eggs for
breakfast. For lunch & dinner, you can usually choose between Dahl Baht, fried potatoes with
mixed vegetables, or a pasta dish.

The best thing regarding the Dahl Baht is that it comes with unlimited refills, which is excellent
following a day of hard trekking! Meal prices usually vary from 300 950 rupees/$3 $8.50.

The Annapurna circuit trek can also be enjoyed with Everest Base Camp trek for more
adventure throughout the way. You can ask your tour operator to merge these two trekking
option in one package to explore Nepal in a different way.
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