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Yes, its a See Through Pump
exclusive to Distributors

1 Motor Included (European or

North American)
2 See Through Acrylic Casing
3 Press fitted Version N Type I
4 Stainless Steel fittings
5 Easy to use
6 Optional custom made carrying
4 5 7 Clean dirt particles included

The SpiralTrac Demo Pump was designed with complete transparency. The
for one single purpose: to demonstrate piping resembles a plan 11 discharge
how the SpiralTrac technology works. recirculation with a switch to turn the
The see through casing is manufactured flush on and off. The included particulate
from acrylic with stainless steel fittings. simulates dirty process and dirty flush.
This keeps the pump lightweight
Fully assembled Demo Pump
Version N Type I SpiralTrac
ESC material

For additional info and video materials please visit

Case Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 22 EnviroSeals Distributor Centre at enviroseal.ca or email
Weight (with Pump): 50 lbs us at support@enviroseal.ca.
7 6

2456 Rocky Lake Drive (902) 861-3464

Waverley, Nova Scotia, Canada info@enviroseal.ca
B2R 1R6