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Putting A Price On Dueling Dinosaur Empathy Training for Robots Search

Fossils Pattern Break #108-a Initial statement: the problem

What would you pay for a fossil of two complete with empathy training for robots is not software but
dinosaurs locked in what seems to be a fight to the hardware. Mirror-neuron... RECENT POSTS
death? An auction house...
ORNL c ell-free protein synthesis is potential lifesaver
NASA looks at deadly weather over the US
M ysterious Illness In Las Vegas Afflicts Finding Holiday Joy 10 M inutes at a Reptile fossils offer c lues about elevation history of Andes
Dozens Of Youth Football Players, Time Mountains

Parents (VIDEO) Gene-editing tec hnique heals mic e with musc ular
Santa is really a very wise man. He may not have
A mysterious illness swept through a Las Vegas gifted gold, frankincense or myrrh, but he knows Mysterious Syndrome Can Cause People to Bec ome
youth football tournament earlier this week, leaving the wisdom of making a... Drunk Without Drinking
dozens of players and... Tales From the Emergenc y Room on New Years Eve
Imprisoned Saudi bloggers health deteriorating, wife
The Grieving Introvert and the An Attitude of Gratitude
Family Celebrates What Could Be Child???s Last Holiday
Holidays: A Different Kind of Survival Whenever you take a moment to celebrate an as She Battles Rare Brain Tumor
Guide activity or a thought such as, I love this shirt I am Court bloc ks Utah governor from stopping Planned
wearing, I... Parenthood funds
All over the Web, people are posting how to survive
Worlds first soft-robotic surgery on a human body
the holidays articles. Its true this time...
Worlds first soft-robotic surgery on a human body
How To Stic k To Your New Years Resolution, Really This
Cant Bear the Holidays Alone? Plan a Giving Thanks Time
Singles Vacation Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and I Had to Give My Brother Permission to Die 20 Years Ago
on New Years Eve
Holidays really should be like commercials; they passion. Hope without thankfulness is lacking in
7 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Vision Board in
abound with happy people. From loving couples fine perception....
holding hands while walking... New Year 2016: How Consumers Will Roc k Health Care
Ac hieve Your New Years Resolutions by Asking
Unclear yet if crucial overhaul of On the other side: variations in Yourself This One Question
First state raises smoking age to 21
Obamacare website a success organising chunks in ELF
Could helmet-free football prac tic e prevent c onc ussions?

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By Sharon Begley and Roberta Rampton (Reuters) Variations in organising chunks arent that Transition metal c atalyst prompts c onjunc tive
Americans got their first look on Saturday at an common, but they do tend to stand out.Source: c ross-c oupling reac tion
New genes born by ac c ident lead to evolutionary
overhaul of the troubled... Livio Bourbon via The Telegraph When...
The billion dollar game of strategy: The effec t of
Ways To Volunteer That Really Show Just A Reminder: Youre Not Crazy for farmers dec isions on pest c ontrol
Your Thanks Being an Introvert Genetic ally c orrec ting a musc le disorder
New tec hnique offers strong, flawless 3-D printed
Its strange how on Thanksgiving we spend so I remember taking one of those introduce yourself
c eramic s
much time thinking about what we are thankful for, icebreaker surveys back in middle school and one
A fathers diet affec ts the RNA of his sperm, mouse
only to seemingly forget... of the questions... study shows
Vestas Wind books highest order intake sinc e 2010
Obamacare website faces crucial New report of oldest known brown Anesthesiologists like blues, surgeons prefer top 40 hits
weekend after technology overhaul dwarfs in our galaxy Smokers more likely to get antibiotic s presc riptions than
By Roberta Rampton and Sharon Begley WISE 0013+0634 One of the new brown dwarfs How to do a mental reset for 2016
WASHINGTON (Reuters) Americans are getting in our galaxy. (Image credit: Pinfield DJ et al.) Main 2-year-old husky gets new set of prosthetic paws
their first look on Saturday at... Point: Astronomers... Creating safer polio vac c ine strains for the post-
eradic ation era

Innovative Coatings M ake Hydrogen Risk Factors M ay Point to Less-Safe Areas of inc reased poverty assoc iated with higher rates of
Ebola transmission
Fuel Production Easier Senior Drivers Gene-editing tec hnique suc c essfully stops progression of
Hydrogen fuel production is a promising way to By Allison Bond NEW YORK (Reuters) Tests of Duc henne musc ular dystrophy
achieve carbon-neutral fuels to power the physical abilities, such as balance and strength, CRISPR treats genetic disorder in adult mammal

transportation infrastructure including... may reveal how well... Painkillers often gateway to heroin for US teens: survey
What Your Favorite Music Artists Say About Your Sex Life
Men and Women in Long-Term Relationships Reveal
Gut Feel M ay Be Best Predictor of Childhood TV Exposure Tied to Lower How They Keep Their Sex Lives Hot
M arital Bliss Understanding of Others The 4 Moves You Need in Order to Own the Weight
Room in 2016
Newlyweds who registered subconscious doubts Television is a powerful agent of development for
Exerc ise Habits of Ultra-Suc c essful People
about their partner on a psychological test were children, particularly those in preschool. But when
7 Ways to Set Better Goals
more likely to be divorced... could too much TV be... Daily Meditation: Set An Intention

6 Signs Its M ore Than A Cold Recessions Associated With Cognitive

By Jennifer Acosta Scott Medically reviewed by Niya Decline In Old Age, Study Finds
Jones, M.D., MPH When youre under the weather, The effects of economic recessions including
it can be tempting... layoffs and having to work lower-status or lower-
paying jobs than youre...

Am I Crazy? The Bizarre Experience of How Seeking Your Passion Boosts Self-
Sleep Paralysis Esteem
By Brandon R. Peters, M.D. Quite simply, the Have you ever had times in life when you simply
experience of sleep paralysis sounds too crazy to werent happy with yourself? You didnt feel good
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be true. When it occurs, which... about your...

Finding Happiness And Success By 8 Immediate Stress Busters and

Giving Thanks Serenity Boosters
By Hannah Morgan for U.S. News Giving thanks Lets face it, daily life can be beyond stressful. And
and being grateful is trendy right now and this between a demanding job and even more
season is the time to give thanks.... demanding home life, it...

Ancient Healing Techniques That Can Adieu For Now

Improve Your M odern Life After two years of blogging I have decided to take a
Ironically, when it comes to treating the ailments of break from it for now. Id like to thank all readers for
modern life which can be exacerbated by chronic their thoughts...
stress and...

M alls Now Offer Quiet Santa Visits For A familial element to homocysteine
Kids With Autism (PHOTOS) elevations in schizophrenia?
Meeting Santa Claus at a shopping mall can be Homocysteine the big H really should have its
horribly hectic. There are large crowds, long lines, own Twitter hashtag #thebigH. Not only because
and holiday music blaring... of the...

Science Reporter Emily Graslie Reads Speech by CS at 2013 HK4As Kam Fan
Her M ail And Its Not So Nice Awards Presentation Gala
Ive said it before, so Ill say it again: Emily Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the speech
Graslies The Brain Scoop is one of the... delivered by the Chief Secretary for Administration,
Mrs Carrie Lam, at...

7 Tips for M anaging In-Law Stress Visit Obamacare website off-peak: US

During the Holidays health chief
Your mother-in-law takes over the kitchen at holiday Individuals seeking to sign up for health coverage
time. So what? Your father-in-law drinks too much on the US governments troubled website were
and sulks in the corner.... urged to visit the...

Greece: HIV curbed among drug users Japans top drugmaker appoints first
(Update) foreign boss
Greek health officials said Friday they have curbed Japans top drugmaker said Saturday it had picked
an alarming spike in the number of HIV infections a GlaxoSmithKline executive as its next president in
among drug users, but... a rare example...

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Energizing M orning Oatmeal The Forgotten Role of Individual
We all know it can be hard to get the day started on Differences in the Stanford Prison
chilly mornings. Heres one of my favorite warming Experiment
and energizing... The Stanford Prison experiment (SPE) is one of the
most famous, or indeed infamous, studies in the
history of psychology....

Children being encouraged to smoke e- Beautician died aged 21 after her body
cigarettes by celebrity culture and rejected her transplanted heart TWICE
excessive online advertising and left her with a string of
Cancer Research found more than 1,000 complications
individuals pieces of marketing Charity says they Amy Wild, 21, underwent a lifesaving heart
do not want them banned because they... transplant in 2002 Her body twice rejected the
organ in 2004 and 2007, inquest...

Woman given drug blacklisted on her Ban smoking on all your grounds,
medical notes by doctors hospitals urged
Megan Taylor, who has a blood clotting disorder, Staff would be banned from escorting patients
was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital with a outside for a cigarette Car parks, shelters and
severe nose bleed in October... gardens would also become smoke...

These Cookbook Photos Redefine What Tech Leaders, Economists Split Over
Fresh Seafood Looks Like Clean Energys Prospects
How to make dead fish look attractive? Thats the Andres Quiroz, an installer for Stellar Solar, carries
challenge New York-based duo Shimon and a solar panel during installation at a home in
Tammar Rothstein faced when... Encinitas, Calif. ...

From Lab To Lectern, Scientists Learn City Impression@Your Neighbourhood

To Turn On the Charm Photographic Competition prize
Enlarge image i Physics professor Chad Orzel presentation ceremony
gives a TED talk in New York. In science, he says, Hong Kong (HKSAR) The City Impression@Your
public speaking is... Neighbourhood Photographic Competition prize
presentation ceremony, in...

Establishing the effectiveness of Coaching and guidance with patient

patient decision aids: key constructs decision aids: A review of theoretical
and measurement instruments and empirical evidence
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Establishing the effectiveness of patient decision Coaching and guidance are structured approaches
aids (PtDA) requires evidence that PtDAs improve that can be used within or alongside patient
the quality of the decision-making... decision aids (PtDAs) to facilitate...

The 6ft 10ins teenager who can grow Cancer costs families around 7,000 a
two inches in two WEEKS because of year in lost income and travel costs
rare disorder (and hes STILL growing) Research shows the financial burden for sufferers
Josh Gott, 18, suffers from a bizarre growth spurt average 570 a month A third of those diagnosed
condition which means he can suddenly grow up to with cancer experience...
two inches...

Alzheimers more likely to develop with Clarifying values: an updated review

footballers and boxers Consensus guidelines have recommended that
Clusters of a protein called tau on the brains of decision aids include a process for helping
people with Alzheimers could be linked to patients clarify their values. We...
neuronal damage caused...

Presenting quantitative information Fatal fire in Kwai Chung

about decision outcomes: a risk Hong Kong (HKSAR) An 63-year-old man died in
communication primer for patient a No.1 alarm fire in Shek Lei (I) Estate, Kwai Chung
decision aid developers this morning (November...
Making evidence-based decisions often requires
comparison of two or more options. Research-
based evidence may exist which...

Prognostic and predictive value of Reef Check 2013 finds corals in healthy
Phospho-p44/42 and pAKT in HER2- and stable condition
positive locally advanced breast cancer Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Agriculture, Fisheries
patients treated with anthracycline- and Conservation Department (AFCD) announced
based neoadjuvant chemotherapy today (November 30) that...
To evaluate the predictive and prognostic value of
various molecular factors associated with the
Ras/MAPK and PI3K/Akt signaling...

One Easy Way to Improve Family The Phases of Shopping Addiction

Relationships The blight of Black Friday is upon us. What better
Last weeks cartoon, on how depression can time to look at a recent paper on compulsive
shopping? Sohn and Choi...
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affect (or enhance) creativity, is here. All rights
reserved, and content...

Dead at 19, anorexic student Averil Hart Balancing the presentation of

let down by doctors information and options in patient
Averil Hart was found collapsed at university, so decision aids: an updated review
weak she could not stand When she died it is Standards for patient decision aids require that
thought her weight had dropped... information and options be presented in a
balanced manner; this requirement...

Basing information on comprehensive, Ten years of the International Patient

critically appraised, and up-to-date Decision Aid Standards Collaboration:
syntheses of the scientific evidence: a evolution of the core dimensions for
quality dimension of the International assessing the quality of patient
Patient Decision Aid Standards decision aids
Patients and clinicians expect patient decision aids In 2003, the International Patient Decision Aid
to be based on the best available research Standards (IPDAS) Collaboration was established
evidence. Since 2005, this... to enhance the quality and...

Communications Authority announces Over 120 primary students pledge to

the revised sharing arrangement of the "Use Less, Waste Less on M y Hand"
multiple frequency network for DTT charter
service by ATV and TVB Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on behalf of the Environmental Campaign Committee:
behalf of the Communications Authority: Taking into Over 120 primary students...
account its statutory...

Art Therapy Do You Have To Know We Are M ore Likely To Lie In the
How Afternoon
As we reach the end of National Health Blog Post Click here to listen to this podcast As the day wears
Month 2013 I am privileged to been able to on, we tend to get weary. Now a study finds that as
participated this second year. ... a result we may...

Crucial weekend for Obamacare Conscious feelings often fail to indicate

website, begins with a shutdown happy marriage
By Roberta Rampton and Sharon Begley Main Point: Researchers have found that there are
WASHINGTON (Reuters) A crucial weekend for some unconscious feelings in the married couples
the troubled website that is the... that can better predict...
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Viagra DOESNT improve relationships: Brian Galea bled to death after
M en who took the drug said their surgeons cut his artery by mistake
overall life satisfaction hadnt changed Brian Galea went to the Royal Preston Hospital
Many men said their lives or relationships hadnt with low blood pressure Was diagnosed with a clot
improved significantly after taking the drugs in his pulmonary artery...
despite them...

Want to slim? Dont feel guilty about Home-school Co-operation in Building

that chocolate cake! Scientists find that an Inclusive School Culture Award
people who dont worry about snacks Scheme launched today
are less likely to gain weight Hong Kong (HKSAR) Teachers and parents from
Researchers say how we perceive treats is as over 100 schools today (November 30) participated
important as the calorie count Feeling guilty is in the launch ceremony...
more likely to prompt us to...

Giving thanks could be good for you Health Care Site Rushing to M ake Fixes
(HealthDay)Thanksgiving may be an official day by Sunday
of gratitude, but research suggests that if you make But specialists said weeks of additional work lie
time for thank... ahead, including a major reconfiguration of the
computer hardware, if the...

Abortion Cases in Court Helped Tilt M ANS BEST FRIEND AND THE
Democrats Against the Filibuster TREATM ENT OF HAEM OPHILIA A
These are the kinds of decisions we are going to We all injure ourselves often- a cut finger when
have to live with, a blunt Senator Harry Reid, the doing the washing up, that scab we cant resist
Democratic majority... picking. We dont usually...

What is the age of M ars crust? Barefoot vs shod running: Effects on

4.43-billion-year-old Martian meteorite NWA7533. tibia loads
(Image credit: Meteorites.tv) Main Point: Scientists One of the key reasons often suggested for
have estimated the... transisitioning to a barefoot running technique is to
reduce the impacts loads,...

The man with his heart in his ABDOM EN: Woman who grew moustache for
Chinese barber, 24, needs surgery to M ovember considering KEEPING it
correct rare defect Sarah ONeill, 29, suffering from polycystic ovarian

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Ho Zhiliang, 24, has congenital cardiac exposure syndrome (PCOS) Condition is the main cause of
syndrome His heart can clearly be seen beating excess hair in...
just below the skin in his...

Quarter of heart failure patients now A data mining approach for grouping
have diabetes as obesity rates rise and analyzing trajectories of care using
Experts warn that rates of the illness are reaching claim data: the example of breast
epidemic levels Diabetes patients are far more cancer
prone to contracting... With the increasing burden of chronic diseases,
analyzing and understanding trajectories of care is
essential for efficient...

Ive been HIV positive for 28 years Holiday health and safety: another list
29 November 2013 Last updated at 21:11 ET By to be checking twice
Philippa Roxby Health reporter, BBC News (HealthDay)Flu shot, check. Hand soap, check.
Isolation and fear... Window washer fluid, check. Staying healthy and
safe this holiday season...

Safety tips for holiday football games Newlyweds know on subconscious

(HealthDay)Pick-up football games are a level whether marriage will be unhappy,
Thanksgiving tradition for many people, but they new study says
can lead to injuries if youre... Although newlyweds may not be completely aware
of it, they may know whether their march down the
aisle will result in wedded...

M emories are geotagged with spatial Half of dementia patients failed by the
information, study finds NHS: Hundreds of thousands of
Using a video game in which people navigate sufferers do not receive medicine or
through a virtual town delivering objects to specific support
locations, a team of neuroscientists... Jeremy Hunt says thousands are condemned to a
life of fear and anxiety Fight against Alzheimers is
as significant...

Appeal for type O positive and A Legislative amendments to enhance

positive blood donation environmental performance in waste
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on collection
behalf of the Hospital Authority: The Hong Kong Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Waste Disposal
Red Cross Blood Transfusion...
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(Designated Waste Disposal Facility)
(Amendment) Regulation 2013 (DWDF

Chromosomal organization and Can alcohol consumption be an

evolutionary history of M ariner alternative treatment for fibromyalgia?
transposable elements in Scarabaeinae Treatment of chronic pain conditions such as
coleopterans fibromyalgia is challenging due to limitations of
With the aim to increase the knowledge on the drug therapies. An initial...
evolution of coleopteran genomes, we investigated
through cytogenetics and...

A novel cost-effective technology to Cpl. Ron Francis turns in RCM P serge

convert sucrose and homocelluloses in after pot controversy
sweet sorghum stalks into ethanol The New Brunswick Mountie at the centre of a
Sweet sorghum is regarded as a very promising debate about smoking medicinal marijuana while
energy crop for ethanol production because it not wearing his police uniform turned...
only supplies grains and...

Aboriginal long-term care experts call M ERS virus strikes Jordan couple in
for beds, housing UAE
Experts in Aboriginal health say that home care for Two new cases of the potentially deadly MERS
seniors is failing to meet the needs of remote First respiratory virus, including a heavily pregnant
Nations communities,... woman, have been reported in...

N. Korea produces more food, but Study finds way to regulate sleep
malnutrition persists: UN patterns of children with brain
North Korea has increased food production for a disorders
third straight year, but malnutrition remains For parents of children with brain disorders or
widespread, UN agencies say,... visual impairment, nights can be long and
frustrating, leading to even more...

Could statins help prevent breast M aintaining antiretroviral adherence:

cancer? Study finds that high An ongoing challenge for women with
cholesterol may cause the disease HIV
A by product of cholesterol could fuel the growth of Maintaining antiretroviral adherence is an ongoing
breast tumours Statins can reduce peoples challenge and important aspect in achieving the
cholesterol levels,... World AIDS Day 2013 aim...
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Dementia patients were left hungry for Grandmother, 82, is served with
hours at scandal-hit NHS trust because eviction notice in HOSPITAL where
staff were running about like headless shes been a patient for nine months
chickens and she has to leave by today
The Ramsey Unit, in the grounds of Furness Joan Parker suffered a brain injury during a fall at
General Hospital, was closed to new admissions her home in February Former sheltered housing
after the unannounced Care Quality... officer has been in hospital...

Why we should all go nuts for nuts Exploring grape marc as trove for new
People who regularly snack on peanuts live longer thermotolerant and inhibitor-tolerant
according to study Announcement result of 20 year Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for
investigation involving... second-generation bioethanol
Robust yeasts with high inhibitor, temperature, and
osmotic tolerance remain a crucial requirement for
the sustainable production...

Antenatal and postnatal combined The Netherlands Cohort Study M eat

therapy for autoantibody-related Investigation Cohort; a population-
congenital atrioventricular block based cohort over-represented with
Autoantibody-related congenital heart block (CHB) vegetarians, pescetarians and low meat
is an autoimmune condition in which trans consumers
placental passage of maternal... Vegetarian diets have been associated with lower
risk of chronic disease, but little is known about the
health effects of...

USDOJ: Former KKK Leader Indicted for Could ALGAE be the secret to clear
Cross Burning in Alabama; Second KKK skin: Study finds fatty acids in marine
M ember Indicted for Perjury plants can treat acne
Steven Joshua Dinkle, former Exalted Cyclops of a The fatty acids produced by some algae have
chapter of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in Ozark, Ala ., cleansing qualities They could prevent the growth
was arrested on Wednesday,... of the bacteria that causes...

people dont realise how much sugar is Forecast Bust: Why 2013 Hurricane
in Coca-Cola, admits companys Predictions Were So Wrong
PRESIDENT Forecasters expected the 2013 Atlantic hurricane

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European president James Quincey also season to be really busy the National Oceanic
conceded that things need to change and and Atmospheric Administration...
servings had to reduce in size But...

Phantom Traffic Jams: What Causes Residential mortgage survey results for
M ysterious Highway Backups? October 2013
Sometimes highway traffic jams up for no apparent Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
reason. Theres no accident, and no real reason to behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority: The
step on the brakes... Hong Kong Monetary Authority...

Special traffic arrangements on Hong Licensed fresh provision shop

Kong Island and in Kowloon convicted for extracting seawater from
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Police will implement the prohibited area for keeping live fish
following special traffic arrangements this Sunday Hong Kong (HKSAR) A licensee of a fresh
(December 1) to facilitate... provision shop who extracted seawater from the
Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter,...

International conference shares latest 7 Ways to Survive Black Friday With

trends in heritage conservation Your M ind
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Over 300 academics, This will be toppled to the floor in 321 Well,
professionals and government officials involved in its that time of year again. They turkeys barely
heritage conservation and... settled and...

Fraudulent website: Is S.Africas HIV treatment success

www.kdbaonline.com breeding complacency?
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on South Africa has been hailed as a model for HIV
behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority: The treatment, but some now fear its very success may
Hong Kong Monetary Authority... be breeding complacency...

Scientists find mystery virus in camels Tongue-Controlled Wheelchair Helps

in Qatar Paralyzed People M ove
Health officials say they have found a mysterious A new wireless device has allowed paralyzed
respiratory virus in a herd of camels in Qatar linked people to drive a wheelchair simply by moving their
to two human cases... tongues. In a clinical trial,...

Sexism Is Daily Reality for Girls, Says UK Church of England Proposes

Report "Blessings" for Gay M arriage

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29 November 2013 Last updated at 08:16 ET By By Belinda Goldsmith LONDON (Reuters)
Judith Burns Education reporter, BBC News Girls Church of England clergy would be able to bless
recognise... same-sex relationships...

Awe-Inspiring Sights Increase Belief in Canadian Woman Refused U.S. Entry

the Supernatural Because of Depression
Awe-inspiring moments like the sight of the A Toronto woman denied a flight to New York as
Grand Canyon or the Aurora Borealis might part of a cruise trip wants to know who told U.S.
increase our tendency... border agents about her...

Dandelion Grows Inside Ear Canal Of M asked artist makes sticky issue out of
Girl In China radiation in Japan
When they say dandelions can grow anywhere, By Sophie Knight TOKYO (Reuters) With his face
they mean it. A doctor in Beijing removed a hidden behind sunglasses and a white surgical
dandelion that was growing in the... mask, the artist is...

WATCH: Just Say Yes! Speech by SFST at BDO Asia Pacific

Perhaps youve seen the Jim Carrey movie Yes Corporate Finance Summit 2013
Man. Yes? Its about a guy who chronically says Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the speech by
no... the Secretary for Financial Services and the
Treasury, Professor K C...

LegCo Public Accounts Committee to Hong Kong Week in Taiwan to feature

hold first public hearing on six exhibitions and performances in
"M anagement of roadside skips" on culture and the arts
December 2 Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-
behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat: The operation Committee: Organised...
Legislative Council...

SCEDs speech at DETOUR 2013 M edication incident at General Out

opening ceremony Patient Clinic in M adam Yung Fung
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the welcome Shee Health Centre in Yuen Long
address by the Secretary for Commerce and Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
Economic Development, Mr Gregory... behalf of the Hospital Authority: The spokesperson
of New Territories...

Famine Drives M adness for 150 Years What I Hate

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Spare a Thanksgiving Day thought for the starvation The Family Stew: Things I Hate Day 28 of the
that made us mad, literally. Maternal National Health Blog Post Month just a few days
malnourishment red-lined rates... left, I had to skip the 26th...

Biophilia: Not a Disease, But M aybe the How to Help Your Bipolar Caregiver
Love of People with bipolar disorder are often focused,
One of the costs of matrimania the over-the-top even consumed, with how to get well and stay well
hyping of marriage and weddings and couples is (and rightfully so). With...
that so many other...

M eaning from Ashes Fit M om Gets Temporarily Banned

Is creating meaning out of a traumatic event or the From Facebook
recovery afterward a key ingredient in recovery? Maria Kang, known as the Fit Mom, was
Every major expert body... temporarily banned from Facebook this week after
she wrote a post complaining...

New Beer Glass Helps Boomers Control Saatchi says he still adores ex-wife
Their Drink Nigella Lawson
View gallery . New Beer Glass Helps Boomers By Alexander Winning LONDON (Reuters)
Control Their Drink A new glass design will make it Millionaire art dealer Charles Saatchi told a court
easier for aging beer drinkers... on Friday he still absolutely...

7 simple ways to ward off holiday weight Obama says nowhere to go but up
gain after HealthCare.gov debacle
Its a season of indulgence, but that doesnt mean By Roberta Rampton WASHINGTON (Reuters)
your healthy habits go out the window. Follow these President Barack Obamas popularity has taken a
easy tips... beating over the botched...

South Carolina free clinic model now Britain seeks to force plain cigarette
replicated nationwide packaging on tobacco firms
What began two decades ago on Hilton Head LONDON (Reuters) Britain signaled it would
Island as a free clinic using retired physicians and force tobacco companies to scrap branded
volunteers to care for the... cigarette packaging on Thursday...

EU bans South African citrus imports M ilitary deployments tied to teens

over disease fears depression
BRUSSELS (Reuters) The European Union NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Adolescents who
banned most imports of South African citrus fruit on experience the deployment of a family member in
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Thursday for the rest... the U.S. military may face...

Holiday Health and Safety: Another List M eeting goals for improved maternal
to Be Checking Twice health in M yanmar
THURSDAY Nov. 28, 2013, 2013 Flu shot, check. As a regional neighbour to Myanmar, the
Hand soap, check. Window washer fluid, check. Commonwealth government has recognised
Staying healthy and safe... Australia has a responsibility and the...

First M ulti-Crew Pilots Licences issued STHs keynote speech at Construction

in Hong Kong Industry Council Conference Luncheon
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Twelve cadet pilots Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the keynote
graduated from the first Hong Kong Multi-Crew speech made by the Secretary for Transport and
Pilots Licence (MPL) programme... Housing, Professor Anthony...

Childhood 13-valent Pneumococcal Speech by SED at Award Presentation

Conjugate Vaccine Booster Vaccination Ceremony of Early Career Scheme and
Programme to start Humanities and Social Sciences
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Centre for Health Prestigious Fellowship Scheme
Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the speech by
announced today (November... the Secretary for Education, Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim,
at the Award Presentation...

SWD provides cold weather support to Labelling M ental Helth Issues: Good Or
disadvantaged Bad?
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Social Welfare There are good labels and bad ones Im have
Department (SWD) appealed to members of the ADHD. But Im also ALFF or Always Looking For
public to show concern and care... Fun. Whats in the word label...

Best of Our Blogs: November 29, 2013 Anger M anagement: Shopping for
As Im writing this, its Thanksgiving Day. If there Disapproval
ever was a day to be grateful, its today. But as Im Pavel Somov, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and
typing... the author of Eating the Moment (New Harbinger,
2008), Present...

You Can Do It Whatever It Is Five Strengths for Greater Happiness

12 years ago, I become Mommy to a precious grey The science of positive psychology has revealed
and white feathery bundle. He came to me with several character strengths that are particularly

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three missing claws and a busted... connected with higher levels...

Cancer Research UK backs the Standardised cigarette packs could be

Government move on standard introduced by next election
packaging for tobacco products Standardised cigarette packs could be introduced
Cancer Research UK backs the Government move by next election Thursday 28 November 2013
on standard packaging for tobacco products Cigarettes could be sold in plain,...
Thursday 28 November 2013 Cancer...

Aging Aboriginal Canadians have Britain could have plain cigarette

harder time staying healthy packets by 2015
First Nations, Metis and Inuit of advancing years Cigarettes could be sold in plain packets in Britain
often have poorer health than their non-aboriginal from 2015 after the government moved Thursday to
counterparts but dont... revive a policy aimed...

Simulating new treatment for retinal Discovering Parkinsons cell

degeneration mechanism
For a few years now optogenetics has been seen A new doctoral thesis from University of Stavanger
as a very promising therapy for progressive suggests possible explanations of how a specific
blindness, for example when it... protein associated with...

M arine algae can help acne sufferers M atter: Linking Genes to Diseases by
Scientists from the University of Stirling have Sifting Through Electronic M edical
discovered an unlikely treatment for acne marine Records
algae. Research by marine... The federal government has been pushing for
electronic medical records for a decade, arguing
that they will improve health...

Your Black Friday Guide To Poison-Free 5 Hotels To Literally Be Surrounded By

Holiday Shopping Nature
The holiday shopping season officially kicks off on Sometimes you just feel the desire to be immersed
Black Friday, and so begins that annual hunt for the in the natural world. If camping isnt your cup of tea,
perfect present,... these gorgeous...

7 Vintage Thanksgiving Pics Remind Using moving cars to measure rainfall

You Of Life Before Smart Phones Took [ | E-mail ] Contact: Brbara Ferreiramedia@egu.eu
Over Your Family 49-892-180-6703European Geosciences Union
IMAGE: An individual in...
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It might be easier to connect to family members
thanks to our smart phones, tablets and Skype, but
its also easier...

20 Surprising Ways to Prevent Colds Foods That Will M ake You Thankful for
and Flu Your Thanksgiving M eal
20 Surprising Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu As a Show This List to the Kid Who Wont Eat Turkey If
paramedic, I never know what germs Ill be youve got someone complaining that the turkey is
encountering. So... too dry,...

Teen With Half a Face Stands Up to Her Europe bans South African citrus
Bullies on YouTube imports over disease fears
Sarah Atwell always listened to her beloved BRUSSELS (Reuters) The European Union on
grandmother, who taught her to love herself. My Thursday banned most imports of South African
nanny always told us when... citrus for the remainder of...

M ERS virus found in camels in Qatar, Chicken Little Can Blame It On Her
linked to human spread Epigenetics!
DOHA/LONDON (Reuters) Scientists have found While most of us will be hopping on the scale and
cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome hoping for a relatively low weight this holiday
(MERS) in camels in Qatar,... season, poultry farmers...

By Accident, Scientists Discover Lakes Fields of Am-ness

Beneath Greenland In the woods: my German shepherd runs a recon
There are hundreds of lakes beneath the Antarctic 20 or so paces ahead of me, her tail wagging as
ice sheet, but nobody has found lakes under she snakes from left to right....
Greenlands ice. That...

Fresh look at plain cigarette packs World first trial to improve prostate
28 November 2013 Last updated at 06:48 ET cancer care
Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires Researchers and clinicians from the University of
JavaScript to play. Dr Peter Mackereth... Sydney and the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre are
leading a world first...

Exercise, diet and lifestyle changes can Study of young parents highlights links
prevent diabetes in people at high risk among stress, poverty and ethnicity
()People at high risk of developing diabetes can ()An avalanche of chronic stressdriven by
prevent its onset if they exercise, improve their diet concerns ranging from parenting to discrimination
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and make one other... disproportionately affects...

Prenatal exposure to alcohol disrupts Couples with different drinking habits

brain circuitry more likely to divorce according to
()Prenatal exposure to alcohol severely disrupts They defined heavy drinking as drinking six or
major features of brain development that potentially more drinks at one time or to the point of
lead to increased... intoxication. Kenneth...

Sleep Drug M odafinil Could Be Used To Karen Armstrong And Oprah Discuss
Treat Depression How To Practice Compassion Every Day
Anti-depressants are not a one-size fits all solution (VIDEO)
for people with depression and for some, they Best-selling author, religious expert and TED Prize
arent compatible... winner Karen Armstrong has studied all of the
worlds great religions....

People with exceptional autographical We'd rather rely on others to do the

memory are just as prone to false hard work
memories Its called the collective action problem: wed rather
Its only in the last few years that researchers have rely on others to do the hard work. In a cohesive
documented the existence of a select group of community however,...
individuals who...

A Smoothie To End All Sugar Cravings 5 Reasons Why Gratitude Is Good For
Been eating too much sugar? This delicious Your Health
smoothie can help. The combination of healthy fat, Gratitude: An intentional appreciation of what and
fiber, and protein keeps... who you have; an acceptance and explicit
acknowledgment of what life brings...

6 Causes Of Fatigue That Could Indicate Study maps genetic markers of brain
An Underlying Problem development in people with Williams
Do you often find yourself feeling sluggish and syndrome
exhausted? Maybe its a struggle to get out of bed Establishing links between genes, the brain and
every morning because... human behavior is a central issue in cognitive
neuroscience research, but...

Risk-taking young people need better Genetic discovery could increase

health services understanding of ADHD

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()Comprehensive health assessments and ()Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have
supports need to be more widely available for discovered that a mutation in a single gene
young people attending secondary... involved in the functioning of...

Protein released from cells triggers Viagra doesnt make men happy, study
chain reactions that could cause finds
Alzheimers disease Treatments that target both physical and
Researchers have shown that tiny quantities of the psychosocial aspects of ED were therefore likely
protein tau can be enough to kick-start an to be the most effective,...
aggregation process which may...

Disturbingly poor care is too common Plain cigarette packaging could be

in NHS brought in by 2015
In the case of Averil Hart, a 19-year-old student who This morning Jane Ellison, the Public Health
suffered from anorexia, two NHS teams in East Minister, said this was the right time to implement
Anglia failed to care... the review dismissing...

Hoarding: Buried Alive: M an Wants To Latest health law delay: small business
Rent Duplex Unit Next To His Garbage website
Hoard CHICAGO (AP) Small businesses interested in
The situation was an absolute mess on Hoarding: buying marketplace health insurance plans for their
Buried Alive for Kyle and his girlfriend of three workers will have to...
years, Lynn....

OTC painkiller may blunt memory loss Organizational readiness for knowledge
from puffing pot translation in chronic care: a review of
Pots not the best thing for your memory. Yes, I theoretical components
know there are functional potheads who enjoy their With the persistent gaps between research and
greens and get also... practice in healthcare systems, knowledge
translation (KT) has gained significance...

Special traffic and transport Hong Kongs unique advantages

arrangements for public processions presented at Nagoya seminar
on Hong Kong Island this Saturday Hong Kong (HKSAR) Companies from Nagoya
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Transport Department and other parts of Aichi Prefecture, Japan, were
(TD) today (November 28) reminded the public that briefed on how they can...
special traffic and...

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VIDEO: New mums group helps beat Elderly patients left without food
depression 27 November 2013 Last updated at 20:27 ET Trust
The government says it is hoping to have a officials said staffing had been boosted at the unit
dedicated mental health midwife by 2017 in all Elderly dementia patients...
maternity units in England to tackle...

Plea for rugby concussion lessons Laser tattoo removal on the rise
28 November 2013 Last updated at 02:06 ET By By Tamsyn KentNewsbeat reporter Please turn on
Steffan Powell BBC News Ben Robinson died after JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. John
collapsing... has a Nazi and other tattoos...

New look at plain cigarette packets Hospital Studies Link Heart Device to
28 November 2013 Last updated at 02:26 ET A Clots
consultation on the packaging was carried out by The number of patients developing potentially fatal
the government last year The... blood clots soon after getting the implant seemed
to be rising. Then...

National Briefing | Health: Retirement Guqin master Wang Duo to hold two
Secured for Chimpanzees recitals in December
Connect With Us on Twitter Follow @NYTNational Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Wu style guqin master
for breaking news and headlines. Twitter List: Wang Duo will stage two recitals in December. In
Reporters and Editors National... addition to classic...

Correlation of bevacizumab-induced How to Ask for Help?

hypertension and outcomes of My clients often start by telling me the presenting
metastatic colorectal cancer patients problem that brought them into my office for
treated with bevacizumab: a systematic counseling. I reply, that...
review and meta-analysis
With the wide application of targeted drug
therapies, the relevance of prognostic and
predictive markers in patient selection...

Body piercing controls wheelchair Patients wait too long for therapy
27 November 2013 Last updated at 23:42 ET By 27 November 2013 Last updated at 23:43 ET
James Gallagher Health and science reporter, Campaigners want patients to have equal access
BBC News The... to therapy Patients are still...

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New patients champion for the NHS National Briefing | West: California: Deal
27 November 2013 Last updated at 23:39 ET By Reached in Suit Over Animal Abuse
Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News Opinion Festive Family Feuds Over turkey or
Standards of... latkes, is it best for families to air their differences
or keep the peace?...

National Briefing | Health: Abortion Council Bill Aims to Limit Use of E-

Numbers Down Again Cigarettes as Their Popularity Grows
Abortions in the United States have continued to The city has long prohibited smoking in
decline, but not quite as steeply as in the past, workplaces, and since 2002 under the
figures released Wednesday... administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg...

A Part of Utah Built on Coal Wonders Electronic health records review set to
What Comes Next ignore consumer interests
But recently, fear has settled in. The states oldest The rollout of the Australias Personally Controlled
coal-fired power plant, tucked among the canyons Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) has
near town, is set... encountered various problems...

How Can I Be Grateful When Im So Scientists develop way to successfully

Angry? give nanoparticle therapeutics orally
Im stuck. And Im angry, because people around [ | E-mail ] Contact: Marjorie Montemayor-
me, people I love, are dying, cancer taking them Quellenbergmmontemayor-
down like dominoes:... quellenberg@partners.org 617-525-6383Brigham
and Womens...

Turning to the Bible for Weight Loss Freezing Out Colds and Flu This Winter:
with the Daniel Diet The Ps and Qs of Boosting Your
The new bible for dieting is, for many, the Bible. Immune System
The Daniel Diet, inspired by the Biblical prophet It has arrived. The sneezing, coughing, fever-ridden
Daniel, has become a... season has officially begun. Affecting children and
adults, winter...

U.S. delays online health insurance Researchers identify a rescuer for vital
enrollment for small businesses tumor-suppressor
By David Morgan WASHINGTON (Reuters) The A protector for PTEN, a tumor-thwarting protein
Obama administration on Wednesday postponed often missing in cancer cells, has emerged from
online health insurance enrollment... research led by scientists...

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Normal weight obesity ups cardiac Researchers discover promising new
deaths in older adults treatment to help people with spine
(HealthDay)In older adults, normal weight injuries walk better
obesity (NWO) is associated with cardiac Scientists may have found a new treatment that can
abnormalities and increased risk for... help people with spinal cord injuries walk better.
The research is published...

US health law insurance site delayed Physicists find a way to study coldest
one year (Update) objects in the universe
The Obama administration is delaying yet another [ | E-mail ] Contact: Michael
aspect of its troubled health care law, putting off Bishopmichael.bishop@iop.org 01-179-301-
until next November... 032Institute of Physics They are the coldest

Global study reveals pandemic of New clues to memory formation may

untreated cancer pain due to over- help better treat dementia
regulation of pain medicines [ | E-mail ] Contact: Lisa Merkllkmerkl@uh.edu 713-
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Vanessa 743-8192University of Houston Brain research by
Pavinatomedia@esmo.orgEuropean Society for UH biologists provides...
Medical Oncology IMAGE: The map summarizes

Pills of the future: Nanoparticles Hysterectomized women may benefit

[ | E-mail ] Contact: Sarah from testosterone
McDonnells_mcd@mit.edu 617-253- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Jessica
8923Massachusetts Institute of Technology Makijmaki3@partners.org 617-525-6373Brigham
CAMBRIDGE, MA ... and Womens Hospital Researchers see

New research shows pre-existing Tips to Avoid Being Scammed This

diabetes in pregnancy greatly Holiday Season
increases the risk of death of the fetus In advance of the holiday season, the FBI reminds
or infant child shoppers to beware of cyber criminals and their
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Dr. Ruth aggressive and creative...
Bellsam.wood1@newcastle.ac.uk 44-788-647-
3422Diabetologia New research shows that pre-

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Nine Defendants, Including Title The Harmful Effects of Toxic Stress on
Company Owners and Lawyers, Indicted You &
in Two Separate M ortgage Fraud Are you staying in an unhealthy marriage for the
Schemes children? I did. I was confused. I was ashamed.
CHICAGOA couple who owned a now-defunct But mostly, I was afraid...
suburban title company, a disbarred attorney, and
an attorney are among nine defendants...

Hockey Canada and other minor Dementia developing at later ages, U.S.
leagues sued over concussions study shows
A 14-year-old boy is suing Hockey Canada and The risk of dementia appears to be falling despite
other minor leagues after he was cross-checked by an aging population, U.S. doctors say. In
an opponent, resulting in... Wednesdays issue of the...

Cigarette packaging review planned US abortions had slower decline in 2010

27 November 2013 Last updated at 17:34 ET A than 2009
consultation on the packaging was carried out by U.S. abortions have continued to decline, but not
the government last year The... quite as steeply as before. The number and rate of
reported abortions fell...

M ental-health disorders growing faster Improved safety measures by mental

among kids than adults health service providers help to
(HealthDay)Young people are increasingly more reduce suicide rates
likely than adults to be diagnosed with a mental Mental health service providers looking after
health disorder, according... patients at risk of suicide need to reduce
absconding on in-patient wards and...

Study raises concerns over safety of Why having a good support system is
implanted heart pump important
(HealthDay)An implanted heart pump for people In my last blog I talked about bravely letting some
with weakened hearts, called the HeartMate II, people in your life go, those that are unable to
appears to be plagued by... deal with your...

Geriatric care may help older patients The good news about the global
become independent again after car epidemic of dementia
accident or other trauma Its rare to hear good news about dementia. But
Older patients who received extra geriatric care thats what a New England Journal of Medicine
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
following a traumatic injury were able to return to Perspective article...
roughly two thirds more...

Are you carrying adrenal Cushings Study unlocks trove of public health
syndrome without knowing it? data to help fight deadly contagious
Genetic research that will be published tomorrow diseases
in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests In an unprecedented windfall for public access to
to Dr. Andr Lacroix, professor... health data, University of Pittsburgh Graduate
School of Public Health...

15 Dos and Donts for Helping a Friend How to Solve Lifes Worst Problems
With a Sick Child in the Hospital My friends response surprised me. He said,
You want to help. Your friend just admitted her child Some problems need to ripen. We had been
to the hospital, and its serious. You dont know talking about work,...

Giving Thanks for the Service of What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food
Alzheimers Caregivers This Holiday Says About You
Season Thanksgiving is always delicious, but sometimes
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many also unexpectedly enlightening. Its the day that you
people are taking the time to give thanks for those realize the cousin...
they have in their lives....

Over the River and Through the Woods 5 Ways to Help Kids Live Lives of
To the ER We Go? Gratitude
Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather, but As we approach Thanksgiving, and images of
hopefully not in the ER! However, unfortunately roasted turkeys and heaping bowls of sweet
every year with all the... potatoes fill our minds, we have an...

Tongue Piercing Lets The Paralyzed Richard Simmons Recalls Being Bullied
Drive Wheelchairs Severely In High School
WASHINGTON (AP) An experimental device is In a pre-Thanksgiving appearance on HuffPost
letting paralyzed people drive wheelchairs simply Live, legendary fitness guru Richard Simmons
by flicking their tongue... opened up about being bullied as...

The One Question Richard Simmons Ethical debate on face transplantation

Has For Parents Of Obese Kids (VIDEO) has evolved over time, reports Plastic
and Reconstructive Surgery
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
This world is just filled with overweight kids. Its [ | E-mail ] Contact: Connie
just horrible, Richard Simmons said between Hughesconnie.hughes@wolterskluwer.com 646-
tears... 674-6348Wolters Kluwer Health Once morally...

Lasers deemed highly effective Whats the sound of a hundred

treatment for excessive scars thousand soccer fans?
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Connie [ | E-mail ] Contact: Jennifer Lauren
Hughesconnie.hughes@wolterskluwer.com 646- Leejlee@aip.org 301-209-3099American Institute
674-6348Wolters Kluwer Health Plastic and of Physics Brazilian researchers study...

Study finds new vulnerability in malaria Glaciers sizzle as they disappear into
parasite warmer water
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Karin [ | E-mail ] Contact: Jennifer Lauren
Eskenaziket2116@columbia.edu 212-342- Leejlee@aip.org 301-209-3099American Institute
0508Columbia University Medical Center of Physics The sounds of bubbles escaping...
Highlights possible...

Paleotempestology and 2011s Impaired noradrenaline homeostasis in

Hurricane Irene rats with painful diabetic neuropathy as
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Kea a target of duloxetine analgesia
Gileskgiles@geosociety.orgGeological Society of Painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN) is a serious
America December 2013 GSA Today Science complication of diabetes mellitus that affects a
Article... large number of patients...

KM 110329 in adult patients with atopic M alaria case management in Papua New
dermatitis: a randomised, double-blind, Guinea following the introduction of a
placebo-controlled, multicentre trial revised treatment protocol
study protocol This paper reports on the availability of diagnostic
Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin tools and recommended anti-malarials in the 12-
disease with a high prevalence rate and a large month period immediately...
socioeconomic cost. There...

Outbreak of acute gastroenteritis in Having a Conversation About Having a

primary school under CHP investigation Conversation
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Centre for Health Setting the stage: Its more important than you
Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) think. Linda: I had to learn this one the hard way. In
is today (November 27)... the early years...
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LegCo Public Accounts Committee to Cultivating Gratitude Every Day
hold second public hearing on Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I wanted to share
"Allocation and utilisation of public a bit more inspiration with you on giving thanks this
rental housing flats" on November 28 week and year-round. In...
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat: The
Legislative Council...

Do I Need to Go Back on Psychiatric AUDIO: Weight warning on morning-

M edication? after-pill
Its not the first time I have pushed it. This time, it Britains most popular emergency contraception
was my (new) son. After being on a number of pill is being reviewed by the UK drugs watchdog
different medications... following claims it...

Narcotic-prescribing doctors hard to Estrogen M ay Not Help Prevent Fuzzy

find in Sudbury Thinking After M enopause
A local counsellor says hundreds of people who Enlarge image i Hormones clearly influence a
need narcotics in Sudbury are going without. Ive womens health, but figuring out how is a tricky
heard friends... business. ...

Court order keeps food company from FDA study helps provide an
production until it cleans up understanding of rising rates of
<! > <! Page Last Updated: 11/27/2013 > Page whooping cough and response to
Last Updated: 11/27/2013 <! ... vaccination
<! > <! Page Last Updated: 11/27/2013 > Page
Last Updated: 11/27/2013 <! ...

LCQ21: Statistics on the transactions of Two men and a company fined for illegal
private residential properties club operations
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by Hong Kong (HKSAR) Two men and a company
the Hon Abraham Shek Lai-him and a written reply were fined $6,600 to $17,500 at the Kowloon City
by the Secretary for... Magistrates Courts...

LCQ7: Assistance for operators of Long Term Housing Strategy public

money changers to open bank accounts consultation to end next M onday
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Long Term Housing

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the Hon Chan Han-pan and a written reply by the Strategy (LTHS) public consultation will end next
Secretary for Financial... Monday (December 2). The...

Hong Kong shares vision of green city Why Yoga Is Both Awesome And
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Supported by the German Terrible, Part 2:
Federal Foreign Office, the City of Magdeburg, state What does a panic attack and a yoga class have in
capital of Sachsen-Anhalt... common? If youre anything like me, both panic and
yoga can lead you...

M ore Tips To Help You Cope With LCQ12: Regulation of private

Travel-related Stress columbaria and increasing supply of
From packing to driving to flying to returning home public niches
again, we invited more experts to share their less- Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
stress travel tips... the Dr Hon Lam Tai-fai and a written reply by the
Secretary for Food...

Youth exchange session discusses Exhibition at Dr Sun Yat-sen M useum

RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme reviews history of 1911 Revolution in
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on Guangdong
behalf of the Commission on Youth: The Hong Kong (HKSAR) The latest exhibition to be
Commission on Youth held an exchange... launched by the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum, History
in Prints: The...

Speech by Acting CE at APICTA Awards Woman jailed for possessing and using
2013 presentation ceremony false instrument
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the speech by Hong Kong (HKSAR) The District Court today
the Acting Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, at the (November 27) sentenced a 45-year-old expatriate
award presentation... female to an imprisonment...

Why cancer costs as much as a Scalpel-free post-mortem UK launch

mortgage 27 November 2013 Last updated at 07:14 ET By
27 November 2013 Last updated at 05:29 ET Shabnam Mahmood BBC Asian Network
Article written by Nick Triggle Health correspondent Pathologists zoom in to...
More from Nick Nearly...

Higher than expected rates of U.S. Pediatric skin ailments common in

alcohol abuse disorders winter

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Disorders related to the abuse of alcohol contribute As parents across the Chicago area prepare to
significantly to the burden of disease in the U.S., take that perfect holiday photo to send to family and
finds a new study... friends, they may want...

Study highlights impact of e-cigarette The financial cost of cancer

marketing on young people 27 November 2013 Last updated at 05:29 ET
Celebrity endorsements and social media are Article written by Nick Triggle Health correspondent
attracting young people to use e-cigarettes More from Nick Nearly...
according to a new University of...

VIDEO: Can a hospital stub out AUDIO: I discovered I was a

smoking? psychopath
Smoking should be banned in all NHS hospital Neuroscientist James Fallon has described to the
grounds in England, according to the National BBC the moment he accidentally discovered he
Institute for Health and Care... was a psychopath after studying...

Communication key to adolescent Video: Potential AIDS vaccine targets

health outcomes blood, mucosal tissue
Improved communication between pediatric December 1st is the annual World AIDS Day, a
providers and the parents and guardians of perfect opportunity to look at how medical research
adolescents could lead to better health... is progressing to fight...

Two new HIV vaccine candidates: Q&A Aggressive HIV strain causes faster
with Nicolas M ouz AIDS development
European researchers have designed two new A recently discovered HIV strain leads to
vaccine candidates to fight the HIV virus. These significantly faster development of AIDS than
have been developed within the... currently prevalent forms, according...

A fiery drama of star birth and death L.A. judge tells hot sauce maker to curb
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Richard Hookrhook@eso.org smelly chili
49-893-200-6655ESO IMAGE: The Large By Dana Feldman and Eric M. Johnson LOS
Magellanic Cloud is one of the closest... ANGELES (Reuters) A Los Angeles judge on
Tuesday ordered a hot sauce maker...

Quick tips to turn your unhealthy home LCQ3: Healthcare manpower planning in
into a healthy one Hong Kong
Your home is a place to show off your sense of Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
style but it can also have a profound effect on your the Dr Hon Leung Ka-lau and a reply by the
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
health and happiness. Maxwell... Secretary for Food and Health,...

Case of Vibrio vulnificus infection LCQ11: Reproductive technology

under CHP investigation services
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Centre for Health Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health is the Professor Hon Joseph Lee and a written reply
today (November 27) investigating... by the Secretary for...

LCQ4: Primary and secondary school LCQ5: Energy policy

places allocation mechanism Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by Dr Hon Elizabeth Quat and a reply by the Secretary
the Hon Mrs Regina Ip and a reply by the Secretary for the Environment,...
for Education, Mr...

M ass vaccinations for children in SC free clinic model now replicated

typhoon-hit Philippines nationwide
A mass vaccination programme has been What began two decades ago on Hilton Head
launched in Philippine communities that were Island as a free clinic using retired physicians and
devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan to... volunteers to care for the...

US govt to keep ban on paying bone US health watchdog curbs exports from
marrow donors (Update) Indias Wockhardt
Could paying for bone marrow cells really boost the The US health regulator has restricted exports from
number of donors? The Obama administration is a plant owned by Indian generic drugmaker
taking steps to block a... Wockhardt in the latest ban...

41 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Bob Harper Comes Out As Gay To Help
Spouse A Contestant On The Biggest Loser
This time of year offers the perfect opportunity to (VIDEO)
take a step back and reflect on who and what really To help a contestant struggling with his own
matters in life.... sexuality, Bob Harper made the decision to come
out publicly as a gay man on...

Syrian refugee women sexually Govt to keep ban on paying bone

harassed in Lebanon: HRW marrow donors
BEIRUT (Reuters) Women refugees who WASHINGTON (AP) Could paying for bone
escaped Syrias conflict to find sanctuary in marrow cells really boost the number of donors?

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

neighboring Lebanon have... The Obama administration is taking...

Prenatal paracetamol exposure and 23andM e shutdown protects science

offspring outcome from using tainted data
Pain. Nobody particularly likes it, but with the The FDA has ordered a shutdown of the internet-
pharmaceutical arsenal of pain relief medication at based genome testing company 23andMe, in a
our disposal these days,... move which I believe will help...

Hell Wont Sell Salt in soluble drugs increases risk of

In a summit at last weeks Warsaw UN Climate heart attacks and strokes
Conference, I gave a talk urging the Climate The salt found in common effervescent and soluble
Change community to rethink their... drugs may be exposing consumers to an
increased risk of heart problems,...

LCQ9: Lard boiling factory in Tai Tong LCQ10: International school places
Wu Village Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by the Hon Jeffrey Lam and a written reply by the
the Hon Emily Lau and a written reply by the Secretary for Education,...
Secretary for the Environment,...

LCQ22: Vetting and approval of FEHD orders restaurant in Sham Shui

domestic free TV programme service Po to suspend business for two weeks
licence applications Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Director of Food and
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by Environmental Hygiene has ordered a restaurant in
the Hon Frederick Fung and a written reply by the Sham Shui Po to suspend...
Secretary for Commerce...

LC Urgent Q1: Invasive pneumococcal Why do people hate the word

disease chemicals?
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is an urgent 26 November 2013 Last updated at 20:47 ET
question by the Dr Hon Kwok Ka-ki under Rule Chemistry is everywhere in the world around us
24(4) of the Rules of Procedure... so why are we so scared...

Health Group Retracts Report on H.I.V. LCQ1: Affairs which the Hong Kong
in Greece Special Administrative Region
Social media erupted on Monday. There were administers on its own in accordance
headlines on The Daily Mail, the Drudge Report with the Basic Law
and Al Jazeera. Rush Limbaugh,...
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Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
the Hon Albert Ho and a reply by the Secretary for
Constitutional and...

LCQ15: Copyright licences and LCQ17: Billing disputes in relation to

copyright royalty charges telecommunications services
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
the Hon Christopher Chung and a written reply by the Hon Albert Chan and a written reply by the
the Secretary for Home... Secretary for Commerce...

"M " M ark status awarded to Cathay Surviving A Family Tragedy: Suicide,
Pacific Sun Hung Kai Financial HK Loss, & Grief
Squash Open 2013 and HK Open Golf Note: Video length 40:53 and emotional. How can I
Championship 2013 find meaning in this? Its very difficult to accept and
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on find purpose...
behalf of the Major Sports Events Committee: The
Major Sports Events...

Thanksgiving Poem: The Passive Shortage of rheumatologists: In some

Aggressive Killing of a Pecan US regions closest doctor may be 200
Holidays are rough. We all have to meet together miles away
despite annoyances, disappointments, old buried A novel study published in the American College of
resentments, or whatever.... Rheumatology (ACR) journal, Arthritis
Rheumatism, shows that smaller...

Gynecologists M ay Treat M en, Board N.F.L. Concussion Case Offers Clues

Says in Switch for Hockey Lawsuit
A professional group that certifies obstetrician- With so much money at stake, it was all but
gynecologists reversed an earlier directive and inevitable that players in other contact sports would
said on Tuesday that its... seek damages from their...

M errell Williams Jr., Paralegal Who M ore than royal food

Bared Big Tobacco, Dies at 72 In the honeybee Apis mellifera, female larvae
Merrell Williams Jr., a former paralegal who leaked destined to become a queen are fed with royal jelly,
mountains of internal documents of the Brown a secretion of the hypopharyngeal...
Williamson Tobacco Company...

Using phage display selected A randomized 33 crossover study to

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
antibodies to dissect microbiomes for evaluate the effect of Hass avocado
complete de novo genome sequencing intake on post-ingestive satiety,
of low abundance microbes glucose and insulin levels, and
Single cell genomics has revolutionized microbial subsequent energy intake in
sequencing, but complete coverage of genomes in overweight adults
complex microbiomes is... The behavioral outcome of food ingestion is a
complex process that involves psychological and
biological factors. Avocados...

Nanoparticulate flurbiprofen reduces Chemopreventive effects of berberine

amyloid-?42 generation in an in vitro on intestinal tumor development in
blood?brain barrier model Apcmin/+ mice
IntroductionThe amyloid-42 (A42) peptide plays Berberine, an isoquinoline alkaloid, has shown
a crucial role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimers inhibitory effects on growth of several tumor cell
disease (AD),... lines in vitro. The aim...

In All Things, Give Thanks NHS told to get tough on smoking

Thanksgiving is coming up and it is a time when 26 November 2013 Last updated at 20:50 ET By
we take time to reflect on the people and things we Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News The
are grateful for. During... guidance...

Salt in medicines a health risk Genetics contribute to increased risk

26 November 2013 Last updated at 21:13 ET By for end-stage renal disease for African
Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online Americans with chronic kidney disease
Soluble painkillers... In the United States, African Americans have
approximately twice the risk of end-stage renal
disease compared to white Americans,...

Researchers explore five new avenues Salt in soluble drugs increase risk of
for rehabilitation research heart attacks and strokes
Because the concept of permanent neurological The salt found in common effervescent and soluble
injury has given way to recognition of the brains drugs may be exposing consumers to an
potential for long-term... increased risk of heart problems,...

Adjuvant therapy with minocycline for SNP genotyping reveals genetic

schizophrenia (The M INOS Trial): study diversity between cultivated landraces
protocol for a double-blind randomized and contemporary varieties of tomato

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

placebo-controlled trial The tomato (Solanum lycopersium L.) is the most
widely grown vegetable in the world. It was
Schizophrenia is understood to be a
heterogeneous brain condition with overlapping domesticated in Latin America...
symptom dimensions. The negative symptom...

Characterization of the Pseudomonas Short-term impact of oral hygiene

aeruginosa metalloendopeptidase, training package to Anganwadi workers
M ep72, a member of the Vfr regulon on improving oral hygiene of preschool
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Vfr (the virulence factor children in North Indian City
regulator) enhances P. aeruginosa virulence by Globally, dental caries is categorized in the list of
positively regulating the... public health problems in preschool children. In
India, lack of availability...

Recognition of depression and anxiety The Holy Holiday Season: Finding God?
and their association with quality of life, For some, the Holidays is a time to reflect and often
hospitalization and mortality in primary times religion can take a new role in a persons
care patients with heart failure study life. Or not....
protocol of a longitudinal observation
International disease management guidelines
recommend the regular assessment of
depression and anxiety in heart failure patients....

Charity concerned for children as e- M edical marijuana privacy breach

cigarette market flourishes sparks lawsuit
Charity concerned for children as e-cigarette A Halifax law firm has filed a proposed class-action
market flourishes Wednesday 27 November 2013 lawsuit against Health Canada, accusing the
Cancer Research UK Press Release Celebrity... federal department of violating...

Drug improves remission of Crohn M apping the entire brain with new and
disease among children and improved Brainbow II technology
adolescents ()Among the many great talks at the recent
Among children and adolescents with Crohn annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience
disease not responding to treatment, use of the were three special lectures...
drug thalidomide resulted in improved...

High salt levels in common medicines Transferring fewer embryos doesnt

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

put patients at increased risk of reduce delivery rates if linked to
cardiovascular events reimbursing six IVF cycles
Researchers at the University of Dundee and Research from Belgium has shown that if
University College London found that taking the governments legislate to restrict the numbers of
maximum daily dose of some medicines... embryos transferred during fertility...

W.H.O. Estimate of Swine Flu Deaths in One in 10 UK Women Report Being

2009 Rises Sharply Forced Into Sex Against Their Will
About 203,000 people around the world died of flu One in 10 women in Britain admit they have been
and respiratory problems during the 2009 H1N1 forced into having sex against their will, the most
swine flu pandemic,... comprehensive survey...

Postmenopausal Estrogen Drop Police launch criminal investigation into

Unrelated to Cognition, M ood Change cancer scandal
You dont have permission to access CQC inspectors found that there were
/releases/2013/11/131125164436.htm on this inaccuracies with waiting time data relating to
server. Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server... cancer treatment. Staff told...

Obesity Linked With Hearing Loss Are You A Perfectionist? (QUIZ)

Obesity is associated with a higher risk for hearing Perfectionism has its perks: It can inspire high
loss, according to a new study in the American standards and a healthy desire for success. But it
Journal of Medicine. On... can also be a debilitating...

Kicking the Night Owl Habit Cross These Dangerous Toys Off Kids
Ive always been intrigued by the concept of Christmas List, Experts Say
willpower. When theres a will, theres a way, right? TUESDAY Nov. 26, 2013, 2013 Toxic or
So... dangerous toys can still be found on store shelves
despite tough new federal...

Swine Flus Death Toll M ay Be M uch Grave Robbing: Not Always What it
Higher Than Thought Seems
TUESDAY Nov. 26, 2013, 2013 The worldwide Death standing guard over the disturbed remains
death toll from the 2009 swine flu pandemic was of the deceased via Flickr user Ephemeral Scraps
about 11 times higher than... Weve talked quite a bit...

M ultivitamins M ay Help Fight HIV Head M ovement Is Bad News For

Progression, Study Suggests Neuroscience (Again)

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TUESDAY Nov. 26, 2013, 2013 New research Claims that children with autism have abnormal
from Africa suggests that basic multivitamin and brain white matter connections may just reflect the
selenium supplements might... fact that they move about...

If We Are Not Competent With Direct If A Tweet Falls In The Woods, Does
Laryngoscopy, We Should Just Say So Anyone Hear It?
Some Quotes The basic trouble, you see, is that With the Internet, we all have a virtual microphone
people think that right and wrong are... that allows everyone to project our thoughts at any

Researchers at Penn uncover M emo to big box retailers: Goodwill has

mechanism behind blood stem cells a shelf life
longevity [ | E-mail ] Contact: Karen
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Evan Paffkaren.paff@columbia.edu 212-854-
Lernerelerner@upenn.edu 215-573-6604University 2747Columbia Business School New Columbia
of Pennsylvania IMAGE: Researchers have long... Business School...

Treatment target identified for a public Kessler stroke researchers explore

health risk parasite five new avenues for rehabilitation
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Julie research
Robertjulie.robert@muhc.mcgill.ca 514-934-1934 [ | E-mail ] Contact: Carolann
x71381McGill University Health Centre This... MurphyCMurphy@KesslerFoundation.org 973-324-
8382Kessler Foundation Treatments based on

Health insurance increases preventive National study finds donor age not a
care but not risky behaviors factor in most corneal transplants
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Karen [ | E-mail ] Contact: Carole
Finneykaren.finney@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu 916-734- Gancarole.gan@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu 916-734-
9064University of California Davis Health... 9047University of California Davis Health System

Dying Chicago lesbian gets judges OK Being Thankful for M indfulness

to wed ahead of new law Constant gratitude is a major key to happiness.
By Mary Wisniewski CHICAGO (Reuters) A One way it can be achieved is by coming to our
Chicago woman who is dying of cancer could wed senses literally. I...
her lesbian partner as early...

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10 Ways to Know Its Time to Leave Schoolies week: bad for the body, bad
Your Relationship for the brain
How do I know when its time to call it quits on my In far-flung tourist destinations across Australia
relationship? I often hear this question from my... and overseas, people are managing and mopping
up schoolies week, where...

Desmoplastic small round cell tumour: Pazopanib is an active treatment in

characteristics and prognostic factors desmoid tumour/aggressive
of 41 patients and review of the fibromatosis
literature Desmoid tumours/aggressive fibromatosis (DT/AF)
Desmoplastic small round cell tumour (DSRCT) is are infrequent soft-tissue neoplasms. They usually
a rare but frequently fatal sarcoma, and many of its behave as indolent diseases. ...
characteristics still...

Estimation of a linear model with two- Age-period cohort analysis of AIDS

parameter symmetric platykurtic incidence rates in Rio de Janeiro,
distributed errors Brazil, 19852009
Purpose: A linear regression model with IntroductionThe long average incubation time from
Gaussian-distributed error terms is the most HIV infection to AIDS makes it difficult to estimate
widely used method to describe the possible... the recent tendencies...

Efficacy, safety and tolerability of The New Science of Smiling (Its M ore
tofacitinib in patients with an Powerful than
inadequate response to disease Smiling is something almost all of us could do a bit
modifying anti-rheumatic drugs: a meta- more often. Past science shows that smiling
analysis of randomized double-blind especially the kind...
controlled studies
This meta-analysis was conducted to determine
the efficacy, safety and tolerability of tofacitinib in
the treatment of rheumatoid...

Natural Compound Resveratrol Watch out for sleepy drivers this

Counteracts Effects of M eth Use Thanksgiving holiday
Researchers at the University of Missouri have (HealthDay)Thanksgiving is a time of travel, but
found that resveratrol, a natural chemical found in one expert warns that sleep deprivation and
various fruits and vegetables,... darkness can cause drivers...

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Supreme Court to take up birth control Regrets About Sex M ay Depend on
religion case Your Gender
The US Supreme Court said Tuesday it will take up TUESDAY Nov. 26, 2013, 2013 If remorse over
a case involving a firm seeking to limit the sex strikes a man or a women, hell likely regret a
availability of birth control... lost opportunity...

How To Stop Online Bullying Supreme Court to hear Obamacare

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Flora Brils How contraception cases
To Stop Online Bullying Coping strategies for WASHINGTON (Reuters) The U.S. Supreme
victims, schools and parents. Bullying... Court agreed on Tuesday to consider religious
objections made by corporations...

Surrogates often make call to New Clues to How Long-Term Drug

deactivate heart devices Therapy Keeps HIV at Bay
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) People who have TUESDAY Nov. 26, 2013, 2013 A new study
implanted heart devices rarely have advance suggests that the replication of HIV may slow or
directives indicating whether... stop altogether in patients...

As M ore M eningitis Cases Hit Colleges, Regrets About Sex M ay Depend on

Experts Urge Awareness Your Gender
TUESDAY Nov. 26, 2013, 2013 A potentially TUESDAY Nov. 26, 2013, 2013 If remorse over
deadly form of meningitis has now been reported sex strikes a man or a women, hell likely regret a
at three U.S. colleges,... lost opportunity...

How To Stop Online Bullying M ethane Emissions M ay Be 5 Times

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Flora Brils How Greater Than Estimated
To Stop Online Bullying Coping strategies for According to a pair of new studies by Berkeley Lab
victims, schools and parents. Bullying... scientist Marc Fischer and colleagues, current
official inventories of...

Learning socially but not socially Virginia Tech professor named AAAS
learning Fellow for contributions to plant
How do we distinguish learning from our friends science
from learning because our friends happen to be John Jelesko, an associate professor of plant
around? When I was younger,... pathology, physiology and weed science in the
College of Agriculture and Life...

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Want to beat the winter chill? DONT Could YOU have the binge drinking
wear a woolly hat, but DO drink decaf gene? Scientists discover some
and point your toes in bed animals are wired to prefer the taste of
By Angela Epstein PUBLISHED: 19:09 EST, 25 alcohol to water
November 2013 | UPDATED: 19:12 EST, 25 Mice with the gene mutation much preferred taste
November 2013 Winter chill:... of alcohol to water Those with it relied on alcohol
for 85 per cent of their...

Becoming a BODYBUILDER helped me New weight loss chip implant in the arm
walk again: M other, 28, beats crippling tells you when to stop eating
spinal condition to walk down the aisle The genetic chip would constantly check for fat in
Lisa Bradley has a condition which causes cysts to the blood and, when someone has eaten too
grow in her spinal cord It left her in excruciating much, release a hormone that...
pain and requiring...

Born Wet, Human Babies Are 75 Percent Al Gore Goes Vegan, Following In
Water. Then Comes Drying Footsteps Of Bill Clinton
Look at this baby. Robert Krulwich/NPR Lovely, no? Enlarge image i Former vice president Al Gore
Now think of this baby abstractly as a sack of talks during an interview, Jan. 29, 2013, in New
hundreds of millions... York. Mark Lennihan/AP...

St Gallen molecular subtypes in primary Rb1 loss modifies but does not initiate
breast cancer and matched lymph node alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma
metastases Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma (aRMS) is a myogenic
The St Gallen surrogate molecular subtype childhood sarcoma frequently associated with a
definitions classify the oestrogen (ER) positive translocation-mediated fusion...
breast cancer into the luminal...

Fluid biomarkers for diagnosing Could you be allergic to your house?

dementia: rationale and the Canadian Katie couldnt work out what caused
Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment chronic attacks that left her gasping for
of Dementia recommendations for breath
Canadian physicians Mould spores can cause nasal stuffiness, itchy
Fluid biomarkers improve the diagnostic accuracy eyes, coughing, eczema 4% of the population
in dementia and provide an objective measure reacts to the spores, which can...
potentially useful as a therapeutic...

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People with food allergies are more Five-dimensional crystallography
likely to be M URDERED than to die from probes molecular structure
a severe allergic reaction (Phys.org) Successful development of new
The risk of a person with a food allergy dying from pharmaceuticals could be the payoff from five-
an allergic reaction in one year is 1.8 in a million, dimensional crystallography, a...
for children and...

How To Enjoy Food This Holiday Season Former NHL players sue league over
Today, Im republishing an older piece to remind concussions
us to enjoy and savor the foods well be eating this Ten former National Hockey League players,
holiday season.... including all-star defenceman Gary Leeman,
claimed in a class-action lawsuit that...

M orning-after pill maker warns of Review of cancer hospital revealed

weight limit 26 November 2013 Last updated at 09:56 ET
A French contraceptive maker says it will begin Colchester Hospital is in special measures
warning women that its morning-after pill is following the CQC report Details of...
ineffective when taken by women...

Boots recalls cough and cold remedies Sleeping sickness treatment mystery
26 November 2013 Last updated at 09:09 ET There unlocked
are fears plastic may have got into the liquid ()Scientists at the Universities of Dundee and
Pharmacy giant Boots is... Glasgow have discovered how drugs that have
been used for 60 years to kill...

Ground-breaking scan may identify liver M other with rare Ehlers-Danlos

disease syndrome struggles to cuddle her
A ground-breaking scan that can identify and help children because her joints pop out
to treat liver disease, could make painful and Emily Comber has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
invasive liver biopsies... collagen in her body is weak She is in constant
pain and her joints dislocate...

Jessica Holmes parents heartbreak as How a toddlers brain may indicate if

daughters cold turns out to be theyll get Alzheimers in old age
leukaemia By Anna Hodgekiss PUBLISHED: 07:27 EST, 26
Jessica Holmes was taken to AE when her cold November 2013 | UPDATED: 08:18 EST, 26
failed to improve She was given antibiotics for a November 2013 Toddlers...

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

chest infection and was sent...

Why watching TV as a child could be a # 46 Surviving the Early Years

lifelong recipe for weight gain: M ore epSos .de via CompfightThe early years of
screen time equals heavier adults parenting are a test for any theory. Those years set
For every extra hour a child spends watching TV the whole idea of abundant...
each day, their weight in adulthood increases by
about half a pound ...

M edical marijuana privacy concerns Speech, not tones, produces better

spark legal action hearing test
A law firm in Halifax that is representing medical Its taken 70 years to invent a better hearing test.
marijuana users has filed a class-action lawsuit Thats how long weve been using the classic
against the federal government,... beep...

FDA bans personal genetic tests Vitamins can damage the bodys own
26 November 2013 Last updated at 07:04 ET The defences
service offers to read genetic code, but critics have Each year, we spend billion of dollars on dietary
questioned the results The... supplements. New research indicates that vitamin
pills may upset the fragile...

Blood stem cell longevity explained Oxytocin leads to monogamy

()The blood stem cells that live in bone marrow [ | E-mail ] Contact: Dr. Ren
are at the top of a complex family tree. Such stem Hurlemannr.hurlemann@gmail.com 49-228-287-
cells split and divide... 19124University of Bonn Researchers at the

When the living and the deceased dont Surgically Implanted Eyeball Jewelry Is
agree on organ donation the New Piercing
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Matt Lucy Luckayanko was at a night club in New York
Wooodmatthew.wood@uchospitals.edu 773-702- City when a man approached her and said, Oh,
5894University of Chicago Medical Center All 50 your eye is so shiny! Yeah,...

Your Brain Has Two Clocks Connections Between Brains Left And
Did you make it to work on time this morning? Go Right Hemispheres Strengthened As
ahead and thank the traffic gods, but also take a Children Sleep, Study Finds
moment to thank your brain.... Heres a good reason to make sure your child gets
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
adequate sleep each night. A new study in the
journal Brain Sciences...

7 Things You Didnt Know About Your How to Help a Grieving Friend: 11
Thanksgiving M eal Things to Do When Youre Not Sure
When it comes to Thanksgiving, every year is What to Do
delightfully repetitive: Turkey, stuffing, mashed Ive been a therapist for more than 10 years. I
potatoes, cranberry sauce... worked in social services for the decade before
that. I knew grief....

9 foods that boost metabolism naturally Drugmaker warns on morning-after pill

Your metabolism is partly ruled by genetics, but you PARIS (AP) A French contraceptive maker says it
can rev it up naturally by eating right. Fill up on the will begin warning women that its morning-after pill
following nine... is ineffective when...

Syria polio cases spread to Damascus Researchers successfully target T

and Aleppo, WHO says lymphocytes which play key role in
The World Health Organization said on Tuesday bodys immune response
that additional polio cases had been confirmed in Researchers at the University of California, San
two new areas of Syria, including... Diego School of Medicine have successfully
targeted T lymphocytes ...

Virginia Tech professor named AAAS Best of Our Blogs: November 26, 2013
Fellow for contributions to the field of In a few days, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving
plant specialized metabolism here in the US. The upcoming holiday brings about
John Jelesko, an associate professor of plant a lot of things: rest,...
pathology, physiology and weed science in the
College of Agriculture and Life...

VIDEO: Fear of disease in Typhoon FDA approves H5N1 avian influenza

aftermath vaccine
A mass vaccination programme is getting under (HealthDay)The U.S. Food and Drug
way in the Philippines, to immunise 33,000 Administration has approved the first adjuvanted
children affected by Typhoon Haiyan. There... vaccine for the prevention of H5N1...

Supreme Court weighs new health law Bayer bids 1.8 bn euro for Norways
dispute Algeta

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

President Barack Obamas health care law is German pharmaceutical group Bayer has made a
headed for a new Supreme Court showdown over bid for its Norwegian partner and competitor Algeta,
companies religious... specialised in cancer treatments,...

Deep pragmatism as a source of Kelly Ripa And Jimmy Fallon Get Fit With
morality Orange Sauna Shorts On Late Night
You could be forgiven for believing that some of the (VIDEO)
most vexing issues of our timepartisan gridlock, When Kelly Ripa dropped by Late Night, Jimmy
abortion, climate... Fallon couldnt help but bring up how incredibly in

Night Owl V M orning Lark: Which One 5 Natural Ways To Clear Up Your Acne
Of You Is M ore Likely To Have In Time For The Holidays
Depression? Looking to clear your skin in time for the holidays?
While there has been much said about the The fastest, most effective path to radiant skin is by
required hours of sleep needed to function and incorporating...
have a healthy immune system, not...

13 Ways Successful People Improve Why Youll Find Freedom In

Themselves Forgiveness
I was surprised when I realized that the same Years ago I was teaching a weekend workshop,
steps that Id used to get into medical school are and during the course of the first evening, I touched
the same steps Im... upon the subject of forgiveness....

Clinicians perform unnecessary Pap 22% of African-American adults in

tests in certain groups of women, says Cleveland use little cigars
researcher A new data brief released by the Prevention
For the past ten years, clinicians throughout the Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods at
United States have been performing unnecessary Case Western Reserve University...
Pap tests for cervical cancer...

Director of Scheie Eye Institute Researchers identify progenitor cells

honored with WIOs Suzanne that are vital for successful growth of
Veronneau Troutman Award healthy placenta
Joan M. OBrien, MD, the George E. de Schweinitz Dr. Hanna Mikkola and researchers at UCLAs Eli
and William F. Norris Professor of Ophthalmology, and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine
chair of the Department... and Stem Cell Research...

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Nurse M aria ONeill on why shes Whats In It For U.S. To Cut Greenhouse
devoted to the hospice movement: We Gas Emissions?
ALL deserve a dignified death The chimneys of the Kolaghat Thermal Power
Surveys show most people want to die at home or Station loom above a field flooded for rice farming
in a hospice But most end up dying in hospital near Mecheda, West Bengal,...
often needlessly Hospices...

Comet Fans Psyched For A Celestial VIDEO: Do dreams differ around the
Feast On Thanksgiving Day world?
Comet ISON on Nov. 14. Courtesy of Mike Hankey For most of us, dreams are notoriously difficult to
While most Americans are sitting down to recall in detail and even harder to understand or
Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday,... interpret. Hunter...

Child-on-child abuse shocking Hospital care standards review urged

26 November 2013 Last updated at 02:32 ET 26 November 2013 Last updated at 03:23 ET By
Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires Owain Clarke BBC Wales health correspondent
JavaScript to play. Sue Berelowitz, Deputy... The Welsh government...

Lets talk about sex Ten Former N.H.L. Players Sue League
25 November 2013 Last updated at 19:35 ET Over Head Injuries
Article written by Nick Triggle Health correspondent The players, who were in the league in the 1970s,
More from Nick The... 80s and 90s, filed their suit in federal court in
Washington. One...

Recipes for Health: Butternut Squash F.D.A. Orders Genetic Testing Firm to
and Purple Potato Latkes Stop Selling DNA Analysis Service
1/2 medium onion, grated 3 cups grated butternut In a crackdown on genetic testing that is offered
squash (1 small squash) 3 cups grated purple directly to consumers, the Food and Drug
potatoes ... Administration has demanded that...

Bumps in the Road to New Cholesterol ID Verification Lagging on Health Care

Guidelines Website
Many leading cardiologists now say the credibility Many users of the website have had their
of the guidelines, released Nov. 14, is shattered. applications cast into limbo after they uploaded
And the troubled effort... copies of documents like drivers...

M ore transparency needed in hospitals Women more liberated as attitudes to

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In her speech today Mrs Cummings will say: sex change
Absolute transparency is the key to driving
Experts said a significant factor in the shift was a
improvements in standards... shift in attitudes towards sex, meaning that more
women were willing...

Obesity associated with higher risk of Drug regimen may eliminate

hearing loss in women colonization with superbug CRE
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Lori J [ | E-mail ] Contact: Liz Garmanegarman@apic.org
Schrothljschroth@partners.org 617-525- 202-454-2604Association for Professionals in
6374Brigham and Womens Hospital Physical Infection Control Washington,...

Research: Higher BM I liked with Exposure of fetus to maternal mood

increased risk of hearing loss in women disorders may lead to behavioral
According to the World Health Organization, 360 problems in offspring
million people have disabling hearing loss, a Posted in: Child Health News | Medical Research
condition that is often considered... News | Medical Condition News Tags: Anxiety,
Brain, Cortisol, Depression,...

Life without antibiotics the rise and Strategies for Surviving Thanksgiving
rise of superbugs The Thomas-Kilmann Way
Heralded as a miracle of modern medicine when Day 25 of the National Health Blog Post Month, and
they were first discovered, antibiotics have been Im cracking the whip in my Mental Health Humor
overused for so long... cartoon. This being...

Never too old to take up exercise Nurse navigators help cancer patients
25 November 2013 Last updated at 23:19 ET cope early in care
Taking up exercise in your 60s will still help stave When Group Health patients received support from
off major ill health and dementia,... a nurse navigator, or advocate, soon after a cancer
diagnosis, they had...

Brain imaging differences in infants at US overturns safety limits on diabetes

genetic risk for Alzheimers drug
Researchers from Brown University and Banner The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is lifting
Alzheimers Institute have found that infants who severe safety restrictions on the former blockbuster
carry a gene associated... diabetes pill Avandia,...

Testosterone therapy doesnt worsen Frustration From a Deal on Flawed Hip

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urinary symptoms Implants
(HealthDay)For hypogonadal men, testosterone Now, some patients have found a new target for
replacement therapy is associated with a low risk their ire: the legal system and the lawyers they
of worsening lower urinary... hired to sue Johnson Johnson....

M odern life turning people off sex Nebulizers deliver less than half of
25 November 2013 Last updated at 21:14 ET By prescribed asthma Rx in kids
Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News (HealthDay)The amount of corticosteroids
More than 15,000... delivered by nebulizers in children with asthma
differs from the prescribed dose,...

High abusive head trauma rates with Kids hospitalized for flu need antiviral
new coding method meds right away: study
(HealthDay)Use of new coding algorithms show (HealthDay)Kids near death because of severe
the highest abusive head trauma (AHT) rates in flu infection have a better chance of survival if they
children Pediatrics. Meghan... are given antiviral...

Olysio approved as hepatitis C 2-way traffic enable proteins to get

treatment where needed, avoid disease
(HealthDay)Olysio (simeprevir) has been [ | E-mail ] Contact: Toni Bakertbaker@gru.edu 706-
approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration 721-4421Medical College of Georgia at Georgia
to treat chronic hepatitis C... Regents University IMAGE: ...

University Of M assachusetts M edical Drug interactions causing a significant

School scientists re-imagine how impact on statin use
genomes are assembled [ | E-mail ] Contact: Matt Itoitom@ohsu.edu 503-
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Jim 494-3657Oregon State University CORVALLIS, Ore.
Fessendenjames.fessenden@umassmed.edu A new study has found that...
508-856-2000University of Massachusetts Medical
School Using...

Turning autism upside down: When NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Alessia
symptoms are strengths make landfall near Darwin
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Susan [ | E-mail ] Contact: Rob
Gawlowiczsmguns@rit.edu 585-475- Gutrorobert.j.gutro@nasa.govNASA/Goddard
5061Rochester Institute of Technology Alternative Space Flight Center IMAGE: NASAs TRMM
treatment... satellite...

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Why it could take THREE broken bones New diabetes has little impact on
before you get checked for outcomes in elderly hypertensives
osteoporosis By Eleanor McDermid, Senior medwireNews
Around 2.3m people in the UK, mainly women over Reporter Established, but not newly diagnosed,
50, have the condition It leads to a huge risk of hip diabetes is associated with reduced...
fracture, which is...

M others horrific allergic reaction to Lupus symptoms

heart tattoo left her with growth so big Lupus is an autoimmune disorder affecting 50,000
she couldnt wear boots in the UK It causes the immune system to turn on
Nicola Hickman got tattoo on her ankle as a sign of itself and attack healthy...
her love for her daughter It became bumpy and
then turned...

We ALL deserve a peaceful, dignified Holiday Social Anxiety: 7 Survival Tips

death: After the dreadful care her No one can make you feel inferior without your
dying grandfather endured, nurse consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt Unless you have the
M aria vowed to spare others the same disposition of one...
indignity. So she devoted herself to the
hospice movement
Surveys show most people want to die at home or
in a hospice But most end up dying in hospital
often needlessly Hospices...

Increasing the number of insured European drug experts sound warning

patients is not tied to higher ICU usage on austerity
in M assachusetts Drug experts and policy makers from around
A multi-institution study led by researchers at the Europe gathered in Athens to urge governments to
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of exclude drug-abuse treatment...
Pennsylvania has found...

Government grants reduce HIV risks for Brits having less sexbut more variety
teenage girls in South Africa When it comes to the bedroom, the British may be
A large-scale study, led by Oxford University, has getting less busy, but more creative. According to
identified that government grants in Southern Africa results from the latest...
can reduce major...

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C-section rate for private patients American medical groups protesting
double that of publicly funded patients physician cuts
The rate of scheduled caesarean sections among (HealthDay)Medical societies are taking action
private patients is around double that of publicly against the mass cancellations of physicians in
funded patients, indicates... Medicare Advantage plans...

Whooping Cough Study M ay Offer Clue Postcards From Lebanon: Part 12 in a

on Surge Series of Cancer-Related Commentary
Baboons vaccinated against whooping cough (The Infusion Room)
could still carry the illness in their throats and I find my strength in the beat of your heart.
spread it, research published... (Haley Westenra) I like to think of myself as

M iranda Lambert Slams Weight Loss Outdoor Recess Is Better For Kids Than
Surgery Rumors As Ridiculous Playing Indoors, Study Says
Miranda Lambert recently made headlines when Not all recesses were created equally. According to
she arrived at the Country Music Awards with a a new study out of Washington University in St.
noticeably slimmer physique.... Louis, urban public school...

Chicago E-Cigarette Ban? City European M orning-After Pill Warns Its

Considering Updating Smoking Ban To Not Effective For Women Over 176
Include Controversial Cigs Pounds
Chicago may soon take a first step toward The manufacturer of Norlevo, a European
becoming the first major U.S. city to regulate the emergency contraceptive pill identical to widely
sale of e-cigarettes. The Chicago... used American-made pills, reportedly...

How scavenging fungi became a plants GSA Bulletin posts new studies from
best friend China, Egypt and Israel, Argentina,
[ | E-mail ] Contact: David Gilbertdegilbert@lbl.gov M exico, California, Appalachia
925-296-5643DOE/Joint Genome Institute IMAGE: [ | E-mail ] Contact: Kea
These are spores and... Gileskgiles@geosociety.orgGeological Society of
America Posted online ahead of print Nov. 6-22,...

Researchers find ear infections down, New method to increase survival in

thanks to vaccine sepsis discovered
Otitis media, more commonly known as ear Sepsis, the bodys response to severe infections,
infection, is the leading cause of pediatric health kills more people than breast cancer, prostate

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care visits and the most frequent... cancer and HIV/AIDS...

Repeatedly exposing yourself to a Study Finds Vaccinated Baboons Can

negative event may prevent it from Still Carry Whooping Cough
affecting you Baboons vaccinated against whooping cough
Psychology shows that it doesnt take much to put could still carry the illness in their throats and
you in a bad mood. Just reading the morning news spread it, research published...
can do it. And being...

Surgeon struck off for lying about Rock Your body!

removing brain tumour Confidence shouldnt come with a size chart. There
Cumulatively, these serious breaches are so many factors that can affect the way we see
demonstrate conduct that falls far below the ourselves. We...
standards expected of all registered...

Yoga for Kids: How Yoga Helps Fix Six Want Better Skin? Hit The Gym, Stat!
Kid Issues With the holidays ahead, its already hard enough
Childhood today is filled with challenges, stressors to find time to get to the gym much less want to.
and obstacles that can be overwhelming for But, it...
parents and children alike....

Whooping Cough Vaccine M ay Curb People Who Experience M igraines And

Symptoms, But Not Spread Allergies Could Have Worse Headache
ATLANTA (AP) A government study offers a new Symptoms
theory on why the whooping cough vaccine doesnt Having allergies could make headache symptoms
seem to be working... worse for people who experience migraines,
according to a new study. The research,...

Even just WATCHING sport can improve How sushi might not be so good for you
your fitness after all: M ercury in fish could increase
When people watch sport on TV their heart and the risk of heart disease
breathing rates increase They return to normal The mercury in fish can cause problems with
when the person they are watching... nervous system development It can also counteract
the positive effects of omega-3...

NHS is pulling out all the stops to deal An Omnivores Dilemma: Would You Eat
with impact of bad weather, flu and the M ichael Pollan M icrobe Cheese?
winter vomiting bug
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Making your own cheese and yogurt is all the rage
To try and avoid the chaos of last winter, more staff
these days. (Our friends at Kitchen Window broke
are being hired and several thousand more beds
down the process in a...
and GP appointments...

Itching for a fight: the motives behind FDA requires removal of certain
alcohol-fuelled violence restrictions on the diabetes drug
This weekend, yet another violent assault has Avandia
reminded us of the need to curb alcohol-related FDA NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release:
violence in public spaces. For... Nov. 25, 2013Media Inquiries: Morgan Liscinsky,

Are You a Good Husband? AEIOYOU & Sometimes WHY?

The media is full of experts giving people advice. Do You know Your Vowels? -lol Of course, you say!
They tell us how to be good parents, loving Vowel sounds are very important to some
spouses, supportive friends.... languages. (The vowels to which...

Why Yoga Is Both Awesome And Create an Attitude of Gratitude

Terrible, Part 1: At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by
Yoga stretches can feel soooo good sometimes. a spark from another person. Each of us has
Case in point: three days ago, I had a bad panic cause to think with deep...
attack brought upon by low...

PCBs banned by the US 3 decades ago Walgreen Co. to move employees into
hurt seniors cognitive performance private health insurance exchange
Although PCBs have been banned in the United Bloomberg: Walgreen CEO Says Employers Want
States since 1979, University of Montreal and CHU To Offer Health Benefits Employers want to provide
Sainte-Justine researcher... quality health care to attract...

What Happens to Your Body When A Very Seasonal Side Dish: Kale Salad
Youve Got PM S with Cornbread Croutons
Two weeks before your period Your brains pituitary The problem with corn bread is that it usually stuffs
gland unloads two fast-acting agents, follicle- more than just the bird. But use it as a slightly
stimulating hormone... sweet, crunchy topping...

"Can guys really tell when you go bare Cyberchondria: Do M edical Websites
down there?" Hurt M ore Than They Help?

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Can guys really feel a difference when a girl is bare Welcome to the world of online medical sites and
down there?Kristi, Cordele, GA Well, yes, we diagnostics WebMD, Mayo Clinic, MedicineNet,
can feel... take your pick. While its...

Paralympics boosts disability profile but Pre-surgery weight courses roll-out

no panacea 25 November 2013 Last updated at 02:11 ET Trial
Walking with Paralympic Gold Medalist Tim schemes at 10 GP surgeries have been seen as
Prendergast along one of Londons busiest successful Smokers and obese...
streets, disability...

AUDIO: Carers paid less than minimum VIDEO: Allow athletes to use drugs
wage The medical ethicist Julian Savulescu tells
Some care workers are being paid less than the HARDtalks Stephen Sackur the current doping
minimum wage because they are only paid for the rules in sport are not working. He...
time they spend at a persons...

State roundup: Candidate Berwick Researchers show for first time how
floats single payer; M inn. reps influenza A viruses infect respiratory
pushing against med device tax; cells
restore M edi-Cal cuts? Researchers at the University of California, San
A roundup of state health policy news, today from Diego School of Medicine have shown for the first
Iowa, Minnesota, Massachusetts and California. time how influenza A viruses...
Kaiser Health News: In...

Anti-epileptic drugs, bone loss and Top 5 faddy diets you should avoid in
supplements: an interview with Dr. the New Year
Antonio A. Lazzari, VA Boston Health Top of the list is the Breatharian Diet which involves
Care System, Boston University School swapping food for air Second is the Biotyping Diet
of M edicine which sees slimmers...
Interview conducted by April Cashin-Garbutt, BA
Hons (Cantab) What are anti-epileptic drugs
(AEDs) and how frequently do...

Chinese mother gives birth to huge Standing at the bus stop made me
baby weighing 13lbs 10oz allergic to the cold: M an who could be
The woman, 27, gave birth in a hospital in killed anything from a chilled beer to a
Shanghai it is not known if the baby was born single snowflake
naturally or whether it...
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Bernard Wards skin explodes into hives if he
comes into contact with anything cold and he
could even go into...

The photo frames made from What to Do When We Dont Know What
PLACENTAS: Woman creates marble- to Do
effect frames from crushed, dried I have this question (myself) a lot. I also get this
offcasts question (from others) a lot. Every time I ask my
Amanda Cotton, 25, adds cooked, crushed, dried mentor this question,...
pieces of placenta to moulds filled with casting
resin to create the picture...

Cognitive Rehabilitation for Bipolar 3 Tips On Dealing With TRAVEL STRESS

Disorder: A new, complementary From Psychologist
therapy Manhattan psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona offers
Bipolar disorder is a condition characterized by his advice for dealing with the stress of travel:
recurrent episodes of depression and/or Traveling often poses unique...
abnormally elevated mood (known...

Joining A Running Group Helped LOOK: Can You Guess How M any
Andrew Phillips Lose 144 Pounds Calories Are On Your Thanksgiving
Got a success story of your own? Send it to us at Plate?
success.stories@huffingtonpost.com and you Exactly no one sits down at the Thanksgiving table
could be featured in our I Lost... expecting a light meal. But between drinks, dinner,
seconds and a slice...

Why Heirloom and Artisanal Foods Are Social Support And Feeling In Control
Good for Losing Weight At Work Are Good For Well-Being: Study
By Scott Mowbray, editor of Cooking Light One of The happiest employees are those who feel like
our Social Diet members, Patrick Pittman, talks they have control at work and have a good
about expecting more from... emotional support system, a new...

GPS Guide: M indfully Celebrate The Psychology of Success

Thanksgiving With These 5 Tips Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and
The stress and strain of constantly being liking how you do it. Maya Angelou In life, we...
connected can sometimes take your life and
your well-being off...

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The dinner habit thatll help you stay M eningitis victims hope for criminal
slim charges against compounding
You know already that watching your calorie intake pharmacy
and using smaller plates can help you slim down. Dirk Thompson III doesnt hold out much hope that
But new research from... he and the 750 other victims in a nationwide
meningitis outbreak...

Digital lollipop allows people to Health Tip: Keep Pests Away

simulate taste without eating Keeping your home clean and tidy can help keep
Tasting all the ice cream you want and not getting pests away without the use of pesticides. The
fat? It sounds too good to be true. But researchers Wisconsin Department...
from the National...

The M agic & Benefits of Emotional What Color TV Has In Common With
Attunement ADHD
Recently I was out to dinner with some friends. The ADHD Color TV(Image borrowed from Wikipedia
restaurant was packed, and clearly the wait staff CommonsAnd Modified by me) There are people in
was missing a person... this world who feel that specific...

Im a doctor and I have cancer Krokodil hunt: Tracking the elusive,

How the hell did I wind up doing this? I think to flesh-eating street drug
myself. Im staring at an 18-gauge needle, filled If headlines in the past few weeks are to be
with a potent... believed, a Flesh-eating zombie drug that

VIDEO: Heathrow creates e-cigarette Amazon workers face illness risk

zone 24 November 2013 Last updated at 21:17 ET
Heathrow Airport says it is opening the worlds first Online retailer Amazon employs more than 20,000
e-cigarette zone. So-called vaping is banned in... people across its eight warehouses...

Study finds honeybee venom triggers Study finds astrocyte role in shaping
immune response neural circuits
Allergy-like immune reactions could represent a Stanford University School of Medicine
mechanism of the body that protects it against neuroscientists have discovered a new role played
toxins. This surprising conclusion... by a common but mysterious class...

A new target for diabetes treatment Can a vegan diet can be safe for

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In her synthetic biology lab, Karmella Haynes pregnancy?
focuses much of her effort on developing better A popular Instagram contributor has gained
ways of exploring how human...
particular attention recently because she is vegan,
eats predominantly raw food,...

New study led by CDC reports nearly In health law politics, redistribution is a
half of US children are diagnosed with toxic word
ADHD The New York Times: Dont Dare Call The Health
A new study published in the Journal of the Law Redistribution Redistribution is a loaded...
American Academy of Child and Adolescent
Psychiatry (JAACAP) found that an estimated...

Researchers identify immune cell Research: Notch protein plays essential

protein that sets off bodys initial role in triggering T-cell development
response against viral infection The lab of Avinash Bhandoola, PhD, professor of
Mice lacking GEF-H1 protein expression unable to Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, has studied
mount immune defense against influenza A the origins of T cells for...
Massachusetts General Hospital...

Sugary drinks linked to womb cancer Why walking within 30ft of a lit cigarette
Study reveals link to the cancer which kills 2,000 is a health risk
British women a year University of Minnesota Walking any closer to smokers means inhaling
researchers looked... 100 times recommended limit Campaigners say
indoor smoking ban has shifted passive...

Alcohol is good for your health: Leading M editation made easy: Give yourself a
science writer claims tipple can full body check-up
prevent cancer and may help improve By Madonna Gaulding PUBLISHED: 19:15 EST, 24
your sex life November 2013 | UPDATED: 19:15 EST, 24
Tony Edwards is a science journalist and writer He November 2013 This week, a meditation...
has brought together leading research on the
effects of alcohol Found...

Clothing increases the risk of indirect In vitro anti-mycobacterial activity of

ballistic fractures nine medicinal plants used by ethnic
Current literature has shown the mechanism of groups in Sonora, M exico
how indirect fractures occur but has not determined Sonoran ethnic groups (Yaquis, Mayos, Seris,

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

what factors increase the... Guarijios, Pimas, Kikapues and Papagos) use
mainly herbal based preparations...

Rasch analysis of the General Self- Quarterly Report on General Household

Efficacy Scale in a sample of persons Survey July to September 2013
with morbid obesity published
Self-efficacy is needed for effectuating lifestyle Hong Kong (HKSAR) Quarterly Report on General
changes, and it is therefore an important target Household Survey for July to September 2013 is
related to health. The... now available for download. The...

"Hong Kong 2012" yearbook iPad and Copy number variations in endoglin
Android apps ready for download locus: mapping of large deletions in
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Information Services Spanish families with hereditary
Department (ISD) has today (November 25) hemorrhagic telangiectasia type 1
launched both iPad and Android... The hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
syndrome (HHT), also known as the RenduOsler-
Weber syndrome is a multiorganic...

HKAB issues Best Practice on NFC Staying Hungry

mobile payment in Hong Kong Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on <w:LatentStyles DefLockedState="false"
behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority: The DefUnhideWhenUsed="true"
Hong Kong Monetary Authority... DefSemiHidden=true...

NHS Bed blocking increases to highest Yuen Long Theatre Xmas Fun Day to
level in three years offer free youth and family programmes
This months figures show 67.3% of all delays Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Yuen Long Theatre
were attributable to the NHS, while 26.3% were Xmas Fun Day, which is jointly presented by the
attributable to Social... Yuen Long Theatre...

Clinicopathological risk factors for TID and HKTDC to hold "Ignite Your
recurrence after neoadjuvant Brand for Asian M arkets" seminar
chemotherapy and radical hysterectomy series
in cervical cancer Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Trade and Industry
Cervical cancer is one of the common Department and the Hong Kong Trade
gynecological malignancies with a high recurrence Development Council (HKTDC) will jointly...
rate after surgery. This study aimed...

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Drama and Chaos in Relationships Inside M y Depression
When drama characterizes a relationship it is often Whenever I give speeches or interviews to the
because drama has become a drug in its own media Im almost always asked what it feels like to
right. For sex addicts high... have depression....

PCBs still affecting our health decades Certain symptom clusters experienced
later after surgery for esophageal cancer
[ | E-mail ] Contact: William Raillant-Clarkw.raillant- predict poor prognosis
clark@umontreal.ca 514-343-7593University of [ | E-mail ] Contact: Amy
Montreal Chemical banned... Molnarsciencenewsroom@wiley.com 201-748-
8844Wiley A new study has found that several
months after...

Bonding together to fight HIV Women directors better at mergers and

[ | E-mail ] Contact: Lori Lennonl.lennon@neu.edu acquisitions
617-680-5129Northeastern University College of [ | E-mail ] Contact: Andrew
Science (BOSTON, MA) A... Rileyandrew.riley@sauder.ubc.ca 604-306-
7137University of British Columbia The more
women there...

Scientists capture redox moments in Allograft inflammatory factor 1 (AIF-1) is

living cells a new human adipokine involved in
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Tom adipose inflammation in obese women
Rickeytom.rickey@pnnl.gov 509-375- Allograft inflammatory factor 1 (AIF-1) is a putative
3772DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory obesity gene. Our aim was to examine the
Better understanding... expression of AIF-1 in human...

Firing practice for December 2013 Effects of a fixed-intensity of

Hong Kong (HKSAR) Firing practice will take endurance training and pistacia
place at the San Wai/Tai Ling Firing Range and the atlantica supplementation on ATP-
Tsing Shan Firing... binding cassette G4 expression
Adenosine triphosphate-cassette binding protein
(ABC) type G is considered as a part of reverse
cholesterol transport (RCT)...

De novo characterization of the Obtaining subjects consent to publish

Anthurium transcriptome and analysis identifying personal information:

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

of its digital gene expression under current practices and identifying
cold stress potential issues
Anthurium andraeanum is one of the most popular In studies publishing identifying personal
tropical flowers. In temperate and cold zones, a information, obtaining consent is regarded as
much greater risk of cold... necessary, as it is impossible to...

Creating Income Stability: Publishing Court Confronts Religious Rights of

Success Story Corporations
Income stability in private practice can be The stores play religious music. Employees get
challenging. Publishing is one way to create an free spiritual counseling. But they do not get free
additional income stream. In... insurance coverage for...

Work-Life Balance As an Entrepreneur M eat, egg and dairy nutrient essential

Launching a startup is one of the most difficult for brain development
things anyone can do. It feels like theres always a [ | E-mail ] Contact: William Raillant-Clarkw.raillant-
never-ending... clark@umontreal.ca 514-343-7593University of
Montreal Deficiency...

Vinnie Jones and wife both battling I was helpless when Jimmy died in my
cancer arms now I want EVERY child to learn
Former footballer, 48, discovered he was suffering first aid: The 16-year-olds murder in a
from the condition when he had a lump under his bakery shocked the nation. Here, the
right eye checked out He... brother who held him in his final
moments tell his devastating story
Jimmy Mizen, 16 was murdered at a south London
bakery in 2008 A local teen began a fight with
Jimmy and ended up cutting...

Drinking doesnt make you fat: A Cheap drugs put heart rhythm patients
startling new book claims that nightly at risk: Doctors accused of giving
glass of wine wont go straight to the patients nothing stronger than aspirin
hips One in 20 atrial fibrillation sufferers are being
By Tony Edwards PUBLISHED: 18:46 EST, 24 prescribed the latest drugs The condition is the
November 2013 | UPDATED: 18:46 EST, 24 most common heart rhythm...
November 2013 It sounds too good to be true....

Escherichia coli YmdB regulates biofilm M M Diff: quantitative testing for shape

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

formation independently of its role as changes in ChIP-Seq data sets
an RNase III modulator Cell-specific gene expression is controlled by
Ribonuclease III (RNase III) activity modulates epigenetic modifications and transcription factor
hundreds of genes in Escherichia coli (E. coli). binding.While genome-wide...
YmdB, a member of the macrodomain...

The Joy of Creating M y Weight Loss Journey: Im Happier &

Composing gives me great pleasure there is Heavier
nothing that surpasses the joy of creation, if only Its not insane to believe that once you lose weight,
because through it one... life gets better. For years, Ive heard stories from
those who...

How to Deal with Holiday Triggers First Nations exposed to pollutants in

Just thinking about it makes me tired. There are a chemical valley
lot of ways that a traumatic event can impact the A new study is drawing attention to the health
experience of a holiday.... problems being faced by a First Nations
community living near one of Canadas...

Friendship line for elderly launched Scan cuts child radiation risk
24 November 2013 Last updated at 19:04 ET A free 24 November 2013 Last updated at 19:39 ET A
24-hour dedicated helpline for older people across new method for scanning childrens livers for
the UK has been launched... tumours could prevent them...

Critics Notebook: M TVs Generation M edicaid Expansion Faces M ajor

Cyro Links Families Logistical Challenges Among the
The fascinating MTV show Generation Cryo Homeless
follows Breeanna, daughter of a lesbian couple A wet cough punctuated Mr. Cannons often wry
who conceived through sperm... answers to Ms. Wards questions about his
disability status, military service...

Stress vs. Comfort? Can Stress Be Cancer Research Suggestions Part-3

Good for You? Be the first to comment What do you think?
Click here to watch the TEDTalk that inspired this Posted by Usman Zafar Paracha November...
post. When I think of the word stress it makes me
nervous. The word itself...

Hundreds of convicted doctors still Red-tape nightmare, Emma Thompsons

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

practising foresight and NHS websites
Of the convictions, 184 were for dangerous driving, But these letters are only a small part of it. A
330 for drink-driving and four for driving under the manager once pulled me aside and explained that
influence of drugs.... if I didnt complete...

A new, flying jellyfish-like machine Nut eaters may have a longer life
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Jason Socrates expectancy Health News NHS
Bardidfdmedia@aps.org 240-535-4954American Choices
Physical Society Researchers present simplified... Thursday November 21 2013 Nuts are known to be
rich in unsaturated fatty acids The...

Scientists Prove X-ray Laser Can Solve The Importance of Recognizing Your
Protein Structures from Scratch Resiliency: Strategies
Featured articleScientists Prove X-ray Laser Can I was recently in a shop with a friend when a young
Solve Protein Structures from Scratch Menlo Park, man in his late twenties came in to get his hair cut.
Calif. A study shows... Friendly and likeable...

Story Within Essayists Gather for Decay used to construct quantum

Symposium on Instant Classic information
If there were all-star team of memoirists exploring [ | E-mail ] Contact: Gertie Skaarupskaarup@nbi.dk
genetic misfortune, then the writers gathered in 45-35-32-53-20University of Copenhagen Niels
Boston on Friday for... Bohr Institute IMAGE: ...

Diamond flaws pave way for nanoscale NIST demonstrates how losing
M RI information can benefit quantum
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Dr. Mete computing
Ataturema424@cam.ac.uk 44-787-499- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Laura
6463University of Cambridge IMAGE: This image Ostlaura.ost@nist.govNational Institute of
shows... Standards and Technology (NIST) IMAGE: This is...

New genomic study provides a glimpse How living cells solved a needle in a
of how whales could adapt to ocean haystack problem to produce electrical
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Jia Liuliujia@genomics.cnBGI signals
Shenzhen The latest study was published online in [ | E-mail ] Contact: Leila Grayleilag@uw.edu 206-
Nature Genetics November... 685-0831University of Washington Filtered from a
vast sodium sea, more...

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

Scientists prove X-ray laser can solve Neuroscientists research leads to
protein structures from scratch unique discovery: hes a psychopath
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Andy A well-respected neuroscientist whose research
Freebergafreeberg@slac.stanford.edu 650-926- into the biological underpinnings of psychopaths
4359DOE/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory fatefully revealed ...

M odern-Day Slavery "All Around Us," Dad Beats Cancer Diagnosis To Walk
Says UK Home Secretary Daughter Down The Aisle (VIDEO)
24 November 2013 Last updated at 04:36 ET Hunter Finch and Haley Fountains love story is
Theresa May outlined the plans following something like a fairy tale not just because of
allegations women were kept in servitude... how they found...

7 Incredibly Relaxing Soaking Tubs To X-rays reveal another feature of high-

Inspire Your #SanctuarySunday temperature superconductivity
(PHOTOS) [ | E-mail ] Contact: Claus
Theres nothing like combing the design site Houzz Habfastclaus.habfast@esrf.fr 33-666-662-
for inspiring photos of dream homes. Our favorite, 384European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
as of late, has... Discovery...

UNL scientists develop novel X-ray Unusual greenhouse gases may have
device raised ancient M artian temperature
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Donald [ | E-mail ] Contact: Andrea Elyse
Umstadterdonald.umstadter@unl.edu 402-202- Messeraem1@psu.edu 814-865-9481Penn State
5619University of Nebraska-Lincoln Research IMAGE: This is a split panel comparing...

Study identifies protein essential for Even if emissions stop, carbon dioxide
immune recognition, response to viral could warm Earth for centuries
infection [ | E-mail ] Contact: Morgan
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Sue Kellymgnkelly@princeton.edu 609-258-
McGreeveysmcgreevey@partners.org 617-724- 5729Princeton University IMAGE: Princeton
2764Massachusetts General Hospital Mice lacking University-led...

Scientists find brain region that helps Sanofi sued in France over Gardasil
you make up your mind vaccine

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[ | E-mail ] Contact: Stan BORDEAUX (Reuters) A French teenager has
Florescofloresco@psych.ubc.ca 604-783- filed a lawsuit against French pharmaceutical
8549University of British Columbia One of the company Sanofi Pasteur and...

Enjoying Three Types of Thanksgiving Practicing Self-Care During Stressful

Holidays Times
Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This When stress strikes, self-care often takes a
means different things for different people backseat. The ability to care for oneself is
traveling, planning and coordinating... predicated on the ability to...

Saudi announces 55th M ERS death White house extends enrollment

The Saudi health ministry on Sunday announced a deadline for health insurance
new MERS death, raising to 55 the number of (HealthDay)Consumers who want to enroll in a
people killed by the coronavirus... health insurance plan through HealthCare.gov will
get a few extra days to...

Nexavar approval expanded for Authorities Knew of "Slave Family" for

common thyroid cancer Decades But Felt Unable to Intervene
(HealthDay)U.S. Food and Drug Administration Social workers were aware for over three decades
approval for the anti-cancer drug Nexavar of the dysfunctional family where three women
(sorafenib) has been expanded to... were allegedly...

EPA Faces Challenges To Air Pollution 30 Lessons You Learned After 20

Authority In Supreme Court Cases I truly enjoy reading those blogs written by young
By Lawrence Hurley and Valerie Volcovici mothers who have managed to overcome the
WASHINGTON, Nov 24 (Reuters) The U.S. pressures from society to be...

10 Characteristics of Good Problem Intensive (Self) Care

Solvers By Becky Karush for meQuilibrium The ranks of
Good problem solvers are good thinkers. They family caregivers are growing every year two out
have less drama and problems to begin with and of every five adults...
dont get overly emotional...

5 Things Every Yogi Needs to Know Are Separate Bedrooms the New Black?
One of the joys of being a yoga teacher is that I get Lucy and Ricky. Laura and Rob. June and Ward.
to see a side of people that most people dont get What did these famous TV couples have in
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
to see. During... common? They slept in separate beds. From...

Dreading Pain M ay Be M ore Unpleasant 20 Healthy New Takes On Traditional

Than The Pain Itself, Study Suggests Latkes
If youve ever gotten a flu shot, you know this to be By Nicole McDermott This year, Hanukkah and
true: The time you spend waiting for the shot is Thanksgiving overlap for the first time since
often more unbearable... President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving...

Your Ideal Workout Is Sweaty, Effective What Nutritionists Serve at

And Fun Thanksgiving
Here at Healthy Living, were firm believers that the As a dietitian, people often wonder what its like at
best fitness routine is one you will stick with. And my house at Thanksgiving. Theyll ask me: Do I
one of the... drink? Not...

Keeping Holidays Happy When a Loved Surviving The Great Holiday

One Has Alzheimers Depression
SUNDAY Nov. 24, 2013, 2013 The holidays can As we well know, while the holidays can be a
be a difficult time when a loved one has source of joy for many people, the holidays are also
Alzheimers disease, but... a source of sadness for...

InfluencingRather than Controlling Your Weekly Travel Zen: Spain

Your Teen This weeks Moment of Travel Zen comes to us
I think of this as something of a companion post to from Lynda Hanwell. Her photo of Gaudis Segrada
one from a week ago. Hopefully, taken together, Familia depicts...
they can help you get...

Great lakes waterfowl die-offs: Finding The physics of beer tapping

the source [ | E-mail ] Contact: Jason Socrates
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Jason Socrates Bardi Bardidfdmedia@aps.org 240-535-4954American
dfdmedia@aps.org 240-535-4954 American Physical Society Fluid dynamics explains...
Physical Society New experimental data,...

The secrets of owls near noiseless FDA approves GSKs bird flu vaccine
wings for national stockpile
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Jason Socrates (Reuters) The Food and Drug Administration said
Bardidfdmedia@aps.org 240-535-4954American on Friday it has approved a vaccine made by
Physical Society Learning how owls use acoustic... GlaxoSmithKline Plc for...

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Letting Go Gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort:
Id like to lie to you. Id like to tell you that the people Should you be concerned?
who have always been there for you will still be According to a new survey, 74 percent of Americans
there when... are living with digestive symptoms like diarrhea,
gas, bloating and abdominal...

Amid holiday canned-food drives, U.S. M achine M ade Body Parts

food banks take up farming Posted on November 24, 2013 by Rebekah Morrow
GLENMOORE, Pennsylvania (Reuters) Machine Made Body Parts 3D printed skin may be
Surrounded by rows of kale and collard greens, Bill stronger than mother natures I...
Shick ticks off statistics...

Kale Salad With A Kick Notch signaling pathway keeps

This recipe (like my creamed corn) is also inspired immature T-Cells on the right track
by my visit to Tasillis Raw Reality in Atlanta. I The new study describes the mechanism of action
ordered their cookbook... of Hes1, a repressor protein that acts in the
nucleus of immature T cells...

3 Basic Rules For Happy, Healthy & Hot US group seeks to block Gilead drug
Holidays patent in India
Two years ago, around New Years Day, I got the A US-based patient rights group said Saturday it
flu. A bad one. It laid me out for a week, and has sought to block a bid by California-based
although I cut myself some... Gilead Sciences to obtain...

M ore surgery for Indian baby with 6 technology trends that will change
swollen head your familys health forever
Doctors said Saturday they plan to carry out more When the Affordable Care Act takes effect in
surgery on a two-year-old Indian girl to correct a January, it will not only change the health care
rare disorder that caused... system but how we manage our...

Denmark targets iPhone generation to Could you tell if you were having a
keep edge in hearing aids heart attack?
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) Tiny Denmark, with By now, youve seen enough heart attack scenes
fewer than 6 million people, supplies half the that you could spot one from a mile away: Theres
worlds hearing aids,... the gasping for air,...

Yum! Holiday Stuffins That Will Knock A bottom-up approach to autism

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Your Socks Off research?
Looking for a way to have a healthy Thanksgiving If anything else, the recent discussions on the
this year? Why not try one of my sugar-free recipes principles of RDoC Research Domain Criteria
from my updated Christmas... (see here) being...

7 Things That Are Hurting Your Brain & Why Youve Hit A Weight-Loss Plateau &
M ood What To Do About It
In my last article, 6 Science-Based Tips For A I see people all the time who are rewarded by
Healthy Happy Brain, I gave natural ways to seeing that number on the scale drop. But then, for
promote optimal mental health.... no identifiable reason,...

The KCTD family of proteins: structure, How statistics can help cure cancer
function, disease relevance 23 November 2013 Last updated at 19:16 ET By
The family of potassium channel Ruth Alexander BBC News Some of the best minds
tetramerizationdomain (KCTD) proteins consists of in medical...
26 members with mostly unknown functions....

High incidence of Aggregatibacter Chief Secretary unveils plaque at new

actinomycetemcomitans infection in Victoria Park Swimming Pool opening
patients with cerebral infarction and ceremony
diabetic renal failure: a cross-sectional Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Chief Secretary for
study Administration, Mrs Carrie Lam, unveiled a plaque
Recent epidemiological studies suggest that to mark the opening of...
periodontitis is a major risk factor for renal failure
and cerebral infarction....

Unresolved Conflicts? Take Them To UT Dallas professor awarded $2.3

The M attresses #NHBPM million NIH grant to continue
Unresolved conflicts Take them to the prosthetics, orthotics research
mattresses Day 23 and 24 of the National Health Dr. Robert Gregg, an assistant professor of
Blog Post Month, I will have to... mechanical engineering and bioengineering who
joined the Erik Jonsson School...

The psychometric profile of chiropractic Cryptococcus spp. isolation from

patients in Norway and England: using excreta of pigeons (Columba livia) in
and comparing the generic versions of and around M onterrey, M exico
the STarT Back 5-item screening tool The presence of Cryptococcus spp. has been

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and the Bournemouth Questionnaire reported in Mexicos capital city; however, to our
knowledge there are no...
Musculoskeletal pain and low back pain (LBP) in
particular is one of the more costly health
challenges to society. The STarT...

Poems: Annoyed & Kneecaps A Deeper Look at Suboxone Diversion

Poem: Annoyed I can never seem to adjust the light In Addiction Treatment with a Dark Side, Deborah
Right The light From my childhood Of working at my Sontag of the New York Times shared her
desk All night And... observations of the clinical...

Sleep Therapy Is Expected to Gain a Identifying influential metrics in the

Wider Role in Depression Treatment combined metrics approach of fault
An insomnia therapy that scientists just reported prediction
could double the effectiveness of depression Fault prediction is a pre-eminent area of empirical
treatment is not widely available... software engineering which has witnessed a huge
surge over the last couple...

Genome-wide transcriptional analysis Urea immunoliposome inhibits human

of T cell activation reveals differential vascular endothelial cell proliferation
gene expression associated with for hemangioma treatment
psoriasis Urea injection has been used in hemangioma
Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease in treatment as sclerotherapy. It shrinks vascular
which T cells have a predominant role in initiating endothelial cells and induces...
and perpetuating the chronic...

Symphonies, sand castles and design Exhibit-goers revel in the details

detours make for a creative week Hong Kong (HKSAR) There is so much more to
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Hong Kongs largest Chao Shao-ans engaging paintings than
outdoor symphonic event of the year, the Swire immediately meets the eye....
Symphony Under...

Opinion: Bringing Back M y Real Self Op-Ed Columnist: Why the Y?

With Hormones But I was still struggling with the difference
I was not experimenting with hormone levels out of between meiosis and parthenogenesis. Dr. David
idle curiosity or in some kind of quirky science Page, the zippy evolutionary...
experiment. I was on...

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Adrienne Asch, Bioethicist and Pioneer Health Notes: Flat shoes beat rockers
in Disability Studies, Dies at 67 on back pain
The cause was cancer, said Randi Stein, a Rockers have a curved sole and is said to improve
longtime friend. At her death, Professor Asch was posture A study has found that flats, not rockers,
the director of the Center... are the best for back...

After those pictures of Prince George, Boeing invites more than a dozen sites
an anxious mother asks: When is it safe to bid on 777 jet work
to swaddle like Will and Kate? (Reuters) Boeing Co has invited more than a
Swaddling has been known to help babies sleep dozen U.S. locations to compete in a bidding
sound at night It has also been linked to impaired process to determine where...
hip development and overheating By Sadie...

Poo Power! Global Challenge M ost Teen M ental Disorders Go

Poo Power! Global Challenge Untreated in U.S., Say Researchers
Teens Mental Disorders Often Untreated: Study By
Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY,
Nov. 21, 2013 (HealthDay...

Unspeakable Horrors in a Country on How Emotional Intelligence M ay

the Verge of Genocide Improve Decision-M aking
A massacre of the innocents is taking place in the The secret to making smarter decisions that arent
heart of Africa as the world looks the other way. swayed by your current emotions particularly
One man describes how... when your emotions...

Obamacare agency rushed in M ore drivers testing positive for pot:

contractor without bids, documents Washington State Patrol
show By Jonathan Kaminsky OLYMPIA, Washington
By Sharon Begley NEW YORK (Reuters) Caught (Reuters) Significantly more drivers pulled over by
flat-footed by the challenges of building the police in Washington...
financial-management and...

People with superhuman memories still Toll-like receptor 4 signaling in

mistake fantasy for reality trigeminal ganglion neurons
When I was young, the one superpower I craved contributes tongue-referred pain
above all was perfect memory. Id picture my eyes associated with tooth pulp inflammation
as camcorder lenses, recording... The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the

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mechanisms underlying tongue-referred pain
associated with tooth pulp...

M ethanol extract of M elastoma Novel design for a phase IIa placebo-

malabathricum leaves exerted controlled, double-blind randomized
antioxidant and liver protective activity withdrawal study to evaluate the safety
in rats and efficacy of CNV1014802 in patients
Melastoma malabathricum L. (Melastomaceae) is with trigeminal neuralgia
a small shrub with various medicinal uses. The Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a rare severe
present study was carried out... unilateral facial pain condition. Current guidelines
in trigeminal neuralgia management...

Chalk River reactor back running after M aine Zumba teacher jailed for
unplanned shut down prostitution gets early release
The aging Chalk River nuclear reactor is back up (Reuters) A Zumba instructor who admitted using
and running after an unplanned shut down. The her exercise studio as a front for a prostitution ring
control room at the Atomic... was released...

Coping for the Seasonally Affected Progesterone tablets for IVF recalled
It just so happens to be an incredibly gloomy day Progesterone tablets prescribed for in vitro
today. And a Monday. The 1970s music group The fertilization are under recall because the
Carpenters werent... effectiveness of the pills could...

NHS bed blocking increases to highest Could Stress Really Be Good for You?
level in three years Click here to watch the TEDTalk that inspired this
This months figures show 67.3% of all delays post. I was just about to put on one of my standard
were attributable to the NHS, while 26.3% were seminars on why stress...
attributable to Social...

Black Widows Found On Grapes At Gratitude for Feeling Crappy

Supermarkets In Several States Click here to watch the TEDTalk that inspired this
First bananas, now grapes? No fruit is safe! A post. I often dont feel well due to stress hormones,
Pennsylvania woman got quite the shock Thursday which act...
when she was washing some...

Thinking Before Eating Provides Time New Recommendations to Doctors for

To Justify Giving In To Temptation: Treating Sleep Apnea
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While thinking before eating might seem like a For adults with obstructive sleep apnea, using
good weight loss strategy, a new study suggests it CPAP therapy or other airway-opening devices are
could actually... one of the best courses of...

7 Healthy Takes On Popular Holiday Have a Vegan-Inspired Thanksgivukkah

Beverages It happens only once in some 77,000 years
By Brianna Steinhilber, Associate Editor At the first Thanksgiving and Hanukkah on the same night! As
sign of chill in the air, seasonal holiday drinks take someone from a family of...
over coffee-shop...

Impact of obesity-related genes in Infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV)

Spanish population in Chilean Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
The objective was to investigate the association aquaculture: emergence of low
between BMI and single nucleotide polymorphisms pathogenic ISAV-HPR0 and re-
previously identified of... emergence of virulent ISAV-HPRDelta:
HPR3 and HPR14
Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) is a serious
disease of marine-farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo
salar) caused by ISA virus (ISAV),...

The 9 Guests Youll M eet This Fear and Fertility: Why I Decided to
Thanksgiving (And How To Deal With Freeze M y Eggs
Them) Dont be late, dont be late, I repeated to myself as
Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy a meal with family I pulled into the parking garage at San
and friends, but also a time to answer the question: Franciscos...
What is wrong...

Nail-Gun Injuries on the Rise Among Lengthy Car, Plane Rides Pose Risk of
Construction Workers Clots
SATURDAY Nov. 23, 2013, 2013 Nail-gun SATURDAY Nov. 23, 2013, 2013 Traveling long
injuries are on the rise, and young, male distances in cars and planes over the holidays
construction workers are at greatest... could put you at risk...

Research shows a male can better Our Earth may have clues to study
recognize happy movements than a universe through neutrinos
female share The IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the
share Main Point: Researchers have found that South Pole. (Credit: Emanuel Jacobi/NSF.) Main
Point: Scientists have found...
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females have better ability to recognize hostile
angry movement of males while...

Oceanographers Genetically Engineer Reverse causal reasoning: applying

Fatter M arine Algae for Biofuel qualitative causal knowledge to the
Production interpretation of high-throughput data
Researchers at Scripps Institution of Gene expression profiling and other genome-scale
Oceanography at UC San Diego have developed a measurement technologies provide
method for greatly enhancing biofuel... comprehensive information about molecular...

Polysome profiling reveals translational THOC5, a member of the mRNA export

control of gene expression in the complex, contributes to processing of a
human malaria parasite Plasmodium subset of wingless/integrated (Wnt)
falciparum target mRNAs and integrity of the gut
In eukaryotic organisms, gene expression is epithelial barrier
regulated at multiple levels during the processes of THO (Suppressors of the transcriptional defects of
transcription and translation.... hpr1 delta by overexpression) complex 5 (THOC5),
an mRNA export protein,...

Awards announced for Green Video The Keys to a Happy Holiday

Competition for Secondary Students I cant wait til this is over. I just have to get through
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The award presentation the next few months. I wish I could fast forward to
ceremony for the 3rd Moving Images Competition January,...
for Secondary Students in...

Stuck on flu: How a sugar-rich mucus Sheila Bridges On Losing Her Hair: Ive
barrier traps the virusand it gets free Had To Redefine Beauty (VIDEO)
to infect Interior designer Sheila Bridges, who Time
Researchers at the University of California, San Magazine calls one of designs greatest talents
Diego School of Medicine have shown for the first was first...
time how influenza A viruses...

CVD expert calls for mandatory Outsourcing M emory

screening of 18 year-old M exicans Do you rely on your spouse to remember special
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Press events and travel plans? Your coworker to
Officepress@escardio.org 33-049-294- remember how to submit some frustrating...
8627European Society of Cardiology Mexican diet
more dangerous...
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The model scientist who fixed the Housing Authority celebrates first
greenhouse effect anniversary of Domain and launch of
Syukuro (Suki) Manabe in the 1960s at Princeton Santas M erry Land
University, New Jersey, where he taught from 1968- Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
1997. He was working... behalf of the Hong Kong Housing Authority: The
Hong Kong Housing Authority...

Unravelling the Neospora caninum PinX1 suppresses bladder urothelial

secretome through the secreted carcinoma cell proliferation via the
fraction (ESA) and quantification of the inhibition of telomerase activity and
discharged tachyzoite using high- p16/cyclin D1 pathway
resolution mass spectrometry-based PIN2/TRF1-interacting telomerase inhibitor1
proteomics (PinX1) was recently suggested as a putative tumor
The apicomplexan parasite Neospora caninum suppressor in several types...
causes neosporosis, a disease that leads to
abortion or stillbirth in cattle,...

Police issue Letter of No Objection to Centralised Organ Donation Register

public event to be held on November celebrates fifth anniversary
24 Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Centralised Organ
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Police so far received Donation Register (CODR), which aims to
notifications from two organisations of their encourage the public to register...
intention to hold public meetings...

Where Are M y M ood Enhancing Healthy fights? 4 conflict styles that

M uscles? saveor sabotagemarriages
When you Smile you can use between 5 to all 53 What keeps a marriage healthy? Well, theres
muscles. So its your face, where all your Mood obviously no one answer or magic formula (if there
Enhancing Muscles... were, the divorce rate...

7 nutrients lacking in your diet Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad

Think you eat pretty well and get enough key Need a last minute Thanksgiving side dish? My
nutrients? Hopefully you do, but unfortunately the shredded brussels sprouts salad is a complement
diets of most Americans are... to any Thanksgiving meal. ...

7 No-Nonsense Tips For Eating Healthy Using metrics and sustainability

considerations to evaluate the use of
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We all know that providing our bodies with nutrient bio-based and non-renewable Br[latin
dense foods full of vitamins, minerals and small letter o with stroke]nsted acidic
phytochemicals will help our... ionic liquids to catalyse Fischer
esterification reactions
Ionic liquids have found uses in many applications,
one of which is the joint solvation and catalysis of
chemical transformations....

2013 M ainland Higher Education Expo USDOJ: Former High School Football
opens today Player Pleads Guilty to M aking Racially
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The 2013 Mainland Higher M otivated Threats to African-American
Education Expo, jointly organised by the Ministry of Assistant Football Coach
Education and the... Jonathan Caine, 20, of Nashville, Tenn ., pleaded
guilty today to a federal hate crime for making
racially motivated threats...

Li Fei and Zhang Rongshun conclude M iR-181a contributes to bufalin-

visit to HK induced apoptosis in PC-3 prostate
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Deputy Secretary- cancer cells
General of the Standing Committee of the National Bufalin is a major active compound of cinobufacini,
Peoples Congress... which comes from dried toad venom and has been
used for treatments of...

USDOJ: Utility Company Sentenced in USDOJ: Alabama Sheriffs Investigator

Wyoming for Killing Protected Birds at Indicted for Unlawfully Detaining and
Wind Projects Assaulting Handcuffed M an at County
Duke Energy Renewables Inc ., a subsidiary of Jail
Duke Energy Corp ., based in Charlotte, N.C ., The Department of Justice announced today that a
pleaded guilty in United States... federal grand jury in the Middle District of Alabama
has returned an indictment...

FEHD orders restaurant in Tuen M un to CE to visit Guangxi

suspend business for two weeks Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Chief Executive, Mr C Y
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Director of Food and Leung, will lead a delegation to visit Guangxi from
Environmental Hygiene has ordered a restaurant in November 27 to...
Tuen Mun to suspend...

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LegCo Public Accounts Committee to Where Are Is M y M ood Enhancing
hold second public hearing on M uscles?
November 25 When you Smiles you can use between 5 to all 53
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on muscles. So its your face, is where all your Mood
behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat: The Enhancing Muscles...
Legislative Council...

Princeton reports 8th case of Non-participation in chlamydia

meningitis, plans vaccinations screening in the Netherlands:
PRINCETON, N.J. Princeton University reported determinants associated with young
another case of meningitis Friday, the eighth so far peoples intention to participate in
this year linked... chlamydia screening
In the Netherlands, a national chlamydia screening
program started in 2008, but the participation was
low and the screening...

Force continues to deliver better SFH on invasive pneumococcal

service to the public infection
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Force constantly Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the transcript of
reviewed and improved its work procedures, remarks made by the Secretary for Food and
upgraded the equipment and enhanced... Health, Dr Ko Wing-man,...

AFCD promotes locally grown LegCo Public Accounts Committee to

accredited vegetables hold public hearing on November 25
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Agriculture, Fisheries Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
and Conservation Department (AFCD), the behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat: The
Vegetable Marketing Organization... Legislative Council...

Dealing With Guilty Feelings Pneumonia Is New Threat to Storm-

Many of us feel a deep pang of guilt about many Battered Philippines
things. We feel guilty about eating certain foods. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their
We feel guilty about not... homes and are living under tarpaulins and in
makeshift huts across Leyte...

Extra Time to Sign Up for Health Gynecologists Run Afoul of Panel When
Coverage Patient Is M ale
Julie Bataille, a spokeswoman for the federal The disease is rare, but it can be fatal and its

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said incidence is increasing, especially among men
the government recognized... and women infected with H.I.V....

Urbanites Flee Chinas Smog for Blue Homestead M an Sentenced to 12 Years

Skies in Prison for Shooting at M unhall Club
She finished her run one morning beneath PITTSBURGHEdward Cook, 26, a Homestead
cloudless blue skies and sat down with a visitor resident, has been sentenced in federal court to 12
from Beijing in the lakeside boutique... years of imprisonment after...

FBI, Partners Help Clean Up Community Sacramento Gang M ember Indicted for
Following Gang-Related Arrests Drug Trafficking and Weapons
The FBI and Los Angeles Police Department, Possession
working with multiple other agencies and non-profit SACRAMENTO, CAA federal grand jury returned a
organizations, are cleaning... three-count indictment today against Omar
Williams, 40, of Sacramento, charging...

Robbery of M idFirst Bank Branch in CE meets President of European

Warr Acres Commission
James E Finch, Special Agent in Charge of the Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Chief Executive, Mr C Y
Oklahoma City Division of the Federal Bureau of Leung, met the visiting President of European
Investigation announced the... Commission, Mr Jos...

CADDAC ADHD Conference Bound! How I Learned to Trust Again

The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canadas My 7-year-old son, Jeremiah, has been sucking his
(CADDAC) 5th Annual ADHD Conference is this thumb since birth. When he began developing
weekend. As it gets closer, Ive been... teeth, a callous started forming...

Ashley: Los Angeles, February 2009 During Your Depression: A Letter to M y

Im exiting the post office toward my car when she Grandfather (Part 2 of 4)
walks by me, with her white hair, mocha skin, continued from Part 1 of 4 Grandpa, During the
translucent eyes that... beginning of your depression, you were vulnerable
and laid bare. All pride...

Herbalife shares jump despite Vasculitis damage swift, accumulating

Ackmans latest attack By Lynda Williams, Senior medwireNews Reporter
(Reuters) Herbalife Ltd shares rallied as much Study findings reveal the significant burden of
as 7 percent on Friday as investors rejected the disease among patients with...
latest salvo from...
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Information Sought Regarding IED Former Bookkeeper Sentenced to
Tossed at State Probation-Parole Office Federal Prison for Embezzlement
The FBI; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and CHARLESTON, WVA former Spencer-based oil
Explosives; and Albuquerque Police Department and gas company bookkeeper who stole more
are asking for the publics... than $800,000 from her employer was...

West Haven Woman Admits M aking A prospective observational study of

Bomb Threats Against Connecticut associated anomalies in Hirschsprungs
Courthouses disease
Deirdre Daly, Acting United States Attorney for the Associated anomalies have been reported in
District of Connecticut, announced that Jennifer around 20% of Hirschsprung patients but many
Chirico, 31, of West... Authors suggested a measure of

When Should You Go to the Hospital for Two Pieces Of Peace From Nervous
Severe Suffering
Knowing when to commit yourself or a loved one to For the longest time, Ive been trying to read Peace
the hospital to be treated for severe depression From Nervous Suffering by Dr. Claire Weekes. My
can be a very gray area.... therapist recommended...

Occupational differences, How can an athlete enhance

cardiovascular risk factors and lifestyle performance legally?
habits in South Eastern rural Australia 22 November 2013 Last updated at 19:55 ET By
In rural and remote Australia, cardiovascular Gabriela Torres BBC Mundo health reporter
mortality and morbidity rates are higher than Cryotherapy chambers...
metropolitan rates.This study...

Prem baby steroids may risk ADHD How to Handle the Fear of M issing Out
22 November 2013 Last updated at 19:13 ET By Do you ever experience a fear of missing out? I
James Gallagher Health and science reporter, admit that from time to time I get a bad case of
BBC News Steroids... FOMO. In this video I share...

U.S. scrambles to boost Obamacare Steroid injections for pre-term babies

enrollment as deadlines loom linked to mental health risk
By Roberta Rampton and Sharon Begley (Reuters) LONDON (Reuters) Steroid injections given to
The Obama administration announced a flurry of pregnant women before they deliver a premature
fixes to its troubled... baby may increase the...
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Too much Tylenol in pregnancy could Study Compares Treatments for Arm
affect development Swelling Due to Breast Cancer
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Expectant mothers FRIDAY Nov. 22, 2013, 2013 Simple
often take Tylenol, with the active ingredient compression bandages are as effective as
acetaminophen, to deal... complicated massage treatments in treating...

U.S. FDA approves J&J hepatitis C pill White House Extends Enrollment
(Reuters) U.S. regulators on Friday approved the Deadline for Health Insurance
use of Johnson Johnsons Olysio, also known as FRIDAY Nov. 22, 2013, 2013 Consumers who
simeprevir,... want to enroll in a health insurance plan through
HealthCare.gov will get...

Sodas, Other Sweet Drinks Tied to Frederick Sanger, 95, Twice a Nobel
Higher Risk for Endometrial Cancer Laureate and a Genetics Pioneer, Dies
FRIDAY Nov. 22, 2013, 2013 Older women who His death was confirmed by Adrian Penrose,
drink lots of soda and other sugary beverages may communications manager at the Medical Research
be at higher risk for... Council in Cambridge. Dr. Sanger...

Steroid injections for premature babies Law may change so doctors can test
could raise ADHD risk new drugs on patients
Their findings, published in the PLOS ONE journal, The peer described that decision as a tragedy for
showed that those whose mothers had been cancer patients and their families. Lord Saatchi
treated performed worse on... said that he had...

Kid President On The 20 Things We Hospital Team Goes Above And Beyond
Should Say M ore Often (VIDEO) To Get Sick M om To Daughters
Kid President wants the world to be awesome. So Wedding
do we which is why were sharing his latest A week before her daughters wedding, UK woman
video (above),... Frances Wilkins was rushed to the hospital, unable
to move her arms...

Will Sleep Therapy Transform Treatment Trans Fats: Deadly Consequences of

for Depression? FDA Inaction
New research being presented this week at a The U.S. Food Drug Administration (FDA) recently
meeting of the Association for Behavioral and announced a proposed ban on trans fats, decades
Cognitive Therapies will show results... after the science first...

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Steroid injections for premature babies Biodiversity higher in the tropics, but
linked to mental health risk species more likely to arise at higher
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Sam latitudes
Wongsam.wong@imperial.ac.uk 44-207-594- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Robin Ann
2198Imperial College London Steroid injections Smithrsmith@nescent.org 919-668-4544National
given to... Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) Study...

Expert assessment: Sea-level rise FDA approves Nexavar to treat type of

could exceed 1 meter in this century thyroid cancer
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Press Officepress@pik- <! > <! Page Last Updated: 11/22/2013 > Page
potsdam.de 49-331-288-2507Potsdam Institute for Last Updated: 11/22/2013 <! ...
Climate Impact Research (PIK) In...

FDA approves first adjuvanted vaccine Dark side illuminated: imaging of

for prevention of H5N1 avian influenza Toxoplasma gondii through the
<! > <! Page Last Updated: 11/22/2013 > Page decades
Last Updated: 11/22/2013 <! ... In the more than 100 years since its discovery, our
knowledge of Toxoplasma biology has improved
enormously. The evolution...

Top court backs Ontarios ban on M edical isotope supply interrupted

pharmacy-brand generic drugs across Canada
The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an Canadas supply of medical isotopes has been
appeal by Shoppers Drug Mart and the Katz Group, interrupted after an unexpected interruption in
owner of the Rexall and Pharma... production at an aging...

Cash incentives spur poor to buy CDC report says health disparities
healthier foods persist in America
(HealthDay)A recent program encouraged (HealthDay)Despite progress in some areas,
healthy eating by offering extra spending power to health disparities remain for many Americans,
poor people who get government... health officials reported Thursday....

Sugar-sweetened beverage Tiniest newborns often lead normal

consumption increases endometrial adult lives, study finds
cancer risk (HealthDay)The tiniest premature infants often
Postmenopausal women who consumed sugar- cling to life for weeks in intensive-care units while
sweetened beverages were more likely to develop their parents worry...

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the most common type of endometrial...

Different drinking habits raise divorce Overweight people taste food

risk for couples differently and are less sensitive to
Prof Kenneth Leonard, who led the study, said: sweet flavours
Our results indicate that it is the difference Being obese can change how food tastes on our
between the couples... tongues Researchers found very overweight mice
were less able to taste sweet...

Why couples who drink (or abstain) Babies can tell the difference between
together, stay together: Those with one their bodies and other peoples, study
heavy drinker are more likely to divorce finds
Researchers followed 634 couples through the first The finding could help scientists understand
nine years of marriage Almost half where only one atypical development It could give clues about the
partner drank more heavily... early signs of autism By Emma...

When Water Flows Uphill ISON: The Comet of the Century or Is

In the Leidenfrost Effect, a water droplet will float on It?
a layer of its own vapor if heated to a certain When astronomers spotted Comet ISON in 2012,
temperature. This... some christened it the Comet of the Century. It
initially failed...

A Handful of Nuts, a Lifetime of Stores Are Snooping Into Your

Benefits? Smartphone
In a study published in The New England Journal Retailers have used various techniques to analyze
of Medicine, researchers reported an association in-store buying behavior, such as surveys, video
between daily nut consumption... surveillance, and buyer...

Budget Cuts Leave Curiosity and Special traffic arrangements on Hong

Cassini in Limbo Kong Island for public processions
Upcoming NASA budget cuts may force the agency Hong Kong (HKSAR) Police will implement
to choose between two of its flagship planetary special traffic arrangements this Sunday
missionsthe Mars Curiosity... (November 24) to facilitate two...

HKM A launches "Consumer Education Genomic analysis reveals key aspects

Programme" of prokaryotic symbiosis in the
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on phototrophic consortium
Chlorochromatium aggregatum
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority: The
Chlorochromatium aggregatumis a phototrophic
Hong Kong Monetary Authority...
consortium, a symbiosis that may represent the
highest degree...

Is ADHD Overdiagnosed? Its Whos responsible when a sperm

Complicated, Part 2 freezer defrosts?
Earlier this year, the CDC released data that Sperm kept in a special freezer at UBC was
showed that diagnoses of attention deficit accidentally destroyed when the power to the
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) went... freezer was cut. (iStock) A man who...

Ontario can limit pharmacy-brand drugs, The pressure of body image on women
Supreme Court rules 22 November 2013 Last updated at 10:22 ET
The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an Olympic medallist Rebecca Adlington got upset
appeal by Shoppers Drug Mart and the Katz Group, about her body in the jungle When...
owner of the Rexall and Pharma...

Continued increases in ADHD M any women with pelvic prolapse

diagnoses and treatment with prefer to keep uterus
medication among US children (HealthDay)More women may prefer uterine
A new study published in the Journal of the preservation to hysterectomy for the treatment of
American Academy of Child and Adolescent pelvic organ prolapse symptoms,...
Psychiatry (JAACAP) found that an estimated...

50 years later, the Kennedy Prognostic value of lipoprotein (a) with

assassination still haunts a generation low cholesterol unclear
(HealthDay)Alan Hilfer remembers precisely (HealthDay)Lipoprotein (a) (Lp[a]) has utility in
where he was when he heard the news 50 years assessing cardiovascular risk in patients with
ago today. Hilfer was 15, and... coronary artery disease...

Physical Activity Could Lower Womens New bill offers hope to HIV patients on
Crohns Disease Risk transplant waiting lists
By Chioma Ihekweazu Apart from maintaining heart Johns Hopkins research helps overturn
health, bone health and mental health, exercising government ban on transplanting HIV-infected
also may help maintain... organs A bill scheduled to be signed...

Study highlights need for ongoing Putting off a visit to the dentist? Dont
surveillance for melanoma survivors worry: Fear of being hurt can be worse

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Melanoma survivors are being warned to stay than pain itself, say scientists
vigilant about skin checks, with new research Dreading pain can be worse than the pain itself,
showing a high risk of a subsequent... say scientists Why we choose to confront pain
rather than face stress of...

3D printed human hearts could be a Hes got his tail in a spin! The dogs that
reality within 10 YEARS, scientist claims can operate a washing machine with a
A team of experts say they will be able to make quick bark and a push of the paw
whole hearts for transplant They will be made The Woof to Wash enables specially trained dogs
using the recipients... to unlock the machine with a bespoke footpad and
start it with a simple...

What does YOUR train station taste Research team discovers "immune
like? M an who tastes words comes up gene" in Neanderthals
with a flavour for each of the 274 A research group at Bonn University, Germany, and
London Underground stations, from international collaborators discovered a novel
jelly to Spam fritters and wet sand receptor, which allows the...
James Wannerton spent 49 years creating the map
to raise awareness for his condition, synaesthesia
Synaesthesia is a cross-sensory...

Characterizing the species composition The arrestin-domain containing protein

of European Culicoides vectors by AdcA is a response element to stress
means of the Koppen-Geiger climate Cell behaviour is tightly determined by sensing and
classification integration of extracellular changes through
Biting midges of the genus Culicoides spp. membrane detectors such...
(Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) are vectors for the
Bluetongue virus, the African horse...

Drosophila melanogaster as a model 14 Stores That Refuse To Ruin Your

organism for Alzheimers disease Thanksgiving
Drosophila melanogaster provides an important Not all retailers are following the likes of Walmart,
resource for in vivo modifier screens of Target and Kmart this year and kicking off Black
neurodegenerative diseases. To study... Friday sales right...

9 Incredible Indoor Pools That Defy Kings County Hospital Center In

Winters Wrath (PHOTOS) Brooklyn Told Wrong Patients They Had

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Thanksgiving seems to be the point where we can HIV, Whistle-Blower Says
no longer deny that winter is coming, the last
By James Fanelli EAST FLATBUSH Bad lab
moment of fall before temperatures...
work at a Brooklyn hospital caused numerous
patients to be told they had HIV...

Want To Be M ore Productive? Buy A Sea level rise forecasts helped by

Plant. Science Says So. insights into glacier melting
Cabin fever is creeping in, bringing with it all [ | E-mail ] Contact: Catriona
manner of winter ills, including colds, boredom and KellyCatriona.Kelly@ed.ac.uk 44-131-651-
lack of productivity.... 4401University of Edinburgh Predictions of sea

Research team discovers immune LSUHSC research finds combo of plant

gene in Neanderthals nutrients kills breast cancer cells
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Dr. Norbert [ | E-mail ] Contact: Leslie Capolcapo@lsuhsc.edu
Kochnorbert.koch@uni-bonn.de 49-228-734- 504-568-4806Louisiana State University Health
343University of Bonn Early humans had a Sciences Center New Orleans,...

Scientists have been able to grow Satellite trio to explore the Earths
artificial skin using stem cells from the magnetic field
umbilical cord [ | E-mail ] Contact: F. Ossingossing@gfz-
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Antonio Campos potsdam.de 49-331-288-1040GFZ
Muozacampos@ugr.es 34-958-243-514University GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Helmholtz
of Granada 1 of the problems major burn... Centre Textbook...

Copper promises cheaper, sturdier fuel LegCo President meets with President
cells of European Commission
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Erin Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
Weekserin.weeks@duke.edu 919-681-8057Duke behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat: The
University Copper nanowires offer an efficient, President of the...

Speech by FS at Renminbi seminar in Validation and development of a

Paris shorter version of the resilience scale
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the speech by RS-11: results from the population-
the Financial Secretary, Mr John C Tsang, at the based KORAage study
seminar RMB...
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The aim of this study was to assess reliability and
validity of the Resilience Scale 11 (RS-11) and
develop a shorter scale...

Evaluation of islets derived from human Best of Our Blogs: November 22, 2013
fetal pancreatic progenitor cells in When my grandfather was depressed, he would
diabetes treatment tell me things like: Dane is so funny. Im going to
IntroductionWith the shortage of donor organs for miss that about him....
islet transplantation, insulin-producing cells have
been generated from...

Hyper What? I Cant Focus On That Bootcamp targets gap in radiation

Dr. Russell Barkley knows whats what Ive heard it oncologist training
a hundred times. Hyperfocus is so great! And yet, For the patient with laryngeal cancer a cancer of
Ive been... the voice box radiation therapy can be a lifeline.

M olecular effectiveness of peptides Obesity at age 66 predicts health at 85,

from African medicinal plants decoded study finds
Peptides are autologous substances that are ()Women entering their senior years with a
formed from amino acids, are able to trigger healthy weight and waist size have a significantly
specific reactions in the human... better chance of reaching...

Electronic health records can measure Different cellular mechanisms behind

patient-centered care regenerated body parts
Although electronic health records (EHR) are [ | E-mail ] Contact: The Press
primarily used to store patient clinical data, the Officepressinfo@ki.se 46-852-486-077Karolinska
non-clinical data they collect... Institutet Scientists at Karolinska Institutet...

Researchers identify lifestyle factors Archaeologists discover largest, oldest

linked to a healthy pregnancy wine cellar in Near East
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Stephanie [ | E-mail ] Contact: Leah
Burnssburns@bmj.com 44-020-738-36529BMJ- Burrowslburrows@brandeis.edu 781-736-
British Medical Journal Modifiable factors such... 4027Brandeis University 3,700 year-old store room
held 2,000...

Genetic defect keeps verbal cues from Found: 1 of civilizations oldest wine
hitting the mark cellars?
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Karl Leif [ | E-mail ] Contact: Kurtis Hiattkkhiatt@gwu.edu
Bateskarl.bates@duke.edu 919-681-8054Duke 202-994-1849George Washington University Cellar
University Gene found in human speech held equivalent of nearly...

Smaller islands host shorter food M odulation of host signaling and

chains cellular responses by Chlamydia
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Tomas Modulation of host cell signaling and cellular
Roslintomas.roslin@helsinki.fiUniversity of functions is key to intracellular survival of
Helsinki IMAGE: Figure legend: The diversity... pathogenic bacteria. Intracellular...

Ethnobotanical assessment of plant A cure for AIDS: a matter of timing?

resources of Banda Daud Shah, District Despite the huge clinical success of antiretroviral
Karak, Pakistan therapy, several factors such as side effects,
The Indigenous knowledge of plants is requirement of life-long...
scientifically and culturally very significant. This
paper elucidates the empirical...

Police appeal to participants of public Overall strategic framework formulated

events in Sha Tin on November 24 to to promote Hong Kong as regional IP
express their views peacefully and trading hub
rationally Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Working Group on
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Police received notification Intellectual Property (IP) Trading held its third
from one organisation of its intention to hold a meeting today (November...
public meeting outside...

Not Lonely by Design NHS Winter: Your stories

If you printed every article ever written about 21 November 2013 Last updated at 07:15 ET Every
loneliness, you would probably need a whole room winter the NHS has to cope with extra pressures
full of file cabinets to... from bugs like norovirus...

Call to crack down on child drinking Qatar announces fourth M ERS death
22 November 2013 Last updated at 00:35 ET An expatriate living in Qatar has died of MERS,
Young people were more likely to get alcohol from bringing to four the number of deaths in the Gulf
relatives than from a shop,... state from the coronavirus,...

Poetry breaks through fog of High courts alarming move on

Alzheimers sufferers abortion; tragic attack in Virginia points
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The teenagers voice breaks the silence that hangs to needs in mental health services; a
over the dozing, grey-haired figures. If you can better way to reduce hospital
keep your... readmissions
The New York Times: Texas Women And Abortion
Rights In an alarming 5-to-4 ruling, the Supreme
Court turned away an emergency...

Efficient generation of recombinant A strategy for reducing maternal and

RNA viruses using targeted newborn deaths by 2015 and beyond
recombination-mediated mutagenesis Achievement of Millennium Development Goal
of bacterial artificial chromosomes (MDG) 4 for child survival requires acceleration of
containing full-length cDNA gains in newborn survival,...
Infectious cDNA clones are a prerequisite for
directed genetic manipulation of RNA viruses.
Here, a strategy to facilitate...

Alaska ecosystem carbon fluxes The E3 ubiquitin ligases beta-TrCP and

estimated from M ODIS satellite data FBXW7 cooperatively mediates GSK3-
inputs from 2000 to 2010 dependent M cl-1 degradation induced
Trends in Alaska ecosystem carbon fluxes were by the Akt inhibitor API-1, resulting in
predicted from inputs of monthly MODerate apoptosis
resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer... The novel Akt inhibitor, API-1, induces apoptosis
through undefined mechanisms. The current study
focuses on revealing the...

Population genetics of Plasmodium Emotional scars of Typhoon Haiyan

falciparum and Plasmodium vivax and 22 November 2013 Last updated at 01:35 ET By
asymptomatic malaria in Temotu Tulip Mazumdar BBC News, Guiuan, Philippines
Province, Solomon Islands Please turn on...
Temotu Province, Solomon Islands is progressing
toward malaria elimination. A baseline survey
conducted in 2008 showed that...

M ale Y chromosome could be Liver disease increase among teens

scrapped 22 November 2013 Last updated at 01:22 ET By
21 November 2013 Last updated at 21:14 ET By Tara Mills BBC Newsline Patients as young as 20
James Gallagher Health and science reporter, have died...

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BBC News Scientists...

Lowering 3 risk factors could cut Patients to have online access to their
obesity-related risk of heart disease by prescription data for improved safety
more than half As part of its mission to accelerate the adoption of
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Todd health information exchange throughout California,
Datztdatz@hsph.harvard.edu 617-432- the UC Davis Institute...
8413Harvard School of Public Health Research
looks at blood...

U-M study explores exercise-induced New M edicaid doughnut hole creating

iron-deficiency anemia in female some pressure on states, federal
runners officials
When Kaitlyn Pattersons fatigue progressed to Health law advocates are concerned about low-
hyperventilating even during slow runs, and then income residents who are left out of health
forced her to quit... overhaul in states that are not...

BonAlive Biomaterials launches Exploring differences in Canadian adult

osteostimulative BonAlive putty men and women with Diabetes
BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd, a manufacturer of management: results from the Canadian
implantable medical devices, today announced the community health survey
launch of a patented, ready-to-use... An estimated 17% of the Canadian population lives
with diabetes. In addition to the economic burden
placed on the healthcare...

Sale of M ainland and M acau philatelic Review of objections to 2013-14

products rateable values completed
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Hongkong Post today Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Rating and Valuation
(November 22) announced that selected philatelic Department has completed its review of over
products issued by the postal... 51,000 objections received...

USDOJ: Federal Court Shuts Down Two USDOJ: Four Commercial Fishermen
St. Louis Tax Return Preparers Indicted in M aryland for Illegal Harvest
A federal district judge in St. Louis has permanently and Interstate Sale of Striped Bass from
barred defendants Joseph Burns, Joseph Thomas Chesapeake Bay
and International Tax... Four commercial fishermen and one company
were indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury in
Baltimore for a criminal conspiracy...
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Call for underage drinking crackdown Auction of traditional vehicle
22 November 2013 Last updated at 00:35 ET registration marks to be held on
Young people were more likely to get alcohol from December 8
relatives than from a shop,... Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Transport Department
today (November 22) announced that an auction of
traditional vehicle registration...

Danggui-Jakyak-San ameliorates Symptomatic treatment of the common

memory impairment and increase cold with a fixed-dose combination of
neurogenesis induced by transient paracetamol, chlorphenamine and
forebrain ischemia in mice phenylephrine: a randomized, placebo-
Danggui-Jakyak-San (DJS), a traditional herbal controlled trial
prescription, has been used to treat insufficient The common cold and other viral airway infections
blood supplies. Recently,... are highly prevalent in the population, and their
treatment often requires...

Affirmative Action for the M entally Ill AGG/CCT interruptions affect

After reviewing most of what Ive written about my nucleosome formation and positioning
obsessive-compulsive disorder in the last year, I of healthy-length CGG/CCG triplet
came to the conclusion... repeats
Fragile X Syndrome (FXS), the most common
inherited form of mental retardation, is caused by
expansion of a CGG/CCG repeat...

I Dont Discriminate Against Depressed New study could enhance treatments

People for drug-resistant melanoma
Last weeks cartoon, on different approaches to Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer,
commitment between men and women , is here. killing more than 8,000 in the U.S. each year.
All rights reserved, and... Approximately 40 percent of...

Gut microorganisms may determine Cannabis use among teens is on the

cancer treatment outcome rise in some developing countries
An intact population of microorganisms that derive Its common to associate cannabis use with
food and benefit from other organisms living in the affluent youth in wealthy societies. But the
intestine is required... relationship between societal...

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Rutgers-Camden nursing scholar Thinking ourselves into eating more,
develops tool for ostomy care reinforcing female math stereotypes,
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Ed and more
Moorhouseejmoor@camden.rutgers.edu 856-225- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Lisa M.P.
6759Rutgers University CAMDEN Nurses caring for Munozspsp.publicaffairs@gmail.com 703-951-
ostomy... 3195Society for Personality and Social Psychology

A study on cell migration provides Infant galaxies merging near cosmic

insights into the movement of cancer dawn
cells [ | E-mail ] Contact: Charles Bluecblue@nrao.edu
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Snia 434-296-0314National Radio Astronomy
Armengouarmengou@irbbarcelona.org 34-934- Observatory IMAGE: This composite...
037-255Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Hardworking sisters enable insect 5 tips for a better Thanksgiving: A new

colonies to thrive video by the American Chemical Society
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Catriona [ | E-mail ] Contact: Michael
KellyCatriona.Kelly@ed.ac.uk 44-131-651- Bernsteinm_bernstein@acs.org 202-872-
4401University of Edinburgh IMAGE: A spider ant... 6042American Chemical Society Whether youre

One child dies, four others injured after Laser toys can damage eyes, report
car crashes into M innesota pond says
By Todd Melby MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) One (HealthDay)Popular laser toys can cause
child died and four others were seriously injured serious and potentially permanent eye damage, a
when the car they were... new report warns. The high-powered...

U.S. Unveils Letters Insurers M ust Send James H. Steele, Pioneer in Veterinary
About Health Plans Public Health, Dies at 100
WASHINGTON President Obama said last week His death was announced by several organizations
that the Affordable Care Act would not stop with which he had long affiliations, including the
Americans from keeping their health... Centers for Disease Control...

California Encouraged by Health Plan Bio-based solar cell

Enrollment [ | E-mail ] Contact: Matthias

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Nearly 80,000 people have enrolled in health plans RgnerMatthias.Roegner@rub.de 49-234-322-
through Californias online marketplace, at a rate of 3634Ruhr-University Bochum Photosynthetic
several thousand... proteins...

Researchers gain fuller picture of cell Study shows displaying lab costs
protein reactions upfront can save money
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Erin [ | E-mail ] Contact: Alexander
Whiteewhite@northwestern.edu 847-491- Brownalexander.brown@springer.com 212-620-
4888Northwestern University Unique peptide array 8063Springer Science+Business Media Including...

Black hole birth captured by cosmic Optimal site for cell transplantation to
voyeurs treat spinal cord injury investigated
[ | E-mail ] Contact: James E. [ | E-mail ] Contact: Robert
Rickmanjamesr@lanl.gov 505-665-9203DOE/Los Mirandacogcomm@aol.comCell Transplantation
Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair
scientists... Putnam...

License to Ill VIDEO: Hospitals prepare for a winter

[ | E-mail ] Contact: Sean rush
Nealonsean.nealon@gmail.com 951-827- Hospitals in England face growing pressure from
1287University of California Riverside Firms an increasing number of elderly people being
that... treated as emergency cases,...

You might see better in your eye Researchers pioneer first patient-
doctors office specific 3-D virtual birth simulator
(HealthDay)Researchers warn that patients who Computer scientists from the University of East
see perfectly well in their eye doctors office often Anglia are working to create a virtual birthing
end up seeing... simulator that will help...

3D imaging captures changes in port Central adiposity linked to risk of

wine stains esophageal cancer
(HealthDay)Three-dimensional (3D) high (HealthDay)A systematic review and meta-
precision surface imaging can be used to monitor analysis of observational studies shows that
changes in the area and volume... central adiposity, independent of...

West Virginia University Gymnastics Florida Voters Overwhelmingly Support

Team Signs On Krista M ae Peraldo, 8- M edical M arijuana Legalization
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Year-Old With Acute Lymphoblastic A large majority of Florida voters 82 percent
Leukemia (PHOTO) supported legalizing medical marijuana, but were
divided on...
Krista Mae Peraldo is just 8 years old, but shes
already living one of her dreams. On Tuesday
afternoon, she signed...

Newly discovered brown fat cells hold UCLA research could enhance
possibilities for treating diabetes, treatments for drug-resistant melanoma
obesity [ | E-mail ] Contact: Shaun
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Kathy Masonsmason@mednet.ucla.edu 310-206-
Wiletskathy.wilets@hsc.utah.edu 801-581- 2805University of California Los Angeles
7387University of Utah Health Sciences (Salt Lake Melanoma...

Study finds gene network associated 5 Tips for M inimizing Family Tensions
with alcohol dependence Over Thanksgiving
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Jennifer Brownjennifer-l- Family gatherings over the holidays usually involve
brown@uiowa.edu 319-356-7124University of Iowa heightened emotions of all kinds. Such events
Health Care Identifying network... might begin with an atmosphere...

Questions and Claustrophobia: A Her Friends Want to Set M e Up With

Cancer Scare Other Women
Unanswered questions feel a lot like It was only four days after she died that somebody
claustrophobia. So do MRIs. And news about first broached the subject of the next phase of my
clustering of nuclei, of spindle cells. The... love life. The funeral...

A Day of Being Stuck (And How to Actor Hugh Jackman reveals skin
Deal!) cancer scare on Instagram
Ive encountered countless articles, case studies, LOS ANGELES (Reuters) Australian actor Hugh
even keynote addresses that speak to the power of Jackman said on Thursday that he had a skin
the mind/body... cancer scare when doctors...

During Your Depression: A Letter to M y Texting Your Way to Weight Loss

Grandfather (Part 1 of 4) THURSDAY Nov. 21, 2013, 2013 If you like
Dear Grandpa, As a man thinks, so is he. Those texting and are trying to lose weight, a new study
were the words you spoke to Wayne and I as long found that using texting...
as I can remember....

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Start at the Healthier End of the Buffet Teens M ental Disorders Often
THURSDAY Nov. 21, 2013, 2013 Putting Untreated in U.S., Study Finds
healthier foods at the start of a buffet table can help THURSDAY Nov. 21, 2013, 2013 Less than half
diners pass up more... of American teens with mental health disorders
receive treatment, and...

John F. Kennedys medical secrets M edical marijuana users outed in

linger Health Canada privacy gaffe
Doctors continue to look for clues to former U.S. Medical marjuana users are accusing the federal
President John F. Kennedys secret medical government of violating their privacy and
history, 50 years after... jeopardizing their safety after...

Dreading pain can be worse than pain Certain measures can help predict
itself older dialysis patients prognoses
Faced with inevitable pain, most people choose to Simple measures of the severity of an older kidney
get it out of the way as soon as possible, failure patients illness when starting dialysis
according to research... such as whether...

Obama lifts research ban on HIV organ M ercury levels dropping in younger US
transplants women
President Barack Obama has lifted a ban on (HealthDay)Mercury levels in American women of
research into the possibility of transplanting organs childbearing age have dropped about one-third
from one HIV-positive person... over a decade, a new federal...

Victoria Rathmill, 17, Becomes The One M iraculous Year In The Life Of A
Youngest Stem Cell Donor In The World Baby Born Too Soon
(PHOTOS) It is one thing to make a video of your babys first
Seventeen-year-old Victoria Rathmill forgot to tell year as a surprise for your wife. When that baby
her mom when she signed up to become a stem was born 15 weeks...
cell donor. But, hey, Paula...

Hugh Jackman Reveals Skin Cancer Researchers map brain areas vital to
Diagnosis, Shares Photo Post- understanding language
Treatment [ | E-mail ] Contact: Chelsey B.
Hugh Jackman revealed he suffered a health scare Coombsdiya@illinois.edu 217-333-5802University
today (Nov. 21) when he posted a photo of himself of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign IMAGE: ...
to Instagram with a bandage...

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Is it time to ban hands-free mobile HKSARGs response to United States-
phones while driving? China Economic and Security Review
If you find it hard to put your mobile phone away, Commission 2013 Annual Report
youre not alone young adults check their mobile Hong Kong (HKSAR) In response to media
phones around... enquiries on the United States-China Economic
and Security Review Commission...

Nineteen New Defendants, Including 14 Durable M edical Equipment Clinic

Correctional Officers, Indicted on Owner Pleads Guilty in M iami for Role in
Charges of Federal Racketeering in $11 M illion Health Care Fraud Scheme
Baltimore City Jail Investigation WASHINGTONThe former owner of a defunct
BALTIMOREUnited States Attorney for the District durable medical equipment (DME) clinic based in
of Maryland Rod J Rosenstein; Special Agent in Miami pleaded guilty today for...
Charge Stephen E Vogt...

M anteca M an with History of M olesting FS attends Renminbi seminar in Paris

Children Sentenced to 10 Years in Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Financial Secretary, Mr
Prison for Distribution of Child John C Tsang, attended a seminar titled RMB
Pornography Internationalisation...
SACRAMENTO, CAThomas Edward Aguero, Jr,
36, of Manteca, was sentenced Tuesday by United
States District Judge William...

SPIRIT program eases seniors into not Lung cancer kills more Canadian
driving women than in peer countries
A new program is being developed for older drivers Lung cancer death rates in Canada are among the
on P.E.I. to help them decide when to stop driving, highest in the world, especially among women, a
and make preparations... new report shows. Thursdays...

VIDEO: Hospitals prepare for a winter SU2C researcher identifies potential

crisis treatment option for melanoma
Hospitals in England face growing pressure from Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), the charitable
an increasing number of elderly people being initiative supporting ground-breaking research
treated as emergency cases,... aimed at getting new cancer treatments...

Li Fei and Zhang Rongshun conduct 2013 M id-term Review of Scheme of

first day of visit to HK Control Agreements completed
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Deputy Secretary- Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Government has
General of the Standing Committee of the National completed the Mid-term Review of the Scheme of
Peoples Congress... Control Agreements (SCAs) pursuant...

Geriatric study in Europe on health Superseding Indictment Returned

effects of air quality in nursing homes Charging Father and Son with Sex
(GERIE study) profile: objectives, study Trafficking Offenses
protocol and descriptive data WASHINGTONA federal grand jury in Milwaukee
Indoor air pollution (IAP) that constitutes a major has returned an 11-count superseding indictment
global public health problem requiring increasing adding David B Moore, 45,...
efforts in research...

Three Takata Corp. Executives Agree to Is ADHD Overdiagnosed? Yes & No

Plead Guilty to Participating in Global The widespread perception among many
Seatbelt Price Fixing Conspiracy Americans is that attention deficit hyperactivity
WASHINGTONThree high-level executives of disorder is overdiagnosed. This was...
Tokyo-based Takata Corp. have agreed to plead
guilty for their participation...

Gut bacteria control response to Hope for Asian boy after donor match
cancer treatments 21 November 2013 Last updated at 08:00 ET By
Gut bacteria control response to cancer Amrit Cheema BBC News Two-year-old Gaurav
treatments Thursday 21 November 2013 Bacteria Bains has leukaemia...
in our intestines may...

Anti-fungal drug makes flu worse Canada: Vancouver shows doorknobs

21 November 2013 Last updated at 11:59 ET By the door
James Gallagher Health and science reporter, The city of Vancouver has banned doorknobs in
BBC News A drug... new construction, a city official said Thursday.
Wrist-twisting doorknobs will...

Fun at work promotes employee Kessler Foundation study provides first

retention but may hurt productivity Class 1 evidence for cognitive
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Sara rehabilitation in M S
LaJeunesseSDL13@psu.edu 814-863-4325Penn [ | E-mail ] Contact: Carolann
State Within the hospitality industry, manager MurphyCMurphy@kesslerfoundaiton.org 973-324-
support... 8382Kessler Foundation MEMREHAB Trial shows
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Will 2-D tin be the next super material? NASA sees Tropical Storm Helen
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Andy affecting southeastern India
Freebergafreeberg@slac.stanford.edu 650-926- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Rob
4359DOE/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Gutrorobert.j.gutro@nasa.govNASA/Goddard
Theorists... Space Flight Center IMAGE: On Nov. 21 at 07:55

NASA catches M elissas fickle life as a Statins for Women? Not for M y Patients
tropical storm Sometimes, pharmaceutical companies and their
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Rob doctorly friends collectively make a bold move that
Gutrorobert.j.gutro@nasa.govNASA/Goddard shows their hand. Usually,...
Space Flight Center VIDEO: This is a simulated 3-

Thanksgiving Calories: How M uch Five children pulled from M innesota

Exercise It Takes To Burn Off That Feast pond after car crash
Turkey with gravy, stuffing, buttery mashed MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) Five small children
potatoes, pecan pie with vanilla ice cream if were pulled unresponsive from a car that plunged
youre not careful,... into a cold retention...

You Can Never Write Too M any Love Trial of accused Colorado theater
Letters gunman postponed
I saw CBGB the Movie just a few days before Lou By Keith Coffman CENTENNIAL, Colo. (Reuters)
Reed died. A portrayal of the Velvet Underground The trial of accused Colorado theater gunman
leading icon... James Holmes was postponed...

32st woman who couldnt lose weight is One in five people with HIV are
diagnosed with a hidden TUM OUR UNDIAGNOSED, with the number of
Naomi Benton, 34, baffled doctors for more than a cases in gay men reaching an all-time
decade She continued to pile on the pounds high
despite following an 800 calorie-a-day... 21,900 people out of 98,400 with HIV in the UK do
not know they have it 50% of the 6,360 people
diagnosed in 2012 were diagnosed...

Two paramedics struck off after telling Toddler Gaurav Bains bone marrow
dying woman she had a stomach bug transplant hope as donor is found
Sarah Thomas called ambulance after she Gaurav Bains, two, has a rare blood disorder called
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struggled to breathe Would have survived if she Monosomy 7 Unless he has a bone marrow
was taken to hospital and... transplant before Christmas he...

4 Genius Ways to M ix Orange and Remember French Fries Cause

Fennel Cancer? Heres The Acrylamide Update
Some foods, weirdly enough, just taste better French fries: There are probably other reasons
together. Try these four orange and fennel recipes besides acrylamide to avoid these tasty snacks.
to see for yourself. Orange-Fennel... iStockphoto Back in...

SJ speaks on meeting with Li Fei Hospital Authority announces Cluster

Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the transcript of Chief Executive appointment
remarks by the Secretary for Justice, Mr Rimsky Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
Yuen, SC, after... behalf of the Hospital Authority: The Hospital
Authority (HA) today...

Screenings of Space M useums Consumer Price Indices for October

Omnimax show "Titans of the Ice Age" 2013
temporarily suspended Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Census and Statistics
Hong Kong (HKSAR) A spokesperson for the Department (CSD) released today (November 21)
Leisure and Cultural Services Department the Consumer Price Index...
announced today (November 21) that...

Voxiva launches new mobile app for Study: Patients staying on medications
Care4life Diabetes self-management does not lower hospital readmission
program rates
Voxiva, Inc. announces the launch of a new mobile A targeted effort to help high-risk heart failure
app for its Care4life(SM) Diabetes self- patients stay on their medications did improve
management program. Care4life... adherence to drug regimens,...

Pharmaceutical powder The real-life X-ray specs that let nurses

characterisation and inhaler testing see THROUGH a persons skin to locate
workshop to include expert veins
presentations Evena Medical in Silicon Valley partnered with
A new workshop organised by Monash University Epson to develop glasses They are designed to be
will include invited presentations from Copley worn by nurses at the bedside...
Scientific, the worlds leading...

M icroplate readers: an interview with Why hangovers get worse after 40:
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Ville Haaslahti, M anaging Director, Weve got less muscle, were
Hidex dehydrated and were more sensitive to
Interview conducted by April Cashin-Garbutt, BA the ingredients in alcohol
Hons (Cantab) Please can you give an introduction Some older people develop sensitivities to the
to the Hidex Sense microplate... sulphites and tannins in wine, meaning drinking
makes them suffer headaches...

M cDonalds job saved the life of Toddler in need of a life-saving bone

anorexic woman marrow transplant finds a match after
Jo developed anorexia age 11 and was campaign inspired 10-fold increase in
hospitalised within 6 months Spent 6 years battling Asian donors
illness and at lowest weighed 4... Gaurav Bains, two, has a rare blood disorder called
Monosomy 7 Unless he has a bone marrow
transplant before Christmas he...

Comprehending Grace Researchers explore links between

Grace is not an easily digestible concept for me. learning disorders in children
The fact that it is still largely a concept in my mind New interdisciplinary research from Western
is probably also... University has uncovered fundamental links among
three major learning difficulties...

Twitter Could Tell You Where Flu Is 6 Sources of Burnout at Work

Ramping Up, Study Suggests I recently spoke to a group of women accountants
A social media tool known for being a platform for and financial professionals about preventing
breaking news, selfie photos and over-sharing the burnout and better managing...
minutiae of day-to-day...

Female Hysteria: 7 Crazy Things People Alleged Animal Abuse At Former

Used To Believe About The Ladies Walmart Pork Supplier Caught On
Disease Camera (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Deeply disheartening though it may be, the practice A shocking undercover video released this week
of labeling women crazy is alive and well today, has allegedly exposed rampant animal abuse at a
and its... farm in Oklahoma that supplies...

New publication studies urban Captive breeding for thousands of

environments of M anchester from a years has impaired olfactory functions
qualitative perspective in silkmoths

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[ | E-mail ] Contact: Megan [ | E-mail ] Contact: Dr. Silke
Beechm.beech@hud.ac.uk 01-484-473- Sachsessachse@ice.mpg.de 49-364-157-
053University of Huddersfield Dr Alexander Bridger, 1416Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
Senior... Domesticated...

New materials with potential biomedical Ultrasound, nanoparticles may help

applications diabetics avoid the needle
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Jouko [ | E-mail ] Contact: Matt
Vepslinenjouko.vepsalainen@uef.fi 358-403- Shipmanmatt_shipman@ncsu.edu 919-515-
553-256University of Eastern Finland 6386North Carolina State University IMAGE: A new
Bisphosphonates... technique...

Stress and isolation take toll on those Rutegrs-Camden nursing scholar

under 50 with HIV; older people fare develops tool for ostomy care
better [ | E-mail ] Contact: Ed
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Susan Moorhouseejmoor@camden.rutgers.edu 856-225-
Griffithsusan.griffith@case.edu 216-368-1004Case 6759Rutgers University CAMDEN Nurses caring for
Western Reserve University Case Western ostomy...

New research highlights urgent need to Antibiotic resistance holds stable in

address distress in long-term U.S. childrens hospitals
melanoma survivors Findings coincide with CDCs Get Smart Week Two
More than one-third of Queensland melanoma studies published in the December issue of
survivors are suffering clinically significant Infection Control and Hospital...
psychological distress, despite...

Unemployed men show signs of faster Bangladesh outperforms Asian

ageing in their DNA neighbours despite low spending on
Men who are unemployed for more than two years health care
show signs of faster ageing in their DNA, a new Exceptional improvements in the survival of infants
study has found. Researchers... and children under 5 years of age, life expectancy,
immunisation coverage,...

How living through a recession can How a mans sex drive is linked to a
make your brain slower: Being made breast milk hormone: M en who lack
redundant in middle age causes desire have low levels of it, study finds
memory loss (especially in men) Men with lower levels of prolactin had worse health
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
The effects of a recession have been linked to a both sexually and overall Prolactin is best known
higher risk of cognitive decline affecting abilities for its role as the...
such as memory, verbal...

Getting too much exercise can be as Girl, 7, died 3 days after being
bad for you as getting none at all discharged from hospital with BLUE lips
Teenagers who get too much exercise are as Simran Dhesi was sent home despite her
prone to low self-esteem, anxiety and stress as mothers concern, inquest hears The schoolgirl
those who do little or no exercise... was admitted to another hospital...

Additive may make wine fine for a Simplifying the Holidays & Shrinking
longer time Stress for Adults with
An additive may help curb a chemical reaction that Holidays require exquisite skills in executive
causes wine to look, smell and taste funky, functioning, according to Terry Matlen, ACSW, a
according to food scientists. The... psychotherapist and...

Has a nutty professor really invented Handful of nuts a day can lower death
booze that gets you drunk risk of cancer and heart disease by a
Professor Nutt was sacked from his post as the fifth
Governments chief drugs adviser in 2009 He Researchers say nuts contain unsaturated fatty
declared that cannabis, Ecstasy... acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which
lower cholesterol and...

Breakthrough in fight to overcome the Undruggable cancer molecule blocked

deadliest cancers by new approach
Find could lead to drugs for most difficult to treat Undruggable cancer molecule blocked by new
cancers More pancreatic, bowel and lung cancers approach Thursday 21 November 2013 An
could be cured New treatment... important cancer molecule...

How addictive is crack cocaine? VIDEO: Steve Evans moves to palliative

Ever since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to care
having smoked crack cocaine, various city Two years ago, Steve Evans was told he had 12
councillors and media observers have... months to live. For a while he underwent treatment
that helped both to improve...

Elderly emergency admissions rising Blow-up hospitals help Philippine

21 November 2013 Last updated at 05:34 ET By typhoon effort
Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News
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Urgent action... Inflatable field hospitals have been erected in the
typhoon-ravaged Philippines city of Tacloban, part
of a huge international...

Dead baby wakes at China funeral US health care lottery: luck of the draw
parlour before cremation in Virginia
A Chinese baby boy who had been declared dead Mossamat Jhumu is tickled pink, as she has just
was saved from being cremated alive when he won the lottery in Virginia. However, the prize is not
started crying at a funeral parlour,... money or merchandise...

Organic Farmers Bash FDA Restrictions Women Entrepreneurs Getting Unstuck

On M anure Use With M elody Wilder
Enlarge image i Jim Crawford hauls his vegetables C.R. interviews Melody Wilding, LMSW, who
to farmers markets in Washington, D.C. Dan specializes in psychotherapy for entrepreneurial
Charles... women. Welcome, Melody. Tell us...

Eating nuts may prolong life Putting off HIV checks never works
21 November 2013 Last updated at 03:26 ET By Interviews Greg Dawson, words Jimmy
James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BlakeNewsbeat reporters Tom Hayes says he is
BBC News People... lucky to have got tested...

USC Viterbi engineers cut time to 3D- Focusing on faces

print heterogeneous objects from [ | E-mail ] Contact: Deborah Williams-
hours to minutes Hedgesdebwms@caltech.edu 626-395-
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Megan Hazlehazle@usc.edu 3227California Institute of Technology
213-821-1887University of Southern California Researchers...
New 3D printing process speeds...

Scientists create perfect solution to Novel material stores unusually large

iron out kinks in surfaces amounts of hydrogen
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Neha [ | E-mail ] Contact: Dr. Thomas
Okhandiarn.okhandiar@qmul.ac.uk 020-788- Zoufalpresse@desy.de 49-408-998-
27927Queen Mary, University of London A new 1666Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY X-
technique... ray study reveals...

Study reveals higher levels of control Services fail to treat prisoners with
and support at work increases schizophrenia increasing risk of
wellbeing violent reoffending
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[ | E-mail ] Contact: Charli [ | E-mail ] Contact: Charli
Scoullerc.scouller@qmul.ac.uk 020-788- Scoullerc.scouller@qmul.ac.uk 020-788-
27943Queen Mary, University of London Research 27943Queen Mary, University of London New
from Queen... research from...

M aine to pay $1M to conservative Henry Samueli School of Engineering

consultant to study M edicaid expansion receives grant from Bill & M elinda
Maines health department will pay a firm led by Gates Foundation
Gary Alexander, a controversial former welfare The Henry Samueli School of Engineering at UC
chief, to review the... Irvine will receive a $100,000 Grand Challenges
Explorations grant from the...

Study identifies possible link between Top-performing hospitals have fewer

sudden drops in blood pressure and readmissions from all diagnoses and
irregular heartbeat time periods after discharge
Results of a Johns Hopkins-led study have Checking back into the hospital within 30 days of
identified a possible link between a history of discharge is not only bad news for patients, but
sudden drops in blood pressure... also for hospitals, which...

M ental Thoughts: Is Kayaking A Way To Study reveals how variant forms of

Lose Weight APOE protein impact risk of Alzheimers
Mental thought: kayaking good way to lose disease
weight??? Its Day 20 and only 10 days left of the Carrying a particular version of the gene for
Month long blog party for... apolipoprotein E (APOE) is the major known
genetic risk factor for the sporadic,...

Children in Typhoon Disaster Zone Illinois Legalizes Gay M arriage

Vulnerable to Abuse, Trafficking Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation at a
Aid workers have warned that children in the ceremony in Chicago Wednesday, making Illinois
disaster zone left by typhoon Haiyan are particularly the 16th state to allow same sex...
vulnerable, as they set...

The closest relatives of papaya are 4 3 new wafer trapdoor spiders from
species from M exico and Guatemala Brazil
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Fernanda Antunes [ | E-mail ] Contact: Rogerio
Carvalhoantunesfc@gmail.comPensoft Publishers Bertanirogerio.bertani@uol.com.brPensoft
IMAGE: This image shows the fruits... Publishers IMAGE: This image shows the female...

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Caffeine in coffee might help small Researchers associate some insomnia
blood vessels work better symptoms with higher mortality risk in
The caffeine in a cup of coffee might help your men
small blood vessels work better, according to Insomnia, the most common sleep disorder,
research presented at the American... affects up to one-third of the population in the
United States. In new findings,...

Research: Introducing solid food with Australia could do so much more with
breast milk could reduce food allergies its nurse practitioners
in babies Nurse practitioners provide a level of health
Introducing solid food with breast milk after the services beyond that of registered nurses. They
17th week of birth could reduce food allergies in diagnose and treat health conditions,...
babies, according to...

Transgender, Violence and Trauma Tiny antisense molecules increase

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. This good cholesterol levels in obese
year, 238 people were murdered due to primates
transgender hate crimes. Transgender... A strategy developed by Massachusetts General
Hospital (MGH)-based investigators to increase
levels of beneficial high-density...

Women prescribed combination HRT Study finds brain abnormalities linked

should use caution when taking to impaired self-awareness in cocaine
apigenin supplement, study finds addiction
Hormone replacement therapies, or medications New research from the Icahn School of Medicine at
containing female hormones that substitute those Mount Sinai reveals long-term cocaine abuse may
no longer produced by the... be associated with deficits...

Brain still injured from concussion after 24,000-Year-Old Body Shows Kinship to
symptoms fade Europeans and American Indians
After a mild concussion, special brain scans show The first is that the boys DNA matches that of
evidence of brain abnormalities four months later, Western Europeans, showing that during the last
when symptoms from the... Ice Age people from Europe...

Are You Under the Influence of When Youre Feeling Overwhelmed

Oxytocin? When youre feeling overwhelmed, one of the
Have you ever had this feeling? Youve kindest things you can do for yourself is to simply

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started dating a guy whos really good looking, sexy acknowledge how youre...
and you two have...

#45 Triumph on Timpanogas Procrastinating to Gain Control?

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE What is the variable that organized and punctual
<w:LatentStyles DefLockedState="false" people have that others do not? It is called self
DefUnhideWhenUsed="true" respect. Without self...

Prostitutes who have sex, then use NHS electronic prescribing patchy
anti-HIV drugs 20 November 2013 Last updated at 21:36 ET
20 November 2013 Last updated at 19:31 ET By Electronic prescribing may reduce patient harm
Zainab Deen BBC World Service, Nairobi In Kenya due to medication errors There...
1.5 million...

Concussion damage lasts months Sperm test hope for infertile men
20 November 2013 Last updated at 21:36 ET By 20 November 2013 Last updated at 21:25 ET By
James Gallagher Health and science reporter, Helen Briggs BBC News Some men with very low
BBC News Manchester... sperm counts...

PTSD raises risk for obesity in women Long-term unemployment may

Women with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) accelerate aging in men
gain weight more rapidly and are more likely to be Men who are unemployed for more than two years
overweight or obese than... show signs of faster ageing in their DNA, a new
study has found. Researchers...

Jet of high-energy particles is actually Trace evidences of life could

coming out from Sagittarius A* potentially be found in craters on other
share Composite image of Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), planets
the supermassive black hole at the center of the share Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image
Milky Way. 9Image Credit:... of a carbonaceous inclusion from Darwin glass.
(Credit: Kieren Torres Howard...

Trace evidences of life could Cognition and illness course predict

potentially be found in craters on other bipolar employment
planets By Lucy Piper, Senior medwireNews Reporter
share Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image Patients with bipolar disorder are more likely to be
of a carbonaceous inclusion from Darwin glass. successfully employed if...
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
(Credit: Kieren Torres Howard...

Childhood social functioning predicts Asthma prolongs time to pregnancy

schizophrenia risk By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter
By Lucy Piper, Senior medwireNews Reporter Poor Research shows that women with asthma take
social functioning in childhood predicts an longer to conceive than women without the...
increased risk for schizophrenia...

The Complexities of Trauma: A Basic M ale infertility test closer

Understanding Scientists in Toronto have identified two proteins
Complex Client Jeremy, a 28-year-old commodities that could save men with infertility problems both
trader, enters therapy with the presenting problem pain and time. They...
that, I can never...

Canadas diabetes rates poor in global Rich countries hit brake for health
health ranking spending: OECD
In 2011, close to seven per cent of those aged 20 A third of the worlds rich countries cut health
to 79 in OECD countries, or over 85 million people, spending between 2009 and 2011, according to a
had diabetes. (Steve... probe of 33 advanced...

Some NYC hospitals not taking new Recessions experienced in mid-life

health plans linked to higher risk of cognitive
New Yorkers buying a health plan on the states decline later on
new insurance exchange should read the fine print People who live through economic recessions in
if theyre... early to mid-life may be at higher risk of cognitive
decline in later life,...

Too much weekly sport seems to be as Too much exercise as bad as too little
bad as too little for teen wellbeing This could be due to inflammation caused by
Too much weekly sport seems to be as bad as too excessive exercise which has been linked to
little for teen well-being, suggesting theres an poorer physical and mental health...
inverted U shaped...

Global Fund Suspends 2 M osquito Net In Search Of M ore Primary-Care Doctors

M akers Janine Knudsen, a third-year student at Harvard
The two top producers of mosquito nets for the war Medical Schools Center for Primary Care, is
on malaria have been temporarily banned as passionate about becoming...
suppliers by a global disease-fighting...
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You Should Be Dating a CrossFit Girl. So Long, Pen Pal
Heres Why. When was the last time you used a pen or a
You are probably sitting there going Ugh. Is she pencil? Some people believe that handwriting will
really going there? YUP I AM. And lets be honest, become obsolete within a few...

Koch Brothers Use Actress To Portray OxyElite Pro Recall Will Cost USPLabs
Disgruntled Voter In M ark Begich Attack LLC M illions
Ad USPLabs LLC, which produces the weight loss
WASHINGTON Americans for Prosperity, the supplement OxyElite Pro, is having a rough year.
conservative advocacy group backed by the Koch After more than 50 cases of...
brothers, released an attack...

Amsterdam alcoholics paid in beer to Dartmouth-led study shows diet alone

clean streets can be significant source of arsenic
Amsterdam has come up with a controversial way [ | E-mail ] Contact: John
to get alcoholics off the streets: Pay them beer to Cramerjohn.cramer@dartmouth.edu 603-646-
clean said streets. AFP... 9130Dartmouth College IMAGE: A Dartmouth

Nuts linked to lower death risk Skiing Pioneer Celebrates Turning 100
The study did not prove a causal link between By Skiing Because Of Course
eating nuts and longer life, but researchers said One of the pioneers of skiing in Colorado
their findings backed up... celebrated his 100th birthday on Tuesday the same
way he always has by...

Namaste To Tim J. Luddy Of M other How To De-Seed A Pomegranate In 3

Jones M agazine Seconds, Like A Pervert
When the editors of Mother Jones recently Pomegranates are one of the trickiest, yet tastiest
announced that longtime creative director Tim J fruits to eat. On the one hand they bear marvelously
Luddy was leaving the magazine... sweet arils, edible...

M any Babies Born Very Small Do Well Obese pilots to be grounded if they
As Adults Despite Early Challenges have sleep apnea
(STUDY) The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to
BY KATHRYN DOYLE NEW YORK Tue Nov 19, start screening obese pilots for obstructive sleep

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

2013 1:29pm EST (Reuters Health) Although apnea, a medical condition...
babies who are born weighing less...

Eating nuts may lead to longer life Quitting smoking may reverse heart
Allow yourself to go nutty over nuts: Eating them woes quicker than once thought
may lead to a longer life, according to a new study. Some cigarette smokers over 65 years old who
Researchers found... kick the habit may be able to reduce their risk of
dying from heart-related...

Evidence of destruction in Tacloban, NASAs TRM M satellite sees M elissas

Philippines tropical transition
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Rob [ | E-mail ] Contact: Rob
Gutrorobert.j.gutro@nasa.govNASA/Goddard Gutrorobert.j.gutro@nasa.govNASA/Goddard
Space Flight Center IMAGE: The ASTER instrument Space Flight Center VIDEO: This is a simulated 3-
aboard... D...

I just kept pressing play! Obese fast Somali womans giant leg ballooned
food fanatic drops ten dress sizes and because of elephantiasis
211lbs with fitness DVDs Sadia Abdinur, 35, is immobile and unable to feed
By Sadie Whitelocks PUBLISHED: 19:13 EST, 19 her childrenHer leg swelled because the drainage
November 2013 | UPDATED: 00:32 EST, 20 passages in it became...
November 2013 An obese fast food fanatic...

Even people who stop smoking in their In Conversation with Asha founder Dr
SIXTIES can see significant health Kiran M artin
benefits in just a few years Watch the video of public health professor Rob
People who quit smoking in old age cut their risk of Moodie interviewing Dr Kiran Martin below. Kiran
heart disease Within eight years their risk of heart Martin is the founder of...
disease and of...

Are You Ready for a BIG Change? Bringing Sexy Back into M otherhood
Have you been telling yourself for ages that its time Dont you like my big boobs?, said my client to her
to leave your job, (move, end the relationship, get husband with a playful smile as they sat on my
out of debt)?... couch in couples...

Saint M arys University nurse quits Food inspection agency shuts down
writing sick notes M ontreal meat plant
Saint Marys University students can still go to a A Montreal ready-to-eat meat-processing facility
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
doctor when they are sick and ask for a note. was shut down today by the Canadian Food
(www.smu.ca) A university... Inspection Agency (CFIA), and its...

Surgeons emotionally affected by Kidney procedure might help ease

surgical complications tough-to-treat high blood pressure
(HealthDay)Many surgeons are profoundly (HealthDay)A new therapy may help lower tough-
emotionally affected by surgical complications, to-treat high blood pressure in people with chronic
according to a study published... kidney disease, a new...

Tropical Cyclone Helen headed for Women prescribed combination HRT

landfall in India should use caution when taking
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Rob apigenin supplement, M U study finds
Gutrorobert.j.gutro@nasa.govNASA/Goddard [ | E-mail ] Contact: Jeff
Space Flight Center IMAGE: Visible/short wave Sossamonsossamonj@missouri.edu 573-882-
infrared... 3346University of Missouri-Columbia IMAGE: Hyder

Connections in the brains of young FAA To Require Obese Pilots To

children strengthen during sleep, CU- Undergo Sleep Apnea Screening
Boulder study finds Severely obese pilots will soon be required to
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Salome undergo sleep apnea screening, and if they are
KurthSalome.Kurth@colorado.edu 303-492- diagnosed with the condition,...
4584University of Colorado at Boulder While young

Fat But Fit? Study Reveals That Fitness, No Tray, No Salad

Not Weight, Predicts Risk Of Early Death Students load their trays in all-you-can-eat
When it comes to living a long and healthy life, a cafeterias with heaps of food, leading to waste and
meta-analysis of mortality studies finds that being perhaps also to overeating....
physically active,...

How to Find Yourself, When Youve Limited patient choice next health
Lost Yourself overhaul issue
I had everything a home, a loving husband, two WASHINGTON (AP) After they get the website
gorgeous daughters, financial security. I wanted for fixed, then what? Keeping your doctors and
nothing. For... hospitals may be the next vexing...

Too fat to fly: Stranded Frenchmans Children at risk of AIDS should be

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ordeal ending tested at birth, UN says
LONDON (AP) Hes been turned down by More than a quarter of a million children each year
planes, trains and even a cruise ship in his quest are born infected with the virus that causes AIDS,
to return home and... but too few are being...

Nine Things You Probably Never Knew Breaking Dishes: A Lifetime With a
About Sperm (PHOTOS) Lesser-known Disability
How much do you know about sperm cells? You When we inevitably meet at some point, you will
know guys make a lot of thembut how many? You say, Julia, are you okay? Youre shaking. Ill...
know theyre smallbut...

California Doctors Prescribe M ore S.S. Singh, Scatomancer, Predicts

Name-Brand Drugs Than Any Other Future By Analyzing Fecal M atter In
State New Documentary Journey To Planet
Californias doctors led the nation in prescribing Sanity
name-brand drugs, with a small chunk of those There are terrible jobs, but few are literally as
costs coming from... crappy as the one chosen by S.S. Singh. Hes a
professional scatomancer,...

Sudden cardiac arrest may not be so Kids less physically fit than parents
unexpected were at their age
New research suggests we may soon stop calling No kidding. This is the same decline that is ruining
sudden cardiac arrest events sudden. A study of childrens schoolwork, toys, hobbies, and work
567 middle-aged... ethic. They cant...

Virtual sailing simulator shows key role Doctor reverses amateur plastic
of recreation surgeries
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Megan Doctor reverses amateur plastic surgeries
Feffermfeffer@spectrumscience.com 202-587- Venezuelan Maria Carolina Parejo (R) talks with
2581Kennedy Krieger Institute Kennedy Krieger friends a day before undergoing...

Involving patients in their nurses shift What composes the human heart? U of
change reduces medical errors and T researchers crunch the numbers
satisfies patients [ | E-mail ] Contact: Erin
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Geoff VollickComm.ibbme@utoronto.ca 416-946-
Koehlerkoehlerg@smh.ca 416-864-6060 x6537St. 8019University of Toronto A foundational study
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Michaels Hospital TORONTO, Nov. 20, 2013...

"Just Kidding" No Longer M akes Online Pastor Suspended After Officiating

Slurs Okay, Poll Suggests Sons Same-Sex Wedding
"Just Kidding" No Longer Makes Online Slurs SPRING CITY, Pa. The Rev. Frank Schaefer gets to
Okay, Poll Suggests keep calling himself a Methodist pastor at least
for the next 30...

Pilot Study Finds M editation M ay Slow How Seeing Fast Food Logos Can
Alzheimers Progression Reduce Happiness
Its well known that the brains of meditators Golden arches, red pigtails, a smiling Colonel
change, but its not entirely clear what those Sanders these iconic fast food symbols may
changes mean or... seem harmless enough, but...

Surgeons Practice On Brains M ade On Grain Brain: What A No-Carb Diet Looks
3D Printers Like
By Michael Dhar, Contributing writer Published: Every time you tuck into a bowl of cereal or plate of
11/20/2013 10:08 AM EST on LiveScience How pasta, youre killing your brain. Thats the dramatic
much practice would you want... diagnosis...

M ultiple Sclerosis Symptoms: 5 Signs When Is it Time to See a Fertility

To Watch Out For Doctor?
By Connie Brichford, Everyday Health Its more Difficulty conceiving is a common problem for
important than ever to be aware of the warning couples in the United States. As many as one in
signs of multiple sclerosis,... eight women and their partners...

Imagining The Post-Antibiotics Future Video: Va. state senator apparently

After 85 years, antibiotics are growing impotent. So stabbed by son, who then shot himself,
what will medicine, agriculture and everyday life police say
look like if we lose... November 20, 2013 6:56 AM Creigh Deeds, a well-
known state senator in Virginia, is in a hospital
recovering after, police...

DNA vaccine demonstrates potential to EKF Diagnostics introduces new

prevent and treat deadly M ERS version of Lactate Scout+ analyzer
coronavirus Built-in hematocrit compensation delivers high
Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE MKT: INO) accuracy lactate analysis EKF Diagnostics, the
global diagnostics business,...
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
announced today that preclinical testing of a DNA
synthetic vaccine for the...

First Edition: November 20, 2013 Using radiation models to improve

Todays early morning highlights from the major cancer therapies: an interview with
news organizations, including reports that Adrian Treverton, COO of Xstrahl and
President Barack Obama places... Jean-Pierre Wery, President of Crown
Interview conducted by April Cashin-Garbutt, BA
Hons (Cantab) What are radiation models of
cancer? Adrian: What we are...

Does your face turn red when you Women who fake orgasms are more
drink? You could be at greater risk of likely to cheat on their partner
high blood pressure, heart attack and Women fake it a fifth of the time while men only
strokes fake orgasms one time in 20 Women orgasm 61%
People who turn red when they drink alcohol are of the times they have sex,...
less able to break down acetaldehyde a toxic
substance produced when...

I lost 2 stone in 24 hours Frederick Sanger, double Nobel winner,

Last week MailOnline ran the story of Ross Edgley, dies at 95
a sports scientist on a mission to prove body British biochemist Frederick Sanger, who twice
weight isnt all about... won the Nobel Prize in chemistry and has been
called the father of the genomic...

Happiness versus M ania Dementia patients learn to tango in

Yesterday was a good day, a very good day actually. Halifax
I got very excited about something, even did a little A group of seniors in Halifax with Alzheimers and
song and dance... Parkinsons disease have been trying an unusual

Rapid DNA biochip tests for screening Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria

disease-causing bacteria anticipates and turns immune defenses
Patients affected by a bacterial infection can usually against the host
be treated with an antibiotic. But sometimes a Around 20 percent of all humans are persistently
resistant bacterial... colonized with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, a
leading cause of skin infections...
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TSRI researchers solve structure of key DNA-damaging drug and M K2 inhibitor
protein in deadly, but little known virus combination could be effective against
What began as a summer internship project cancer
designed for an undergraduate student evolved About half of all cancer patients have a mutation in
into a one-year study of one of the... a gene called p53, which allows tumors to survive
and continue growing...

Therapist Blog Challenge #11: Promote If I Had To Choose

Gratitude It seems like Im moving this fast Im a
Let the benefits of gratitude inspire your next Hyperactive Person. My hyperactivity has been
professional blog post. Its the time of year when turned inward for the most...
Facebook posts, blogs,...

Dont Blame NAM I for Whitaker How to Stop Punishing Yourself

Nothing vexes me more than the sniping that goes Do you feel stuck in chronic self-punishment? Do
on between psychiatry and the anti-psychiatry you reflexively turn against yourself with anger or
movements. I hesitate to... scorn whenever you feel...

Bulgarias departing doctors French People Take The M ost Days Off
20 November 2013 Last updated at 04:31 ET By Yet Feel The M ost Deprived, And Other
Emma Jane Kirby BBC News, Sofia In Bulgaria Vacation Factoids
(from left)... Its weird to think the government mandates paid
vacation time in pretty much every country besides
the United States....

6 ways to feed 11 billion people How to drink and eat whatever you want
Feeding the worlds growing population will not be without feeling guilty
an easy task. By 2100, its estimated that there will Strike a healthy balance in your diet and alcohol
be 11... consumption. In Your DietAlcoholNumerous
studies indicate that a little...

Another Reason to Kick the Habit 6 Signs Your Diet Or Lifestyle Is

Subscribe: SMR Posts RSS Subscribe: SMR Triggering Your Anxiety
Comments RSS Become an SMR Facebook Friend Anxiety is a mental health issue, effecting about
Follow SMR on Twitter Another Reason to... 18% of the population. If youve been diagnosed
with anxiety or find...

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Cant Concentrate When You M editate? How M y Fathers Death Taught M e To
Read This Eat Without Guilt
Ive been witnessing a disturbing trend recently. It was a few weeks before Thanksgiving, the
Lets call it the Protestant work ethic of meditation. biggest (and best) food holiday, and my dad was
Instantly recognizable... dying. He lay in his borrowed...

Nurse receives 2013 ARN Doctorate- State highlights: Calif. fines three
Prepared Researcher Role Award at insurers for denying therapy; Colo.s
39th Annual ARN Educational Denver Health to shed jobs; Ambulance
Conference Co. agrees to pay feds $3M over fraud
The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) allegations
presented Kathleen Brewer-Smyth, PhD RN A selection of health policy stories from California,
CRRN, with the 2013 ARN Doctorate-Prepared... Colorado, Kansas and Florida. Los Angeles
Times: State Says 3 Health...

Elsevier launches two new open Questions raised in US over new anti-
access journals in cardiology journals cholesterol guidelines
series New recommendations to expand the use of
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, cholesterol-lowering medication to millions of
technical and medical information products and adults to reduce heart attacks and...
services, today announced...

Supreme Court lets Texas abortion law The Biggest Loser: Jillian M ichaels
stay for now Apologizes To Her Team For Last
A third of Texas abortion clinics will stay closed Weeks Scandal (VIDEO)
after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene It was a very subdued Jillian Michaels who had to
in an ongoing... sit down her team and apologize on The Biggest
Loser. Last...

NASA instrument determines hazards of Researchers test effects of LEDs on

deep-space radiation leaf lettuce
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Rob [ | E-mail ] Contact: Michael W.
Gutrorobert.j.gutro@nasa.govNASA/Goddard Neffmwneff@ashs.org 703-836-4606American
Space Flight Center IMAGE: This is LROs Society for Horticultural Science Mixture of blue...

Researchers develop technique to The fashion scout and the cop:

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convert thermoelectric material into Scanning the streets with similar
high performance electricity methods for different targets
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Ramakrishna [ | E-mail ] Contact: Tom
Podilarpodila@g.clemson.eduClemson University Robinettetom.robinette@uc.edu 513-556-
IMAGE: Pooja Puneet, Ph.D., the lead... 1825University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati

Haemophilia gene therapy solution Size, connectivity of brain region linked

20 November 2013 Last updated at 02:49 ET By to anxiety level in young children
Helen Briggs BBC News Computer model of part Prolonged stress and anxiety during childhood is a
of Factor VIII,... risk factor for developing anxiety disorders and
depression later in life....

Johnson & Johnson in Deal to Settle Perks Ease Way in Health Plans for
Hip Implant Lawsuits Lawmakers
Under the agreement, the medical products giant That is true. As long as their constituents have
would pay nearly $2.5 billion in compensation to an access to in-person support sessions like the
estimated 8,000 patients... ones being conducted...

Weighing the Risks of Going Without Researchers classify urban residential

Health Insurance desert landscapes
Affordability, of course, will be a significant factor, [ | E-mail ] Contact: Michael W.
especially for younger people with stretched Neffmwneff@ashs.org 703-836-4606American
budgets. Going without... Society for Horticultural Science Information...

New bale unroller design deemed First-ever survey of Do-It-Yourself

effective Biology community challenges myths
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Michael W. [ | E-mail ] Contact: Aaron
Neffmwneff@ashs.org 703-836-4606American Lovellaaron.lovell@wilsoncenter.org 202-691-
Society for Horticultural Science Offset round-bale... 4320Woodrow Wilson International Center for

Study: Odds of rehospitalization of Phthalate exposure linked to preterm

cognitively impaired varies by birth
discharge destination [ | E-mail ] Contact: Laurel Thomas
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Cindy Fox Gnageyltgnagey@umich.edu 734-647-
Aisencaisen@iupui.edu 317-843-2276Indiana 1841University of Michigan ANN ARBORThe odds
University INDIANAPOLIS Cognitively impaired... of preterm...
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Serametrix launches new M DSC-based GOP candidates hope to use botched
blood test for cancer patients health law startup to their advantage
Serametrix Corporation has announced the launch Some veteran Democratic lawmakers are being
of an important new blood test for cancer patients. called to the carpet as a result of the difficulties with
The test measures a patients... healthcare.gov and...

UT Dallas scientists develop mesh Study suggests role for brain imaging in
technique to create 3-D images potential treatment of chronic pain
UT Dallas computer scientists have developed a A study in the December issue of Anesthesiology
technique to create 3-D images that finds practical suggests a role for brain imaging in the
applications of a theory... assessment and potential treatment...

Living With Trauma: Facing A Loved The man who fixed his own heart
Ones Severe M ental 19 November 2013 Last updated at 20:25 ET By
How did you feel when your loved one was Smitha Mundasad Health reporter, BBC News
diagnosed with a severe mental illness such as Please turn on JavaScript....
borderline personality disorder,...

Navigating a Transformed Insurance Pushing Patients to Seek Value,

M arketplace Whatever That Is
Welcome to what may be the most confusing year That includes getting routine colonoscopies.
in the recent history of health care. The Affordable Because he is insured, Mr. Kreutzer pays only a
Care Act is here... $300 co-pay, a fraction of the...

You Plan Your Retirement, Then You How Doctors Die

Get the Health Bill This spring, after Dr. McKinleys cancer found its
Within health care, he said, theres all kinds of way into her liver and lungs and the tissue
uncertainties. Mr. Strack hasnt decided yet when... surrounding her brain, she...

China hospital ship to set sail for Small health insurers fear Obamacare
Philippine typhoon zone woes will tilt playing field
By Greg Torode HONG KONG (Reuters) China is By Caroline Humer NEW YORK (Reuters) As the
sending a state-of-the-art hospital ship to the White House tries to address consumer anger and
Philippines following... technical problems tied...

Rescue workers seek survivors after Early Obamacare data show older

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South Africa mall collapses Americans more apt to sign up
By Zandi Shabalala TONGAAT, South Africa (Reuters) More older Americans than young
(Reuters) Rescue workers with sniffer dogs adults so far have signed up for new insurance
picked through rubble in search... coverage under the state...

Voters in Albuquerque, New M exico, Children slower than parents were

defeat measure to limit abortions 19 November 2013 Last updated at 21:43 ET By
SANTA FE, New Mexico (Reuters) Voters in Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online
Albuquerque defeated a proposal on Tuesday that Children...
would have outlawed most...

Recessionary woes lead to adverse Individuals who flush after drinking are
alcohol outcomes for men and middle- at higher risk of alcohol-related
aged Americans hypertension
Although the U.S. recession officially ended in June Excessive drinking is a known risk factor for
2009, many Americans still struggle to make ends hypertension. Drinking that results in facial flushing
meet. A recent study... indicates high sensitivity...

Treating alcohol dependence: Alcohols frontal-lobe damage may

M edication plus therapy leads to longer become evident before general mental
abstinence status is challenged
Alcohol treatment that incorporates a stepped-care Frontal lobe deficiency, characterized by executive
rationale, in which services are escalated, appears dysfunction such as deficits in attention and
to increase the overall... working memory, has been...

Essay: For Those at Deaths Door, a About New York: M entally Ill, and Jailed
Case for Life Panels in Isolation at Rikers Island
Three years earlier, when she was completely Rikers Island exists to make the rest of New York
rational, my mother told me that while she had lived City seem blissful; there, troublemakers, troubled
a full and rewarding life,... people and the unlucky...

Doctors Say Heart Drug Raised Risk of Health Insurance M arketplace Is Still
an Attack About 40 Percent Incomplete, Official
Cardiologists have accused a small drug company Says
of withholding data from a clinical trial showing that The official, Henry Chao, made the assessment in
the companys drug,... testimony before a panel of the House Energy and
Commerce Committee. Lawmakers...

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In Stance on Renewal of Old Health New mother found dead in maternity
Policies, States Run the Gamut unit just hours before she was due to
Of the 13 states that have so far said they will allow go home with first son but doctors
consumers to renew canceled plans, all but four cant agree how she died
are led by Republican... Jane Whiteside died just days after the birth of her
son Ben She was due to take him home on the
morning of her death The...

Bedtime aspirin wards off heart M ovember Raises Awareness

attacks #Prostate, #Testicular Cancer and
Painkillers taken by millions in UK to keep blood #M entalHealth #NHBPM
thin and cut risk of clots Major heart conference told Its Day 19 and todays Mental Health Humor
of study showing... cartoon pays homage to #Movember as Family
Stews Chato Stewart...

For Bipolar Patients, M edication Short-Term Therapy for Insomnia Can

Compliance Is Difficult Help Depression
Knowing you have to take medication for the rest of Insomnia and depression have a what came first,
your life is a tough pill to swallow. As a teenager, I the chicken or the egg sort of relationship. Most
fought my mother... people who habitually...

Stats Can Lie: Dont Let Divorce M edical marijuana sought for children
Statistics Dictate Your with seizures
Ill bet youve heard at least one of these statistics A Canadian family has moved to Colorado to get a
about divorce, such as 50 percent of all marriages medical marijuana extract not available in Canada
end in divorce... that the parents say has...

VIDEO: The man who can taste the Tube VIDEO: The man who fixed his own
map heart
Most London commuters have a love/hate As an engineer, Tal Golesworthy is no stranger to
relationship with the Underground depending on taking things apart, figuring out what the trouble is
their experience of delays. But for... and putting them...

Older sedentary adults reduced injury M onkeys can point to objects they do
to heart through moderate physical not report seeing
activity [ | E-mail ] Contact: Alexander
Moderate physical activity in sedentary older adults Brownalexander.brown@springer.com 212-620-
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
reduced the progression of injury to the heart, 8063Springer Science+Business Media The
according to research... localization...

What water looks like to DNA Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 news tips
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Jason Socrates [ | E-mail ] Contact: Karen
Bardijbardi@aip.org 240-535-4954American Astlekaren.astle@heart.org 214-706-
Institute of Physics New computational method... 1392American Heart Association Disappearing
stent continues...

Stanford study could lead to paradigm Holistic cell design leads to high-
shift in organic solar cell research performance, long cycle-life Li/S battery
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Mark [ | E-mail ] Contact: Allan Chena_chen@lbl.gov
Shwartzmshwartz@stanford.edu 650-723- 510-486-4210DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National
9296Stanford University IMAGE: Stanford scientists Laboratory Berkeley Lab battery...

Tea Party Florida congressman to be The Food Ties That Bind: The Academy
arraigned on drug charge of Nutrition and Dietetics 2013
MIAMI (Reuters) U.S. Representative Trey Radel, Conference
a Tea Party Republican from Florida, is due to be Last month, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
arraigned in a... held its annual conference (The Food and Nutrition
Conference and Expo,...

Toronto mayor vows to go clean while The M ayor of M ayors

city hall changes the locks I never thought I wanted to be mayor until last week.
By Cameron French TORONTO (Reuters) With the recent elections of mayors in different
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford vowed on Tuesday he cities, scandals anew...
would stay away from drugs, alcohol...

Rice: Obama not feeling down over low M indfulness & M editation: Resting in
poll numbers Stillness
WASHINGTON (Reuters) President Barack Ive written much about the benefits of meditation,
Obama is not depressed over his low job approval from stress management to mood stability, from
ratings, a top adviser said... increased creativity...

The Secret to Taking Stress Out of Researchers suggest China consider

Holiday Travel national flu vaccination plan with
Yes, you know it, I know it, the holidays are coming staggered timing
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
up. With the holidays comes travel and when there China should tailor its influenza vaccination
are a lot of people... strategies to account for its three distinct flu
regions, according to the...

Obesity and nutrition are keys to J&J to pay $2.5B to settle hip
avoiding metabolic syndrome replacement suits
Data reported by the Hearts Beat Back: The Heart Johnson Johnson says it will pay $2.5 billion to
of New Ulm Project reinforce the positive influence settle thousands of lawsuits brought by hip
of lifestyle factors... replacement patients who accuse...

New study helps predict life expectancy Hospital patients will be given a named
in healthy people using complete blood nurse in wake of M id-Staffs
count risk score The Health Secretary told the House of Commons:
For years, doctors have been divided on how One of the most chilling accounts of the Francis
effective annual testing and screenings are for report came from Mid...
apparently healthy individuals....

Take aspirin before bed to cut morning One M ans Journey From Obesity and
heart risk Diabetes to Health
However, the findings by researchers at the Leiden I recently met John, a trim, silver-haired, energetic
University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, man in his mid-60s who was a guest at our
showed that taking aspirin... evening church service for...

Those Who M ind: The Case Against Kids less fit than parents worldwide
Trying to Win People Over Todays kids cant keep up with their parents. An
Theres always someone that you long to win over, analysis of studies on millions of children around
isnt there? In my experience there is often a few of the world...

Blacks have less access to cancer Smoking increases risk of death for
specialists, treatment nasopharyngeal carcinoma survivors
Researchers at the University of California, San Survivors of nasopharyngeal carcinoma who are
Diego School of Medicine say metastatic colorectal former or current smokers are more likely to have
cancer patients of African-American... their disease progress, relapse,...

Imaging the magnetically stimulated New study finds no benefit to selecting

brain dose of blood thinner based on
patients genetic makeup
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()MRI scanners have steadily increased in A new study led by researchers at the Perelman
power, giving researchers ever finer-grained School of Medicine at the University of
snapshots of the brain in action.... Pennsylvania has determined that a...

Jeremy Hunt: NHS culture needs What This Personal Trainer Wants in
profound transformation Her Gym Bag This Holiday Season
2:56PM GMT 19 Nov 2013 Comments Jeremy Now that Halloween is over and the month of
Hunt: NHS culture needs profound transformation November is in full swing, its time to start thinking
about the holidays!...

Does Oil Pulling Work? We Tried It Out Freefall

(VIDEO) Id like to share this poem for all of those viewers of
Oil pulling isnt anything like it sounds. For one, the Super Soul Sunday who were moved enough by it
beauty routine consists not so much of pulling but to ask me where...
of swishing,...

Eat Your Way to Clear, Healthy Skin With DSM to fold pharma arm into venture
These 27 Super-M eals with private equity firm
The expression you are what you eat may be By Sara Webb and Euan Rocha
more accurate than you think. There are many AMSTERDAM/TORONTO (Reuters) Dutch food
factors that contribute... and chemicals group DSM will spin off its

U.S. official says Obamacare subsidies The Weekly Rune: Othala

function due mid-January Othala property I dont generally draw
WASHINGTON (Reuters) The Obama reversed Runes, so working with them has seldom
administration said on Tuesday that the computer been a concern...
function needed to provide consumer...

Vaccination a civil duty according to Kids worldwide are less fit than their
new report parents were, study shows
Tuesday November 19 2013 Vaccines could help Todays kids cant keep up with their parents. An
battle the problem of antibiotic... analysis of studies on millions of children around
the world...

Study identifies marker for high-risk Albuquerque, N.M ., voters to decide on

prostate cancers abortion limits
Tuesday November 19 2013 Higher levels of SANTA FE, New Mexico (Reuters) Voters in
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
NAALADL2 were linked to aggressive... Albuquerque will decide on Tuesday on an initiative
that would outlaw most...

U.S. healthcare website has security Health Highlights: Nov. 19, 2013
bugs, expert warns Congress Here are some of the latest health and medical
(Reuters) The website at the center of U.S. news developments, compiled by the editors of
President Barack Obamas healthcare overhaul HealthDay: Bill Could Give FDA...
has security flaws...

Security risks to U.S. healthcare portal, Half of middle-aged men who have a
experts testify in Congress heart attack have shown warning signs
(Reuters) Republicans opened a second front in of it up to a M ONTH before
their political battle against President Barack Among 567 men 56 per cent had chest pain, 13 per
Obamas healthcare... cent had shortness of breath and 4 per cent
suffered dizziness, fainting...

Can taking a pill banish winter We spend 2.5 YEARS of our lives
wrinkles? battling colds
The first clinical trial into the effect of a beauty It is not true that you should feed a cold and starve
supplement containing micro-nutrients found it a fever regardless of what is wrong with you,...
improved the condition...

How Google is rotting our memories: Office installs desk treadmills to ramp
Young people today have worse up productivity
memories than their parents Would you trade your office chair for a treadmill?
Peoples reliance on the Internet has caused Thats what 22 Winnipeg office workers have done
growing levels of forgetfulness Many people now in an effort to be...
see Google as an extension...

ADHD: What a Difference a Diagnosis Interim health care needs on the rise
M akes among older people
There I was in 2011, ready to hang myself in the Marketers with privately run seniors residences
cold, dark basement as my wife worked upstairs in are appealing to those who need a safe space to
her home office. I was... recuperate after hospital...

Daycare gives kids crackers, fines mom Antibiotic resistance crisis looms
for unhealthy lunch Excess and inappropriate use of antibiotics needs

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A Manitoba mom is steamed after she packed to be curbed because antibiotic resistant infections
lunches for her children in daycare and was are increasing at...
slapped with a $10 fine for not including...

Gene tests on dogs boost hopes for Intraoperative RLN monitoring prior to
haemophilia thyroid surgery improves surgical
Scientists on Tuesday said they had treated outcomes
haemophilia in dogs by fixing a flawed gene, Intraoperative recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN)
marking a step forward towards treating... monitoring has gained popularity with
approximately 53 percent of general...

Weill Cornell M edical College receives Scientists announce successful

grant to support research efforts installation of first Blue Gene Active
designed to end womens cancers Storage system worldwide
MasterCard today announced a $500,000 grant to The ever growing complexity of various simulation
Weill Cornell Medical College to support research tasks not only require a continuous increase of
efforts designed to end... computing power but also...

Penn researchers advance towards 2 test may end needless prostate

new DNA sequencing technique using cancer treatment: Exam could
graphene nanoribbon distinguish between life-threatening
The instructions for building all of the bodys tumours and those that are relatively
proteins are contained in a persons DNA, a string harmless
of chemicals... There are higher levels of the protein NAALADL2 in
aggressive tumours Doctors can identify tumours
that are likely to pose...

The secret to being skinny? Going to Thought there was just one type of
bed and waking up at the same time boredom? Think again: Scientists
every day identify a FIFTH form of tedium
People who have regular sleep patters have lower Researchers already knew about four types of
levels of body fat Getting less than 6.5 hours, or boredom indifferent boredom, calibrating
more than 8.5 hours,... boredom, searching boredom...

Giving babies a combination of breast Poem: Bipolar Life

milk and solids from 17 weeks could Im mad Then glad Then disappointed Then
prevent them developing food allergies triumphant Make up your mind man! Self-
preservation Self-awareness Self-affliction Self-
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Giving a baby solids while also feeding them defeat One...
breast milk could teach their immune system solid
foods are safe, meaning they...

Dr. George Doodnaught guilty of 21 sex Bats harbour more deadly viruses
assaults of patients 19 November 2013 Last updated at 11:00 ET By
A Toronto court has found Dr. George Doodnaught, Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC World
an anesthesiologist, guilty of sexually assaulting Service The...
21 women while they were...

Doctor jailed for assaulting family Threat to maternity care at hospital

19 November 2013 Last updated at 10:34 ET A 19 November 2013 Last updated at 10:22 ET A
doctor has been jailed for 15 months after being Withybush hospital consultant called for the health
found guilty of carrying out... minister to step in Staff...

GP service facing crisis warning Hunt pledges to restore trust in NHS

19 November 2013 Last updated at 10:54 ET By 19 November 2013 Last updated at 09:31 ET By
Owain Clarke BBC Wales health correspondent Dr Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News
Charlotte Jones... Please turn on...

Does doctor know best? A new Chronic diseases taking up more of

approach to "evidence" based health GPs time
care GPs in Australia are working three hours less per
Leading health care experts have today called for a week in direct clinical care, however they are
fresh approach to evaluating treatment amid dealing with more health...
claims that dog walking and...

Aortic valve replacement improves Study shows mechanical chest

survival and outcomes in elderly compressions improve poor outcome in
patients out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Jose Augusto Barreto-Filho, M.D., Ph.D., of the Sten Rubertsson, M.D., Ph.D., of Uppsala
Federal University of Sergipe and the Clinica e University, Sweden and colleagues assessed
Hospital Sao Lucas, Sergipe,... whether cardiopulmonary resuscitation...

Privately insured patients shows more Brain signals in fibromyalgia patients:

weight loss after bariatric surgery than an interview with Dr. M arco Loggia from
government-subsidized insurance M assachusetts General Hospital and
Harvard M edical School in Boston
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Researchers found the biggest determinant of Interview conducted by April Cashin-Garbutt, BA
weight loss after bariatric surgery was not how long Hons (Cantab) Your recent research studied brain
a patient was on a medically... signal disruption in fibromyalgia...

Dr. George Doodnaught faces sex B.C.s bedroom dentist remains in

assault verdict today custody in Toronto
A Toronto court is expected to deliver a verdict today A B.C. man accused of setting up an illegal dental
in the case of Dr. George Doodnaught, the practice in the bedroom of a house near Vancouver
anesthesiologist accused... made a brief appearance...

Drinking milk in teen years questioned AUDIO: Sanitation biggest challenge

for bone benefits November 19th has been designated as World
Drinking milk as a teen doesnt necessarily prevent Toilet Day by the UN. Its aim is to draw attention to
hip fractures later in life, according to a U.S. study the huge impact that issues...
that raises...

Teen girl youngest stem cell donor Blueprint for restoring trust in NHS
19 November 2013 Last updated at 07:08 ET 19 November 2013 Last updated at 09:31 ET By
Victoria Rathmill signed up to the bone marrow Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News The
register when she was 16 A schoolgirl... Francis...

How to buy the healthiest yogurt Breast M RIs not always used
Yogurt has earned itself a reputation as a true appropriately, studies suggest
health-food superstar. But know this: Yogurt can The percentage of women undergoing magnetic
turn into junk food... resonance imaging (MRI) exams of the breast has
increased in recent years, but...

Horizon Pharma to buy U.S. rights to Albuquerque, N.M ., voters to decide on

AstraZenecas arthritis drug municipal abortion limits
(Reuters) Horizon Pharma Inc said it would buy SANTA FE, New Mexico (Reuters) Voters in
the right to market AstraZeneca Plcs arthritis drug Albuquerque on Tuesday will decide on an initiative
Vimovo... to outlaw most late-term...

M erck brings maternity program from Health Tip: Enjoy Raw Seafood Safely
poor nations to U.S. as deaths rise Before you dig into your sashimi, make sure the
NEW YORK (Reuters) Merck Co on Tuesday said raw seafood youre about to enjoy is safe to eat.
it is expanding its Merck for Mothers program, The U.S....
which aims...
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Health Tip: When Your Child Is Where is language located in the brain?
Overweight There are two sides to this story
If your child is overweight, encouraging him or her Simple facts about the brain are rare, but one of
to eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise can them is that for most people language function is
help in the... located mainly in their...

Scientists have spotted the movement M iso Glazed Butternut Squash & Apple
of hot gas from NGC 5044 Soup With Coconut
share Astronomers say they are able to see hot Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Ive
gas moving in this galaxy because of an interaction already got an abundance of squash in my kitchen.
with another galaxy millions... While miso is nothing...

New trial assess effects on hip fracture, KLOX receives CE mark approval in
colorectal cancer incidence in Europe for non-invasive acne vulgaris
postmenopausal women treatment
New results are in from the Womens Health LumiCleanseTM is a clinically-proven treatment
Initiative (WHI) Calcium plus Vitamin D now available for all severities of acne vulgaris
Supplementation Trial. These findings... developed by KLOX in Canada,...

Can You Ride-Share Your Way to Best of Our Blogs: November 19, 2013
Friendship? Someone told me recently that I strongly identify
There is a question that is often attributed to with labels. Instead of saying, Im worried, for
children but actually spans all ages: How do I example, I might...
make friends? You have probably...

Disability is not a negative label The problem with the phrase battling
18 November 2013 Last updated at 20:05 ET By cancer
Emma Tracey BBC News, Ouch When Cerrie 18 November 2013 Last updated at 19:44 ET Are
Burnell joined CBeebies... military metaphors such as battling always
appropriate when it...

VIDEO: Staffing levels behind Patient tells of hepatitis C concern

misdiagnosis 18 November 2013 Last updated at 13:34 ET
Hospitals will have to publish data on monthly staff Angela Richards is also concerned about any
levels from next April, in response to a report on the possible implications for her family...
massive failings...

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Baby in cupboard midwife guilty Zimbabwe warned on risk of cholera
19 November 2013 Last updated at 07:04 ET outbreak
Yvonne Musonda-Malata had denied the Human Rights Watch on Tuesday warned that
allegations A midwife who left a baby face... Zimbabwes capital Harare was at risk of repeating
a cholera outbreak five...

D.C. insurance commissioner fired after Annual rates of CPR training vary widely
questioning Obamas fix for canceled across the U.S.
plans Annual rates of CPR training in the United States
After publicly criticizing the presidents proposed fix are low and vary widely across the country, but the
for plans that had been canceled under the health communities most in...
law and...

Long-term use of PDE3 inhibitors can Patients treated with high-risk

lead to increased risk for sudden endoscopic procedure less likely to be
cardiac death admitted in hospital
Drugs known as PDE3 inhibitors save many lives Patients who seek treatment from physicians who
by helping failing hearts do a better job of pumping more frequently perform a high-risk endoscopic
blood. But those same... procedure are less likely...

Connah Broom: The boy kept alive by Study: Commuting Adversely Effects
love Political Engagement
By Frances Hardy PUBLISHED: 18:08 EST, 14 Researchers think an increase in commuting may
November 2013 | UPDATED: 02:32 EST, 15 be partly to blame for widespread political
November 2013 When Connah Broom was about... disengagement among many Americans....

VIDEO: Inside a typhoon field hospital Study analyses brain while shopping
The impact of Typhoon Haiyan is still taking its toll 19 November 2013 Last updated at 03:03 ET By
on the Philippines, with key infrastructure such as Neil Prior BBC News Bangor University is using a
hospitals destroyed... 3m medical...

Depression in pregnancy: New study Women with regular sleep patterns

shows preferences for therapy over could be skinnier, study says
medication This was proven by the fact that that women with 90
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Connie minutes of variation in sleep and wake time during
Hughesconnie.hughes@wolterskluwer.com 646- the week had higher...
674-6348Wolters Kluwer Health Journal of

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Breast biopsies can affect short-term Study examines two surgical

quality-of-life and effects are approaches for treatment of severe
pronounced in younger patients ischemic mitral regurgitation
Breast biopsies can adversely affect short-term The Cardiothoracic Surgical Trials Network
quality-of-life, and the effects are more pronounced (CTSN), whose Data and Clinical Coordinating
in younger patients,... Center is at Icahn School of Medicine...

GW SM HS takes applications for spring M y partners nagging saved my life:

2014 Bachelors Degree Program in M other who dismissed breast changes
Emergency Health Services as nothing eventually discovers she
The George Washington University School of has aggressive cancer
Medicine and Health Sciences and the Emergency Claire Norman, 41, was not too worried when her
Health Services program is now... nipple became inverted Her partner, Francis,
nagged her until...

Twelve mistakes even good GPs make Equine Therapy: One Directional
Rapid pace of advancement in medicine put #NHBPM
pressure on GPs in 2013 They can struggle to Equine therapy Day 17 of Mental Health Humor
remain current with all the latest... Family Stew and National Health Blog Post Month
November Blog PARTY: (#NHBPM...

VIDEO: Hospitals to publish staff levels Patient tells of Hepatitis C concern

Hospitals in England will be made to publish 18 November 2013 Last updated at 13:34 ET
monthly updates on nursing figures in their wards Angela Richards is also concerned about any
from April next year. Patients... possible implications for her family...

Child exposure to car smoke common Recipes for Health: Dried Porcini
19 November 2013 Last updated at 02:46 ET Consomm
Some parts of the world have already banned 1 ounce dried porcini mushrooms (about 1 cup,
smoking in cars More than 430,000... approximately) 2 cups boiling water 1/4 pound
fresh white mushrooms,...

Scientists use new method to draw map M anipulating PRH protein can help
of cancers family tree prevent cancer cells from unnecessary
A new method to take the DNA fingerprint of migration

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individual cancer cells is uncovering the true extent DNA regulator stops cancer cells in their tracks
of cancers genetic... Understanding how and why cancer cells move
away from their original location...

Viewpoints: Obamacare has resisted Research shows oral contraceptive use

death throes before; website success over three years could be a risk factor
stories from 3 governors; health law for glaucoma
taking a toll on choice of doctors in Research presented today, at the 117th Annual
M edicare Advantage Meeting of the American Academy of
The New York Times: The Three Burials of Ophthalmology in New Orleans, has found...
Obamacare The first time Obamacare seemed
finished, doomed, doornail-dead, the...

High-tech plaster that tells you to stop Ask the doctor: Why do I keep having
snoring these dizzy spells?
By Pat Hagan PUBLISHED: 18:06 EST, 18 By Martin Scurr PUBLISHED: 18:15 EST, 18
November 2013 | UPDATED: 18:26 EST, 18 November 2013 | UPDATED: 18:40 EST, 18
November 2013 A sticky plaster worn under the... November 2013 Once again I am stuck at home...

Why are more and more of us getting How to get Jessica Biels legs: Secrets
brain tumours? For Claire, it started of an A-list body
with a tingle in her hand. Then came a By Peta Bee PUBLISHED: 18:47 EST, 18
terrifying diagnosis November 2013 | UPDATED: 19:12 EST, 18
Mother-of-two Claire Craig, 36, from surbiton had November 2013 How to get the enviable
tumour on her brain Discovered benign physiques...
hemangioblastoma after MRI for suspicious...

M ovember: Supporting M ens Health Drinking more milk as a teenager does

Okay Ladies, lets give it: a little helpful support to not lower risk of hip fracture later
Movember! Wouldnt You agree: Mens health Drinking more milk as a teenager apparently does
issues including... not lower the risk of hip fracture as an older adult
and instead appears...

Cut risk of death from heart disease by Tiny spider mites that may cause a
eating more omega-3 rich tuna blotchy red face
By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 19:43 EST, 18 By Jo Waters PUBLISHED: 20:02 EST, 18
November 2013 | UPDATED: 19:44 EST, 18 November 2013 | UPDATED: 20:02 EST, 18
November 2013 Eating tuna twice a... November 2013 Lisa Goldsmith had rosacea The...
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Sorry, those fast-acting painkillers are Australian women outlive men then
a waste of money struggle with disadvantage
By Cara Lee PUBLISHED: 19:56 EST, 18 Women live longer and healthier lives than men but
November 2013 | UPDATED: 20:05 EST, 18 face lower rates of pay, are less likely to participate
November 2013 Theres no need to buy in paid work and...

Is cycling getting more or less Beta-blockers before surgery appear

dangerous? associated with lower risk of heart-
18 November 2013 Last updated at 19:42 ET By related events
Sam Judah BBC News Magazine A cyclist in south Giving beta-blocker medication to patients with
London has... heart disease undergoing noncardiac surgery
appears to be associated with...

Rural and southern regions lack annual Preterm birth risk increases for
training in CPR pregnant women exposed to phthalates
Annual rates of CPR training in the United States The odds of preterm delivery appear to increase for
are low and vary widely across the country, but the pregnant women exposed to phthalates, chemicals
communities most in... people are exposed to...

Small vessel changes in eye, kidney Flawed Gauge for Cholesterol Risk
provide clues to risky heart rhythm Poses a New Challenge for
People with damage in the small blood vessels of Cardiologists
the retina and kidneys are at increased risk to Yet the outdated risk figures are the only ones
develop the most common... available for researchers to use as assessment
tools, cardiologists say,...

#44 A Paradox Celebrity Recovery From a Personal

seyed mostafa zamani via Compfight seyed Perspective
mostafa zamani via CompfightWe are talking about Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE
a paradoxa logical inconsistency,... MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 <w:LatentStyles

Overcoming Obsessive Thinking 82 per cent of children now survive

Julie had been a worry wart all her life. The childhood cancer
morning of her big presentation, she found herself 82 per cent of children now survive childhood

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at it again. She worried... cancer Tuesday 19 November 2013 Cancer
Research UK Press Release More than...

Did Richard Nixon change the way Call to re-use pacemakers abroad
people describe cancer? 18 November 2013 Last updated at 19:56 ET By
18 November 2013 Last updated at 19:44 ET Are Tulip Mazumdar Global health reporter Ganpat
military metaphors such as battling always says he could...
appropriate when it...

VIDEO: Pacemakers recycled to save Call to raise prescriptions to 10

lives 18 November 2013 Last updated at 20:56 ET
A British charity has said it wants to start sending Prescription charges in England should be
pacemakers removed from dead people in the UK increased to 10 to fund cash-strapped...
to developing countries...

Hospitals to publish staffing levels National study finds renal stenting does
18 November 2013 Last updated at 20:51 ET By not improve outcomes for renal artery
Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News stenosis patients
There has been... According to the findings from a national research
trial, people who suffer from a narrowing of the
arteries that lead to...

6M WT does not reflect activity in Chinese Supercomputer Retains Title

primary care COPD patients Of Worlds Fastest
By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter Enlarge image i The Cray-built Titan, at Oak Ridge
Researchers have found that functional exercise National Laboratories, comes in second. Jason K.
capacity does not reflect physical... Richards/Oak...

Does Your Relationship Have IDD? Part Do 12 Step M eetings Work for Sex
2 Addicts?
Six steps to reverse it. IDD (Intimacy Deficiency As a sex addiction therapist Im asked all the time,
Disorder) is an insidious relationship-threatening How can I stop my sexual acting out behavior?
condition that if unaddressed... While the acting...

Bulk mixers of prescribed drugs get Could vaccines someday improve heart
more scrutiny health?
Congress has taken a half step toward increasing (HealthDay)People routinely get vaccinations to
federal oversight of so-called compounding ward off the flu or prevent infectious diseases such
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pharmacies that custom mix medications... as measles and whooping...

Tackling early socioeconomic inequality Some doctors challenge new statin

as important as encouraging smoking guidelines
cessation (HealthDay)A new online cholesterol risk
Although health behaviours such as smoking are calculator produced by two leading U.S. heart
directly linked to the majority of early deaths in the organizations is flawed and overstates...
UK, tackling these...

Peepoo Disposable Toilet Has Silly Treating Insomnia to M ay Help Cure

Name, But It Could Save Lives Depression
It didnt take Tuesdays World Toilet Day for a The new report affirms the results of a smaller pilot
Swedish firm to get to work on the global sanitation study, giving scientists confidence that the effects
crisis. Peepoople... of the insomnia...

How And Where Should We Rebuild M AVEN Lifts Off On Nearly Half-Billion-
After Natural Disasters? M ile Trip To M ars
Enlarge image i The wreckage in Tacloban, Enlarge image i NASAs MAVEN, short for Mars
Philippines, on Nov. 16 was overwhelming, after Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, with a capital
Typhoon Haiyan plowed through. ... N...

First Fuel Rods Plucked From Tsunami- M eat M ummies: How Ancient Egyptians
Damaged Fukushima Plant Prepared Feasts For Afterlife
Enlarge image i In this handout image provided by Enlarge image i Anyone up for meat mummies?
Tokyo Electric Power Co, workers remove nuclear Above, a mummified beef rib from the tomb of
fuel rods from... Tjuiu, an Egyptian noblewoman,...

Why Do Fools Fall in Love? Our Brains Drinking milk in teens years questioned
Have for bone benefits
There are probably more books written, more Drinking milk as a teen doesnt necessarily prevent
movies made, and more opinions offered about hip fractures later in life, according to a U.S. study
love and relationships than just... that raises...

Atrial fibrillation hospitalizations, costs Newly developed antidote successfully

soar in United States reversed anti-clotting medication
U.S. hospitalizations and costs of care for atrial dabigatran
fibrillation nearly doubled from 1998 to 2010, For the first time, an antidote developed specifically

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according to research presented... for dabigatran successfully reversed the effects of
the anti-clotting...

Review finds statin use not linked to a Study questions hypothermia treatment
decline in cognitive function for cardiac arrest
Based on the largest comprehensive systematic Therapeutic hypothermia cooling the body and
review to date, researchers at the Perelman School brain down to 33C is the method used
of Medicine at the University... worldwide to treat cardiac arrest,...

Grandmother died after catching 4 Patient was accidentally tipped off the
superbugs at University Hospital of operating table onto the FLOOR during
North Staffordshire surgery
Lillian Baddeley fell ill at the University Hospital of Ten medics were gathered around the
North Staffordshire Family say she was anaesthetised patient during surgery at the
systematically attacked... Western General Hospital in Edinburgh But...

In enzymes isoforms, hope for M AVEN Lifts Off On Nearly Half-Billion

developing heart drugs that improve M ile Trip To M ars
contractility, prevent SCD Enlarge image i NASAs MAVEN, short for Mars
Drugs known as PDE3 inhibitors save many lives Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, with a capital
by helping failing hearts do a better job of pumping N...
blood. But those same...

Another voluntary euthanasia bill bites Body Image Booster: Your Body Is Not
the dust The Problem
When it comes to legislating voluntary euthanasia Every Monday features a tip, activity, inspiring quote
in Australia, success is rare and short lived. The or some other tidbit that helps boost your body
Tasmanian Voluntary... image, whether directly...

How to Keep Your Friends Verses of Awakening

Most adult friendships end not with a bang, but with Interpreting poetry is a dirty business.
a whimper. They peter out through unreturned Understanding why it affected you is not so bad.
messages or promises... Heres another verse that woke...

Gene plays major role in suppressing Global efforts needed to curb antibiotic
cancer resistance
Adelaide researchers have found that a specific (HealthDay)Global efforts are needed to curb
gene plays an important role in suppressing antibiotic resistance, according to a report
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lymphoma, a type of blood cell... published online Nov. 16 in...

Toddlers who use tablets or M ystery syndrome which causes pain

smartphones may develop long-term worse than childbirth AND amputation
problems with their hands and fingers, thats baffling docs
experts warn Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) can
When children use touchscreens they are not happen to anyone without any specific cause
building up muscles needed for writing which CRPS has no cure and causes chronic...
means they suffer from decreased...

Weight loss surgery could REVERSE the Were worried he might eat himself to
effects of ageing: Study finds it can death: Toddler has rare genetic
protect against type 2 diabetes, heart condition which means he is always
disease and cancer hungry
After surgery some patients telomeres genetic Geezer Buxton, has the rare genetic condition
biomarkers that play a role in ageing of cells Prader-Willi syndrome The toddler is always
lengthened suggesting... hungry as has no ability to realise...

Poultry probiotics coat clues to ability Keeping Teenagers Safe In Vehicles:

to battle bugs Alcohol use is down
IFR researchers have characterised the coat of a Driving accidents remain the number one cause of
potential poultry probiotic, giving the first clues of mortality among American teenagers. Alcohol use
how it may be used... is often involved, and more...

Dr. Google is Calling & You can (M ostly) An Open Letter to Parenting Experts
Trust Her Dear Parenting Expert, As part of the research Ive
Nowadays, nearly everybody turns to Google (and been doing for the parenting book Im currently
to a lesser extent, Bing or a Bing-powered website writing, Ive been...
like Yahoo) to search...

Outdoor exercisers reap unexpected Heart hospitalization a chance to

gains by moving indoors improve relatives health
Road runners and cyclists may dread moving their Family members of heart disease patients get
exercise routines indoors as winter approaches more physically active and eat more fruits and
but fitness experts say it... vegetables after counselling...

Even afternoon coffee disrupts sleep, New smarter M edtronic pacemaker may

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study finds cut future heart damage: study
Monday November 18 2013 Some shop-bought DALLAS (Reuters) A new generation of Medtronic
coffees contain up to 500mg of caffeine Drinking... Incs EnRhythm pacemaker programmed to kick in
only when heart...

M erck trial shows more melanoma New Study Paints Grim Health Picture
cancer patients respond to drug for Obese Teens
(Reuters) Early data from a small trial of Merck MONDAY Nov. 18, 2013, 2013 Severely obese
Co Incs experimental immunotherapy cancer drug, teens are at increased risk for a host of serious
known as... health problems as adults,...

College Students Feel Pull of Cigarette Kiadis reports successful Phase II

Ads, Study Finds enrollment for CR-AIR-007 ATIR blood
MONDAY Nov. 18, 2013, 2013 The influence of cancer treatment study
just one cigarette ad can last for seven days and Kiadis Pharma B.V., a clinical stage
increases the risk... biopharmaceutical company developing treatments
for blood cancers, today announces the...

American Academy of Ophthalmology Paragonix files second 510(k) with FDA

unveils comprehensive eye disease for Sherpa Pak Cardiac Transport
and condition patient database System
The American Academy of Ophthalmology today Paragonix Technologies, Inc. today announced that
unveiled the nations first comprehensive eye it has successfully completed filing of a second
disease and condition patient... Pre-Marketing Notification...

U.S. M arshals seize more than $2 VIDEO: Surrogates have positive

million in adulterated dietary experience
supplements from Georgia company In India, producing surrogate babies is a booming
<! > <! Page Last Updated: 11/18/2013 > Page business. Reproductive technology allows wealthy
Last Updated: 11/18/2013 <! ... but childless couples...

Care of brain injury victims poor M edication adherence after

18 November 2013 Last updated at 10:26 ET By hospitalization for acute coronary
Alison Holt Social Affairs Correspondent, BBC syndrome
News The footage... Patients better adhered to their medication
regimens in the year following hospitalization for
acute coronary syndrome (ACS)...

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M ost teen mental health problems go Study validates new anti-cancer therapy
untreated based on cell division
More than half of adolescents with psychiatric Aurora-A is a protein involved in the cell division
disorders receive no treatment of any sort, says a process that is highly expressed or synthesised in
new study by E. Jane Costello,... a large number of...

Therapy using stem cells, bone marrow 11 Facts About Binge Eating Disorder
cells, appears safe for patients with How many of the following have you heard or even
ischemic cardiomyopathy thought: Doesnt she have any self-respect? How
Alan W. Heldman, M.D., of the University of Miami does he live that way?...
Miller School of Medicine, and colleagues
conducted a study to examine...

Prayers for (Very Hard or Very Good) B.C. man accused of illegal dentistry
Times turns himself in
I have experienced loss many times in my life big A B.C. man accused of setting up an illegal dental
loss, small loss, in-between loss. But every time it practice in the bedroom of a house near Vancouver
happens again... has turned himself in,...

A protein complex for the long haul Big data, tailored care
A multiprotein complex called TREX plays a key What looks like an old-school phone book is
role in expression of the genetic information. gripped by UCSF neuroscientist Pierre-Antoine
Moreover, as a new study demonstrates... Gourraud, PhD, MPH. But he soon...

M itochondrial mystery: Investigating Digging deeper into cancer

cells power packs fuels understanding What a pathologist looks for in a Pap test sample,
of rare, and common, diseases but hopes not to find, are oddly shaped cells with
()Mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells, abnormally large nuclei....
would have been good models for the Got Milk?
campaign; they...

Contraceptive pill doubles risk of Test for aggressive prostate cancer

leading cause of blindness Some 41,000 men are diagnosed with prostate
Researchers found that women who had used oral cancer each year in the UK and about 10,700 die
contraceptives for three years or more were twice from the disease annually. Lead...
as likely to have had...

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Your Brain Processes Information Even Vismodegib in basal cell carcinoma:
When Youre Not Conscious Of It: Study Added benefit not proven
Even when you dont see something, your brain [ | E-mail ] Contact: Dr. Anna-Sabine
does, according to a new study. Researchers from Ernstpresse@iqwig.de 49-022-135-6850Institute
the University of Arizona... for Quality and Efficiency in Health...

M anipulation of protein could help stop What The Twin Cities Can Teach Us
spread of cancer cells About Living Well
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Caroline Our Living Well, On Location series explores cities
Clancycaroline.clancy@bristol.ac.uk 44-011-792- and countries from around the world. How do other
88086University of Bristol DNA regulator stops... people pursue health...

Find The Beauty In The Simplest Of We Tried It: Yamuna Body Rolling
Things What We Tried: Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR)
The stress and strain of constantly being Where: At Yamunas flagship studio in New York
connected can sometimes take your life and Citys West Village....
your well-being off...

Brain Regions Responsible For 3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your

Nicotine Withdrawal Pinpointed by M ood in 2 M inutes
Researchers The mind-body connection is well-documented in
By Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato Dustin Kennerley tried research from neuroscience, psychiatry, and
to quit smoking three times over the course of two medicine. Findings have consistently...
years. The constant...

Philippine Typhoon A Devastating What wrecks your diet most at

Wake Up Call Thanksgiving
By Josh Karliner, International Team Coordinator, Want to make sure youll be able to button your
Health Care Without Harm Will climate change jeans after Thanksgiving dinner? Limit your
adversely impact human health?... exposure to stealth fat...

Be cautious with antibiotics for kids, Habitual dietary intake of human

committee warns associated with fecal microbiota
Pediatricians should carefully evaluate kids with composition
ear infections, runny noses and sore throats before The establishment of microbial populations in the
giving them antibiotics,... gastrointestinal (GI)-tract is a complex process,
involving microbial and...

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Determining the benefit of using a New ways to monitor childrens
dedicated aero medical response for respiration
neonatal and paediatric patients Sheffield Childrens Hospital identified a need to
Embrace, the Yorkshire and Humber Infant and develop new equipment to monitor the respiration
Childrens inter-hospital transfer service wanted to activity of patients....
determine the potential...

Researchers create new hybrid heart Eating a full English breakfast CAN help
valve that remained strong, durable you lose weight: Protein not cereal or
throughout the tests fruit
A hybrid heart valve created from thin and highly A meal high in protein instead of carbohydrate or
elastic mesh embedded within layers of human fibre for breakfast can fight off hunger and avoid the
cells was strong and durable... urge to over-eat...

Could symptoms of autism be ERASED Rise of drug-resistant superbugs could

by stimulating the brain? M agnets make routine operations deadly
could boost social skills Experts writing in medical journal said 19th century
Magnetic brain stimulation can help people with death rates will return Said scientists need an
autism with interaction It can boost the part of the incentive to develop...
brain that is underactive...

NPR RSS Error I Love To Go A Wandering, Among The

NPR Services About NPR RSS Feeds NPR news M ental Paths
and information is available through RSS feeds, Wander wither thou wouldst Mental wandering,
which use a technology ... for many of us, is not a good thing. Okay, mental
wandering is not a good...

Free Webinar: What is Group CBT for Gene associated with high risk of
ADHD? severe childhood asthma
Group psychotherapy specializing in helping An international scientific team has discovered a
people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder gene associated with a high risk of severe
(ADHD) is a relatively new... childhood asthma. The specific...

Childhood cancer survivors face heart Experts develop new working

problems decades after treatment formulation for reporting of cardiac
Abstract: 10400 (Poster 2186 Hall F, Core 2) antibody-mediated rejection
Cancer treatment takes a toll on the hearts of child Experts issue consensus statement in The Journal
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
survivors, according... of Heart and Lung Transplantation Antibody-
mediated rejection of the transplanted...

DNA tells the story of how ancient Pair of lungs that live on after donors
humans first came to the Americas death give hope to transplant patients
University of Illinois anthropology professor Ripan University of North Carolina found lungs kept alive
Malhi looks to DNA to tell the story of how ancient by air for up to 4 hours Surgeons could now recover
humans first came... organs from people...

New hope for asthma sufferers as Time to get cooking: The secret to a
scientists find gene that triggers healthy heart lies in a simple tomato
condition sauce
Researchers hope findings will lead to better Spanish researchers found tomato-based sauce
treatments for the disease Condition affects contains as many as 40 antioxidants which are
5.4million Britons and caused... believed to protect the heart...

Dont try this at home! Scientists find Philippines Aquino tempted to despair
new way to stop skin ageing at typhoon toll
A bleach dilution found to be effective in treating By Eric dela Cruz MANILA (Reuters) The United
skin damage Scientists believe a 0.005 per cent Nations expressed fear on Monday that some
solution helps inhibit... Philippine islands hit...

Assailant opens fire at Paris newspaper Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

HQ supports new cardiovascular
PARIS (Reuters) An assailant opened fire at the guidelines
central Paris office of left-wing daily newspaper The reality of existing insurance coverage
Liberation on Monday,... precludes effective implementation of four newly
released cardiovascular guidelines...

Basic first aid tips for people with Argos Soditic-managed funds announce
epilepsy acquisition of Cisbio Bioassays
Ask Patricia Gibson and she can tell you numerous The funds managed by Argos Soditic announce the
stories that convey the misconceptions associated acquisition, together with the management, of
with epilepsy. She will... Cisbio Bioassays. This cutting-edge...

Researchers take close look at Toxic shock death teens family plea
medicines highest volume activity 17 November 2013 Last updated at 09:28 ET
Natasha Scott-Falber dreamed of a career starring
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Laboratory testing is health cares single highest in the West End The family...
volume activity, with over 5 billion tests performed
each year in...

New ISHLT nomenclature and Seeking lung donors after at-home

diagnostic criteria: Antibody-mediated death
rejection in heart transplantation The pair of lungs sits inside a clear dome, gently
Antibody-mediated rejection of the transplanted inflating as doctors measure how well theyll
heart is a recognized clinical complication and a breathe if implanted...
major limitation to survival...

Generators to light streets of Philippine South Africas Netcare posts 25 pct rise
typhoon zone in full-year earnings
By Aubrey Belford ORMOC, Philippines (Reuters) JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) South African private
Philippine engineers have salvaged generators hospital group Netcare Ltd reported a 25 percent
from a flooded IT park... rise in full-year profit...

New ISHLT nomenclature and Quitting Porn: The 6 Biggest M istakes

diagnostic criteria: Antibody-mediated Most sex addicts who are trying to quit using
rejection in heart transplantation internet pornography find it harder than they ever
Antibody-mediated rejection of the transplanted thought. Some simply cant...
heart is a recognized clinical complication and a
major limitation to survival...

ADHD and Looking For M emory Lane Parsnip and Carrot Soup With Tarragon
Corie Howell via Compfight My friend (well call her 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 medium onion,
Cathy) met up with some of her old pals in the city chopped 1 leek, white and light green part only,
where she used... halved...

Princeton University Considers Use of Risk Calculator for Cholesterol Appears

Foreign M eningitis Vaccine Flawed
Despite the campaign, a male student last week The apparent problem prompted one leading
was found to have bacterial meningitis, nearly eight cardiologist, a past president of the American
months after the outbreaks... College of Cardiology, to call on...

Human error most common cause of Influence of pro-smoking media

birth asphyxia messages lasts 7 days, study finds

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[ | E-mail ] Contact: Dawn [ | E-mail ] Contact: Warren Robakrobak@rand.org
Peterssciencenewsroom@wiley.com 781-388- 310-451-6913RAND Corporation Exposure to a
8408Wiley Compensation claims cite poor fetal single pro-smoking media message...

Ancient, modern DNA tell story of first New ISHLT nomenclature & diagnostic
humans in the Americas criteria: Antibody-mediated rejection in
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Diana Yatesdiya@illinois.edu heart transplantation
217-333-5802University of Illinois at Urbana- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Elsevier
Champaign IMAGE: Anthropology... Newsroomnewsroom@elsevier.com 31-204-853-
564Elsevier Health Sciences Experts issue

With board games, its how children Health check: five sweeteners and what
count that counts they mean for you
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Ed People have been eating sweet foods for eons.
Haywarded.hayward@bc.edu 617-552-4826Boston Fruit (fructose), milk (lactose), cane (sucrose), and
College Boston College and Carnegie Mellon honey (fructose and glucose)...

M indfulness Can Ease PTSD Symptoms OCD & Trying to Catch Every Last Detail
There has been a lot of research in mindfulness Last Christmas, I received as a gift Deepak
meditation in the last decade. Mindfulness-Based Chopras book, Super Brain. As a person with a
Stress Reduction has been... mental illness, I wasnt sure...

Poem: Clouds Antibiotics are not for snot

The black cloud Meets the white cloud And 17 November 2013 Last updated at 20:56 ET
darkness takes over In your line of vision. And you Running noses and green phlegm do not mean
love the dark cloud You embrace... patients need antibiotics, say doctors...

GPs pressure from dental patients Washington Insurance Official Is

17 November 2013 Last updated at 21:06 ET Ousted
Dentists are trained to spot signs of oral as well as This person said that the commissioner, William P.
dental health problems Patients... White, had requested but never received
permission from the office of...

The Double-Edged Drug: At Clinics, Congressional M emo: Lesson Is Seen

Tumultuous Lives and Turbulent Care in Failure of 1989 Law on M edicare
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PITTSBURGH The patient is an addict. His The year was 1989, and the law was the Medicare
doctor is an addict, too. Over the last decade, both Catastrophic Coverage Act, which was supposed
men hit their own versions... to protect older Americans...

Cancer Research Suggestions Part Self-healing battery electrode

Be the first to comment What do you think? share Left: An electron micrograph shows cracks
Posted by Usman Zafar Paracha November... left in a self-healing polymer coating due to
swelling of its silicon electrode...

Robots Allow Doctors To Remotely Hybrid heart valve is strong, durable in

Advise, Diagnose Patients early tests
CARMICHAEL, Calif. (AP) The doctor isnt in, but [ | E-mail ] Contact: Karen
he can still see you now. Remote presence robots Astlekaren.astle@heart.org 214-706-
are allowing... 1392American Heart Association Abstract 15923
(Hall F, Core...

Early statin therapy helps kids with Why Cuck Fancer?

inherited high cholesterol Why Cuck Fancer.? Its simple. In no way shape or
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Karen form when you hear the words you have cancer,
Astlekaren.astle@heart.org 214-706- do you...
1392American Heart Association Abstract 17837
(Hall F, Core...

New effort launched to personalize Text M essage From Your Heart Doc:
medicine in heart treatment Take Your M edicine
Dallas (Reuters) Cardiologists are taking aim at SUNDAY Nov. 17, 2013, 2013 In the future, better
treating and preventing heart disease, the worlds care for heart patients may be just a text message
No. 1 killer,... away. So says...

Things I Learned Wandering Around Texting heart medication reminders

Europe for 7 M onths improved patient adherence
These things, traveling taught. After five years a [ | E-mail ] Contact: Karen
slave in the consulting world, I booked a oneway Astlekaren.astle@heart.org 214-706-
ticket to Iceland, and... 1392American Heart Association Abstract 15249
(Room D162) Getting...

Volcano discovered smoldering under Graphene nanoribbons for reading

a kilometer of ice in West Antarctica DNA
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[ | E-mail ] Contact: Diana Lutzdlutz@wustl.edu [ | E-mail ] Contact: Aleksandra
314-935-5272Washington University in St. Louis Its Radenovicaleksandra.radenovic@epfl.ch 41-216-
heat may increase the... 937-371Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne

Protein coding junk genes may be Effect of lowering of body temperature

linked to cancer for adults with cardiac arrest prior to
[ | E-mail ] Contact: The Press hospital arrival
Officepressinfo@ki.se 46-852-486-077Karolinska [ | E-mail ] Contact: Leila Grayleilag@uw.edu 206-
Institutet By using a new analysis method,... 941-4506The JAMA Network Journals Chicago
Francis Kim, M.D., of Harborview...

Effect of reducing blood pressure with Challenges ahead; Beijing sets sights
medications immediately following on a new China
ischemic stroke By Kevin Yao BEIJING (Reuters) China has
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Arthur Neadanead@tulane.edu pledged to make the most sweeping changes to
504-247-1443The JAMA Network Journals Chicago the economy and the countrys...
Jiang He, M.D., Ph.D.,...

Analysis: Republicans plan 2014 Top Democrat Pelosi denies party

campaign around Obamacare chaos members retreating from Obamacare
By Steve Holland WASHINGTON (Reuters) Just a WASHINGTON (Reuters) The top Democrat in the
few short weeks ago, Republican elders could only U.S. House of Representatives said on Sunday that
hope that time would... her party would not...

Novel gene variant found in severe Paths out of uncertainty

childhood asthma [ | E-mail ] Contact: Reto
[ | E-mail ] Contact: John Knuttireto.knutti@env.ethz.ch 41-796-559-214ETH
Ascenziascenzi@email.chop.edu 267-426- Zurich Long-term and average changes are in the...
6055Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia CHOP

Scientists invent self-healing battery 2 for 1 in solar power

electrode [ | E-mail ] Contact: Brian Walkerbjw53@cam.ac.uk
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Andy 44-758-707-6777University of Cambridge IMAGE:
Freebergafreeberg@slac.stanford.edu 650-926- Left: This shows laser...
4359DOE/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
IMAGE: ...
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Oxygen, phosphorous and early life on Study compares outcomes of device for
Earth chest compressions vs manual CPR
[ | E-mail ] Contact: F.Ossingossing@gfz- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Sten Rubertsson, M.D.,
potsdam.de 49-331-288-1040GFZ Ph.D.sten.rubertsson@akademiska.seThe JAMA
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Helmholtz Network Journals Chicago Sten Rubertsson,...
Centre Two...

Overeating Due to Stress? Top Democrat denies party members

Click here to listen to this podcast Stress can make retreating from Obamacare
some people (me included) lose our appetite. WASHINGTON (Reuters) The top Democrat in the
Other folks find comfort... U.S. House of Representatives said on Sunday that
her party would not...

Weight Loss Can Combat Irregular Fitness Linked to Lower Heart Attack
Heart Beat, Study Says Risk in Heart Disease Patients
SUNDAY Nov. 17, 2013, 2013 Overweight or SUNDAY Nov. 17, 2013, 2013 Being physically fit
obese people can cut their risk of trouble with a can help prevent heart attacks and increase
potentially fatal irregular... survival in people with...

Birthdays & Age Expectations of Slowing Down The Internal M essage

Todays Young Adult Center
Your age is your age. But more importantly, your It always fascinates me when clients say that they
life is your life. Enjoy where you are. Here. Right are trying to become the person they were before
here. ~ Today... their mental health...

Bodys natural defence carries early Heart disease no. 1 cause of

warning system for recurring cancers pregnancy-related deaths in California
Bodys natural defence carries early warning (w/ Video)
system for recurring cancers Sunday 17 November Heart disease is the leading cause of womens
2013 Cancer Research UK... pregnancy-related deaths in Californiabut nearly
one-third could be...

Drug shows early promise in treating Researchers identify main genes

seizures responsible for asthma attacks in
A study out today in the journal Nature Medicine children
suggests a potential new treatment for the seizures An international team spearheaded by researchers
that often plague children... from the University of Copenhagen has identified
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the genes that put some...

After Texas Gas Pipeline Explosion David Greenwalt: 12 Tips to M aintaining

Evacuations, M ost Residents Can Weight-Loss Sanity This Thanksgiving
Return Home Thanksgiving is a holiday that helps us reflect on
MILFORD, Texas (AP) Most residents of a rural what were thankful for. It can also cause many
North Texas town evacuated after a nearby gas well-intentioned...
pipeline explosion can return...

Krokodil Could Be Spreading Across Johns Hopkins heart researchers

U.S. (GRAPHIC VIDEO) develop formula to better calculate
Krokodil could be spreading. Arizona may be the bad cholesterol in patients
epicenter of the drugs possible uprising in the [ | E-mail ] Contact: Ellen Beth
U.S.,... Levitteblevitt@jhmi.edu 410-955-5307Johns
Hopkins Medicine Findings follow previous study...

Angry Rumination Pine That Stands At the Caverns

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and Entrance
the author of Eating the Moment (New Harbinger, It was almost 11am and I was supposed to pick up
2008), Present... my wife in about 20 minutes, a few blocks away.
Caliban book store in...

Body Image Boosters From The VIDEO: PM will not lower age of
Blogosphere 11.17.13 consent
A positive body image goes beyond liking your The prime minister has rejected a call from a
looks. It encompasses taking good care of yourself leading expert on public health to lower the age of
and leading a fulfilling... consent to 15. Faculty...

Home circumcision doctor to resign Bleach could reverse ageing, study

17 November 2013 Last updated at 09:35 ET By finds
Nicola Dowling 5live Investigates In some cases As it is cheap and has no side effects, it could also
circumcisions... be used in a variety of other treatments such as
healing wounds like...

Your Weekly Travel Zen: Ski Vacations David Greenwalt: 12 Tips to M aintaining
This weeks Moment of Travel Zen comes to us Weight-Loss Sanity This Thanksgiving
from Johnny Volk. His panoramic photo of By David Greenwalt Thanksgiving is a holiday that
Homewood Mountain Ski Resort...
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helps us reflect on what were thankful for. It can
also cause many...

5 Leafy Greens Youve Probably Never Social Network Size Linked With Brain
Eaten (But Should!) Region Size, Connectivity: Study
Modern cooks are rediscovering the wide world of The more friends you have, the bigger certain
leafy greens. But how do you buy, store and regions of your brain may be, a small new study
prepare these nutritious, delicious... suggests. Researchers from...

Self-Relationship: 10 Ways to Create a How getting a puppy changed my life

Happy M oment In the fall of 2008 I was recovering from a suicide
No, this isnt meant to be a cure for depression, but attempt. Everything was dark. Darker than it had
we all deserve a good moment. A happy moment ever been. My parents...
can both break a string...

Smartphone apps to help smokers quit As ban on printed 3-D guns ends,
come up short extension sought
Many of the 11 million smokers in the U.S. have (AP)As the technology to print 3-D firearms
downloaded smartphone apps created to help advances, a federal law that banned the
them quit smoking. But since most... undetectable guns is about to expire. Sen....

Sexual consent age should be lowered China reform winners consumer,

to 15, says government advisor healthcare stocks; losers, big banks
Im constantly urging (Education Secretary) By Clement Tan HONG KONG (Reuters) Chinas
Michael Gove and the Department for Education to mass consumer, healthcare and non-banking
update and modernise... financial counters may...

Sunday Project: How To M ake An Edible Tips for Talking About Tough Topics
Gratitude Jar You might find it tough to talk about physical
I wrote a post a few weeks ago on how to create a intimacy with your partner, or reveal your real career
gratitude jar. And it got me thinking: I have all this goals to your parents....
gratitude, but how...

Gestational diabetes on the rise: What 4 minor measures that could save your
every mom should know life
The percentage of women diagnosed with Breathe easy: Simply switching inhalers could
gestational diabetes is increasing in the United prevent more than half of the 2.1 million asthma-
States and the American Diabetes... related ER trips per year,...
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Dairy-Free Pumpkin Ice Cream (Only 5 5 Fermented Foods Everyone Should
Ingredients!) Eat
This ice cream is perfect for the pumpkin season Start Slideshow 5 images It seems like every day,
fall season. And the best part? Your milk-guzzling another scientific discovery is made showing the
friends will have no... link between the...

How To Finally Get Enough Sleep No Edmonton doctor trying to take

M atter Whats Going On In Your Life alternative medicine mainstream
Ever wondered if youre getting enough sleep every An Edmonton doctor who recently won a major
night? Or perhaps you already know that you arent medical prize says that the only way to bridge the
because... divide between traditional...

VIDEO: Asian bone marrow donors PM will not lower age of consent
increase 17 November 2013 Last updated at 04:26 ET Prof
The number of Asian people signing up as bone John Ashton called for a national debate on
marrow donors has increased tenfold thanks to a lowering the age of consent The...
campaign centred on a two-year-old...

One minute of CPR video training could Villagers mob U.S. aid choppers as
save lives Philippine relief effort spreads
Just one minute of CPR video training for By Aubrey Belford CABUNGAAN, Philippines
bystanders in a shopping mall could save lives in (Reuters) Mobbed by hungry villagers, U.S.
emergencies, according to research... military helicopters dropped...

Veto override will limit pesticide use, Call to debate 15 as age of consent
GM O crops on Hawaiian island 16 November 2013 Last updated at 20:16 ET Prof
By Christopher DAngelo LIHUE, Hawaii (Reuters) John Ashton called for a national debate on
The governing body on the Hawaiian island of lowering the age of consent Lowering...
Kauai voted on...

Residents of most polluted US cities CPR for 38 minutes or longer improves

have increased risk of dry eye chance to survive cardiac arrest (w/
syndrome Video)
Residents of major cities with high levels of air Performing CPR for 38 minutes or longer can
pollution have an increased risk of dry eye improve a patients chance of surviving cardiac
syndrome, according to a study... arrest, according to a...

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Health care woes help Republicans in British medics could face jail for patient
2014 election neglect
(AP)Republicans are seeing the troubled launch British doctors and nurses who neglect their
of President Barack Obamas signature health care patients could be jailed under government
overhaul as a chance... proposals announced Saturday, in the...

Social Butterflies Brains Differ From Are You Willing To Compromise In A

Those Of People With Fewer Friends, Stand Off?
New Study Shows Until I remember love Lobster Days, 16 of Mental
SAN DIEGO Being a social butterfly just might Health Humor Family Stew and National Health
change your brain: In people with a large network of Blog Post Month November...
friends and excellent...

FDA warns of defective M edtronic Praying in ruined churches, Filipinos

devices face up to massive rebuilding
Federal health officials say that defects in some By Aubrey Belford TACLOBAN, Philippines
Medtronic devices used in heart procedures are (Reuters) Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan flocked to
severe enough that they... ruined churches on Sunday,...

For Yankees Sabathia, It Appears Less How Scientist Soldiers Are Directly
(Weight) Is Less (Success) Aiding Overseas M ilitary Efforts
But then there is the theory, maybe not that far- A Blog for Bacteria, Phages, and Science How
fetched, that there is less life on Sabathias pitches Scientist Soldiers Are Directly Aiding Overseas
because there is... Military Efforts

Tennessee Governor Hesitates on Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Alzheimers

M edicaid Expansion, Frustrating M any Anxiety
Mr. Haslam is only the latest Republican tailor All of us are afraid of Alzheimers. We worry about
trying to figure out whether to expand the states having a parent with it or getting it ourselves. Many
Medicaid rolls as prescribed... believe they...

Ground-Shaking Noise Rocks N.F.L., Call to lower age of consent to 15

and Eardrums Take Big Hit I would not personally argue for 14 but I think we
The Seattle Seahawks, who boast that their fans should seriously be looking at 15 so that we can
caused a small earthquake after a 2011 draw a line...
touchdown, acclaimed their crowds...

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FDA issues stern warning on M edtronic How to get a free health M OT from your
devices GP
Federal health officials say that defects in some Martin Daubney underwent free NHS MOT after
Medtronic devices used in heart procedures are worrying about his health Tests for everything from
severe enough that they... cholesterol to kidney function...

Id never have survived breast cancer It was l-l-l-ove at first s-s-sight: How Ive
if it wasnt for my best friend Barry learned to accept my stutter with help
M anilow (and my sister Liza M inelli): from my stammering fiance
Judy Garlands daughter Lorna Luft on Katherine Preston, 29, withdrew when she
her ten months of tears and pain struggled with words aged 8 She quit her London
Lorna Luft, 59 is the daughter of Judy Garland and job at 22 to see stammer treatment...
sister to Liza Minelli She was diagnosed with stage
2A breast cancer in...

Sexual healing: Botox solves the That Clam In Your Chowder M ight Be
problem of womens uncontrollable Hundreds Of Years Old
arousal disorder Enlarge image i Mike Cardew /MCT/Landov First
Botox has been proven to help control persistent we heard on Morning Edition that a clam scientists
genital arousal disorder PGAD causes had...
uncontrollable arousal that can last...

Dragon Fruit Health Benefits Are Only Giving CPR for M ore Than 30 M inutes
Surpassed By Their Beauty M ay Be Worth It
When trying to eat healthy, monotony is the enemy. SATURDAY Nov. 16, 2013, 2013 Experts agree
Instead of that same old apple, reach for a that after someones heart stops, the sooner CPR
stranger, prettier, nutrient-richer... is started the...

The Double-Edged Drug: Addiction 1100 women caught in breast cancer

Treatment With a Dark Side scandal
For Shawn Schneider, a carpenter and rock This breached national guidelines which state that
musician, the descent into addiction began one leaving tissue after a mastectomy increases the
Wisconsin winter with a fall from... likelihood of cancer...

M orning Rounds: When should doctors CPR for 38 minutes or longer improves
prescribe statins for cholesterol? chance to survive cardiac arrest
CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon [ | E-mail ] Contact: Carrie

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LaPook and CBS News contributor Dr. Holly Thackercarrie.thacker@heart.org 214-706-
Phillips joined CBS This Morning:... 1665American Heart Association RESS Abstract
154 (Omni...

The Double-Edged Drug: In Demand in Princeton University M eningitis

Clinics and on the Street, Bupe Can Be Outbreak Prompts CDC To Import
Savior or M enace Vaccine
For Shawn Schneider, a carpenter and rock PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) Officials at Princeton
musician, the descent into addiction began one University in New Jersey are considering
Wisconsin winter with a fall from... measures to stop the spread of meningitis...

Newborn babies fight for life in chapel- Transfusions During Hospital Transport
hospital M ay Help Trauma Patients Survive
TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP) Althea Mustacisa SATURDAY Nov. 16, 2013, 2013 Giving blood
was born three days ago in the aftermath of the transfusions to severely injured patients while
killer typhoon that razed... theyre on the way...

News tips for Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 1 minute of CPR video training could
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Karen save lives
Astlekaren.astle@heart.org 214-706- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Karen
1392American Heart Association More adult Astlekaren.astle@heart.org 214-706-
trauma patients... 1392American Heart Association RESS Abstract
19453/157 (Omni...

Hospitalized children more likely to die Princeton University can import vaccine
after cardiac arrest during night shift to combat meningitis outbreak
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Karen (Reuters) A meningitis vaccine approved for use
Astlekaren.astle@heart.org 214-706- in Europe and Australia but not in the United States
1392American Heart Association RESS Abstract can be imported...
11975/11 (Omni...

Genetic mutations in parasite cause California exchange certified Health

over 100 million cases of malaria Insurance Agents are ready and willing
annually in Africa to assist policyholders
Researchers at Case Western Reserve University President Obama announced yesterday that he is
and Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute requesting insurance carriers, who have provided
have discovered recent genetic... cancellation notices to individual...

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M 1T invests $3.4 million in Cloud How to Go with the Ebb & Flow of
M edical Relationships
M1T, an American business active in the Health Relationships ebb and flow, like the waves of the
Care industry, has made an investment of $3.4 sea. They swell with intimacy, passion, and energy
Million in Cloud Medical (Cloud),... and then naturally wane...

8 Pinterest Ideas That Exist To M ake 8 Famous Ideas That Came From
You Feel Bad About Your Life Dreams (Literally)
Pinterest is my favorite social network. There are Inspiration can strike in the most unexpected
no filters, there is no pressure to be witty in 140 places, and often, the best creative ideas occur
characters, and no... while were sleeping....

Flame-Retardant Chemicals Endanger Grit M eans Getting Up Close and

Firefighters, Gymnasts Personal With Failure
Flame-retardant chemicals permeate the world, Click here to watch the TEDTalk that inspired this
and the bodies of nearly every person. But a new post. Grit is the key to success, according to TED
film and a new scientific... speaker Angela Lee...

Why Touch Is So Important In A Loving Residents of most polluted US cities

M arriage New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles
By Dr. Charles Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz for and M iami have increased risk of dry
YourTango.com For starters, we all know that good eye syndrome
sex can be fun, romantic, exciting,... [ | E-mail ] Contact: Media
Relationsmedia@aao.orgAmerican Academy of
Ophthalmology Study suggests that environmental

Research shows superiority of whey Researchers update promising

protein strategies and therapies to restore
Research presented at SupplySide West shows skeletal muscle health
the superiority of whey protein As science The progressive loss of skeletal muscle during
continues to support the role of... aging, known as sarcopenia, underlies limitations
in physical function and...

Cataract surgeries deliver 4,567% M ount Sinai biologist wins NIH

financial return on investment to Directors New Innovator Awards for
society High-Risk, High Reward Research

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Research shows the procedure supports premise $2.5 million high-risk, high reward award targeting
that healthcare interventions create substantial ras protein, important in cancer initiation Arvin Dar,
patient value and economic... PhD, structural...

Huh: A Word Uttered By The The Importance Of Diet In The First

Bewildered, Worldwide 1,000 Days
A new study from the Netherlands suggests that all New research from the International Food Policy
languages share one word: Huh? Don Gonyea Research Institute looks at the economic rationale
talks with linguistic... for spending money to...

M ark Nepo And Oprah Discuss How We The Science Behind The Foods We
Can Live A M ore Poetic Life (VIDEO) Love (And The Ones We Hate!)
While most people would describe Mark Nepo, By Kate Rockwood A platter of fresh, briny mussels.
spiritual author of Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, A juicy tomato, sprinkled with sea salt. A pint of ice-
Reduced to Joy and The Book... cold, malty beer....

8 Worst Foods For Your Digestion Aid flows to typhoon survivors as

SPECIAL FROM Grandparents.com Have you ever Philippines struggles to rebuild
felt gassy, bloated or experienced an extreme case By Aubrey Belford TANAUAN, Philippines (Reuters)
of heartburn after a meal?... Long-delayed emergency supplies flowed into
the typhoon-ravaged...

Protein shed by HIV-infected brain cells Johns Hopkins undergraduate students

alters synaptic connections between win first and third prize in national
networks of nerve cells Collegiate Inventors Competition
A protein shed by HIV-infected brain cells alters A Johns Hopkins undergraduate biomedical
synaptic connections between networks of nerve engineering student team that devised a two-part
cells, according to new... system to improve the way life-saving...

Genetic mutations in parasite cause Heidelberg scientists identify protein

over 100M cases of malaria annually in motifs that influence gene silencing
Africa Bioscientists at Heidelberg University have studied
Researchers at Case Western Reserve University the function of certain proteins, known as
and Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute Argonaute (Ago) proteins,...
have discovered recent genetic...

How to Get a Friend to See a Therapist 3 meals vs. all-day snacking: How often
should you eat a day to lose weight?
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
You probably regularly come across people who In the beginning, eating was simpleconsume
need professional help. They may be in the midst three square meals a day and youre done (thanks,
of a crisis, an important... Mom!). But then diets...

Vegan Chocolate & Almond Butter 5 Healing Foods That Changed M y Life
Fudge (Takes 5 M ins To M ake!) Start Slideshow 5 images After the birth of my first
This recipe is not only delicious and decadent but daughter, I was exhausted. This wasnt the usual
its also good for you and super simple! It only exhaustion...
takes five minutes...

An Open Letter To Anyone Thinking State highlights: Dispute over what

About Trying Yoga doctors can say at Catholic hospital
A student in my class had never done yoga before. A dispute between a Colorado cardiologist and a
He arrived late, and the only space available was in Catholic hospital over what he says is a ban on
the middle of the... discussing abortion with...

Errors in medication common on Reengineered protein may lead to

admission to mental health services, safer, more effective retroviral gene
shows study therapy
A recent study, published in the International A fusion protein engineered by researchers at KU
Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, involving Aston Leuven combining proteins active in HIV and
University (UK), South Essex... Moloney murine leukaemia virus...

In Airport Security Lines, You Are Being VIDEO: M edics may face jail for neglect
Observed Doctors and nurses found guilty of wilful neglect of
[This post is unrelated to the single-at-heart theme patients could face jail, the government is
of this blog. I have another area of expertise, on the proposing. Wilful neglect...
psychology of...

Patchy aid reaches typhoon survivors Collaborative initiative set up to create

as Philippines struggles to rebuild precision medicine treatment pathways
By Aubrey Belford TACLOBAN, Philippines for advanced cancers
(Reuters) Survivors began rebuilding homes Dana-Farber, Brigham and Womens, Bostons
destroyed by one of the worlds... Childrens Hospital and Broad Institute to
collaborate to harness...

M D Anderson Cancer Center Orlando Are lab tests overused: Large-scale

receives national accreditation for analysis finds inappropriate lab testing
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treatment of breast disease throughout medicine
MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando has received Laboratory testing is health cares single highest
a prestigious national accreditation for its treatment volume activity, with over 5 billion tests performed
of breast disease.... each year in...

China says not looking at broad one- Japans Tepco to shed more than 1,000
child policy relaxation jobs: sources
BEIJING (Reuters) China is not considering a TOKYO (Reuters) Japans embattled Tokyo
broad relaxation of its strict one-child policy despite Electric Power Co plans to shed more than 1,000
an easing of... jobs via voluntary...

New technique for fighting deadly California shuts down 10 sites imitating
pancreatic cancer using 2 types of state insurance marketplace
nanoparticles The California attorney general said her office
Researchers at UCLAs Jonsson Comprehensive shuttered 10 websites that had mimicked the
Cancer Center have developed a new technique for states official health...
fighting deadly and hard-to-treat...

Harmful Urges and Cravings? Try this Is Social M edia a Good Agoraphobia
M indfulness Exercise (Video) and Social Phobia
A mindfulness exercise video to help you identify, Chato Stewart: I MUST get friends! (hitting
understand, and ride out urges and cravings for keyboard-follow-like-friend over and over
addictive, compulsive... again)Caption: Agoraphobia and Social...

A Simple Exercise For Helping You Health Site Infighting Detailed in Emails
Refocus The emails offer some of the first detailed evidence
Lately, Ive been feeling more distracted than usual. of which federal government officials had at least
My brain is buzzing with everything from random some knowledge that...
musings to worrisome...

Addiction Specialists Wary of New Water a pressing concern for typhoon

Painkiller survivors
An F.D.A. panel had earlier voted, 11 to 2, against TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP) Since the typhoon
approval of the drug, Zohydro, in part because hit, Danny Estember has been hiking three hours
unlike current versions... round-trip into the mountains...

CDC importing meningitis vaccine to Emotional Support, With Fur, Draws

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

fight Princeton outbreak Complaints on Planes
PRINCETON, N.J. Federal health officials have They rarely go anywhere apart even on
agreed to import a meningitis vaccine approved in airplanes. Luna is certified as an emotional
Europe and Australia... support animal, a designation...

House Approves Bill That Allows Policy Nanotech researchers 2-step method
Renewals shows promise in fighting pancreatic
The vote was 261 to 157, with 39 Democrats cancer
bucking their party leadership and the White House [ | E-mail ] Contact: Shaun
to vote in favor of the bill.... Masonsmason@mednet.ucla.edu 310-206-
2805University of California Los Angeles

Scientists report human dietary Inflammatory skin damage in mice

supplement cures lab animals infected blocked by bleach solution, Stanford
with human intestinal parasite study finds
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Preeti Singh [ | E-mail ] Contact: Krista
psingh@burnesscommunications.com 301-280- Congerkristac@stanford.edu 650-725-
5722 Bridget DeSimone 5371Stanford University Medical Center
bdesimone@burnesscommunications.com 301- STANFORD, Calif....
280-5735 Burness...

JCI early table of contents for Nov. 15, NIH-funded study finds donor age not a
2013 factor in most corneal transplants
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Corinne [ | E-mail ] Contact: Jean
Williamspress_releases@the-jci.orgJournal of Horriganneinews@nei.nih.gov 301-496-
Clinical Investigation Tipping the balance 5248NIH/National Eye Institute IMAGE: In a
between... traditional...

Cancer Patients Brain Gives Clues To Watch: Spicy Snacks Send California
How The Disease Spreads Boy to the Doctor
By Charles Choi, Contributing Writer Published: Spicy Snacks Send California Boy to the Doctor
11/15/2013 10:24 AM EST on LiveScience One of Watch: Spicy Snacks Send California Boy to the
the great mysteries of cancer... Doctor

Will states accept Obamas insurance Can robots care for the elderly?
exchange fix? 15 November 2013 Last updated at 20:36 ET By
Will states play along with President Barack Alex Hudson BBC News Please turn on JavaScript.
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Obama and his new plan to allow people who like Media requires...
their health insurance plans...

Balancing Your Feminine & M asculine British experts warn of rise in genital
Sides cosmetic surgery
Lately Ive been hit with a lot of messages about British gynaecologists warned on Friday that
women, masculinity, and femininity that Ive begun increasing numbers of teenage girls and women
to realize just... are undergoing genital cosmetic...

Vigorous workouts give more bang for The Skinny on Saturn Returns: What
buck Doesnt Kill You M akes You Stronger
A one hour high-intensity workout provides the You have either gone through it, you are going to hit
same fitness benefits as 50 hours of walking, a it, or you are currently deep in the turbulent
major Flinders University... trenches of the infamous...

Study Suggests Bleach Can Reverse What It Actually Feels Like to Stutter
The Aging Process Ive stuttered for as long as I can remember.
Bleach may be key in treating skin damage and Anywhere, everywhere. When answering a
aging, a new study from the Stanford University question in class, talking to...
School of Medicine found. A...

Visionary M edicine: Neurosurgery Study shows being an elite male athlete

Simulation and the Potential to Save protects against type 2 diabetes in later
Lives life
When I was 26 and pregnant with my eldest, a [ | E-mail ] Contact: Dr Merja
friend from college died of a brain tumor. I felt the Lainemerja.k.laine@helsinki.fi 358-451-223-
loss keenly, not only... 950Diabetologia A study of almost 400 former

Rethink Your Drink Campaign Helps M edics may face jail for neglect
Battle Hawaii Teen Obesity 15 November 2013 Last updated at 17:48 ET
All over the country, public officials are seeking Neglect and abuse at Stafford Hospital led to
ways to combat Americas obesity problem. Last hundreds of unnecessary deaths Doctors...
year, New York Mayor...

Britains oldest resident dies aged 113 Student invention delivers better, safer
Britains oldest resident died on Thursday just a heart shocks

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

few weeks short of her 114th birthday, her local Johns Hopkins undergraduate students have
member of parliament... invented a system to shock a dangerously irregular
heart back into normal rhythm...

Five flu myths debunked House vote pressures White House on

Scientists and flu researchers with the University of health care (Update)
Alabama at Birmingham and Southern Research (AP)Republicans in the House of
Institute shot down five... Representatives voted overwhelmingly Friday to
expand President Barack Obamas plan...

Aerobic Exercise Improves M emory, "Widowhood Effect" Strongest During

Brain Function and Physical Fitness First Three M onths
A new study conducted by researchers at the By Shereen Jegtvig NEW YORK (Reuters Health)
Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at When a husband or wife dies, the surviving spouse
Dallas published online... faces a higher risk...

Transgender Students Tuxedo Photo in What a Dinosaur Brain M ay Have

Yearbook Banned Looked Like
HOUSTON Jeydon Loredo, a South Texas SAN DIEGO Fossils have painted an often
transgender teenager, wants to be remembered in colorful and sometimes feathery picture of what
his high school yearbook wearing clothing... dinosaurs looked like in their...

Doctors and nurses face full force of You really CAN die of a broken heart:
law for neglect, says Cameron Surviving spouses have a 66% higher
Elderly patients at Stafford Hospital were left lying risk of dying in the three months after
in their own excrement and had to drink water from their partners death
vases in some... The effect may be stronger in younger people, say
the Harvard researchers May be because
remaining partner sacrificed own...

Awkward M oney Talks Youve Gotta Federal Brain Science Project Aims To
Have Restore Soldiers M emory
On a first date, theres no need to tell a guy that President Obama has pledged millions of dollars
youve failed to sign up for your 401(k) or that you to fuel research into understanding the workings of
likely... the human brain. ...

Study: Odds Of Being M urdered Closely Poem: INDEED

Tied To Social Networks
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Enlarge image i Chicago police investigate a Sometimes you feel things so deep That the tears
shooting in front of the Uptown Baptist Church in remind you that your heart Bleeds And your soul
August. Five people... Screams Softly. I stare...

Want to Help Fund a Feature Film About Climate clues as dengue fever spreads
One in US
Jason Bee is a Texas filmmaker who also 15 November 2013 Last updated at 16:43 ET By
happens to have bipolar disorder. Luckily for us, Jane OBrien BBC News, Alexandria, Virginia
hes decided to try and make... Marty...

Surgeons find womans lost IUD 20 VIDEO: Frail patients to be given named
years later GP
The Yukon Supreme Court has ordered two former The 100,000 most frail patients in England will be
Whitehorse doctors to pay $60,000 in damages to identified and given a named GP to co-ordinate
a patient for years of pain... their care. The move has...

ASCO concurs with cancer care ontario Research could refine next generation
for CRC follow-up of drugs to help treat dementia
(HealthDay)The American Society of Clinical A 1.1 million grant to understand how one of the
Oncology (ASCO) has endorsed Cancer Care brains key neurotransmitters called
Ontario (CCO) guidelines for colorectal... acetylcholine...

Womans ear turns BLACK and Drinking even one strong coffee in the
dissolves after it is bitten by a spider afternoon can knock an HOUR off your
The Dutch woman, 22, was bitten by a sleep
Mediterranean recluse spider in Italy Part of her ear The stimulating effects of caffeine last for up to six
was liquefied by the venom and... hours The findings suggest coffee should not be
consumed after about...

M an removes wine cork from a bottle Teacher died in labour after she was
using a plastic bag reluctantly persuaded to change her
Jorge Odn says the Odn Device could help C-section birth plan to a natural
deliver babies safely when complications arise delivery
during labour in areas with poor... Frances Cappuccini, 30, died a few hours after
giving birth to her son Jack by emergency
Caesarean on October 9 last year Had...

Hatching Twitter: A Tale of Booze and The Other Golden Rule

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Backstabbing Did you know that most mammals, from a house
cat to an elephant, take roughly the same amount
In Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power,
of time to urinate? Researchers...
Friendship, and Betrayal, New York Times
columnist and reporter Nick Bilton...

Searching for Earth 2.0 Early Balloonists Took Science Up, Up

One in every five sunlike stars in the Milky Way may and Away
have an Earth-sized planet circling it in the In Falling Upwards, writer Richard Holmes tells the
Goldilocks zonethe... story of early balloon flightand of the nervy
scientists who risked...

Should Sending Cash Be As Easy As Study highlights major challenge faced

Sending E-mail? by older adults with severe mental
PayPal, Chase Quickpay, Venmo: all ways to illnesses
transfer money quickly to your friends. But none is Although older adults with serious mental illness
as simple as sending an e-mail.... didnt have more recorded physical illness and had
fewer outpatient...

Extracts made from herbs may improve One in five patients visit their GP
learning and memory, study finds because they are LONELY rather than
Enhanced extracts made from special antioxidants sick
in spearmint and rosemary improve learning and Family doctors say they see as many as 10 lonely
memory, a study in an animal... patients a day One in 25 GPs say they see even
more lonely patients than...

Boys are 14% more likely to be born To cut stroke risk, walk for longer not
prematurely than girls: Study finds that faster: Over
even in the womb, females mature For men walking more than 22 hours a week, risk
faster is two thirds lower But strenuous power walks
In the UK, 5,700 more boys than girls are born early were not required, teams...
each year In 2012, 34,400 boys were born
prematurely compared to 28,700...

Doctors call for end to state-funded Ultimate Beauty Tips From M ichael Kors
designer vaginas after huge rise in The luxe-sportswear designer Michael Kors is
procedures driven by online porn known for sending models down the runway with a
Number of labiaplasty procedures on NHS have straight-from-the-Caribbean...

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

risen five-fold in past decade In the past five years
more than 250 girls under...

M isconceptions Whats The Real Story Of David And

Youre never more alive than when things get Goliath?
turned upside down. Malcolm Gladwell There More From This Episode Part 1 of the TED Radio
are some... Hour episode Misconceptions. About Malcolm
Gladwells TEDTalk The story...

How Can Deserts Turn Into Grasslands? Are You in Denial?

More From This Episode Part 3 of the TED Radio So, let me tell you a story about this past week. Ive
Hour episode Misconceptions. About Allan Savorys worked in health care for 27 years and have told
TEDTalk About two-thirds... many people...

Twins both diagnosed with breast Drug offers promising approach to

cancer, one donates tissue to other in improve outcome for children with
rare reconstruction high-risk leukemia
CHICAGOIdentical twins Kelly McCarthy and [ | E-mail ] Contact: Summer
Kristen Maurer have shared a lot in their lives so Freemansummer.freeman@stjude.org 901-595-
when one was diagnosed with... 3061St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital St....

U of M researchers find HIV protein may Penn Dental M edicine team identifies
impact neurocognitive impairment in molecule critical to healing wounds
infected patients [ | E-mail ] Contact: Katherine Unger
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Caroline Bailliekbaillie@upenn.edu 215-898-9194University
Marincrmarin@umn.edu 612-624-5680University of of Pennsylvania IMAGE: When cells...
Minnesota Academic Health Center

Blocking signal-transmitting cellular Researchers develop algorithm to

pores may prevent damage to kidneys identify individual grains in planetary
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Mike regolith
Morrisonmdmorrison@partners.org 617-724- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Ashley
6425Massachusetts General Hospital One of the Berthelotaberth4@lsu.edu 225-578-3870Louisiana
most devastating... State University Instruments on the Curiosity...

A decline in creativity? It depends on Eliminate Your Negative Emotions,

how you look Keep Your Positive Emotions
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Peter Kelleykellep@uw.edu As Ive explained in many posts in the past, it is
206-616-5903University of Washington But new possible to get rid of almost all your emotional
research from the University... stress and suffering...

Pregnant Bloggers Extreme Diet M ay Premature birth a double whammy for

Not Be Healthy boys
A pregnant Australian bloggers raw fruit and Boys are slightly more likely to be born premature
vegetable diet has sparked controversy, and while than girls, and they tend to fare worse, too, says a
health experts say... new report on the...

GP 10-minute appointment rule axed Britains Princess Anne suggests eating

15 November 2013 Last updated at 08:24 ET By horsemeat
Caroline Parkinson Health editor, BBC News She may be known for her love of horses, but
website There... Britains Princess Anne has now suggested that
her compatriots should...

Could weight-loss surgery help slow Technology helps Nigerias fight

aging for some? against polio
(HealthDay)Beyond slimming the waistlines of Mahmud Zubairu scrutinises the computer screen
morbidly obese patients, weight-loss surgery also in front of him, watching the progress of healthcare
may help reverse the aging... workers as they fan out...

Ambiguous results in screening for The Conversation No Family Wants To

celiac disease among young people Have But Should
Most children who undergo screening to detect Ellen Goodman and her 44-year-old daughter,
gluten intolerance, celiac disease, can handle it Katie, recorded their own dialogue about Moms
well. However, many people... end-of-life wishes. Heres...

Four Cases Of Rare Infant Illness In UK Program Posts Calorie Counts For
Tennessee Linked To Parents Refusal Taking The Stairs
Of Vitamin K Shots To fight the war on pudge, the United Kingdom is
ATLANTA (AP) Health officials are reporting four backing an initiative to label staircases with calorie
Tennessee cases of a rare infant illness that have counts to encourage...
been linked to parents...

Coca-Colas Assault on Tap Water How Good is He at Reading Your M ind?

While public health advocates have sung the Last weeks cartoon, on how to tell your doctor
praises of tap water for years, Coca-Cola has been what he should look for (or have your spouse do it),
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
focusing on its own covert... is here. All...

ERCA bans smoking at beaches, Consumers want ingredient details,

conservation areas study shows
The Essex Region Conservation Authority has When a food label reads Partially hydrogenated
become the first of the 36 conservation authorities oils, consumers want all the gory details even
in Ontario to approve a total... the stuff...

Ten minute appointment rule removed Age changes how young children read
15 November 2013 Last updated at 08:24 ET GPs social cues
in England will no longer have to offer From infancy, children learn by watching and
appointments lasting at least 10 minutes... imitating adults. Even when adults show them how
to open a latch or solve a...

Pitt team aims to change tissue Research shows medication errors

microenvironment to fend off common on admission to mental health
cancerous tumors units
The magic to killing cancer cells might not be in the Research published today in the International
bullet, but in the gunpowder that accompanies it, Journal of Clinical Pharmacy shows that
according to researchers... medication errors occurred in 212 of...

11 Things Super Successful People Do Fit Links: Tips For A Vegetarian-Friendly

Before Theyre Even Born! Thanksgiving, Post-Workout Snacks
Want to be super successful? Based on Internet And M ore
pseudoscience, its simple! All you need to do is There are hundreds of wonderful sites on healthy
alter your pre-8... living to be seen all over the blogosphere. Here at
Fit Links, well...

Caitlin Flora Committed To Working Out M ayo Clinic Cardio-Rheumatology Clinic

At Home And Lost 187 Pounds for catching heart disease early in
Got a success story of your own? Send it to us at patients with arthritis
success.stories@huffingtonpost.com and you Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other
could be featured in our I Lost... chronic forms of inflammatory arthritis can face life-
threatening complications,...

Study recommends cut point for clinical Smoking cessation apps provide
experience in pediatric ICUs counseling on how to quit

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Nursing leaders from 38 childrens hospitals, led Many of the 11 million smokers in the U.S. have
by Patricia Hickey, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, vice downloaded smartphone apps created to help
president of critical... them quit smoking. But since most...

Best of Our Blogs: November 15, 2013 How Not To Be A Success With ADHD
We go to great lengths to avoid what is for what we Something worth pursuing How not to be a
think life should be. We numb ourselves with success? Theres an odd task. I guess I could be
drugs, alcohol, food, work,... more positive. I could have written...

Warnings about beef-tenderizing E.coli Yoga can lead to hip injuries

risk rare in stores Yoga is a good form of exercise, but experts warn it
Wheres the beef label? Six months after the can lead to serious hip injuries in some women.
federal government promised more information Dr. Reza Awan, a sports...
about a process that increases...

No designer vagina ops on NHS Hunt: new contract sees return of

14 November 2013 Last updated at 21:44 ET family doctors
Genital surgery is not recommended before girls A new contract between GPs and the Government
have reached 18 years old Designer... which focuses on keeping more patients out of
hospital will see a return...

Stanford researchers home in on roots New microbicide gel formulation shows

of Caribbean populations using new promise for safe vaginal and rectal
DNA analysis method administration to prevent HIV
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Krista Researchers developed a first-of-its-kind
Congerkristac@stanford.edu 650-725- microbicide gel formulation that shows promise for
5371Stanford University Medical Center safe vaginal and rectal administration...
STANFORD, Calif....

FDA Advisory Committee votes in favor Scientists identify genetic signature of

of Vandas tasimelteon NDA for Non-24- respiratory syncytial virus
Hour Disorder Scientists have identified the genetic signature of
Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VANDA) (NASDAQ: respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the leading cause
VNDA) announced today that the U.S. Food and of infant hospitalizations...
Drug Administrations (FDA)...

A Rancher And A Conservationist Forge FEHD orders siu mei and lo mei shop in
An Unlikely Alliance Sha Tin to suspend business for two
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Trout fishing is big business in Montana, bringing weeks
in tens of millions of dollars annually. Tom
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Director of Food and
Murphy/Getty Images/National... Environmental Hygiene has ordered a siu mei and
lo mei shop in Sha Tin...

Lunar New Year Fair stalls at Lam Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014 opens for
Tsuen, Tai Po to be auctioned on enrolment
November 29 Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Hong Kong ICT Awards
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Food and (HKICTA), a much celebrated annual event of the
Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) local information and...
announced today (November 15) that a public...

Results of 2012/13 Common English Economic situation in the third quarter

Proficiency Assessment Scheme of 2013 and latest GDP and price
released forecasts for 2013
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Government released
behalf of the University Grants Committee: The today (November 15) the Third Quarter Economic
University Grants Committee... Report 2013, together with...

NHS-funded surf therapy to boost Reflecting on the methodological

wellbeing challenges of recruiting to a United
14 November 2013 Last updated at 21:00 ET By Kingdom-wide, multi-centre,
Smitha Mundasad Health reporter, BBC News randomised controlled trial in
Please turn on JavaScript.... gynaecology outpatient settings
Successful recruitment of participants to any trial is
central to its success. Trial results are routinely
published, and...

Japanese trends in breastfeeding rate Stunning 3D juggling performance by

in baby-friendly hospitals between 2007 M ark Nizer to be staged in December
and 2010: a retrospective hospital- Hong Kong (HKSAR) Mark Nizer, a US-based
based surveillance study winner of international juggling championships,
The goal of Japans national Healthy and Happy will return to Hong Kong...
Parents 21campaign is to increase the nationwide

Poem: Insecurity Obama M oves to Avert Cancellation of

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I dont know When this will end But it must Insurance
Because it cant go on forever Not knowing Nothing The decision to allow the policies to remain in
At all. I am here for... effect for a year without penalties represented the
Obama administrations...

Daily 90-minute strolls can cut stroke GPs to reveal their salaries from next
risk by a third for men year
Participants were questioned about the distance Last month official figures revealed thousands of
they walked each week and their usual walking doctors are paid more than the prime minister.
pace. The research showed... Statistics from the Health...

1 in 7 students has dabbled in smart Researchers from IM IM describe a new

drugs function of 2 molecules involved in
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Dr. Michael metastasis
Schaubmichael.schaub@isgf.uzh.ch 41-444-481- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Marta
165University of Zurich This news release... Calsinamcalsina@imim.es 34-933-160-680IMIM
(Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute)

Low-dose treatment may block malaria Being poor in NSW means a longer wait
transmission to get into hospital
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Katie Steelspress@lshtm.ac.uk Australias public health system is ostensibly
44-020-792-92802London School of Hygiene based on the notion of equity of access. But
Tropical Medicine Lower doses... research recently published...

Free admission tickets for Special traffic and transport

demonstration by national diving arrangements in So Kon Po and
athletes to be distributed this Sunday Causeway Bay on November 19
Hong Kong (HKSAR) National diving athletes will Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Transport Department
come to Hong Kong to display their skills at the (TD) today (November 15) reminded the public that
opening ceremony... special traffic and...

Basic Law promoted in New York Spatial distribution of G6PD deficiency

Hong Kong (HKSAR) In his first visit to New York, variants across malaria-endemic
the Convenor of the Working Group on Overseas regions
Community under the... Primaquine is essential for malaria control and
elimination since it is the only available drug

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preventing multiple clinical...

Speech by STH at the 57th Assembly of Abandoning Your Creative Fulfillment

Presidents of the Association of Asia Part 2
Pacific Airlines [Continued from Part 1] The practice of any art isnt
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the speech by to make a living, its to make your soul grow. Kurt
the Secretary for Transport and Housing, Professor Vonnegut To...
Anthony Cheung Bing-leung...

Late afternoon and early evening Future of NHS depends on speedier

caffeine can disrupt sleep at night healthcare outside hospitals
A new study shows that caffeine consumption even Senior doctors at NHS England acknowledged the
six hours before bedtime can have significant, problems the service has experienced, but said
disruptive effects on sleep. Sleep... changes would be made to...

New GP contract heralds return of Long-Awaited Kidney Transplant

proper doctors Canceled Over Hospital Strike
Since then, there have been a succession of Homer James Rivera spent seven years waiting
scandals in which patients were failed by locum for a kidney, but the hospital called him Wednesday
doctors, including a notorious... to cancel his Nov....

State insurance commissioners warn Senator Landrieu says Obamacare fix

U.S. health policy fix threatens market likely will require legislation
(Reuters) An organization of U.S. state insurance WASHINGTON (Reuters) Democratic Senator
commissioners said on Thursday it was unclear Mary Landrieu said on Thursday that President
how President Barack... Obamas one-year delay...

What Obamas health care NHS 111 pilot scheme had teething
announcement means problems
On Thursday, President Barack Obama announced Thursday November 14 2013 NHS 111 is a fast
that health insurance companies are no longer and easy way to get the right help NHS...
required to kick people off their...

Type 2 diabetes more likely with high Albuquerque Woman Sentenced to

acid levels Eight Years for M ethamphetamine
Thursday November 14 2013 Acid is produced Trafficking Conviction
when the body breaks down certain... ALBUQUERQUEReyna Carizoza, 51, a Mexican

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

national illegally in the United States, was
sentenced this morning to 97 months...

Dance Day 2013 to be held on Implementing a successful data-

December 15 at Sha Tin Town Hall management framework: the UK10K
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Presented by the Leisure managed access model
and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), Dance This paper outlines the history behind open access
Day 2013 will be held from... principles and describes the development of a
managed access data-sharing...

North District Fun Arts and Cultural Exhibition on slope safety and long-
Appreciation Day to be held on Sunday term strategy for cavern development
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Civil Engineering and
behalf of the North District Council: The North Development Department (CEDD) is organising an
District Fun Arts and... exhibition on slope safety...

Where Is The Best Place To Talk To Designer vagina ops not NHS role
Your 14 November 2013 Last updated at 21:44 ET
Chato Stewart: Thanks for agreeing to hanging Genital surgery is not recommended before girls
around with me. I thought its best that we had have reached 18 years old Designer...
some alone time to talk about...

Kangaroo care key for prem babies Researchers home in on roots of

14 November 2013 Last updated at 21:22 ET By Caribbean populations using new DNA
Caroline Parkinson Health editor, BBC News analysis method
website Mothers... Those of us who want to learn about our ancestors
who they were, where they came from and how
they mingled (or didnt)...

Starting dialysis afternot before Inhibition of poly (adenosine

conception may improve birth rates in diphosphate-ribose) polymerase
women with advanced kidney disease attenuates lung-kidney crosstalk
Women with advanced kidney disease who start induced by intratracheal
dialysis during pregnancy have superior live birth lipopolysaccharide instillation in rats
rates than those already... Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a
severe form of lung injury that frequently occurs
during pneumonia and sepsis....

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Insulin resistance determined by Bipolar Disorder, Predicting Emotions,
Homeostasis M odel Assessment and Impact on Social and
(HOM A) and associations with metabolic I am interpreting and predicting others thoughts
syndrome among Chinese children and and emotions, almost unconsciously, every day. I
teenagers do not know exactly...
ObjectiveThe aim of this study is to assess the
association between the degree of insulin
resistance and the different components...

Hey! Keep Your Eyes On Your OWN Self Punishment: Obsessive Thinking
Yoga M at! Obsessors often feel that they have failed to
Over the summer, I took a two-day Ashtanga yoga prevent the problem from happening. For them, this
seminar with Barbara Stanley. It was pure and implies guilt and...
blissful Hell. Barbara Stanley...

GPs to go extra mile for frailest Study identifies genes uniquely

14 November 2013 Last updated at 20:28 ET By expressed by the brains immune cells
Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
over-75s... investigators have used a new sequencing method
to identify a group of genes used by...

Leading health and philanthropic Study finds two drugs arent better than
organizations outline plan to address one for kidney disease
global preterm birth burden (HealthDay)Two drugs are not always better than
Leading researchers and global health one, a new study indicates. Combining two blood
organizations today issued a call-to-action to pressure medications that...
advance a comprehensive research agenda...

FDA approves implanted brain Parkinsons biomarker could be only

stimulator for epilepsy skin deep
(HealthDay)The U.S. Food and Drug By Eleanor McDermid, Senior medwireNews
Administration on Thursday gave its approval to a Reporter Deposits of -synuclein in cutaneous
new implanted device that lowers the... nerves could represent a noninvasive...

Screening for nonmotor symptoms in Depression link to Parkinsons risk

early Parkinsons urged bolstered
By Eleanor McDermid, Senior medwireNews By Eleanor McDermid, Senior medwireNews

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Reporter Nonmotor symptoms (NMS) have a Reporter A large retrospective study supports the
substantial impact on the health-related... notion that depression may be an...

LLN spirometry inadequate to detect Tennessee Valley Authority To Close

airflow obstruction Several Coal-Fired Plants
By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter Enlarge image i An air-monitoring station near the
Research published in Thorax indicates that use of TVA Kingston Fossil Plant in Kingston, Tenn.
a lower limit of normal (LLN) spirometric... Stations such as...

Whats The M ost Important Thing Food West Virginia Woman Sentenced to 27
Labels Should Tell Us? M onths in Prison for Embezzling $1
Enlarge image i Illustration by Daniel Horowitz for M illion from Cincinnati Company
NPR Food labels have become battlegrounds. Just CINCINNATIMelissa Trenary Grove, 41, of Bunker
last... Hill, West Virginia, was sentenced to 27 months in
prison for embezzling...

Tuscaloosa M an Gets 25 Years in Six Defendants Sentenced to a Total of

Prison for String of Convenience Store 36 Years in Prison in National
Robberies Prearranged Services Case
TUSCALOOSAA federal judge today sentenced a ST. LOUIS, MOSix defendants were sentenced
Tuscaloosa man to 25 years in prison for his part today before United States District Judge Jean C
in a string of armed gas... Hamilton for their roles in...

Utah Woman Sentenced for Assault Being In Love M akes You A Less
Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury Productive Person, Says Study
United States Attorney for the District of Wyoming Being in the throes of new, passionate love is
Christopher A Crofts announced that on November exciting so exciting in fact, new research
13, 2013, Tahlene Shaw... suggests it may affect...

CDC: M ore teens smoking e-cigarettes, Eye test may reveal Alzheimers
hookah diagnosis
More middle and high school students are The eyes may be the key to diagnosing Alzheimers
smoking electronic cigarettes, hookahs and cigars, disease earlier and more accurately. Researchers
according to a new government... found that loss...

UT Austin researchers grow large State child restraint laws leave many
graphene crystals that have unprotected, NYU study finds
exceptional electrical properties
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Sandra [ | E-mail ] Contact: James
Zaragozazaragoza@utexas.edu 512-471- Devittjames.devitt@nyu.edu 212-998-6808New
2129University of Texas at Austin IMAGE: Yufeng York University Child restraint laws across many...

Your brain sees things even when you Pediatric ICU nurse staffing models with
dont more experience and education cut
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Anna inpatient mortality
Mikulakamikulak@psychologicalscience.org 202- [ | E-mail ] Contact: Erin
293-9300Association for Psychological Science Tornatoreerin.tornatore@childrens.harvard.edu
The... 617-919-3110Boston Childrens Hospital Multi-

JAM A Dermatology: Social media brings Understanding a proteins role in

academic journals to general readers familial Alzheimers disease
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Garth [ | E-mail ] Contact: Scott LaFeeslafee@ucsd.edu
Sundemgarth.sundem@ucdenver.eduUniversity of 619-543-6163University of California San Diego
Colorado Denver A University of Colorado Cancer... Novel genomic approach...

Toronto mayor says Im sorry again, to News stories may exaggerate hope for
get help for alcohol problem vision treatments
By Solarina Ho and Cameron French TORONTO NEW YORK (Reuters Health) News reports often
(Reuters) Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, overhype the potential benefits of novel treatments
under huge pressure to quit... for disabling eye...

Obama: You Can Keep Your Health Plan Hey, Paleos & Vegans: You Have M ore
. . . For a Year In Common Than You Think!
THURSDAY Nov. 14, 2013 Bending to political Now more than ever were bombarded by new
pressure, President Barack Obama on Thursday diets. Todays trendy eating plan is the Paleo diet,
announced a plan to allow... but I could list...

Teens Who Are Night Owls M ay What Youve Learned About Yourself
Struggle in School On Monday I included the following prompt for
THURSDAY Nov. 14, 2013 Teens who stay up checking in with ourselves: Write what youve
late are more likely to have lower grades and more learned about yourself today. Asking...
emotional problems, a...

Health care enrollments fall far short of Depression risk drops from pre- to
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
white house estimates post-final period
(HealthDay)The Obama administration late (HealthDay)There is a higher risk of depression
Wednesday released a report revealing a before and a lower risk after the final menstrual
disappointing number of health plan enrollments... period (FMP), according...

Global Fund axes suppliers over FDA approved immune-modulating drug

Cambodia malaria graft unexpectedly benefits mice with fatal
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and mitochondrial defect
Malaria announced Thursday it had suspended The transplant anti-rejection drug rapamycin
contracts with two international... showed unexpected benefits in a mouse model of
a fatal defect in the energy...

Jacqui Beck Learns She Was Born With Our Kids Are Growing Up Faster So
No Vagina; British Teen Born With Should We
M RKH Its no news to most that the average age of puberty
A British teenager said she was in total shock to for girls is declining. Recently, at an American
learn that she had been born without a vagina. Academy of Pediatrics...
During a routine...

Does Spending M oney Help Shed How To Cope With Annoying Coworkers
Pounds? Who M ake Your Day M iserable (VIDEO)
Youve probably heard people at the gym talk about Your job can become particularly taxing when
getting your moneys worth during a workout.... youre stuck working with someone you cant stand.
Colleagues become...

Asthma Could M ake It Take Longer For Researchers analyze benefits of

Women To Get Pregnant (STUDY) platelet-rich plasma therapy for tennis
By: Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer Published: elbow
11/13/2013 07:14 PM EST on LiveScience Getting Researchers to study whether costly therapy touted
pregnant may take longer for... by big name athletes works better than alternative
methods for patients...

CD137 T cell activation molecule can Inquisitive toddler died after

help identify rare antitumor T cells in becoming entangled in window blind
human cancers cord
Patients with tumors that contain increased Sophia Parslows mother left her in lounge
numbers of T lymphocytes generally survive longer watching TV for a few minutes In those moments in

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

than those with tumors without... July 2012 the 17-month-old...

I lost nearly 2 stone in 24 HOURS: Should You Eat Before or After a Pilates
Sport scientist proves rapid weight loss Workout?
IS possible (if youre prepared to Q. Should You Eat Before or After a Pilates
exercise wearing bin bags, eat no carbs Workout? Since Pilates involves moves that are
and drink nothing) concentrated around your center...

Ross Edgley, 28, set out to prove weight fluctuates

based on many factors Spent 24 hours trying to
reduce his water content...

Active demethylation in mouse zygotes Relative importance of climatic,

involves cytosine deamination and geographic and socio-economic
base excision repair determinants of malaria in M alawi
DNA methylation in mammals is an epigenetic Malaria transmission is influenced by variations in
mark necessary for normal embryogenesis. During meteorological conditions, which impact the
development active loss of methylation... biology of the parasite and...

What is the clinical course of transient Promoting universal financial

synovitis in children: a systematic protection: health insurance for the
review of the literature poor in Georgia ?a case study
Transient synovitis of the hip (TS) is considered to The present study focuses on the program Medical
be a self-limiting disease in childhood. However, Insurance for the Poor (MIP)in Georgia. Under this
because the etiology... program,...

The impact of implant treatment on oral New Bird Flu Infects Human for First
health related quality of life in a private Time
dental practice: a prospective cohort A strain of bird flu that scientists thought could not
study infect people has shown up in a Taiwanese
Very few studies on the impact of implant therapy woman, a nasty surprise...
on Oral Health Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL) in
partially edentulous...

Obama announces keep your plan U.S. House Democrats to offer

Obamacare fix Obamacare fix: Pelosi
Under heavy pressure by congressional WASHINGTON (Reuters) Democrats in the U.S.
Democrats to fix Obamacare, President Barack House of Representatives are united on the need

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Obama announced Thursday that the for improvements to President...

Boehner says Obamacare Obama offers fix for broken promise on

administrative fixes wont work keeping health care plans
WASHINGTON (Reuters) U.S. House of By Steve Holland and Susan Cornwell
Representatives Speaker John Boehner said on WASHINGTON (Reuters) President Barack
Thursday that he does not believe... Obama bowed to political pressure from...

Is pickled turnip a miracle flu remedy? Car mechanic invents new birthing tool
Hardly endorsed by WHO
Im annoyed. Yes, annoyed. Why? Because at least A 59-year-old car mechanic from Argentina has
100 or more media outlets around the world have invented a widely-endorsed new tool that promises
touted Suguki ... to help women give birth...

Fast food meals have more calories Widowhood effect strongest during
than you think first three months
People eating at fast food restaurants arent very NEW YORK (Reuters Health) When a husband or
good at estimating how many calories are in their wife dies, the surviving spouse faces a higher risk
meals, particularly... of dying over the...

Leaving the light on hampers sleep M edix Biochemica to launch antibody

quality: study production services for IVD assays at
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Falling asleep in M EDICA 2013
the glow of the TV or leaving a light on next to the Advanced antibody production services for
bed can affect brain... exceptional IVD assays Medix Biochemica,
producer of monoclonal antibodies for...

Stanford bariatric program experiences Cells sticking molecule over-produced

lower hospital readmission rates in rheumatoid arthritis and cancers
The bariatric program at Stanford University saw A molecule that helps cells stick together is
hospital readmission rates drop by 75 percent and significantly over-produced in two very different
surgical-site infections... diseases rheumatoid...

Svelte completes enrollment in drug- M y Wine Wont Stop Crying A M ystery

eluting coronary stent Integrated In A Wineglass
Delivery System study Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries everywhere I
look there are puzzles, questions with no obvious
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Svelte Medical Systems today announced answers: like why do I...
enrollment of the final patient in the DIRECT II
(Direct Implantation of Rapamycin-Eluting...

Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Evidence of the shifting baseline

Scheme extended to gas cookers syndrome in ethnobotanical research
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Electrical and The shifting baseline syndrome is a concept from
Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today ecology that can be analyzed in the context of
(November 14) extended the voluntary... ethnobotanical research....

Update on cluster of Rotavirus cases in No asymptomatic malaria parasitaemia

Siu Lam Hospital found among 108 young children at one
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on health facility in Dar es Salaam,
behalf of the Hospital Authority: Regarding the Tanzania
recent confirmation... Asymptomatic malaria parasitaemia has been
reported in areas with high malaria transmission. It
may serve as a reservoir...

Phenotypic differentiation between wild Tribute pages can be a source of

and domesticated varieties of comfort and stress
Crescentia cujete L. and culturally People who create online tribute pages for those
relevant uses of their fruits as bowls in who have died tragically can find support and
the Yucatan Peninsula, M exico comfort through the effort...
Selection criteria are important for analyzing
domestication of perennial plant species, which
experience a selection pressure...

Stories of opioid addiction and Diabetes cases hit record 382 million
recovery worldwide
More and more people are struggling with The world is losing the battle against diabetes as
prescription painkiller addiction in Hamilton. the number of people estimated to be living with
According to statistics obtained... the disease soars to...

Fund suspends contracts over bribes Oldest person in UK dies aged 113
14 November 2013 Last updated at 10:15 ET By 14 November 2013 Last updated at 10:20 ET
Jane Dreaper Health correspondent, BBC News Grace Joness MP Simon Hughes visited her the
Mosquito nets... day before she died The oldest...

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German firm liable over PIP implants Younger teens more likely to use
14 November 2013 Last updated at 10:12 ET alcohol if they live near bottle shops
Some 400,000 women across the world were fitted Deakin University researchers have found higher
with faulty PIP implants A French... rates of underage drinking among young people
who live in areas with a high...

Disease Science Investigators take on New study examines link in college

D.C. epidemic womens use of substances and
For the first time, young scientists can help contain condoms
a disease outbreak in Washington, D.C.in a A new study from researchers at The Miriam
game, that is. Disease... Hospital finds a link between alcohol consumption
and reduced condom use among...

Physician argues for mandatory flu LegCo Finance Committee to examine

vaccinations of health care workers funding proposal related to Disaster
Should flu vaccines be mandatory for health care Relief Fund
workers? Thats the question raised this week in Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
the British Medical... behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat: The
Legislative Council...

LegCo Public Accounts Committee Wilms tumour suppressor gene 1 (WT1)

public hearing is involved in the carcinogenesis of
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on Lung cancer through interaction with
behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat: The PI3K/Akt pathway
Legislative Council... Although studies have shown the oncogene WT1 is
overexpressed in lung cancer, there is no data
showing the implication of...

Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum 2013 Temporary traffic and transport

promotes cultural co-operation in Asian arrangements for tram track renewal
economies work on Johnston Road in Wan Chai
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Cultural ministers and from this Saturday
senior officials of 10 Asian countries came together Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Transport Department
in Hong Kong for the... (TD) today (November 14) reminded the public that
temporary traffic and...

Creativity & Play: Artists & Authors Orlando Shooter Guided by Voices

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Share Their Favorite I was halfway there, when he gets up, he turns

Play isnt just inherently fun its also a powerful around, and hes pointing a gun at me, a grief-
way to connect to our creativity, loosen routine and stricken mother told...


Literacy depends on nurture, not Are probiotics a promising treatment

nature, education professor says strategy for depression?
A University at Buffalo education professor has Probiotics are not new, but their status as a
sided with the environment in the timeless nurture nutritional buzzword is. Most folks have now heard
vs. nature... and seen the term countless...

One in seven students has dabbled in M illions more Britons could be put on
"smart" drugs statins to cut risk of heart attacks and
American and European studies prove that strokes after US study says a third of
students use prescription medication or drugs to adults should take them
enhance their cognitive performance.... New advice tells doctors they should consider a
patients lifetime risk British experts are preparing
two updated...

Could too many sugary fizzy drinks I was told I would never eat again but
damage your brain? it has changed my life completely:
Regular intake of fizzy drink leads to hyperactivity Craig Shirley, 42, the first person in the UK to
study found Long term consumption alters receive the transplant And Amy Grime, 28, was the
hundreds... first woman to undergo...

Speech by PSFS at cocktail reception Structured Dialogue meeting between

hosted by ACIIA, Securities Association European Union and HKSARG forges
of China and Hong Kong Securities and close ties
Investment Institute Hong Kong (HKSAR) The seventh annual
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the speech by Structured Dialogue meeting between the
the Permanent Secretary for Financial Services and European Union (EU) and the Government...
the Treasury (Financial...

"Band Fever" to be held at Hong Kong Special traffic and transport

Cultural Centre Piazza this Sunday arrangements for public parades in
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Leisure and Cultural Causeway Bay this Saturday and Sunday
Services Department will hold the outdoor concert Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Transport Department

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Band Fever... (TD) today (November 14) reminded the public that
special traffic and...

Join Thanksgiving Blood Donation M others long fight for sons care
Week and get a bookmark 13 November 2013 Last updated at 22:40 ET By
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on Sukhi Hayer BBC Asian Network Ronak Patel
behalf of the Hospital Authority: The Hong Kong suffered severe...
Red Cross Transfusion...

Cancer hospital in special measures Appointment of SFCs non-executive

14 November 2013 Last updated at 06:35 ET The directors
CQC report on Colchester General Hospital was Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Financial Secretary, Mr
published in early November A... John C Tsang, has appointed Ms Mary Ma
Xuezheng and re-appointed Mr...

FS to visit London and Paris SHAs speech at Asia Cultural Co-

Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Financial Secretary, Mr operation Forum 2013
John C Tsang, will visit London and Paris from next Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the speech by
Monday (November... the Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Tsang Tak-sing,
at the Asia Cultural...

Volume and price statistics of external Why I take the stairs at the BBC
merchandise trade in September 2013 13 November 2013 Last updated at 21:19 ET
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Further to the external Article written by Fergus Walsh Medical
merchandise trade statistics in value terms for correspondent More from Fergus ...
September 2013 released...

US healthcare enrolment figures low French ruling due on implant scandal

13 November 2013 Last updated at 22:34 ET 14 November 2013 Last updated at 03:13 ET
Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires Some 400,000 women across the world were fitted
JavaScript to play. Residents of Kentucky,... with faulty PIP implants A French...

M SP launches new assisted dying bill Unpredictable pandemics warning

13 November 2013 Last updated at 19:17 ET By 14 November 2013 Last updated at 02:49 ET By
Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland James Gallagher Health and science reporter,
Margo MacDonald... BBC News The...

Kuwait reports second M ERS virus Acceptance of disability and its

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case predictors among stroke patients in
Kuwait has reported its second case of the deadly Taiwan
MERS coronavirus for a man who just returned Modern medicine has increased the survival rate
from abroad, the health ministry... for stroke patients; however, the patients
psychosocial adaptation...

Serum IGF-1 levels as a clinical tool for A complex interaction between Wnt
optimizing orthodontic treatment timing signaling and TNF-alpha in nucleus
The study aims to associate serum insulin-like pulposus cells
growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels with cervical IntroductionIncreased expression of the
maturation stages (CS) 3, 4,... proinflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha in
intervertebral discs (IVDs) leads to inflammation,...

Stage 2 public engagement for Am I Ready for M y Closeup, M r.

"Kowloon Bay Business Area DeM ille? ADHD and Fame
Pedestrian Environment Improvement Its often said that acting is a great career for
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Energizing Kowloon people with ADHD. After all, its a job with constant
East Office (EKEO) of the Development Bureau change: costumes,...
launched the Stage 2 public...

VIDEO: Smart teddy monitors your With Enrollment Slow, Some Democrats
child Back Change in Health Law
A teddy bear that is able to monitor the health of the The dissent comes as the Obama administration
child hugging it has been developed to aid released enrollment figures on Wednesday that fell
paediatric care. Teddy... far short of expectations,...

Crayons Down. Now Dig Into That Op-Ed Contributors: Dont Give M ore
Healthful Parfait. Patients Statins
But when it came time to twist and shape clay into This announcement is not a result of a sudden
their favorite fruits and veggies, Lauren Williams, 4, epidemic of heart disease, nor is it based on new
had another idea.... data showing the benefits...

Brain Stimulation Shows Promise for New center launched to increase

Eating Disorders efficacy, reduce costs at four health
Brain Stimulation Shows Promise for Eating care providers across Indiana
Disorders By Alan Mozes HealthDay Reporter In response to rising national health care costs, the
TUESDAY, Nov. 12 (HealthDay News)... Indiana University School of Medicine and Indiana

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Clinical and Translational...

Groundbreaking study reveals novel Too early to proclaim the end of the war
approach to treat, eliminate M RSA on childhood obesity
infection Parents winning childhood war on obesity,
Recent work from University Distinguished Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals,
Professor of Biology Kim Lewis promises to screamed the headline. Sounds like...
overcome one of the leading public health...

Trends in chloroquine resistance PftetQ and pfmdt copy numbers as

marker, Pfcrt-K76T mutation ten years predictive molecular markers of
after chloroquine withdrawal in decreased ex vivo doxycycline
Tanzania susceptibility in imported Plasmodium
Plasmodium falciparum resistance to anti-malarial falciparum malaria
drugs remains a major obstacle to the control of The objective of this study was to evaluate the
malaria. In 2001 Tanzania... distribution of a series of independent doxycycline
inhibitory concentration...

Selecting the right medical student FBI Looking for M issing Ouachita
Medical student selection is an important but County Teen
difficult task. Three recent papers by McManus et al. LITTLE ROCKHoward S Marshall, Acting Special
in BMC Medicine have... Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation for the state of Arkansas,...

The UKCAT-12 study: educational Elderly face 150,000 care bill

attainment, aptitude test performance, 13 November 2013 Last updated at 22:46 ET By
demographic and socio-economic Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News The
contextual factors as predictors of first cap on care...
year outcome in a cross-sectional
collaborative study of 12 UK medical
Most UK medical schools use aptitude tests during
student selection, but large-scale studies of
predictive validity are rare....

Poor eye care leaving people blind The Academic Backbone: longitudinal
13 November 2013 Last updated at 22:34 ET By continuities in educational

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James Gallagher Health and science reporter, achievement from secondary school
BBC News People... and medical school to M RCP(UK) and
the specialist register in UK medical
students and doctors
Selection of medical students in the UK is still
largely based on prior academic achievement,
although doubts have been expressed...

Construct-level predictive validity of Rapid detection of Echinococcus

educational attainment and intellectual species by a high-resolution melting
aptitude tests in medical student (HRM ) approach
selection: meta-regression of six UK High-resolution melting (HRM) provides a low-cost,
longitudinal studies fast and sensitive scanning method that allows the
Measures used for medical student selection detection of DNA sequence...
should predict future performance during training. A
problem for any selection...

Interventions for increasing ankle joint Vigilance and prevention against

dorsiflexion: a systematic review and diabetes urged on World Diabetes Day
meta-analysis Hong Kong (HKSAR) A spokesman for the
Ankle joint equinus, or restricted dorsiflexion range Department of Health (DH) appealed to members
of motion (ROM), has been linked to a range of of the public for continued vigilance...
pathologies of relevance...

#43 The Abundant Environment The Award Of Participation #NHBPM

ukgardenphotos via Compfight ukgardenphotos via Day 13 of National Health Blog Post Month
Compfight How do we translate our good November PARTY: (#NHBPM 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,
intentions into actions that create... 5th,6th,7th, 8th, 9th, 10, 11th, 12th,13th)....

Achieving Harmony through Phone app to locate defibrillators

M indfulness 13 November 2013 Last updated at 21:00 ET The
Amlie has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. applications GPS locates the nearest defibrillator
Its a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, in the area An...
the quiet...

Deadly brain illness discovered in C. difficile vaccine to be tested in

British family Halifax

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(HealthDay)A British family harbors a deadly Dr. Shelly McNeil, an infectious disease specialist
inherited illness that destroys the brain in a way in Halifax, is part of a worldwide drug trial to
that is similar to the... develop a vaccine for...

Diabetes: Asias silent killer US health care lags behind other

13 November 2013 Last updated at 19:37 ET By affluent countries, study finds
Zoe Murphy BBC News Asia is in the grip of a (HealthDay)American adults are far more likely
diabetes epidemic. In... than those in 10 other high-income countries to go
without health care...

Women with asthma could face a delay National project tracks the spread of UK
in becoming pregnant flu and extends monitoring to schools
Women with asthma could take longer to conceive, Are Northerners really more likely to get flu? Does
according to new research. The study, published regular exercise help you to recover faster? And
online today (14 November... what impact will the...

Cardiovascular complications of type 2 1-Year-Old Wyatt Banks Amazes Parents

diabetes associated with levels of And Doctors By Rolling Himself In
physical activity Wheelchair
The risk of cardiovascular complications in people Kids love to assert their independence, but Wyatt
with type 2 diabetes is directly related to the Banks can do something on his own that truly
frequency and duration... impresses his family and his...

How Blaming Others M akes Stress The Future of Stress M anagement

Worse: Own Up And Stress Less In my last blog I gave you 10 reasons why most
By Jan Bruce When problems overwhelm you, its people dont manage stress. In this blog, Im going
temptingly easy to nail someone else with the to give you...
blame. It makes Jean-Paul...

Chris Hadfield Offers Astronauts Guide USDOJ: City of Shreveport Agrees to

To M ovember (VIDEO) $342 M illion Sewer System Upgrade to
By now youre probably familiar with Canadian Comply with Clean Water Act
astronaut Chris Hadfield and his five-month stint in The city of Shreveport, La ., has agreed to make
space that came... significant upgrades to reduce overflows from its
sanitary sewer system...

USDOJ: Justice Department Officials USDOJ: Attorney General Eric Holder

Raise Awareness of Disaster Fraud Announces First Public Hearing of Task
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Hotline Following Typhoon Haiyan Force to Examine Impact of Violence on
The Department of Justice, the FBI, and the American Indian and Alaska Native
National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) remind Children
the public that there is a potential... Attorney General Eric Holder today announced the
first public hearing of a new task force to examine
the impact of exposure...

USDOJ: Internet Pharmacy Website Unearthing & Ridding Yourself of Toxic

Affiliate Pleads Guilty to Filing False Tax Shame
Return Shame is inexorably tied to the question that many
Pamela B. Reid pleaded guilty last night to one of us will eventually ask ourselves: Are we a
count of filing a false individual income tax return human doing or a human...
for the 2006 tax year,...

U of A patient stuck on gurney for 6 Harley Lawrences death spreads

days after surgery mental health awareness
A University of Alberta Hospital patient says he The tragic death of a homeless man in Berwick,
spent six days on a gurney wedged between two N.S., has spread awareness about the problem of
hospital beds following abdominal... mental illness in the Annapolis...

Cholesterol-lowering statins more AUDIO: Paramedic practitioner quicker

widely recommended in U.S. than A&E
Cholesterol-lowering statins drug could be A two-tier accident and emergency system should
prescribed to more American adults under new be created to ease pressure on an emergency
guidelines, raising questions about... service at its limit,...

Imbruvica approved for mantle cell Eating al desko DOES make you fat:
lymphoma Workers gorge on crisps, chocolate
(HealthDay)Imbruvica (ibrutinib) has been and Coke rather than having a proper
approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration lunch
to treat mantle cell lymphoma... Around 40 per cent of people polled had lunch at
their desk every day and a further 20 per cent said
they did this...

Can you give YOURSELF the cancer- New anorexia treatment could CURE
causing HPV virus? Study finds some patients for up to a year by re-tuning
sex acts may increase the risk of throat the brain to boost self-control

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cancer Treatment uses magnets to turn up part of the
Human papilloma virus (HPV) is linked to cervical, brain involved in self-control It is already used to

head and neck cancers New study suggests it may treat depression...
be possible for people...

Baby born to brain dead mother as Could Hunger M ake Us M ore

foetus survives from 15 to 27 weeks Charitable?
31-year-old Hungarian mother suffered a stroke Enlarge image i Researchers have a hunch that
when 15 weeks pregnant Tests revealed she was because we often had to share food to survive,
brain dead but the foetus was... were inclined...

US set to restrict trans fats, but should U.S. Attorney Joseph Hogsett
Australia follow? Announces Sentencing of Indianapolis
The increased supply and marketing of processed Woman After Bank Fraud, Tax Evasion
food high in fat, sugar and salt are recognised as Convictions
the major drivers of obesity... INDIANAPOLISUnited States Attorney Joseph H
Hogsett announced today that United States
District Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson...

Total and high molecular weight Three Detained in Central Falls Police,
adiponectin and ethnic-specific FBI Investigation into Alleged Crack
differences in adiposity and insulin Cocaine Trafficking Conspiracy
resistance: a cross-sectional study PROVIDENCE, RIThree men arrested by Central
Ethnic-specific differences in insulin resistance Falls Police, the FBI, and officers and agents
(IR) are well described but the underlying assigned to the FBI-Rhode Island...
mechanisms are unknown. Adiponectin...

FBI Seeks Information on 2009 Could Alzheimers be diagnosed with an

Disappearance of Hackensack Resident eye test?
Debra Feldman and Any Possible Currently Alzheimers disease can only be
Contact She Had with Serial Killer Israel diagnosed for certain by studying a patients brain
Keyes after their death...
On March 18, 2012, Israel Keyes was arrested for
the murder of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig in
Anchorage, Alaska. While in...

Evidence that a tax on sugar Spatial-temporal targeting of lung-

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sweetened beverages reduces the specific mesenchyme by a Tbx4
obesity rate: a meta-analysis enhancer
Excess intake of sugar sweetened beverages Reciprocal interactions between lung
(SSBs) has been shown to result in weight gain. To mesenchymal and epithelial cells play essential
address the growing epidemic... roles in lung organogenesis and homeostasis....

Low prevalence of the molecular Is the Sleep Deprivation of Infancy

markers of Plasmodium falciparum Straining Your Relationship?
resistance to chloroquine and Excuse me, but I feel like I hate you. This is what a
sulphadoxine/pyrimethamine in client reported saying to her husband after waking
asymptomatic children in northern him from a...
In Benin, very few studies have been done on the
genetics of Plasmodium falciparum and the
resistance markers of anti-malarial...

Ontario bill to ban sales of flavoured Eye cells help diagnose Alzheimers
cigarellos, chewing tobacco 13 November 2013 Last updated at 11:00 ET By
Ontario will follow Albertas lead and introduce Melissa Hogenboom Science reporter, BBC News
legislation to ban all sales of candy-flavoured Patients with...
tobacco products. The...

Wireless sensors used to study Newly discovered mechanism suggests

meditations effect on heart health novel approach to prevent type 1
Demystifying meditation with science, researchers diabetes
at the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) New research led by Harvard School of Public
have teamed with... Health (HSPH) demonstrates a disease
mechanism in type 1 diabetes (T1D) that...

M ystery explained: How a common Sunscreen application and skin cancer:

chemo drug thwarts graft rejection in an interview with Dr M ichelle Hunt,
bone marrow transplants Inner Sydney Dermatology
Results of a Johns Hopkins study may explain why Interview conducted by April Cashin-Garbutt, BA
a chemotherapy drug called cyclophosphamide Hons (Cantab) How many people does skin cancer
prevents graft-versus-host (GVHD)... affect and is it on the rise? Unfortunately...

Bruker releases application note on the TopPac 20 ml prefillable polymer

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analysis of carbendazim in orange juice syringe for infusion therapy introduced
and wine using the EVOQ Elite liquid by SCHOTT
chromatography mass spectrometer SCHOTT expanded its range of TopPac polymer
Bruker has released an application note on the syringes to include a 20 milliliter (ml) format that
evaluation of matrix effects on the analysis of can be used in combination...
carbendazim in orange juice...

SCHOTT announces the rebranding of Clues to cocaines toxicity could lead to

its glass syringes better tests for its detection in biofluids
The international technology group SCHOTT A new study on cocaine, the notorious white
announced the rebranding of its glass syringes, powder illegally snorted, injected or smoked by
now known as syriQTM (previously... nearly 2 million Americans, details...

Why Can We Taste Bitter Flavors? FDA approves Imbruvica for rare blood
Turns Out, Its Still A M ystery cancer
YouTube Love at first bite? Watch these kids react FDA: Office of Hematology and Oncology Products
as they take their first bites of some challenging FDA: Breakthrough Therapies FDA: Drug
food... Innovation FDA: Approved Drugs: Questions...

Paediatric injuries at Bugando M edical M ild chronic cerebral hypoperfusion

Centre in Northwestern Tanzania: a induces neurovascular dysfunction,
prospective review of 150 cases triggering peripheral beta-amyloid brain
Injuries continue to be the leading cause of death entry and aggregation
and disability for children. There is paucity of The Bloodbrain barrier (BBB) controls brain
published data on paediatric... supply with oxygen and nutrients, and protects the
brain from toxic metabolites,...

Whats Behind the Popularity of Duck A robust design for identification of the
Dynasty? Parasite Clearance Estimator
I never would have thought that a redneck family Anti-malarial efficacy needs to be monitored
from West Monroe, Louisiana would be involved in continually to ensure optimal dosing in the face of
one of the highest-rated... emerging anti-malarial drug...

M alaria in pregnancy in rural Gabon: a A video clip of the biting midge

cross-sectional survey on the impact of Culicoides anophelis ingesting blood
seasonality in high-risk groups from an engorged Anopheles mosquito
Malaria remains one of the most important in Hainan, China

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

infectious diseases in pregnancy in sub-Saharan Biting midges are hematophagus ectoparasites of
Africa. Whereas seasonal malaria... insects, humans and other animals. Culicoides
(Trithicoides) anophelis Edwards1922...

5 EASY Ways to Start Scarfing Almonds Breast cancer survivors offered free
TODAY nipple tattoos
I dont know anyone who doesnt like almonds, and Barbara Thompson, a breast cancer survivor, had a
if I do, theyve kept it a secret from meas they mastectomy and later paid to have a nipple
should. I LOVE... tattooed. She was featured in...

New research shows how brain Does brain training make you smarter?
prepares to start searching No one who has kept their head out of the sand
Many of us have steeled ourselves for those over the past several years needs to be told brain
needle in a haystack tasks of finding our vehicle in training...
an airport...

New study shows slow-onset heart Students advised to sleep it off

attack symptoms directly contribute to Sleepless schoolies are being urged to take a nap
delay in accessing emergency or sleep-in when the party dies down, with new
treatment QUT research revealing young...
A major new Irish study carried out by researchers
at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity
College Dublin and recently...

Look Good Feel Better Program Offers NGAGE signs five-year representation
Argentine Cancer Patients M akeup, deal with SIEM ENS Healthcare
Skin Care Lessons NGAGE US LLC today announced the signing of a
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) For cancer five-year representation agreement with SIEMENS
patients dealing with the physical and Healthcare of Malvern, PA....
psychological trauma of the disease, even...

Epstein-Barr Virus encoded LM P1 Optimal sampling designs for

regulates cyclin D1 promoter activity by estimation of Plasmodium falciparum
nuclear EGFR and STAT3 in CNE1 cells clearance rates in patients treated with
The principal EpsteinBarr virus (EBV) oncoprotein, artemisinin derivatives
latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1) is strongly The emergence of Plasmodium falciparum
associated with nasopharyngeal... resistance to artemisinins in Southeast Asia
threatens the control of malaria worldwide....
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Towards an HIV Cure: science and Hong Kong Red Cross Blood
debate from the International AIDS Transfusion Service appeals for type B
Society 2013 symposium positive blood donation
The International AIDS Society convened the multi- Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
stakeholder Towards an HIV Curesymposium in behalf of the Hospital Authority: The Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur,... Red Cross Blood Transfusion...

Deciphering the pathogenesis of I Should Just Sing ADHD In Public

sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease Places
with codon 129 M /V and type 2 abnormal Im a lot less likely to get myself in trouble
prion protein unless youre a music critic If Im out in public, and
Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is classified on my guard,...
according to the genotype at polymorphic codon
129 (M or V) of the prion...

7 Things a Depressed Parent Can Say to 3 Things to Ask Yourself When Youre
a Child Just Not
Im usually pretty good at hiding my tears from my Do you ever wonder why youre not bouncing back
kids, but lately Ive been busted a few times from things as fast as you usually do? Maybe
because they come so... youre facing a big stressor...

DNA tag linked to development of LCQ17: North Lantau Hospital

womb cancer Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
DNA tag linked to development of womb cancer the Dr Hon Kwok Ka-ki and a written reply by the
Wednesday 13 November 2013 A DNA tag could Secretary for Food...

The link between chronic periodontitis LCQ13: Control of unauthorised

and COPD: a common role for the signboards
neutrophil? Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
The possible relationship between chronic Dr Hon Chiang Lai-wan and a written reply by the
inflammatory diseases and their co-morbidities Secretary for Development,...
has become an increasing focus of...

LCQ9: Goods and domestic helpers Anapanasati M ind

imported from and cultural exchanges [from a little book, Anapanasati 2.0, I am working

W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!

with Philippines on] You are a vessel, a vehicle. For
consciousness, for...
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
the Hon Sin Chung-kai and a written reply by the
Secretary for Security,...

Heritage M useum exhibits paintings of M agnetic fields help smokers quit

insects by Chao Shao-an 13 November 2013 Last updated at 04:13 ET By
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The exhibition Sounds in James Gallagher Health and science reporter,
the Grass: Selected Works of Insects by Chao BBC News Magnetic...
Shao-an, which...

Therapists help with Philippine typhoon House oversight panel probes health
mental health website woes
Dozens of psychologists were starting work in the The Houses chief investigator will delve
typhoon-raked Philippines Wednesday to help Wednesday into the technical issues behind the
dazed survivors deal with the... dysfunctional rollout of President...

Bullies more likely to engage in risky LCQ5: M easures to facilitate economic

sex, study finds development
(HealthDay)Teenage bullies are prone to engage Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a reply by the
in risky sexual behavior, a new study finds. Casual Secretary for Commerce and Economic
sex and sex while drunk... Development, Mr Gregory So, to...

LCQ4: Executive Councils operation LCQ11: Provision of education on the

Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by M ainland for children born in Hong
the Hon Paul Tse and a reply by the Chief Secretary Kong
for Administration,... Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
the Hon Leung Che-cheung and a written reply by
the Secretary for Education,...

LCQ18: Employment services for the LCQ14: Hong Kongs competitiveness

ethnic minorities Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by the Hon Abraham Shek and a written reply by the
the Hon Cheung Kwok-che and a written reply by Secretary for Commerce...
the Secretary for Labour...

Is it right to pay people to be healthy? VIDEO: NHS shake-up proposes two-tier

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11 November 2013 Last updated at 19:41 ET A&E
Article written by Nick Triggle Health correspondent Plans to transform emergency care in hospitals in
More from Nick The... England by creating a two-tier service are being
put forward...

Clinton chides Obama on healthcare Brain differences seen in social

12 November 2013 Last updated at 17:47 ET Bill butterflies
Clinton and Barack Obama have had their ups and (HealthDay)A small new study suggests that
downs Former US President... parts of your brain may differ depending on whether
youre a social...

M ore Americans should take Politicization of health care preventing

cholesterol meds, doctors say real changes to out-of-control system,
More Americans should take cholesterol-lowering researchers suggest
medication, according to new guidelines released [ | E-mail ] Contact: Stephanie
Tuesday by the American... Desmonsdesmon1@jhmi.edu 410-955-
8665Johns Hopkins Medicine Meanwhile, United
States has...

Women who have undergone obesity Analysis of health care in US indicates

surgery should be classed as at-risk that improvement in outcomes has
during pregnancy, say research slowed
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Stephanie [ | E-mail ] Contact: Stephanie
Burnssburns@bmj.com 44-020-738-36529BMJ- Desmonsdesmon1@jhmi.edu 410-955-8665The
British Medical Journal Increased risk of small... JAMA Network Journals An examination of health

American Heart Association, American American Heart Association/American

College of Cardiology and the Obesity College of Cardiology joint clinical
Society Clinical Practice Guideline practice guideline
offers roadmap to treat adults affected [ | E-mail ] Contact: Stephanie
by obesity, overweight Abrahamsabraham@acc.org 202-375-
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Stephanie 6296American College of Cardiology Healthy
Abrahamsabraham@acc.org 202-375- lifestyle emphasized...
6296American College of Cardiology (Nov. 12,
2013) Healthcare...

Lumosity presents on Human Cognition Exclusive: TPG shakes up Asia

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Project at Society for Neuroscience leadership in middle of fundraising
annual meeting drive
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Erica By Stephen Aldred HONG KONG (Reuters) One
Perngerica@lumoslabs.com 415-704- of the worlds biggest private equity firms, TPG
4533Lumosity Online open science and big data Capital, is reshuffling...
research platform...

Philippines forces in gunfight in Food allergy awareness heads to

typhoon-hit region: TV presidents desk
TACLOBAN, Philippines (Reuters) Philippine WASHINGTON (AP) The deaths of two girls in
security forces exchanged fire on Wednesday with Illinois and Virginia from severe food allergies have
armed men amid widespread... helped spur efforts...

A new classification for the southern Nursing homes may not need to turn
beeches residents every 2 hours to prevent
A new classification for the southern beeches pressure ulcers
A study led by Nancy Bergstrom, Ph.D., associate
dean at The University of Texas Health Science
Center at Houston (UTHealth)...

New data show positive results from Using morphine to fight pain linked with
Phase 4 study of Avonex Pen for abdominal surgery may prolong
treatment of RRM S patients patients suffering
Patient satisfaction and ease of use with the pen Using morphine to fight the pain associated with
was highly rated among patients New data abdominal surgery may paradoxically prolong a
presented at the 6th Pan Asian... patients suffering,...

Searching for a fix to the canceled LCQ10: Street performance activities

policy problem Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
Politico reports that finding a fix that wont disrupt Dr Hon Kenneth Chan and a written reply by the
the insurance market is no easy task. Secretary for Home Affairs,...
Meanwhile, in California,...

LCQ16: North East New Territories New LCQ6: Outsourcing of integrated family
Development Areas Planning and services
Engineering Study Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by the Hon Leung Kwok-hung and a reply by the

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the Hon Chan Hak-kan and a written reply by the Secretary for Labour and...
Secretary for Development,...

LCQ15: Television licences and carrier LCQ2: Country Parks

licences for telecommunications Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
services the Hon Tony Tse and a reply by the Secretary for
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by the Environment, Mr...
the Hon Charles Mok and a written reply by the
Secretary for Commerce...

Future of NHS "depends on speedier LCQ21: M arine Parks

healthcare outside hospitals" Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is a question by
Senior doctors at NHS England acknowledged the the Hon Wu Chi-wai and a written reply by the
problems the service has experienced, but said Secretary for the Environment,...
changes would be made to...

Self-care: 3 Ways To Care For Someone An age-old assumption

With M ental 12 November 2013 Last updated at 18:30 ET
I recently had a conversation with a representative Article written by Mark Easton Home editor More
of Bupta, a United Kingdom, Edinburgh based from Mark Follow Mark on...
healthcare service. Our discussion...

Using morphine after abdominal Obama in Bind Trying to Keep Health

surgery may prolong pain, researchers Law Vow
find After the presidents apology last week for wrongly
Using morphine to fight the pain associated with assuring Americans that they could retain their
abdominal surgery may paradoxically prolong a health plans if they...
patients suffering,...

Some State Insurance Exchanges New discovery on early immune system

Continue to Battle Technical Problems development
In Oregon, the computer system cannot accurately [ | E-mail ] Contact: Charlotta
determine whether people qualify for federal BiersCharlotta.Boiers@med.lu.se 46-709-436-
subsidies or Medicaid, so the... 812Lund University Researchers at Lund

Biomaterial-delivered chemotherapy Stepparents are not always evil

could provide final blow to brain tumors [ | E-mail ] Contact: William Raillant-Clarkw.raillant-
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Emma clark@umontreal.ca 514-343-7593University of
Thorneemma.thorne@nottingham.ac.uk 44-011- Montreal Parents...
595-15793University of Nottingham A polymer

No hot flashes? Then dont count on Controlling the hormonal environment

hormones to improve quality of life in endometrial cancer sensitizes
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Eileen tumors to PARP inhibitors
Petridisepetridis@fallscommunications.com 216- Modulating the hormonal environment in which
696-0229The North American Menopause endometrial cancers grow could make tumors
Society... significantly more sensitive to a...

Clinical trial looks at impact of platelet- Study aims to change traditional

rich plasma therapy on tennis elbow approach to preventing pressure
A procedure intended to help heal musculoskeletal ulcers
injuries called platelet-rich plasma therapy, or A study led by Nancy Bergstrom, Ph.D., associate
P.R.P., has created a... dean at The University of Texas Health Science
Center at Houston (UTHealth)...

Cells show signs of faster aging after Experts Reshape Treatment Guide For
depression Cholesterol
(HealthDay)The cells of people who have had The new approach divides people needing
depression may age more quickly, a new study treatment into two broad risk categories. Those at
suggests. Dutch researchers compared... high risk because, for example,...

William Pollack Dies at 87; His Vaccine Johnson & Johnson Said to Agree to $4
Saved Infants Billion Settlement Over Hip Implants
He had diabetes and heart disease, his son The tentative plan, which must win court approval,
Malcolm said in confirming the death. Dr. Pollack represents one of the largest payouts for product
was a senior scientist... liability claims involving...

Legal bid over swine flu jab link to Legal high that cost 18-year-old his life
narcolepsy was a walk into disaster
Evidence compiled by the Health Protection Agency The inquest heard that Mr Hunt told his friend that
earlier this year suggests that about one in 55,000 he had bought two grams of AMT and he intended
vaccinated children... to take it later that...

Technology is a back injury time bomb Obesity, bipolarity may have common
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for children mechanisms
Its vital we instil good habits and provide By Eleanor McDermid, Senior medwireNews
resources so children can be comfortable, be able Reporter The presence of obesity in patients with
to concentrate, reach... major depression could be a sign...

Protocol for a collaborative meta- CCL3L1 copy number, HIV load, and
analysis of 5-HTTLPR, stress, and immune reconstitution in sub-Saharan
depression Africans
Debate is ongoing about what role, if any, variation The role of copy number variation of the CCL3L1
in the serotonin transporter linked polymorphic gene, encoding MIP1alpha, in contributing to the
region (5-HTTLPR) plays... host variation in susceptibility...

Co-expression network analysis and What practices do parents perceive as

genetic algorithms for gene effective or ineffective in promoting a
prioritization in preeclampsia healthy diet, physical activity, and less
In this study, we explored the gene prioritization in sitting in children: parent focus groups
preeclampsia, combining co-expression network To support parents in improving the health of their
analysis and genetic... young children, examples of effective parenting
practices for a healthy...

FBI Seeking Information About a Flu watch coming to UK schools

Suspected Child Sexual Predator 12 November 2013 Last updated at 20:05 ET By
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online
seeking the publics assistance in identifying an Scientists...
unknown male suspected of...

NHS shake-up proposes two-tier A&E Researchers find a new solution in

12 November 2013 Last updated at 19:47 ET By detecting breast-cancer related
Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News lymphedem
Pressures have... Viewed as one of the most feared outcomes of
breast cancer treatment, doctors struggle detecting
and diagnosing breast-cancer...

Switzerland bans e-cigarettes in public Fugitive Who Faces Charges Related to

transport Pipe Bombs Found in Residential
Use of e-cigarettes in public transport in Neighborhoods Arrested in Banning
Switzerland will be banned as of next month, the BANNINGA Desert Hot Springs man who was

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national association of mass... charged for illegally possessing pipe bombs he
allegedly left in Palm Springs...

FBI Seeking Individuals Who M ay Have Belcourt M an Pleads Guilty to M urder

Information Regarding a Suspected BISMARCKUnited States Attorney Timothy Q
Child Sexual Predator Purdon announced that on November 8, 2013,
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is Daniel Greatwalker Jr, 23, Belcourt,...
seeking the publics assistance with obtaining
identifying information regarding...

Habitual Domestic Violence Offender "Implementation of the Basic Law in

Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Pregnant Hong Kong" luncheon held in Toronto
Girlfriend Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Convenor of the
ALBUQUERQUETayah Edwards, 40, pleaded Working Group on Overseas Community under the
guilty this morning to a felony information charging Basic Law Promotion Steering...
him with assault resulting...

Social M edia Ethics: What Private The Healing Power of Self-Disclosure

Practice Therapists Need to Searching within ourselves and coming to terms
Familiarize yourself with social media ethics and with the issues and habits that have perhaps
use technology intentionally to educate your hindered us (and those that helped...
community and to build your...

What One Clinician Learned about M agnetic brain stimulation may help
Coping with Loss smokers quit
Clinical psychologist Christina G. Hibbert, PsyD, (HealthDay)When willpower doesnt work,
has experienced many losses in her life. When she smokers who want to quit may have a new tool
was 10, her grandfather... someday: magnetic brain stimulation. A...

Parental monitoring lowers odds of a Halifax food bank focuses on HIV-

gambling problem positive clients
Keeping an eye on your child can lower their odds A food bank specializing in helping Halifax-area
for gambling by young adulthood, according to residents with life-threatening illnesses says
research conducted at Columbia... demand is rising this year. The...

TV appeal after Philippines typhoon ACC/AHA release new guideline for

12 November 2013 Last updated at 16:05 ET assessing cardiovascular risk in adults
Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
JavaScript to play. The Disasters Emergency... The American College of Cardiology and the
American Heart Association today released a new
clinical practice guideline to...

ACC/AHA publish new guideline for AHA/ACC joint clinical practice guideline
management of blood cholesterol Eating an overall heart-healthy diet and being
The American College of Cardiology and the physically active is critical for preventing heart
American Heart Association today released a new attacks, strokes and other...
clinical practice guideline for...

Clinical Practice Guideline offers Disability and the Invisible American

roadmap to treat adults affected by Gulag Archipelago
obesity, overweight The escape, earlier this year, of three women from
Healthcare providers are on the front line of the a home in Cleveland where they were held captive
obesity epidemic poised to identify who needs to for roughly a decade...
lose weight for health...

Is Your Daily M ultivitamin Doing What Animals Can Teach Us About

Anything? Being Better Human Beings
While plenty of us dutifully pop a daily multivitamin, Our animal counterparts have quite a few lessons
new research suggests that the benefits of doing to offer (the value of napping, for one). Humans are
so are a little lacking. Certainly... fundamentally social...

How We Can Stop Hospitals From Over- UTHealth study aims to change
Billing traditional approach to preventing
On Sept. 3, 2012, Jeff Kortan was involved in a pressure ulcers
bicycle accident and was taken by ambulance to [ | E-mail ] Contact: Edgar
Mercy San Juan Hospital in... VelizEdgar.R.Veliz@uth.tmc.edu 713-500-
3307University of Texas Health Science Center at
Houston IMAGE: ...

Taking a new look at carbon nanotubes Studies explore potential origins of

[ | E-mail ] Contact: Lynn Yarrislcyarris@lbl.gov 510- addiction and treatments
486-5375DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National [ | E-mail ] Contact: Kat Snodgrassmedia@sfn.org
Laboratory Berkeley Lab researchers... 202-962-4090Society for Neuroscience Novel
therapies for nicotine, heroin,...

M usical training shapes brain anatomy NYU researchers find a new solution in
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and affects function detecting breast-cancer related
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Kat Snodgrassmedia@sfn.org lymphedem
202-962-4090Society for Neuroscience Training [ | E-mail ] Contact: Christopher
before age 7 has bigger impact... Jameschristopher.james@nyu.edu 212-998-
6876New York University Findings suggest

Evidence of 3.5 billion-year-old Why M ammogram Guidelines Would

bacterial ecosystems found in Australia Have M issed Amy Robachs Cancer
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Robert M. Good Morning America host Amy Robach revealed
Hazenrhazen@ciw.eduCarnegie Institution IMAGE: on her show that a recent on-air mammogram had
A rock surface is displaying polygonal... found she has breast cancer,...

Senior House Democrat favors letting Watch: Intra-operative M RI Brain

Americans keep health policies Surgery
WASHINGTON (Reuters) The second-ranking Typhoon Haiyan Damage, Rescues Caught on
Democrat in the House of Representatives said on Tape Watch: Intra-operative MRI Brain Surgery
Tuesday that Americans receiving...

U.S. Catholic bishops new leaders Can damp, mouldy rooms increase risk
concerned with poor of Parkinsons?
By Mary Wisniewski BALTIMORE (Reuters) U.S. Some mould emits a compound or vapour known
Catholic bishops elected two centrist conservatives as mushroom alcohol Can cause two genes
as new leaders on... involved in the transport...

Groom walks again in time for his Great-grandmother died after being
wedding after having BOTOX injections ignored for 12 hours at Tameside
in his legs Hospital
James Taylor developed snapping hip syndrome Barbara White, 77, died from a bowel infection at
after falling down stairs The condition is caused by Tameside Hospital Left unchecked for 12 hours so
the movement of a muscle... medics failed to realised...

Parasitologist grows parasite in her Will Pilates Help You Lose Weight?
foot Yes, it can! This type of exercise moves the body in
Marlene Thielecke took regular photos and videos a way that optimizes circulation, betters digestion,
of the flea in her foot After two months she became and helps the...

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Property M anager Admits Role in M ulti- M an Sought in Navajo Indian
M illion-Dollar M ortgage Fraud Reservation Shooting Arrested
CAMDEN, NJA property manager admitted today A Shiprock, New Mexico man wanted for the
to conspiring to defraud financial institutions as October 10, 2013 shooting of a woman at a
part of a multi-million-dollar... housing complex on the Navajo Indian...

Five M ore Defendants, Including a Sparks M an Charged with Soliciting a

Correctional Officer, Plead Guilty in M inor for Sex
Racketeering Conspiracy RENO, NVA Sparks resident has been arrested
BALTIMOREFive defendants, all from Baltimore, for soliciting a minor to engage in sex with him in
pleaded guilty this week to their participation in a exchange for a laptop...
racketeering conspiracy...

Former Peoria Real Estate Developer to How love can warm you up: Feeling
Serve Two Years in Prison for Role in affection and even holding a heated
Fraud Scheme object boost brain activity
SPRINGFIELD, ILFormer Peoria, Illinois real Declarations of support and affection actually leave
estate developer Shara Andrews, now of Mobile, us feeling physically warmer, claim scientists The
Alabama, was sentenced today... findings suggest...

Cameron Park M an Pleads Guilty to Rosebud M an Sentenced for Sexual

Bank Embezzlement Abuse
SACRAMENTO, CAEthan George Banaszak, 35, United States Attorney Brendan V Johnson
of Cameron Park pleaded guilty today to one count announced that a Rosebud, South Dakota man
of bank embezzlement, United... convicted of sexual abuse was sentenced...

Palm Beach County Gastroenterologist Human Cytomegalovirus (HCM V)

Charged with Filing False Tax Returns induces Human Endogenous Retrovirus
Wifredo A Ferrer, United States Attorney for the (HERV) transcription
Southern District of Florida; Jose A Gonzalez, Emerging evidence suggests that human
Special Agent in Charge,... cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is highly prevalent in
tumours of different origin. This virus...

Video: Why Black & White Thinking Can Last M an Sentenced to Six Years in
Be So Federal Prison for Role in Sarasota
Why do we park in a driveway, but drive on a M ortgage Fraud Conspiracy
parkway? my third grade teacher, Mrs. OMalley, TAMPAUnited States District Judge Richard A
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
once asked during an... Lazzara sentenced J Patrick Brester (41, Sarasota)
yesterday to six years...

104 Reasons For Happiness Winnipeg docs give Nicaraguans gift of

HI HOORAY! Today, November 12, 2013, weve got new knees
104 Reasons For Happiness 1 week of time Dozens of Nicaraguans have new knees thanks
living/learning = 7 days +... to a corps of Winnipeg medical professionals and
an amazing three days of...

Innovative knee injury clinic saving Being a bully linked to casual, risky sex
money, doctor says NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Teens who bully
Dr. Nick Mohtadi runs the Acute Knee Injury Clinic other kids, or are both bullies and bullied
at the University of Calgary, a service he says is themselves, are more likely...
saving the Alberta...

U.S. FDA review supports Vanda sleep Dendreon to cut more jobs as cancer
drug; shares surge vaccine sales drop again
(Reuters) An experimental sleep-disorder drug (Reuters) Biotechnology company Dendreon
made by Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc is safe and Corp said it would reduce annual costs by $125
effective enough to warrant... million and cut about 150...

Could Low Brown Fat Levels Be Tied Obesity Is Driving Surge in Knee
to Higher Diabetes Risk? Replacements, Study Finds
TUESDAY Nov. 12, 2013 South Asian people TUESDAY Nov. 12, 2013 Rising rates of obesity
have lower amounts of so-called brown fat than among people younger than 65 may be the main
white people... reason for the rapidly...

M eat Products Could Raise Diabetes 5 Health Claims About Hot Yoga: True
Risk: Study Or False
TUESDAY Nov. 12, 2013 To avoid developing Posted on November 12, 2013 by Elisabeth Buhl
type 2 diabetes, you may have been told to watch Thubron 5 Health Claims About Hot Yoga: True Or
your calories and kick... False Good or bad for your...

Found: The Brain's Rotten-Smell Button M etamaterial Harvests Energy From

Window or aisle? Hamburger or hot dog? Bouquet M icrowaves
of flowers or rotting flesh? Not all your preferences Researchers at Duke Universitys Pratt School of
are up to yousome... Engineering have created an inexpensive material
capable of harvesting...
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Vegetable Patties With Citrus M ango iVUN: interactive Visualization of
Salsa Uncertain biochemical reaction
This light meal is so fresh and tasty, full of Networks
vitamins, and packs a protein punch with the Mathematical models are nowadays widely used to
addition of chickpeas. Whats... describe biochemical reaction networks. One of the
main reasons for this...

Exploring cavity dynamics in M aTSE: the gene expression time-

biomolecular systems series explorer
The internal cavities of proteins are dynamic High throughput gene expression time-course
structures and their dynamics may be associated experiments provide a perspective on biological
with conformational changes... functioning recognized as having...

The endotoxin/toll-like receptor-4 axis Incident of electronic radiology reports

mediates gut microvascular dysfunction Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
associated with post-prandial lipidemia behalf of the Hospital Authority: The Hospital
Postprandial lipidemia is important in the Authority (HA) spokesman...
development of coronary artery disease (CAD).
Consumption of a meal high in monounsaturated...

Prescription painkiller abuse exploding Hospital closures challenge fails

in Hamilton 12 November 2013 Last updated at 09:45 ET A
Hamilton has a prescription drug problem, and its north London council has failed to get a judicial
getting dramatically worse. Where crack once review of the decision to close...
reigned as the most dangerous...

Health challenge faces Philippines Worlds largest disease database will

12 November 2013 Last updated at 08:40 ET A use artificial intelligence to find new
mother recuperates after giving birth in a makeshift cancer treatments
clinic in Tacloban city The... A new cancer database containing 1.7 billion
experimental results will utilise artificial intelligence
similar to the technology...

Polish study on M RI-ultrasound for A longitudinal study of grapheme-color

targeted prostate biopsy wins CEM synaesthesia in childhood
award What colour is H? Is 4 brighter than 9? For most
people these questions might seem baffling, but
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Ultrasound not for people with grapheme-color...
(MRIUS)- guided prostate biopsy has high
sensitivity to detect prostate abnormalities...

Successful grant applications and Dani Shapiro: 7 Places Where Your Pain
scholarly impact in neurosurgery Hides
Researchers have found a strong relationship The author of Devotion: A Memoir explains where to
between scholarly impact and success in receiving find those private, personal aches. 1. In Our Bones
awards from the National Institutes... (Literally) Once,...

DJ Cavem, Denver Rapper, Urges Kids Do You Struggle With the Doom Loop?
To Eat Kale So many people never get to enjoy their life, their
By Hannah Wallace Armed with a boom box and a success, their excellence. Why? Because they live
blender, hip-hop artist Ietef Vita is using a typically with an inner Gremlin...
tough-guy art form...

Real M en Go To Sleep The 7 How-Tos of Love Relationships

The primary message sometimes implicit, often Relationships were meant to be the joyful journey
boastfully announced is that extended of two loving people striving towards fulfillment and
sleeplessness represents... enlightenment. If...

Video: Hypochondria: Why medical Hypochondria: Sifting through

students (and many others) worry about symptoms to diagnose disease
conditions they dont really have In this digital age of medicine, its hard not to look
November 12, 2013 5:18 AM Doctors see it all the up your symptoms online and fear the worst. But
time and sometimes experience it too. hypochondriasis,...
Hypochondria is when youre...

Video: Straight talk about sex for Does the cold remedy your family
cancer patients swears by really work?
November 12, 2013 6:00 AM Cancer treatment can By Lucy Elkins PUBLISHED: 17:59 EST, 11
take a physical toll on patients, and the issue of November 2013 | UPDATED: 05:31 EST, 12
sexual health is not often... November 2013 When a cold strikes, you can...

Womans weight plunged to 5st 7lb Obese mother loses 17 STONE and is
after OCD made her believe everything crowned Slimming Worlds Woman of
she ate was POISON the Year

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Samantha Brown, 27, was eventually diagnosed Kim Freshwater, 45, dropped from an obese 29st
with unusual form of OCD Had she lost another to a trim 11st 7lbs She was a size 38 but since her
half a stone, she may have suffered... diet she wears size 10...

Identification of three new Alu Yb Systematics of the Oswaldoi Complex

subfamilies by source tracking of (Anopheles, Nyssorhynchus) in South
recently integrated Alu Yb elements America
Alu elements are the most abundant mobile Effective malaria control relies on accurate
elements in the human genome, with over 1 million identification of those Anopheles mosquitoes
copies and constituting more... responsible for the transmission...

Visual cavity analysis in molecular Cell-to-Cell Signaling Through Light:

simulations Just a Ghost of Chance?
Molecular surfaces provide a useful mean for Despite the large number of reports attributing the
analyzing interactions between biomolecules; such signaling between detached cell cultures to the
as identification and characterization... electromagnetic phenomena,...

enRoute: dynamic path extraction from Public seem to like e-cigarettes

biological pathway maps for exploring 12 November 2013 Last updated at 04:03 ET By
heterogeneous experimental datasets Graham Satchell BBC News The British Medical
Jointly analyzing biological pathway maps and Association wants...
experimental data is critical for understanding how
biological processes work...

Best of Our Blogs: November 12, 2013 Kaiser Permanentes M edicare health
When faced with a challenge, do you confront it or plan website launches new seminar
hide from it? You may not identify with being an search tool
addict, alcoholic or... Kaiser Permanentes highly rated Medicare health
plan website, kp.org/medicare, has launched a
new feature that is...

FDA Advisory Committee votes in favor Revalesio to conduct RNS60 Phase IIa
of Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid L24 Implant clinical trial in RRM S patients
System Revalesio Corporation is pleased to announce a
Cochlear Limited (ASX: COH), the global leader in new collaboration with noted neurologist Dr.
implantable hearing solutions, announced today Roland Martin, Head of Neuroimmunology...
that an advisory committee...

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Hebrew University to participate in new Rick Stein: I drink too much but lifes
European research project on chronic too short and wines too nice
pain By Nick Mcgrath PUBLISHED: 20:16 EST, 11
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of 11 November 2013 | UPDATED: 04:13 EST, 12
universities, medical centers and research November 2013 Chef Rick Stein: Im...
institutes in seven countries...

Plasma neutrophil gelatinase- Hong Kong resident jailed for

associated lipocalin in acute kidney conspiracy to defraud
injury superimposed on chronic kidney Hong Kong (HKSAR) One Hong Kong resident
disease after cardiac surgery: a who arranged bogus marriages was charged with
multicenter prospective study one count of conspiracy to...

IntroductionPlasma neutrophil gelatinase-

associated lipocalin (NGAL) is reportedly useful for
post-cardiac surgery acute...

WHO Western Pacific Regional meeting Cluster of Rotavirus cases in Siu Lam
in HK to address harmful use of alcohol Hospital
by young people Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Representatives from behalf of the Hospital Authority: The spokesperson
countries/areas in the Western Pacific Region of for Siu Lam Hospital...
the World Health Organization...

VIDEO: New mothers paid to Study provides new evidence

breastfeed underlining the significance of bitter
New mothers are to be offered up to 200 in taste perception
shopping vouchers to encourage them to Its no coincidence that the expression to leave a
breastfeed their babies. The pilot scheme... bitter taste in ones mouth has a double

Nontoxic therapy shows encouraging BioGaia plans to invest in first phase of

results in blood samples from lupus project aimed at developing drug for
patients NEC
Northwestern Medicine- scientists have The board of BioGaia (STO:BIOG-B) has decided to
successfully tested a nontoxic therapy that invest in the first phase of a long-term project
suppresses Lupus in blood samples of people... aimed at developing a drug...

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ED visits associated with OTC pediatric Validation of miRNA-mRNA interactions
cough cold medicines in children by electrophoretic mobility shift assays
decline MicroRNAs are small non-coding RNAs involved in
A new study, Cough and Cold Medication Adverse gene expression regulation by targeting specific
Events After Market Withdrawal and Labeling regions in the 3[prime]-UTR...
Revision, shows...

Gene aberrations of RRM 1 and RRM 2B Growth of infants fed formula

and outcome of advanced breast supplemented with Bifidobacterium
cancer after treatment with docetaxel lactis Bb12 or Lactobacillus GG: a
with or without gemcitabine systematic review of randomized
The purpose of the present study was to controlled trials
retrospectively evaluate whether copy number Growth is an essential outcome measure for
changes of the genes encoding the evaluating the safety of any new ingredients,
ribonucleotide... including probiotics, added to infant...

Ten-year changes in the prevalence of How is intensive care reimbursed? a

overweight, obesity and central obesity review of eight European countries
among the Chinese adults in urban Reimbursement schemes in intensive care are
Shanghai, 19982007 comparison of more complex than in other areas of healthcare,
two cross-sectional surveys due to special procedures and...

In China, obesity is expected to increase rapidly in

both urban and rural areas. However, there have
been no comprehensive...

Blocking lock and key site of lung New data plotting tool from
cancer proteins could lead to new F1000Research
treatments A condition of publishing in the Open Access life
Blocking lock and key site of lung cancer proteins sciences journal F1000Research is that authors
could lead to new treatments Monday 11 November make the data underlying...
2013 Cancer...

GOP sees potential in health laws Issa issues another subpoena about
problems, as website issues and health law website his target: Top
overhaul complications take toll on White House tech officer
Obamas ratings So far, the White House has resisted
Even as Republican lawmakers took a hard line congressional Republican efforts to speak with
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
during the weekend talk shows, Democrats still chief technology officer Todd Park about...
maintain the measure will,...

Researchers discover new pathway for 6-Shogaol induces apoptosis in human

treating allergic diseases leukemia cells through a process
A collaboration among researchers in Israel and involving caspase-mediated cleavage
the United States has resulted in the discovery of a of eIF2alpha
new pathway that has... 6-Shogaol is a promising antitumor agent isolated
from dietary ginger (Zingiber officinale). However,
little is known about...

A simple three-dimensional stent for Porphyromonas gingivalis oral infection

proper placement of mini-implant exacerbates the development and
This paper deals with the fabrication of a three- severity of collagen-induced arthritis
dimensional stent which is simple in design but IntroductionClinical studies suggest a direct
provides an accurate placement... influence of periodontal disease (PD) on serum
inflammatory markers and disease...

M icroRNA-10b overexpression Specialist Cyprus software developer

promotes non-small cell lung cancer sets up in Hong Kong
cell proliferation and invasion Hong Kong (HKSAR) Cyprus-based software
miRNAs are a class of small non-coding RNA developer InfoScreen announced today (November
molecules that play an important role in the 12) that it has opened its...
pathogenesis of human diseases through...

New mums paid to breastfeed How best to help the Philippines

11 November 2013 Last updated at 19:41 ET By recover from Typhoon Haiyan
Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News The Once again, a cataclysmic disaster has hit an
World Health... Asian nation. But a well co-ordinated aid response
mindful of lessons from...

Cantonese Opera Day 2013 to be held at Speech by SFST at Hong Kong

HKCC on November 24 M anagement Association Annual
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Leisure and Cultural Conference 2013
Services Department (LCSD) will present the 11th Hong Kong (HKSAR) Following is the speech by
Cantonese Opera Day on... the Secretary for Financial Services and the
Treasury, Professor K C...

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Hidden workforce crisis in nursing Poem: How Do You Write A Raison In
11 November 2013 Last updated at 22:49 ET By The Sun
Jane Dreaper Health correspondent, BBC News How do I write a raison in the sun? Or a Poes
NHS trusts trying... Raven How bout a Ginsberg Howl How do I write a
poem To put me on the...

ASN: Bardoxolone methyl no benefit in Post-op prophylactic heparin poses

T2DM , stage 4 CKD very low bleed risk
(HealthDay)Bardoxolone methyl does not reduce (HealthDay)The risk of hemorrhage seems to be
the risk of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or very low when prophylactic low-molecular-weight
cardiovascular death in patients... heparin (LMWH) is initiated...

Estrogen after menopause may blunt New study analyzes sharp rise in US
stress effects on memory drug poisoning deaths by county
(HealthDay)Estrogen therapy after menopause A new study published in the American Journal of
may help reduce the memory problems associated Preventive Medicine gives new insight into the
with stress in some older women,... geographic variation in drug...

Amy Robach of ABC Says On-Air M e and my operation: The nerve-

M ammogram Found Breast Cancer tingling surgery that gives weak hearts
Reluctantly, she agreed. You know what, Amy, her a boost
colleague Robin Roberts, a breast cancer survivor, By Thea Jourdan PUBLISHED: 19:26 EST, 11
told her, if... November 2013 | UPDATED: 20:29 EST, 11
November 2013 A device to treat heart failure...

Grandmother whos been on a diet for #42 Children Who Live Abundantly
50 YEARS finally achieves her target ukgardenphotos via Compfight The overarching
weight of 9st 9lb at the age of 77 goalthe reason for all of this effortis to raise
Brenda Boxall started slimming in her late 20s after happy, productive children...
ballooning to 20st Now, after more than half a
century of dieting and...

Teens may have less impulse control APNewsBreak: M ilitary suicides drop;
when faced with danger unclear why (Update)
(HealthDay)Teens react more impulsively to Suicides across the U.S. military have dropped by
danger than children or adults, which might explain more than 22 percent this year, defense officials
why theyre more... said, amid an array of...

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Study probes heroin addictions effect Overweight, obese are risks for heart
on the brain disease regardless of metabolic
(HealthDay)Long-term heroin use changes how syndrome
genes are activated in the brain, which leads to Being overweight or obese are risk factors for
changes in brain function,... myocardial infarction (heart attack) and ischemic
heart disease (IHD) regardless...

World Briefing | Europe: Russia: Four M y Privates Have a Personal Trainer:

Are Sentenced for Airport Attack Stories From Pelvic Floor Rehab (Part
The Moscow Regional Court sentenced three men One)
on Monday to life in prison for their role in the 2011 Okay, now do a Kegel, Ally says. I lie on the table
suicide bombing at the... with my heels touching each other, my knees
splayed to...

The Lobotomists Are Back! M etabolic syndrome components signal

Researchers at Laval University in Quebec City, resistant hypertension
Canada have published a new study of current By Eleanor McDermid, Senior medwireNews
psychosurgery at their facility,... Reporter Chinese patients with hypertension that is
difficult to treat often have...

Pneumococcal pneumonia linked to Veterans, Suicide, War and Peace

lung cancer risk If men could learn from historywhat lessons it
By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter might teach us! But Passion and Party blind our
Pneumococcal pneumonia is significantly eyes, and the light...
associated with risk for lung cancer, show...

Why PTSD makes you feel so out of New mums "paid" to breastfeed
control 11 November 2013 Last updated at 19:41 ET By
Someone with a healthy regulation system follows Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News The
the yellow activation pattern: A) starts with a calm World Health...
baseline B) gets activated...

Fewer ER visits for kids after cold Swine flu pandemic media pundits with
medicine restrictions pharma links more likely to talk up risks
(HealthDay) Restrictions placed on cough and and promote drugs
cold medicines may be working, with fewer young Academics with links to the pharmaceutical
children ending up in the... industry were more likely to talk up the risks of the
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2009-10 swine flu pandemic...

Protein illustrates muscle damage Less brown fat could help explain why
Researchers at McMaster University have a fifth of the worlds population is
discovered a protein that is only detectable after highly susceptible to type 2 diabetes
muscle damage, and it may serve... Lower amounts of brown adipose tissue (BAT, or
brown fat) could help explain why south Asians
who make up...

Global Health: 20 M illion in M ideast to Insomnia hurts job performance of

Get Polio Vaccine depressed patients
The region was polio-free for 10 years, until a By Lucy Piper, Senior medwireNews Reporter
Pakistani strain was detected in sewers in Egypt in Sleep disturbances in patients with current
January. It has since... depressive or anxiety disorders are...

ICS overuse warning in COPD Lifestyle changes boost QoL during

By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter long-term ADT
Researchers from the UK caution that inhaled By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter A study
corticosteroids (ICS) are being overused... shows that a lifestyle intervention, involving an
exercise program and dietary...

Non-invasive method aids LUTS surgery Examining associations between

decisions anxiety and cortisol in high functioning
By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter male children with autism
Researchers say that non-invasive urodynamics Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterized
could be used to assess prostatic obstruction... by deficits in communication and social ability, as
well as restricted interests...

Why Typhoon Haiyan Caused So M uch Theoretical aspects and modelling of

Damage cellular decision making, cell killing and
Enlarge image i This map from the NOAA information-processing in
Environmental Visualization Laboratory shows the photodynamic therapy of cancer
amount of heat energy available... The aim of this report is to provide a mathematical
model of the mechanism for making binary fate
decisions about cell death...

M odelling binding between CCR5 and Has Contempt Crept into Your
CXCR4 receptors and their ligands Communications? Watch Out!
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
suggests the surface electrostatic Contempt is a relationship killer. It can and does
potential of the co-receptor to be a key destroy marriages. It can wound a childs self
player in the HIV-1 tropism image, poison the workplace,...
CCR5 and CXCR4 are the two membrane-
standing proteins that, along with CD4, facilitate
entry of HIV particles into the host...

Shut Off the TV: Parent-Child Interaction What Task Can YOU Complete Every
Best for Baby Day for Better
Very few parents can resist the urge to use Sign:What task do you complete every day to help
television at least occasionally to entertain their you with your mental illness?Caption: I wake up!!
children. And occasional... Day 11 of National Health...

The I Word Veterans Day: What We Fail To

You dont have to be a Buddhist to become Acknowledge About M ental
enlightened. (Charlie) Ive been thinking a lot lately Do you know a veteran? Do you know the thoughts
about the I word.... they think, the feelings they experience, or the fears
they have? What about...

Body Image Booster: Check In Corn, sunflower, safflower oil health

Every Monday features a tip, activity, inspiring quote benefits challenged
or some other tidbit that helps boost your body In 2012, Health Canada agreed to let
image, whether directly... manufacturers of cooking oils containing either
omega-6 or omega-3 fatty acids claim...

VIDEO: Walk-in closures may cut GP Obese older women at higher risk for
access death, disease, disability before age 85
Closing walk-in centres may make it harder for Obesity and a bigger waist size in older women are
people to see GPs and risks sending more associated with a higher risk of death, major
people to AE, according to... chronic disease and mobility...

Problem-solving education reduces Device may help doctors diagnose

parental stress after child autism lethal heart rhythm in womb
diagnosis A promising technology may enable doctors to
A cognitive-behavioral intervention known as diagnose and possibly treat in utero a common
problem-solving education (PSE) may help reduce cause of stillbirth and sudden...
parental stress and depressive...

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Study examines amyloid deposition in Bungling doctors told Emily and
patients with traumatic brain injury Chelsea to abort their lifeless babies.
Patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) had Thank God they refused
increased deposits of -Amyloid (A) plaques, a Emily Wheatley, 32, from Monmouth, South Wales,
hallmark of Alzheimer Disease... was told she had miscarried and given tablets to
pass the tissue at just...

Desperately seeking a donor or Ill die Clarinet player who didnt clean his
within months: Woman in urgent need instrument for 30 YEARS develops
of a new kidney is forced to place an saxophone lung from fungus
ADVERT in her local paper The 68-year-old American man suffered coughing
Janet Bell, 43, was first diagnosed with kidney and wheezing for a year He was allergic to a
failure 17 years ago She has already had two fungus growing inside his dirty...
kidney transplants from deceased...

Big Brothers Josie Gibson reveals Ferrari Of Space Crashes And Burns In
battle to avoid weight gain after Earths Atmosphere
slimming down Enlarge image i An artists rendition of the GOCE
Big Brother star is one of several yo-yo dieters in satellite shows the craft in its orbit around Earth.
Channel 5 documentary Show reveals the After...
depressing truth of weight loss...

Long-term outcome of vertebral artery Breast cancer follow-up strategies in

origin stenosis in patients with acute randomized phase III adjuvant clinical
ischemic stroke trials: a systematic review
Vertebral artery origin (VAO) stenosis is The effectiveness of different breast cancer follow-
occasionally observed in patients who have acute up procedures to decrease breast cancer mortality
ischemic stroke. We investigated... are still an object...

The proinsulin/insulin (PI/I) ratio is Effect of sodium bicarbonate and beta-

reduced by postprandial targeting alanine supplementation on maximal
therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a sprint swimming
small-scale clinical study This study examined the effect of simultaneous
An elevated PI/I ratio is attributable to increased supplementation of extracellular buffer sodium
secretory demand on beta-cells. However, the bicarbonate (SB) and intracellular...
effect of postprandial targeting...

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Cardiovascular Disease Risk of Bus Veterans Day 2013: Honoring Our Vets
Drivers in a City of Korea with Better Access
ObjectiveTo prevent the occurrence of CV events This Veterans Day, we honor the sacrifices made
such as MI and stroke among professional drivers by our veterans, fighting for freedom and liberty not
in Korea, bus drivers were... only for Americans,...

Worlds biggest cancer database to aid Corn, soybean, safflower oil health
new treatment development claims challenged
Worlds biggest cancer database to aid new In 2012, Health Canada agreed to let
treatment development Monday 11 November 2013 manufacturers of cooking oils containing either
A major new database funded... omega-6 or omega-3 fatty acids claim...

Cameron takes centre stage on NHS Camel tests positive for M ers virus
11 November 2013 Last updated at 12:28 ET 11 November 2013 Last updated at 12:18 ET
Article written by James Landale Deputy political Preliminary tests suggest the camel was infected
editor More from James Follow... with the same virus as its owner A...

Expanding primary care capacity by Transforming the physician workforce

reducing inefficiency through competitive graduate
Producing more healthcare providers is often education funding
touted as the principle solution to the looming Graduate Medical Education (GME) has fallen short
shortage in the primary care... in training physicians to meet changes in the U.S.
population and health...

Nurture impacts nature: Experiences Changing the conversation: Polymers

leave genetic mark on brain, behavior disrupt bacterial communication
New human and animal research released today (Phys.org) Artificial materials based on simple
demonstrates how experiences impact genes that synthetic polymers can disrupt the way in which
influence behavior and health.... bacteria communicate with...

Effectiveness of Primary Care Triple P Association of apolipoprotein A1 -75 G/A

on child psychosocial problems in polymorphism with susceptibility to the
preventive child healthcare: a development of acute lung injury after
randomized controlled trial cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
Psychosocial problems in children have adverse IntroductionApolipoprotein A1 (apoA1) is the major
effects on the children, their families, and society, apoprotein constituent of high density lipoprotein
thus early intervention... (HDL) which exerts...

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The anti-erbB3 antibody M M - Arthrogryposis in infancy,
121/SAR256212 in combination with multidisciplinary approach: case report
trastuzumab exerts potent antitumor Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita is an
activity against trastuzumab-resistant etiopathogenetically heterogeneous disorder
breast cancer cells characterised by non-progressive multiple...

Elevated expression of erbB3 receptor has been

reported to induce resistance to therapeutic
agents, including trastuzumab...

Understanding childbirth practices as Fed Up With Social M edia?

an organizational cultural phenomenon: You are not alone. Users of sites like Facebook,
a conceptual framework Twitter and Friendster are leaving their digital
Understanding the main values and beliefs that social fixes behind...
might promote humanized birth practices in the
specialized hospitals requires...

Single-dose radiotherapy during Sourdough breadmaking cuts gluten

surgery effective in preventing breast content in baked goods
cancer return The demand for gluten-free products continues to
Single-dose radiotherapy during surgery effective grow and sales are expected to double by 2017 in
in preventing breast cancer return Monday 11 Canada. The anti-gluten...
November 2013 A...

M idwives left baby in cupboard Independent cancer probe questioned

11 November 2013 Last updated at 10:45 ET The 11 November 2013 Last updated at 11:46 ET
alleged incident happened in April 2011 on a night Colchester General Hospital is being investigated
shift at Queens... by Essex Police The Royal College...

Spotlight drug detects lingering Study finds key link responsible for
cancer cells colon cancer initiation and metastasis
()When a tumor is surgically removed, theres Chronic inflammation has long been known as a
always a chance the cancer will return. Even the key risk factor for cancer-particularly colon cancer
tiniest bit of malignancy... -but the exact mechanisms...

Obesity and high waist circumference Commission on Poverty convenes

are associated with low circulating eighth meeting
pentraxin-3 in acute coronary syndrome Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Chief Secretary for
W ith PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF!
Long pentraxin 3 (PTX3) is a component of the Administration, Mrs Carrie Lam, chaired the eighth
pentraxin superfamily and a potential marker of meeting of the Commission...
vascular damage and inflammation,...

Proteinase-activated receptors (PARs) Rapidly progressive dementia with

focus on receptor-receptor- thalamic degeneration and peculiar
interactions and their physiological and cortical Prion protein immunoreactivity,
pathophysiological impact but absence of Proteinase K resistant
Proteinase-activated receptors (PARs) are a PrP: a new disease entity?
subfamily of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) Human prion diseases are a group of rare fatal
with four members, PAR1, PAR2,... neurodegenerative conditions with well-developed
clinical and neuropathological...

LegCo to debate a motion on opposing Replacing Anxiety with Faith

the expansion of labour importation More and more lately I have contemplated a
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on documentary film I watched last year on the life of
behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat: The Mother Teresa. I cant remember...
Legislative Council...

Cancer waiting times inquiry begins When care is omittednew research on

11 November 2013 Last updated at 08:57 ET a taboo topic
Colchester General Hospital is being investigated Registered nurses in hospitals often lack the time
by Essex Police An independent... for nursing care activities, such as comfort or talk
with patients or...

Understanding immune system memory Prosthetic hands viewed as eerie by

in a roundabout way the public, new study shows
While the principle of immune memory has been Members of the public would prefer to look at
known for decades, the exact molecular human hands or robotic hands rather than
mechanisms underpinning it have remained... prosthetic hands which they view as...

Cycling champion Cadel Evans takes Patrys initiates IST of PAT-SM 6 in

part in cutting edge cardiopulmonary combination with carfilzomib in multiple
research myeloma patients
As the first Australian to win the Tour de France, Patrys Limited (ASX: PAB), a clinical stage
cycling champion Cadel Evans has already biotechnology company has today announced that
pedalled his way into our hearts.... it is initiating an investigator-sponsored...

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Griffith University launches new online Experts join forces to address the
scholarly journal to fight against future of stem cell research in Australia
pneumonia The challenges of taking stem cell therapy
Advancing the fight against pneumonia is the focus tomarket Australian stem cell experts are joining
of a new online scholarly journal launched by forces to...
Griffith University ePress. With...

HRT could help help prevent How to get the most health benefits
embarrassing senior moments when from your veg? STEAM them: Study
the pressure is on finds boiled or microwaved broccoli
Hormone Replacement Therapy boosts oestrogen has no cancer-fighting properties left
levels in the over-50s Society for Neuroscience has Broccoli is a source of sulforaphane which is
heard it prevents memory... protective against cancer The enzyme myrosinase
in broccoli is needed for sulforaphane...

How zinc starves lethal bacteria to stop EM SD urges consumers to stop using
infection four models of unbranded Christmas
(Phys.org) Australian researchers have found light chains
that zinc can starve one of the worlds most deadly Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Electrical and
bacteria... Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today
(November 11) urged consumers to...

Hong Kong Government takes great SFH visits Sham Shui Po District
interest in promoting arbitration Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Secretary for Food and
services Health, Dr Ko Wing-man, visited Sham Shui Po
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Hong Kong Special District this afternoon...
Administrative Region Government takes a keen
interest in assisting the arbitration...

The easiest way to burn 600 extra Shire to pay $4.2 billion for rare disease
calories a week firm ViroPharma
What if you could work off that slice of pizza without LONDON (Reuters) London-listed Shire is buying
doing a single squat? Good news: You can. You ViroPharma for $4.2 billion, attracted by a pipeline
can burn more than 40... of potentially...

5 Qualities Of A Great Leader 7 Seasonal Foods A Healthy Chef Keeps

To be a leader is to be able to feel, express and In Her Kitchen

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intellectually articulate the needs, wants and Start Slideshow 7 images Fall is a time of
desires of the greater collective... harvest, which is why its a great opportunity to eat

6 Tips To Stay Happy & Healthy During Cantonese music to meet Shanghai
The Holidays music in two concerts
Some love it, others dread it. One things for sure: Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Windpipe Chinese
we cant avoid it, because the holiday season is Music Ensemble will perform two concerts titled
upon us. With... Birds and Flowers,...

Hongkong Post launches Christmas and ACAD launches third-round funding

New Year gift hampers exercise of Arts Capacity Development
Hong Kong (HKSAR) With the festive season Funding Scheme
approaching, Hongkong Post is pleased to Hong Kong (HKSAR) The following is issued on
announce the launch of a series... behalf of the Advisory Committee on Arts
Development: The Advisory Committee...

Are there silver nanoparticles in your AUDIO: Getting drunk without the
toothpaste and underwear? alcohol
Silver nanoparticles are being added to a range of Almost 9,000 people die from conditions related to
common consumer goods, including the alcohol each year in the UK. A former government
underwear pictured above. Knix Wear... drugs advisor, Professor...

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Diet pill recalled due to links to liver
Finale: Is Khloe Considering Leaving damage
Lamar? (VIDEO) http://oxyelitepro.com/ Diet pill recalled due to links
While remaining vague about any specifics, the to liver damage
season finale of Keeping Up With the
Kardashians continued to...

Shire buys ViroPharma in $4.2 billion Novartis sells blood transfusion test
deal unit to Grifols for $1.7 billion
LONDON (AP) Drug maker Shire says it is ZURICH/MADRID (Reuters) Switzerlands
buying the rare disease biopharmaceutical Novartis has agreed to sell its blood transfusion
company ViroPharma in a deal worth... testing unit to Spains...

Eat Like A Kid Again With This Caramel M ultiple pregnancies: A major public
Apple Smoothie health concern worldwide
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One of my favorite fall treats is a good, old sticky Strategies to minimize multiple embryo transfer
caramel apple paired with a warm cinnamon- should be considered, say researchers in the
flavored cup of apple cider... American Journal of Obstetrics...

M any Boston-area military veterans Patients quality of life negatively

psychologically affected by Boston affected by perceived discrimination,
M arathon Bombing mistrust in health care
According to a new study, many Boston-area Perceived discrimination and mistrust in health
military veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic care can negatively affect patients quality of life,
stress disorder (PTSD) experienced... according to...

GW Pharmaceuticals starts Phase 1b/2a Lessons In Leadership: Its Not About

clinical trial for Recurrent Glioblastoma You. (Its About Them)
M ultiforme Enlarge image i Ronald Heifetz draws on his
GW Pharmaceuticals plc (Nasdaq: GWPH, AIM: training as a psychiatrist to coach aspiring leaders
GWP, GW) a biopharmaceutical company at Harvards...
focused on discovering, developing...

Invest Hong Kong encourages Hunan The loneliness of language difficulties

companies to "go global" via Hong 9 November 2013 Last updated at 20:19 ET By
Kong Philippa Roxby Health reporter, BBC News Young
Hong Kong (HKSAR) Invest Hong Kong people with...
(InvestHK) today (November 11) hosted a Hong
Kong Your Platform...

M iracle baby born in Philippine Discovery may lead to new treatments

typhoon rubble for allergic diseases
Emily Sagalis cried tears of joy after giving birth to a ()A collaboration among researchers in Israel
miracle girl in a typhoon-ravaged Philippine city,... and the United States has resulted in the discovery
of a new pathway that...

Spains Grifols backs blood diagnostics Oman reports first death linked to
deal with $1.5 billion loan M ERS virus
MADRID (Reuters) Spanish pharmaceuticals MUSCAT, Oman (AP) Oman says officials are
group Grifols said on Monday it would finance its widening health checks following the countrys first
$1.675 billion acquisition... death blamed on...

Interview: Novartis CEO says might sell Research provides new understanding
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animal health, OTC of the effects of race on heart disease
ZURICH (Reuters) Novartis might sell its non- Thomas Jefferson University researchers have
strategic animal health and over-the-counter (OTC) discovered that the formation of blood clots follows
businesses if it... a different molecular route...

Identification of inhibitors of Epidemiological urinalysis of children

Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte from kindergartens of Can Gio, Ho Chi
development M inh City
Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes, specifically Recent studies on Vietnamese children have
mature stages, are the only stage in man shown that kidney diseases are not detected early
transmissible to the mosquito vector... enough to prevent chronic renal...

Long-term tolerability and maintenance Neighborhood socio-economic

of therapeutic response to sodium disadvantage and race/ethnicity as
oxybate in an open-label extension predictors of breast cancer stage at
study in patients with fibromyalgia diagnosis
IntroductionThe long-term safety and therapeutic This study investigated the role of key individual-
response of sodium oxybate (SXB) in fibromyalgia and community-level determinants to explore
syndrome (FM) patients... persisting racial/ethnic...

4 Therapy Skills Everyone Should Have Parents of Our M ilitary: Supporting

You probably do some therapy every day without Their Care and Courage
realizing it. A while ago I was driving to hear a talk One group that is often forgotten in our recognition
near where I live and... of the sacrifices of the men and women who serve
our country is their...

South Park and the Innovation of Gun use in PG-13 movies has more than
Loneliness tripled since 1985
I recently came across the video, The Innovation of The amount of gun violence shown in PG-13 films
Loneliness, by Shimi Cohen, which explores how has more than tripled since 1985, the year the
loneliness continues to... rating was introduced. In...

Salad And Sandwich Recall: M ore Than Scientists receive $1.2M grants to
90 Tons Of Food Recalled For E. Coli explore development of AD in
Contamination individuals with Down syndrome
RICHMOND, Calif. RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) Donna Wilcock of the University of Kentucky
More than 90 tons of ready-to-eat salads and Sanders-Brown Center on Aging is the lead

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sandwiches by a California... investigator on a recently-funded project...

Its never too late for women to start a GOP seeking to rebound on the issue
diet: Even switching to healthy food in of the health law
middle age is likely to lead to a longer Republican leaders believe the problems with the
life rollout of the laws website and the concerns about
Study evaluated the diet and medical records of policy cancellations...
more than 10,000 women It found those on a
Mediterranean diet were healthier...

Thanks OCD! Youve been my saviour in One-stop breast cancer treatment:

the worst year of my life: M ichelle M one Radiation breakthrough will help
is convinced her obsession has helped thousands
her beat every setback even a bitter Gentle X-rays is used to destroy any remaining
divorce her beat every setback tumour cells 30-min procedure removes need for
Lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone was diagnosed with weeks of the conventional...
OCD in her 30s She has four dishwashers in her
home as she cannot bare dirty...

Health Check: how do you choose over- Swallowing the M entally Ill Whole
the-counter painkillers? Injustice is always worse when it gets personal. I
If youre anything like me, your medicine cupboard cant stand the idea that my nephew, who is locked
is chockers with various non-prescription pain up for having whats...
remedies: liquids, pills,...

Surprises in hunt for environmental Talk of Penalty Is M issing in Ads for

links to breast cancer Health Care
A decade-long research effort to uncover the The state and federal health insurance exchanges
environmental causes of breast cancer by studying are using all manner of humor and happy talk to
both lab animals and a group... sell the Affordable Care...

Leonard Herzenberg, Immunologist The Hole Swallowing Our M entally Ill

Who Revolutionized Research, Dies at Injustice is always worse when it gets personal. I
81 cant stand the idea that my nephew, who is locked
He went on to develop precisely that and in up for having whats...
doing so helped revolutionize immunology,
facilitate stem cell research and...

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Elevated dry-season malaria Helping Kids with Trauma Succeed At
prevalence associated with fine-scale School
spatial patterns of environmental risk: a Those early school years, when children ages 6 to
casecontrol study of children in rural 12 are transitioning from a caregiving environment
M alawi to an educational environment,...
Methods: Ten villages were randomly selected
from TA Sitola (n = 6) and Nsamala (n = 4). Within
each village, during June...

Alternative M edicine: Giveaway Top Five Natural Remedies for

#NHBPM Depression
Sign: Its Taboo Chato Stewart: Fart-Burp-Belch Nearly 20 million people in America suffer from
Caption: Digestive Health and Your Mental Health depression every year. The conventional treatment
Wellness Its ten days... for depression that most...

Scan predicts heart attack risk Walk-in closures may cut GP access
10 November 2013 Last updated at 20:14 ET By 10 November 2013 Last updated at 20:14 ET By
James Gallagher Health and science reporter, Caroline Parkinson Health editor, BBC News
BBC News Heart... website Closing...

Editorial: High and Low Premiums in Advertising: Using Humor to Talk About
Health Care Birth Control
As it turns out, there are estimates of how many The pro bono effort, called We Get You, promotes
people might fall into one category or the other. Up Bedsider.org, a website that offers information on
to seven million people... birth control....

Op-Ed Contributor: Daring to Complain The boy who loves to bake but cant eat
About Obamacare (but at least Theo got to blow out the
The Anthem rep cheerily explained that despite the candles on his fifth birthday cake)
companys I paraphrase draconian rates and Theo Carnie cannot eat normal foods and is fed
limited network,... through a tube daily He underwent surgery in 2009
after not being able to...

Lighting Up The Investigative Path With As teens say slim cigs are cool big
Polonium-210 tobacco profits while government stalls
Enlarge image i Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat on packaging
boards a helicopter in Ramallah, the West Bank, As teens say slim cigs are cool big tobacco profits
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for the start of... while government stalls on packaging Monday 11

5 Reasons the Friends You Never See Vodka Samm Is Totally Sober And
Anymore Arent Bad People Avoiding Social M edia (VIDEO)
When Sean was diagnosed, we knew we were Samantha Goudie, better known to Internet
going to face his cancer together. We counted on denizens as Vodka Samm, hasnt had a drink
lots of doctors visits, lots of... since she blew a...

Exercise during pregnancy gives Saving our fish needs more than a ban
newborn brain development a head on discarding
start [ | E-mail ] Contact: Lisa hortonpress@uea.ac.uk
[ | E-mail ] Contact: William Raillant-Clarkw.raillant- 44-016-035-93496University of East Anglia
clark@umontreal.ca 514-566-3813University of Banning the practice of throwing...
Montreal As little as...

Fast-mutating DNA sequences shape New evidence on the biological basis of

early development; guided evolution of highly impulsive and aggressive
uniquely human traits behaviors
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Anne [ | E-mail ] Contact: Kat Snodgrassmedia@sfn.org
Holdenanne.holden@gladstone.ucsf.edu 415-734- 202-962-4090Society for Neuroscience For want of
2534Gladstone Institutes Gladstone-led study a receptor: Some behaviors...

Evaluation of ranges of motion of a new Prison Holes Swallowing Thousands

constrained acetabular prosthesis for Upon Thousands of M entally Ill
canine total hip replacement Injustice is always worse when its personal. I cant
Total hip replacement (THR) is considered to be stand the idea that my nephew, who is locked
the most effective treatment option for advanced up just for having...
osteoarthritis of the hip...

Hospital noise complaints muffled with Video: Bodybuilder with stage 4 cancer
redesign competes at fitness show
The top complaint of patients in hospital is noise, November 10, 2013 2:13 PM A Los Angeles-area
but some Canadian hospitals are finding ways to bodybuilder with stage 4 cancer was told a year
keep the din down. Acoustic... ago that he had about 8 months...

Research reveals new understanding, Estrogen After M enopause M ay Blunt

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warning signs, and potential treatments Stress Effects on M emory
for multiple sclerosis SUNDAY Nov. 10, 2013 Estrogen therapy after
[ | E-mail ] Contact: Kat Snodgrassmedia@sfn.org menopause may help reduce the memory
202-962-4090Society for Neuroscience SAN problems associated with stress...
DIEGO Scientists are gaining...

Creepy crawly centipedes are a source M iracle baby at last for triple
of new high-strength painkillers transplant woman, 43, who was told it
Im dreading the day I get knocked up, since I know would be unlikely to survive
that my incredibly low pain threshold will have Tina Martin has suffered from Type 1 diabetes
trouble dealing with... since age seven Had two kidneys and pancreas
transplanted before falling pregnant Mother-of-

Australian workplaces failing to create a Total smoking bans arent the answer to
healthy environment better prisoner health
Working Australians are showing increasingly From May next year, Queensland prisoners will no
higher levels of stress and distress, according to longer be able to smoke cigarettes. Smoking in
the third annual Stress and... cells was prohibited in Queensland...

HKs entry in 2013 Lord M ayors Show in 2 Touchy Topics: Anger & Alcohol
London highlights HK comics and Oh, I know You want tobut, should You? Will
animation You? Honest, deep, self-examination will help all of
Hong Kong (HKSAR) The Hong Kong Economic us discover: our attitudes,...
and Trade Office, London (London ETO), took part
in the City of London Lord...

Doctors study effects of explosions on Saudi M ERS toll reaches 53 as Oman

soldiers brains records first death (Update)
The long-term impact of roadside bombings on the Saudi Arabia announced another fatality from the
brains of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan is the MERS virus on Sunday, taking its toll to 53, as
focus of two research projects... neighbouring Oman recorded...

Sexually Explicit M usic Videos "Should Typhoons M ental, Physical Toll High in
Have Ratings System," Say Critics Philippines: How to Help
A growing clamour to tackle sexually explicit pop (CNN) The stories coming out of the Philippines
videos will find a new voice this week with the are unimaginable. Rushing water and wind tearing

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launch of a campaign group... children away from...

The Warning Label That Should Be On Introducing After Trauma

Lululemon Yoga Pants There is a growing need for people to better
Women will wear seatbelts that dont work [with understand the intricacies of trauma, trauma
the pants], or theyll wear a purse that doesnt... recovery, post-traumatic stress...

Racial difference in blood clotting Scientists offers way to disrupt fibrosis

warrants a closer look at heart attack A team of scientists that includes Saint Louis
medications University researchers has identified a new way to
Thomas Jefferson University researchers have intervene in the molecular...
discovered that the formation of blood clots follows
a different molecular route...

Contribution of coding variants to 10 Serene Bedrooms To Inspire Your

psoriasis much smaller than thought #SanctuarySunday (PHOTOS)
Coding variants in immune disease-related genes Serene spaces come in many forms thats why
play only a small part in the overall genetic risk for were rounding up the best of the bunch every
psoriasis, according... week. Today,...

How to Detox Someone Out of Your Life Romano Dias, British M an, Dies After
Detox has become a fad word lately. Do a few Drinking Liquid M eth Worth $54,000
shakes, stay off the booze, stop processed food, Hidden As Fruit Drink: Report
have a few green juices and... A British man has reportedly died after accidentally
drinking liquid methamphetamine from a bottle he
thought contained a...

The Adventures Of Puppi & Burma The contribution of coding variants to

Photo Book Chronicles Homeless psoriasis much smaller than thought
Veteran Stephen Simmons Triumph [ | E-mail ] Contact: Jia Liuliujia@genomics.cnBGI
Over PTSD (PHOTOS) Shenzhen The latest study was published online in
An Oregon Army veteran has discovered a Nature Genetics November...
revolutionary and absolutely beautiful way of
dealing with the effects...

Hope for transplant patients as study When Dreams Turn Violent

finds key to organ scarring By Mark W. Mahowald, M.D. A 59-year-old man was

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[ | E-mail ] Contact: Eleanor referred to the sleep clinic for evaluation of
Cowieeleanor.cowie@ed.ac.uk 44-131-650- potentially violent behaviors...
6382University of Edinburgh Uni of Edinburgh
news release Patients...

10 Common M istakes That Prevent You The Perfect Abs Workout Playlist
From Being Happy and Healthy Today, By Chris Lawhorn for Shape.com Most workout
Backed by Science playlists are designed to push you through routines
Im fascinated by the link between the way we live that involve a lot of quick,...
our daily lives and the health and happiness we
enjoy. There are...

Life Lessons Weve Learned From Nuts Linked With Lower Pancreatic
Running Cancer Risk
Runners come in all different shapes, sizes and Good news for everyone whose go-to afternoon
ages, and they all come with different goals: losing snack is a handful of almonds. Researchers from
weight, finishing a... Brigham and Womens Hospital...

Syria has used incendiary bombs Billions Of Planets Could Support Life
dozens of times: rights group A study released this week found there could be as
BEIRUT (Reuters) Syrias air force has used many as 40 billion habitable planets in the galaxy.
incendiary weapons in dozens of attacks over the Host Rachel Martin...
last year, Human...

USPlabs LLC recalls OxyElite Pro dietary Stress, Irritability, and Relationships
supplements; products linked to liver You always hurt the ones you love, as the old
illnesses saying goes. And the reason is, theyre the ones
warning letter issued to USPlabs LLC on Oct. 11, who see us at our worstat...
2013, the FDA informed the company that OxyElite
Pro and another dietary...

How I Cope with Anxiety 15 M editation Books For Beginners

I have problems with anxiety and have had for many Recommended By Buddhist Teachers
years. Large crowds. Driving. The holidays. Many Meditation is everywhere. From the baby room to
things contribute to... the board room, everyone recommends meditation
to help focus, calm, and...

Your Weekly Travel Zen: The American Down on the farm with Schmallenberg
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South virus: the full story
This weeks Moment of Travel Zen comes to us SBV is difficult to spot as the most dramatic clinical
from Anna Marie Jehorek. Of her photo she says: signs tend to be malformed offspring, which is a
Taken on a recent hike,... somewhat rare occurrence,...

Why Effort Will Beat Skill Any Day Of The BS-Seeker2: a versatile aligning
Week pipeline for bisulfite sequencing data
Effort will beat skill any day of the week. I found DNA methylation is an important epigenetic
this quote awhile back and it really resonated with m