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Production Team

Production Director: Whitney Sluder Weaver Academy for Performing and Visual Arts
Front of House: Alexis Stanley
Lighting Designers: Class of 2017 & Whitney Sluder Dance Department
Lighting Operator: Cassidy Fields
proudly presents
Sound Operator: Phoebe Meadows
Backstage Managers: Shaena Smith, Sophie Teachout
Katie Bates
Whitney Sluder
The Senior Concert
Ushers: Cassidy Fields, Phoebe Meadows
Costume Mistress: Katie Bates Friday, February 17, 2017

THANK YOU 7:00pm

Weaver Academy Dance Boosters
Mr. Tommy Sluder Dr. Johncarlos M. Miller
Mrs. Martha Jo Jones Ms. Jan Ertzberger
Mr. Keith Jones Ms. Lisa Barefoot
Mr. Dolphi Graves Mrs. Mitzi Graves
Mrs. Christie Squire Mrs. Lindsey Clinton-Kraack
Mr. Keith Taylor Mrs. Debbie Chesnutt
Ms. Holly Barefoot Mr. Steve Cozart

We hope you will join us again

Spring Concert
Thursday & Friday, April 27 & 28, 2017 @ 7:00pm
Mrs. Whitney Sluder, Dance Educator
Choreography Concert Dr. Johncarlos M. Miller, Principal
Thursday, May 18, 2017 @ 7:00pm Ms. Jan Ertzberger, Assistant Principal
Fallen Liminal Space
Choreography: Jordan Cheek Choreography: Ava Enochs
Music: Kaleo, LP, edited by Paul Cheek Music: Michael Nyman
Dancers: Morgan Burgess, Grace Anne Creasy, Rachel Cozart, Dancers: Abby Biggs, Morgan Burgess, Jordan Cheek,
Ava Enochs, Chanelle Turnbull Emily Martin, Maeve OShaughnessy, KhiShawn Robinson,
Chanelle Turnbull
Come On
Choreography: Maeve OShaughnessy Smother
Music: Big Scary Choreography: Grace Anne Creasy
Dancer: Maeve OShaughnessy Music: Daughter
Dancer: Grace Anne Creasy
Captive to Our Desires
Choreography: Grace Anne Creasy Next to You
Music: Sohn, The Weekend, edited by Grace Anne Creasy Choreography: Emily Martin
Dancers: Kierah Anderson, Morgan Burgess, Jordan Cheek, Music: Of Rust and Bone, edited by Emily Martin
Rachel Cozart, Ella Cunane, KhiShawn Robinson Dancer: Emily Martin

Nottingham Chasing Colors

Choreography: Ava Enochs Choreography: Maeve OShaughnessy
Music: Robert Schwartzman Music: Lana Del Rey
Dancer: Ava Enochs Dancers: Abby Biggs, Jordan Cheek, Grace Anne Creasy,
Ella Cunane, Emily Martin
Choreography: Chanelle Turnbull Halo
Music: Kanye West Choreography: Chanelle Turnbull
Dancers: Kierah Anderson, Rachel Cozart, Ava Enochs, Music: Beyonce, edited by Whitney Sluder
Emily Martin, Maeve OShaughnessy, KhiShawn Robinson Dancer: Chanelle Turnbull
hue Super Six
Choreography: Jordan Cheek Choreography: Class of 2017
Music: Fleurie Music: Frank Ocean, Fergie, Miley Cyrus, edited Paul Cheek
Dancer: Jordan Cheek Dancers: Jordan Cheek, Grace Anne Creasy, Ava Enochs,
Emily Martin, Maeve OShaughnessy, Chanelle Turnbull
Choreography: Emily Martin Please silence ALL electronic devices.
Music: James Vincent McMorrow, edited by Emily Martin Video recording and photography
Dancers: Kierah Anderson, Abby Biggs, Grace Anne Creasy, of any kind is strictly prohibited.
Ella Cunane, Ava Enochs, Maeve OShaughnessy, It is distracting to the dancers on stage
Chanelle Turnbull and other audience members.
Thank you.