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End Of Semester Reflection

Cassidy Fields
My second semester of my Sophomore year has been crazy. Not only in my life
at school but in general, especially in my Dance World. Through the stress, Weaver
has helped me in so many more ways than I thought it would. With that, I thank Mrs.
Sluder for the teaching and compassion she has given me.
My mid-semester goals have stayed the same throughout BOTH semesters.
My goals were,
Stronger improvisation
Being in Choreography has helped me with improving so much and I am forever grateful
for that. Learning about accumulations, motifs, and all other choreographic
structures/devices helps me come up with choreography on the spot.
We have been doing the Circle of Death for the first part of the semester, which has
helped my core strength a lot. Once we started doing the ballet class project, we
stopped doing the circle of death but everyone was required to have a Conditioning
exercise. Some people get really into it which makes me want to work out even more.
With our ballet piece we worked on musicality A LOT. Especially my turns group. After
the concert was over, we have been doing the ballet class projects which I feel has
really helped with my musicality because other people are teaching timing, counts, and
stylistic movements.

I honestly cannot believe im going to be a Junior in a short few days. Dancing

with the Freshman and getting to know them has been so interesting and fun, but I am
also super excited to be back with the seniors. I have been so blessed this semester
and I can not wait for Junior year!