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Activity MISS DIWAN 2017

Proponent Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) Diwan, Dipolog City

Schedule June 22, 2017
1. To promote confidence in young women
2. To promote Barangay Diwan in celebration of its Founding Anniversary
3. To provide an avenue for the youth to showcase their talents and local designers
to showcase their creations; and
4. To attract the attention of tourists, especially those who are inclined in the
clothing and textile industries, and invite them to come to Diwan.
1. A convergence of people from the different sitios and/or purok under the
governance of BLGU Diwan and from the private sector, through creative and
friendly activity will be established.
2. Local designers from the different local government units sitios and/or purok
under the governance of BLGU Diwan are showcased.
3. Increased economic activity.

1. Who is eligible to participate?

2. They would be young women () the contestant will be assigned to be appropriate
age according to the contestants age on 31, December 2017. She shall be a bona
fide resident of Barangay Diwan or has kinship roots in the barangay.
3. Each sitio/purok in Diwan will field only one candidate.
4. Candidates must be 18 26 years of age. She must be of good moral character
and no parental obligation.
5. Every Hiyas will participate in a procession/parade joined in by her own court,
complete with props and an artistically decorated IDENTIFICATION ARCH
showcasing the major products of the LGU represented.
6. Each candidate should have one escort aside from the Arch bearers.
7. Every LGU shall be responsible in ensuring magnificence of their presentation
without disregarding integrity, culture, discipline and respect to religion.
8. The flow of the parade will follow the same route of the 2014 Saulog Opening
Parade Contingent.
9. A production number of the Hiyas ng Zamboanga del Norte ladies will be
presented after the arrival of all LGU Contingents at the Dipolog City Boulevard.
10. All candidates are REQUIRED to participate in the TECHNICAL REHEARSAL on May
29, 2014 whole day.
11. Judges will select among the candidates the following awards:
a. Best in Costume (Filipiniana Terno)
b. Best Identification Arch
c. 2nd Runner-up Hiyas ng Zamboanga del Norte 2014
d. 1st Runner-up Hiyas ng Zamboanga del Norte 2014
e. Hiyas ng Zamboanga del Norte 2014
12. The decision of the board of judges is final and irrevocable.
13. Winners will receive the following prizes:
Best in Costume (Filipiniana Terno) P 2,000.00
Best Identification Arch P 2,000.00
2nd Runner-up P 3,000.00 + Sash &
1st Runner-up P 5,000.00 + Sash &
Hiyas ng Zamboanga del Norte 2014 P 10,000.00 + Trophy, Sash &
14. Deadline for the submission of entries of participating municipalities, schools,
cities and LGUs will be on May 26, 2014.
15. Please submit official entries to the Provincial Tourism Office, Zamboanga del
Norte Convention and Exhibition Center. Should you have any inquiry pertaining
to the event, please contact telephone number (065) 212-9677 and look for MR.
1. Beauty of Face and Physique 40%
2. Showmanship 20%
3. Collective Grace and Aplomb 20%
4. Finesse 20%
TOTAL 100%
1. Proportion (Scale) 20%
2. Tone Building (Value) 30%
3. Creativity 30%
4. Workmanship/Craftsmanship 20%
TOTAL 100%
1. Elegance 30%
2. Finesse 20%
3. Grace and Aplomb 20%
4. Suitability 30%
TOTAL 100%