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Final Course Reflection

Danika Buryska

1. What fundamental skills (academic) did you learn upon completing Planning
The ability to prioritize effectively between the level of effort exerted and the overall quality of
the finished product. To some extent, I also learned how to push out opinion essays (using
streams of consciousnesses) in an hour or less. But this wasnt necessarily a challenge

2. What personal management skills are necessary to complete the course

The skill mentioned above; also, a file system that works well for you. I have every project in
a course folder that is divided into units. This made making the final presentation/e-portfolio
easier. Also, time management is huge. I never bothered to complete this course outside of
class time in grades 10 and 11, so I am stuck doing it during the second semester of grade
12. Dont be like me, kids.

3. What were the strengths of the course? Give examples.

The breadth and diversity of the topics covered. I found that it covered all the usual bases
when it comes to giving teens the type of education that isnt normally learned in a
classroom. For example, the money management unit projects and the STI response,

4. What were the weaknesses of the course? Give examples.

The videos and some of the readings were very old and out-of-date. Some of it was just
plain laughable. For example, the video in Unit 5 where we were asked to write a reflection
based on it; the study was conducted over a decade ago, and the habits of teens have very
much changed since then. I also found it annoying that the requirements for each project
were not on the actual project page; you had to skip to the last page in the reading for the
actual important info (after reading the readings previously and returning to the project after
a day or something). This course also does a bad job of stereotypically trying to tell
unimpressionable preteens that they should be good little children and dont step a toe out of
line, for some projects (the drug/sex/etc. section).
I would argue that the greatest fallback to this course is that the readings can be very
effectively skipped; it was far easier to complete this course in a timely manner by bypassing
the readings almost completely. While it was required to reference them in some projects, for
the most part they did not give me any good, relevant information at all.

5. What topic was omitted that you would like to have seen included?
Perhaps something about politics. I think that it would be a good idea to include projects
where, say, they must argue for something in one essay and against it in the next. I feel that
being able to understand politics and Canadas political parties is important, and is not
covered in the best way in social studies programs. By including a section in this course,
students could learn to properly consider a problem that society is facing, be able to see the
pros and cons, and then come to a reasonable conclusion about their decision and where
they stand. I feel that a handful of essays about a few topics
6. Did the course accomplish was it was supposed to? Support your answer.
In some aspects, yes. In others, no. I dont feel that it taught me much about money or how
to manage it. I do feel that having a resume and cover letter section are important and they
should very much be a part of this course.

7. Were there obstacles in communication? Between you and your teacher?

Obstacles to learning? Provide evidence.
One teacher gave me a 75% because she was marking, as I believe, too literally with the
rubric. There was nothing wrong with my project; in any other class, youd ask what you did
wrong that gave a low mark. With this project, I was given a low B when, with every project
that I completed successfully, I was given an A at 100%. This bothered me slightly, because I
dont just put the minimum amount of effort into creating my projects and writing my essays. I
often put multiple hours into what I am doing (unless its an essay, which comes naturally to
me), and to be given a low mark for something that, in that case, I had easily put 8+ hours
into perfecting was frustrating and felt disrespectful. There really were no other obstacles to
my learning other than this isolated event.

8. What unit was of most interest to you and why?

Probably the last one. Graduation. This is likely because I am graduating in less than a
month, and I have already done my MAP projects last November. It was easy for me to
complete, and I didnt abhor completing the work for it (minus the service hours sheet, which
no way in hell am I bothering to call or send emails to people that shouldnt be bothered by
nosy people double-checking the validity of statements of their students. So I created a plain
text version without the signature, because screw making those extra trips and wasting that
much more gasoline and paper and ink just so that it looks more official). Also, creating this
website really makes me feel like the whole thing has come together.