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His Excellency Larry M. Dinger

Chargé d’Affaires
110 University Avenue
Kamayut Township
Rangoon, Burma

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

We, Burmese Community in the United States of America, are writing this letter to express
our deepest disappointment with the recent Burmese movie, Lotus at Dawn, financed and
produced by the military regime. We firmly believe that this film is intended to propagate
the regime’s policy and tarnish Burma’s ongoing democracy movement.

While the military-controlled election in Burma is approaching, the regime, again, is doing
everything in their capacity to deceive the Burmese people and international community.
Evidently, making this film is one of their deceptive strategies. It is obvious that this film
seeks to misrepresent our peaceful pro-democracy movement, conceal the suffering of
ethnic nationalities and distort the history of Burma, while at the same time exonerating
them from their horrific crimes that they have long committed against humanity.

More importantly, we deplored all the Burmese actors and actresses who agreed to take
part in this movie. We regretfully consider them collaborators of the regime’s despicable
lies, and thus are convinced that these individuals should not be welcomed in the United
States and other countries where Burmese diasporic communities currently reside.

For all of the above reasons, we, the Burmese Community, would like to urge support and
assistance from you and your embassy in “denying any types of U.S. entry visas” to the
directors, producers and all the other film stars involved in this blatant pro- militaristic
propaganda movie.

Thank you for your consideration of this important request.

Burmese Community in DC Metropolitans

Cc: Department of State (Burma Desk Officer)

Embassy of United States - Rangoon, Burma (Consular Chief)
VOA Burmese Service, Radio Free Asia

Burmese Citizens protest against the Military Regime’s outrageous propaganda


Lotus at Dawn (2010), original title Arum Oo Mar Pwint Dae Kyar, is the Burmese military
regime’s latest propaganda film directed by Tin Than Oo (Ret. Captain) and starred by
almost all popular Burmese movie stars. This propaganda trilogy highlights parts of
Burma’s past and present based on the regime’s scripted historical facts with cheap shots
and sniggering allusion.

Opening Message:
Based on actual political events and historical facts

Film stars:
Lwin Moe, Kyaw Ye Aung, Wai Lu Kyaw, Lu Min, Aung Khaing, Khant Sithu, Pyi Tee Oo, Nay
Toe, Ya Wai Aung, Phyoe Ngwe Soe, Kyaw Zay Ya, Aung Zaw, Nanda, Min Yazar, Phone Shen,
Moe Yan Zun, Kaung Khant, Tun Tun Win, Zaw Oo, Ayai, Ku Thoe, Nga Pyaw Kyaw, Aung
Kyaw Min, Nyi Naing, Htet Moe, Kyaw Sit, Sat Su, Ayar, Tha Toe Saw, Sai Aung Tint, Ohne
Thee, Bae Dar, Soe Paye, Maw Gyi, Kyaw Min, Sein Than, Ko Ko Oo, Kyar Gyi, Htet Kaung,
Kaung Kyaw, Pyan Lwar, Sweet, Soe Myat Thuzar, Khaing Thin Kyi, Eindra Kyaw Zin, Myat
Kay Thi Aung, Wah Wah Aung, Su Pan Htwar, Palae Win, Thet Mon Myint, Moe Hay Ko,
Melody, Wine Su Khine Thein, Moe Yu San, May Thet Khine, Yadanar Mai, Pyi Phoo Khine,
Aye Myat Thu, May Kabyar, Su Myat Theingi, May Oo Khine, Khin Moet Moet Aye, Gwan
Pone Gyi, Gwan Pone Lay, Thazin Tun, Ei Tone, Mae Lani,

Advisors for the Historical facts: Takathoe Myat Thu, U Win Tin, U Ko Ko Hlaing
Production in charge: Aye Lwin
Producer: U Aung Soe Min
Screenwriter: Hlaing Aung
Associate Directors: Phone Wai, Aung Kyaw Min, Zin Min
Director: Tin Than Oo (Ret. Army Officer)

Financial Support by the following organizations and individuals:

Ministry of Defense, Myanmar Army (Tatmadaw Kyee), Naypyidaw Command, Yangon

Command, Central Command, South Western Command, Myanmar Defence Industries,
State-owned Economic Enterprises, Peace and Development Council (Yangon, Mandalay,
Ayawaddy divisions), Ministries of Agriculture and Irrigation, of Construction, of Home
Affairs, of Electric Power, of Transportation, of Forestry, Municipal Committees of
Naypyidaw, Yangon, Mandalay, Light Infantry Division (95), Regional Army Commands,
Hotel Universe, Hotel Mandalay, Great Wall Hotel in Mandalay, Silver View Hotel, Bay of

Bengal Resort, Sunny Paradise Emerald Sea Resort, Yuzana Hotel, Ambo Hotel in
Irrawaddy, Myanmar Motion Picture Organization, Myanmar Music Organization, Writer Su
Ngat, Yee Myint Film Production, Three Golden Umbrellas Jewel Store (Mandalay),
Narawat Shwe Zin Film Production


The primary objective of this movie is for the military regime to justify why they need to
remain in power – to restore and maintain peace and stability in the wake of numerous
chaotic situations instigated by the so-called pro-democracy groups, ethnic insurgents,
Burmese communists and foreign neo-colonial nations (e.g., the U.S., the British and other
countries). The movie flashbacks to the different periods in the history of Burma, especially
when the country was faced with turbulent political situations, including the British
colonial rule, the Burmese nationalists’ struggle for independence, the Anti-Fascist People's
Freedom League’s political movement, the Independence and Civil War, the clashes among
political parties, the coup d'état by General Ne Win in 1962, the Burmese Socialist
government and the popular uprisings in 1962, 1974 and 1988. The movie labels the pro-
democracy groups as troublemakers and an obstacle to the military regime’s roadmap to
democracy and national development. Fundamentally, this movie aims to persuade the
Burmese people into believing that the regime is a true savior and protector of the land and
the peoples.

Movie available @

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