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Assignment Questions of Embedded System

w.r.t. Syllabus of Solapur University


Assignment 1
1)Enlist all features of LPC2148.
2)Explain addressing modes of LDM(FD,FA,ED,EA).
3)Explain BL and B instructions.
4)Explain ADC module in LPC2148.
5)Explain PWM modules in LPC2148.
6)Explain DAC module in LPC2148.
7)WALP to On and Off buzzer using LPC 2148.
8)Explain register and its use of PINSEL0,1,2.
9)What is Full form of LPC?
10) What is Full form of TDMI?Explain it in detail.
11) What is Full form of IDE ?
12) What is Full form of ISP?
13) What is Full form of ARM?Explain the history behind its full forms.
14) What is Full form of CPSR & SPSR?
15) What is Full form of RISC?
16)Search on Internet for GSM SIM300 Module and write the details about it.
17)Write Down the kit descriptions &stick the photo of it.
18)List out all serial communication protocol & make a difference table of them.
19)Observe the process of window OS starting,when u start PC.Write ur observations in detail.
Write about your BIOS of ur personal PC.
20)Clarify in detail the difference of 8085 programming & 8051 programming(Writing program to
IC),u have observed.
21)What is the relation between ARM7TDMI & LPC2148?
22)What is the method of writimg the name in ARM family?(Refer Slosss Book)
23)Observe the pin diagram of LPC2148 & tell why has it 45 GPIO pins,although it has two 32bits
port(P1 & P0)?
24)Observe the pin diagram & tell where EINT0,1,2 & 3 pins are repeated & why should it be?
25)What is difference between ur last year 8051 programming & now forth year programming?
Explain it in detail.
26)What is mean by ISP?
27)What do u think,why do we use 89v51RD2FN IC instaed of 8051,although we was studing
28)What is Boot Loader?Find out dictionary meaning of Booting.
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Assignment Questions of Embedded System
w.r.t. Syllabus of Solapur University

29)Write a program to explore LPC2148 timers compare mode.

30)What is JTAG debugging?(Search on Internet)
31)Write a program to demonstrate CAN protocol & observe it on Keil software.
32)What do mean by compiler?Assembler?Write it in ur own words.
33)Aftere compiling,Observe which file has been created by IDE?
34)Observe the IC package of chip LPC2148 & Write its name.Also,which was IC package of
PIC16f & 89v51RD2FN,u had used in experiments last year?
35)What do u think How do we create a new OS of our own?
36)Out of 8085,8051 & LPC2148,Which are having MUL instruction?
37) Out of 8085,8051 & LPC2148,Which are having separate Muliplier module in it?
38)What is the difference in situation,when u run the program of two 8 bits no. multiplication on
8085 wih successive addition,on 8051 with MUL instruction & on LPC2148 with MUL
39)What do u mean by Protocol?
40)What do mean by Serial communication protocol?
41) How nowadays USB data cable can be used as power charging cable also?
42)If USB connector is having blue colour, then which recent version dose it indicate?Which
upgraded parameter does it have compered to prev versions?
43)Draw a table of differences, u observed among 8085,8051,PIC16F877A & LPC2148?
44)What is difference, u feel, UART communication by 8085,8051 & LPC2148?
45) Enlist different serial communication protocols & their Pins according to its protocol in
46) What is difference, u feel, UART communication by 8051 & LPC2148?
47) What is difference, u feel, UART0 & UART1 of LPC2148?
48)Which protocol do we use to download hex file to LPC2148?
49)What do u mean by Full duplex UART protocol?
50)What is the relation between RS232 & UART Protocol?
51)Although we use UART/RS232 protocol to download the hex file to LPC2148,why do we use
DB9 connector of 9pin instead of 2pins(UART protocol is of 2 pins. RXD & TXD)?
52)What is role of MAX232 IC in downloading the hex file to IC thru UART protocol?
53) What is difference, u feel, among GPIO ports & its setting of 8051 & LPC2148?
54) What is difference, u feel, among I2C communication by PIC16f877a & LPC2148?

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Assignment Questions of Embedded System
w.r.t. Syllabus of Solapur University

55) What is difference, u feel, among interrupt structure of 8051,PIC16f877a & LPC2148?
56) What is difference, u feel, among on-chip memories of 8051,PIC16f877a & LPC2148?
57)What is difference, u feel, among stack memories and SP of 8085,8051,PIC16f877a &
58) What is difference, u feel,between on-chip ADC module of PIC16f877a & LPC2148?
59) What is difference, u feel, among Timer modules of 8051,PIC16f877a & LPC2148?
60)Draw a Architectures of 8051,PIC16f8771 & LPC2148 with address of registers of
corresponding modules of architecture.Also,draw 8085 architecture.
61)What do u mean by memory mapping?
62)What is the advantage of giving remaining addresses in address range of controller to the
registers of controller?
63)What is difference, u feel, between on-chip CCP module of PIC16f877a & LPC2148?
64)What do u mean by general & specific instructions of Controller/Processor? Write exact
numbers of general & specific instructions of 8085,8051,PIC16f877a & LPC2148?
65)What do difference u feel, among PIC16f877a & LPC2148?
66)What are the similarities, u feel between 8085 & 8051,as they are invented by same company,
67)Does PIC16f877a & LPC2148 have AD0-AD7 &A8-A15 pins set to interface external memory
68)What is difference feel, between 8085 & 8051,although they are invented by same company,
69)What do u mean by relative addressing? why is it used?
70)who decides to use relative addressing?(programmer/assembler/compiler/downloader/IC
71)What are disadvantage to use relative addressing?
72)Write all in detail about branch instructions of LPC2148.
73)Write all permutations of all possible combinations of valid instruction opcodes of LPC2148.
74)Instead of Call Mnemonics of instruction by INTEL, which mnemonic is used by ARM
company while architecture design of ARM7?
75)What is analogous instruction in ARM7 architecture for CALL instruction?
76)Explain all possible modes of addressing modes of LDR and STR.
77)What is difference in SPI & I2C protocol?

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Assignment Questions of Embedded System
w.r.t. Syllabus of Solapur University

Assignment 2
1. What is the use of various directives ?
2. What is ARMulator? Where and How have you used it ?
3. Relation between CPSR flags, S Suffix Instructions and Comparison Instructions ?
4. What is Conditional Execution in ARM ?
5. What is single issue multiple data (SIMD) processing ?
6. What is a Coprorcessor / CP15 in ARM ?
7. What does the B mean in LDRB? /What is d difference between LDR and LDRB in ARM ?
8. What is the use of Write-Back ?
9. When should i use ! in ARM programming and where is it Not Allowed to be used in ARM
programming ?
10. Tell about Single Data Transfer and Multiple Data Transfer in ARM
11. How will you manually Enable / Disable an interrupt in ARM Processor ?
12. Tell about MRS and MSR instructions ?
13. Can you tell a 32-bit branch instruction and the way you used it ?
14. When have you used Thumb instructions in ARM processor ?
15. What are the types of addressing modes in ARM7 ?
16. Can you brief up the evolution of ARM architecture ?
17. When will you choose to use ARM and when will you choose to use Thumb instructions ?
18. Can you explain the operation of ARM7 pipeline for simple instructions ?
19. Can you tell about function performed by this instruction ADD r3, r5, r12 ?

Assignment 3
1. How to build using command line tools w.r.t ARM ?
2.Write a simple square.s program in ARM assembly called from a C file ?
3. What will you change that program when calling ARM code from C compiled as Thumb ?
4. How will you allow Thumb C code to call the ARM assembly Code ?
5. What is the use of RN directive in ARM assembly ?
6. What imports the libraries like printf automatically in the assembly side of ARM ?
7. What is the DCB directive and its relation with strings ?
8. How will you handle the Register Shortage problem in ARM ?
9. Write a program to mask bytes in ARM assembly ?
10. What is Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) ?

Assignment 4
1. W hat is an ELF?
2. How C program works?
3. What does static variable and function mean?
4. What is the difference between strings and character arrays?
5. What is hashing?
6. Can include files be nested?
7. What is NULL pointer? Why it is required?

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Assignment Questions of Embedded System
w.r.t. Syllabus of Solapur University

8. What is static memory allocation and dynamic memory allocation?

9. How you do dynamic memory allocation?
10. Describe different types of pointers?
11. How are pointer variables initialized?
12. Difference between arrays and pointers?
13. Differentiate between an internal static and external static variable?
14. Describe void pointer
15. Switch vs if; which one is better? Why?
16. Array vs Linked list
17. Little endian vs big endian? Why it is required? Which one is better? How the conversion

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