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Nuncio 1

Jaqueline Nuncio

Mrs. Watson

Honors English 2

01 June 2017

Poetry Unit Reflection

Before starting this unit, I had always held an admiration for poetry and I say admiration

because I was always impressed with the writings of other people, although I never understood it

unless I had read it more than once slowly. I had only ever been exposed through the poetry that

was read to us in class as well as shortly reading Rupi Kaurs Milk and Honey.

Throughout the poetry unit, I pretty much based my writing on the way I was feeling on

that day. It took time to process my thoughts and to put them into words, but eventually I think

everything came out the way I had wanted. I was untrusting in my ability as a poet because I had

never really tried writing poetry. I would say I mightve second guessed myself more than once

only because I felt as if there were better writers than I, but at some point I realized that it didnt

matter since writing was different for anyone. You could say I went back and forth between

second guessing and having confidence only because at some points I was completely confident

in the piece I was writing. The reason behind it is because with certain topics, I felt more

comfortable and open writing about it. I would say I learned that I was good at writing poetry in

a sense that I accepted and realized that poetry can be anything as long as its your own and its

you following your intuition.

The mentor poet guides to me helped as a form of example to follow and learn from.

Personally, I did like having them as teachers as they served as examples to follow as I wrote
Nuncio 2

poems of my own. I think my favorite poet is Julio Noboa Polanco. I liked this poem because it

was not just fun to read but had an important message to it. Particularly, I enjoyed her writing

style for the reason that she did a fantastic job at using metaphors and so forth.

After seeing and listening to the poetry written by others in the class of 2019, I see that

many people have found a sort of release through poetry and writing in general. I feel that

through this, it has helped them in many ways and not even just as a form of help but also a way

for them to express themselves and their feelings. I think the class of 2019 should know about

myself as well as others that theres more to someone than just whats on the surface. I think

thats the best advice I can give them.

What I liked about the poetry unit is that it opened my perspective to a different form of

expressing my innermost feelings and thoughts. I also liked that it made me aware of the

different forms of poetry that there are.

Personally, I have always recognized that poetry is a genre of writing despite being

unaware of the more than one kind of poems there are. As well as viewing it as the catharsis of

writing that it is and may be to some people.