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Criminal law RPC (Book II) 4.

One of the following felonies may be committed not

only during war but also during peace time.
A. Treason
Title 1 B. Misprision of Treason
Crimes Against National Security and the Law of C. Espionage
Nations D. Piracy

Title 2 5. An Act to punish Espionage and other offenses

Crimes Against the Fundamental laws of the State against national security.
A. C.A. No. 616
Title 3 B. C.A. No. 716
Crimes Against Public Order C. C.A. No. 816
D. C.A. No. 916
Title 4
Crimes Against Public Interest 6. It is robbery or forcible depredation on the high
seas, without lawful authority and done with animo
Title 5 furandi and in the spirit and intention of universal
Crimes Relative to Opium and Other Prohibited Drug hostility.
A. Piracy
Title 6 B. Mutiny
Crimes Against Public Morals C. High Jacking
D. Robbery on the High Seas
Title 7
Crimes Committed by Public Officers 7. The Unlawful Resistance to a superior or the raising
of commotions and disturbances on board a ship
Title 8 against the authority of its commander.
Crimes Against Persons A. Piracy
B. Mutiny
Title 9 C. High Jacking
Crimes Against Personal Liberty and Security D. Rebellion

Title 10 8. Anti-Hijacking Law is known as

Crimes Against Property A. R.A. No. 6553
B. R.A. No. 6523
Title 11 C. R.A. No. 6253
Crimes Against Chastity D. R.A. No. 6235

Title 12 9. The Anti-Piracy and Anti-Highway Robbery Law of

Crimes Against the Civil Status of Persons 1974 is known as
A. P.D. No. 532
Title 13 B. P.D. No. 523
Crimes Against Honor C. P.D. No. 253
D. P.D. No. 235
Title 14
Quasi-Offenses 10. The deprivation by a public officer of the liberty of a
person without any legal ground.
A. Arbitrary Detention
Criminal Law Review Questions 11
B. Illegal Detention
C. Kidnapping
1. Breach of allegiance to the government by a person D. None of the Above
who owes allegiance it.
A. Espionage Answer:
B. Rebellion 1. D
C. Sedition 2. B
D. Treason 3. B
4. C
2. Treason can be proven by Judicial Confession of the 5. A
accused or testimony of at least how many witness? 6. A
A. At Least 1 Witness 7. B
B. At Least 2 Witness 8. D
C. At Least 3 Witness 9. A
D. At Least 4 Witness 10. A

3. The Offense of gathering, transmitting, or losing

Criminal Law Review Questions 12
information respecting the national defense with intent
or reason to believe that the information is to be used
to the injury of the Republic of the Philippines or the 1. One of the following is not a crime against the law of
advantage of a foreign nation. nation.
A. Treason A. Treason
B. Espionage B. Qualified Piracy
C. Sedition C. Flight to Enemy's Country
D. Rebellion D. Arbitrary Detention
2. One of the following is not a crime against the 2. A
Fundamental Laws of the State. 3. C
A. Qualified Piracy 4. B
B. Arbitrary Detention 5. A
C. Delaying Release 6. A
D. Expulsion 7. C
8. C
3. It is the offense committed by expelling a person 9. D
from the Philippines or by compelling a person to 10. A
change his residence.
A. Light Threats
Heinous Crimes Act Of 1993 R.A. No 7659
B. light Coercion
C. Expulsion
D. Grave Threats The Crimes Punishable by death are:
1. Treason
4. The term used where the object of the movement is 2. Qualified Piracy
completely to overthrow and supersede the existing 3. Qualified Bribery
government. 4. Parricide
A. Insurrection 5. Murder
B. Rebellion 6. Infanticide however, if any crime penalized in this
C. Sedition article be committed by the mother of the child for the
D. None of the Above purpose of concealing her dishonor, she shall suffer the
penalty of prision mayor in its medium and maximum
5. The term refers to a movement which seeks merely periods, and if said crime be committed for the same
to effect some change of minor importance to prevent purpose by the maternal grandparents or either of
the exercise of governmental authority with respect to them, the penalty shall be reclusion temporal.
particular matters or subjects. 7. Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention
A. Insurrection 8. Robbery - when by reason or on occasion of the
B. Rebellion robbery, the crime of homicide shall have been
C. Sedition committed, or when the robbery shall have been
D. None of the Above accompanied by rape or intentional mutilation or arson.
9. Destructive Arson
6. R.A. No. 6235 is known as 10.Rape - a. committed with the use of deadly weapon
A. Anti-Hijacking Law or by two or more persons.
B. Anti-Piracy and Anti-Highway Robbery Law of b. when by reason or on the occasion of the
1974 rape, the victim has become insane.
C. An Act to Punish Espionage c. when the rape is attempted or frustrated
D. None of the Above and a homicide is committed by reason or on the
occasion thereof.
7. All of the following except one are crimes against 11.Plunder
public order. 12.Violations of Dangerous Act
A. Coup D' Etat 13.Carnapping
B. Sedition
C. Treason General rule: the death penalty shall be imposed in all
D. Rebellion cases upon which it must be imposed under existing
8. This felony involves the raising of commotions or
disturbances in the State. Its ultimate object is a Exceptions: in which cases the penalty shall be
violation of the public peace or at least such a course of reduced to reclusion perpetua.
measures as evidently engenders it. 1. When the guilty person is below 18 years of age at
A. Coup D' Etat the time of the commission of the crime.
B. Rebellion 2. When the guilty person is over 70 years
C. Sedition
D. Treason

9. Committed by a person who being under oath and Republic Act No. 8294 Law Penalizing Illegal
required to testify as to the truth of a certain matter at Possession of Firearms
a hearing before a competent authority, shall deny the
truth or say something contrary to it.
A. Slander Persons Liable:
B. Perjury
C. Libel 1. Any person who shall unlawfully
D. False testimony manufacture, deal in, acquire,
dispose, or possess any low-
10. Lax, Unrestrained, immoral, maintainer of house of powered firearm, part of firearm,
prostitution. ammunition, or machinery, tool or
A. Dissolute instrument used or intended to be
B. Prostitutes used in the manufacture of any
C. Ruffians firearm or ammunition; The owner,
D. Vagrants president, manager, director or
other responsible officer of any
Answer: public or private firm, company,
1. D corporation or entity, who shall
willfully or knowingly allow any of
the firearms owned by such firm, However, the wisdom of RA 8294 is not subject to the
company, corporation, or entity to court's review.
be used by any person or persons
found guilty of violating the
provisions of the preceding
paragraphs or willfully or Anti-Money Laundering Act Of 2001 R.A. NO. 9160
knowingly allow any of them to use
unlicensed firearms or firearms
Money Laundering - is a crime whereby the proceeds
without any legal authority to be
of an unlawful activity are transacted, thereby making
carried outside of their residence in
them appear to have originated from legitimate
the course of their employment;
2. Any person who shall carry any
Persons Liable:
licensed firearm outside his
1. Any person knowing that any monetary instrument
residence without legal authority
or property represents, involves or relates to, the
proceeds of any unlawful activity, transacts or attempts
to transact said monetary instrument or property.
3. Any person who shall unlawfully
2. Any person knowing that any monetary instrument
manufacture, assemble, deal in,
or property involves the proceeds of any unlawful
acquire, dispose or possess hand
activity, performs or fail to perform any act as a result
grenades, rifle grenades, and other
of which he facilitates the offense of money laundering
explosives or other incendiary
referred to in paragraph 1 above.
devices capable of producing
3. Any person knowing that any monetary instrument
destructive effect on contiguous
or property is required under this act to be disclosed
objects or causing injury or death
and filed with the Anti-Money Laundering Council
to any person; Any person who
(AMLC) fails to do so.
shall unlawfully tamper, change,
deface or erase the serial number
Covered Transaction: Transaction in excess of
of any firearm and
P500,000. within one banking day.
4. Any person who shall unlawfully
Suspicious Transaction, Requisites:
repack, alter or modify the
1. Covered Institution
composition of any lawfully
2. Regardless of amount and
manufactured explosives.
3. Any of the following circumstances:
a. no economic justification
b. client not properly identified
c. amount not commensurate with financial capacity
d. structured to avoid reporting
e. deviation from client's profile or past transactions
Act What is the crime f. unlawful activity under this act
g. similar or analogous
No other crime: Illegal Illegal possession
possession only Unlawful Activity
Crime Committed: Illegal 1. Kidnapping for ransom
Other Crime except possession is not a 2. Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (Sec.
homicide or Murder separate 4,5,6,8,9,10,12,14,15,16)
offense nor is it 3. Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (Sec.3,
aggravating. Offender is par.B,C,E,G,H,I)
exonerated of Illegal 4. Plunder
Murder or Homicide possession 5. Robbery and Extortion
6. Jueteng and Masiao punished as illegal gambling
Murder or Homicide with 7. Piracy on the High Seas
Rebellion or special aggravating 8. Qualified Theft
Insurrection, Sedition, circumstance of illegal 9. Swindling
or Attempted possession 10.Smuggling
Coup d' etat Rebellion or 11.Electronic Commerce Act of 2000
Insurrection, Sedition, or 12.Hijacking and Other Violation Of RA
Attempted 6235,Destructive and Murder, including those
Coup d' etat, Illegal perpetrated by terrorists against non-combatants
possession is absorbed 13.Securities Regulation Code of 2000
as an 14.Offenses of similar nature punishable by foreign
element thereof penal laws.
Unlicensed Firearms May Include
1. Firearms with expired license or What is required to be reported?
2. Unauthorized used of licensed firearm in the Covered Institutions shall report to the Anti-Money
commission of the crime Laundering Council all covered transactions and
suspicious transactions within 5 working days from the
People vs. Ladjaalam - (2000) The language of RA occurrence.
8294 effectively exonerates the accused of illegal
possession, an offense which may carry a heavier Authority to inquire into bank deposits
penalty than the other crime committed. Indeed, the 1. Court order upon showing of probable cause that the
accused may evade conviction for illegal possession by deposit is related to an unlawful activity or a money
committing a lighter offense like alarm and scandal. laundering offense.
2. No court order required for the ff: unlawful activities:
a. Kidnapping for ransom
b. Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002,
Hijacking and other violations of RA 6235, Destructive
and Murder, including those perpetrated by terrorists
against noncombatants.

Prosecution of Money Laundering

1. Offender may be charged with and convicted of both
money laundering and the unlawful activity
2. Proceeding of unlawful activity shall be given
precedence over the prosecution for money laundering,
without prejudice to freezing and other remedies of this