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Bookworms Caf Ground |


Bookworms Caf Ground |

I. Name of the Enterprise

The researchers believe that books are great friends of humankind. They are the

true companions of man and play the role of awesome surroundings. We all, more or less,

love reading. Some of us love seeing it arranged on the shelves of libraries, some of us

prefer to buy famous, costly books just to make our collection rich enough. And the third

one who are most fantastic, wonderful and above all real book lovers, where everyone

would think not be wrong to call them book worms. Thus, the business would be named

Bookworm Caf Ground as it will be a place of reading while you can enjoy a cup of


II. Location

Choosing the right location is about so much more than finding the place that

looks closest to the one the researchers have envisioned. Its about being somewhere your

customers will see you, about being in a competitive location, about staying within

budget, and about meeting local and state regulations and laws.

Bookworm Caf Ground shall be located at KM6 Dangwa Square, La Trinidad,

Benguet. The location is accessible because clustered around it are different

establishments, commercial spaces and schools where probable clients are working or are

going for their daily transactions.

Bookworms Caf Ground |

III. Logo

The firms logo will serve as a visual cornerstone of our enterprise's name.

Bookworm Caf Grounds identity is visually expressed through its logo, which, along

our company's name, is one of the main things that makes our business memorable.

The logo speaks of the enterprises services or of what customers can do inside

our caf like read books, have a cup of drink like coffee and tea among others, and have


IV. Descriptive Definition of the Project

Bookworm Caf Ground provide a supportive community specially for students

and young professionals where quiet and welcoming spaces allow you to complete

readings, work on assignments and prepare for exams with the help of our books and

computer set.
Bookworms Caf Ground |

Bookworm Caf Ground aims to provide innovative study, services that broaden

academic, living and working perspectives, promote global awareness, and encourage

personal development while laying the foundation for customers to value their works and

education. The firm is committed to conduct itself in a transparent manner where only

true claims are made. It will operate in a professional manner with a commitment to the

highest standards of honesty and ethics.

V. Long Range Objectives

The objective of the firm is to have improvements in the organizations

competitive position, technology advancement, profitability, return on investment,

employee relations and productivity, and respectable image.

Bookworm Caf Ground also primarily aim to provide comfortable, relaxing and

motivating environment where you can stay and finish your works with a cup of drink

you can consider your second home.

VI. Feasibility Criteria

The criteria for the feasibility of the project depended on many factors. One is the

existence of unsatisfied demand for the service to establish a market for the service.

Another is the technical feasibility of the product whether capital can be provided for and

the requirement can be established. The financial feasibility is also a factor to determine

whether the project is profitable if established and beneficial to the investors. The socio-

economic benefits of the project were also taken into consideration if the firm will be

able to provide benefit not only to itself but the customers and third persons.
Bookworms Caf Ground |

VII. Highlights

A. History

Most of us are pretty attuned to how and where we get our best studying done.

Some people need absolute silence and only work well after midnight; others need to be

in the middle of a crowded cafe at noon. Many students feel that they can only study well

in the library - a statistic that needs no further evidence than the fact that it has become

impossible to get a great spot especially during schools closing time. Bookworm Caf

Ground will probably give you list of reasons why you should consider studying at a caf.

B. Project Timetable and Status

2017 2018
Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr

of Funds
Processing of
the Place

Purchase of
Furniture and
of Shop

Training and
orientation of
Bookworms Caf Ground |

Start of
The table shows the period when the project was conceptualized until the operations has started.

C. Nature of the Industry

Bookworm Caf Ground belongs to the service industry which is basically built

upon the trust and confidence of the customers on the quality of the service provided. It

belongs to an industry that is commercially established.

D. Mode of Financing

The funds to finance the project shall come from the personal contributions of the

partners. Each partner shall contribute equally to attain the capital of Three hundred and

eight thousand pesos (P308 000).

VIII. Major Assumptions and Summary of Conclusions

A. Market Study

Bookworm Caf Ground will focus its marketing activities on reaching the

University students and faculty, people working in offices located close to the caf and on

sophisticated teenagers. Our market research shows that the firm will cater to people who

want to get their daily cup of great-tasting coffee in a relaxing atmosphere. Such

customers vary in age, although our location close to the University campus means that

most of our clientele will be college students and faculty. Our market research shows that

these are discerning customers that gravitate towards better tasting coffee. Furthermore, a
Bookworms Caf Ground |

lot of college students consider coffee bars to be a convenient studying or meeting

location, where they can read or meet with peers without the necessity to pay cover

charges. For us, this will provide a unique possibility for building a loyal client base.

B. Technical Study

The technical study involves the discussion of the service process to be followed

in rendering the service. It also encompasses the establishment of location, facilities and

personnel requirements for commencement of the operation of the business. The

personnel requirements are important to establish the capacity of the business for the

hours of labor to be provided for.

The waste disposal system would also be discussed as well as the physical lay-out

of the place of business. The utilities needed would also be included so as to help in the

proper flow of business.

C. Financial Study

The financial aspect discusses in detail the sources of funds for the

commencement of the business as well as the projected financial position of the business

for a period of five years thus also includes the measurement of its liquidity. It also

covers the study of the profitability of the business in the course of the same period and

other financial considerations that may affect the viability of the business. The findings of

the study show that the firm is profitable, liquid and solvent.

In order to quantify such information, projections for the financial position,

comprehensive income, cash flows and other statements shall be presented in detail as
Bookworms Caf Ground |

well as the costing for the business. Assumptions in the projection shall also be presented

to better understand the projections.

D. Management Study

The management study encompasses the form of the organization as well as its

structure wherein Bookworm Caf Ground is formed as a partnership. It also covers the

details for the personnel requirement and qualifications as basis for hiring. The policies of

the organization was also presented in detail. The staff development program was

discussed as well as the project schedule to be followed.

E. Socio-Economic Study

Businesses are created not only for the sake of earning profit but it comes with a

great responsibility. Businesses are expected to help the society in any way it could to

improve the standard of living of its people. With the creation of businesses, it may also

contribute to the income of the government and provide benefits to the market.

The benefits of creating the firm includes job opportunities, additional taxes to the

government and the benefits to the customers.

Bookworms Caf Ground |


Bookworms Caf Ground |



The objective of the market study is to determine the situation of the service in the

current market as well as to analyze the interrelation of the historical demand and supply to be

able to project their future values. Through the analysis of the demand and supply, the projected

market share can be determined so as to establish the capacity to be provided for the firm to

operate efficiently. This information shall be the basis of the operations of the business and the

modes of marketing that shall be employed by the enterprise.

I. Service Description
A. Name
Caf is usually small and informal establishment serving various

refreshments such as coffee and snacks. (www.merriam-webster.com )

The business organization would be named Bookworms Caf Ground.

From the name itself, bookworm is a person who likes to read books and

who spends a lot of time reading and studying. Basically, it is perfect

for students and employees who want to study and read with a serene

environment. (www.merriam-webster.com)
B. Market Description
Bookworm Caf Ground shall specialize in giving their customers the

services that would satisfactorily meet their demands. Also, the business will

also open at night so students will have a comfortable place to study and finish

their projects on time.

C. Target Market
The target market for Bookworm Caf Ground is the students and

employees of BSU La Trinidad who wants and needs to take the service. They

are to be determined through conducting survey. Specifically, 360 (90%)

students and 40 (10%) employees are to be surveyed.

Bookworms Caf Ground |

II. Geographical Location

Another important factor to be considered in starting a business is the

location hence it provides convenience to customers.

Bookworm Study Caf shall be located at Dangwa Square Km. 6 La

Trinidad, Benguet. The location is accessible since BSU University is just across

the road. Students can visit anytime they want whether to study or to read and

satisfy their minds and stomach.

III. Demand Analysis

The analysis of demand shall help in the determination of the percentage of

the population that actually or shall avail of the services. The historical demand

shall be a basis for the projection of future demand quantities.

A. Population
The population is composed of the total number of employees and

students in BSU La Trinidad, Benguet. Specifically, it is composed of 360

(90%) students and 40 (10%) from employees.

Table 1. Number of teaching and non-teaching employees from 2012 - 2015

2012 269 50 319 297 - 297 616
2013 289 40 329 298 3 301 630
2014 287 32 319 289 2 291 610
2015 292 2 294 294 2 296 590

Table 2. BSU enrolment in 2015

Bookworms Caf Ground |

SUMMER 2,919
1 SEMESTER 10,273
Total number of Enrollees 2015 22,998

Using the information above, the sample size was determined using the Slovins

Formula with a confidence level of 95% and 5% margin of error:

n=N/ 1 + Ne
n=393.33 Where:
N=population sample

e= margin of error
B. Methodology
A questionnaire was used as primary
n=tool for gathering
sample size data to be used in

determining historical information. The questionnaire was composed of eight sets of

C. Data Gathered
1. How often do you visit cafes?
Table 3-a. Percentage of Consumption of Service






Table 3 shows the total number of respondents who often visit cafes. A great majority of

148 respondents visit cafes weekly.

2. How important are the following factors when determining the caf you would

want to go to?
Bookworms Caf Ground |


Table 3-b shows the important factors in determining a caf where the respondents wish

to visit. 132 of the population want an affordable yet calm and quiet environment.

3. What sort of drinks do you prefer to have in the caf?


Table 3-c shows coffee as the preferred drink of respondents. It shows that only 8

respondents preferred wines and liquior.

4. What sort of food do you prefer to have in the caf?

Bookworms Caf Ground |

Burgers and Sandwiches Snacks Others: (Pizza, Ice Cream)

Table 3-d shows the preferred food of respondents in a caf where burgers and

sandwiches as their first preference followed by pastries and others like pizza and ice cream as

their least favored food.

5. How do you prefer to study?

Alone Pair Group of 3 Group of 5

Table 3-e shows how individuals like to study. Most respondents preferred to study alone

and 112 of the population sample like to study by pair.

6. What kind of services you may need in our caf? (Check as many as preferred)
Bookworms Caf Ground |


Table 3-f shows individual needs in order for the business to have a knowledge of the

services they should offer to their customers. First important factor is books followed by the food

and beverages.

7. Would you avail of the services of a study caf if were to open one?
Yes No

Table 3-g shows the demand of our service and 384 of the population sample responded


8. How much are you willing to pay for a visit in our caf?
Bookworms Caf Ground |










200 150 100 0thers

Table 3-h shows the price preference of respondents in their visit. The price rate that they

are willing to pay for their visit is 100.

IV. Factors Affecting the Market

A. Population Growth
Population changes over time and an increase in the population may increase the

demand for the service.

B. Prices
Bookworms Caf Ground |

A change in the prices similar or substitute services may shift the market share to the

service offered or to the similar or substitute commodity.

C. Promotional Methods
Information dissemination is important especially for products and services that are

newly introduced in the market. It certainly would help in increasing the demand for

the product or service.

D. Inflation
This is an economic condition which results in increasing prices of goods and

services in the market. To offset increases in expenses, price of the service shall also

be increased.
V. Marketing Program

A marketing program is a coordinated, thoughtfully designed set of activities that help

achieve marketing objectives which are strategic sales goals that fit the business strengths and

are a good way to stretch the business in its current situation. In order to build strong customer

relationships and maximize sales, the management needs to put every possible marketing tool to

work for the business. Marketing is a broad field, encompassing elements as diverse as

advertising, brand and logo design, sales calls, websites, brochures, packaging, shows,

conference and other events. But the variety and complexity of choices makes getting organized

and focused hard.

Bookworms Caf Ground |




The technical study is conducted to determine the procedures to be followed in

conducting the operations particularly the service process. It also encompasses the establishment

of location, facilities and personnel requirements for the commencement of the operation of the
Bookworms Caf Ground |

business. The personnel requirements are important to establish the capacity of the business for

the hours of labor to be provided for.

The waste management would also be discussed as well as the physical lay-out of the

place of business. The utilities needed would also be included so as to help in the proper flow of



Bookworms Caf Ground is designed as a place where students can peacefully and

quietly study at the same time eat or drink. This is based on the concept of a simple caf plus a

library. Computers are present but not wifi and social media access are blocked from the

computer for the costumers will really focus on studying. There are tables for group studies and

cubicles for alone costumers. The caf is not only for study purposes but also for those who want

to eat and take a nap.


The study caf shall be located at kilometer 6, Dangwa Square, La Trinidad, Benguet.

The space will be rented for Php 45,000 monthly. This is the most strategic location that the

proponents were able to come up with. It is strategic because it is near the center of La Trinidad

and it is also near the biggest university which is Benguet State University where students are

congested. This means that it is accessible and convenient enough for both students from the

university and young professionals who work near the vicinity.

Figure 1: Bookworms Caf Ground Floor Plan

Bookworms Caf Ground |


Figure 2: Operational Flowchart

Customers enter the


Proceed to the

Customers order preferred drinks/food.

Bookworms Caf Ground |

Customers proceed to preferred


Orders are
Customers can take their time to stay in
the caf.

If customers are done, payments are over

the counter.

Customers may now leave

the caf.


Table 1: Machines and Equipments

Items Unit Price (Php) Quantity Total (Php)

Refrigerator 12, 000 1 12, 000
Water Dispencer 999 1 999
Coffee Maker 37,900 1 37, 900
Hot Water Dispencer 4, 100 1 4, 100
Blender 5, 000 1 5, 000
Smoke Detector 1, 200 2 2, 400
Fire Extinguisher 500 2 1, 000
Cash Registry 16, 000 1 16, 000
Computer Set 19, 900 5 99, 500
Emergency lights 700 2 1, 400
Trash cans 200 3 600
TOTAL Php 180, 899
Table 2: Furniture and Fixtures

Items Unit Price (Php) Quantity Total (Php)

Window blinds 200 6 1, 200
Wood Cabinet 5,000 1 5, 000
Wall clock 400 2 800
L-shaped Reception 15, 350 1 15, 350
Swivel Chair 2, 495 6 14, 970
Bookworms Caf Ground |

Tables 1, 200 6 7, 200

TOTAL Php 44, 520

Table 3: Kitchen Materials

Items Unit Price (Php) Quantity Total (Php)

Storage box 88 5 440
Tray 99 10 990
Mugs 25.25 30 757.50
Teaspoon 7.50 30 225
Platter 10 30 300
Spoon 25 30 750
Fork 25 30 750
Cups 16.75 30 502.50
Plates 27.50 30 825
Stirrer (50pcs) 11 10 110
Take out box 6.20 300 1, 860
TOTAL Php 7, 510

Table 4: Ingredients

Items Unit Price (Php) Quantity Total (Php)

Coffee beans (1 kilo) 230 300 69, 000
Caramel syrup 100 300 3, 000
Chocolate syrup 100 300 3, 000
Vanilla Syrup (300ml) 100 300 3, 000
Sugar (1 kilo) 43.50 200 8, 700
Creamer (1 kilo) 137 200 27, 400
Milk (1 L) 78.25 300 23, 475
Water (1 gallon) 25 500 12, 500
Espresso (1 kilo) 230 200 46, 000
Whipping cream (1 137 200 27, 400
TOTAL Php 223, 475
Table 5: Cleaning Supplies

Item Unit Price (Php) Quantity Total (Php)

Garbage bag 2.30 1095 2, 518.50
Dustpan 63.75 2 127.50
Stick Broom 20 2 40
Soft Broom 95 2 190
Foot Drugs 50 6 300
Bookworms Caf Ground |

Floor Mop 310.95 2 621.90

Brush for CR 64.50 1 64.50
Towels 15.75 30 472.50
Toilet cleaner (500ml) 65 10 650
Toilet deodorizer 64.25 10 642.50
Scotch brite 2in 1 33.25 10 332.50
Dishwashing 155 10 1, 550
Hand Sanitizer (250ml) 93.50 20 1, 870
Bathroom Tissue(8 106.50 20 2, 130
Table napkin(1000 50.75 30 1, 522.50
TOTAL Php 13, 032.40

Table 6: Other Supplies

Items Unit Price (Php) Quantity Total (Php)

Ballpen 5 5 25
Time card 2 6 12
Memo board 290 1 290
Receipt paper 13 60 780
Marker 12 5 60
TOTAL Php 1, 167.50

Materials, equipments, supplies and ingredients needed for the business would be

purchased from Tiongsan Supermarket, Km 4, La Trinidad, Benguet. Furniture and Fixtures

would be from SM Baguio City. Other supplies that are not found in the said markets or maybe

found but are too expensive will be found from the public market.

Bookworms Caf Ground |

To be able to deliver the services, the use of utilities is necessary. Electricity is to be

availed from the local provider, Benguet Electric Cooperative which is to be paid monthly as the

bill comes.

Water will be availed from the La Trinidad Water District to be paid monthly which is

inclusive in the rent payment.

Communication needs include internet connection as well as the use of landlines to be

availed from the Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT) to be paid monthly.


The capacity as based on the computation as presented below. The capacity is based on a

14-hour labor capacity allowed per day with three(3) staffs per shift. Two shifts are allowed per

day composed of 7 hours per three(3) staffs.

14 hours
365 days
Maximum capacity in hours = no. of staffs ( 1 day

14 hours
365 days)
Maximum capacity I hours = 6
1 day

Maximum capacity = 30 660 hours

The normal capacity would be the basis of the percentage that would be satisfied by the

business. The normal capacity would be 80% of the maximum capacity.

Normal capacity = maximum capacity 80%

Normal capacity = 30 660 80%

Normal capacity = 24 528 hours


Bookworms Caf Ground |


Machineries and Equipments 180, 899
Furniture and Fixtures 44, 520
Kitchen Materials 7, 510
Ingredients 223, 475
Cleaning Supplies 13, 032.40
Other Supplies 1, 167.50
TOTAL Php 470, 603.90


Wastes shall be disposed off according to the provincial garbage collection schedule. The

waste shall be duly separated according to segregation policies; biodegradable, non-

biodegradable and recyclable. The trash management of the business will be strict to be sure to

keep the community clean. This is a form of corporate social responsibility.

Bookworms Caf Ground |


Bookworms Caf Ground |


The management aspect circumscribes the construction of the organization as well as its

composition. It also bounds the details for the personnel requirements and classification for hiring in the

management. The rules and regulations of the organization shall also be presented in detail. The staff

development program and the project schedule will also be discussed in this aspect.

I. Basic Factors in Forming the Organization

The primary purpose for the Bookworms Cafe Ground is to provide for the need of the students

to have a friendly study caf that every student need. The company strives both to obtain new customers

and to preserve existing clients. For this project to start, necessary capital and labor requirements are to be

met. Providing the quality service aimed at requires skill on the part of the employees especially the direct

providers of the company. This will also require proper management on the part of the administration who

shall make sure that operation run with efficiency and effectiveness to maintain the market share in


II. Structure of Ownership

Bookworms Cafe Ground shall be form as General Partnership where the partners shall contribute

money, property or industry to a common fund for the purpose of dividing the profits among themselves.

A partnership is suitable so to give a greater source of a capital than sole proprietorship and it is

less expensive and easier to form than a corporation. All partners shall contribute money bur one of the

partners shall act as a managing partner.

A managing partner is roughly equivalent to a chief executive officer of a corporation in terms of

duties and responsibilities, but in a partnership or small firm and not a corporation.The managing partner
Bookworms Caf Ground |

shall personally manage the regular operations of the business. Decisions shall be consulted with all the

partners concerning matters in the business.

The partners shall be composed of the researchers namely Rizalene Agustin, Jermiecyl Calatan,

Winna Marie Narcisa and Aleli Angel Sigang.

III. General Regulatory Requirements

Before the beginning of the business, the following must be fix first to follow with regulatory and

legal requirements:

DTI certificate of Registration of Business Name

SEC certificate of registration together with Articles of Partnership

TIN of partners

Business Permit

Community Tax Certificate for the current year

Submission of General Permits

Notice to Open for business

Application for Temporary Clearance to operate

Issuance of final clearance to operate

Submission of ID of the employees

IV. Company Profile

A. Mission-Vision Statements


Bookworms Cafe Ground as the leading study cafe provider to be trusted as the perfect study cafe

partner. To be a leader in innovation, service and quality.

Bookworms Caf Ground |


Bookworms Caf Ground aimed to provide a quality study caf for students on a flexible basis.

We at Bookworms Caf Ground provide ourselves on having a highly trained, nurturing and a friendly

staffs that is willing and able to adapt the demands of our customers.

B. Core Values

1. Excellence and Integrity

We set high standards for ourselves and deliver on all of our promises with integrity.

2. Innovation and Responsiveness

We seek new and better approaches to current and emerging needs. We know we are most

effective when we work together.

3. Passion and Dedication

Serving our valued customers is our highest priority. We see ourselves as partners of

Bookworms Caf Ground |

V. Job Requirements

A. Organizational Structure



Customer Administrative Finance

Relation Department
Human Bookkeeper
Resource Cashier

Utility Clerk

B. Job Description and Qualifications


The main duty of partners is to contribute money and property as an investment to the

partnership. They are also responsible to constitute all the rules and regulations to be apply within the



The administrative manager provides the leadership and responsible in administering the design

and development of the operation of the business.

Bookworms Caf Ground |


The Bookkeeper is responsible in analyzing financial data, preparing financial statements,

reviewing expense vouchers and determining payroll and maintaining various ledgers and records.

She/He shall also give clearance for the disbursement of funds from the cashier to specify the availability

of funds.


At least 24 years of age

With at least 1 year of experience in any accounting job related

With good interpersonal and analytical skills

Computer Literate

Must have a degree of BSA

of good moral character


Has the duty to receive cash payments, issue receipts and count money at the beginning of shifts

to secure that amounts are correct. He/She is also responsible for cash advances and expenses for the

purchase of supplies.


At least 22 years of age

Must be a college graduate

With good interpersonal skills

Computer Literate

Of good moral character

Bookworms Caf Ground |


Human Resource Officer provides the services for the recruitment and employment of staff.

He/She is responsible of arranging and conducting trainings.


At least 25 years of age

At least 1 year of experience

Computer Literate

with good interpersonal skills

Must have a degree of BSBA major in Human Resource and Development Management


Responsible in answering customers inquires and addressing complaints


At least 20 years of age

Computer Literate

With pleasing personality


The utility clerk duty is to maintain the cleanliness of the cafe, purchase of supplies and release of

supplies from the stock.

Bookworms Caf Ground |


At least 18 years of age

Must at least a high school graduate

of good moral character



1. Recruitment and Hiring of Personnel

Applicants shall be assessed in accordance with their qualifications making it parallel

with the standards set above. The standards shall be relative to the requirements of the job applied for.

2. Selection Process

a. Applicants must submit all the requirements needed in applying the desired position.

They shall be screened based on the resume then the selected applicants shall be contact by the Human

Resource for interview details.

3. Termination

The enumerated below are the termination of any employee shall only be due to causes as

specified in the Labor Code:

serious misconduct;

wilful disobedience;

gross and habitual neglect of duty;

Bookworms Caf Ground |

fraud or breach of trust;

commission of a crime or offense against the employer, his family or


other similar causes.


1. Salaries and Wages

The salary shall be given every fifteen (15) days. The salaries and wages shall be

computed in an hourly basis. The pay rate shall be based upon the prevailing rate in La

Trinidad, Benguet.

2. Thirteenth Month pay

An employee shall entitled to the 13th month pay if he/she has worked for at least six

months for the company. For special holidays, employees are entitled to the holiday pay if

worked equivalent to 130% of the basic daily salary. Below is the list of the regular and

special holidays.
3. Holiday Pay
An employee shall be to holiday pay at dates specified by the law. The holiday pay shall

be equal to 200% of basic daily pay if work is performed on a regular holiday.

Regular Holiday Date

New Years Day January 1
Maundy Thursday Movable Date
Good Friday Movable Date
Araw ng Kagitingan April 9
Labor Day May 1
Independence Day June 12
National Heroes Day Last Sunday of August
Bonifacio Day November 30
Rizal Day December 31
Id-ul-Adha Movable Date
Eidul Fitr Movable Date
Bookworms Caf Ground |

Special Holiday Date

All Saints Day November 1
Ninoy Aquino Day August 21

4. Leave
a. Vacation and Sick Leave
Every employee shall be given a service incentive leave of five (5) days of leave.
b. Maternity and Paternity Leave
A pregnant female employee, who has rendered service for at least six(6)months

for the last twelve (12) months, shall be granted a maternity leave two weeks prior the expected delivery.

Paternity allows married male employees to take 7-day leaves on account of their

wifes delivery.

5. SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig Contribution

SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-Ibig Contributions share by the employer shall form

part of compensation provided that employee has served the company for t leat six months. The

contribution shall be based upon prevailing rates.


1. Hours of work
Regular working days shall be from Monday to Friday. The regular working hours shall

be from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. Working schedules shall be subject to changes upon the approval of the


2. Time Keeping
A time card recorder shall be provided near the managers office in order to keep track

of the attendance and the record of the time-in and time-out of the employees
Bookworms Caf Ground |

3. Absences
A no work no way policy shall be strictly implemented.
4. Tardiness and Under Time
All employees are expected to report on time. If the employee is late, there will be an

automatic reduction of one (1) hour from his or her total regular worked hours for the day.

5. Dress code
The employees are required to wear their complete uniform upon entering the office.
6. Identification Card
Identification card shall be given to the employees which shall be worn every time they

are in the office.

7. Unethical Behaviors
Proper Investigation shall be made and when discovered guilty, the employee shall be

dismissed from work paying certain dues for damages incurred.

8. Meal Break and Snack Break

The employee shall be given a one hour (12:00-1:00) for their meal break. The employees

are also given a thirty minutes (afternoon: 3:00-3:30) for their snack break and an hour

(evening: 8:00 9:00) meal break at night.

VII. Staff Development Program

It is important to show up employees to a unceasing learning that would further improve their

skills and knowledge about the job. Employees shall undergo seminars and trainings to gain more

knowledge and experience about the job. In this way, customer satisfaction wouldnt only increase but

higher quality of service shall be attained.

VIII. Project Schedule

Bookworms Caf Ground |

2017 2018
Activities Fe Ma Ap Ma Jun Jul Au Sep Oc No De Ja Fe Ma Apr
b r r y e y g t t v c n b r


Feasibility Study

Procurement of

Processing of
Necessary Permits

Improving the Place

Purchase of
Furniture and

Preparation of Shop

Hiring, Training and

orientation of


Start of Operation
Bookworms Caf Ground |


Bookworms Caf Ground |

Socio-Economic Aspect


The success of a business is not only measured by its profitability but also by how their

economic activities affect the society. This feasibility study aims to shape its future in unison

with the community, discusses in sufficient detail the responsibilities and relationship of the

business towards the society within which it operates.

The following are the social and economic benefits that Bookworms Caf Ground strives

to deliver:

A. Consumers

The company strives both to obtain new customers and to preserve existing clients. With

this principle, the company takes into consideration the following concerns:

1. Product Quality and Consistency

The company shall assure that the product the customers will purchase is of

utmost quality but will always be in a progressive nature.

2. Product Safety

The company will make sure that the product will not, in any way, inflict harm to

the consumers.

3. Product Development

The company, though will provide the maximum quality of its product, shall not

stop in trying to improve or develop its product in order to keep pace with customers

needs and demands.

4. Marketing Arrangements
Bookworms Caf Ground |

The company shall price its product reasonably, based on justifiable input

considerations. It shall not engage in hoarding and other price manipulating practices, in

appreciation to customers continuous loyalty and patronage.

5. Products Complaints

The company shall take into consideration consumers opinions, suggestions and

complaints, to fully understand the need and demand of consumers. It shall, therefore,

provide contact information such as telephone numbers, emails, and address through

which customers can send their complaints.

B. Employees

The members of the organization are the greatest strength of a business. Employing the

right personnel to do the necessary jobs is one of the key to a prolific operation. Bookworms

Caf Ground, therefore, values its employees by going over the following considerations:

1. Recruitment Process

The company shall only base its hiring practices and policies to rational

qualification criteria and shall not consider national origin, race, skin color or gender

preference as a basis for hiring its employees.

2. Wages and Benefits

In agreement to the Labor Code of the Philippines (P.D. NO.422), the employees

will be compensated justly based on reasonable work-hours, benefits, trainings, seminars,

performance evaluations, and uniforms.

The management would also withhold and provide the following; withholding tax

from compensation, SSS premium and loans (employees share), HDMF premium
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(employees share), Phil. health premium, thirteenth month pay, sick leave, night shift

differential, overtime pay, right to service incentive, right to holiday pay, maternity leave,

paternity leave and retirement benefits.

3. Working Conditions

The company shall ensure an ideal working environment for its employees. It will

ascertain clean surroundings, adequate lighting, space and ventilation so as to prevent any

harm or illness to happen to the employees. It will also store some medications or first aid

kit, in case the employees suffer any harm or illness. Employees shall also have an access

to potable water and clean bathrooms.

4. Job Security

The company values its employees for it has invested time, effort and resources to

train and cultivate skills that will be necessary for the job. The company also believes that

the experience developed during their service is irreplaceable. With this in mind, the

employees may rest assured that the company will do its best to show its appreciation for

the employees loyalty and dedication.

5. Employer-Employee Relationship

The company recognizes potential such as knowledge, resourcefulness and

creativity. Therefore, it establishes an open communication relationship between

employer and employees. In this situation, decisions are not only a product of the

owner/managers judgment but also of the employees ingenuity.

6. Controversial Issues

Child Labor employees should strictly be 18 years old and above

Forced Labor employees should work on their own will

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Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining the company shall not

restrict its employees the right to form unions and shall not discriminate those who take

advantage of their rights.

Disciplinary practices the company shall not exercise corporal punishment, physical

coercion or verbal abuse to any of its employees.

C. Community

1. Environment

The need for environmental protection forms an integral part of Cater Links

business philosophy. The fact that our activities, or those of our employees, may have an effect

on the environment is of great consequence to us. We therefore endeavor to operate in harmony

with the environment, with particular emphasis on the following areas:

a. Production:
To carry out our service using environmentally friendly materials and

equipment, which are energy efficient and produce minimal harmful waste

when disposed of.

b. Waste & Recycling:
Waste & Recycling: To minimize the waste produced through the business

activities and look for innovative ways to recycle waste material.

D. Government (Local Government)

Next to ensuring that company is profitable, ensuring that it obeys all laws is the most

important responsibility, according to the theory of corporate social responsibility. Legal

requirements as established by the government will be duly accomplished. The business can be

expected to fulfill its economic goals within the statutory requirements and legal frameworks.

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The socio-economic aspect of the entity has shown a positive impact on the customers,

employees, local government, suppliers, schools and the public.

Furthermore, based on the social and economic benefits of the proposed business, as well

as the absence of social protest against the type of dealing, it could be concluded that the

Bookworms Caf Ground is socially and economically feasible.