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Magdalena Gutierrez

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BIEDL 5338

Dr. Cruz

June 2, 2017


Ideal Classroom

As a mainstream teacher with a diverse population of students within one class I

understand the importance of flexibility in a class. In a classroom where language is being taught

through content it is important to have various places for students to work in small groups,

independently and as whole class. In addition, for plenty of space around the class for students to

refer to anchor charts, books and other resources.

First, students are group in groups of three so when whole class instruction is conducted

they are able to have someone to share information but also hear opinions from more than one

person. Individual desk also allow for flexible seating, so when needed the whole class structures

may be changed into groups of four, whole group circle or larger groups of 3.

Since my perfect classroom will be a 6th grade World Cultures class then I will need

fictional and non-fictional novel for students to go beyond what is being presented and analyze

how reality affects fiction. The novels will include titles printed in both languages so beginners

and intermediate students may use the books as a sources to extent their knowledge. In addition,

picture-rich books such as National Geographic will be available for students to see and connect

the information about different countries with real life images. Even though I teach World

Cultures, I would provide a reading time for students to read on their novels. So a place like the
reading rug and bean bags will be a great reward for students that are usually reluctant to

reading. Plus, I can also use it as a reading center where I and other students read to small groups

who choose the same books.

The students work bulletin board along with the use of dry erase boards will help

showcase students work and anchor charts for students to refer as we move through different

units but continue to touch over the similar topics. Lastly, a computer cart with enough working

computers for every student will make differentiated teaching even more feasible. Technology in

a classroom is an asset that is to be use carefully. I like to provide students with projects where

they must use various resources to create a presentation for the whole class. In addition, Im able

to provide students with immediate feedback when they are to complete writing assignments and

pull a group of kids that I see they struggle with similar topics. Plus, the use of computers also

help differentiate the rigor of projects students complete. Overall, the idea of an ideal classroom

is great but the reality is that each year and each class period comes with a diverse group of

students which no matter how many technology and desks I have, ultimately I must be able to

know my students in able for them to learn and grow academically and linguistically.