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Crucial Power offers the most diversified Central lighting inverter product line on the market today. All of our inverters
feature the latest technology, electronics, and double-conversion no break instantaneous transfer of power, PWM(Pulse
Width Modulated) Design for true sine wave output, sealed maintenance-free lead calcium batteries, the most advanced
monitoring system, small footprint enclosures, and durable construction for all lamp types including LED, HID,
fluorescent and incandescent.

Our product line exclusives include:

Lite-Wave- Mini inverter 200w to 490w. Perfect for smaller emergency lighting loads. Offering pure sine wave output.
Lite- Wave is ideal for use with LED. Up to three auxiliary breakers output breakers, and a host of other options are
available making the Lite-Wave the most versatile mini inverter in the market.

Econosine- Compact (28x24x15) self- contained 350-2100 watt inverter, offering the perfect solution where space,
economy and performance are paramount.

Wave Rider 1 - The latest- design single-phase Inverters with 2.1 KVA 17KVA capacity, and the widest array of
options and custom design capability available- all available in a single compact cabinet configuration.

Wave Rider 3 - Three phase inverters covering 8KVA to 50KVA capacity, and ideally suited to large- scale projects
where three phase power is required. A vast selection of features and options in addition to custom cabinets
configurations to maximize utilization of space.

Wave Rider 4Hybrid Three Phase Inverters covering 8KVA 400KVA capacity, offered in both fast transfer and
online configuration. Wave Rider 4 is the largest most versatile three-phase solution in the industry.

HEU- The only inverter available for outdoor, vandal-prone and hostile environments, Meeting both UL924 life and
safety standard and UL1778 UPS requirements, Heavy-Duty gasketed, triple-locking NEMA 3R enclosure in steel,
aluminum, or stainless steel.

NetAgent Global Monitoring and Notification- The ultimate monitoring system for inverters- a web enabled
monitoring device for a unit with Wi-Fi or LAN connections. Our Network Management System software can provide
monitoring of multiple units on a single console application.

The Market: By law all commercial buildings and industrial facilities must have an emergency system that
provides 90 minutes of egress pathway lighting to allow occupants to safely evacuate in the event of power
interruption. Central lighting inverters offer tremendous advantages over up truce of high maintenance in
fixtures batteries and bug eye wall-mounted emergency lights. An inverter uses the buildings existing light
fixtures, provides a central more reliable easily maintained system and affords the owner significant cost
savings in equipment operations and maintenance. There are a multitude of applications in your territory
including hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping centers, movie theaters, restaurants, airports
factories, railroads, subways, tunnels, correctional facilities, military installations, ports and Homeland

With Crucial Power you have high- quality Central Lighting Inverters with industry leading Features and design with
highly competitive pricing, faster delivery and excellent service- quotations though start-up.
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