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Date of evaluation:

All data supplied by the proposed subcontractor to be specific to the project requirements.
Sub contractors corporate details not relevant to the evaluation must be avoided.

1 Name & Address of Subcontractor

2 Full scope of works

3 All required trade licenses & service

authority licenses for scope of work are
available. Check certificate no. and expiry
4 If Design & Build sub contract, Design
Capabilities, staff, experience, or Agency
for design, address and contacts.
Design standards usage to be latest and to
be confirmed.
5 If the subcontractor to deliver any
proprietary materials to fulfill the contract,
conformance to the project specifications to
be confirmed.
6 Technical staff availability as per scope. Any
outsourcing is planned? Eg: Drafting
7 Development of Construction Programme:
Capabilities & arrangements
8 Supervision staff, manpower proposed for
the project. (Attach list with name and
designation, details)
9 Machinery proposed to deploy in the
project. . (Attach list, as applicable)

10 Details of commercial capability to run the

project. Specify details such as turnover or
contract values for the past two years and
any other supporting information.
11 2 similar projects recently executed with 1)
main contractors/clients contact details

12 What constructability issues you have faced

in these projects. Any support required from
CSCEC to solve it?
13 Warranties/ Guarantees: Give a brief for its

14 Project completion, NOCs and closeout

arrangements of subcontractor?
15 Defects liability & Warranty period
administration, as applicable.
Brief of plan for any defects notified and its
16 ISO/OHSAS-Certification available?
If certified, verify the scope to cover the
subcontract work. Confirmation on project
QHSE arrangements.
If not certified, what alternate QHSE control
system is proposed for the project? Specify.
17 Subcontractor has been involved in any
major HSE violations, penalized previously
by the Client/ Engineer?
If yes, give details.
18 Any black listing incident in the past with
the Client/Engineer? Give details, if any.
19 Any other information specific to the project

Prepared by

For Subcontractor
Give a brief on previous project visits by CSCEC team.
1) Checked by:

Construction Manager

2) Checked by:

Technical Manager

3) Reviewed by:

Contracts Manager

Reviewed By: Recommended By:

PM/Snr. PM/ Project Director

Note: 1) The evaluation sheet to be submitted along with the price comparison statement.

2) Existing subcontractor can provide page 1&2 of the evaluation sheet.