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Garbage Energy Maker

One mans trash is another mans GEM

Created by: Mitchell C. Daniel F. and Daniel S.

Chaminade Improvement Project

Challenge: Find ways to improve the schools efficiency.

Bonus: Use a way that promotes beneficial environmental implications.

What's better than getting rid of garbage cleanly and getting free electricity out of
What is the The GEM (Garbage Energy Maker)?

Is a garbage in, energy out machine

converts trash in the form of paper, wood, plastic, food, and agricultural
waste into Electricity and Heat energy
Converts the waste volume into pellets
Gasifier turns pellets into synthetic gas.
Gas is used to power a generator.
95% of waste is used to produce clean energy.
How Does it work ?
Garbage is sent into the waste
conditioner where it gets
shredded, compressed, and dried
into fuel pellets
The gasifier convert the pellets
into a synthetic gas
The gas is then used to power
generators to produce electricity
or heat
Conserve a lot of energy
Reduce emissions from decaying trash
Fewer gas emissions (garbage trucks, other vehicles)
Save money over time
Little maintenance required (4 hours per week)
14-52 yr Return on investment
Tax reductions
It All Comes Down To The Numbers Is It
Worth It?

Cost $1 Million for the machine and Installation

A High School needs approximately 800 kWh per day to power electricity

90kg per person/year x 1200 people 180 days = 600 kg of garbage per day

Machine produces approximately 1 kWh per kg of Garbage

(This takes into consideration amount needed to run the Machine)

1 kWh x 600 kg = 600 kWh will be produced on average per day

We will be able to produce of the energy needed to power our school

How Much Money Can This Machine Save
Costs of electricity is $0.18 x 800 kWh = $144 a day

Money saved $0.18 x 600 kWh = $108 a day

We will only need to pay $36 a day for electricity

With the money saved we will be able to pay off the Machine in 52 years
52 years is a long time! Heres how to pay it
off quicker?
We can accumulate more garbage from our local community

The machine is able to convert up to 3 tons of trash and make 1800 kWh a day

Government will give tax reductions

If we run the machine to its max potential we could pay it off in 14 years