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Under the Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950

Form IX Memorandum of Inspections of Registration Book(Economisers) 41-44

Form X Provisional Order under the Boilers Act,1923 45

Form XI Certificate for the use of an Economiser 46-47

Form XII Record of Welder's Qualification/Requalification Tests 48-49

Form XIII Qualified Boiler Welder's Certificate 50

Form XIV Steam Pipes and Connecting Fittings 51-53

Form XV-A Questionnaire Inspecting Authority 54-56

Form XV-B Questionnaire Competent Authority 57-58

Form XV-C Questionnaire Well Known Steel Maker 59-60

Form XV-D Questionnaire Well Known Foundry/Forge 61-62

Form XV-E Questionnaire Well Known Tube/Pipe Maker 63-64

Form XV-F Questionnaire Well Known Material Testing Laboratory 65-66

Form XV-G Questionnaire for Well-known Remnant Assessment Organisation 67-68

Form XVI-A Certificate of Approval for Inspection Authority 69

Form XVI-B Certificate of Approval for Competent Authority 70

Form XVI-C Certificate of Approval for Well Known Steel Maker 71

Form XVI-D Certificate of Approval for Well Known Foundry 72

Form XVI-E Certificate of Approval for Well Known Forge 73

Form XVI-F Certificate of Approval for a Well Known Tube Maker 74

Form XVI-G Certificate of Approval for Well Known Pipe Maker 75

Form XVI-H Certificate of Approval as Well Known Material Testing 76


Form XVI-I Certificate of approval as Well known Remnant Life 77

Assessment Organisation

Form XVII Certificate of Manufacture and Test for Small Industrial 78-79
Boilers including Small Industrial Solar Boilers

Form XVIII Questionnaire form for repairer of boilers/ economizer/ steam line/ 80-81
feed water lines

Form XIX Details to be furnished alongwith application for inspection of 82-84

Boiler after twelve/ Twenty four months of certification under
Regulation 390 as per Appendix JA and Appendix JB