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Developed 40 years ago and still working

An oil company showed us how long-lasting our titrators really are. 40 years
ago, we at METTLER TOLEDO developed our first titrator. One of these original
DV10/DK11 systems is still being used to determine bromine number at a re-
finery in Sisak. Ease of use combined with excellent quality was our primary
focus for instrument development back then and remains so today.
J. Gurtner D. Milanovic

The INA Group is a medium-sized Surprising discovery Figure 1:

Refinery at Sisak.
European oil company, employing During a recent visit, one of our
around 14,000 employees, with their METTER TOLEDO service engineers,
headquarters in Zagreb. INA maintains 2 found a perfectly working DV10/DK11
refineries in Croatia, one on the shore of Titration System. This was an exciting
Rijeka and the other in Sisak just 50 km find as it was the first titrator developed
south of Zagreb. The proximity to Zagreb by METTLER TOLEDO 40 years ago.
is strategically important as the area
around Zagreb has the highest energy It was a surprise for our local sales
consumption in the region. specialist, I was recently at the cus- METTLER TOLEDOs first titrator
tomer site for the C20 installation but METTLER TOLEDOs first developed
The Sisak site produces around 2.2 mil- nobody told me about this old-timer. titrator system consisted of a DV10 unit.
lion tons of oil and manufactures a It was never mentioned, because the This is a digital burette with a stepping
variety of petroleum derivatives, such as DV10/DK11 Titration System had simply motor drive. Milliliters consumed are
diesel, bitumen, liquefied petroleum gas, been running and perfectly fulfilling displayed on a four-digit display. At that
heating oil, petrol coke and liquid sul- the customers needs without any prob- time the system already offered a modu-
phur mainly for the domestic market. lems for years. The lab technician espe- lar approach designed for system expan-
cially appreciates the instruments ease sion with the DK11 and DK 14 units. The
Quality control of use. DK11 unit is used as an electrode ampli-
For several years now, INA has produced fier and the DK14 defines test parameters,
gasoline and gas according to the EuroV The titrator was originally bought in such as titration rate, end point potential
European emission standard. The thor- 1981 to replace manual bromine num- and termination delay. These combined
ough testing of all materials in the pro- ber titration. This example proves the units make up METTLER TOLEDOs first
cess is, therefore, crucial. importance of ease of use combined automatic titrator.
with excellent quality and durability that
The quality control lab follows ASTM were METTLR TOLEDOs primary focus Read more about METTLER
standards for testing the raw materials 40 years ago and remain so essential up TOLEDOs titration history at
(crude oil, chemical and additives), fin- to the present day. www.mt.com/titration-innovation
ished products and in-process materials
Figure 2:
(feedstock, semi-products and stored Bromine number
products). The QC lab is accredited determination with
the DV10/DK11
according to EN ISO/IEC 17025. titrator system de-
veloped at METTLER
TOLEDO 40 years
Lucija Konjevi, Senior Quality Control ago.
Engineer at the quality control labora-
tory in the Sisak refinery relies on several
METTLER TOLEDO titrators (C20, DL28
and DL25) for these important tests. Fast
and simple analyses and instrument
durability were the main considerations
when choosing METTLER TOLEDO as
their supplier.