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Assignment Score Teacher Comments Improvement


Memoir Project: Create clearer

A trailer or poster to 23/25 understanding
help our peers 92% in the trailer
understand our novel. Use more

Memoir Essay: Move Make sure my

A group essay to background other group
discuss if the novel 37/50 info. to into. members are
was objective or 74% This is more doing their job
subjective. of a summary correctly
then proving If necessary,
idea, wheres do the work if
the evidence? the others are
Sounds like a not
rather than a
theme essay
Wheres the
evidence ?
Not a reliable

Poetry Journal: Well done Create better

To create our own visuals
poems to understand 25/25 Dont
the different 100% procrastinate
techniques of poetry. on creating

Poetry Timed Write: More Write out

To show our background more through
understanding of 33/35 info. and state introductions
poetry and to analyze 94.29% thesis in one and
poems. sentence conclusions
Good Think about
Body what I could
paragraphs put into the
are good, introduction
strengthen and
intro., and conclusion to
conclusion help the
my body
Group Narrative Take better
Podcast: To create a notation of
modern version of a 20/25 guidelines
story from the 80% Speak more
Odyssey, this is done to class
in a podcast

Hero Timed Write: To Good basic Make a

compare the introduction clearer point
figurative language, Dig deeper of view in
tone, and diction 21/25 into how papers
between the story of 84% sirens are Be more
the sirens from the portrayed due specific about
Odyssey and a song to point of topics that I
about the sirens view am discussing
Be a little
more specific
as to how it
exactly shows

Romeo and Juliet

Project: To create and
design a project that
demonstrates the
message/theme of
Romeo and Juliet

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