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Product Information


CI-25 is an efficient and proven inhibitor for use in hydrochloric acid and in formulations which combine
hydrochloric acid with others, such as acetic, formic or hydrofluoric acid. It provides effective protection of tubulars
and downhole equipment in boffomhole temperatures to 250F (121 C), and with the use of BJ Hy-Temp
intensifiers can provide protection at temperatures in excess of 325F (163C).

Features and Benefits

At temperatures up to 250F (121 C), this inhibitor requires less material to provide corrosion protection. At
temperatures over 250F (121C), less Hy-Temp intensifiers are required for protection of tubulars.

Effective in all strengths of hydrochloric acid and mixtures of hydrochloric-hydrofluoric acids. Also a good
inhibitor for hydrochloric-organic acid mixtures.

Acid systems inhibited with CI-25 at appropriate concentrations dramatically slow corrosion rates on most
common oilfield tubulars, including coiled tubing and chrome alloys.

Compatible with most acid additives.

Broad temperature range of effective inhibition of hydrochloric acid, hydrochloric-hydrofluoric and hydrochloric
organic acid mixtures, allows stimulation of a variety of reservoirs at various bottomhole temperatures.

Provides protection of a wide range of wellbore, wellhead and downhole tubulars, including coiled tubing. The
ability to protect chrome alloys makes pulling production equipment unnecessary in some cases, thus
reducing workover costs.

Compatibility with a number of acid systems such as One-Shot Plus Acid, XL-III, Gelled Acid, etc., allows
treatment of a large variety of reservoir problems.

Safety Precautions

CI-25 is a toxic material and should be handled with care. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Avoid
breathing mist or vapors, as they are hazardous if absorbed through the skin. DO NOT take internally.


Surfactants and mutual solvents may require an increased inhibitor loading to provide protection.

Product Information

Technical Data

CI-25 Concentration
(6 hrs Protection)
Concentration, % by volume




80 120 160 200 240 280 320 360
(27) (49) (71) (93) (115) (138) (171) (182)
Temperature, F (C)
15% HCl 28% HCl
Data for Acid only on N80 tubing
Above 200F (93C) use HyTemp-O


Confidential Mixing Manual


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