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DAILY LESSON School: Grade Level: 10

Teacher: Learning Area: MAPEH (Arts)

LOG Time Allotment: Quarter: 2nd

I. OBJECTIVES Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

A. Content Standards The learner new technologies that allow new expressions in arts using art elements and processes
B. Performance The learner create a tech-based artwork (video clips and printed media such as posters, menus, brochures etc.) relating to a
Standards selected topic from the different learning areas using available technologies, e.g., food and fashion
C. Learning The learner identify art The learner identify The learner identify The learner realize that
Competencies/Objec elements in the distinct characteristics of artworks produced by technology is an effective
tives technology-based arts during in the 21st technology from other and vibrant tool for
production arts century in terms of: 3.1. countries and their empowering a person to
production 3.2. adaptation by Philippine express his/her ideas,
functionality range of artists goals, and advocacies,
audience reach which elicits immediate
I. Computer/Digital Arts 1. Cellular Phones (photos and videos) 2. Computer-generated Images 3. Digital
Photography (DLSR and Point-and-Shoot) 4. Video Games 5. Digital Painting and Imaging Videos TV & Film
II. Principles of Art 6. Rhythm, Movement 7. Balance 8. Emphasis 9. Harmony, Unity, and Variety Proportion
III. Process: 10. computer manipulation 11. light setting 12. digital enhancements 13. printing 14. digital circulation
II. LEARNING Arts Learners Guide
A. References
1. Teachers Guide P124-133
2. Learners P236-247
Materials pages
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional
Materials from
Resources Portal
B. Other Learning Samples of Computer-generated Artworks in everyday life (posters, book/magazine covers, brochures,
Resources advertisements)/Gadgets
A. Reviewing previous Let the learners share Present ideas on art Show pictures of Ask the learners on the
lesson or presenting experiences/knowledge elements and technology product importance of technology
the new lesson. on computer/digital arts. characteristics in the 21st artworks. in their lives.
century in production
and functionality.
B. Purpose of the Let the learner appreciate the significance of technology-based art..
C. Presenting Present more examples or products of technology-based art..
of the new lesson.
D. Discussing new Learners activity.
concepts and Digital Image Creation
practicing new skills
E. Discussing new Enhancement activities:
concepts and Exhibit of Technology-based Art
practicing new skills
F. Developing mastery Give the learners time to master performance.

G. Finding practical Allow the learners to relate the role of Technology-based art to a persons life.
applications of
concepts and skills
in daily living.
H. Making Let the learners formulate generalizations.
generalizations and
abstractions about
the lesson.
I. Evaluate learning Graded performances/Customized Rubric System
J. Additional activities Graded Performances/Customized Rubric System
for application or
A. No. of learners who
earned 80% in the
B. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for
C. Did the remedial
lesson work? No. of
learners who have
caught up with the