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Idea 1:

Adding photography to an existing leaflet. The leaflet is about

educating teachers and staff in an educational background about students
who are part of the LGBT+ community.
As far as I know, similar products do not exist, which is why the leaflet
was made in the first place and also allows for the product to be distributed to
a wider audience. The current photographs in the leaflet are images off the
internet. Adding photographs to this product will create a sense of realism, as
it will be real people instead of just models off of the internet.
Audience will include those within an educational background, as well
as students who may attend the school/college/university due to the context of
the leaflet, the product will be . Meaning the age group can range from 14 to
25 (childhood and adolescence).
To develop the work, filming equipment such as a
camera/tripod/lighting, as well as models. Possible props include pride flags,
that represent sexualities and gender identities, such as the transgender flag
and gay pride flag.

Idea 2:
A teaser trailer for a crime/murder series that creates a sense of
tension and mystery, without revealing too much of the initial product.
Similar products exist, for many other tv shows, such as Murder on the
Orient Express. Often being distributed on live streaming websites
Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime etc.
The target audience for this product will be young adult to adulthood
(19-45), as the trailer may be graphic/uncomfortable for younger or much
older (later adulthood) audiences. Therefore, my target audience remains in
the middle, where spectators may find the content more comfortable/okay to
deal with compared to others. A younger audience is also more likely to use
live streaming sites rather than watch it live on TV.
To develop the work, filming equipment such as a
camera/tripod/lighting, as well as models. Filming will take place in several
locations, such as a place that has connotations with murder like a forest,
therefore some may need permission to film in.

Idea 3:
Music video: to What Would You Do by Bastille (City high cover). The
filming will include the following of the story within the lyrics. Following the
story of Londy, her life through the lyrics and the narrative.
Similar products include the actual music video to the song, as well as
some other fan videos. Although Bastille did not produce a music video for
their cover. So the delivery of the narrative is open for interpretation.
The target audience for this product, can range in variety, as there is no
specific age group for this audience. The target audience will focus more on
the genre of the music and who will prefer it over others, rather than age -
however, if age were to be a factor, I would place the target audience within
adolescence to young adulthood (16-29). Parts of the audience could also
include fans of City High and the original cover, which would help expand the
distribution of the product.
To develop the work, filming equipment such as a
camera/tripod/lighting, as well as models/actors to play roles of Londy and
other characters. The setting will include the a party/club environment, and
possibly a home environment, a police station may also be required. All
owned locations will need permission first to shoot in them.