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Philippines: Owned by a Single Family?

"All Truth passes thru three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it
is accepted as self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer, Blog Stars

Many issues have already been raised regarding the ownership of a small piece of land. Many
people have claimed that they own this, or that portion of land. How many people have died because of a
little piece of land-dwelling? How many countries and peoples have had wars because of wanting to rule
a land? Just how many peoples lives have to be sacrificed and wasted just to own a hectare of land?

But above all these issues are we aware that we do not own a single quantity of this land? Much
less that Philippines is owned by one family?

Yes, youve read it right. Its ridiculous to hear, I know. Some may raise their brows and may
have doubts, but its up to you if you are going to believe it and it depends on how you make your
judgment. I even was very unconvinced the first time Ive heard this statement. I know that by knowing
this, the history that we have known from the books during our elementary and high school years will
change. Its confusing, I know. It really is. But the story that the Philippines is owned by one family holds
truth and has proofs.

We have known that the Philippines is just discovered by the greedy foreigners. But before their
coming, our ancestors were already here and they were led by one family and is now said to be the owner
of the Philippine archipelago. They are the Tagean-Tallano clan and is currently embodied by the only
living heir, Prince Julian Morden Tallano.

And this is the story of the Tadean-Tallano Estate.

As a matter of fact, the story is supported by the following proofs and evidences:

Original Certificate of Title

Decision with Compromise Agreement
Writ of Execution, Demolition and Possession Order
Certificate of Sheriff Return
Annotation behind Titles
Certification of the Government Officials that proves that the titles are not fake.

The 21 volumes of documents from court that strengthens the story cannot be falsified. These
were also proved by some of the Solicitor Generals and later on became magistrates who are Felix
Macasiar, Antonio Baredo and Hugo Guttierez. And some of the famous lawyers in the history of the
Philippines became the defender of the Tallano family like former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, former Sen.
Lorenzo Tanada, Claro M. Recto, Jose Diocno, Emmanuel Pelaez, Jose U Nu Sr., Virgilio Papa and at
present, Homobono A. Adaza. The aforesaid are respected and are known to be skillful in the field of law
and dont easily believe until there is no evidence and basis.

Homobono A. Adaza file stated that the Philippine archipelago including Guam and Hawaii was
known as Maharlika. It was populated by Malays and ruled by the Tagean-Tallano clans from the ninth to
the fifteenth century. When the Spaniards started ruling the Philippine archipelago, they renamed it
Hacienda Filipina. Of the many kingdoms in Asia, Maharlika was one of them under King Luisong
Tagean Tallano, the father of Raja Lapu-Lapu and Raja Soliman, the successors of King Marikudo of the
Sri Vishayan Empire. Its principal products at that time were peanuts (mani) exported to Mexico and
European countries and Herbal plants known as Nilad with some medicinal qualities which were
exported to Mainland China. With the passage of time, the Chinese traders changed the name Maharlika
to Maynilad or Maynila. As in olden days, in Regalian Doctrine, the kings and their families own their
kingdoms and distribute portions to their subjects, especially to the members of the royal clans.

The Spaniards

When Spaniards invaded the Philippines, there was a widespread grabbing of land by the with
fining of high value taxes. Because of these activities, the heirs of King Luisung Tallano appealed to the
queen of Spain against the abuse of the Spaniards. As an answer, King Phillip (King of Spain) ordered to
give back the ownership of the whole archipelago to Tagean-Tallana clan.

The Britanians

British Royal Army came to the shores of the Philippines on 1762 to fight the forces of Spaniards
and finally in 1764, Britanians defeated the Spaniards. The British Government issued Royal Decree
Protocol 04-1 based on the laws of West Indies amending the rights of ownership of King Phillip of Spain
over the Philippines, and granting the ownership of the whole archipelago to the Tagean-Tallano clan.
This was recognized by Spain after the peace agreement between the royal governments of Spain and

Treaty of Paris

When United States (US) overpowered Spain during the Battle of Manila Bay, the two countries
ended the war through signing an agreement known as the Treaty of Paris wherein Spain sold Philippines
worth $20 Million U.S. Dollars. The winning bidder who paid the said amount in U.S. gold was Don
Esteban Benitez Tallano, the predecessor in interest of Prince Julian Morden Tallano. By the virtue of the
said payment, Oficiana de Cabildo recognized and affirmed the Royal Decree Protocol 04-1 and
registered as Titulo de Compra (Title by purchase, a type of land title granted by the Spanish crown)
favored to Prince Lacan Acuna Ulnjal Bolkiah (Tagean) Tallano.

Torrens Title

Under the leadership of Americans, the ownership of the archipelago of Tallano was reinforced
further when Act No. 496 was passed which transformed the Titulo de Compra as Torrens Title
(Australian system of registering land ownership: in Australia, a system of registering land ownership in
which ownership occurs when the document that transfers the property is filed at the local land office).
Land registration proceedings based on the said law were undertaken which affirmed the ownership and
title of the Tallano Clans over the Philippine archipelago on October 3, 1904 as Original Certificate of
Title (OCT) 01-4.

A Torrens title is indefeasible which means it cannot be defeated by any claimant who has no title
or whose title is issued later. It is also imprescriptibly which means that it does not prescribe. Even if a
person who has no title or a fake title occupies a land duly titled for a million years, the titled owner of the
land concerned can drive away any occupant who has no title or a later title over the land.
History Questions

Never in the Philippine history subject that the whole Philippine archipelago is owned and bought
by the Tagean Tallano as part of the missing piece history of the nation. Most Filipinos believed that
Lapu-lapu defended the nation against the stone-hands of the Spaniards. We never had known that he is
connected to the clan who actually owned the Philippines if the claim is true. But why is it that there
was no record regarding the existence of Tallano in the books? Why is it that they are only presenting
themselves now? What is their purpose?

In the Rizal Reading Pigafetta, Rizal annotated Morga and he stated that Ptolemy was the one
who discovered the Philippines and not Ferdinand Magellan of Spain who became the foe of Lapu-lapu in
the defense of the Philippine archipelago. But the Philippine history books dont say about Ptolemy. Why
is it so? Additionally, the presence of Lapu-lapu in Mactan itself when Magellan landed in the Philippine
shores is evidence that our ancestors were already residing here long before the Spanish era and that the
Philippines is not discovered, rather just being invaded and claimed. We only have known a glimpse of
the truth regarding the ancestral history of Lapu-lapu. Have we thought of who the great grandfather of
the great grandfather of the great grandfather of Lapu-lapu is? Honestly, I havent thought of such. Just

Mostly of the writers before are only after what they are receiving. Every single piece of what
they wrote always has a corresponding payment, stated Prince Julian Morden Tallano in his interview by
Doc John on his show Ang Laging Daan ni Doc John.

It doesnt matter if you will recognize our royal family, very much if they will because it will
help economically, politically, and much more, socially especially social problems that make this country
financially challenged, Prince Morden said.

Land is one of the most significant treasures in the life of people. But this is more than that.
LAND IS LIFE. That is the very reason why a number of people already risked their lives just to claim
ownership to the land which actually is not theirs. How many lives need to be wasted?

Tallano gave their money to protect the Philippines and its people and not for their own sake. The
clan only intends to return the land to its original owners, Filipinos and for the welfare of the entire
Filipino people.

I am not saying that the story is true or not. Issues like this need an abysmal research. The final
judgment is in your hands.

Someday, there will be no squatter Filipinos in the Philippines Prince Julian Morden Tallano.

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