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by Louis Sachar
Please answer the questions on this document. You do not have to
use full sentences, but you do have to put a page number that
shows where you found the answer. 1 and 2 have been done as an
example for you. If you use a quote from the book, like in 2, use
quotation marks.

Chapter: #1
1. What is Camp Green Lake like? Camp Green Lake is
in Texas. It is a dry brown wasteland, with no lake.
Hot, no shade. 95 degrees F. (pg. 3)
2. What is the rule to remember about snakes and
scorpions? If you dont bother them, they wont
bother you. (pg. 4)
3. Whats the worst thing to be bitten by?
A yellow spotted lizard. (P 4)
Chapter: #2

4. Who goes to Camp Green Lake?

Bad boys (P5)
5. What do they do there?
Dig a hole every day (P5)
Chapter: #3
6. What does Stanley look like?
Stanley Was overweight (p7)
7. Why did Stanleys great-great Grandfather have a curse on him?
Because he stolen a pig from a one legged gypsy, sand she put a curse on him. (p8)
8. What does Stanleys father do for a job?
Stanley father was an inventor (p8)
Chapter: #4
9. Why does Mr. Sir eat sunflower seeds?
Because he usesd to smoke a pack a day, now he has to eat sunflower seed each week.
10.How many sets of clothing is Stanley given? What color is the clothing?
He was given 2 sets of clothes and their color was orange. (p13)
11.Why dont they need fences to keep the bad boys in?
Because this place is very far away into the opening and the only water source is the camps
12.How are YOU like Stanley? How are YOU different from him? Complete the Venn Diagram
below with at least 5 ideas in each section:


Chapter: #5
13.Which tent is Stanley in?
Stanley stayed in tent D (p16)
14.How did Mr. Pendanski say to remember his name?
3 easy word combined pen, dance, key (p16)
15.What is Mr. Pendanskis nickname? Why do the boys call Mr. Pendanski that name?
Mom because he got a big fat heart (p19)

Chapter: #6
16.What sport did Clyde Sweet Feet Livingston play?
Basketball (p22)
17.How did Sweet Feet get that nickname?
I dont know this one
18.How did Stanley get Sweet Feets sneakers?
It fell from the sky z(p23)
19.What was unusual about the sneakers?
The shoe were anything but sweet
20.Who was supposed to have these sneakers?
Poor people (p24)
Chapter: #7
21.Youre not in the Girl Scouts. What does this really mean?
This mean, you cant be weak.
22.How did carrying the pig help the great great grandfather?
Make him stron31ger (p
23.How is sweating good for you?
Its a nature way of keeping you cool (p35)
24.What do the boys always do when they finish digging a hole?
i dont know
Chapter: #8
25.N In the box, draw a picture of a yellow-spotted lizard.

Chapter: # 9

26.Why did X-ray say that digging a hole is fun?

Because you could dig it again and again. (p45)
27.Why did Stanleys letter to his Mom make it sound like a real camp?
Because he didnt want his mom to worry about him (p46)
28.Why is Caveman a good nickname for Stanley?
Because he found a fish fossil and the boys think only caveman could do that
Chapter: # 10
29.Why was Stanley so achy?
It was because the first hole he dig (p48)
30.Mr. Pendanski said that the warden wasnt interested in rocks or fossils. What do you think
the warden would be interested in? Why do you think they have to dig holes?
I think the Warden would be interested in some kind of KB tube of lipstick. They have to
dig holes because the Warden thought it would build character.

Chapter: # 11

31.Why does X-ray want to have Stanley tell him first if he finds anything?
Because X-ray stayed in the camp for almost a year now but doesnt find

anything to satisfy the Warden. (p52)

32.Who is considered the leader of the group? Why?
X-ray because since he obviously isnt the smallest or the biggest, all the

other would do anything X-ray asked for.(p53)

33.Why does Stanley like the name Caveman?
It means they accept him in the group (p54)
34.How did it help Stanley to imagine getting revenge on the bully?
Cavemans our friend grabbing him by the shirt collar (p54)

Chapter: # 12

35.What did Stanley think he wanted to do with his life?

He want to dig hols (p57)
36.What does Magnet want to do?
An animal trainer(p56)
37.Why is Mr. Pendanski asking questions about what the boys want to be?
Because when they leave camp green lake, they will join the rest of the society (p56)
38.This was the first time Stanley saw Zero do what?
This was the first time Stanley saw Zero smile (p57)

Chapter: #13

39.How was the object Stanley found described? It was a gold tube , its about as long and as

wide as the second finger on his right hand.(p60)

40.How long had Stanley been at Camp Green Lake?

Almost 2 weeks (p61)

41.Why did Stanley get to move up in line?
Because he found the tube and gave it to x-ray. (p62)
42.Stanley was trying to decide whether to help X-Ray or be selfish. Then, he was discovered
before he could decide. Why should he have been selfish? Why should he have given the
object to X-Ray?

Because he had work hard and its also worth it. Because hes generous

Chapter: #14
43.Why do you think X-Ray was so crabby that morning?
Because he didnt get the day off yet(p64)
44.What time of day is it when X-Ray claims to find the object?
A little after sunrise (p65)
45.What does the Warden look like?
She has red hair, shes very tall (p66)
46.What is the Warden like?
The Warden is nice but evil at the same time.
47.Why do you think the Warden is interested in the object?
Because its the lipstick tube belong to kate barlow
Chapter: #15

48.Why did the boys think that the Warden knew all their names?
Because theres hidden microphones and cameras everywhere (p71)
49.Why do you think Stanley is going to try to remember exactly where his hole had been the

day before?
Because he wanted to look again at that to see if theres another thing related around


Chapter: #16

50.Why does X-Ray treat Stanley better that night?

Because he is happy that he got a day off

Why does Stanley push the wheelbarrow instead of digging?

Because he is a slow digger (p73)

51.What news does Stanleys mother have in the letter?

His father thinks he is real close to breakthrough on his sneaker project (p75)
52.Do you think that Stanleys mother really knows it is a bad place? Why?
Yes because she said shes proud of him for trying to make the best of bad situation which

means she know he did a great job living in a horrible place (p75)

Chapter: #17

53.What does the Warden hurt Armpit with?

Her pitchfork (p78)
54.Where is Stanley hurt?
His neck (p78)

Chapter: #18

55.What could be causing Stanleys head to throb?

Digging too much
56.Stanley thinks he needs to save his energy for the people who counted. What does that

It means people who need to learn something like Zero.
57.Zero says that Stanley doesnt need to teach him to write, only to read. Why?
Because he could read and not feel stupid, he also can help out Stanley
58.Stanley writes his mother that the hard work is building character. Is it? Explain your

Not really building character doesnt need all the running and stuff, for me

Chapter: #19

59.Stanley wonders why there werent any more racial tensions. What race is each boy?
X-ray, Armpit, Zero were black. He, squid, and Zigzag were white. Magnet was Hispanic.

60.What does Stanley mean when he says that they were all the same: reddish brown?
Because they had to dig and dirt cover them all

61.Why is Magnets nickname Magnet?

Because stuff and easily get in his hand (p84)

62.Why did Stanley take the blame for stealing the sunflower seeds?
Because he didnt want to cause trouble for anyone (p86)

Chapter: #20

63.When the Wardens nail touches Stanleys wound, how does it feel? Why?
It feels painful because it cause someone to jump back (p90)
64.Why does she hurt Mr. Sir?
Because he was he was annoying her (p90)
65.How is Stanley supposed to get back to the holes?
By the truck but mr.sir didnt drive (p91)
66.Do you think the nail polish is really poisonous? Explain why or why not.
Yes because it is made from rattle snake venom, and mr sir got hurt by it (p91)

Chapter: #21

67.How did Stanleys great grandfather survive? Who had rescued him? Was he crazy?
Somehow. He was rescued by a couple of rattlesnake hunters. When they found him, he

was insane. (p93)

68.Why had someone worked on Stanleys hole?
Because he took the blame for them. (p93)

Chapter: #22

69.How do you think Zero knew that Stanley hadnt stole the sneakers?
I dont know, maybe he just guess
70.Who was Kate Barlow?
The kissing outlaw (p100)
71.Describe how Stanley and Zero will be helping each other.
Stanley will teach Zero the alphabets and Zero will help him dig his hole.

Chapter: #23

72.Who in this story is concerned with smelly feet?

Trout Walker (p102)
73.How do you think the lipstick tube with the KB got where it was found by Stanley?
I think it was returned.

Chapter: #24

74.Why didnt Stanley let Zero dig his hole?
Not stated in chap 24
75.Why did Mr. Sir pour out Stanleys water?
Because he was mad about the sunflower seed incident where the Warden scratch him

Chapter: #25

76.What things were onions supposed to cure?

Baldness (p108)
77.Why did Kate Barlow keep asking Sam to fix things?
So she could be near him
78.We learned that kissing someone in public wasnt acceptable a hundred years ago. We
also know that it wasnt acceptable for a white woman to kiss a black man. How do we
know that Sam the onion man was black?
He was a Negro (p109)

79.List three other things that are acceptable today, that didnt used to be acceptable years

Black people arent allow to attend classes (p109)
I dont know the 2 others

Chapter: #26

80.What did the people do to the schoolhouse?

Burn it (P112)
81.Trout Walker led the people against Kate, but also had them burn the books. Why do you

think he did that?

Because he once said that book poison the childrens brain (p112)

Chapter: #27

82.Why did Stanley pour out the canteen of water?

Because he is scared that Mr.Sir is going to put something in it.
83.Why did they call Hector Zero?
Because In his head, its empty

Chapter: #28

84.Who married Trout Walker?

Linda Miller (p121)
85.How did they figure out that Kate Barlow had buried the treasure?
Because she robbed the bank maybe
86.What killed Kate Barlow?
Laughing or the lizard (p123)

Chapter: #29 (PART TWO: THE LAST HOLE)

1. How can you tell how far away a storm is?

Look to the cloud or hear the echo of the thunder (p127)
2. Why did the boys want it to rain?
Because they want it to fill up the lake so that they can swim or even dont have to dig

hole any more (p128)

3. What did Stanleys great grandfather say about how he survived?
No. He just blamed his no good big stealing father (p129)
4. What would you do if you were in the desert for many days without water? How would you
survive? What would you do, and what would you be careful NOT to do?
See if there are any people who happen to pass by me. I dont know if I would survive or
not. I would not tease the animal there.

Chapter: #30

5. Why does Zero fight off Zigzag?

He is protecting Stanley (p135)
6. Why do the adults think Zero is stupid? Is Zero stupid?
Because he cant read. Not really he is good at math though
7. Why dont the adults stop Zero from leaving?
Because theres no place to go
Chapter: #31
8. What did Stanley wish that Zero would do? Why?
Find the gods thumb because there was nobody to stop him. (p62)
9. Why did the guards and Warden ask about Zeros family?
Because they want to make sure that Zero doesnt have any relative so that they could

prove he was never here. [p63 (I use the one in the folder because I forgot my book at

school )]
10.Why did they decide to erase all records of Zero?
Because if he die, they would deny having him that the camp (p63)
11.Why should Stanley tell the Warden about where the lipstick really was found? Why

shouldnt he tell her?

Because If he found another tube, hed get a day off but if he tell her he would have to dig

all day.

Chapter: #32

12.Why did Stanley steal the truck?

He wanted to save Zero (p64)
13.Why didnt the truck go at first?
The gear wasnt in yet. (p65)
14.After the crash, why did he run?
He wanted to escape.
15.Why couldnt he blame his no-good-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather for this ?
Because this was his fault (p65)

Chapter: #33

16.What was Stanley afraid of seeing when he looked in holes?

Yellow spotted lizard (p66)
17.When he found the one sunflower seed, what did he think?

Some were stolen by magnet from mr.sir.

Chapter: #34

18.Whose boat could it be? Predict how the story ends.

Mary Lou maybe? Like how the mary lou story end or the holes?

Chapter: #35

19.What words describe how Zero looks? Why does Zero look like this?
Half-rotten, with sunken eyes and a drooping smile. His lips were so pale they were almost

white, and his tongue seemed to flop around uselessly in his mouth as he spoke. Because

theres no food or water. (p69)

20.What do you think sploosh is? How old do you think the sploosh is?
Warm, bubbly, mushy nectar, sweet and tangy, 16 years (p69)
21.Why is Zero cramping so badly?
Because of the sploosh maybe? (P70)
22.If you were Stanley, what would you do now?

I dont know

Chapter: #36

23.Why did Zero need the shovel to walk?

HE cant walk (p71) by himself.
24.What might Stanley need the shovel for?
To dig a hole (p71
25.When Zero asked for words, what did he want? Why did that help?
He still want to learn words, he want to fell better maybe?

Chapter: #37

26.Why are they excited about the weeds and bugs?

There must be water somewhere (p74)
27.Zero worked a long time to figure out one word. What word was it? What can you learn

from this?

Bugs, the little insect.

Chapter: #38

28.What happened to the sack and the shovel?

He left it behind
29.Why did Stanley pretend the onion was a hot fudge sundae?
Because he dont want zero to starve.

Chapter: #39

30.What does a meadow look like?

It was layered and streaked with different shades of red, burnt orange, brown, and tan. It

must have been over a hundred feet tall. (p76)

31.Why was it hard for Stanley to talk?
He wanted to save energy. (p77)
32.Stanley thinks that Zeros talk is delirium, what is that?
33.If you were close to dying, what important things would you like to say to someone?
Please visit my grave every time a new episode of an anime come out and tell me

Chapter: #40

34.Years ago, what did people use leeches for?

35.How could onions help Stanley and Zero?
36.How was Stanley able to carry Zero so far?

Chapter: #41

37.What really happened with Zero and the shoes?

38.Do you think Zero really learned to steal from his mother? Do you think his mother really
sold Girl Scout
cookies? Where else have we heard about Girl Scouts in this story?

Chapter: #42

39.Stanley and Zero are connected by the crime of stealing Livingstons shoes. Who did the
crime, and who got punished for it?

40.Stanley thought that getting hit by the tennis shoes was fate or destiny, then he thought it
was just a coincidence, now he thinks it is destiny again. What do you think?

Chapter: #43

41.What color does Zero remember his room as being?

42.When Zeros mother left him, what was he supposed to do?
43.What sad memory does Zero have about living in the park?

Chapter: #44

44.What sounds did Stanley hear at night from the camp?

45.What did Zero bring back for breakfast?
46.How does it taste, and why?
47.Why does Zero always go for water? Why doesnt he let Stanley go?

Chapter: #45

48.Why is the hole full of lizards?

49.When the adults talk about a body, whose body is it?
50.Who made the Warden dig holes?

Chapter: #46

51.Why did Stanley and Zero have to be very still?

52.Why did the Warden say that they would bury Zeros body in a hole?
53.Why did they think they would have bodies?
54.What do you think the woman and A.G. mean?

Chapter: #47

55.When Zero said Satan and Sa-tanlee what was he figuring out?
56.What does A.G. stand for?
57.Who is Mrs. Walker? Where have we heard that name before?

Chapter: #48

58.Do the lawyer and Attorney General believe the Wardens story about the suitcase?
59.Why cant they find Zeros files?
60.Why did Squid (Alan) tell Stanley to call his mother and apologize?

Chapter: #49

61.Why would the onion juice help keep lizards away?

62.How did the lady know that Stanley was innocent?
63.What kind of lawyer is she?
64.Why did it begin to rain for the first time in a hundred years?

Chapter: #50

65.How did Stanley carrying Zero lift the curse?

66.How much money did Stanley and Zero get?
67.Why did Stanley hire a private investigator?
68.Why do they call the foot deodorant Sploosh?

Book Review

1. What did you like about this book?

2. What would you change about this book?

3. What did you learn from this book?

4. Who should read it? Do you recommend it to other Year 7 classes? Explain.

5. What rating do you give this book? Choose one from below:
A. I couldnt put it down, it was so good!
B. It was pretty good, and I wish the book hadnt ended so soon.
C. It could have been better, but I still enjoyed it.
D. It was hard to stay awake, and I cant remember if I finished it.
E. I guess Id rather eat my moms cooked liver than read it.