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Weekly Reflections

Caitlin Flores
English 9H

Jan 10-13 This week, we just got back from break, and started working on the
Zebra, Lioness, and Vulture. After we read the story, we had to write a
story from the perspective of one of the creatures. From then we read our
SRC books, and shared out ZLV perspective. After, we sampled 7
different stories and wrote down which ones we wouldnt mind reading.

16-20 We began reading and discussing Bossypants by Tina Fey.

23-27 We had many reading days, researched background info on the author,
and set up a document to take notes for our lit circles.

20-24 We presented our Memoir projects, and took poetry notes. From there,
we got the prompt for our Where Im From poem, and the guidelines for
the poetry journal.

27- March We learned how to TPFASTT, and so we TPFASTT Oranges by Gary

3 Soto. After that, we wrote an imagery poem. Mine was about beans!! :)
We had just been working on poetry this week.

6-10 Now, we did a quick write for Oranges. Than we did TPFASTT-ing on The
Caged Bird, and did a quick write on it. From there, we did VA, and
began a Simile and Metaphor poem, and then we did TPFASTT-ing
Annabella Lee.

13-17 We finished TPFASTT-ing Annabelle Lee, and worked on a quick write.

We learned about Slam Poetry, and looked at a couple Slam Poems.
Then we TPFASTT-ed a Slam poem. From there, we got a prompt, and
began writing the poem.

27-31 Spring Break

18-21 This week we started off by SRC reading, and we worked on our podcast
the rest of the week, taking a VA quiz on Tuesday, and turning in the VA
2.4 packet. There's only one VA set of words left!

24-28 We did our SRC Reading and prepared to write a comparative essay.
Then we wrote a comparative essay later in the week, and it was on two
different writings about the sirens. I got an 80%, but I thought i did worse.

We have just been reading Romeo and Juliet. Throughout acting it out,
we have done discussion questions, and had group discussions and
learning logs. When we finally finished, we got our final project. Kiana
and I are making a game board, and we finished it. We just have our
Weekly Reflections

articles left.