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-Poetry Unit:

My experience with the poetry unit was enlightening. I realized what inspires me whenever I
write poetry and this is nature, time, death, etc. But I focus a lot with nature because it has
become my calling and gives me great inspiration whenever I don't know what to write about.
When writing poetry, I noticed that my mind goes free and my thoughts just starts to flow. With
strengths and weaknesses, I realized my strength is unconsciously rhyming. When writing
poems, I seem to automatically lean towards rhyming words. My weakness would be when
writing sonnets or poems with syllables, I seem to forget to focus on syllables which messes up
the poem. I also tend to focus less on iambic pentameter and more on the topic of my poems
and its meaning, I plan to work on that more in the future. My favorite poem of this unit would
have to be oblivion (shakespeare sonnet) and my least favorite is covered (villanelle). Both of
these poems reflect my feelings and thoughts when it comes to nature, humans and the world.
How humans and nature relate to each other and benefit from each other and our differences.
What makes humans beautiful can also be seen in nature and that beauty can be wonderful but
also bitter.

-Fiction Unit:

Of all my compositions, my favorite is HOME because it incorporates my favorite style of genre

which is thriller and horror, I love that it's both dark and intense. My strongest piece would also
be HOME. I spent the most amount of my time and effort focused on the plot of this story and
my diction was much better conveyed here. This story pushed my limit and allowed me to be
more creative than ever. My strengths would have to be the use of character and plot. My
weakness would be grammar and punctuation. The element I think I mastered would be a good
plot sequences. I would focus on improving the way I demonstrate setting and to try to
incorporate different point of views, not just first person. My goal is to be even more creative in
the future, creativity is endless. Furthermore, in the future, I want to use more dialogue and pay
better attention to my punctuation. Overall I'm glad this unit has has helped me realize my style
of genre which will greatly help me continue to figure out what I love to write about.

-Creative nonfiction:

Of my six compositions, my favorite is Rainbow because it reflects a deep significant part of

my childhood: a lost and love. My strongest piece would be The trip to the market because of
how detailed it is and the use of imagery, which I love using. My strength would be my sense of
imagery, I love painting pictures and telling stories for readers to be able to envision where am,
who I'm talking to and how the character (s) feel. My weakness would be punctuation and
grammar, even though it's always been a problem of mines, but I like that we have peer edits to
help us with that. I would say that I've mastered imagery and storytelling, because of my
background due to having to live in two different countries as a child and having different
experiences. This gives me a great advantage when it comes to writing nonfiction stories. I feel
that I need to learn to write letters better and to stay focused on its composition when writing it
so it doesn't turn into a story. My future goal is to write more research topics. Not only do I think
that nonfiction stories are great because they feel like I'm writing personal narratives but they
also let me express myself in a creative way by allowing me to write about topics that i'm
interested in.


In this portfolio, my strengths is my ability of building up a strong plot sequence. My weaknesses

are my grammatical errors, although my errors have decreased a little. My strongest piece is A
woman's Intuition because it reflects my opinions on how strong women are, how in this world
we have fought to earn our place and continue to fight and my point can be seen in this piece.
The sensory details and imagery are very distinct in this script. My favorite piece is Who Am I?
because I ask myself this question as it relates closely to my life right now as I continue to
grow, learn and change.This piece allowed me to express my inner thoughts as I continue to
search for the answer to that question. I'm hoping one day I will have that answer and come
back to read this script and be proud of my accomplishments in life. I feel confident that I've
mastered the element of a good plot sequence. I now also know what genres I tend to lean
more towards ,(thriller, horror, comedy). In the future, I will continue to work on my grammatical
errors and editing my pieces to the best of my ability.

-Overall Reflection:

My strongest piece of writing overall would have to be A Woman's Intuition because the
narrative was different from any other script or story that I have ever written. The diction was
very challenging but I worked hard to make it understandable so the reader can really see my
vision and understand what it is all about. What inspired me to write my newly submitted piece
would be based on the way I view our society, women and my life. I tried my best to incorporate
those details into my writing but in a way where others could understand and relate to it. I love
connecting with the readers, and helping people see things different ways because I believe that
we need more misfits in the world. I would say that this piece reflects more of the mature side of
me a little bit more than my earlier pieces. It reflects more of my views and my opinion on
relevant societal problems and perks, rather than just telling a story. This piece reflects my
learning of connecting with the audience, using my words to make a change, which is
something I want to apply to life and to our society. I found the poetry unit to be the most
challenging because there are many rules, and breaking rules means changing everything
about a poem. I love breaking rules when writing because I love to think outside the box, but I
learned that sometimes its good to adapt to rulest. I learned a lot starting with the poetry unit
because I was beginning to understand the gist of which type of genre I tend to lean towards,
which includes my style of writing. I began to discover myself as a writer in this unit and know
more about myself and what I love to write about. I have allowed writing to be a great outlet to
relieve thoughts and feelings. I've learned that writing allows me to be creative, and to really
push myself and my limits. I continue to write to have something to contribute to the world,
because someone does care, my words are able to move people, even if it's just one person .
My writing goals for the future is to always try my best when involving grammatical errors and
editing, and to continue to always be creative when writing.

-My favorite piece:

Soliloquy: Who Am I?
By Gloria salapo

What defines me? What kind of strength allows birds to fly, to break away from its own kind?
What kind of determination does it take for an individual to hike to the top of Mt. Everest? What
kind of courage does one need to be able to perform in front of a full live audience for the first
time? What makes me eligible to possess those types of determination and strength? Ive lived
for eighteen years, but never walked for than a mile on my own. I've seen water, the sky, the dirt
and soil of this earth but never the inside : the poverty, the fight for food, the laughters of joy, the
sweat from struggling, the insight of knowledge, the dirt and seeds of different cities and
countries, the infrastructures of archaic buildings and the bond of love. Once Im free, I am able
to be my own person, my full inner being in complete euphoria. I stand and rise above my
oppressors, all men and women, I work to prove them wrong. To prove that I can be successful
and still be a happy. To prove that even though women make less money than a man, we
possess more strength and willpower that a man may only be able to grasp one day in his
lifetime. Compared to anything, once Im free Im a diamond in a rough, ready to be shaped and
sculpted, to be rough around the edges but soft and gentle in the inside, the most sweetest spot.
What type of being am I? they ask, I am not more human from any other being, but just a being
who lives and thrives. Once I realize that a being is only one part of a whole, of a whole millions
of beings, will I be able to look deep within me and finally realize that I exist as one, one flesh
and bones who can survive the thunders and storms of this earth. One who can co-exist with light
and sound, and trees and animals, made different from anyone or anything else. One who can
learn to fight for oneself, to take care for oneself. To put my well being on top of others because
before I was part of anything, I was first me, by myself, made whole so I exist as one being, no
one being precisely like me. Until I can look at myself and truly answer the question of who am
I, I will continue to find courage, determination and strength within myself, I will be not
anything but myself, to live for me, to fight for me, and to love me. Until I can answer these
questions, I will continue to be the best me. As I wait, I continue to ask myself, who Am I?

-Final portfolio: edited piece before:

-The essence of poetry;

Write poetry to express passion

Read poetry to feel compassion
May poetry live on
Till the ends of periods, commas, and question marks
May our words inspire others
May the human race continue to be flooded with passion
May we stay alive for our passions
May ideas disappear, but
Our verses live on

Edited piece after:

The essence of poetry

Write poetry to express passion

Read poetry to feel compassion.
May poetry live on to the ends of periods, commas, and question marks.
May our words inspire others
May the human race continue to be flooded with creativity.
May we stay alive for our zeal
May ideas disappear, but
Our verses live on.