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Piano Adventures - Primer

Unit Reading Technique Theory and Composition Rhythm

1 Finger numbers only Posture at the piano Right/Left hands Hands alternating
Black keys Rounded hand shape Finger numbers
Up and down entire Firm fingertips High/Low on keyboard
keyboard Arm weight Keyboard topography
Thumb position Compose on black keys
3 black key hand position

2 Finger numbers with basic Firm fingertips reinforced Rhythm and counting Notes introduced:
rhythms Forte and piano introduced Quarter, Half, Whole
Black keys Different black key hand Forte and piano Counting used:
positions Ta/Ta-ah, 1/1-2
3 Finger numbers and basic Rounded hand shape Musical patterns Notes introduced:
rhythms with note names reinforced (sequence) introduced Dotted half
White keys Arm weight reinforced Mezzo forte introduced Counting used:
Bar lines introduced Thumb position reinforced Musical alphabet Metric introduced
C 5-finger pattern position Steps
Middle C position Measures
Mezzo forte
4 Staff and grand staff Rounded hand shape Sight-reading introduced Hands alternating and
Line and space notes reinforced Staff and grand staff together
Treble and bass clefs Forte and piano reinforced Line and space notes
Middle C, treble G and Treble and bass clefs
bass F reference notes Compose using middle C,
Perfect 5th treble G and bass F

5 Stepwise motion on the Arm weight reinforced Steps (line to space and 4/4 time signature
staff Right hand begins to vice versa)
Treble D, E and F move away from middle C Time signature concept
Open fifths in right hand position

6 Bass A, G and B Thumb position reinforced Review entire musical 3/4 time signature
Preparing different hand alphabet Metric counting introduced
positions Compose rhythm using
fingers 1 and 5
7 Skips Rounded hand shape Skips - line to line Steady over bar lines
Block thirds reinforced Skips - space to space
Firm fingertips reinforced Allegro
1-3-5 finger combinations
2-4 finger combinations
8 Bass C, D, E, F and G Piano posture reinforced Stem direction on the Imitation between hands
Steps and skips in C 5 finger position in bass C bass clef
position Smooth between hands The octave
The octave Question/answer

9 Ties over one bar line Review beginning Writing ties Ties
Double tie technique principles (hand Sight-reading with ties Syncopation
position, posture, etc.) Quarter rest appears
Different dynamics in
different hands

10 Quarter rest in various Review beginning Concept of rests Quarter rest explained
locations principles (hand position, Compose a march with C,
posture, etc.) E and G