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Photoelastic Stress Measurement and

the DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System

The Strainoptics DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System

CCD Video Camera

Desktop PC with (zoom lens optional)
Video Frame
Grabber and
DIAS-1600 Optional
Software Converging Lens

A-100 Senarmont
Adjustable Analyzer
Cell with
Adjustable Polarized light
Leveling Feet sources available in
(Optional) different sizes and
light intensities.

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The Strainoptics DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System

The DIAS-1600 system offers operators a choice of measurement

modes, including single point, line analysis, and full-field stress maps
(not available for all samples). It also features two resolution modes,
standard and high-sensitivity, for maximum flexibility when measuring
samples at the low or high end of the effective range.

Retardation is measured for each point, and stress calculations are

performed automatically, based on thickness and material constant
information provided by the user. Results can be displayed using
retardation (nm), or stress units (psi or MPa).

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The Strainoptics DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System

Digital Image Analysis offers a high degree of accuracy and

resolution, but has a limited range of measurement (<280
nm). It is also somewhat sensitive to ambient light and so
should be used in a dark or dimly lit room.

While not absolutely necessary, for best results, a Digital

Image Analysis system should be calibrated using a stress-
free sample of the same composition, color, and thickness
as the sample being measured.

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The Strainoptics DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System

The DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System offers the following


Produces fast, quantitative measurements of

retardation/stress in a user-friendly, menu-driven
Windows-based PC environment

Permits easy full-field inspection and eliminates decisions

based on the operator's visual judgment

Standardizes the recording and storage of test results

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The Strainoptics DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System

The DIAS-1600 software permits fast inspection in accordance with

accepted QC procedures with minimal user input required. Operations

Set-up and calibration

Data entry (material constants, sample thickness, etc.)

Line-analysis (linear scan over area)

Measurement at any cursor-selected point

Full-field color map of retardation

Quick Analysis and Area Analysis

Custom programming features optional;

minor modifications available at no extra charge
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Measurement and Analysis

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Measurement and Analysis

Once setup and calibration is complete, the operator is ready to

measure and analyze any number of identical samples with no further
entries required. Depending on the level of stress in the sample, a high-
sensitivity mode is available that increases the resolution over a
narrower range of retardation.

The DIAS-1600 offers many types of analysis, including point-by-point,

line analysis, and a Bias On feature that assigns a negative value to
compressive stress and a positive value for tensile stress in a graphic
format. Full-field color mapping (live and captured image) is also

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Measurement and Analysis

Here is an example of the Measurement and Analysis sequence:

1. With the sample in position on the sample stage, the operator

acquires the image.

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Measurement and Analysis

2. After selecting Point Analysis, the operator uses the mouse to

select any point on the sample, after which a display appears
reporting the results.

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Measurement and Analysis

3. For Line Analysis, the operator uses the mouse to

define a line on the sample, after which a display appears
reporting the results in graphic format, stress or retardation vs.

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Measurement and Analysis

4. In Bias Off mode (retardation >100 nm), a color map or a live color
video image can be displayed showing full-field stress distribution in
color-coded levels.

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Measurement and Analysis

Once a measurement is taken, the line analysis results are stored as

both image files and data files that may be retrieved or imported into
other programs for statistical analysis or archiving.

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Optional Features
The DIAS-1600 offers a high degree of flexibility in its software interface and
hardware configuration to allow customization to application requirements:

A Quick analysis feature can be added, generally used with

a sample fixture, to perform fast repetitive measurements at a
designated area or areas on a specific part.

Stress or retardation thresholds may be entered and the operator

alerted with an on-screen message if any point within a
selected area exceeds an acceptable value.

For higher resolution of very low stress samples (<50 nm), a high
sensitivity mode is available (requires high-sensitivity cal-bias plate).

Special models are available for circular polarization, custom

fixturing or sample platforms, macro or micro magnification, high-
intensity light sources, horizontal mounting, etc.

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About Strainoptics, Inc.

Strainoptics was founded as Strainoptic Technologies, Inc., in 1985 by

Alex Redner, an internationally renowned expert, author, and pioneer in
the field of photoelasticity and stress measurement.
Today, Strainoptics is the worlds largest manufacturer of instrumentation
for measuring residual stress in transparent materials. Based in a suburb
of Philadelphia and represented by a network of representatives and
distributors worldwide, we serve a diverse customer base.
Strainoptics employees play an active role in organizations such as ASTM
and GANA(Glass Association of North America), chairing or participating
in committees devoted to establishing and maintaining standard material
specifications and test methods for the glass and plastics industry.

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A Sampling of Companies Using Strainoptics
Automated Stress Measurement Systems
3M Company Philips
Bayer Ag (multiple units) PPG Industries (multiple units)
Celgard Raytheon
Chrysler Corporation Rubbermaid
Corning (multiple units) Samsung
Eastman Kodak Sandia Laboratories
Ford Motor Company Sony
SABIC (GE) Plastics (multiple units) Techneglas
Guardian Industries (multiple units) Thomson Consumer Electronics
Hoechst Celanese Unitex (China)
Nam Kwong Electric (China) U.S. Dept. of Energy
NASA Visteon

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Strainoptics, Inc.
108 W. Montgomery Ave.
North Wales, PA 19454 USA
Tel: 215.661.0100
Fax: 215.699.7028

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