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Learning activity 1 / Actividad de aprendizaje 1

Evidence: Going to the restaurant / Evidencia: Ida al restaurante

A. Who says these restaurant expressions? Choose between waiter or

customer by classifying the expressions in the box into the appropriate
column. / Quin dice estas expresiones de restaurante? Elija entra el
mesero o el cliente clasificando las expresiones del recuadro en la columna

will have / can I have / main course / what do you

recommend? / Are you ready to order? / would you like

Waiter Customer
would you like what do you recommend?
Are you ready to order? can I have
main course will have

B. Now, Angela is ordering her lunch in a restaurant. Complete the

conversation with the correct expressions by extracting them from the
previous activity. / Ahora, ngela est ordenando su almuerzo en un
restaurante. Complete la conversacin con las expresiones correctas
extrayndolas de la actividad previa.

Waiter: Do you have

reservation,madam ?
Angela: Yes please. I
_would like the tomato soup
as a starter and the stuffed
turkey as main course
Waiter: do you anything to
Angela:what do you
Waiter: The fresh squeezed
orange juice is Fuente: SENA
quite delicious.
Angela: Ok. Orange juice is ok. Also I would like a glass or red wine
W: Of course.
C. Now, imagine you are in a restaurant ordering your breakfast. Write a
conversation between the waiter and you. Use the vocabulary and
expressions studied during this learning activity. / Ahora, imagine que se
encuentra en un restaurante ordenando su desayuno. Escriba una
conversacin entre el mesero y usted. Use el vocabulario y las expresiones
estudiadas en la actividad de aprendizaje.

Waiter: Welcome I can take your order ?

Edwin: Yes thanks,I would like a fried egg and a sandwich and an..

Waiter: Would you like anything to drink ?

Edwin: yes, I would like to take apple juice

Waiter: here is your food enjoy your meal

Waiter: you like the food

Edwin: yes,I like the food,many thanks