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Failing in Singapore

Singapores first class education produces top students

and intelligent individuals. But the downside of it all
is the heavy amount of stress and the pressure to be
perfect academically. Failure is not taken really well by
the citizens of Singapore, leading to suicide cases even
amongst Primary School Students. The concept of fail-
ing is taboo to Singaporeans, but failure does not exactly
lead to a doomed life.

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She teaches her
students English
through engaging
classes and through
arts and crafts. She
has been in the line
for more than 10
Every evening, Ain Kamil comes back home with packets of
food for the family. The eldest of the family, the duty of car-
ing is instilled in her.

Ain is known to be
one of the best
teachers in school.
Her students love
her, always gift-
ing her with their
drawings and cards
Ain had dreams of becoming a professional psychiatrist. But
when her life started spiraling downward after failing her A
Levels, Ain turned to teaching.

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Coming home at 2am after a night of drinking and clubbing
used to be the norm for the now devoted teacher who
comes home at 6pm sharp everyday.

Even though she failed A Levels and was

lost for a while, she finally found her niche in
teaching children. She is keen on staying in the
line for life.

Getting into the teaching line was unexpected for Kamilliya

Kamil. She never thought she would be able to pick herself
back up again after quitting Polytechnic.

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Kamilliya is always
eager and pre-
pared to head to
work, a place that
she has fallen in
love with despite
initially wanting to
be a graphics art-
ist. Since working, she has developed a soft spot for children. In
2017, she is soon going to be a mother herself.

Ain & Kamilliya were once told that they

were failures for life. But through becom-
Her students are a bright and playful bunch that keep ming teachers, they had proved their crit-
her spirits up everyday when she reports to work. ics wrong.

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