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2017-2018 Arbor classes !

Preschool: !

ABC Phonics/show and tell! Kelly Larkin and Jessica Gardener ! Cost: $25 !

Art! TBA/Melissa Halstead ! Cost: $25.00 !

Math & Literacy ! Amie Schenk/Kristie Mletzco ! Cost $25.00 !

Play center ! TBA ! Cost: $ 0 !

Minds & Bodies ! Kelly Dutcher/Esther Denham ! Cost $10 !

1st-2nd grade: !

Minds & Bodies ! Kelly Dutcher/Melissa Halstead ! Cost: $10 !

Science: ! Textbook: Apologia Botany, Apologia Animal Kingdom! Kristie Mletzco/Amie Schenk ! Cost: $20 !

Art! Courtney Maggs/Lindsay Halse ! Cost: $25 !

History: ! Textbook: Story of the World vol 2, Story of the World Student Activity Book vol 2 ! TBA ! Cost: $20 !

Literature/Phonics ! Jessica Gardener/TBA ! Cost: $20 !

3rd-4th grade: !

Writing: ! Text: IEW Medieval History Based Writing Lessons: Student book ! Kate Lightcap/Courtney Maggs ! Cost: $20 !

Minds & Bodies ! Kelly Dutcher/Becky Cook ! Cost: $10 !

History: ! Test: Story of the World vol. 2 , Story of the World Student Activity Book vol. 2 ! Lisa Malinowski/Jessica Dunn ! Cost: $20 !

Art: ! Heather Nygaard/Jessica Gardener ! Cost: $25 !

Science: ! Text book: Apologia Botany textbook, Botany Notebook Journal (not jr), Apologia Animal

Kingdom textbook, Animal Kingdom Student Notebook Journal (not jr).! Lisa Platt/Lindsay Halse ! Cost: $20 !

5th-6th grade: !

History: ! Textbook: Mystery of History vol. 2 ! Saro Merchant/TBA ! Cost: $25 !

Art: ! Catherine Petersen/Lisa Platt! Cost: $25 !

Literature: ! Books: The Bronze Bow, Dangerous Journey, Door in the Wall, and Homer Price ! Kelly Larkin/TBA! Cost: $25 !

Science: ! Text book: Apologia Botany textbook, Botany Notebook Journal (not jr.), Apologia Animal

Kingdom textbook, Animal Kingdom Student Notebook Journal (not jr).! Becky Cook/TBA ! Cost: $25 !

Writing: ! Textbook: Jump In by Sharon Watson! Jen Speulstra/TBA ! Cost: $25 !

7th-8th grade !

Speech/Debate ! Laurel Bissett! Cost: $50 !

History: ! Textbook: Mystery of History vol. 2 ! Jessica Dunn ! Cost: $50 !

Literature: ! Aimee French ! Cost: 50 !

Art: ! Catherine Peterson ! Cost: $50 !

Physical Science: ! Textbook: Apologia Physical Science ! Saro Merchant! Cost: $50 !

9th-12th grade: !

Gileskirk/Christendom History course: ! We will use the Gileskirk Humanities curriculum presents DVD lectures by Dr George Grant (www.Kingsmeadow.com) with classroom discussions and assessments. Gileskirk is more than a history course: “It is a study of world culture emphasizing the basic classical approach of moral philosophy, equipping students with tools for a lifetime of learning: a working knowledge of the timetables of history, a background understanding of the great literature classics, a familiarity with the sweep of art, music, and ideas, a worldview comprehension of basic geography, a principle approach to discerning the significance of current events, and an emphasis on a Christian life paradigm. The idea is to study human achievement in context both in terms of its historical and societal sequence and in terms of its providential and cultural importance. Out of this integrated understanding of God’s world every other subject and discipline is formed.”! David Bissett! Cost: $100 !

Literature: !

Texts: Confessions by Augustine, Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by J.R.R. Tolkien, Inferno by Dante Alighieri, Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott, Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, Macbeth by William Shakespeare.! Students will read the works of the Middle Ages and write a monthly paper. Weekly quizzes will be given and students will be tested at the end of each book. Most books can be checked out of the library.! Laurel Bissett! Cost: $100 !

Spanish 2 ! Textbook: ! The student of Spanish 2 will learn to communicate in oral and written forms at the intermediate level and will demonstrate a basic understanding of social customs and cultural information of the target countries including nonverbal communication. In order to develop this knowledge of the language, Spanish will be used in the classroom. Students are also expected to use the language in the classroom.! Malina Hebert! Cost: $150 !

Spanish 3: ! Textbook: ! Malina Hebert! Cost: $150 !

Speech and Debate ! Laurel Bissett! Cost: $50 !

Chemistry ! Pati Robison/Sheila Smith ! Cost: $225 !


Since much of Chemistry is math based, students must have either completed or be taking Algebra II concurrently. Students must be committed to getting to class on time each day and keeping up with the work outside of class.



In this course students will be exposed different aspects of the science of Chemistry. The class will meet once a week and will include a review of the chapter, Chemistry problem solving

(Math), and a hands-on lab.

complete the textbook over the course of the year.


At home, students will be expected to read approximately one chapter of the textbook per week. This may realistically take 1-1.5 hours per day, 4 days per week. Review questions at the end of the chapter are to be answered on the homework sheets and handed in. Weekly quizzes will be

Students will learn to write a formal lab report. Students will

taken in class. Tests will be taken in class at the end of each unit (4-6 chapters). Tests will be modeled after the SAT Chemistry subject tests. Students who do well in this class are encouraged to take the Chemistry SAT II subject test in June.

There will be a summer homework assignment which is due the first day of class. This will help us to complete the textbook, give you a realistic understanding of the type of homework involved, and give me, the teacher, a preview of your reading and math abilities, as well as your ability to follow directions and complete the assignment. Based on this homework, I may suggest a student wait another year before taking Chemistry. I will send this assignment out via email in the beginning of August. Please do not try to do it all the day before the first class.

Textbook/materials required:

You will need to purchase the textbook and lab manual:

Prentice Hall Chemistry Connections to Our Changing World 2nd Edition (c) 2002. ISBN:


Laboratory Manual Prentice Hall Chemistry Connections to Our Changing World (c) 2002. ISBN: 0130580627


Lab materials are included in the price of the class.