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BaZi Auxiliary Star Death &

Emptiness ()
Metaphysics Bogeyman, Mr Death and Ms Emptiness are another pair common one
that has been circulated freely. It is part of the old Shen Sha (Gods Killing) system [still
very popular], Chinese read as Kong (Emptiness) and Wang (Death). Description
will usually be accompanied with phrases like all not successful, without return, failure,
wasted effort and other scenario of doomed.

How is Death & Emptiness derive? There is 6 group of pillar (JiaZi) that makes up the
60 pillar and they are namely Jia Yin, Jia Chen, Jia Wu, Jia Shen, Jia Xu & Jia Zi. Since
there are only 10 stems but there are 12 branches, naturally there will be 2 branches
that cannot be pair in a group. This situation where it cannot pair, give rise to
Death&Emptiness. So if your Day Pillar Belong to one group and have any branch that
fall into the 2 unpaired branches, that branch is termed as death&emptiness.

Simply put it that the 2 branches has been taken by the next group to be used and you
cannot use it anymore.

The net effect of a branch falling into Death&Emptiness is that the branch becomes
useless and unable to support your stems. You can use this with any pillar but
generally it will be apply to day pillar under normal basis. Is this really an inauspicious
situation? As with all metaphysics stuff, it totally depend! If the branch is an
unfavorable element to begin with, falling into DE will actually help you, releasing you
from its negative effect. The opposite is also true, good effect will be negated if fall
into emptiness. You just have to imagine a member of your team (branch) has taken a
holiday, you cannot depend on him anymore, you need to do it on your own (stem).

Jia () Wood, Yi () Wood

When a Wood element falls into DE, its rather more negative of the effect. Wood
need support to survive, it cannot progress with its support. The progressive nature of
Wood is removed and it starts to decay and eventually digress into nothingness. Its an
image of loneliness, a wood drifting in the vast empty of space.

Bing () Fire, Ding () Fire

When a Fire element falls into DE, its actually help enhance the situation. Fire function
is to illuminate, when there is nothing blocking it and there is no other detraction, this
is when the fire shine the best. Imagine the North Star in a clear cloudless sky, the only
star you will ever need to give guidance.

Wu () Earth, Ji () Earth

When an Earth element falls into DE, it causes a scattering effect. Earth can no longer
hold together and disperse into nothingness. It no longer functions, it become aimless,
nothing grows and nothing is being keep. Best description is actually a monk who
releases everything of humanly attachment.

Geng () Metal, Xin () Metal

When a Metal element falls into DE, you get unbounded sound. Imagine sound wave
traveling without blockage, crystal clear and it can travel as far as it can reach. Its a
perfect moment to engage in communication activity, word will be compact, clear and
easily understood.

Ren () Water, Gui () Water

When Water element fall into DE, you get clear thinking. When you remove all
contamination, you are left with pure water. Ones thinking is at its best in this situation.
Since you do not need to muddle with other think, you are actually much better in
decision making.

SO, good or bad of a Death&Emptiness situation all depend on what fall into DE. If its
something that is already inauspicious, it should be cerebrated since you have been
given a holiday from the element negative effect. Wood and Earth take it harder
because of its dependency nature.

Typically, a clash or combination will release the DE form its grip, reverting the
element back to its natural self.