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Broadest Product Range

Boeing Bulk Cargo NETS & LINER PANELS

A global provider of textile airframe

restraints and associated safety systems
AmSafe Bridport is licensed by Boeing to manufacture and
supply operators with spares of all Boeing bulk cargo nets and
flexible cargo liner panels, with exclusive worldwide distribution
through Satair. Part numbers are identical to the Boeing original
equipment part numbers, so all spares are of the highest quality
and identical to the original equipment fitted to the aircraft.

Key Features & Benefits

Broadest product range for all Boeing aircraft
E xtensive inventory held in the USA, Europe and Asia
for fast delivery
 technical support for use and maintenance
licensed supplier for Boeing Aircraft
unrivalled engineering knowledge and experience
Offering customized solutions
Boeing nets for B737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787, MD11,
MD80/90 & Douglas Aircraft
AOG Contact Numbers
AOG Service Contact for Europe, Africa & the Middle East .............+45 4040 1224
Satair offers 24 hour AOG support and has distribution centers Contact for Asia Pacific...................................................+65 6543 0977
strategically located in Copenhagen, Atlanta, and Singapore. Contact for North & South America: +1 404 310 1966

A global provider of textile airframe restraints and associated safety systems amsafebridport.com/airframes


Part Number Description Part Number Description Part Number Description Part Number Description

65-33298-2 Net 451N5601-2 Net 453W2114-38 Panel Assy 453W2214-16 Panel Assy

451N5602-2 Net 453W2114-18 Panel Assy 453W2214-22 Panel Assy

451N5602-26 Net 453W2114-37 Panel Assy 453W2214-25 Panel Assy

451N5602-34 Net 453W2214-20 Panel Assy 453W2214-26 Panel Assy
Part Number Description
451N5602-35 Net 232W1450-1A Strap 453W2214-28 Panel Assy
453A1810-12 Net
416N2500-9 Harness Assy 232W1450-4A Strap 453W2214-30 Panel Assy
453A1810-13 Net
451N5602-17 Net Assy 232W2333-8B Strap 453W2214-32 Panel Assy
453A1810-14 Net
451N5601-21 Net Assy 421W0197-27 Barrier
453W2214-34 Panel Assy
65-49626-42 Net
451N5601-20 Net Assy 421W1285-4 Cover
453W2214-36 Panel Assy
65-49628-41 Net
451N5602-27 Net Assy 421W1285-5 Cover
453W2214-38 Panel Assy
65-78966-35 Net
421W1285-6 Cover
453W2214-40 Panel Assy
65-78966-39 Net
453W1216-1 Panel Assy
BOEING 767 453W2214-42 Panel Assy
65-78966-54 Net
453W2114-10 Panel Assy
453A1810-8 Net Part Number Description 453W2214-44 Panel Assy
453W2114-12 Panel Assy
65-78966-41 Net Assy 452T3212-19 Net 453W2214-45 Panel Assy
453W2114-13 Panel Assy
453A1810-33 Net Assy 452T3213-1 Net 453W2215-1 Panel Assy
453W2114-20 Panel Assy
65-49628-40 Net Assy STA881.94 452T3214-48 Insulated Net 453W2215-42 Panel Assy
453W2114-30 Panel Assy
453A1810-6 Net Assy - AFT Door 453T1947-24 Curtain Assy 453W2215-44 Panel Assy
453W2114-33 Panel Assy
453A1810-10 Net Assy - AFT Door 452T3211-48 Divider Net Assy 453W2811-1 Panel Assy
453W2114-34 Panel Assy
453A1810-7 Net Assy - FWD Door 453W4120-1 Panel Assy
453W2114-35 Panel Assy
453A1810-11 Net Assy - FWD Door 453W4220-1 Panel Assy
BOEING 777 453W2114-36 Panel Assy
453A1810-5 Net Assy - FWD Door 453W4220-2 Panel Assy
Part Number Description 453W2114-44 Panel Assy
453A1810-9 Net Assy - FWD Door 453W9310-1 Insulated Net
453W9310-70 Net Assy SS. 453W9310-1 453W2114-45 Panel Assy
453W9310-2 Net
453W9310-36 Net Assy 453W2114-46 Panel Assy

BOEING 747-400 453W9310-3 Net

453W2114-1 Panel Assy 453W2114-8 Panel Assy

Part Number Description 453W2115-3 Panel Assy 453W9310-32 Net

453W3109-1 Panel Assy

453U1557-11 Access Panel Assy 453W2114-3 Panel Assy 453W2115-4 Panel Assy 453W9310-34 Net

65B60553-88 Divider Assy 453W2114-4 Panel Assy 453W2115-5 Panel Assy 453W9310-35 Net

411U0101-5 Weather Seal 453W2114-5 Panel Assy 453W2115-6 Panel Assy 453W9310-46 Net

411U0101-7 Weather Seal 453W2214-1 Panel Assy 453W2214-12 Panel Assy 453W9310-52 Net

453U1557-12 Access Panel Assy 453W2114-2 Panel Assy 453W2214-14 Panel Assy 453W9310-71 Net

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