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Juan Pablo Romero

Ms. Hefstad
English 10 D
5 June 2017

The War Against Power

The world is too close to an end. Alliances are breaking down. An exodus is near.

Everything will be wrong. There is tension between nations, and we can't ignore it. It

started just like speculation. However, it became a real threat involving the most

powerful countries in the world.Therefore, this concerns all of us. It doesn't matter the

place in where you live, if you are rich or poor. We are all in danger. In danger of

crossing an invisible line. The line of death. If we cross this line the world will turn into a

anti utopia. War will be the effect of today's international problems and the cause of a

Dystopia. On the grounds that, the world will be destroyed by the search for power

and the dreadful relationships between authoritative nations.

The threats between the US and other countries such as Russia and North Korea have

created a situation of tension that could explode at any moment. By effects, creating

WWIII. Syrian civil war has caused a conflict of interest between the Russian Federation

and the US. This has happened because Russia has been supplying weapons to Syria

in order to protect a key naval facility of their own.This has deteriorated the relationship

between these two nations and has made people wonder if a fight will soon begin.
Since this conflict, Russia has substantially increased his military support by owning

more than 100 kilotons of nuclear weapons, developing one stealth fighter, and more

scary weapons development. The United States by his part has done the same. This

nation has dropped a MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb), the most powerful

non-nuclear weapon owned by the U.S government. Supposedly, ISIS was the target.

However, many people say it was only launched to prove to enemies and allies what

U.S is capable of doing against those who defies them. In addition, Steven Starr a

scientist at Physicians for Social Responsibility has said that by the attack of 59 cruise

missile against an airbase of Syria and by crossing the Rubicon, weve basically

destroyed relations with Russia (Bryan Dyne and Barry Grey). Russia has also said

that they will increase Syrian air defense. So, when Russians start shooting at the U.S

military or the U.S starts to drop bombs at Syrian air bases, what then?

US and North Korean threats caused by the disagreement of North Koreas president

with the rest of the world have increased this last year. Either of the two countries has

back down in their heated discussions and people can bet Kim Jong Un is not afraid of

war and is ready to attack if they feel it's time.

North Korea is dangerous. It's clearly shown by them. They have sent a various of

misleading message and have made rhetorical statements that make experts and

politicians think Kim Jong Un is threatening U.S. Plus, they had said that they will

counterattack any move from U.S. Hence, you can see that almost any wrong

movement from U.S could lead to a nuclear response by Kim Jong Un. In 2016, they
made two nuclear tests and 24 ballistic missiles tests, challenging six UN Security

Council resolutions. By these actions, it's clearly seen that North Korea don't follow

rules, they are an antisocial country with a feeling of ruling over others. They don't play

by the same rules, they make their own rules. So, if they decide to fight, they will, no

matter what.

WWIII will be a nuclear war. All powerful nations have a humongous nuclear storage

ready to be launched at any moment. Radiation will erase entire cities from the world

map and will make entire masses of people to emigrate to a territory with a lack of

radiation in order to survive.

In the world, there are eight countries considered Nuclear States: United States, North

Korea, Russia, France, China, India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Of these eight

countries, three of them are in direct confrontation. Therefore, in war why would they

send soldiers to invade, when with the click of a button they can unleash hell onto their

enemies territory? People can be certain that if WWIII happens, it will be a nuclear war.

Now, imagine the world is at war. People wouldn't even know it until the bombs are

already hitting the floor. Unveiling tons of radiation, killing millions and destroying entire

territories, making survivors emigrate to overpopulated cities, making people suffer,

drown in misery and all by a disagreement between the authoritarian power countries.

People who disagree may say that the UN was created after the WWII, therefore, its

purpose is to avoid war at any given time in the most peaceful way possible. Plus, no
one would be that unethical to launch a nuclear bomb because, it's a chain reaction. If

one bomb is launch, all the bombs from all the nuclear states will also be launch and

there would be no winner. Nevertheless, there is one threat. Kim Jong Un has shown in

many different moments of his life that he is against the United Nations, he has defied

laws and directly contradicted with words and actions the UN ideology.

Another possible argument could be that Syrias interests do not represent major

change or development in either US or Russia. It is a simple problem with not enough

meaning to go to war and both countries have been in worst political and economic

discussions (The Cold War) and have figured it out. But, this is not just about Syria. Its

about all the past and future conflicts that will emerge. There will always be the same

discussions and the same fight between these two countries. Remarkably, this Syrian

conflict represents the last problem because, whoever wins this, will always win again

and again. They both are tired of being bullied by the other. This conflict is the straw

that broke the camels back.

In conclusion, we all have to be ready to what could be the most dangerous and fast-

paced war in human history. The only way of surviving will be to go into a basement,

buy a lot of food containing late expiration dates and hope for the best. It's a fact that

WWIII is going to happen, the data is irrefutable and if that is not enough, look at the

kind of leaders we have, Trump, Putin, Kim Jong. They all have the holy keys. Look at

the kind of society we are, how we act, we have to wonder, is their fault or our own. But

maybe, there is a solution--a viable solution. We have to terminate the injustice of the
world. If we eradicate the cause, we can avoid the effect. If people in power could feel

the social problems people live every day, if they weren't ignorant, if they weren't blinded

by power, they could change. They could, instead of using war to get more power, use

their power to get more peace.

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