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JVOFK ANGIts problems Lesson 1 VOCABULARY W 1 choose the words that best describe you. 1 1am employed / unemployed / self-employed. 21 geton well with all/ most / some of my colleagues. 4 Agood salary is very important / important not important at all to me. 4 lind my job very interesting / boring / challenging. 5 Lalways /sometimes / never feel happy going to work i the morning k 2 Choose the best words to complete the sentences. When is it time to leave your job? 1 You don’t get on with any of your colleagues / boss. 2 You never agree with your boss / salary about anything, 3 People with less experience / money than you give /earm more than you. 4 You eal ike / don’t lite the work you are doing 5 You know thatthe company / salary isn't doing very well GRAMMAR Going to 3 Reorder the words. Write sentences with going to 1 Jake J job / new / look for 2. Sam and Amanda / set up / company / own / their 3 1/not/ leave / job / my 4 boss / your / give / rise / you 5. you / more / money J earn / new job /in/ ? GRAMMAR Verb + infinitive 4 Complete the conversation with the phrases in the box. intend to ask afford to pay want to leave Planing tolook for agreed to give design handbags mart What do you do? susie 1" mart That sounds like an interesting job SUSIE_Itis. {love my jo. MATT. What's the problem, then? Susie. The salary is terible and | can't 2 the rent. mart Are you? a new job? suste No, 1 don’t * Like my job too much. ‘mart What are you going to do, then? susie | my boss fora rise When | started the job last year, he *___mea pay ise in a year’ time, matt Good luck, then. 5. What are your plans for your career over the next five years? Write sentences with the verbs. 1 (going to) (intend to) (hope to) (plan to) (not going to) unit3. 15 Lesson 2 VOCABULARY Professions 1. Look at the beginnings of some words for jobs. How do they end? Write them in the correct column below. —_ direct breauee busi journal lawy’anees J° write photograph GRAMMAR Present continuous for future plans 2 Read what Helen and and write sentences. co i are doing next week Mon | work te [Tues do some research Wied [acc he nov | pt ervow |serpt Thurs have le with my | boss Fri |meet friends after |mect friends after | work work Sat |¢0 cummng fp suing {sun have dimer at | Susan & John's 1 Helen_is working late on Monday, 2 Tm. 3 16 Unit3, The fist private detective agency inthe 3. Read the questions. Write sentences with true jormation. rniewo What are you doing on Monday? vou rriewo Are you doing anything on Monday evening? fmieNo Are you working late on Tuesday? you aienp What are you doing on Thursday? a frieno Have you got any plans for the weekend? vou READING 4 Look at the logo below and answer the question. What do you think the man in the article's job is? a doctor b private detective 5 Read the article and answer the questions. © optician wold opened in France in 1833. The fist privat detcive was called Eugéne Francois Vidocg, Hs if story inspired the writers Vitor Hugo and Honoré de Bala. In 1850, Alan Pinkerton started the Pinkerton National Detective ‘Agency. This became one ofthe mast famous detective agencies inthe United States. The tem ‘private-ye" came fom the origina | Pinkerton company logo. Most private detectives ae sel-employed Some work for detective agencies or security companies. ‘Manuel works as a private detective in Chicago. He loves his job. This afternoon, he's fying to New York to meet a cient. He's helping he to find her father in Chicago and he's got some new infomation for her. This job is never Boring he says. "Today Im meeting a cent n New York. Tomorrow I'm fllowing a company director with debts in Chicago’ Usual a private detective specialises in financial investigation ‘or corporate investigation. Ths depends on whether the person tas qualifications in accountancy ora degree in business. Manvel doesn’t work in business or nance. He finds debtors — people \who don’t pay for services or goods. He aso find lost frends and fail. He fllons people, He takes photographs. He searches buildings and he looks fr clues. "Every day is diferent’ says Manuel Wha’ the most rewarding thing about his ob? ‘i's especialy rewarding to unite a mother or father with their son or daughter’ he sas Where was the first detective agency set up? When was the frst detective agency set up in America? Who do most detectives work for nowadays? What is Manuel doing tomorrow? 1 2 3 4 What is Manuel doing this afternoon? 5 6 What type of detective work does Manuel do? saan WI GRAMM 3 Comple the bo» Wwite "think Weare on 3 OCABULARY Time expressions 63.10 What are Lucy's plans? List. a fen and match 1-6 with a-f. oe moving into her new house the day after tomorrow —b getting married © going on holiday with fiends going to the dentist's © going to the theatre f no plans next week the week after that 5 next month 6 the following month Complete the conversation, Write true answers for you. satan What are you doing tomorrow evening? you sana What about the day after tomorrow? you sanan Are you busy next week? vou sara What about the week after that? poo saRaH Are you doing anything special this month? vou sara What about the following month? vou eee aee EeePC GRAMMAR will future 3 Complete the sentences with will and a verb in the box. ite like see enjoy get on with not stay be | think you next week, We are hoping Martha here next month, James his report sometime this month Nhopeyou your holiday next Week. Martina in her job for very long. She isn’t happy there. "think Martin and Tina in their new flat. living —__leny his new boss? | don’t ‘Pink so! He's very difficult to work with! 4 Complete the predictions with ‘Il or won't. Write sentences with true information. — be at work this time tomorrow. 1 stay in the same job for ten years. |___study English again next year. |___earn double my salary in five years’ time, t___ snow very heavily this winter. ' always do a job | enjoy. ' move to another country. ' be studying at university next year. LISTENING 5. 611 Listen to the conversation and choose a, b or ¢. 1 Where is David Cooper from? a the south of England |b the north of England € the centre of England | 2. Where did David work as a photographer? | a Mexico b Belize ¢ Malaysia | 3. How many varieties of chilli peppers does | David grow? | a7 b17 c70 | 4 What will David produce in the future? a tea b chillisauce ¢ chill oils 5. Who will be on the show next week? a a chill farmer from Mexico b a photographer € a tea grower from Cornwall Unit 3.17 Vocabulary plus VERB + INFINITIVE 1. Ms Hollydale’s personal assistant is giving her an update. Complete her notes with the verbs in the box + to. Promised forget arranged am expecting refused managed seems ''m very sorry. | forgot to book your hair appointment for today. Il Book it for tomorrow. 2 MrHarris___ finish the report today. It will be on your desk by four o'clock 3. The scriptwriter three o'clock __ meet the actors at 4 I spoke to the writer yesterday, He rewrite the last scene. He wants to talk to you about it 5 finaly _ speak to Mr Bloom on the Phone this morning, He always be busy. 6 |____ hear from the photographer today. SIMILAR WORDS 2 Choose the correct answers. 1A Idon't have a job. 'm ‘out of work /at work '8 What job are you * ooking for/ working for? ‘8 Well I don’t want to work all the time, so I'm looking for something part time / full time. 8 What kind of ¢salary/ pay do you want? ‘A Agood one! 2 A Can ring when you are ' out of work /at work? 8 I'd prefer you not to. My? employee / employer doesn't like personal calls when we're working 3. The project 'm * working out / working onisdfcui | can’t? werk out / work for some ofthe problems, 4A What time do you start work? usually goin /at work at 9am and finish at 6pm 5 A Do you enjoy your job? Yes, although clients can be difficult to work on / deal with, 18 Unit3 Everyday English GIVING INSTRUCTIONS; MAKING REQUESTS 3 Circle the correct words to complete the sentences. 1 can you ask / make Zeynep to fish that report? i, pretty urgent. 2 tell need that report on my desk first thing tomorrow morning 3 MrHaris would like / makes al of us to come in to the office this Saturday. 4. Can you tell teach Mehmet to arrange a meeting with Tanya Glossip? 5 Tall Help Jack not to be late tomorrow morning We've got an important meeting 6 Could you make / would like me a cup of coffee too? ''m really busy. 7 Can James help / ask me with the presentation? 8 Could you possibly teach / make me how to use the new photocopier, please? ve wp USEFUL EXPRESSIONS : 4 Replace the underlined words and expressions with similar words and expressions from the any box. Write the numbers. 50 1 sure thing 2 let me think 3. pretty ohn 4 that’s @ promise 5 no problem Wh 6 first thing 7 take @ look at atk ‘A Martin, have you got a minute? B Yes, what sit? in '& Could you write up this report for me? It’s urgent. tis 8 I'm quite [’busy today and tomorrow ‘mmm "7... ll write it up on Thursday, and that's definite = ‘| need it for Friday afternoon, Can you gett to Vln me early [on Friday morning? Then | can read. through [it before the meeting in the afternoon : 8 | wil OF course | : ‘Good, Friday morning i i, then . 8 No worries | ~ a a How welive Lesson 1 GRAMMAR Present perfect v past simple VOCABULARY Technology Julie and Antonio. Use the present perfect or past simple tense. 1 Read the definitions below and complete the puzzle. Find the mystery word in the shaded squares. Use it | 3 Look at the table and write sentences about to complete the sentence below. write a blog _| yesterday 7 2[breaka | 2 days : EL ee ee [3 [have a job : interview via x | last week Skype | la take part in aninteractve | ¥ x | | |__| webinar i 5 dtve while | | E talking on a : = 7 |__| mobile phone 1 Julie wrote her blog yesterday 7 Antonio 1c written a bo 2 Clues 1 It prints paper documents from your computer. : 2 An electronic book 3. Asocial-networking website 4. Physical elements that constitute a computer system. 4 5. To end information like a document ora film to your computer. 6 Another way of saying 'Go on the internet, is ‘Go ..." 5 7 When you resolve a problem, you ... it ight. 8 The # symbol used on social media to mark aut! keywords or topics in a tweet 4 Complete the table in exercise 1 for you. 9 Avideo-sharing website Write a tick or a cross. Then write true 10 A personal website or web page where a person writes sentences for you. oat hisiher opinions and ideas Example: Ive never written a blog dao. 1! Amessage sent by mobile phone : fh Jam / am not a 2 3 2 Answer the questions so they are true for you. ; Which of the technologies in 1 do you use at work? L use. é Which social media and technology do you use at home? use. Unita 19 Lesson 2 VOCABULARY Places 1 Complete the dialogue with words from the word snake. Use each word once. go Reo Secunia AX yuntainbyy, %, kay | hear your mum and dad have moved house. Marcus Yes, they've bought alittle * ina small ® by the sea. There are lots of little shops, restaurants and cafés there. And they like going for long walks in the * kay | thought they liked # big shopping centres, cinemas and art marcus They did, but now there are too many high life with the galleries. kay Have you been to stay with them yet? Mancus No, | haven't. But I'm going this weekend. I'm going climbing. There's a * nearby. kay Really! Who are you going with? marcus Mike and Jane. They live in a? near the town. It’s tiny ~ ten houses, a shop and a farm! GRAMMAR for and since 2 Complete the table with the time phrases in the box. Then add two new phrases to each column, 1999 afew minutes a year last year two weeks the 27" June ten years yesterday half an hour two o'clock For Since 3 Now write sentences with true information. 1 live /in the same place / since 2 work / for this company / for 3. know / my best friend / for 4 live / in (name of city) / since 20 Unita 4 Look at the photos below. What do you think each person does? 5 Read the article and answer the questions below, One day Read about these four people’s dreams. Elisa isa criminal lawyer from Cuba. She met her husband, Ere, in New Yorkin 2005, After they got marred, they moved to Turkey. She has ved in Tukey for ive years now and she has but er cream house there on mountainside above Olu Deniz James has alvays kd dassic cas When he as at school his dad had a 1930-31 Bugat He loved watching im work nit He stared 0 repair cass cars as hobby with his dad. Now he has this job and has setup a company. He has fve mechanics working for him. They buy aed do up csi cars. Than they sl he, They have had the company since 2009 and itis vey successul now. Samantha lives in an old water mln the Yorkshire Dales. She has ied thee since she got maried in 2011. She has always loved drawing and sewing, Now she has tuned her hobby into ajo. Four years ago, she setup her own ‘company designing and making lampshades, cushion covers and pictures from fabric. Her ‘workshop is atthe bottom of he garden and she draws the plants and birds in her garden Mike worked fora bank in London, He hated his office ob and he wanted to spend more time ‘outdoors Four years ago, he did a landscape ‘gardening course at Kew Gardens near London. He has worked full time asa gardener fortwo years now. He designs new gardens and he aso looks ater gardens for people who are too busy todoitthemsehes. 1. How long has Elisa known Emre? 2. Where do they live now? 3. What has James always liked? 4 Who taught him about his hobby? 5. When did Samantha set up her company? 6 Where is Samantha's workshop? 7 What did Mike do before he became a gardener? 8 What did he study and where? Te ite Lovin se ie ais x piece Lesson 3 VOCABULARY Household tasks 1 Write the letters in the correct order to make ‘words for household items. eefrezr tetkel dgefti binstud dwshiheras 8 GRAMMAR Present perfect with already, just or yet 2 Look at the cleaning rota in a shared house. Write sentences with already, just or yet. Weekly House Cleaning Rota 3 Complete the conversation with the verbs in the box. make do not do dean use vacuum empty wash at you the bath? No, not yet. But! the dustbin, and? the ironing. at Tom ___ his bed yet? Yes, he has and he * the carpets. ‘A. Oh, that’s good! 8 But we didn’t know how to © the dishwasher, so we” the washing-up. Sorry! ‘A. What about the kitchen floor? you iv No, we haven't done that yet LISTENING 4 6312 Read the answers to a survey of Amer a PERSON DONE in the 21" century. Choose a, b or c. Then dothe ironing | en 8 tore ag) and check your answers. cence «| cate fe Children and Household Chores (Jobs) empty the Max. ( = 5 minutes | dishwasher A 1 Hoe many iron pt do Roel nea wash the kitchen | Max x 2.27% b 5TH c 87% foor 2 What is the average age that they start doing nold chores? vacuum the aia (= thie morning) household eho sitng-room carpet | a4% b7% ©10 | | 8 How many children complain about doing empty the dustbins | gen (afew | household chores? nutes ago) a 56k b 76% © 96% | dean the bath | Kate Wine 4 Which are childnen’s lest favourite chores? mrorning) a vacuuming the carpete and making thetr beds b cleaning the bathroom and doing the | ean the shower | Julia W - a minite washing-up agp) ¢ doing the washingup and emptying the 1 Ben ims already done te ionin eee 5 Which are children’s favourite chores? | 2 | a helping with the cooking and feeding the pet 3 bb feeding the pet and making their beds 4 ¢ emptying the dustbins and feeding the pet 5 6 Which chore do most adults remember doing as a | ‘ child? ; a emptying the dustbins 7 » doing the ironing ¢ doing the washingup Unit 21 Vocabulary plus sano CLOSING A OPENIN TECHNOLOGY CONVERSATION i jersation) oF C (Closing a rane inaction wine wrsi°®™ sig oop 3.conerne * foreon wie two new instruction. 4 eon tes Oe eR omattoyertne vhf ne 2 mites you + chekon the top. aod > chkotte taro tetas tne? 3 non oe ts? ick on hut dow to tun the computer 3-Click on Shut down t - ‘4 Let me introduce 4's t00 loud, Tun down the —___— tagetonto cant havea 5 twas pl word with you? 5 You need to type in your des 7 Ihave to 90. 6 Do you have time fora quick chat? Se 9. Hido you Rave a minute? 10 it’s been sce talking t You RELATIONSHIPS _ one! Jete the conversations with the three 2 Complete the dialogue with the words in the box. 5 6814 Compl jelow. Then listen and check your single get boyfriend wedding married ‘entances bi Tove relationship for serene 2 Lets get together soon. Let me introduce myselt. steet How long have your parents been ' _ 1M The/vebeen maried?__25 years. sii Ave you marie? Do you have time fra quick chat? rw Namo. Iveneverhada Dati ar Wt about you? vars sis ve got eve been together fora Hello, Sam. Pleased to meet you. Flin Uso. yearnow, and min ihhim Wee gong 2 : sto | to? ___matfies 8 I'mafraid it’s a bit busy here at the moment. suc Tm Do you have date forthe wedding? Can | call you back in half an hour? = sie Yes it.on 25th March ao = rm ve neverbeento* ae vo sie Well maybe you can ome to mine. 2 kno sent FOCUS ON GO 3 63.13 Complete the dialogue with the correct preposition. Then listen and check your answers. ‘A Are you going with Kel? 8 Yes, he's my new boyfriend! 1A He goes? my college 8 Yes, kno evening if you want to come, He told me. We're going > this A Got 8 To that new bar in Market Street. Come with us! then! Where are you going? 2 unite bene Review quiz OUND THE WORLD WITH JETSTREAM What do you know about global media? Choose a, b or €. 1 The USA had te highest numberof Facebook users globally in 2014, Which {panties had the second and third highest numberof users? 5 india and Brazil Brazil and Mexico ¢ Mexico and indonesia 2 Which county watched the most TV in 20147 1 Brasil Egypt ¢ Thalland 3 Which county read the most books in 2014? 4 Caedh Republic b India ¢ China 4 Which county produced the most fms in 20147 a the USA. b Nigeria c India 5, Who had the highest numberof followers on Titer in 2014? a Barack Obama b Cistiano Ronaldo Katy Perry How many syitables are there In these words: “three, four or five? Write ‘the number of syllables In the boxes. Then listen and check. salary unemployed editor aualifiations experience photographer sitar manager felaonship agency “competion businessman feative comedian 2 compete the conversation with the job-related words in oy dishwasher (generation producer calleagues qualifications employees salary unemployed experience |) ane won't be *___for long. I've just seen an ad fora sales manager with Titer It's in Bogota in Colombia, I'm going to apply fo it. , anturo What ?___ do you need? Answer the questions. tne Yourneed to have a degree and you need six years» inthe fibers the most popular TV show jn your county? How popular are e-reade in your ‘ountry? How many people in your class use e-eaders? Do people in your country spend more time on the internet or digital or media industry. agTuro You've got that. What else? sane Youneed to be a team player. You need to get on well with your +___ Oh ang you need to speak fluent Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese Anruno_ No probe. You speak fluent Spanish, What about the * 7 How ‘much will you earn? Sian id aba in lott Watching 1V? : ida Jane It doesn’t say. 4s Twitter popular in your country? ice takitg oy, ‘anTuro Let me look. No, it doesn’t say, but it says they've got 3,300 * B How many people use it? Which countries are most active ‘on Twitter? Scan the code and in offices around the word. It sounds fantastic. Good luck! find out. Know your technology! Circle the correct words to complete the sentences, Tum on / Open the computer. Then go online. Click on / atthe file to open it. You'll need a password to gt into /onto the website lek on /at the X icon to turn off close the file Ican't ear the music. Turn the volume on / up, please 2 Prepare a mini presentation about a popular TV show. Write/Record your talk. What is it called? What is it about? Why is it popular? Who watches it? Units 3 and 4 23 Grammar T can talk about my future plans and what I have and haven't done. 1 Write sentences with going to 1 My 055 not give /me a ise 2 What / you / do ? 3. 1/look for fa / new f job 4. When / you / start applying / for jobs ? | 5 First /U write anew CV —H0 2 Complete the sentences with the present perfect or the past simple form of the verbs in brackets. HiTina, Sorry | (not email) you for a r long time. 12 (be) very busy these past few ‘months. was promoted at work and |? just. (buy) 2 new house. My sister _ (move) to Italy. She * (move) there last month. 1° her yet! Oh, yes! My brother” (oot visit) (ote) an article for a magazine I's his frst! He (do) it when he * (be) in Brazil. It's actually very interesting, How about you? ®_you (do} anything exciting this year? _i0 Vocabulary I can talk about household chores and technology. Choose the correct verbs. 3 ‘A Have you "emptied / tidied the dishwasher yet? 8 No, haven't, but | have just “done / made the ironing ‘A That's great! I've *emptied /cleaned the kitchen floor ‘and James has ‘used / vacuumed all the carpets. Fantastic. Matt has §made / done his bed for once! 15 willl Check your progress 2 Functions I can open and close a conversation, 4 Circle the correct expressions to complete the dialogues politely 1 a Could you help / Help me to finish this report? 2 Yes, of course. 2A Tell/ Could you tell John not to wory? 2 Yes,of course. 3A Come /1'd like you to come into work this weekend, B_I'msony, can't. 'm going away. 4A Order /Can you tel him to stop that noise now? 8 OK 5 A When can you look /Look at this document? 8 Ian look att fist thing tomorrow morning. Bas Writin T can write about my plans for the following week. Make notes. Then write a paragraph about your plans. + What are you doing at work next week? + Have you got any important meetings? + What are you doing in the evenings? + Are you doing anything interesting atthe weekend? n Monday morning, Tim writing a report. Tren [nthe evening, Tim gong to the crema th a friend Write about 60 words. i) Total: _ 140) Edi this unit, thave revised a lot of A2 and B1 skills sson 1 YCABULARY Working abroad Match 1-8 with a-h. ‘alm can do things by yourself confident full of energy friendly lively ¢ always on time, never late d independent € gets on well with people f 9 believe you can do things well punctual reliable imaginative, has new ideas always does things well, you can trust a person like this creative hh not stressed, angry or nervous Which adjective best describes you? 2 Kathy wants to volunteer to work in a holiday resort during the summer. Complete the notes below with the words in the box. People inateam medicine French and English E. ‘work long hours confident _ listening and fron. Thave a degree in Tam good with Thave experience of working [Tam good at Tam fluent in. Tean Tam _ Getting away GRAMMAR must, mustn't, have to, don’t have to, can, can't 4 Rewrite the sentences with must, mustn’t or don't have to. 1 It's not necessary to have a first-aid certificate You _—_ 2 It’s essential that you have six months’ experience. You 3. It's prohibited to smoke. You 4 It's not necessary to have a degree. You 5. It's essential that you speak two languages. You 5. Choose the correct verb to make true sentences for you. 1. I must / don't have to go to the office / my work place every day. 2 Ihave to/ don't have to work at weekends. 3. I must /don’t have to be at work by 9am. 4 can /can't wear jeans to work, 5 Ihave to /don’t have to wear a suit to work. 6 can /can't work from home some days. 7 I must / don’t have to have a driving licence for my job. 8 Ican/can't use my mobile phone at work. 6 Think about the careers of an actor or a pilot. Write questions and answers using have to. 1. an actor / good at maths and physics Does an actor have to be good at maths. 2. el ent 2 actors and pilots / work well in a team | Ihave a degree/diploma in am good with 3. an actor / have good listening skills, Ihave experience of working Tam good at Tam fluent in 4 anactor /to understand technical information Tean a ee 5 apilot / stay calm under pressure unit5 25 Lesson 2 VOCABULARY Travel 1 Complete the missing vowels inthe travel words. 194 b__k al ee _réry_r 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box. check in check out weigh Unpack travel pack 1 ve__my suitcase but I think it's too heavy. It mustn't ___ over 20 kilos. 2. You have to show your passport when you — for your fight. 3 Hike to my suitcase as soon as | arrive at the hotel. 4 We usually drive to Spain, but this time we _ by plane, 5. Don't forget to collect your passport from the receptionist when you of the hotel GRAMMAR might, may, will probably 3 Complete the sentences with the verbs below. maybe may rain might not be will probably go out will probably go might need 1 I'm going to bring my swimming things. We swimming this afternoon, as the pool is open. 2. Bring an umbrella with you. It There are a lot of clouds. 3. Pete says bring a jumper. It cold later, although the sun is still shining, 4. Bring some good clothes. We for dinner tomorrow night as it's Helen's birthday. 5. Pack some washing powder. You todo some washing, 6 I'l pack the travel iron. There one at the hotel 26 Units READING 4 Read the brochure and answer the ques below. Er HouRsIn Giles Antigua is a Spanish colonial town in Guatemala, In 2009, readers of Wanderlust magazine chose Antigua as the most beautiful city in the world. There ate three volcanoes around the town and the Volcan de Fuego (Voleano of Fie) is still active. You might see some smal clouds of smoke above iif you ever go there. ‘The climate in Antigua is warm; however, it is 1,324m above sea level, o it gets cold in the afternoons — you may need to bring a warm sweater with you. Dav In the morning, there is a walking tour around the town with a guide. You will see Antigua’s colourful colonial houses plus its cathedral After lunch, we will walk to the local market to buy souvenirs. I's very lively and colourful but you may need to ask the guide for some help with the prices! Inthe evening, there may be some local dances or festivals £0 go to which we can organise for you. Day 2 In the morning, there is a visit roa local coffee farm. Inthe afternoon, there are two options: we might walk up to Cerro La Cruz, which has great views of the city and the volcanoes, or we might join up with another tour and climb one of the voleanoes! Irisa two or three-hour climb up Fuego and the scenery s amazing. Both the trees and the ground are black and, 8 you climb, you may be able to heat the voleano rumbling Look forward to seeing you on our Guatemalan tout! 1 What might you see above the Volcan de Fuego? 2 Why do you need to take watm sweaters to Antigua? 3 What can the guide help you with at the market? 4 What grows near Antigua? 5 What are the two options inthe afternoon on Day 2? © How long does it take to climb Fuego? a on 3 ABULARY Travel items bel ne correct sentences (2-e). 4 Itmight be cold on the plane. You might need these = 5 itmight be noisy, so take a pair of these. This will probably help you to have a better sleep. 4 You will need to change the time on this. - e Wear this and it will Keep out the light. c GRAMMAR should / shouldn't 2 Sally and her husband are going on holiday. Complete the advice with should or shouldn't. ‘Add two more pieces of advice. 1 They, make photocopies of their passports. 2 Sally, ‘take shoes she hasn't worn before. 3 Her husband pack his socks into his shoes to save space. 4 They wear comfortable clothes forthe flight. 5 They. drink plenty of water. 6 Her husband keep his wallet in his back pocket. Preece eee eee eeseeeeeeeeeeee eee LEPC ere eee eee the pictures. Then match the pictures (1-6) 3. Rewrite the sentences. Use should and shouldn't. 1 Don’thave a meal before the fight. You may fet i You shouldn't have a meal before the fi 1S. may fee! dl one, 2 Don’t take too many bags. You may forget ur suitcase so you can 3. Put a luggage tag on yo case. recognise it. You may pick up the wrong 1b Setolf for the airport early Something may H@PPE? on the journey. SEE APE CHE ere eee ere SER PePE Cet CRE Cee ee eee LISTENING 4 6916 Listen and choose the correct answer a, b orc. 1) What's Simon's job? He's 2 ~- fa journalist. b scientist 2. Why does Simon have to catc ‘a Hes ill and he wants to get home. b His wife is in hospital ¢ His conference is the next morning. 3 Why does Simon have to have a wheelchair? 3 He has to get to the boarding gate quickly or he'll miss the plane. bb He broke his foot on holiday, so he can't walk ¢ He is old and he can't walk very far. 4 How does Simon get to passport control? a He walks there. b He goes on the airport bus. ¢ He goes in a wheelchair. 5 How does Simon feel when he stands up and walks away normally? a He feels surprised. b He feels embarrassed. He feels happy. physi fh the connecting flight? unit 5 27 Vocabulary plus USEFUL THINGS 1 Write the letters in the correct order to make words for useful things. 1 chestam 2 toplap 3 wellejery 4 nusgsslaes 5. thootbrshu 6 dapator 7 torpassp 8 shac 9 oneph argerch 10 bome 11 raihyerdr 12 keam-pu 2 Complete the conversation with five of the items in the box. No way! Absolutely fitin It's @ pain to loads of It’s worth it, Justin case. save time ‘A Are you taking your hairdryer? 8 ! I never go anywhere without it. 2A Hurry up! We'te going to miss the flight. B Don't be silly. We've got time. ‘A Why are you taking the matches? You don’t smoke, 8 You never know. We might need them for something, 4 {don't think this umbrella will There isn’t enough room in my case 5 A I'mnot going to take this shir. 8 Why not? It's really nice, iron. 3 Write a short dialogue with one of the other expressions from 2. A 8 28 units FOCUS ON GET 4. Read the sentences, then write the verb that can replace get in the brackets. travel catch buy receive 14 How did you get from Milan to London? ( ) We flew. 2 A Where did you get that perfume? lahahahladhahaetel 8 I gotit in the duty-free shop at the airport 3A You've got a terrible cold. 8 | know. I think I got it on the plane (ee 4 A Did you get that email | sent you yesterday? ( ) 8 The one with the flight details? Yes, | did Everyday English DESCRIBING AN OBJECT 5. Write the adjectives in the correct order to complete the sentences. 1 I've got teeta suitcases, (stylish, red, small, two) 2 Is that handbag yours? (black, litte, beautiful) 3. That's my backpack. (blue, big, horrible) SPECULATING ABOUT THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE 6 6817 Number the sentences in the correct order. Then listen and check. (1 A No, it isn’t. 've already looked. | can't find my hairdryer. 'm sure | packed it. It may be in my suitcase. A A 8 A Yes, it might be. I'll have a look, No, its not there. A 8 8 8 What am I going to do without it? It might be in my hand luggage then? Oh, look! There it is on the bed. Its possible that you didn’t pack it after all. o Now goto the cyber homework 0 wt ezone!