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Your Ministry"
-2 Timothy 4:5

Th is hook is the pro per ty of _

20 H
W A W II T OWER Bini i'. ANIl T RAe r Socn-rv OF Pf.1\'N S\ 'I V.<\!\:I:\

Publi sh ers
W ,\lClITOWf.\{ BIIII.F. ""'I> T RACI Socu.rv o r Nnv YORK. I:-.;c
HH H .klyn, New York, U.S.A.
I\ pri l 20 1-1 Printin g
I h i<. publicat io n i\ nol for sa le. It i\ p rovided . 1\ part of a worldwn k
lIihll' cducuuou a l work supported by volun ta ry donation ....
1111 11..... o l l ll' f Wh l' indicat ed . Scri ptu re quotat ion '> aft' t rou t tln -
li lt ltl~ "1 1l I ,I Il ).;lIagl' Sc u' h 't,,1d '!filusltl l inn o{ II II' 110(1' .'il ri/l' " ln .

" ' 1111.1' ; 1/ I IImp/is /i rot" .\Iill;'\11..."- 2 TillllltlJ.l' ..J:S

I lI J:Ii ..h II" U LJ
\ 1.n 1. III I III' I rl1ll n I 'L ilt '., III '\"Wllt. 1
Unit 1 (a) 3
Table of Contents
Pag e
t II it I (, I) Ex pla nation of l'louee r Servtce School Course.__ _ _.._ _ M.M..M...M.3 Exp lanat io n of
I 1111 I (hI Fortify Your Rclat tous h ip Wit h Je hova h _ ..... __._ __.. 6
I 111 11 2 (,II U<,in~ t ile ,\'('1I' l\h rlJ r " ' IlS",tioll-Par t 1
M .. _

._ _....._ .._ _ 11
_ . _ ...M .....

Pio n eer Service School Course

I 1111 l (h ) l l\ill~ the NCI\" l\'/ItM TrdllsJ" tiOtl- Pa rt 2 .... ._ 16
I 1lI1 t {.11 "l't'p Pan' With Spi ritual Enltghte n ment ., ._._.__ ._.20
I Ill ' t u t'toncor Service School Review-Day I 26 Jehovah is th e "Grand Instructor." (lsa. 30, 20) He
ttntt l (. 11 tl phl lid jehovah 's Sovereignty . 30
began tf''Iching after he created his firstborn Son. (joh n
I 'li lt 4 ih) ~ hll\\' t'er-oueltnterest in Others _ 35 8, 28) Followin g Adam's rebellion , Jeh ovah did not sto p
I lllil S 1.11 ITOm Houw to House-sour Principal way of Preechtng ,41
teach ing, but He lovingly provided ins tru ct ion for im -
1 1ml St h l \\'nr" 'hllp I : from House to Hou se-Our Principal wav
tll l'rl'.ll h ill~ . 45
perfect h uman s. He wanted peopl e to be ed ucated. (Isa.
I ' rIII fJ (. 1' women who vtakc j ehovah'.. Heart Rejoice _ _ _ 47 48'1 7,1 8; 2 Tim. 3: 14, 15) He commanded familv head '
I '1ll 1 b Ill ) t'tonccr Service School Revtew-Dav. 2' _ 53
to instruct their househ olds in h is Law, Arrangeme nts
I 1111 7 ,.11 1k.'IWt'lt l-rom Counsel and Direct io n _ ~ 56 were made for joyous co nventions tha t included a pub-
I 1111 7 eh l Rl,..i..1 "t he Spirit o f the World " 62 lic reading of God's Law. (Deut. 4,10; 6:4-q) During the
I IlII Klal Walk in till' \V.l}" of Intcg rtty _ 67 first century CL, Christians likewise me t together an d
I 1111 Ktlll l'arttctpatc in venous Fo rm s o f O ur \.linistry 72 made good use of God's inspired Word . (1 Cor. 14:23-3 1\
I nu "'a) workshop 2: Participate in Vario us Forms of Our Ministry 79 In modern times , "the faithfu l and d iscreet slave" has
I lilt .J Ihl Pio neer Scrvtce School Review.- Dav 3 _ _..... 80 made available an abu ndance o f spiritua l toed to ed-
I 1111 10 (.11 Appreciate JCSU \ ' Role _ _. .84 urate God's people. (Matt. 24,45-47) Thi s has includ-
I 1111 10 (hi l lunk in 'te rms of Bible I'nnctples . . ~_ ..__...88 l't.1 co ngregation meetings, assemblies, co nventions, and
I ' li lt II (,11 r.xamtnc Your Sptmua l Progre _ _ M_............ lj.' \ .irto u-, schools, such as th e Pioneer Service Schoo l.
I lilt IIIh ) ~ 1;1 "t.. Elll'l"tivc Ret1I TIl Vi..i ts _._ _._ _ __._ _ _ J1)( I
I 1111 I' (, I) Workshop 3: Ma ke Etfecnve Return Visits . 108
During th is co urse, you will be helped to . . .
I'il mecr Service School Review- Val' 4 - - _ M

I 1111 I ' (Ill

I I' MIl From th e Mas te r -._ -- --
JIll) ~trl' ngt hl'n your retauonship with ou r Grand In -
I 1111 I I r.u . . _ . 11 2 vt ructo r, jehovah God. a nd with th e I lead of th e
I lilt I t (II) I l nnlurt l'rogre lve Hihle Snnhcs-. Pa rt I . 111> ( :hri ~t i;111 Ct lllgrl'galio n, Christ Jesus. (Joh n 17:3 )
I '1111 II (, II t .lllltlurt l'rogre ivc alblc Suuncs-c t'ar t 2 . 121
11' 111 11111 ) Wl lrbhop-l : Con duct l'rog rc....ivc Bihl l' StUtflls.. .mouud in IOVl' for ttu- wh ole associ ation of hroth ..
I lul l I ~ (;I I I kip OII1t.'rv "l'n-.... Onto Mat urity " I! H ,." . ( 1 1'('\. 2:171
trllit I., nI l l'loncer Sl'T\" in' Sdh n 11 l{l'View - I ),I}" 5 I II
11l'1111l1l' II l1lH' l 'lll'ct i vl ' i n a ll aSJll 'l 'h 01 Ylll H mi n is-
1111 II 111101 ) lhc )0 \'01 kllo\',l lt l-, YOllrSllol1 gllold I II,
II v. (2 11111 . .1, 17)
I 1111 1 III (I l) 11110 \",11 111 10'....,.. 1110 ' 1' I1mUll).: 111111111
I 1111 t 17 l. 11 1'1 1\ 1 \1' 1' III 1'1,1 \ " 1 "'
I I"
1 III It
I 'ru r ,. It ,) 1!ldm " .. , I , " I I" II I " 1'1'1'1\ ' d I Olld lll"tl
" llII t'lll I "1111110 lit 1lI11 1 l'lh hlllltll( I " till'
4 "Fll fI)' Accomplish }'our Atillistry "-2 Ti mot hy 4:5 Unit I (a) 5
be more aware of Bible principles and better pr<;ssio ns and experiences, just as yo u will benefIt from
equipped to apply them. (C{)I l :2.J D) .
theirs. In thi s way, the course will pro ve to he a gen-
Thi s Course includes 40 hours of classroo m discus- uine "int erchange of encouragement." (Rom . 1:11 , 12)
sions, demonstrati ons, a nd work sh op s design ed to help There is no reaso n fo r you to be fearful of or apprehen-
yo u sha rpen }'o ur skills as a pioneer. Th e wor ksh op s 'live about att ending the schoo l. There are no written
\\-'i11 presenj practical applicat ion o f wha t is diSCliSSed rests. You will benefit from t he schoo l by dOi lJ..&...Y2.ur
in class. You may receive an assign me nt for a demon- hl'st a nd not co mparing yourself with ot he rs.-GaJ. 6;,4.
stratio n, ~ n inter~ie\O.., o r a soliloquy for one of the desig-
Throughout th e en tire cou rse o f th e schoo l. yo u
nated Uni ts. The Instructor will assign th ese in adva nce,
sho u ld have in mind making pe rsonal ap plicatio n of
so tha t they can be well p repared and reh earsed . You
th e information being co nside red. You wou ld d o well
will.r~cei ve add itio nal information if you are asked to
par ncipate. 10 ask yourself suc h questio ns as: ' How docs thi s infer -
man on appl)' to me pe rso na lly? Wh at Bible princi ples
You have received your pe rso nal copy of the Pio neer .m- involved, and how can I applv them ? How can I
Service School textboo k in adva nce of you r sched uled Il ~ (,' wha t I ,Jm learning to ma ke m y service Illore effer-,
wee k o f instruction . Use thi s tim e to beco me fam iliar liYl' ! flow can th is help me in my deali ngs with my
with the textbook. Space is provided in the margin s for brothers a nd siste rs in th e congregatio n? How will it
your personal notes. urich m \' relat jonship with Jeh ovah?'-I'rov. 9:9 .
S!Udy a nd meditate 00 th e lesso ns, the qucs Hoos, \ Vc are certain th at you will h ighl y esteem the pr tv-
and the Script ures before th ey are co nside red in class. II l'gl ' you have of atte ndi ng the Pioneer Service School.
The q~("ti!!!.l ' will help you cu ltivate t hio kinl:-aQilitv. wnh ./l'hova h's blessing. the school will provide last-
Al11I }'f;j ~I~e scriptures carefu lly. Endea vor to unders ta nd Ing l'IKo uragCJ1ll'nt and mu ch pracHt'al assistance . As a
the BHlJep rjnCi,pIes involved. Get 5uni~'icnt n'~t d uring 1t''11111. 1Il(1)' yOll he equipped to do the work of it skilled
the week o f schoo l. Thi s will help you 10 hl' aler t for t'\"i.11l.,l.:cJ izcr " and "f ully accomp lish YO ULlllil1is try."
class d iscu ssion s each day. ) I im , 4:.'\.
R""d Luke 6:38b.
To a large dcgrcl', wha t you gel out o f th i\ I' i ll~
n ee r Servi ce Sch oo l will depe nd 011 wh at yo u p u t
in to it .-wHO 6/151 p. 12 pM 'I. S -6 .
Wc t' llco u rilgl' YIHl r lli1rt hJI,WI!QJI.Jll .d a'l'l! 11111l1 'I t ''I
stons . Th e ot her JliUlll.:CI~ will bt'lll 'JiI 110/11 \ H llt t '\
6 Unit I (b) Un it I (b) 7

Fortify Your QU ESTION O UTlIN E

Relationship With Jehovah Study a n d Meditation

OPENI NG D ISCUSSIO N How do es Isaiah 's prophecy reveal the role of divine ed-
ucati on in forging a close relationship between Jehovah
NQth ing in life is more important than ou r rda tion- .md hi s o n ly-begotte n Son? (I ..a. 50:4, S)
sh ip wjth Jehovah , Ki ng David , expressing appreciation
for hi s close friendsh ip wit h God, sa id: "Because yo u r What should be o u r goal when en gaging: in pe rso n al
loval love is bette r tha n life, m y O\\m lips will glorify study? (Matt . 22 :37)
you." (Ps. 63:3) What did David meao by sayi ng that What did Jehovah require o f Israel 's kings?
God's loyal love was "better tha n life?" David ap preci- (lleut. 17:18-20 '
ated that in tLmacy with the Giver of life is wh at m~s
liVing frtlh' mCil oim'ful. In these verses, wh at be neficia l reason s are given for
dail v Hlble read in g?
Is th at how you feel? Thin k back to the moment you
first carne to un derstand God's Jove. what effed did it
have on your life? Do you rem ember th e fi rst time you - fl ow "-<1 n we cu ltivate a desire for Hible reading and
pt.'r..o nal ..tudy? ( 1 Pet. 22)
realized That life does have a purpose? How grateful you
Why does d aily Bible read in g draw you closer to God '!
were to Jehovah ! Th e apostle John wrote: "we love, be.
11",h . 1:8 : 2 Chnm. 15:2 1
cause he first.Jovcd-us." (l John 4:19) Your dee~l'
fOL. Je h q1'ah m otivated yo u to m ake a d edi cat ion to hi m l Iow wo uld you uettne meunau on, auu o n wh at
and sym bo lize it by wat er immersion. You realize th at vhould p-ofita ble meditatio n be focu sed? (Ps. 19:14 :
nQ1hing. ha s been more satis fying th an 'g lor ifyingJ jod 77- 12: I l irn . ~ , U-l.'> : II-Z p. :l 6 .l )
wi t h yo u r 0"'ill.J.ius.'
whv Is " ro nuug 10 " n ow" God more than just an aca-
Th e love o f God in o ur hea rt Gill he likened 10 <I 4 k ll~k or Intellectual study'! (Joh n 17:3; 1\'13 IO/1S p. 27
living thing. l .ike a heautlful plant , love n vcd s 10 ln- p,1I . 7 )
no uri shed an d ca red for if it is to g row an d to thr ive.
Wh,C.ll.J1Cg!Cdl'd or dl 'privl'd ( J r nou rl shm ent , le)\'i'.- WC\11.. t tow do\.''i till' exa m p le of Sam ue l Illu strate what it
l'Q5 ami d i ~, Our 1'), l'lllp lar, J ~'i, did not take h h lo w ll H',lIl 'i 10 "con n- 10 know " jehovah ? (I Sam , J :7: \\,J()
for jehovah for g rallt l'd . Il l' kept it ~ t ro l1b~.ro llgho ll l 111/1 pp. I~ I H I
hi s l'ilfth ly \ o jo u rn . (el p. U 2 p.u. 11 ) ll nw cun we- lO ll \\ h.u IWlldl" rouu- fr o m i J1\'l''iligal i ng tl l'l'p Hihh-
tinu to \ lI"l'llgl hl'll ou r rt'liltioJl \hip wi th Il'i lll\"lh t 111I111 ' ! ('\ I.I , "1 t ; I lL'h . S : 1 2~ I ,t)
'" 'Tu lly Accomplish Your Mil1islry"'-2 Timothy -1:5 Unit 2 (a) 11

what shows that Jesus did not rely on h is own strength

to end ure tria ls? (Matt. 4: 7, 10; 11'12 2/1 5 D.} pars. Iti-1 7; Usi ng the New World
((I'. 72 pars. 15-16 ) Translation- Part 1
Whe n we pray, how can we show con fide nce in Jeho-
vah , as j esus did? (John 11;41,42: Heb . 11:6 )
+ Tru e fr~l s are interested in l'ac h oth er. As Are yo u using the New wotld Ttunslatio n effect ively
th ey free ly express th eir thoughts coucer ns , in your ministry? Are you recommending it to ot he rs
and fe.ellngs, th eir friendship becomes stro nger. and helping them to ben efit from its many features'!
Prayer gives you the opportunity to express your th e discussion that follows will deepen your apprecia-
th oJJ.ghts and innerrn..QSLf~s to yo ur lovin g tion for thi s wonderfu l tool and enco urage you to uti-
heaven ly Fath er, Jehovah . . lize it thoroughly in the field and in yo u r personal study.
- 2 Tim . 2: 15.
Continue Fortifying
Your Rel ationship With Jehovah
Read Romans I J:33-36.
Superiority of the Translation
As a pioneer, you have co un tless o pportun ities to
sea rch through Jehovah's wonderful ways. May this Pio- Why was there a need for a new tran slation? (jv p. 608
neer S~rvice Sch ool assist you in your ongomg e fforts 1''''. I )
to forti fy your relati onsh ip wit h Je hova h .
What steps were taken to produce th e New ~Vorld Trillls-
t.nion of ttie Christian Greek Scriptures? (jv p. 607 par. 5)
when and where was this new translati on released ?
I' ; 1'. 324 pars. 18-19 ,
What was involved in translating the Hebrew Scriptures,
lIH I wh en were th e volumes released ? Ilow long d id
II take to produ ce the enti re New \.V or/d Ttunstution ?
1/1' 1'. (,OY 1'" " . 2-3)
Why W~I\ th ere a ru-ed for a revised edi tio n of th e New
I\ 'IIIM Ham/olio,,? wh at was th e goal o f til l' New wortd
nlhlt' rr an-t .ut on Co m m ittee? ( 111\' / p, 39l
12 "Fully Accomp lish Your Ministn'"- 2 Timothy -1:5 Unit 2 (a) 13

APPENDIX A Co nveying the co rrect idea of words involving

A1 Principles or Bibl e rranslation gender tnwt p. 1724)

What arc so me of the reasons given as to wh y a strict, Omission of indicato rs for seco nd person plu-
word-for-word translation is not a lways the most ac- ral (m vt PI'. 1724-1725 )
curate tran slati on? ( II W ( p. 1718)
A3 How the Bible Came to Us
Give some exa mples o f how a word-for-word tran sla-
tion can he m isunderstood. tnwt pp. 1718-1720) What is one reason why manu scripts needed to be
copied? (1/\1'/ p. 1726 ftn .)
How might doctrinal bias affect a translato r's work ?
(n w t p. 1720) Who were the Sopherim and Masore tes, and how did
th ey sha re in the preservation of the Bible? (l1w l
What liberties have so me translato rs taken regarding p. 1726)
Jeh ovah's nam e? (l1wl p. 172 1)
What is Ih e Leningrad Codex! (IIIvt p. 1726)
Should th e revised English New World Translation he
co nside red a pa raph rased ed ition? (Ilwt p. 1721 ) What does a co m pa riso n of th e Dead Sea Scroll s with
the Leningrad Code x co n firm? (l1w t pp. 1726 -1 727)
What mu st a reliable translation acco mplish? (Il w f
1'.1 721 ) \Jot all co pies o f ancie nt Bible manu scripts contain
ident ical wording. How might this variation be illu s-
A2 Featu res of This Revision trated ? (I/ \I't p. 1727) Why is that not a problem for
students o f the Bible?
Why have a n u mbe r of style and vocabu lary changes
been mad e in th e revised ed itio n'! (n w t p. 1722 ) Which so urce text was th e basis for the first ed ition
of the Ne w IVorhl Ttunslatlon o(tlu.' Hebrew Scriptures
Give exa m ples o f the followi ng adj ustments:
(l95:l-1 960)? (1II1"t 1'. 1 729 )
Use of modern, understa nd able lan gu age (lIwl
fl. 1722 ) Wha t additiona l texts and man uscri pts have been
used to produce th e Heb rew por tio n o f th e revised
Biblica l cx prcsst o us clarifi ed Nc u' l\hrld Ttuuslation? (m vl p. 1729 )
(1/\1'/ PI'. 172.1-1724)
Wh at t i rcck ma ste r tOoK I d id t he New wo rld Hi -
En ha nced readahilitr ( II W/ p. 172-1 ) bll' 'tra usla u o n C O Ill III rttee o rigina lly t1\e ill tilt.'
"Fully A, (ol11p li.~ 11 Ytm r Mi"i.~ t ry H-2 Timothy 4:5 Unit 2 (a)
mid-20th cen tu ry to produce the tran slati on of the ~ Further research based o n ancie nt manu scr ip ts
Christian Greek Scriptures? ( lI w l p. 1729) reveal s six add it ional occurre nces of t he d ivine
name as follows: Judges 19:18; I Samuel 2:25 , 1i:3,
What Greek master tex ts a nd other so urces did the 10:26, 2 ~ :H. Iii
New World Bihle Translati on Co m m ittee use to pro-
du ce the Ch ristian Gree k Scriptur es for t he New AS The Divine Nam e
World Ttunslation in 2ot 3? (/IIvl p. 1729) in th e Christian Gree k Scripture s
Why have so me verses found in th e King lames Ver- Wh en tran slating quotations from the Heb rew Scrip-
sion been omitted in th e revised New World Ttunsla- tures in wh ich the Tetrag rammaton appears, what do
tion ] How were footnotes used in co n nectio n with m ost translators do? (1lWI p. 1736)
th ese spu rious verses? (n wt p. 1729 )
How many times does the name j ehova h appear
'vhy have th e long co ncl usio n for Mark 16 (vers- in th e Chr istia n Gree k Scriptures of the New ~Vorld
es 9-20), the short co ncl usio n for Mar k 16, and the Translation ? (1111'1 p. 1736)
wo rding found at john 7:53 -8: 11 not been included What two important factors did the New World Bi-
in th e revised English New World Ttunslationt (" wl ble Translat ion Com m ittee take in to co nside ratio n
PI'. 1729-1730 ) wh en decid ing to use j eh ovah 's name in t he Ch ris-
tian Greek Scriptures? (m vI p. 1736)
A4 The Divine Name in th e He brew Scriptu res
As ti me allow s, give examples of co mpelling evi-
Wh y is j eh ovah 's nam e m issing fro m many nibi l' den ce tha t th e Tetrag ram mato n did appear in th e
translations? (m vI p. 1731) ori gi nal Greek manuscr ipts. (11\\'1 pp . 1736-1 743 )
On what basis have so me translators chosen to omit How can vou he lp yo ur stude nts and o thers to be ne-
jehova h's name? Why do thei r reasons lar k merit ? ftt from t'lll' above information in co n nectio n with
(lIwt pp. 1731-1733) th e usc o f jehovah 's name in the Bihle?
Why docs th e revised Engli sh New lVorM Ttunslution How tin you fl'l" about the New lVorld Transiatin n?
USl' th e for m "jehova h"? ( IIH' I pp . 17:B -1 735 )

Wha t iii till' mean ing of the l1,lI 11l ' jehovah? ( 11"'1
1'. 173, )
Why h th e 1I 11'; lIl ill ~ 01 k-huvah 'v n.uuc IIIlI Iilllllt'd
10 I Ill' won" ,II I \t ... hl \ ~ :H ! ( ,, "'1 II I \ I
16 Uni t 2 (b) Un it 2 (b) 17

Using the New World uz. How do t he footno tes co ntr ibute to a better un-
dersta nding of th ese verses?
Translation-Part 2
Marg inal Refe re nces
t;ivl' exa mples of how we can make use of th e in for-
In thi s lesson , we will br iefly review a few key poi nts Illati on co nta ined in th e margin al referen ces.
in Appendix A of th e revised Eng lish New World Tralls-
lation. Other helpful featu res of th is revision will a lso Pa rallel th oughts (Matt. 4:1: Lu ke 4: 1)
be d tscussed.c-I' s. 11 9:97. Fu lfilled prophecy (I's. 22: 1; Matt . 27:46)

Q UESTION O UTLI NE Direct quotes of ph rases, expressions, and enti re

verses {Deut. 8:3; Matt. 4:4)
Footnotes (Appendix A2) l.aw cove nant patterns and fulfillmen ts in the
Using the scriptu res below, exp lain the value of the four Greek Scriptures (Ex. 23:19; 1 Co r.. 15:20 )
categories of footnotes: (l1w1. p. 172S) llu - 1I10\t relevant marginal references from previous
"O r" (Job 2 1:13; I's. 51:5: Luke 14:26) I t li l io ll' a rc included in the revised En glish New World
11. /", /l lt;0I1. Poin t out examples as time allows.
"Or poss ibly" (Ercl. 7;9; Gal. SJ)
" Lit." (fo h n 2:4) II1 h1e Wo rd s Ind e x
M eaning and hackground information 11, 1\\' v.m we make ctlicivnt u w of the "Hihle Wo rds In -
(Gen. 24 :32. 25:S; JO\h. 3:4; Jud~ . 7:1'1; It " } ( t/",t pp. l 11o -l 1()l) ! )
w hen a footnote on the \,:Jlll l ' word appl'ar\ 1I1C11" ltu w 111 i~ h I I Ill' l ' n t ry ..( 'o m to n " i 1\ till' i ud c h l' u wd
than o nce on till' same IMgt.', the lool lllllt'\ . \11' 011 d \ 11l'plu.' rd ing \'i \i t"!
combined. l.x a mplc. '\ r tv IS: ()~ ~

what i\ th e value 01' "Sl'L' (~ I"".lry, " whhh .11'1'1','1\ III I ,III \\ 'U Y 0 1 Bihll. Term')
co m e lo tlt l lOll'\ ! (M~l LU ;.~ ; ~IJJ~ H:.J I; nwt II 1/ '~I 11\ I 1111 gll l\\.lq " tu-lp tu! 10 II\ ! How mi ght it hI..'
lvpl.uu lh~ ' lx-ru -Itt of IOlllllolt '\ th.u 1111 11Idt, 11'11 '11'111 ' t 1111 dlltln ..: l.lIullv Wot \h ip til wluh - doing IWI \III1;11

101111' ,q'IIl'IUli\,'\. ,1\ III [ohn I' \H ,1I 11 1 I c 0 11 111111111 1111 ' , .1\1 I .u up h-, 11/\1"'1'1' Ih l ) ) 17th l
18 "Frill)' Accol1lplhll Your Ministrv" -2 Timo thy -1:5 Uni t 2 (b) 19

A6 Ch art: Pro phets a nd King s of Iudah Time

a nd of Isra el
Demonstrate how the cha rt "Proph ets and Ki ngs of Ju-
dah a nd of Israel" can help us to understand Bible ac- An Int rod uctio n to Go d 's Woru
co unts accu rately. (nwt pp. 1744-1 747) I plain how you can m ake use of the 32-page sectio n
All Introduction to God 's Word" . . .
A7 Mai n Events of Jesu s' Ea rthly life
in t he hou se-to-h ou se work.
Explain the value of "The Four Gospels Set in Chrono-
logical Orde r." (111\'1 pp . 1748-1 763) in m aking return visits.

What information does 1I1e "Key to Maps" provide? wh ile on a Bible stud)'.
(111\'1 p. 174 9 ) while co nducti ng meetings for field service.
How do the va rious maps and acco mpa nying expla- as a basis for practice sessio ns.
nations assist us to understand Bible accou n ts?
whe n trainin g your Bi ble stude nt in the mi nisu y.
No te to Instructor: Share further po i nts o f interes t
How i\ t he outline feature at the beg inn ing of each Bi-
from Appendix A7.
hh- !Jook helpful? ( m\'t p. 1725)
Appendix B
What helpful information do we find under the "Key
to Maps"? (111\'1 p. 1765)
How m ight you lise th e section "The Message of tilt,
Bi ble"? (111\'1 pp. 1766-1 767)
Give examples of how the following features of Appen-
d ix B ca ll be used in personal study, for meeting prep-
arat io n, or wit h yo ur Hi h le studerv
I )iagram o;;
Un i t 3 (a) Unit 3 (a) ~I

\Vhat was jesus' ro le in illumlnating jehovah 's purpos-

Keep Pace With es? (Jo h n 9:5; 12:35; 2 Co r. 4:6)
Spiritual Enlightenment
True Worshippe rs in th e Fi rst Century
lIow did responsible brothers in the first centu ry re-
Jesus tau ght his d iscipl es many truth s that were new ' po nd to progressive spiritual enlightenment? (Acts 15:
to th em. However, they still had mu ch to learn. For ex-
ample, th ere WN t' qu estions about the new cove na nt
that had gone into effect at Pen tecost 33 C.E. Was the
7 12)
Afte r considering the evidence, the gove rn inx bod y
made decisio ns on wha t basts?
new covenant limi ted to Jews and Jew ish proselyte s'?
Co uld those uncircumcised also he accepted into thi s
l low were th ese decisions co m m un icated to the.con-
cove na n t and be ano in ted wit h holy spirit? (Acts 10:
W Ho i)' sp ir it wa s Iw eded to search jnto these.doctrtn - gregations? (Acts 16:4)
alJlli!es. (Lyke 12:l2.l Ind eed , Jesus had indicat ed that 1I0w co uld first-centu ry Ch ristia ns show their w .:
suc h deep spirit ual tru ths as tlw sc wo uld he revea led

ingn ess to walk by spirit? IActs 15:25 -31; 16:4,2)
progresstvety.-qoh n 16:12, 13.
Jehoyah God co nti n ues to shed light o n hi s peo ple tru e W orshippers foddy
today. Thi s tllumtnatcs Olle path a nd refiDes 1I S dcctr ln-
\\ 110111did Jesus appoint to feed hi s sheep during the
allY, I!!Q@lIy, and organizationally. (Prov, 4:18) As we
1.\\\ days? How does thi s arrangement be nefit us? (wI..J
perso na lly make a sea rch into "t he de~p things....oLGod ,"
arc we kee Jin r Ji..lCe_wjtlLsudl~ref1l1 em ents ? How can 1/1' p. 13 par. 6; w13 7/15 p. 22 par. 10)
we con tinue to build appreciation for "t he thingsth a! \\ IIv h th e study of Bible proph ec y imp... rtant in build-
God ha s prepared for those wh o love him "? (Leor, 2:
lit ' I"ith '! ( I I'l'l. 1:10-1 2 )
9, 10 ) Let us see.
IIt'II it co me s 10 ductr inal refin ement, explain how
1111111, rt -~ardin~ jehovah 's great Spiritua l tem ple were
--- - - -
- - - 11 11 'H'''i\'l'Iy clarified. (\\' /0 7/1 S p. 22 box)
Explain how jehovah is t he Source of all spiritual l'lI
Hght cnmcnt . ((1\. -U:]; b a; 42:6, 7) I h 1\\ 1101'1 ck-an-r \l l1dl'r\tal1di n~ o f t he following scrlp-
11 11 1 IWllt'h h-d t1 'i!
w ha t dOl'\ the fad th.ul chovah revea ls his pur povc pro
reveal about h ill]! ( wOO '{/I S p . 10 pa r. 1)
~[l''i'iivl'ly 1111-.1' 2. 1' h ( 1I't)1 2/i S pp_ )l)_20 pars. 14I K,
22 "Full)' Accomplish YOlir Milli st ry "-2 Timothy 4:5 Uni t 3 (a) 23

Romans 13:1..2 (w95 5/15 pp. 21-22 pars. 4-5) your service partners?
Matthew 6:9 1w95 5/1 5 p. 25 par. 17) you r ow n faith?
How does refin ed understandin g of the faithful
OU f Personally Keep ing Pace
slave affect you personally? (w 13 7/15 PI'. 20-25)
What person al aujusu nc ms have you mad e in owe r to
How do doctrinal refin em ents build your faith and CO Il - ,,-(.t.'p pace with spiritu al enligh tenme nt and what irn-
fidenr-e in lehovab and hi s oreanrzation ? p.Il.:t have th ey had o n you r pioneer min istry? How have
II\'.K'(' and righteou sn ess been th e results? 0 <;;1 48:17,18 )
What refinements with regard to moralit y have helped
Jehovah's peopl e to glorify God's name in word and What do we learn from th e way th at Israel regarded "t he
deed? (i v PI'. 172-175) pillar of fi re and c1o!-'d"? (Ex. 1:J:24; \\'11 4/15 PI' 35)
HO\\' does a clea r understand ing of th e followin g scrip- lit 1\\' can we show th at we appreciate God's guida nce
tures ben efi t tis? " .rding .. .

1 !:orin thj a ns 5;j} (w95 5/15 p. 13 par. 15; kill co nducti ng Bihle studies?
8/02 PI'. 34) prcar run g to t) IOS{ ' who spea k a foreign lan guage?
Ep hes ians 1J9
(w 12 3/ 15 pp. 30-31: wOo 7lt5 \ har ing regularly in Familv w o rshi p?
PI' 30-31; S 11lt 3 PI'. 45)
nH)pl...'Tilf lllg ....'i t n HO\lllt al l.raison Co m m ittee-
Roman :02:9 (,,97 1/1 PI'. 26-29)
n lll d llct ll1g OlllSl' lvcs prupcrlY .H co nve ntio ns?
Wha t orgn ni7.utio nal developments in modern tim es 11 ,,\\, reassured by th e dcscrtpu ons of j ch o-
.ITl' }'lHi
Iulflll lsalah 60 :17? ("Or) 2/15 1'1'. 2628 pars. 112; ,,95 111 '\ heaveu lv arrallgt.'11ll'11 1 found in till' writ ings of
5/15 PI'. 2223 pars . 68) I 11 ,111 1.J(:kh:! J)an il'l, and John ? ( ls a, 6:1-4; Fzck. 1:
Ho w do feature o f [w.org gtvc evidence o f the faith 111 , .. 21; 1>,:".
7:<) 14; H,\,.-4 :I. t l; \\'13,4/15 PI' 23 2:;
a nd ut wrcuon o f th e stave? It: 1/14 pp. 2-6; kill lUlU I II Xl
1'. 2; kIll 12/1 21'1'. :1-6 ) IIIl' I" 1I"l rm l u r : I J\ i ll g " 'I'111'1"\\'C( UIJ,d f,\: \\'111("' -
11.1 1./1111/4 ' I il "II/ ,I ', or .J prlnn-d l'OP" 0 1 Iil l' ltulc,
ll o w have yo u been able to usc o u r \\ \ ' h sitl' in
I .IIIII1 \II.l 1l' II ll\\ tl u' plll l h ' t ' ( \ (.1 11 (' II\UTl' th at th l')'
\ tn' lI~ thl' l1 ill~ .. .
I l il. , . IIH ' 1l 1 1I11t11 1\1 .1I1l1i 1l ~ II I Bl h lt: t rut hv h y
yl llll 1"llIiI,,! III hl ll ~ m uh I t ill' I Ofl h " Ht'Il l'! \ ( l.u uu-d." II lI\i ll~
24 "Full)' Accomplist Your Ministry"- 2 Timothy -1:5 Unit 3 (a) 25
the Research Guide (or lcliovah's Witnesses, go to th e How do we let ou r light shi ne? (Mati . 5:14-16;
subject "Jehovah's Witnesses," th en to th e subhead ing Mark 13:10; \\'085/15 p. 5 par. 12)
"Views and Beliefs." Recent adjustments to our under-
standing o f Bible truths are cited un der "Clari ficatio n Why do you want to keep on walking in t he path of
of OUf Beliefs." Entertain comments on th e advantages mcrcas tng light?
of ma king use of available research tool s.
What att itude will help us go 0 11 walking in th e path
of increasing light? (w 1l 9/15 1'. 14 pars. 14-15)
How will th is attitu de he lp us respo nd favora bly
when faced with an adj ustment regardi ng a cher-
ished cus to m o r tradi tion? (.<JR 1011 pp. 1 9 - 2 ~ )
EXPERIENCE: One longti me elder admits: "Ac-
cepting a change when it comes and adapting to
it CiLn be difficult." What has helped him accept
th e many refinements he has witnessed in the
48 years that he has been a Kingdom proclaim-
er? He answe rs: "Having the righ t attit ude is the
key. Refusing to accept a refinemen...L!nea!.lS.. be-
ing left behind as the o rganization moves ahead.
If I find myself in a situa tio n where cha nges see m
hard to accept, I reflect on Peter 's words to lesll'~ :
Lord . whom sha ll W t' g o ;jWi1Y to"} VO l! havl' say-
illgS of ever lasting life.' Then I ask my:w1f, ' w here
shall I go away to -out there int o thl' darknl'~;;' 01
thewmTUT'1 hi s helps me to holt.! firml y to (;0(( ' ,
org:ani z'lt\on ." -.Iohl~ 6:68.
flow ran we ... how continu ed apnrcciatlon for tl.l\h l...
of ... piritual Iighf! (I ~. 9 7: 11)
How will ... urh rctuu-mcnt -, Illhotl ) 0 11 1 1Ilt'11J0l1\ t il
Bihlt' \ I utl)'! \2 I'd . 1:111 -21 )
26 Unit 3 (h ) U ntt 3 (b) 27

Pioneer Service School Review What does t he nam e Jehovah mean? (lI w f p. 1735)
Wh y can we be certa in th at th e d ivine nam e be-
-Day 1 longs in the Bible?

Note to Instructor: Additional qu estions may be used Unit 2(b) U, ing the New World Translation-Part 2
to cover local needs. "How I do 10\'(! FOur kiw! "
-/""{III 119:97.
Unit 1 (b) Fortify Your Relati onship With Jehovah Name so me appendix features of th e revised New
"l witl ntcditute Oil all )'Ollf activity." ,",Vorld Tnmsla tion, How do you plan to use th ese?
-P;;"f", 77-12.
How are th e maps an d cha rts helpfu l to you?
W hy, despite ou r nu sy rou tm e as pionee rs, do we
Wha t can you recall about marginal references and
make time fo r study, medit ation, and prayer?
footnotes that will be he lpful to you whe n read-
How does medi tat ion result in a m ore intim ate ing th e New ~Vorld Ttunslutknt?
relationship wit h Jehovah'!
In your m inistry and i n t he co ngregation, how can
In wha t ways do we benefit whe n we re flect Oil you build en th uviavrn for th e Ne w World Ttanslu-
Jeh ovah 's answe rs to o ur prayers? I itm !

Unit 2(a ) U,ing the New World Translation-Part 1 II"il 3(a) Keep Pa ce With Spiritual Enlightenment
"Ha nd ling the word ofthe truth aright. " " nfl' 1101y spirit willtcllc!z )UII."
-2TImothr2:15. - 1.u ke 12:12.

In what ways is the New ~Vorld Ttunslatlon a 'Ill - J lo w did jehovah 's true se rva n ts respond to sp ir-
perter translation of th e Bible? Hu,1! c n lig h n-ru nen t in the firvt ce n tury?
What translation princip les gUid ed the N('~' World 11 . 1\\' do h -hovah's true servants respond In cniri -
Bihle Trans lation Co m m ittee? 111,11 t ' lIli ~hlt 'llllll'llt todav?
What in for matio n cove red in class today hav hu ill \VII )' i\ it huport.un fo r ptonccr-, 10 \ 1;IY up-to-date
yo ur co n fide nce in th e accuracy o f the New H't " iJI wit l: dd\', lIh il\~
vpi ritual Ii ~ h t"! How do you pl.m
DiII ,...I.,tiou] III .u l umplivh I h i v? (/It' p. 3M p.rr. 2)
28 "Fully Accomplish Your Ministry"--2 Timothy 4:5 Unit 3 (b) 29

How have we benefited from doctrinal, moral, and

organizational adjustments?
What recent flashes of light have you personally
30 Unit 4 (a) I Init 4 (a) 31

Uphold Jehovah's QUESTION OUTliNE

Sovereignty All Ma nkind Is Fully Depend e nt on Je hova h

OPENING DISCUSSION Iidine "sovereig n ty." (i t-2 p. 1008)
I ol\ 'l' reasons wh y jehovah is the rightfu l Un iversal Sov-
The majority of mankind today follow a course of ,, i~n . (Job 4 1:11; "s. 24: t ; it-2 p. 1008)
self-determination. Personal freedom and doing wha t
is right in one's own eyes arc valued above all else. Tht s \ II)" is jehovah 's sove re ig n ty not dependen t on ou r
I "pill~ integrity? (it-2 p. lOl l pars. 3-4 )
.o urse of ind ependence has resulted in co nfusion,-!-
bellion, and moral breakdown. I Hinting to Acts 17:25,28, to wh at exte n t are all pen-
III t1t'jlCnden t on j eh ovah?
In sharp contrast, you chose to love and respect le-
, =h and to uphold his rigl)tfub ,!vereignty. This h u.ueviden ce of independent thinking do yo u observe
II tln- world around you todav?
eVhlence of your sPl!ituality, and it is most pleasin g to
our heavenly Father. Additionall y, you are h~ and What do cs the in depe n den t person fail to reali ze
are tru ly blessed as a result of 'walking in th e law of ) l' tlarut hi s sta nd in g before jehovah, as ind icated at
hov\'..h.'-"s. IJ9:1. 1(1I111;lI1 S 1:24, 26 , 28 an d C~) l ossia ns 1:21?

\ \ U~l" t l'd at 2 Cori nt tJi il lls , 1l :14~ what decep-

As a pioneer, you have special oppo rtunitit's to u p-
hold Jehovah's sovereign ty in your mini stry. Your ~oI! 11011 overtakes \ur h a person ?
a nd example tea ch others that Jehovah's ful l' i .no t . 1 II ,ltl lly adm itted hy j l'rl'lIliah, why is m an unab le to
hurden, that submitt ing to it (likes rkh rewards. a nd t I Ill' OWIl , Il'p \ lKu,\\ t'u llyl ! !s;[ . 1l):23 ) How ca n

th at it is wort~YQ1:Jr comn letc su ppo rt.c-Rcv. 4: I J. II how that y O Il rl'illlt\'~lIl rt<)"""qjtljl'd yourself to j e-
Ill ' ) \I1\'l'rl'iJ.:.ntV"! (1 '\ . lIY :105; 1,0:10; ha. 5-1 :13)
it -2 pp . 1008-1009.
Each o ne sho uld ask h imself: 'Am I (Wl):.~lhi~t i ll ): IIhl_ 'lll ol1 to [chovah Requu e s t oyatty
m ysl'lf to leh ovah and to hi s .' p i r lt ~d i [l' (\ l' d un:.auu,1 t IIbl' "luv.rlt v " ,1\ Il \t't! ill till' Hihh'. (it 2 p. 2HO)
lio n "! Am I rc<! lIy submissive in cvcrytl-tiug\ () "\ '!1I1 tt l
h ' dirl'l"I ~ll!i 111 O~i'l ~ 'ps "! Am I 10 all ' alt;lrlwd hr Ir. I"., Id lll\',d l dt 'lllilll \lrdlt 'tI 111 01 1 lu- h loy,lI l {h-r.
I ~ l , to h i\ i!1"!, ,'gil Liull , III III I I "lfr" he Ill IJJt', .uu l
HI \ I '\: I, iI ' l'! '. .lHO 2 HI I _.
III Illy ( 11l' i\ li,111 hmt ln-rs ;llid \ h h 'r\ "! AliI 1 lido /.: I ll ' I ru \ \1 ' g, lIll \ l l l' l lg l ll tuun 11'111 '1 illi g 1111 l ,Iltl ' , , 1\ 1\
l 'nUII ' Iil (' ill 11l1l1t't '(I~l1iIT()1l 01 j t- huv.th ... \ 1l\ t' 1I'lXIl 1' ' III ,III, ' 11l'1 1 1l/l \ 1'1'.1 7 IH P ,ll \ , I I II
32 "Fully Ac(ol1lpli.~11 YlJllr Mi"i~ t ry "- 2 Timothy 4:5 If n i! 4 (a) 33

How do we manifest loyalty whe n we apply the foll ow- select ing ente rta in me n t, including TV prog ram s
iog scr iptu res? a nd movies?
Ephesia ns 6:1 usin g elect ro n ic devices or the Internet ?
Co lossians 3: 18 in the privacy 0" your ow n nome wnn yo ur ma te
Hebrews 13:17 a nd fami ly?

How can you show yourseu l lJ be loyal whe n ot hers cartng for d uties and ass ign me n ts in the congre-
speak agains t Jehova h, hts Word. the congregation. or gat ion?
your Christian brothe rs: 1I1l'" are we affected when we cultivate love for jeho-
How does t he pri ncip le recorded at Acts 10:34, 35 hel p 111 \ ways and obey him because th is is truly what is
you to be loyal w hen confronted \,,; ith expressions o f
racism, nationalism, and so fort h?
I ur heart? (Prov, 4:4, 10-13)
, -
vhowtng godly sub jectio n should never depend
In times of pe rsecution, how cau \\l: sho w that we a u: on what others set:' or on a fear of being discov-
truly loyal? Uoh n IS:] }; Acts 9:23-25; Rev. 2:10) vn-d .

GOdly Subjecti on ,vlust Be From th e He a rt 1IIIV.lh's Sovere ignty

Discuss the principle fo und at 1 Peter 1:22, and app ly plt '\\l'd Through th e Congregation
it to the fol lowing situa tions: (w93 10/15 pp. 12-16 ) 1111 o pl'nrl ullitil's do yo u have to demon strate YOUT
A bro ther avoi ds associati ng with a member of tIll' 1'111111111 o! lvhovah'v \ o\'L'rl'i gn l v. ' IS suggl's t('d hy
congregation because he is of another ran', j lJ IlIlI u w i ll g Il'XI\'!
tionality. or social sta nding. l.u tf u-w 21: 1-1 ; 2M: II} , 20
At the Kingdom Hall, a sis~r..5 it s Oil till' side npl'll
1IIIIww 1:1.c:.17
site so meone.who m she docs no t perso nall y Hke,
or for a sim ila r reaso n, sill' sWitelll..:::' to .1 difh-n-ut 1 01 111111 1,11 1' S:l) 1 \
How wo uld yo u show prop t'r suh jt'rtioll 10 Idlm",.!J '
sovereignt y from th e heart wh e-n , , , 111 11 11111 \ : 17
111 1111\\ III 't ' 'I
34 "Fil II,. A(col1/l'li.~h YOllr Mil/ i.\ t r,."- 2 Timo tl,,. 4:$ Unit 4 ( h) 35

How do you persona lly benefit from recogntzmg Jeh o- Show Personal
vah's sovereignty as expressed th rough th e ronu rega-
lion ? Interest in Others
Ilow does your attitude toward people you meet in th e OPENING DISCUSSION
ministry reflect you r att itude toward Jeh ovah 's sover-
eign ty? (Rom. 5:8) Showing int erest in others is not just a technique to
ht' mastered, it is a quality of th e bear t. (be p. 189 par. 3)
Uph old Jehovah 's Sovereiqnty Forever 11 involves hO.jy...we.nsten and what \\'c say. It is man i-
11... led by t he kindness a nd co nsideratio n that we ex-
What qualit ies do we need th at we sho uld cultivate n-ud to ot hers as well as our demeano r, ou r attitude,
now? (\\06 8/1 5 PI'. 2 1-22 pa r. 9) uu l even our facial expn.'ssioJ1s. U we tru ly care about
At th e end of Ch rist's Thousand Year Reign, wha t test IIl hl'rs, t his heart felt conce rn wilLshow.
will come upo n all hu man kind ? (R..ey.-.2.o:7~) Could you be mo re alert to show person al interest
II I l i t hers? Successful pioneers genuine ly care about9th-
Wh y will the isvue of uruversat sove rergrr ty never need
11\ and an.' O Iill:IYilDL (Jf-.th~.iLJl eed s . People in every
to be settled aga inl (J Co r. 15:24-28; il-2 p. 170 par. 6 )
p,1I1 of th e earth respond to a ~a r JD smile, a li~nin g
.aI, since re concern, and acts o f kind ness, both small
nu l large.
\0 be vigilant to d isplay personal interest in others
lIul attract them to th e good news. Mem bers of our
t.unlly and co n ore 'ation also need our love and atjen -
11 11 11. You can be su re t at e ovah will richly reward
II l1f cno rts.c-Gal. 6:10; Hcb. 6: 10.

Ilow to show genuine interest: Encourage expres~

si H I. R all Ii . AsJs.. iHlItrobr iate questions.
C usly. Thin ' a ou t the il1<,tivid
U<l- li needs and prepare accord ingly.

I )UI \ liON OUTlINE_ _

I,o-t ting to Know People a nd Their Background

11,11 dHIW\ that the apostll' Pau l too k till' hill" kgrou lHl
16 "Futtv Accomplhh YOllr ,\ l inist n'"'-2 Timothv 4:5 Un it 4 t h ) :17

and tlunkmg o t hi s listen ers into co nside ratio n wh en wh o spea ks anot he r language? \Vhat ex periences
he preached? (Acts 26:2, 3; 1 Cor. 9:20-23 ) have you had using it?
As you ap proach individuals, wh at clues n ugtrt reveal How do we follow lip on any int erest shown?
their cu lture, interests , or famil y situa tio n? What sur- xote to Instructor: Explain the function of the Please
roundi ngs might you ob serve? Wha t evide nce m igh t tottow Up (543) form and explain how foreign language
you see that indica tes t he ir religio us be liefs? groups a nd co ng regatio ns in your locality can be sup-
ported . (kill 5/1 1 p. 3)
Wha t current event s are on the m inds of people in your
territory? Give examples. How can even ts that are pub- llow should our ob servations and what we learn about
licized in th e media serve as a basis for co nversation? oth ers affect ou r presentations? (Rom. 12:14.161
(k ill 9/00 p. 4 )
Iisten Attentively to the Observati on, aod
+ PolitelY acknowledge th e activitY-i!J .l oli seholder oncern' o f Others (Ia,. 1:19 ~
is engaged in wh en you make co ntact and l!fJc- llil\\' can we use questions effectively? (be pp. 236239)
s~(t fu l o f his time. ~h en househ olders see that llow does t he use of questions show perso nal interest?
yo u arc aware o f th eir ci rcum stan ~ th IT.......may
be In<2!:C- willin~ iri en.dl):...r'onver Without nerng mtru srve , how mi ght we e nc o u rage
wuuco ne to express his o pinion on a matter? (Col. 4:6)
sat io n.-Jo h n 4:7 10 28 2 .
Wily must we avo id the appearance of co nducting an
How call giving ad vance th oug ht to how yo u wi ll ap- rnn-rrogation? (w05 6/1 p. 32)
proa ch people in YOU T terri to ry make. YO U T presentation EXPERIENCE: In ao o pen lett er published in th e
more appealing? (k ill 5/ 13 p. 2) newspa per Le Prosres, of Sain t-Etien ne, Fran ce,j!
If some have m oved to you r area from a foreig n land, woman described the visit of two people who
what have you fou nd to be an effectrve wav to witn ess knoc ked on her door shortly afte r she suffered
th e travie loss of her th rcc-month-old da ugh te r
to th em ?
I II death. " I immediately recoKn ized th em as le-
\Nh y use th e bookl et Good News (or l'ro.p/e or AII Na- 1It)\'<J ~i tn e sses , " she wro te. "I was rcady to dis-
tiaus? What do yo u appreciate about the format o f m h O) th l'm po litely, hut th en I no ticed a broch ure
th is booklet? What experiences ha ve yo u had us- III c y were o ffering . It was abou t why God pgr
ing if! l1Iib '\u tTering. So I decided to invite them in wit h
til l' i11 1(,'11 t io n o f demol ish i 11 ' 1hl'i r arxtun cn ts. . , .
11m\' cou ld you use jw.org when m eeting someone till' \Villll'S\e u taYl'lW iWl' 0" ~f...jH11 1~r. TIll'Y
"f ll lly Accomplish Your Mjlli.~t r)' ''-2 Til1J ol1,y -l:S I In it 4 (b) :19

listened to me with great t'ompassion, and wh en + when we focus 011 the need s of others, we will
they were leaving. I felt so much better that I be le~iJlervou s and more inclined t~peak from
ag reed to another visit." IrLlline, this woma n ac- the heart.
cepted a Bible study. It is revealing that wha t she To what exte nt should yo u ada pt or change yo u r pre-
remembered abo ut that first visit was, nu t what sentation to appeal to the pe rso n w ho co mes to the
the Witnesses
- --said. -bULhow-.1hc.\QlStcl1ed
- . . door? How? (kill 6/13 p. I par. 3)
How does usrerung to others h onor them ? (Rom. 12: If the household er mentions a matter of personal
lID Why doe s listening attentively give evide nce that conce rn, wh y sho uld yo u ce nte r you r di vcusslon on
we valu e their thoughts a nd feelings? (be p. 187) what m att ers to h im ?
Wh en spea king to others, wh at advantages a re th ere to nder wh at circu msta nces mig ht it be most appro pn-
making approp riate eye co ntact? ( f)(. PI). 1 :.?4 -1 2.~ ) lit' to end a discu ssion? (kill 9/09 p. 1 par. 4)

Why is it good to commend a househ old er if vou can \\ hat n ot es will help yo u to reme m ber th e interest
rio so since rely? IlIlInd? How is this an indicat ion of the depth of }'OI U
+ Acknowledge th e expressions of othe rs gractous- lOIlt"ern for ot he rs?
ly, even if yo u do not agree with their po int of / Jl Keep written records: Your records should be ac-
view. Avoid co nt roversy. cu rate and co mplete. Write down the n~ and
address of the householder a} soon as you leave
Be Adaptable When Pres enting Bible Truths the call. Do not guess at th e house number or
( 1 Cor. 9:19221 th estreet nam e- ch eck the in formati on to be sure
that it is accurat e. Write a brief description of the
Wh en in the ministry, what mi ght yo u say to show yo ur
indizidual. Make note o f thet opi c you dis~u~sed ,
cons irteratio n for the following people?
th e scr ~ltu res you read, any literature vo u lelt, an d
. Eldcuy person th e question yo u will answer wh en vo u return.
Include the l.illx-and tim e o f th e initial caJl a nd
Ch ild, teenager, co llege student wh en yo u said yo u would call back. Now th~t y(?ur
Father, mother record is co m plete, don't lose it! Keep thinkin g
a bout the individ ual and how YO II wi ll hand le the
So meone ill; so meo ne you awakened from sleep r ail the next til11 e.-kl11 2/14 p. I.
Gnev lng perso n I Il l' most Im porta nt reason for sh ow i ng si ncere ill-
Person with a fine ho me.or a bea utifu l yard I! lI'\1 i ll others is that l ~y_~.1o illg so, we i!!!ltilte th cJU\'l'
40 "/-il1l,. Accompl ish YO ll r Mi" ist rv"- 2 Timo thv -l:5 Un it 5 (a) 41

a nd mercy o f Q.uLl1~a\'ellly Father. Th is helps to draw From House to House-Our

our listen ers to lehovah and to the m essa~ he has giv-
en LIS to sprea d . As you sha re th e good Ill'WS, strive to Principal Way of Preaching
"IORk out not onl y for yo ur own interests, buta lsQ for
the interests o f othe r:" Ph il.. 2:4 . OPENING D ISCUSSION

The method of preaching from house to house is

well-fou nded in t he Bible. Whe n Jesu s sent forth the
.ipostles to preach , he instructed th em: "Into wha teve r
I II\' or village you enter, search out who in it is descrv-

II g." (M a . 10: 11) How were they to search for deserv-

Ing ones . esus continued: " W he n you en ter the bouse,
~ r l'l t th e household . If the house is deservi ng. let the
1'1\11.'(' you wish it r o me up9n it." (Matt~ 10:12, 13) Were
Ihc)' to visit without a prior invitation? Note jesus' fur-
uu-r words: "Whe rever anyo ne does not receive you or
Jh ' l' ll to your words, on going o ut of that house or that
I l ly, shake th e du st off your eet ." (Mat!JO: 14) These in-
I ruct ions ma ke clear t hat as i e apo s les "went th rough
lilt' rcrritorv from village to village, declaring th f good
1I1 '\~~ were to take th e initi ative to visit peopl e in
II,,, homes:::tuke 9 :6; be p. 41 par. 16.


1I'\lIS' Attitude Toward His Preaching Assignment

IIIIW do Luke 4:43 a nd j ohn 4:34 epito mize jesus' life-
\ IIlk"!
W h,11 moti vated j esu s to pr ea ch ? (John 14:31 ;
I 1'1'. 76-111)
three \ ign itica nt ways j esus showed his love for
Il hl 11 \ \
1111 prl',lChin g work . (c( pp. R 4 R 6~
40 "/-il1l,. Accompl ish YO ll r Mi" ist rv"- 2 Timo thv -l:5 Un it 5 (a) 41

a nd mercy o f Q.uLl1~a\'ellly Father. Th is helps to draw From House to House-Our

our listen ers to Jehovah and to the m essa~ he has giv-
en LIS to sprea d . As you sha re th e good Ill'WS, strive to Principal Way of Preaching
"IORk out not onl y for yo ur own interests, buta lsQ for
the interests o f othe r:" Ph il.. 2:4 . OPENING D ISCUSSION

The method of preaching from house to house is

well-fou nded in t he Bible. Whe n Jesu s sent forth the
.ipostles to preach , he instructed th em: "Into wha teve r
I II\' or village you enter, search out who in it is descrv-

II g." (M a . 10: 11) How were they to search for deserv-

Ing ones . esus continued: " W he n you en ter the bouse,
~ r l'l t th e household . If the house is deservi ng. let the
1'1\11.'(' you wish it r o me up9n it." (Matt~ 10:12,13) Were
Ihc)' to visit without a prior invitation? Note jesus' fur-
uu-r words: "Whe rever anyo ne does not receive you or
Jh ' l' ll to your words, on going o ut of that house or that
I l ly, shake th e du st off your eet ." (Mat!JO: 14) These in-
I ruct ions ma ke clear t hat as i e apo s les "went th rough
lilt' rcrritorv from village to village, declaring th f good
1I1 '\~~ were to take th e initi ative to visit peopl e in
II,,, homes:::tuke 9 :6; be p. 41 par. 16.


1I'\lIS' Attitude Toward His Preaching Assignment

IIIIW do Luke 4:43 a nd j ohn 4:34 epito mize jesus' life-
\ IIlk"!
W h. 11 moti vated j esu s to pr ea ch ? (John 14 :31 ;
I 1'1'. 76-111)
three \ ign itica nt ways j esus showed his love for
Il hl 11 \ \
1111 prl',lChin g work . (c( pp. R 4 R 6~
"PI/fly AcwmplislI YOllr Mil/iM rv" -2 Ti11100". -1:5 Iinit 5 (a)

How does med itatin g on Jesus' zeal affect o ur attitu de U...e th e following scriptu res to exp lain wha t th e hou se-
towa rd the house-to-house ministry? Oubn ...18:36, 37: Ill-house work accomplishes.
11'13 5/15 p. 9 par. 4)
Proverbs 27:11
By what authority have \\C been commissioned to do
this work, and what does this cornmi sslon involve? A'!s 20:26. 27
(Matt. 28 :1820; cf pp . 94-96 )
2 Thessalo nian s 1:8. 9
Jesus Exp ressed His Love a nd Com p assio n 2 Peter 3:11 - H
Th ro ug h His Preaching
+ If we find t ne ho use-to-ne use 1II11 11 ~lly Challeng-
11m'\' did Jesus view peopl e to who m 11 (' preach ed? (M.f!!.t. in g, \'Ve can Rrar to Jehovah asking hjm to help
- How will imitating Jesus' balanced
9:36; Luke 5:29-32)
view enable us
us speak th e f;ood news with boldness.- Luke 11:
I} ; I Thess . 5:17; \\0 8 7/1 5 p. 8 pars. 4-5.
to be mo re loving and toleran t of those who m ight
reiect our message? I he Joys of Ho us e-to -House Prea ch ing
What does Jesus' positive view of people teach us! (Joh n Why is the house-ta-house min istry still our principal
I :47) If we fi nd il difficult 10 view people in a positive

. \I. Il" of preach ing? (k ill 9/06 p. 8)

way, wha t can we do? (lsa. 63:9; Jonah 4: 1I; 11'07 11/15
pp . 15-17\ - - - Why docs th e house-to-house mi n istry brina us JOY?
Jesus took a since re interest.iu.pzople. H e ~l ( I like 10:1] ; kill 7/94 p. 1)
ab out the th ou gh ts and attitudes t ha t drove th em ; How do t he following ~l l lJ1ll1 reS h ighligh t ways we ben -
he was co nce rned about the bu rdens th at weighed I engaging in t he m inist ry? Feature two or t hree
I II tr om
the m down an d the obstacles thal h indered the m
from grasping th e tru th.-Ps. 72:13; MatI. 11:28; 1"1 dtscusston.
16:13; 23:13,15. xtatrhew 6:21; 9:36
Boldness in th e House-la-House Wo rk (."I.. uanU2.l....23
What does it mea n to speak the word of God with bold- 2 "' 1TI 10l 1!L.LS
nessUActs 4:3}; 1 Thess.,2:2; u pp . 32-35 pars. 13-17)
l h-hrcw s h:Y.:lJ
Io avoi d o ffe nd ing othe rs, how do we maintai n a hal-
mel' hetwee n bo ldn ess a nd tact? (Ro m.J2.J8; Co l. 4:6 )
44 "Fulty Accomplish 11111( Min istry"- 2 Timo thy oJ:5 Unit 5 (h) 45

Im itate l esus in Your Ministrv *'*' =-

How m igh t our praye rs and actions show th at we grasp
the urgen cy o f t he m in istry'! (Matt. 9:35-:ll!)
[. Workshop 1
If we find t hat our zea l for the ministr y is cooli ng off, From House to House-Our
how m igh t reflecting o n .Jestls attitude spur 11<: o n? Principal Way of Preaching
(Mark 1:353 9)
As we preach , how should we View people who a re low- In th is workshop we w ill co ns ide r how to
ly, oppressed, or rejected by ot hers? Why should we feci
,; prepa re for the hou se-to-hou se m inistry
Ih is way? (Lu ke 18:35-1 9:10'
,; show personal interest and initiate
wh y should we never let a hostil e response to o u r conversations
nreach ing da mpen ou r zea l? (Matt. 10:22 ) ,; maintain a positive attit ude toward the
m ini stry


Instructio ns on how to fulfill ou r mi n istry have th eir

h.l\ is in Scripture. For exa mple, Jesus gave clea r instr uc-
!hl ll \ to his followers on how to carry out th e preach-
Ing work, a nd thi s proved to be a real blessing to th em
rf n-r his death .-Luke 10:1 -12.
Ihe Bible says o f Jesus' followers: "Every day lT1 till'
temple and from hou se to hou se they co ntin ued with-
out let up teaching and declaring th e good.new s." (ASh
12) The apostle Paul also zealously tau ght from IlOUSl'
10 ho use. (Acts 20:20 ) Th ts method o f spread ing t lu-
}t t li ld news remain s our principal way of preach ing.

III th is works hop, th e inst ruc...to r will brie fly review

ouu- o f th e key lesson s o f the precl'd ing two u ni tv a nd
\ rll focu -, atten tio n on the practica l applica tio n 0 1 th l'sl'
_ _l:.
I' ,l;\ l l n \ .
46 I lni t 6 (a) 47

During eac h work shop per iod , observe till' It'J ehing Wom en Who Make
methods used. Part icipate fully, and use thl' o ppo rtun i
ty to recognize you r own strengths and weaknesses. lis- Jehovah's Heart Rejoice
ten ca refu lly to the obse rvat ions of t ill' in structorsas
well as the express ions of you r fellow stuctcn ts. Be re- OrEN ING D ISCUSSIO N
ceptive to an new sUAAcstions a nd idl'as tha t are-pfe-
sen ted, Doi ng so will help yOIl to havl' grf'!I1cr__co nfi- Fear of God impelled two women to defy a Pharaoh.
dence a nd to be m ore effect ive in thi s vita l aspt.''(1 of l.rlth moved a r.rostit ute to risk her life in order. to pro-
D.ur ministry.-km 2/09 p. 2. h 'rt two (sraelite....spics. Sensibleness and humility in a
I rlvls helped a woman to savc many lives and to nrc-
In preparation for th is unit, please review so me cur-
rent issues of Our Kingdom AJi ,,;slr}' and he prepared to vent the anoin ted of Jehovah fro m incurring bloodguilt.
h ighlight introduct io ns that work well in YOU T te rr itory. I hl'\C are just some of the many Scriptu ral exa mples
III wo me n who made j eh ovah 's heart re jo ice,- Rom . 16:
12; ,,03 II /l pp . 8-1 3.
jehova h's attitude toward suc h women and the bless-
I "~ .. he l:>estowed upon th em dern onstrate jhgt wha t
plt'a\ cs him ~ bove all else is spiritua litY' nwh ich tran
\ l' fIl ls gender. In today's world, o bsessed as it is with
l ilt' ph ysical. giving priori ty to one's sp irituality is a
t h.lIh:nge. But that cha llenge can he met. Th is is be-

I I\~ demonstrated by m illions of God-fearing wo men

uon g God 's people today.
In m ~n y lands, t here are more women tha n men pro-
l I.dllling th e Kingdom message, a nd multitu des more
l it ' respon dtn g to t he good news. CPs. 68 : 11) These
4 h nvt ia n wo men imitate the faith , discretio n, hosp itali-
I ) , .1IId othe r fine qu alit ies demons trated by God -fl'a[jm,~
\ 11II1I.'n IlH:nt i (~fTI1the Bihll'. (Luke 1:46-49; Acts 16 :
11 15; l{o m , 15:-1 ) It i.. im po rta nt for all of us tOUi'l-
til I\ I-:intl anti to apprz .iatc fully t he roll' of woml.'n i n
t ill ' ( h ri vtinn u Hlgn.'ga tiof1.
48 ' Tutty AC(()mpn~ 11 )'OIlT Mill i.~try"-2 Timothy -1:5 Unit 6 (a) 49

Q UESTION Q UTUN' An Ord erly Arrang e m ent

A Favored Positi on of Dig n ity a nd Re spe ct l.xplain how t he heads hip arrangement onglnated and
to r what reason? (1 Cor. 11 :3; 14:40 )
Th ough crea ted as a helper to man , why are wo men . --
not inferior creatures? (Gen . 2:18, 23; w95 7/1 5 pp . 10-11 Itow did Jesus feel abou t submi tting to jehovah 's head-
pars. 4-6) vhip? (John 5:30; 8:38, 39; Phil. 2:5-8)
Ho w do state men ts at Ga latians 3:26-28; ..J:26, an d Rev- Ilow does Galatia ns 3:26-28 sho w t hat the head sh ip ar-
elatio n 12:1; 19:7, indicat e th at )eh o~h dig ni fies tll-; ra ngeme nt uoes not stem from so me bias on the par t
pofltlon of women in his arrangement? (i t-2 p. t 196 III God? Why is th e assigning of headship to men not
par. 6) tlt'mean ing to '....omen'
How did Jesus show respec t for the c tantty of wo men? Why does wifely subjectio n not br ing 1J<lI u ,''oI li p o n a
(w I29/1 pp.8-11) woma n in the Chr tstla n ho useho ld? (Rom . 12:10)
+ Jesus took time to 1t'3el1 women. He used respect- What is the m eerung of Pau l's words fou nd at 1 Co rin -
f.uLa nd kind expressions when add ressing WOI11- Ihian s 14:33-35? (1 Tim. 2:12; \V12 S I p. 9 hox: S 7/10.
en . Jesus chose to have womC1Lhcauvitness to I' 29 pars. 2-4)
his resu rreclion.-Matt. 28:1, 8-10: l.uke 10:38-42:
:3:10-16. LXPERIENCE: A husband who (ormerh'..!reated
his Chr istia n wi!" bad ty said: "She was very re
How is the pro phecy at Psalm 68J 1 being fulfi lled to- \ IR'ctful of m e. She never once put me down . She
day? did n't try to force her beliefson me. She cared
Regard ing the ho norable relatio nsh ip be twee n man and lor me in a lOVing way. When st'!. went to an
.l\\emllly, she wo rked bard to po' pare my meals
wo man as esta blishe d in the beginni ng, wha t do you
learn fro m Genesis 2:202..11 ah ead of tim e and to get_!ne house work done.
Ifer attitude sta rted to amuse Illy interest in th e
How does Ephesians 5:28 3 1 show tha t God's vie'v o f ltlhlc. And, well, here I am !" Yes, he had, in effect,
the husband-and-wife r.elationshlp ha s not cha nged? Ilt'l'll "' . . on without a word" by h is wife's co nd uct.
Wh at does it mean to "ass ign the m honur as to a weak- WII;11good ma y result when th e Christian wo man is in
l r vessel," and how does this d irection at 1 Peter 3:7 IlhJl'l"Iion to an unbelieving hushand? (1 Pl'!. 3: I. 2.l.
.iene fit and protect women? (g9~ 10/8 pp. 19-2 1)
I \ I 'll whvn there is no tavornblc outcome, wh y ra n a
Wha t can a wife do to ma ke herself "a crown to her \\ lh- rlllt! vntivlartion in \ llOwing revpect for headship?
hu sband"? (Prov. 12:::1) II "I. .I: I H, 2.\)
50 "fully Accomplish rtm, M iuisttv"- 2 '11111011/,1' .J:S Unit 6 (a) 51

What headsh ip is the Christian woman to recognize be- i';ot needed since she is no t presiding. (w02 7/15
sides t he headsh ip of he r husband? (lj::or.Jd;3S; I Tim. p. 27 par. 3)
2;11-14) -
She interprets Bihle discourses into sign language
How would a wo ma n show that she recogni zes th e at Ch ristian meetings, asse mblies, or co nven tio ns.
headsh ip principle wh en caring for ma tte rs pertaini ng
to worship that wou ld ordina rily be han dled by her hus- It wou ld be approp riate in view of the interpret-
band o r by a bap tized brot her? (I Cor. 11;-1, 5) er 's ma~nified role. (\109 11 /15 pp. 12-13)

Read I Corinthians 11;~1Ji,

Explain why a Christia n wo man wo ul d o r wou ld not

She int erpr ets int o sign lang uage meeting par ts
on the Theocratic Min istry Schoo l and th e Ser-
vice Meeting, com me nts at th e Co ngregation Bi-
need to wear a head coveri ng in the following situatio ns.
hie Study and the l \'tltclJtower Study, as well as
She prays in behalf of herself and her unbaptized Ki ngdom songs.
children in the presence of her unbe lieving hus-
ban d . " It may be my re pra ctical to wear a head cover-
ing d uring the PlJ t iw m eeting." (n'lJ9 11/15 p. 13)
Needed because th e h usband is present. (w02
7/15 p. 26 par. 2; II' p. 209 par. 3) She is accompanied by a baptized brother while
going from house to house a nd making return vis-
She conducts a Bible study with her baptized son its.
while her husband is abse n t.
Not needed, since both m en and women have
NeedcQ becau se the sun is b.ap..t ized and should
th e rl'sponsibili to lfea ch and teach outsiders.
be taught by bap tized ma les. (w02 7/15 p. 27
(w02 7 p. 27 par. -I; Iv p. 210 par. 2)
par. I; Ivp. 209 par. 3)
She co nducts a mee ting for field service arranged She conducts a prearranged Bible study, and a bap-
by th e cong regat ion. tized brother is present.

Needed becau se th e meeting is a cO J)~Ii'ga t ion Needed beG1USl' th e bap tized brother is prescot.
arr;!Jl!:cmc nl. (1\'02 7/15 p. 27 par. 2; Iv p. 210 ])ap tizl'd brot her sho l.lld--'!.ffCLUlc...prayer.
" "I l l'
par. I) (\I(i2 7/15 p. 27 par. S; Iv p. 210 par. I)

She orally interprets a Bihle discou rse or publicly \ II\' liMy it vivter prefer to wear a head coverin g under
reads paragrap hs from a Bi ble studv aid used at a I I n. un ctrcumsta nccs that do not real ly require 1Wf to

co ngregatio n meeting. . . 111 \ O! ( , Tilll. 1:5)

S2 "Fully Accomplis!, rOllr M;";.~trr '"- 2 Ti mot hy -1:5 I 'nit 6 lh, S3

+ Appropriate head coverings for sisters would in- Pioneer Service School Review
clude a hat, scarf, head veil, and so forth .-w77
211S p. 126 . - Day 2
How would you harm o ni ze th e principle o f sub jectio n
to one' s hus band wit h th e p rinciple found at Acts 5:29 "
(ia p. SO par. 16 ) Unit 4(a) Up ho ld Jehovah 's Soverei gnty
"Teach l11e to do YOllr will."
Privilege s a nd Re sp onsib iliti e s of Christ ian Women -/'stllm 141:10.

Based on Prove rbs 31:1, what important responsibility How can pioneers uphold Jehovah 's sovereignty?
is given to Ch ristia n women ? How ca n you help others to cultivate love for Je-
What co nstru ctive work can th e d iscerning wo man do hovah 's sovereignty?
acco rdi ng to Tillis 2:3-5 7
Unit 4(b) Sh ow Personal Interest in Othe rs
With regard to dress and groom ing, what balance does "Look: Oll t tor the interests otothcrs.

the Ch ristian woman need to show? (1 Tim. 2:9 , 10; -Philippiam 2 '-/.
1 Pel. 3:3. ~) Why is this importa nt?
How will you show genuine int erest in o thers?
what le....O'1 can Ch rist ia n women learn from Luke
1O :~2 ? why is listening: an esse ntial part of showinu per-
sonal interest?
In w hat vast field of service have wo men sha red effec-
lively'! (Acts 2:17. 18 ~X 7/ 10 pp. 28-29) Wha t is t he most importa nt reaso n to show pe r
so na l in te rest in othe rs?
Why is thi s a vita l service for them to perform ?
( I~om . 10;13, 14; 1 Cor. 9:16) IInil S( a ) From House to House
What arrangements can be made wh en there are . 10 Ou r Prin cipal Way of Preaching
qualified brothers available to conduct midweek meet- "Make disciples orpeop!c oral! the nut ions:"
ings for field service? What specifi c instructions m igh t - Matt hew 28:19.
be provided? (1 Co r. H:4Q; k ill 9/01 p. 3 ' Ilo w will m editating on Jeslls' exa m ple Increa se
What rewards do Ch ristian wo me n receive for th eir our zea l for prcnchtng"
faithfully walking with God? I low ca n yo u motivate others to be zealo us fo r tilt.'
III lll \ l'-lt )-IHHISl' m i 11 i stry'!
54 ''fully Accomplish YOllr Alil1istry"'- 2 11111(01)' -1:5 t'ntt 6 ( h)

Unit 5(b) Workshop 1

From House to Ho use
- Our Principal Way of Preaching
"Every day . . . (rom house to house they continue without
letup tCliching dud declaring tilegood news. "
- Acts 5:42.
What practical things will you do to sta rt conver-
lIow can you he ada ptable in the hou se-to-hou se
m inistry?
How can you help others in th e congregation to
have joy in th e house-to-house ministry?

J nit 6(a) Women Who Make Jehovah's

Heart Rejoice
"Tl I' wom'11 proclaimi"...: the good flews are a ltlrge unnv: "
- Psalm 68: 11.

What do you app reciate abo ut t he way j eh ovah

and Jesus dig n ify wome n?
How does t he headship arra ngeme nt dignify
How ca n sisters expand their ministry in the last
56 Un it 7 (a) Unit 7 (a) 57

What does Jesus' illustration of the wheat and the weeds

Benefit From Counsel and indicate regardi ng the cong regation? (Matt. 1 3 : 2 4 -3~
Direction 11' /37/15 pp. 18-19 pars. 13-14 and end note)
l O PENING D ISCUSSION How wou ld yo u answer th e question, "Who really is
the faithful and discreet slave?" (Matt. 24 :45-47: 1'13
jesus has given a precious gift to his co ng regatio n 7/1 5 pp. 21 -231
,o n earth. "Whe n he a s~ended o n hi Ih he ca rried away
q lp tivcs; he gave gifts in ,n en ." (Epp. 4:8) T ese gifts How do you personally view information published
in men " are overseers, or t1-dcrs, appo inted by Jehovah by the faithful slave? (lsa. 54:13)
.m d his Son to shepherd th e congregatio n with tender-
ness. (Gal. 6 :1) In this time o f th e e nd, with th e num- Workinq Sub missively With " Gifts in Men"
ber o f an ointed ove rsee rs dwindling, th e vast m ajority
nf Ch ristian elders are o f th e other sheep. (joh n 10:16) What four o utstand ing reasons are gi ven at Hebrew s
Since they are ap pqinted by holy sp irit, th > eld rs too I \:7, 17 for pion eers to he obedient and submissive to
are in the right hand, or under..rhe.dlrecttcn, o f th e r~n overseers? (w07 4/1 pp, 28 -30 pars. lO-l-!)
Fine Shepherd , Jesus Ch rist. (Acts 20:28; Rev. 1:16, 20 )
Th ese godl y men suQfl)iuQ.Clui.st, th e Head o f all the
Why were "girts in men " given 1O th e conaregau cn?
cong regatio ns, and thus deserX:C-.}::illlUulLcooperation . I I ph . 4:11-14'

Ephesians 4JJ -13 e n umerates ways th at God's peo- Ilow does j esus guide Ch ristians by means o f faith-
ple are ass isted by these preciou s overseers. CAI n pioneers lui undershepherds? (I_Cor. 16:15-18; 2 Tim. 2:2; Tit.
work along with th e elde rs to build uIUhe.-congrega- 1:5)
tion ? Can pioneers set the exam ple in th e ir \\'illingn ess
II1IW might pioneers receive counsel and directi on from
to be read justed and unified? (1'996/1 pp . 9-14) How
may we s ow respect " for the eld ers and the ir coun- lilt' laith ful slave th rough . . .


sel and d irection? 1 Thess , 5:12, 13, Branch Co m m ittees '!

Developme nt of the Christian Co ng regation congrcganon elders?

To w ho m d id j esus del egate oversight o f tilt, co ngrega- How do we demonst rate su bmlsxlon to those up-
tio n'? (Mall. 10: I ; John 21: I, 2, 15-1 7; Acts 2:41, 42; IV 13 po ill l l 'd 10 shep herd t he cOl1 g regatiOlf ! ( I J hl'ss.
7/15 p. 16 p. " - 7-8-) - - - : 12; I Tim . 5: 11)
58 "fi l II}' Accomplish l bur Ministry "- 2 TImothy -1:5 Unit 7 (a ) 59

Christian She p herds Ke e p Wa tch Over You work , raising th eir fami lies, a nd han dling prob-
lems in t he co ng regatio n,
How do loving snepnerus protect and keep watch ove r
the floc k? ( a l. :1; 1I ~3 ; l Z a ; 1 Pet. 5;2, 3) Why do we all need counsel and discipline? (Jas. 3:21
Have you Sl'C I1 evide nce of this in you r co ng rega ~ How mi gh t our reaction to co unse l from a loving she p-
lion? Relate how eld ers have extended themse lves tu- rd dirnlnlvh his joy? rHeb. 13:17h,
to be of assistance to you or your family members.
Ilow ca n I?(overh.u.2.:20 help LIS when we receive per-
+ The Gree k word transla ted "keepin&...Wateh" liter-
sonal cou nse l?
ally means "abstain ing from sleep." According to
one Bible scholar, it "implies the unflagging Vig- 1I0w did King Saul react to counsel, and with what
ilance of til l' shepherd." Since elders may even result? (1 Sam . 15;20, 24 -2t\)
lose sleep out of concern for our spiritual well-
bclng, sho uld ,,'fnot coo perate \\'ith su ch lOVing + wncn someo ne brings a specinc tail ing to our at-
undershepherds, who strive to im itate the ten der ten tion, we m ight ten d to justify ourselves, m in-
care given byJ esus Chris t?-wO? 4/1 p. 28 par. 12. imi ze the prubJem, questioil the motive of t he
counselor, or object !o t l~e way.-!.hUQUusel was
Sh e p h e rd s Se rve Wit h Joy given. (2 Ki. 5:11 In contrast, if we respond fa-
'10 whom and in what ways are oversee rs accountab le? vora bly,' we will become eve n mo re desirahieTn
(f-lcJ<J-l:2L24) G XI' i rht , -

How shoul d appoi n ted ove rsee rs trea t Je hovah 's llow ( an you show that you desire to work closely with
flock? (A.cts 70:Z8, .29) elder s and to set a good exa m ple for others? (Phi l.
111 1'
, )022)
Why are all of us answerable to Jehovah for the W:l Y
we respond to h is di rect ion? (Rom . 1-1-:10-.:12) I h I\\' Gill you r iny contrib ute to the joy of the elders'!
l I I 'or. 1:2_4)
How does our o bedience to the appointed e lders and
cooperation with the d irection received from the faith -
fu l slave give evide nce o f o ur sub mission to Christ, th e W,'ys to Su p po rt Traveling Overseers' Visits
Head of the cong regation? (Co l. 2:19) llow do visits of traveling overseers provide opportu-
Elders have wetghry responsibilities of teaching, uun -, lor ;:111 int erchange of encouragement ! (ROI.!!:J:
shepherd ing, tak ing th e lead in th e prea ching I I, I ~)
60 "Fully Accompli.dl Your .\ linistry" - 2 Timotlly -1:5 Pnil 7 (a) 61

Note to Instructor: Describe th e sche dule and duties Meeting wit h pioneers in conju nction w it h th e
of th e circu it overseer and his wife. (jl Lesson 17) circu it assembly program
How mi gh t you appl y the pr inci ple found at l:roverbs Pioneer Service SChOOl
27:17 wh en the ci rcu it overseer visits?
If you wo ul d like to wo rk in th e m in istr y with the trav-
cling overseer or hi s wife, wh om co uld you chec k with
pri or to the visit?
How can yo u prepare a Bible stude nt to ben efit fully
from the circu it overseer' s visit?
How can you a rra nge your schedule to have the cir-
cuit overseer or his wi fe join yo u o n a Bible stu dy?
(kill 8/86 p. I par. 4 )
W hy sho uld yo u no t hesi tate to support fi eld se rvice
a rrangements d uring th e wee k of the circuit overseer's
visit? fl ow have yo u suppo rted these speci al weeks o f
act ivity? (J.{0lll. I..J2; kill 6/ 89 p. 3 )
How could th e principle of 'choosing t he good portion'
be applied during th e visit of the circuit overv- er? (Luke

Assistance for Pion eers

How can pio neers derive th e m ost benefi t from the fol -
lowing spiritua l provisions?
Pioneer m eeti ng during th e week o f the cirrui t
oversee r's visit'
Annual pion ee r meet ing with co ng regation elders,
usually held in December
62 Unit 7 (b) I Jn it 7 (b ) 63

Resist "the Spirit of the World" Hcad Ephesians 2:2, 3 .

How wo u ld vo u describe the spirit of the world? (Iv p. 54

1''''. 8)

Jeh ovah 's peo ple arc engaged in a batt le! O ur e ne- llow does it exercise "a uthor ity"?
my is powerful, cunning, and experienced. He has at lIow is that spi rit "now at work" ill some people! (John
h is d isposal a weapon so effective that it has been used :H ; Acts 13:10; I Jo h n 3:8. 10; lv p. 5~ pa r. 8 )
to conquer th e ma jor ity of humankind . However, we 111 wha t ways ca n th e spi rit o f th e wo rld take root in a
arc not pm....erless, nor are we doomed to defea t . We have liNson's m ind and heart? How does this happen ? ( Proz,
a m ig hty defense that is un beatable when we ava il o ur- I ~:l ,
selves of it.
Questions to Pond er
The war we are fighting is not physical; it is spiritu-
N. 'lld Psal m 26:-1; ~; 1 Cori nthians 15:33.
<11. Our enemy is Sata n the Devil, a nd o ne of the weap-
ons he uses is "the spirit or the wo rld. " (I Cur. 2:12) Th e Ilow do t hose we associa te with have an effect on o ur
key to defending o urse lves against h is attacks is God's utltude and actions?
holy spirit. We must seize every o p portu ni ty to avai l Why should we avoid close co n tact with anyone or any-
ourselves of God's spirit and displav its fruitage in our l!ling that is infected by the spirit of the world?
Iives.-Gal. 5:22, 23.
1I0w cou ld social netwo rking o r the use of Int ernet
What is the spi rit of the wo rld, and how did it be- forums a ffect the way you carry o ut your privileges
ill th e congregation? (E!.?v. 22 : 1; [ccl. 10: l; Eph, 5:
come so pervasive? How can we determine whether th e
spi rit of th e world is influe nci ng us? Wha t steps can
we take to receive Goo 's spirit and thereby resist the
' S, 16)
Ul'lI d l ames 3: 1-1- 18.
spirit of the world? \\ h.11 do-s our choice of entcrratnmcnr reveal about uv?
Ho w ca n Satan use literatu re, movies, mu sk, a nd
Q UESTION OUTLINE vk-ctron ic ga mes to en snare pioneers? (Ps. 97:1(); w13
I/1 S PI'. 1~-15 pars. II -IS )
Wha t co n trasti ng use of the wo rd "s pirit" is found at Why wo uld viewing or listeni ng to uncl ean en ter-
1 Corinthians 2:12? talnment prove to be hypocriti ral? (l S<I. 52 ; 1 J I
"Fuffy A" oll1p/ hh li:lIIr "';I/;.~ tr)' ''-2 Timothy -1:5 "it 7 (b)

Read 1 Timothy 6:8-10. What is .1 p hovah's view of the followtn e things?

Wh at does our attitud e toward material things reveal Sexual m .rno ranty (lev. 20:10,13, 15, 16; Rom. 1:
ibout us: 24, 26, 27, 32; 1 Co r. 6:9, 10; nwt p. 1711 )
Wh en it comes to m aterial things, why do pion eers Apostasy (Deu l. 13:13, 15; :LCorJ>: 14. IS, 11. .1&
need to be co nsta n tlv alert in order to maintain bal- 2 Jo hn 7, 9, 10; Rev. 18:4)
Abortion (Ex. 2 1:22-25; I's. 127:3: 134: 14-1 6 )
How could the desire for many material things affect
the li fe of a pioneer? Deliberate, malicious lyillg; bearing false witness
(I'rov. 6:16, 19; Co l. 32; Rev. 22 :15; it-2 n, 245
Read 1 Timotlw 2:9, 10. par . 4 ) - --
How might our dress, grooming, and hygiene re flect the
spirit that exercises authority over us? --
Revi lin g; sla n de r ( Lev. 19:16; 1 Co r. 6: 10; I v
pp, 137-138 pars. 11 -14) -
How could a pioneer's choice of dress and groo m -
Uncleanness; brazen conduct (2 Cor. 12:21; Gal.
ing affect others?
5:19; [ ph . 4:18, 19: 2 I'ct. 2:.7: IIIvt p . 1694; IV 12
H ow mig ht a person in dicate th at he view s h is 3/15 pp, 30-31\
"rights" in these areas to he more import ant than
qualifyi ng for service privileges in the congregation ? Drun ken ness (1 Cor. 5: 11 : 6:9, 10)
(I's. 68 :6; Phil. 4:5; I Pel. 5:6) II vou have seen or com e to know of serious wrongdo-
Illjot among Jehovah's people, why should you not close
Your Pa rt in Keeping t h e Co ng re g ati on Clean \lIl l r eyes to it? (!Y. 5:1 and ftn .; l..CQr. 5:1, 2)

W ro!l~dn.ing is in creasingly preyalent and d e- Wh y would it be a kindn ess to encourage a wro ng-
p~t. Such can infiltrate the Christian congregatfOfl. doer to approach the elders about the matter"! (ja s.
(2 Tim . 3: 1-5, 11 ; Jude 3, 4, 11 -13) SJ..:I)
Wh at confidence can we have, as indi cated at Revela-
If he doc s not, how would hringing scr to us mat-
tion 2:1?
tcrs to the attention of the elders show love for
Note to tn stru(:(or : In review ing the following, help jeho vah , the congregatio n, as well as for the per-
th e pioneers understand their role in maint aini ng the von who committed til l' wrong? ( I Cor. I : I J; 5:6;
cleann ess of th e congregation. I l'i rn. 5:221
66 "Ful ly Acwwplh ll \illl/ AliJl;,t1y "- 2 Ti mothy oJ:5 "7 Unit 8 (a)
' - - - -- - - - - - --="'-"-=
If you are di stu rbed in your mind a nd hea rt because
of some past serious wrongdoin g, why sho uld you ap-
Walk in the Way of Integrity
proach the elders? (Jas. 5:14-1 6' OPENING D ISCUSSIO N
How can yo u show that yo u take Cod's wa rnings veri-
When Sata n rebelled in the garde n of Ede n , he ra ised
o usly? (gal. 5:16, 17, 19-21 )
till' univer sal i S ~_lt~e- rig htfuln es.L{) U30 d :.s.......s Qv~r
Why sho uld you keep up t he fight to resist the spirit l 'I~ I1.!Y..9ve r all His creatures. At a later time, he chal -
of t he wor ld? (John 16:33; Jlli!I'.2' It 'nged that human s wou ld serve God o n ly as lo ng as
do ing so was to th eir selfish adva ntage. (Job 1:9-11; 2:4)
llius, m an 's integri ty has become an importa nt Dart o f
lilt' issue of lehovah 's u nive rsal sove reignty.
Wh ile God's sovereig nty is not de pendent o n the in-
h '~rity of hi s creatu res, hu mans and spirit so ns of God
t .m demonstrate where they sta nd o n thi s issue. How ?

lIy choosing to follow a co urse of integrity o r not. An

Ind ividua l's integrity, then, is a so lid basis on wh ich he
II I vhe can be judged,

Walki ng in in teg rity req uires loya l attachment to

l lod, even in un favorable circu msta nces, When we Bear
lip under trials, rema in firm despite adversities, o r re-
l \! temptatio ns fro m this ungodly wo rld, our m tegrt-
IV rx-comes eviden t. We 'ma ke j eh ovah 's heart rejoice'
III that he is able to make a rep ly to the o ne who ta unts
hhn. (l'ro v. 27:11) With good reason then , we can rc-
1I1n' as j o b did: "Until I d ie, I will not renou nce my
11Ilt ' ' rHy! "- j o b 27:5.


WIl.. t It Means to Walk in the Way of Integrity

WII.lt do es the wo rd "l ntegrltv" mean '!
1,\'0 / 12/1 p. U pa r. 4)
6H "Fll lly Accot1ll'lh /l i iJllf Mi/l i\ l fy H_ 2 nmothyoJ:S Unit 8 (a) 69

How does l1ia!m 119:1-3 de scribe a person who is walk- What attitude shou ld we d isplay regardi ng th e preach -
in g in the way of integrity? Wha t will Ill'lp us to stay Ing wo rk dur in g times of persecu tio n and ba ns? (Acb
on the course of integri ty? :29; kill 2/94 p. 4 pars. 11-12 )
Why is co mplete reliance on Je hovah vital when we are
Ma intaining Our
I"d ng persecution? (Pbil. 1:2U O; 4:6,7; \I'll 1/1 5 p. 29
Integrity and Neutrality Und er Trial
p.rr. 15)
Christian neutrality is inseparabl y linked to our ac-
Why ca n we be confident of Jehova h's support?
o-prance of Jehovah as both th e Universal Sovereign
11 Citron. 29 :1Z; I C9r. 10;13; 2 Pet. 2:9: \1'10 11115 p. 32
and the Sove reign of our Iiyes. Our un compromising
p.rr. 20)
stand does not just happen by acciden t. we must take
a stand for Jehovah and his established Kingdom an d Integrity Und er Tria l
t he n remain loyal to him.-Read MIHl/u.'n' 22:21.
\\ hat q uality is often en nanced as a result of o pposi-
What d oes Christ ian neutrality involve? In wha t ways 11011a nd persecution, and with what result? (Ma tt. :S:1 0
have Christians always rnaintained neutralltv? '" 1;2-1; ,,0] 1011 p. 13 par. 181
(/" p. 51 pars. 3-4; p. 52 110x)
\V hat prepa rations should each of us make now in 0 1
What Me some ways that true Ch ristians have taken a 111 ' 1 to endure future persecution? (w RS 11/15 pp . 11-15
neu tral position in the followtng areas ? II 11\. 6 -26)
Wars (it- ! p. 175 pars. 5-6) l u-vpln- hans and persec ut ion, what assurance do we
Politics, voting (I v p. 213 par. 3) th at t hose who oppose LIS will never prevail? (lS<I .
" IH '
I 17; Jer. 1;1 . Acts 5:441; 1 Pet. 3: 13, 14; ,,004/1
Flags, nati onal symbo ls. a nthems P ' 2 par. 17)
(/1' p. 2 12 par. 1-1'. 213 par. 2\
Applying Bible Prin ciple s- The Key to Integri ty
Wha t test o f in teg rity may Christia ns face? Wha t ques-
tio ns m ight a Ch ristian ask hi mself! (Jo hn 15:..lUJ ; 1.L. uvwvr til l' foll owin g questio ns based on 1~) l11al1 s U:
14, 16; I~ II' p. S5 box, I r .. m l t lu- dted references .
Why is close cooperation a mong the broth ers especia l. W ily do l'S sub ject io n to the super io r authurith-v
Iy im porta nt when we a re threat en ed by o ur e nem ies'! n ot II ll' ,1I1 ,u hjl'ctio l1 to Satan? (1\9 fi S/1 p, 10
(1 Cor. 12;25, 26; )'/104 Pl'. 2 19-220 box) pM. J)
70 "Fli lly Acco llll'li.~11 )'ollr Afi "istry"-2 Tim othy -1:5 li n it 8 (a ) 71

What was Jesu s' attitude toward th e po litics of his distribute literatu re trom house to ho use.
day? (",96 5/1 p. 12 par. 9)
hold Ch ristia n meetings.
What co u nse l did Jesu s give his followers as to
You are required bv law to . . .
th eir dealings with Caesa r? (\\'965/1 p. 12 par. 9 )
register and vote in a local or national election .
How did Paul co unse r Ch ristia ns to deal with til l'
rule r... of the nations? (\\96 511 p. 12 par. 11 ) register tor a national cen sus.
In ba lanci ng his relationsh ip with Caesar a nd wit h obtain legal docu me nts before (Tossing politi-
Jehovah, wh at is a Christia n's first co ncern? cal boundaries.
(",965/1 p. 15 par. 2)
acq uire a license to get married.
What do we o we Jehovah that we ca n never give
to Caesar? (,,96 5/1 p. 16 par. 6) register th e birth of your child.

What Scriptu res help us ma ke a correct decisio n Re late othe r situations t ha t you face locally.
in th e matt er o f co m pu lsory m ilitary serv ice? Illlw do you ben efit personally from obeyi ng (JCH1 fi rst
(\\965/1 p. 19 par. 15) lI ul th en Caesar? (2 Pet. 2:~)
What are some things to keep in mind if we are
called fo r nonmilitary national civilian ...e rvice?
(\\96 5/1 p. 20 par. 7.0)
What are some things llhJt we pro perly ~IVf' back
to Caesar? (\,96511 pp. 16-17 pars. 7-8)
Regarding Jehovah and Caesar, what do we keep
on do ing? (\V96 5/1 p. 20 par. 22)
Based on thi s discussio n of Bible pr inci ples, how cou ld
yo u reaso n o n t he foll owing sit uatio ns th at may be
raised by th e secula r aut hor ities?
You are forbi dden to . . .
preach t he good news.
go from hou se to hou se.
72 Unit 8 (b) I ni t 8 (b ) OJ

Participate in qUESTION OUTLINE

Various Forms of Our Ministry Share th e Good Ne ws a t Every Oppo rtunity

Informal Wit n essing
Inform al witnessing does not requi re that we begin
lilt' conversation wit h a for mal int rodu ction or a scrip-
Jesus foretold a grand preaching work that woul d turc. We-may find it helpful to have th e goal of sim-
take place during the time of the e ~1. (Mar k 13: 10) Th b ply starting conversations without feeling that we must
worldwide preachi ng activity wou0 co nsti tu te part 01 KI\'l' .1 witn ess at th e outset. Th is may give us co nfi de nce
the sign of Jesus' prcselKc in Ktngdorn powe r. (Ma t. 24: III introd uce th e good news later in th e co nversation.
3, 14) Today we see the Kingdom-preac mg \\"0 ed-
ing up, with pioneers at th e very forefront. This message
'III 8/10 pp . 3-4.
II1IW did Jesus sha re the good news Inform ally with a
ortnlt h that we declare opens the way for lovers of righ-
.unaritan woman?
teou sness to co me into a proper relations hip with ~
h ~ah . (153. 60:22) Th e Kingdom message also se rves to Uf",t! und discuss ioltn 4:7-26.
warn the wicked concerning Jehovah God's [udgrncn ts nil' to Instructor: Isolate key lessons to be learned
soo n to co me upon th e face of all t he ea rth. IIHIll Jesus' in forma l witnessing. Explore his opening
on l\ , his attit ude, th e way he maintained common
In recent years, it has become increa singly difficu lt round, as well as the way he deve loped th e conversa-
in so me lands to find people at hom e. Challengi ng eco- 111111,
no mic conditio ns h ave fo rced man y to wo rk, resul t-
WII.11 is th e natural result w hen the tr uth fi ll .;; our heart"!
ing in few being at home during th e day. Given th ese
circumstances, how can we con tin ue to reach peo ple llllkt' 6 :45 )
wit h th e good news? Examin ing the effcctjve prea ch- Ilow will we be motivated to speak up if we m cdt -
ing me tho ds of th e apos tles and ot her Christia n min- I.ll t.' Oil th e following?
isters in the first century will help. They zea~u s IY too k jehovah's goodness ( 1'5. -10:5)
advan tage of every opportunity to speak abo t the King-
The spiritual treasures le hovah has glvcn his
dom-publicly, inform ally, and from house to hou se.
vcrvautv lMatt .,.Lt,S2)
(Matt . 10:7; Act s 20:20, 2 1) Th ese first-centurv cva ngc-
lizers focused on peopl e; not houses. May \~e do tilt.' The dire co ndi tio n 01 peopl e IJ1 t he world
same and 'fu lly acco mplish our ~strY:-:jim . 4:5. ( jou ah 4: I I )
74 "Plilly r\CCOIlIl'/h1l HJllr Millistr)'''-2 Till/vt ll)' -1 :5 Uni t 8 (b) 7$

What circu mstances have provid ed opportunities for ctal.terrttory to be the people she meets through
yo u to sha re the good news with ot hers in formallv? her thref; ch ild ren. Her territory includes ngt}-
hors and pare n ts she mee ts_at school and at meet-
EXAMPLES: Whil e Visiting relatives. traveung or o n
vacation, or having daily co n tact with neighbors,
ings for parents. whenever she in trod uces her-
workmates, business associates. a nd ot hers self she makes a simp le hu t he.Mt{elt 2tateml'nt
that J he Bible is a zaluablealdto.hcr.jn rcartng
How did yo u take advantage o f the situ atio n? he[childre n, and then she moves on to some oth-
How can weari ng our badge cards for 'conventions. cr.toptc. But having broken tt1e1Ce, she.fiuds. it
keeping our literature visibl e wh en traveling, an d mu ch eas ier to hring the Bible in to subsequent
t lis~ions. By using this method, she ha s hdJled
dr essing neatly lead to a witn ess?
12J)erso ns to baptism.
What do the following scriptures teach us regard ing ap-
propriate occasions for witnessing to ot hers? How do yo u determine if an opportun ity to w it n es v j<."
'I' propriate o r notr
'--- Lu ke 19:1- 10
What have you found to be an effective way to start in-
Acts 13:14-16 n.nnal Bible discussions? (kill 8110 po . 3-6; kill 12/Y5
Wha t pr inciples stated in m e following scri ptu res will 1'1'. :1-4)
enhance our Kingdom preaching? Ilow did you introduce the good new..?
Galatians 6:10 Wha t have yo u learn ed tram printed experiences 01 in-
Titus 2:1-10 tnnua l wit ness ing?

How will having empathy help you make yo ur sacrifice SUGGESTIONS: Read th e Bible or Bible literature
of pra ise more appeali ng"? (1 Co r. 9: 19-23) while using publiCtransportation or liming rest or
lunch periods at \:.\'ork. Mention a recent Ilews item.
What does Colossian s 4:6 teach U"\ about the way W('
should converse? I IIIW can we perceive t hat a person do es not wish to
u ut nuc speaki ng about a Scriptural them e?
How can we be tactful when we converse with peo-
ple? (k ill 1/06 p. 1; kill 2/01 p. I; kill 6/96 p. 7) what do yo u do in such ci rcu m..tances?
EXPERIENCE: A sister who le.(Jrncd-the tr uth Why sho u ld we try to leave a person \..'it ll a favo r-
through informal \vjtnessing considers her spe- .thlc impression? (k m 6/96 p. 7 par. 6 )
76 "f "u lly Accol1lpJi\1l ) i lll ' .\1;" ;\1,,.."- 2 Til1lorll)' 4:5 - ""l Illi ' 8 (b l

O ne must learn not only how to sta rt but also Nole to Instructor: Develop the following mater ial in
when to stop spea king o n a St.:riptural s ubject. ,I way that addresses local needs. Be prepared to rom-

mu nicat e branch guidelines regarding public preach ing

Wha t have you do pe to obtain r -o ntact de tails fro m in- In your a rea. Help the pio nee rs to co nside r new ways
terested ones? 10 preach publicly.

Wha t co uld yO ll do if a person feels hesitant abou t Why are the preaching methods listed helow partial-
gtvtng you his phone number or e-mail address? larly effcctrvc?
Ho w n ave yo u arranged to mee t aga lll it yo u do n o t Wh at suggestions wou ld you offe r to make th ese ac-
han' the person 's address? tivit ies prod uctive?
Why do we no t call this aven ue of service "i nci de nta l"? Special Met ro pol ita n Puhli c Witn essing (k ill
(k ill 6/03 pp . 3-4 ) 7/13 pp . 4-6)

What pub lications do you ca rry with you in o rder Using public t ransportation (knt 7/ 97 p . 1;
to be prepared for opportunities to witness? kill 9/96 p. 4 pars. 14-15 )

How have yo u used hand bil ls and tracts in in fo rm al Witnessing in parks or parking lots (km 7/13
witnessing? ( k ill ]0/12 p. 3 par. 7, pp , 4-6; kill 9/96 pp . 4-5 pars. 16-17)
Street witnessing (k ill 6/1 1 p. 2; kill 2/9 1 p. 8 )
Share t he Good News o n Ap p ro priate Occasions
- Pu b lic Witnessing Preaching in marketplaces or shopping mall s
(lI{IS 9/15 PI' . 25 -26; kill 9/96 p. 5 par s. 18-20 )
Why do we not label th is type of p reach ing "a lterna-
\Vo rking hu sine ss territor y ( k ill 3/12 p . 2 ;
tive "? (kill 12/1 1 p. 1 par. 3)
kill 7/0 4 p. 4; kill 9/96 p. 5 pars. 21-26 )
What do Acts 16:13 and Acts 17:1 7 teac h us regardi ng Telephone wltn csstng, if appropriate in yo m
approp riate occasions for witnessing to others? area (kill 1/10 pp . 46; kill 8/9 3 pp . 3-4; )'b06
Ho w do the pr mciples in the following scr iptures ap- p. 52 pa r. I-I'. 53 par. 4)
ply to our preaching work? \\'11011 experi en ces have yo u had witnessin g in hosp i
Matt hew 7:12 1.11-. , nurving homes. prisons. ports, to street ven do rs.
hi open-air markets, or to taxi dnvcrs? In wh at o t h e-r
Hebrews 13:16 l 'III11 ~ \ have yo u preached puhlicly?
78 "Hi lly Acco mp /i.~ " Your Min istry " -2 Till/olll}' 4:5 79 Unit 9 (a )

Ma in tai n Boldness ..
in Various Form s of Ou r Min istry Workshop 2
c ......
What ro le shou ld prayer play in preparing for all types
of witnessin g? Why? (Eph . 6: 19)
Participate in Various
What can yo u do to wo rk in harmony with yo ur Forms of Our Ministry
I~PERIENCE: A sh y S('VCI 1=C3N) ld gi rl heard at In th is workshop we will consider how to
a meeting bm'Limportant it is for all to preach . 0/ be prepared for a variety of preaching method s
So when going shopping with her mot he r, she 0/ prepa re your heart to spea k out on appropriate
put two broch ures in her. bag. While her moth . occasions
er was busy at t he cou n ter, the girl offeredabro- 0/ develop the skills needed to enga ge people in
en ure to a lad y. who gracio usly Jcccpted it. When conversation
asked how she got th e courage to approach th e
lady, this shy girl replied : "I just said, Readv, Set,

Stude nts may sha re encou raging ex pe rie nces t hev In th e first wo rkshop, we disc usse d t he im po rta nce
have had in var ious for ms of witnessi ng . Highlight such II I declar in g ou r fait h in t he house- to-house ministry.
qualities as relian ce on Jehovah , preparation, and per- I hiv time-tested method proves to be a valuable means
sonal in terest. II I vearchlng out those who are hungering for the truth.
I hi\ workshop will help vou develop cffc{1iveness in
, llll q J o rrllS Devour mj n istry. In this way, we imitate the
r-x. uuple o f o u r first-cen tury cou nterpa rts, who too k ad -
\ .1I Jl agl' of every opportunity to declare th e good news.
I \ It \ ~ :20, 21) We arc co nfide nt that thi s trai ning ses-
tun will motiva te you to ta ke eve ry ap propriate oppor-
11111 11)" 10 spr ead God 's Kingdom messagc.-lll'b. 13:15.
80 Unit 9 (b ) Unit 9 (h) 81

Unit 8(a) Wa lk in the Way of Integrity

Pioneer Service School Review
" Ytm tllke ple/lslm' in integrity "
-Day 3 - 1 cnnmictcs L9: I Z

Wnat does it mean to walk in integrity'!

Unit 7(a) Benefit From Cou nsel and Direction Wha t is th e co n nect ion between Hlhle princi ples
NTr}' to reudiust such a "" m in a spirit ofmildness." and integrity?
-Ctlliltiam 6: t,
Wha t may ou r keepi ng integrit y require?
How does the way we accent cou nsel reflect om
spiritua lity? Unit 8 (b) Part icipate in Variou , Form, of Ou r
How can pioneers cooperate w it h (a) the con grv
"l do all things for the sake of the good H('WS. "
galion elders? (b) the traveling OVPTS('(>rs?
-1 Corinthiv n 9:73
How call you hel p others to view cou nsel In a pm Ilow can you create op portun ities to preach dur-
itive way? ing your dail y activities?
What arrangemen ts to assist pio neers do you ('II ll ow can you increase your sha re in var ious form s
joy? of our ministry"!
11m \' can you encou rage ot hers to part icipate in
Unit 7(b) Re sist "the Spirit of the World"
various form s o f our ministry?
"IVe received, not tile .~p;rit o( the workl,
but tile spirit tha t ;5 (r011l God."
IInll 9(a) Work,ho p 2
- 1 Corinthians 2: 12.
1'llll ld p ol te in Various Forms of Our Mini stry
W hy sh ou ld Bib le prtncipl cs guidl' 1I\ in 0111 .., f'I 11 \ l"uH Fs 0 /1(: ( to GOI / II ,\" a i/icc or pfl li,'1('."
choke of (a) en ter tain m en t? (h) drc..., and t:fOOlll - Ifclm'u'\ 13:/ 5.
I hiw '.';111 yo u build your confidence for in form,11
It o w ca ll VOLI keep youl hIe ,il1lplt,! Wlllh'"ing!
11m ", Gill yo u encourage ntlw T'" to n... ivt lh c pll WII\ l .1It Il,Irlidp'llill)..: in va riou v fOflll \ 0 1 o ur
it of the world ? IIlilll \ll }' illlrt:a 'le yo m jlly "!
2 "Fully Accomplish Your Ministry"-2 Timothy 4:5 Unit 9 (b) 83

What suggestions covered in today's workshop did

you find especially helpful? Which suggestions
would you like to try?
84 Unit 10 (a ) Unit 10 (oj <

Appreciate Jesus' Role In, \~ha~ sens~ is jes~s spoke~ o~ ?Swisdom person i-
fi ed . (I roy. 8.12, 30 , I Cor. 1.24, 112 p. ~2)
O PENING D ISCUSSION In wh at way is Je su s "t he W'lrd" ? (John, 1:1, 14; U;5O;
Jesus told his apostles: "You will be witnesses of mv \1'(18 12/15 pp. 12 13 pars. Ii.?; ,"98 6/15 p. 22 par. 8-p. 23
... to th e most distant part of fry e earth. " (Acts, 1:8) To par. 3'
day, pioneers are h aving a large sh are in the fulfillm en t How ca n we imitate the hu mtltrv o f j esus in accept-
o f that prophet)'. When you speak about God's loving
ing his ro le as "the Word "?
provisions for life, you are bearing witn ess to Jeh ovah
and to Jesus. IIow wo uld you help so m eo ne to understand jesus' pre-
huma n posi tion and the need to put faith in Him ?
Why sho uld the role of God' s firstborn So n ln tcn -a
r lohn 8:23, 42, 5 ~
us? Because our.very.relationship wnh cur.heavcnl y 1,1
th er, Jehovah, is involved. Jesus himself said: "I am tlu- Ilow does knowing the facts about jesus' prehuman
waia lfd Il},etiulh and t~. No rule comes tiii hc. I.1 I)(),ition be ne fit you pe r..onally?
thej except through m e." (j o h n 14:6) Understand ing
this piyatal role will build OUf a 1 H.'dation for (~ (ld " th e Way"
pUfQ9se. In addition, we will be m ' > Ul ~ t.' 1l
indi~ll s of all backgrounds ( o rne to know the t ll il
tr.u i\ th e o nly way for sin fu l human s to become rec-
'lit Ih-d to God? (Rom . 5: 11 : it-Z pp . 760-762)
" t~ rOlfh whom all things ar(' ''-j e~lI s Ch rtst.c-! ( lIl
8:6. li e1\\' i, a n a pproved stan d ing before j eh ovah possible
II\' 11 1(',1115 of jesus? (Hom , 5: 18j 1 .1l!!1. 2 :5 ~ 1Ie1). 9:

The Person 10 whom nrc the benefits of thi s provi sio n avail-
"hi,'! ( rt, IOA l ; [ ph. 2: 18; I John 2:21
How do we know that lesu s ts God \ "firv tbor n " \011
(Co!. I:I ~ \V II.II w i ll th e fl 11.1 I O ll tU) Il1C 1)(' to r t1lO ~ e wh o
,1\'.11 1 uwmwl wv o f this lovin g provt sfon ? (l ito.
Wh y does th e Bihlt' refer to .h:\ 1I\ ", l;od ', "till I JSI ---
begot ten " Son? (John l::U -J : lkh. ' 1]: it J II
par. 2\ - - I It '\I1\ " 111 (' way" rl'gardill g our ill' proill"h to (-;0<1
111 \1 1' (loll " Ih : J . 2-1)
How wo uld you cxplmn jv . . U ' rll it' III t 1t .I 1 n," ., "
scr tlxxl at Co lo\, i'III' I :l hl WIlY j, thi\ 11111 11"11 '1111 1 I I. \ 11\ "IIH' WiI\ ' " i ll 111(' l ' \ illllph ' he 'l' t! (I 1'( '1,
him a' ,llH-('fl'i1 lor'! (~ I. I It. I t ~1 !!;. it 2 p.. ' ) II
86 'T lI lIy Accompn~11 YOllr Mil1istry "-2 Timothy 4:5 Unit 10 (a)

How ca n we show th at we accept Jesus' ro le as "the How should you view "the work of witnessing con-
way"? ce rni ng jesu s"?
Wh y mu st <I person come to understand jesus' vita l ro il'
"The li fe"
in the outworking of God's purpose?
lor what reason did Jesus come to eart h? (Matt . 20:28)
"The Truth"
What is the ran som price that j esus paid to release us
How did Jesu s "bear witness to the truth " by his ent ire from sin and death? (.!.. Pet. 1:18, 19)
life co urse? (John 18:37; Luke 24:44'
I 'plain what is meant by Jesus' being "t he Ch ief Agent
How is it that "truth came to be through lesus "'! r lo h n 01 life:' (Acts,3:15; 10:42; Joho 6:'39 40; [ph J 7 Heb 8:
1:17' ;/-2 p. 00 pa r. 2: p. 62 pars. 1-5: p. on par. 2) .!!
1 ;/-21'.61 pars. 1-3)

.. jesus acted as G~an . He perforlllt'd Ilow does understanding Jesus' role as "the life" af-
mlmculouswork s and fulfille~!...l11anY_I~rophec i t.... teet our ministry'!
By means of his flawless life co urse on ear th . ill I II I\\' are we already ben efiting from th e sin-ato n ing val
eluding hi s sacrifi cial death, he co n firmed an d
II' of J l'SU S' sac rifice? (Rev. 7:9, 10)
mad t..:yc~" all the pro m ises of God .-2c Co r. 1:20,
Rom . 15:8; CoL 2:17. II \IIU are to receive the blessings of ete rn al life, in wha t
11111 \1 yo u have faith ? (Acts 4:10,1 2)
Ho w is jesus' ro le a key c lement in til t' following pro ph
ecies? (Rev. 19: 10; ;/-2 p 1\0) tltIiliona l Biblical Titles App lied to Jesus
GCIH.'sis 3: 15 "The Amen " (2 Co r. 1:19, 20)
Ge nes is 22:16-18 "lt er nal Fath er" (Isa. 9:6 )
Daniel 7:U. 14 " lI igh I'ncst " (Heb. 3: 1; 9: 13, 14,25, 26 )
what d em onvtrat es th at jt.'sus d id not hold halk 11 11111 " ~ i ll g 0 1 ktngs" (Rev, 17:14)
' Iwaking th e truth ? (I.llk.cJt.U
"l'rluo- of I'cacc " (lsa. 9:6)
Ho w vhould you imi tate Il'\U\' /'l'al ill 1I1,I k l ll g ll u
truth kn own'! ' w ouclvr fu ! Cou nselor" (lsa . 9:6; j ohn 6:6X)

1IlIW d Ol'''' til l' wi uu-v, nl llll' millg Jl'')I1\ lnvpin- pIliI'l l!
ly ! (~ v. PI :ll ~ u-z
fl. till! p;II. 1)
88 Uni t 10 (b ) Un it 10 (Il) 89

Think in Terms of Bible Principles PRI NCIPl.E: Life is in the blood. (Lev. 17:11)
Li fe belo ngs to Go d . (Ps. 36:9; Ezek.

Principles are fu ndamental tr uths that neve r change,

18:4; E Jh . 4: 18 ) -
The Creato r ha s authority over creation ,
rega rd less of time o r circu msta nce. They provide the ba- (Isa, 29; 16; Rev. 4:11)
sis on which specific laws are fo unde d. Th e Un iversal Wily is our d isce rni ng and ap plying Bible p rin ciples not
Sovereign establis hed ma ny pnndpl before creatio n. rv easy as follow ing a set of laws? (I,OJ 4/1 5 p. 20 par. 9)
Therefo re, everything in heave n a nd on earth, anim ate
o r ina n imate, has been design ed to fu nct ion accord ing Why IS rt benencial for us to thi n k am] act o n the ba-
h of principles? (He !>. 6:1)
to Jehovah' s un changeabl e pr inci pjes. Wh en all thi ng,
function within the framework of his p rinciples, there l\t' examples of the p rinciple... behind ..
is harmony that reflects his g lory, and Jehovah ca n he
!lible di rectives. (w06 6/1, PI'. 21-22; wu2 4/15
stow hi s bl essin g.
p. 22 par. 16; it-1 1'.344)
Princip les are IiYing . essent ial twills, and a w iw
ltlblc doctrines, such as the ransom and eve rlast-
Christian lea rns to love them . Undcrstand~ Bible pr ln ing life on a parad ise earth,
ciples is th e key to ou r ma king sou nd ~~lL.1 h .lt
ref1~ct i>!0d ly wisdclffi.--: ProV. 3:6, 2 1-23; 4:7; w02 4/1 II I'\\' .uv false teachings, suc h as the Trinity and th e im-
PI'. 18-23; 1'0 2 2/15 PI'. 4-7. 11111 I,dity of th e so ul, refuted by fOCll SifH! onprtn-tulcs?

I hll llg h till' Mosaic Law e nded , h o w do we sec its

Q UESTI ON O UTLINE !lllIt 'd yi ng p rlu ctplcs carried ove r an d em bodied in
, 1111 II,II 11<l""! Gtvc exam ples. (\\'1 2 1/15 pp. ltl-20 : \\'97
Recog nizin g Principles and How They Work I I 1'1'. 2930 )

Wha t a re pr in cipl es. and how do they dilk r from 1.1\\'\' '~\ l l . 1I
value h it to stu d y (Ill' laws a nd cvc rus J n t ill'
Give examp les. (n{!9 6/1 1'. 7; 1'02 4/15 p. 1'11" '" I'd Illi \\' 'it rtptun-s? ( 1 Co r. 10: II I

J low would you illu strate to a nihil' , lm lt'1I 1 li lt till I 1l1lliluJ .1 Penon of Godly Principle s
fen-nee between pr tnc tph- and I;I\\I, '!
Illti j(o \lI \ ""pl y pril1l.:iplt.. w h en ht'ill ).: n-mptvd Ii",
SI'FC lnC 1.i\\V: YOII mu vt not l'; 11 hlrx nl. (11 '\ I III III \ II' (. tilt . I : 1 Ill )
YO "f u ll}' Accomplis', Your Millistry"'- 2 1, ,,,(111)' 4:5 Unit 10 (h) 91

How did Jesus help his listen ers to think on the bash , 'ot c to In structo r: Use two or th ree of the questions
of pr tnciples? (Malt. 5:17-4) ill the following list for discu ssion. Do not ind icate wha t
the decision should be .
How did t his ap proach dign ity his listeners?
What Bible pri nciples wou ld he lp you to decide if you
How did the following ind ividua ls show that they could should .. ,
"d isti ngu ish both right a d wrong"? (He. 5:14; w02
2/15 p. 5; w97 10/15 PI'. 28 - confront a brother in your congregatio n about h is
a nnoying mannerism?
Abel (Gen . 3:15; 1:3-5)
attend your Bible studen t 's wedding?
Noa h (Gen. 6:8 9; 2 Pet. 2:~
use soc ial networking sites?
Esther (EstbeL:1: )4; 7:3J
pursue an opportun ity to relo cate?
+ Sea rclJiI~~ for Bible principl es allow~ us to 'p t'r-
cetvc what the will of Jehovah i ~and reveal s, wh at accept a particular typ e of employmen t?
is in Ollr heart. - J;:ph' S-l]; Rom. 12:2. pursue adcinonat secular education?
A~ ,g Bible principles g i\'es~ppmt u n i accept a job promotion?
ty to show Jehovah thaJ \ve are more co m,:errwtl
with plea sio~ Htm than with satisfyin g ourse ln '\ adopt a certain style of dress and grooming?
-Ps. 40:8. attrud a social gathering?

Use Bible Principles to Make Wi se Ch oice s \ IOP pioneering?

What sho uld be ou r goa l when search ing for Bihle prtn lthollgh a mature Ch ristia n mig ht he lp yo u to locate
ciplcs on which to base decisions? ([1)11. 5;1) 1'11111' prilKiplt..'s that apply. wh y must you pcrsonallv
11111..1 ' flTOpl'f applicatio n o f th em? (Gal. 6:5)
Wh at role will godly fear play when sl'cking dinu
lion from God 's Word? (Ne h . 5.J5) ""lei,' Your Steps by Godly Principle s
How does reasoning o n principles help 1I\ to tr .un 11\ dlll'\ it t.tkl' tru vt in lchovah to ilpply Biillt.' prin -
our co nvoc nce? (l'rov, 2:3-5; EI2!1. -l :1 ~ Hcb. S: I II 'I''' \

Wh y will a principled person not look fo r loophtll\ III 'Al It IN: You ha ve a di \ag rl'l'lIll'nt with o ne- (II
in God's laws? 11111 \l' 1\' ll(' partlle r' \Vhv h Inlth nevdvd 10 .uuuv
'TIIII)' Accomplish YOllr ,\finistry"-2 Timothy -1 :5 Uni t 11 (a) 93

the Bible's directio n to apo log ize and forgive?- Lukl' Exa m ine Your
17:1-5 .
D oes fo rgiving others imply that we condone o f-
fenses? By forgiving, are we letting others take ad -
Spirit ua l Progress
vantage of us? Explain .
W hy will thoroug h grou nding in Bible pr inciple' help w hat is a spiritual person? He is God-oriented. Il l'
vndeavo rs to learn h ~J ehovah thin ks so t hat he can
us enjoy a su perio r way of life? (I). 32:8)
hri ng all his ways into ha rm ony wit h tho se o f his Cre-
How does the fact th at Jehovah has not made laws ttl ,11m. Th e Bihle speaks hi gh ly of suc h a person- qu e \V I1O
govern eve ry aspect of life give us th e oppo rtun ity to IHllo\U.od's ways, is i li...J:1 (C~nl with the sptr tt, a nd has
show the d epth o f o u r love for h im and h is will? 2 Cor. ' lilt' mind of Christ," 1 Co r 2: 12-16.
M What is needed to become a spir itual person and to
uunnue to make progress as one? It is vital th at we
the answer, for the course we choose is m ore tha i
111\1,1 matter of personal inclination.-Rom. 7:2123; M .
I , or. 3;1; \\07 8/1 1'1'. 4-5.

11111 'liON O UTLI NE.

Wh.,t I, Needed to Become a Spiritual Person?

II, 1\ llihle rt..'ildi ng essen tial in developi ng spiri tua li-
I '1 1'\ . 11 9;10 5; John 17:17)
III unh-r 10 vi...-w things as God docs. what should we
III II lor when we read the Bihle'! (I's. 139:I Z: Mark
II , Ilo ' lll. t 2:2; Fl'h . 4:2:1, 24 )
11Il\11II ~ 10 I Co rin t hians 2:14-16, how does a vpir f-
II 111 ,111 coutruvt with a ph ysical man? (i l2 p. ] OSl
I 1\ .ntonr ~ i \' i l1 ~ attent ion to h-su-,' wordv, 111l)U~11I \ ,

lu-lp uv 10 deepen o ur 1Illdl'r\lill1dill ~ ut Ic-.

III 11111111 '
, III .uu l II i"! l hollglll\'! U ) llll2;. I~, .JO; H :", !.!.!)
94 "Fully AC((Jwpli.~1I Four AJillistrr"- 2 Tim othy 4:.~ Uni t 11 (a) 9S

What is th e mind, or att itude, of Christ toward his Fa. spiritua lly strong brothe rs and siste rs help us to
th er and the doing of his Fath er's will? (John 4:34 ) develop as sp iritua l people?
wh at does Phi lippians 2:5-8 ind icate will be necessa rv How can our paying close atten tion to wha t is sa id
if we a re to develop th e mind o f Ch rist? (11'12 Il /l S at meeti ngs help us to grow as spi ritual people?
pp .IO-14)
A Spiritual Person or a Physical Person
+ Do not view your prog ress sim ply in terms o f priv What Does the Fruitage Reveal?
lleges of service that are granted to yo u. Your <Ill
vanceme nt is seen-l not by the assign me nt, L;tn \\ we develop o u r spirituality, what wil l be t he result?
by wha t yo]! d o m llLit.- be p. 76. I' ,,,I. 5:16; 11'11 12/15 p. 16)
Why does it take hu m ility to apply Rom ans 12:2? What does t he expressio n "t he fru itage o f the spir it "
uuply? (Gal. 5:22, 23)
Examining Our Spiritual Progress 1I0w is th is fruitage cu ltiva ted? ("01 81t pp , 15-1 6)
Acco rdi ng to Ja mes I : 22-2~, what ten dency h inders spir What is involved ill open ing o ur hear ts to the in-
itu al progress? flue nce of God's spiri t?
How will th e followi ng assist us in evaluati ng ourselv 1'\ Wha t \\'i11 be th e result ?
spi ritua lly?
l lording to Gala tia ns 5:192 1, what wo uld hinder o ur
Prayerful self-ana lysis (Ps. 26:2; ~.Cor. 13;5) pu n un ! developm ent?
Ask yourself: Wh at motivates me? What are 111\ What e ffect wo uld e nvy have on o ur spir itual pro g-
weak nesses? (Ga l. 6:3, 4 )
Il' ''';?

Regul ar ly feed ing o n the Bible a nd Bihll. h'l\l'd IInlra"t the att itu de of the physical man a nd the sp ir-
publicati o ns (Ps. 1:2, 3) 111,11 mall in th e fo llowin g ins ta nces,

why is med itation needed? 1" ,lyl 'r

How ca n med itation help LIS to a\uid rl'lx'tlltll lh uv m igh t a person's prayers reveal whether he is
past mistakes? I vptrituu l man or a physical man ?

l.i\t l'lli ng to experienced Chr tstian c ( );\\ . 1: 19 ) \VII\" i\ Il'IlOva h- h i\ g roatness . name, a nd honor-of
jlllllI,lly co ncern to a sp irit ual man ? (Da n. 9:4 ; .lotH!.
I lo w fa ll ()!>sl'rving th e speech and l "ll lHll lt I I II 1'1 I, h )
"Fll flr AC'(fWIIJ/ish YOllr M i ,, ;~rry"-2 Timothy -1:5 lJnit 1t (a ) 97

Wh at a re some sub jects that a spi ritua l man mi gh t Dress a nd Groominq

p ray about? (I's. 51:10-12; 122:6, 8; Lu ke 11 :4, 13; )a, .
\Vhy are cress a nd groo m ing important to a spiri-
tu al perso n at a ll tim es, whe the r e ngaged in spiritu-
Why is it pro per tu pray for ou r physical need s? al acti vit ies or not? (I Cor. 1Ql.I; Titus 2:10)
(Matt . 6:11)
Wh at Bi ble prin ciples can help you decid e what is
Ot her than at mea ltimes a nd at meetin gs, when d o c- , appropriate dress and uro....'lling for field service? ( be'
a spiritual person pray? (1 Th ess. 5:1 7) PI'. 13 1-133)
What is the mean mg of (a) "appropriate dr ess"?
Study Habit s
(h) "modesty "? (c) "sou nd ness of mind"? (1 Tim .
Wh en it co mes to study hab its, ho w does a ph y\ i 2:9, 10)
cal man show th at he is domin ated by the flesh!
Why should th e eq uip me nt th at \.. .'e use in th e
How can sticki ng to a good schedule for study hdp field m ini str y be neat and clea n ? (J Cor 1,JiJ 3 ;
us to control fleshl y desi res? I", p. 134 pars . 1-4)

Fie ld Ministry I tin ily

Wit h regard to th e field m in istr y, wha t are \Oll h How ca n a spiritua l person show that he is t hi nk -
things that concern a spiritua l perso n? (Ezek . .u. n 'llg Cod 's though ts whe n it comes to h is dealings
John 17:6; 1 Tim . 4:16) wit h members of hi, famil y? (~Jlh . 5~ZL 24, 25, 28:
.. I , '';. I Tim . 5:8; 1 Pet. 3:1, 2)
Wh at does a spiritual person th ink a nd ta lk aho ll l
wh ile engaging in field service? (phi l. 4:8) lit I\V ca ll pi on eers ... how th at th e}' honor t h e head-
hlp .irrangcmc n t wit h in the famil y?
Chri st ia n Meeti ngs
Wh at co nd uct or attitud e at Chris tian n ll'd l ll
might reveal the traits of a ph yvical man? \\ h.u kind of cun vcrculo n markv a ..piritual pervon?
111'11 I: l ~)
How does a spi ritua l pe rso n view pa rt iri pa l ill ll ..I III
meetings? \ h ,11 1\ ,I \ Ilh jt'l l l h a l yo u like to d iw lI \ \ wit h lI I IH'I' \ '!

98 ''FUI/I' Accowplish Ytwr Millislr)' "-2 Ti/llotl".4 :5 Unit 11 (a) 99

How cou ld you turn the con versation to spiritu al Continue to Examine Your Spiritual Progress
things if such a change shou ld become necessar y! (1 Cor. 9:24}
How can you maintain a balanced view of rnatte rv Ilow do the following scriptures show that the apostles
wh en co nversing with others? (Eccl. 7:16) needed to co ntinue growing as spiritual men?
Matthew 20:20, 21, 24-28
I.u ke 22:2427
When disp utes ache over personal or ot her matterv, llow does Matthew 16:16. 17 show that the apost le Peter
how will the reaction of a spiritual pe rso n differ fron t a spiritua l man ? (iu p. 191 par. 13)
1\'. 1\
that of a physical nerso n? (Prov. 29:11: Gal. 5:111
How do we know th at Peter needed to co n tin ue to ma ke
20 , 22, 23 )
pICll!.ress! Why is this reassuring'? (ia pp. 188-194)
Wha t is God's cou nsel to a spi ritual person on 5111 1l I I!IW can we m aintain th e joy tha t cha racter izes a spl r-
matters'! (Rom. 12:14. IHl) 1111,11 person? \1 Pet. 1:6, 7; t!:!! :!:13, \4)

How wi ll a spirit ua l per son respond wh en gin '"
cou nsel? (Eccl. 7:9; Rom. 12:16)
what if yo u feel that th e co unsel does no t apph '

Immoral Temptations
Wh en expos ed to immoral tem ptat ion" how would
a physical person react ? How wo u ld II Spi ritu.tl 11' 1
son react?
Read atu l discuss t'tuvctb 7:6- lO, 2 1, 22.

What did the you ng man do that \ IIO\\'l'd lit' \\ ,1 ,

ph ysical man ? Wha t \\'arning\ an- gin'l! IH'H' \ lIl h 'I
<I spi ritual IH.'r\ OIl G ill avoid i1 I1 IIlClr. dil\ !
100 Unit 11 (b) Unit 11 (b) 101

Make Effective Return Visits QUESTI ON OUTLINE

OPENING DISCUSSI ON Have a Positive Att itud e

What is you r attitude towa rd making retu rn visits?
Many of us are in.Jhe truth today because so meone
patiently made effective reilii11 visits on tis . WeJ!EjUl'- Why are so me hesitant about makin g return visits?
ciate th e personal attention we received. Jesus showed
What effect may our att itude ha ve on o thers? (1 Th ess.
that this is an important part of our worU)f he in-
structed his followers not only to preach but al s~l
' maKe disciples . .. leachin J th em ."-Matt. 28:19, 20.
1.1>, 7)
Why is it important to return when we have promised
to d o so? (Luke 16:10; w12 10/15 p. 31 par. 15\
Teach ing differs from preaching in that the t~ ll' r
does more than proclaim; he instrud s, explains, and J<ctld and discuss Acts 9: 10-17.
offe rs proQfs. Therefo re, while salvatio n is stiITavailahk
Initially, what was Ananias' attitude about ca lling O il
to interested on es, we must return again and again 10
Sau l (Palll)? (Acts 9: 13. 14)
cultivate the interest shown.- II0 3 11 /15 pp. 13-1 8.
What was Jesu s' dtrectton ? (Acts 9: 15)
Retu rn visits can be o ne of the mo st cn "u ahle pilTh
o f your ministry. why? Because havin g had contact What was Ananias' approach o n th e call? (Ac ts 9 : 17)
-wu h the householder, yo u know sUnl.f....uLthU1lhjl'l h How did he show nc rsonal interest?
that.Interest him . You hav e also had time to C hOtl \l
\Vhv would hi .. vlsit.have been appealing to Saul ?
scr iptu res t l:@1Y.ou wou ld like to feature, a nd th e h uu.' 1
holder knows that ou are th ere to discu ss the Hihh'. I rom thi s acco u n t, wh at can we lea rn about th e
l'lo l)('r attitude when making retu rn visits?
What do yo u think makes for an effect i ve retu rn \ I
it? Have you wondered what other pioneer s do'! ~f,lll\
I lying th e Grou ndwork
have found that three things a re needed: ( 1) '.llimll1~
sillcere personal interest, (2) preparing a n anpcil lill}.: III 11\ 1\ it good to teach the householde r a Iltb lc truth
bID~bif.'C1 to.dtscuss, and (]) layjng Jh ~il:s b to r l ',l1 II I will h""n l't1t him personalty? (he p. l SY par. 1)
success ive cOl\v(,' rsativ n. Thi s uni t. a long with lilt' ,II
I ,ll ~ r tlu t H l w or" lor a return visit should we lay in
co m pa nyi ng workshop, will bol ster yo ur l'lIth u' I,1 III
Illlli,ll convervation ? H(l\\T can we do so?
a nd improve yo ur skills in fur thcnn g the in!t'n '\1 III
those yo u Gill h ack ol1.-km 7lOS p. 4; km -til lS pp , I I \1\11'11.: we G ill castly m ing up a ~u lljl't: t or rai\ l'
pars. 6 -H; tan J/97 p. J pars. I -Y. llllll'\tillll t\ll w conside red on tile next vrctt. I't'rl!;Ip\
102 "Full}' Accom plish t our M ill istry"'- 2 Timothy 4:$ Un it II (b) Ill:!

after describi ng the Pa!}ldise, you cou ld say: "lim\' Wh y might we call back even when no literature has
can we be su re it will reallysome_in our lifetime been placed? (Matt. 10:13; Lu ke 10:5, 6; kill 12/06
I-Gybe I cou ld sto p by in -~ 7e,-; days w h e l~ the re:..t p. 1 par. 2)
of th e family is at
hom e and show you the an swer
the Bible gives to that q ue stio n." Have you had good results making a retu rn visit on
someo ne even though you did not place literature?
Wha t othe r qu estions could you raise- for co ns ider
at ian in the n ext co nversanon? llow do you determine the best tim e to make a retu rn
\ hit?
What is th e adva ntage of buildi ng anticipatio n by leav
lng some questio ns unanswered until the next discn v w hy is it often wise to make the return visit wit h.
sia n? in a day or two ?

what do you say to prepare the householder fo r tilt' Relat e experiences you have had when making re-
next visit? turn visits a day o r two after locating th e in terest.
LXPERIENCE: On e sister makes arrangeme n ts to
Afte r t he Initial Co nve rsatio n
cul l hack o n interested persons as soo n as possi-
How would you determine whi ch scriptu res a nd pu hll hlv. But a day or two prior to th e appo intme nt,
catio ns to lise in th e next co nversation? vl u- stops at the home to give th e hou seh older a
1Il,lgal.illl' on th e subject they discusse, The n th e
/ ...n In you r nous~-to-house record, in clud e t he H HI
\!\ tl'r ex plains: " I sa~YJ h is article and th ought vou
tent of th e conversation and t he sub ject to til
\\Cluld like to read it. I ca~t talk n pw, hu tl 1 i h l'
discu ssed wh en you return. Note th e fel ~lll
b.n k o n . , . as we planned . Is that tim e still all
pages o f th e puhli cation' s) you will usc. Th h \LlI ll gh vith.you?" -
dJk in form atio n will help yo u to sta y l'lllhtl \!
astic ahout t he call and to prepare for fu tu re l I . , 1 \V II\' might thi s be ,I good ap pro ach ?
versanona--L 4/00 p. H pars. 2-4,
It II 1 ,111you do w hen a person cannot he.' fo u nd at
How does o ur research ing a subject vhow vi nrc-n- 111 1 lilt .u n-r n-pca ted (:a lls? (1..11/ 11 /11 p. I par. 4)
so na l in terest? How will shar ing th is re...vanl t afh-r t Iii
ho usehol der? (be p p. :n -] H) 110 II I mill(' Your Objective
How will think ing po ... iti vcly abou t tl n - (ll ' r\ ClI I IlI OIi II I llll pI 11 11011}' o b je.'c.-! in ' i\ to h l'!l.l.p ~c..1Jl.'wulc-hap .
you to return? I ~II 1I1'k \ u f Ulfi, t lvvuv. In nuxh'r n H U It " , lln-
104 "Fllfly A((o l/lpli.~/' YO/l r Al il1i.~lry "-2 Timot"y -1:5 Unit 11 (h) 105

Bible study arrangement has been the 1110st effective Why should we do the fnllowi ng? (k ill 9/96 p. I )
wayof reaching this objective . In working towa rd th at Remember that we a re guests
goa l, be su re to discuss a SCrip1.W..lksubJt-'{:t-On.each re-
turn visit. This will increase th~. . householder'sInterest Show apprecia tion for hospitality
in accepting a Bib~dy and it will mal\~purpo...v
of our conversations clear. Be properly dressed and groomed

How might we accomplish our primary objective by set

8e punctuat sir p, 38 pars . 13-14'
ling the following incremental. or ...hort-term, goal... ? Respect the person and his pro per ty (~hit. 1:22]
Answering a Question with the Hihlp What role does our enthusiasm pl;)y when we are rnak-
11l~ return visits?
Ort erirur literature relevant to specific Inte rest-
Why might a sho rt review of the last discussion be heln-
Developing a magazin e TOulC"
Considering a paragraph from on e of our stud v
Wh y are the followin g esse ntial in making return visits?
aid s
Showing a since re person al inte rest in people.
Ottering a Bible study
Selecting an ap pealing Bible sub ject to disc__u ss
Th e Return Visit
La ying th e groundwork for eac h success ive visit
How do you introduce yo urself on th e return visit l 0..",
12/1 3 p. 1; km 1/92 p. 8 pa rs. 1-5 ) Co ntin uing \0 th ink ahout th e person after you
Why is it important to avoid asking q uc suons t hat hriu
a negative response o r th at put th e household er ill ,III Rl'Iurnin g in a day or two to follow up th e inte rest
awkward position? (k ill 1/ 92 p. H par. 6) K(,'(,'ping in mlnd that yo m o bjec t ive is to sta rt a
Wh y do so me hesitate to talk with us when we n-uu u nihil' vtudy

Ilow will warm personal inn-n-et in oth e-r Ilt' ljl 10 I, It lhl~ - S t u d y Co ns cious
1l" \l'11 th eir npprchcn ston ?
I l l ll ' ploucc-rv lind it better to makefo rmal al Ter of
what do y O ll \lIY ttl put a Pl'I"\OIl il l t', l\l ' ,li lt! bu thl III IIlhl. ' \ hu ly rather than havi ng an in fo rmal dht1 1\ -
cunfuk-nrr- in lh v Billk \ IIH'\\.lgl' l u.u t Hhl' l ~ nJll:>idt'r scr lptu res on a ~ lI h j l' C t ~l!,l< Jt I I
106 "'Fully A(col1lpH~" YUllr Milli5t ry H_ 2 Timothy -l :!; Uni t 11 (b) 107

m enti ojling.-th@--lltaU.f-Of a stu dy. w hlch m ethod do What do you say if you fi nd th at th e hou seholder show s
you prefer, and why? his lack o f in terest by bein g rude o r ab rupt? why do
IOU ha ndl e it that way? (be p. 222 par. 2)
Relate expe riences you have had co nducti ng a door
ste p Bible study. How mig ht you still leave a favorab le impression?
(Matt. 10:12. 13; Rom . 12:17, 18 )
Wh at is th e advantage of invitin g the househo lde r .Ill
use h is own Bibl e? (bt p. YO par. 13 ) What should vou do if someone co mes into th e ho me
when you are talkin g wit h th e householder? Why would
Wh y is it important to d iscu ss sub jects and uu est io nv vou do so?
that inte rest th e househ older"!
II making return visits is difficult for you, why migh t
\Vhy keep th ese discussions SIm ple and Scrtptur.u ' \ lI U accompa ny sOm('OIW who does w~ 1I in th is wor k?
Why is it essential to listen atte n tively when th e l'Hl lI ' l ' 110'" will a prayerfu l atti tude regarding retu rn visits help
holder expresses himself' 011 fully accomplish your ministry? (1 Co r. 3:6
\Vh y shou ld yo u he carefu l n ot to co nde mn W ro ll );
views o r bad habits be fore the ho useh ol der h3\ lt d
tivat ed appreciatio n for spirltua l matters? (w03 11 /1
p. 14 par. q l
H ow lon g should yo u srav on the fi rst few visit x? Wi n '

Ch alleng es in t h e Re t urn Visit Work

What can you do if th e househ o lder is too buw 10 l, lI ~
with you?
\Vhat advantage is th ere in sharill~ a brict SU l lll lll
al po int even with busy peo ple?
SUGGESTION: Some pion eers wruc dow n \ U I l'll'"
for the person to read later.
Alt houg h th e househ olde r may Ill' hll\)', wn.u ti ll \1111
say to prepare h im for yo ur next \'i\ i1 !
108 Unit 12 ( 3 1 Unit 12 (b) 109

Pioneer Service School Review

Workshop 3
-Day 4
Make Effective Return Visits
Unit lO (a ) Appre cia te Je su s' Rol e
In this work shop w e w ill co nside r how to "Tile wi t/less concerning Je.m.'i ;s whut inspires pmplw,.-.
0/ maintain a positive attitude towards return visit - R(' w latiol/ 19: JO.
wo rk
How does know ing Jesus' role in God's purpose
v have a reasonable objective in mind for the
motivate us to preach zea lous ly?
return visit
.,I prepare the groundwork for the next How can we help others cu ltivate appreciation for
conversatio n Jesus' role in God's pu rpose?

Unit l O(b) Think in Terms of Bibl e Princip le s

" W isdom is !IIe most tmportant thillg."
Previous workshops have highlighted ways in whkh -Pnnw!Js 4:Z
we ca n show perso na l Interest and ways \....e can \t.1I 1 l Iow can thinking i n term s of Hible p rinciples
conversations, as well as the variety of people and pIal " make you a better pioneer?
we may enco unter as we 'fu lly accomplish our mhuv
t ry.' (2 Tim. 4:5; Acts 9:11) Huilding on this foundat iuu How do Bible principles help us to perceive th e

we wi ll now examlne.how.we. can make su{"-Ct'\"hri I I
turn "ilii" wjth1h~_1 of tarttng Bihh..-MutHl'\.- l I III
will of Jehovah?
( lin' examples of Bible principles that have hu -
proved your life.

111111 11 ( ,1) Exam ine Your Spiritual Progress

" RII II ill \ 1/("1I uHy Ihllt pill IIli1y win it. "
- I Corjll!IIj"", 9:2-1 ,

\\'11.11 .m- ,mill' cha r;tctl' ri,tic't 0 1 ;I 'pirilu ,llly-

1II1IItht1 ( hri\liill1 '~
110 "Full)' A{Tompfi.~1I Yo ur .... fi";.~ try ,.-2 Ti mothy .J:S Unit 12 (b) III

How has prayer ful self-analysis helped yo u to grow

How can we avoid co mparing ourselves with oth-

Unit 11 (b) Make Effective Return Visits

"I planted, Apvllos watered,
but God kept making it gmw. "
- 1 Corinthians 3:6.
W hy a re good pre pa ration and a positive attit ude
esse n tial when making return visits?
How can yo u lay the groundwo rk fo r (a) succe
sive co nversat io ns? (h) starting a Bible study ?
How can you help othe rs to make effective return

Uni t 12 (a) Workshop 3

M ake Effective Return Vi sits
"Go to tile street called StraiSIlt,
and look lor II l1Ia" "mlled Saul."
-Acts 9: I 1.

What goa ls m ight yo u set when yo u make .1 II

turn visit?
Wh y is it always good to feature a scr ipture Will II
making return visits?
Hig hligh t suggestions fro m today's wo rk\h o p til It
yo u wo uld like to implemen t.
11 2 Unit 13 (a) Unit 13 (a) I Ll

How do we kn ow th at love is the dominant q ual ity ot

Learn From the Master jesu s' personali ty? (Jnhn 15:13, 14,
O PENI NG DI SCUSSIO N What is always h ighlt ghted in lesus' love? ~
~; 1 joh n 5:3 )
In referring to Je su s, th e a pos tle Pete r w rot e:
"Tho ug h you never saw him, a u love hi!1." ( ] Ptt. 1:Sl Why is it im portant to imi tate th e way th at Jesus dern -
W hy do we ag ree wit h t hat senti me nt? It is beca use j i." on strated love for his disciples? (John 13:34, ::\5)
sus displayed mildn ess and refres h..!,~~LQ~s . (MaJt. 11: How can yo u d ispl ay suc h love toward YOUT Chris-
28-30) He showedempathy, was intcrested -IQ other.., tian brothers a nd sisters? tr( PI1. 163-1 71)
and was ap proacha ble. He m ade wise choices in life and
was a hard wo rker. How did Jesu s acquire th ese qual! "The love tn e Christ has co mpe ls us" ro 110 WHat?
ties? Simply put , Jesu s learn ed from h is Fath er, j ehovah . (2 Cor. 5:14, I S)
Yes, Jesus perfectly reflc.aed....his Fatlw r's d ivi n e q uali n cccrtbe th e love that sho uld be show n toward . . .
ties a nd, as a result, we are drawn to him.
lfius, having been taught by Jehovah, likewise teach
es us. How do we show th at we are trul y learni ng from
fellow believers. (Col. 3: 12-17)
t he world of mankind. (01. 4:U )
tile Master, j esu s? (Co l. 3:23 , 24) Can we I'rove to II< SEEF- EXAM IN AT ION: 00 I thi nk about w h~1
a real friend to o thers, demonstr atin g empathy as we-l l do for those in unfortunate circumstan ces or th ose
as co urage? (Mark 1O:1 3-16; j ohn 15:11-1 5) Li ke .ll''''', wh o might be lonely? Do I mal e o thers fed thai
can we ~ industr ious a nd keep mat erial things ill tlld l IlIl'y are rl'ally appreciated? Am I inclined to gi~::~:yf
pro--llirr place? Are we determined to attract others to IH II 11IY\l'1l in Ill'hal f of ot he rs wit h no th ou gh t of n-
way of li fe by the Qualities we display?- o hn 13 : 1J ; it I I t i\'i ng-.ill~c1l1TTl ? 1)0 I display love wnh -
p, 266 par. 1.
out p\lI.llillilyl (Luke 14:12*14) Do I reflect lovl' and
t utu vrn tor I Ill' \\"{'Tfare tll those in my tl'rritory! Am
Q UESTION O UTLINE I ,I\\'.Hl' ol thl' 'pirHlI") d'll1g1'r till' arc in, and do I
11I " ~1' P\'I'1 d l n r l tu r~t hl-rr l ~t sf\Vhl' n ' W Ilt'
Im it a te th e Kind of Person Jesus Was 111,111111,,1 .111 t1l1lo\'ill~ sptn t. am ) mot!.yatl'd 10 t T\
In w hat ways is Jesus q ualif ied to Ill' our ~1.I ,I l' r ' (I I ,11101111 ' 1 .11I11lOoIl h"l - {Olll. 12: ; U' ( J<} W I!' pp . 1)_20
I I :2, 3; joh n 10:H, IS; 1.l'''1. 2' 2 1; H,'\'. 7: II,!,. 17 1 1111\ tlld 11'\1" vhuw warmth allli (h'l'p It'plillg tow,ml
How did Jesus show g()(ld iud~ml' llt wh en I htll l'..illK III 11111 I wil li wluuu lu- 1i\I'd .uu l \\,(ll~l'd ! (!\1.111. 1);10 U :
life course? \M.!! IL 6:22 ) I I' tt , 0 1
114 "Full)' Accomplish )'o ll r .\Iin;51,)'''- 2 Timot tw -1:5 Un it 13 (a) 11 5

What ba lanced view of nonbelievers did Jesu s have? Have a Balanced View of Material Things
Ilow did Jesu s prove to be approach ab le even when h i'. According to Jesus, wha t should be our attitude toward
privacy was in terr upted, a nd how might we follow h i'. material th ings? (Malt. 6:24 -33; il-2 p. 68 par. 6)
example? (Mark Idl -34 )
Wha t will help you to develop and mai ntain it bill.
How can yo u im itate Jr... us' example of crnnathv? anced -view of m aterial things? (Luke 12:1 5)
(john 11 :3 ~-44 1
What example did jesus set for you to follow regarding
Why could following Jesus' exampl e of humility, ki nd recreation and work? (Mark 6:31; Lu ke 5:29; John 2:1-10;
ness, and love cont ri bute to yo ur being a real fr iend ~2-8 )
and tru e co mpanion of ot hers? (Luke 22-2427; Joh n
How can you imitate Jesus showing appreciation for
th e things others do to help you in your pioneer rnin -
What can be accom plished when we show oursetvc- , h lry"! (Luke 10:38-42)
understanding and discerning in dealing with people?
(I uke 19:2-101 "Follow His Steps Closely"
What evidence do we have that Jesus was impartial and \1 cording to I Peter 2:21 -23, in what way is Jesus d mod-
respectfu l toward those he came in con tact with? \,1 lor you whe n you expe rience challenging times'!
What do you learn from th e fact th at Jesus did not h( lltl I ollowing th e pattern o f Jesus, how do Ch ristians h an-
back from giving co mme ndation? (Rev. 2:2...1.3..-19; :t-I I Ilk oppositi on and oersecution? (\\'05 l /l pp . lO~ 11
1',11 \ ,16-19)
Work Hard, as Jesus Did \\ hr is it you r resolve to continue learning from till'
What is j esus' atti tude toward work, and how can >0" I,I\' '''! (Joh n 14:21, 23 )
imitate him in thi s regard? (Joh'l 9:4; 1.4.; ;(-2 p. fiN
par. 5)
How can you show t hat you feel as jes us did wlu-n
he said: " My food is to do th e will of him who \( '111
me and to finish his work"? (John 4:6, H, ]2<{~1
jesus had a sched ule of activity, as noted at Lu ke ' I
37,38. How does knowing this he lp you to fulfill \01 11
assignm ent?
116 Un it 13 (h) Unit 13 (h) 117

Conduct Progressive Bible Why is Jehovah called the Grand Instructor ? By what
mea ns do we "see" and "hea r" our Grand Instructo r?
Studies-Part 1 1I0w are we tau ght by Jehovah ? (Job 36: 22; Isa . 30
20, 21)
From th e following examples, wh at do we learn from
Pioneers can take a lesso n from th e Master Teacher. lehovah abo ut effective tcar h ing?
Jesu s Christ. (Lu ke 6:40) Wh ether Jesu s was spea kin g
to a crowd on a mountainside or to just a few people Genesis 18:20-32
as they walked on the road , wh at he said and th e way
he said it mad e 'Llasting.Jm~sion. Jesus stimliTatcit Job 38:4. 8. :\1
th e minds and hearts o f his listen ers, and he made prac-
tical apt hcaho n tlia!: th ey co uld un derstan d . Can yOll isaian 40:2 h
accom p ish similar th i n gs ?- 1 ~2~ lsaian -H:14-17
In o rder to fulfi ll our co m missio n to ma ke d isciples.
we shou ld have a strof!g de.sire to imp rove in our teach Jonah 4:9-11
ing ability. (Matt. 28:20 ) Th e apos tle Paul emphastzcd ll ow does God's spirit fun ction as a teacn er for us to-
tnc impo rtan ce of thi s skill whe n he said: "Pay comt<l!ll
.by"! (Jo hn 14:26 \
auennon to yourself and to your teachinjl." 1 11111
I,.,ns, the Master Te ach er ( lohn 13:13)
The work of teaching others has brought joy to t hou
sands of Jeh ovah 's people who have had the prtvtlcgc I III what did Jesus base his teaching? (Matt. 4:7, t o; Jo hn
o f co nducting progressive Bible studies. As an etTe(,: l h t Ih )
teach er, you are able to reach th e hearts of yuuuj o;ll'1l
e rs ami to h e lp_Lh em..PIogr=i\"clj<JlLund e r~t a n d , .'1' \\ 11 .11(IeIl'S John 7: I Mreveal abou t Jesus' mot ive;' in teach -
preciate, and act 0 0 what t1w learn. t Tim ot hy .f; Ih III " ,111<1 what example docs he set for you ?
assu res us tha t our teaching resu lts in th e saving uLliH'
-all to IehovID.pra.ise. What greater motivation uIHIl! \ 11.11 .rrc sonu- 01 till' ways th at we m igh t Inadverte nt-
we have? I rh .rw 10 11 I IH K h a ttention to ourselves whe n we are
Il It hlll~ ! Ho w m igh t thi\ hl'(OI11{' a snare to lI' an d
til ludl'lll ! lilt' p. 57 parv. 1-2 )

Our Grand Instructor 11 \ d id I IU' lI11in 'r' w ho were Wilt to lily hold 01 h-.
Wha t i~ involved in teach ing? 01 -2 p, 1(70 ) unu ('ll1pl ) h ,IIU!t-tI.J 1101111 7:4\ Ih) (\ n Cll d i ll ~ 10
11 8 "Ful ly Accomplish rour Miuistfy "- 2 TImothy.J :S Unit 13 (11) 1] 9

Matthew 7:28, 29, wh y were the crowds astounded at While preparing to co nduct a study in the Bi ble Teach
hi s teaching"! hoo k, why should you give attention to th e . . .
Why was Jesus such an outstanding teach er? He cha pter title?
loved the truth s he..coIlfy-ed and th e Ileople he
int rodu ctory question s?
taj;.!Eht. Jesu s h ad a m asterful grasp of teachi ng

meUlOds. subhead ings and visual aids?
review box at t he end of th e cha pter?
Preparing to Cond uct Progressive Bible Studies
How will thi s overv iew of th e info rma tion hldl' you
What four things mad e Ezra an effective teacher? ( ~I
to focus on th e main points a" you prepare to con-
~: 1O)
duct th e study?
As described at 2 Samuel 12:1-7, wh at shows th at t he As you prepare, ma rk key wo rds and phrases th at an -
prophet Nathan had David in mind w hen he prepared vwe r th e printed questio n in a paragraph. How will
his approach ? thi s be beneficial to you? How will this help your
As you prepare a lesson with th e needs of a student i ll studen t?
mind, wh at mi ght th is include" (km 8/04 p. 1 pa rs. 2-H Why do you find it helpfu l to analyze how th e cit-
Ask you rself: W~ e stude nt need to wor k cd scriptures relate to th e main point o f th e pa ra-
on to m ake spiri tual progress? What points mi gh t Ilt' J.:raph? How do you decide which script ures to read
have difficulty in understanding o r accepting? ll~..)\\ dur ing the studv?
call .l reach his heart? Ho w will makin g b rief notes in the ma rgins of th e
Begin your preparation by pravin ' to Jeh ovah alxuu puhlh-ation be helpfu l to you?
you r stude nt and hi s needs. Ask Jeh ovah to he L}'ll ll
reach the.student's.heert. <111s 16:14; CQ 1:9 101 ""1" Yo u r Student Prepare for the Study
11.. \\ r. ru , h ow illg a st ude n t you r vtud rcd copy o f the
+ Teaching effect ively involves mort.' than iU ~1 dl'
1'1I 111 1l .II iun Uuck-r n m sldcra tion
be he!pful ? (L!! kc '4
c ussi n ~ the.matcrlal and looking u p uie..J.JI\'d
scriptures. We need to present t b r> i nt"u!uk1Ho n III I t, I" \,I I I \ ', HI vnrouragc your stude n t h) follow you r ex
a way th at tou ch es th e studt' nt's heart. lhi, II. IlIpll- III ru.u klng w ha t is needed ill till' paril ~ ra Jl h to
q u ires UlOfOU 1:h pu;,paratjon w it h t'.ujl ,!Iu!L'1I1 III II. III hu u H,( ,1I1 the an vwvr? Wh y will t'l\ (o\lr;l ~ill ~ him
nWU .-l'rov. 15:28 . 111\\\1 " III h is OWII wo n h he 0 1 hl'lIl'rlt !
120 "Fully Accomplish Your M ill istn "- 2 Tim oth y 01:5
J Unit 14 (a) I Ll

Encourage your stude nt to look up th e scriptures as he Conduct Progressive Bible

prepa re' for the study, What help may your stude nt Studies-Part 2
need when uving t he Rihle? How couid you assist hi m?
O nce a regul ar study has been establis hed, p'fl" OPENING D ISCU' ''ON
pare a lesson together to show.the. student how
t hi s is done . Wit h most students, it wi ll be hel p- Why was Jesus so effect ive whe n teaching others?
ful to prepare an enti re chapter together. Jesus instructed by exa mple, s timu la~ th inkin g abili -
A student who reads the lesson beforehand, ma rk- ty throu gh skillfu l use of questions. and used appro-
th e~we rs , and thin ks of how to express th em priate illustrations. (Matt. 17:24-26; Mark 1:22) He also
in his ow n words is o n t he road to spiritua l prog- taugh t his discip les to develop faith and build a close
ress. Ida tio ns hip wit h Jehovah. - -

How ca n your ow n prepa red ness a nd regul a rity at ,I Today, pi o n eers con tinue t he wo rk of dis ciple-
study session help you r student to see the value in th h lila king by directing people to th e Chr istian congo,'ga-
routine? lion a nd helping them to develop a stron love for Je-
litwah , Let us explore JeS,lls' methods of teach ing sQ.1!!at
\W can improve. (l.uke 6:40) We will focus on JestIS'
U\l' of qusstiops and illustrations.


[ecus Employed Ouestions in Hi' Teaching

Ie,U\ made remarkab le use of qu est ions in h is teach -
HI).: Ill' I~tiently took the time to do so, and it was cf-
Ii I l i n ', Jesu s asked qll estio~l S to convp}{ tmll!}, to <Jl'tpr -
lllille w hat ~' on tnuuds and hearts of h isJ.i.stCllCL\ ,
111\110 vtimulate < nd train lite thin ~ of hi s d b cipks.

III 1\\' did .It " lI \ cffccuvcly use questions in the follow-
" \ Uua lio lls '!
\ I,llIhl'w Ih:U IS
122 "Fully A(col1lph~ll YOllr Mi"istry"- 2 Timothy -l:5 Unit 14 ta l 123

Matt hew 17:24:27 Why Je sus' Illustra tions Helped People

John 11 :26 How can using illust rations as Jesus did simplify an d
clarify your teaching a nd add suppo rt to it? (Matt. 7:
How might we use auxiliary questions when conduct-
ing a Bible study? How could th e use of such qu es-
tions draw out the thoughts a nd feelings of our studen t!
- -
24-27; 16: 1-4; be p, 242 par. 4)
Why was it said about Jesus that "w ithout an illus-
<r.rov, 20:5) tra tio n he would not sp eak to the m "? (Matt. 13 :
10-15. 3 4. 35: il-I p. 1\ 7 <;)
+ A student's ans we rs may indicat e that he under-
stands wh at the Bible teach es. but does he as rf t' When properly used , how can illustrations and exam-
with what he is learning? ples be powerful teaching tools to accomplish the fol-
Wh at qu estions m ight be used to determine wh at is in lowing:?
the student's heart? For example: Arresting attention
Does God's view o f suc h matters seem reaso nable Stimulating thinking
to you ?
Stirring e motio ns. a ffecti ng the conscience and
\Vhat benefit do y Oll see in applying suc h co un wl' th e heart
How ca n yo u apply this in formatio n in your lltc ' Serving as memory aid s
+ Questions require your stude nt to thi nk . Ik p" Ovcrcomtng prejudi ce (be p. 240 par. I )
tient and avo id ru shing th e student af te r ~k i ll )l.
a question.-!Je p. 259 pars. 1-2. I XAt\l l'l .!=.: A person who is study ing is hesitant.about
\ htlfin ' with oth('rs the th in ' $ he is learning. You
What sho uld you do if yo ur stude nt ans we rs iucor n I I ou ld illu strate t ill' need to try hy askin g: 'If yo u were
Iy? How cou ld yo u lead h im to th e appm priatc com lu III \ l't' a Ill'fson drowni !lg, what wou ld co m passio ll
sian? li lt ~\'t ' yo u 10 do'! How do you think Jp ho~" il1

How does Proverbs) 2: 18 hel p us i ll lI si Il l!, auxi liary <jill 11'1,1 telwanlll \ il Wl' tl l ) cthing to assiSll ho\l' wh o
tlo ns with tact? I,., I ' th",tILilU'\ru lagl'ddIHl}'

CAUTION: l,.l.sg au xil iar y q lH.'s li o l1 \ ' ~ llccJ! vd, bill 11\ 1\ 11 nnm - l' lk d iVt' to use qu est ion s th at appcaltn
he careful tha t such qll ('sl ioll S. UU not I H'I tl k I 1'1 I \ tlll \ loving qua lilil's than to U 'lt' qucsuo u-, Ih al

si \!l:!r<Ick t Q:...1" del 11. I,ll I ~ lll lt ( O Il ' p. 2110 p,H. l - p, 2 tl l pa l', 1)
124 "'full)' Accompli!>h n w r ,\ 1itl ist r,l'H-2 Timothy 4:5 Un it 14 (a)

Wh at kind of ill u st ra t io ns are m o st effec tive? (be Directing Students to t he Christian Cong reg a tio n
pp. 240-246) What sim ple illu stration" ha ve vou used ?
Which of th e following methods have you found help-
Conduct Effective Bible Studies ful in enco urag ing a stude n t to begin attending meet -
+ Th e Sermon on t he M ount con tai ns profou nd
ln vit in g him from th e initial study
truths, and yet Jes us tau ght with sim plicity, brev
ity, and clari ty. () ~c ribjng the meetings
How can th e fo rmat of the Hfcltclltower Stud y be usu ! Hulldi ng an t icipat jon for specia l eve n ts (suc h as
as a pattern for our Bible studies? the Memo rial, the ci rcuit oversee r's visit, and as-
Read the par agraph se mb lies)

Ask the printed question When praying at th e study, mentioning the co n-

gregation m eet ings and th e benefits of attending
Allo w the stude n t to answer
How ca n you lise jw.org to direct yo ur st ude nts to th e
Read and co nside r appropria te scriptu res llrgan izatio n?
Ask auxiliar y qu estions and usc illu strat io ns + Who Arc Do;ug lchovah's ~ViIJ n ,day? Th is bro-
Why shou ld we focus on th e main points wh en co n chure <:on tains one-page lesso llsJ !laL cillLCH) i1 y
du cting a Bibl e study ? Wh y could it be cou nte rprodu. be covered in jus t five to 'I'n min u tes at t he end
live to bring unnecessary material in to th e d isru v-"ioll ' of each study.-klll 3/ 13 p. 3.
(be p. 162 pa r. 4)
Its purpose is to ( 1) fam iliarize Hible students wit h
What should we do when our stude nt raises a qucsuon ' us as a people, (2) help them learn ab out our ac-
(kw 2Iill p. 6 pars. 1-4) tiviti es, a nd (3) show them o u r Q r ~a lliza tion in
Why should we a llow the stude n t sufficient tim e to U '.It1
aq jo n.
grasp, and acce pt truths p resent ed in the lcvson? \ ClIIT student progresses, how ca n you he lp him to cs-
How do we decide how much m at erial we will ~ 11\ I 11111 \11 go a ls suc h as: praying to j eho vah ea ch day, react-
III ' tlu- Hlhle dail y, preparlng fo r his lesson eac h wee k.
er? How ca n we keep the Bible study m ovin g at .. 11I1I
1 '1II,i1ly rl',ldin ~ n il' l Vi'l c1l1owcr a nd tt \\ukl'!, atte nd -
gresstve pace? (Col. 2:6, 7; kill 1/05 p. I l h l 1'' ''. II IIlt'l'ling\ and avsemb lics. as well a 'i sharing what
How can we take the lim itati ons of 01lT vtudcu tv 111111 II, 1\ h',lrning in for mally? (uiJl H/l pp. 1922 1
co ns id eratio n? Ughn 16:1.s>
126 Un it 14 (b ] Uni t 14 (b) 127

" We encourage you o nce agai n to take full advan -

Workshop 4 tage o f t he wo rksho p session. Determine wh ere you call
grow as a teache r. Take special note of ways to direct
your stude nts to God 's o rgan ization. May many more
Conduct Progressive co me to kno w a nd serve Jeh ovah and act ually be 'saved
Bible Studies through an accura te knowledge of truth.'-l Tim. 2:-l.

In this workshop we will consid er how to

0/ find and cu ltivate Bible studies
0/ improve you r teach ing skills
0/ direct your Bible students to the Christian
cong regation


Worldwide, millions o f Bible stud ies are bei ng (ti ll

ducted by God's peopl e each month. Is ou r intl'a '''1
merely to improve peop le's lives or is our co rnmis..ion
m uch mo re invo lved? Matthew 28:19,20 gives clear dl
recti o n as to ou r goal. What joy we have whe n, OVI 'I
time, in d i ~i d u al s buil.d a relationship with J e h u Y ~I II .
make cha nges, and become true footstep Iottcwcr-, 0 1
J e~l s Ch rist!

In this final wor kshop, we will explore our role. ,I

well as th e role o f th e co ngregation, in the proga'\\ 01
ou r Bi ble stude nts. Th e Bible liken s the work 01 1ll .1~
ing a Ch ristian discipl e to butldtnga structurc UpOIl II
sus Ch rist as th e fnundatton .e-t Cor. 3:10- n .~ lol lll I
be p. 278 pars. 1-4 .
128 Un it 15 (a ) Unit 15 (a) 129

Help Others he needs to make befo re he ca n do so ! ( I's. 24:3 -6; 50: 16;
Ro m . 2:2 1-24; b11 p. 154 par. 2; pp . 177-178 pars. 10-11)
"Press On to Maturity" Why would it be good to encourage yo ur stude nt to
O PENING D ISCUSSIO N enroll in the Th eocratic Min istry Schoo l?
Wh at are the qu altfications to en ro ll in thi s school?
Th e birth of a child, a graduat ion, a marrt agc-cr !l (be' p. 282 par. 6)
are mil estones. However, in each instance there is still
much wo rk to do for those invo lved to achieve sucres.. . When yo u believe th at a student is qu alified to sha re
in field service, wha t steps sho uld yo u take in orde r for
Wh at abo ut yo ur Bible stude n ts? Are th ey ab le It l him to be ap proved? (",96 1/15 p. 16; kin 2/02 p. 5)
track thei r spiritual progress? Have th ey beco me \111
b"'iptized pu blishers? Are th ey baptized ? Th ese are trutv What is involved m prepau ng your student tor his lust
milesto nes tha t hr ing muc h joy. However, you r stud ents d.lv in field service? (/"1" 57 pa r. H; kIl/6 /9.6 p. 5 par. 19)
still nct..'d your assistance and training. They han ' jll"
Wh y are special ca mpaigns usefu l in train ing new pub-
begun a cou rse th at we hope w ill be a lifetime o f wr
lI \h l'rs?
vice to Jeho va h. How can we assist th e m to "pn's.., till
to m all1 ~ty " ?-H e b .6:1; 1 Co r. 3: 10-13. Why is it vital to give ou r Bible stude nts ongoing train-
ltlg i ll the wit nessi ng wo rk? Why is it vita l to train t he m
QUESTI ON O UTLINE 111 vario us ave nues of service?

111\ lll \ \ th e follOWin g steps by which you ca n help a

Traine d to Give a Witness
III 'W p ub lish er develo p wit nessing skills. (Jud g. 7: )7:
How do you help yo ur Bible stude nts from the htJ.:1I1 .. 'I" III , p. 16 par. II: kll/ 6/05 p. 1; kin 7/DS p. I; kll/
n ing o f their stud ies to understand th e tmporta nc l ' I II '" p. I)
speaking to others abou t what they an' lea rning'!
Provi d ing <I hr il'f ex pla natio n and showi ng till' stu -
SUGGESTIO N: Some pioneers ~ their Hihh- It l tklll wh ere Ill' G tI1 find suggested prese nt ations
dents tracts to share with Inends a nd rclativi . (11 11
I h 'lIHII1\lrilling how vnrt ou s feat ures of th e min-
ers practice in forma l witIles.sJu g.-wilh lh d r ::.Ludrl l l
1\II V .m- dt uu'
- bll p. 177 par. 9 .
I\l low ing h im 10 lry w h at y011 lJ avl'dl'1Il0 1l\ tr;lh't!
If your stude nt expresses a desire 10 shun- in ti ll' l'!' ,I I Ii
lng wo rk, how do yo u help h im to \ l' l ' wh.tt llJ ,l ll ~l t,j \ llI g 11t',lI t ll'l1 comuu-n d.nlon .un l U 'i1\\III'i1 l1n '
130 "FI/fly AcmlllpJi.~" rOllr Mil/istrv"- 2 Ti motlty -1:5 Unit IS (a) 131

How wou ld you st ress to you r st uden t t h e impo r tan ce o f How do yo u prog ressively nelp t he studen t to devel-
regular participation in th e m in istr y? ( k ill 8/94 pp . 3-4) o p these feelings? (il Lesso ns 1, 2, 5, 6; kill 9/05 p. 3)
How call yo u discern the progress a stude n t is ma k-
Assisting Students to Dedication and Baptism
in g toward havin g a prop er view of his own posi-
How ca ll a co ns ide ratio n of th e fo llowing steps help u.. tio n in (elation to God? (wOS 2/l pp. 78-3 11
in gaugi ng the progress o f a Bible stude nt? What call
Why is it vital that your stude nt u nderstand what
be do ne if we determine that the stude nt is at a stan d-
ded icat io n rea lly means? How d oes o ne make a
still whe n i t comes to on e or more of these steps? ded icati on to Jehova h? (w lO 1/1 5 PI'. 3-7)
An Intercs teo perso n sta rts LJy "co m ing to kJ lJll I ' "
Ilow can yo u hel p your st udent to reflect on Ius true
Jehovah and his So n, Jesu s Chr ist (Jo h n 17:3 1 moti vations for gettin g baptized, and why is this so im-
His fiJ.i11l increases as his know ledge g rows (john pu rtan t? (Mat t. 24:13; 28 :19, 20)
3: 16)
Pre ss On to Maturity
He regularly ca lls o n Je hovah in l!JjJJ:cr (Acts 2:2 11
He appreciates t he need to associate regu larly wit h
- In wha t way d oes o ur Ch ristia n o bligat io n as pioneers
vvtvn d far beyo nd a stude nt's baptism? (Acts 14:22: Ga l.
others of like fait h (He h, 10:24, 25) I,: It]; U'et. 4: 10 )
He ,fPellls of hi s sins lActs 17:30l I I II' how long and in what ways should yo u co ntinue

He turns !row,ui, rejecti ng had practi ces (A~I ... J: I IJ I Iwlping newly bapt ized o nes? (Co l. 2:6, 7; k111 3/09 p. 2:
1111 1,/00 1'. 4 pars. 7-8)
His fai t h m oves h im to s/!cak pub licly to 0111\ '1
(2 Cor. 4: 13) + It is hcst to co ntin ul' study ing with a prog rcsvlvc
Hihh- studen t until he has co mp leted two J>ubli -
li e dedicates h im se lf to jehova h ill o rde r tel hl l '''II inns , - t Bible Uell" , Teach? a nd
low Jesus properly (1 Pet. 4:2) "KI'C" YtJlI rw/\'(':<i' III (/0, S .on '. li s is tr ue even
II tlu - ... tuc h-nt gl'ls );lptlZl'( lefo re fi ni shi ng both
Ill' sym bolizes hi s dcdlcation by wau-r I~ / I
h Oll k v. Arte r h h bapt ism , we may co nt in ue to rc-
(Ma lt 16 :24; I 1'e1. 3 :2 11
Befoa' a student lila h 'S a dcd irntion 10 h-hov.rh t ,Hoi
1'" 1' 1 1111..' uu u-, the ret ur n vi\ its, a nd th e lllhh-
..II lib', II ;lllI lhlh lH'r .:In:o ll1 l'a nil~s u\ a lld Jlar tid ~
h o w \ llOll ltl lH' fed ;1/10 11 1 h'hm'i1 11 ;llItlll i\ 1'1'l lp ll 'I I Pdt l:.. 111 ti ll' \ l ud)', lit' lIIa y also COLI t hc Fliiu -.
1ll:8 ; 1t];I;;!.\; I ld r, 8 :2 .IJ kll' .1/11 1'. l.
132 "Fil II)' AfcompJi,\J/ }'lJ/lr MiJli5/r)'''- 2 Ti m othy -1:5 Unit IS (b) 133

Dur ing their development, have yo ur stude nts been en - Pioneer Service School Review
couraged to . ..
make decisions based on Bible pr inciples?
have a regul ar routi ne for prayer, persona l study, Unit 13(a) l e arn From t he Ma ster
an d meditation? "lr'lIIyolI{' lows 11IC, lie will observe my word."
-l nhn 14:23.
get along with others at the Kingdom Hall and
wo rk for peace? (Matt. 5:23, 24; 18:2 1, 22; ROIll . Why can we rightly refer to Jesus as o ur Maste r?
12:18) - In wha t ways ca n you im itate th e kind of perso n
Jesu s was?
suppor t th eir l o cal Kin gdom Hal l fin an ci al ly
as we ll as whe n clea ning and ma inte na nce arc How did Jesus set th e example for pioneers in rc-
needed? gard to (a) his wor k et h ic? (b) his view of ma teri -
al th ings?
set suc h goa ls in thei r min istr y as: wor king wit h
the circuit ove rseer or h is wife, auxilia ry pt onccr Unit 13(b) Conduct Prog ress ive Bible Stud ies
ing, co nduct ing thei r own Bible stu dies, being rl'~ - Part 1
ular in th e m inistry even du rin g tim es of hard "[7('tlCl1j tJ /{'11I to observe all the tllillgs
I lmvc col1ll1l11 ll ded YO II. "
sh ip?
- Matthew 28:20.
Why is it impor tant for new ones to have a good Ioun Wha t effective teaching met hods did Jesus It'MIl
dation in Ch ristia n livin g before we feel our assignllH'111 from Jeh ovah ?
~8, 9)
as a teach er is co mplete? (Col. 2:6, 7; 2 Tim. 3:1 2; 1 I'd
~ . ----- (l ow do you prepare to co n duct a Bible stud y with
the needs of you r stude n t in mi nd?
Ilow ca n you assist your stude nt to get t ile most
benefi t from his Bible study?

1111 it 14 (a ) Co nd uct Pro g re ssive Bible Studie s

I'Mt 2
' l l 'nUlI!' 11'1//1 is 1'ali'clly imlfllcted will /1(' like IIh lcc/chcr. "
- l-u kc 6:..JO,
lluw call yo u imitan: Jesu s in h is lISl' u f (II) qucs-
Iioll \ ? (il l il lt l\ lril l iclll \ l
134 "FIII/)' Accomplish Your Millistry" - 2 Timoth y 4:5 Uni t 15 {b) 135

How can profound truth s be presented in a clear

and simple manner?
How ca n you di rect Bi ble stude nts to the Chri s-
tian co ng regatio n?

Unit 14(b) Workshop 4

Conduct Progressive Bible Studies
"l should heur that til}' children So
011 ",ulkill,I{ ill the truth. "
-3 10lHl 4.
W hat can you do to Teach th e hear t of your Hi
hie stude nt?
What can you do to hel p your Bible stude nt over
co me difficulties?
How can you help your Bible stude n t make proJ(
cess towa rd baptism ?

Unit 15 (a) Help Others " Press On to Maturi ty"

"Now that we haw l1Iol'l'd beyond til e primary dOd ritW
about tile Christ, let us press 011 to maturity:"
- Hebrews 6: 1.
What steps are needed for stude nts to qUillil\' III
join us in the ministry? Wh at traini ng C;l1I \ 1I11
provide for a new publisher?
How can you explai n th e mea ning of d l '( li l , l llllll
to your prog ressive stude nt?
How do we continue to help o ur studvn t.. t I II
af ter the ir bapt ism !
136 Unit 16 (a ) Unit 16 (a) B7

Why should o ur close relat io ns h ip with j ehovah make

The joy of us the most joyful people o n ea rth"! (jo h n 6:44; Eph .
Jehovah Is Your Stronghold 4:18)

O PENING D ISCUSSION How has Jesus' rule con trib uted. to o u r jovful state?
(Rom, 5:8, 18, 19; Co l. 1:21-23 )
Th e joy tha t j ehovah.gi ves is an unfailin g stronghol d
for those wa lking in his way as in teg rity keepers. (Prov. What aspect s of o ur pure worship b ring us joy? (John
2:6-8; 10:29) To have God-given jo y, of course, people R:32; 1 Co r 2:9, 10; Rev. 18:1-8)
must do t he diYine_will. In this regard, co nsider wha t O f all th e peo ple living o n th e ea rt h, on ly those
happen ed in Jeru salem in l~s day. The copyist 1':1 r;\ exclus ively devoted to Jeh ovah_have his hilly spir-
and others impa rted un derstanding th rougll-a mean- it and the blessed com prehens io n of h is Word and
ingful read ing of the Law. Then the people were urgl'd:
"Go. ea t t he cho ice things and dri n.k..whaL.i.s-sweet, anti
,viii.We ca n be bot h grateful and joyous that we
ar e gran ted the prog ress-ive understand in g ind i-
send por tions of food to those who have.nothing pn' cated in th e words of Proverbs .... :1: "ThS path of
pared; fm this day is holy to OUf Lord, and do not fed the righteous is like the bright morning light that
sad, fo r the joy of lehQvahJ 5.}'OULSlro ngh old." The Jew\ g rows brighteL <md_brighteL lmW full dayligh t. "
ap pli ed th e knowledge they had ga ined and heh.1jLjo)
ous Fest ivalof Booths, which resu lted in "great re jolc Why can it be said that joy is not optional? {Deut. 16:
Ing." lN~ h. 8: 1-12) Those who had ' the joy of jeh ovah 1.\ 15; 11'95 1/1 5 p. 11 pars. 4-6)
as ~')tronghold' gathe red strength for his-worsh lp
and se rvice. God's peo ple today sho uld be joyful ,1\ well II Li fe of Pu rp ose
What are some of ou r presen t-day reasons for joy? Wh.11 hope b rings great joy, and wha t are Christian s en-
to do in regard to thi s hope? (Ma tt . 6:9 , 10;
11 11ll'i1gl'd
QU ESTION O UTLI NE I'h il. 4:4; I Tim. I: II )

"Not hing b ut Joyfu l" ( Deu!. 16:15 ) I X I'ER IENCE: A p io neer n am ed janecn sa ys :
"l'rnh thu e I have an o ppor tu n ity to teach the
What is the d efin ition of joy"! (i1-2 p. 119)
1IIIIh IOJl!..!Jl'rs, I fl'l'I.!..!lat a dl'ejR'r illlprruion of
What is the source of true joy, and how is ( ~()d ' \ huh Iht "'I ' tnuh-, i\ engraved on my.mind and hl'<ll:t .
spirit invo lved? (Deut . 28: ....7; Provo 15: 13; 17:22; I d ,\\ .I 1\ '\ 111 1, Ill y faith is Il o t ~t a gll all t hut cQ!.!!.lJ I-

5:22) 111' \ 10 gcuw ,"

138 'T lilly Acco "'pli.~ IJ You r M;Il;~' ry "-2 Tim oth y -l:5 Unit 16 (a) 139

Why is the m inistr y of Jehovah 's Witnesses the most How has the joy of our brotherhood personally affect-
important work being don e on ea rt h today? (lsa. 55 :6 ) ed your life? (1'5. 13]: I; Mark 10:29, ] 0; I Pet. 2:17)
How does Jehovah feel about his work, a nd how do We .. Pioneel~h('12 to sta uihze the cvn&!egatlo n. They
know that Jehovah wants us to enjoy our work? (Eccl. aSSt~tln_cariQK.for m idweek meetings for field ser-
5:19; u-z p. 11 9) vice and work ing wit h those need ing_assistance.
Th eir conversations, com me nts, and expe rienc-
How did the apostle Paul voice a sim ila r thought es sti mu late ot he rs. Pion eers are an exam ple to
about rejoicing? (Ph il. 4:4; il-2 p. 1l9) younger on es. They encourage them to put King-
To w hom doe" your wo rk bring le v, and w hy .' (lsa. 52:7: dom interests first a nd to set t heoratic goal s for
Luke 15:10; Acts 20:3 ~ ; Hom. 10:15.) the mselves suc h as pioneering, Bethel ser vice,
and serving wh ere there is a greater need. Pion eers
How might you r pion eering bring joy to your fam i l\ often make time to e ncourage infirm ones in the
members? co ngregatio n. Because o f th eir tact and d iscern-
EX IIERlENCE: A pioneer with school-age childn..'11 me n t in dea ling-w.ith.pCQ.llle-aUh.c..-doors, house-
sche duled her field service act ivities so that two holders beco me fam iliar wit lL.Qur_messagc a nd
after noons a week she cou ld sha re with her...dlil m ore.recept tve to it.-Phi l. 2: 17.
dren in the field service after school. She would How can pioneers co ntribute to the joy of others while
also encou rage them to pioneer during schoo l Vii - I III rcastng their own joy? (Prov. 11:25)
ca1i.!ms. AJL five of he r ch ildren en terl'.tLp io lll'l'1'
service aft er th e}' finished school. An Unfa iling Stronghold
No te to Instructor: Using th e latest }'( ,ilrIJv v k, di\( II joy dot's not cnuu nateou r difficu lties, why is a
\ !l ll t'
highlights of th e ministry during the past service 't ,II I'0\iti \'l' spirit Important? (Ps. 59: 16, 17; 100:2; Ifeh,
worldwi de a nd locall y, a nd re m ind t ill' piou v.-rv 0 1 I I;,.!; 1,1\. 1:2 )
the important roll' they played in th ese uood n-pur t
- I Co r. ]:5-9.
\\ 11 \ Ill oly \\'1' nvvd to vhow "pOl lil'JKl' a n d joy'! " (Mart
A Blessed Brot he rhood Ill, I 1','1. 1:1.\, 11 )

In "..'ha l way\ dOL'S our i ntcm att ona ! IJrol lh'rhlloti 111111 llo w tllli'\ h t'lll ~ .l\\lln' tl tIl 1" IIII\'OIh '\ hl\'l' ul lllrihllll'
yOll joy'! (I lag. 2;7; 1 Pl'! . 5:5-11) 111 1 11 11 111\' n'\ i 1:1K: 1 lo h n J :J1', 2t )l
140 "FlIfly Accomplisl/ YOllr Millistry "-2 Timot tw 4:5 Unit 16 (b) 141

How is th e joy of Jehova h an unfailing stronghold? (l's.

18:1, 2, supe rsc riptio n; Rom. 10:10)
Jehovah Blesses
Those Trusting in Him
Does it not fi ll you with joy and gratitude to know
what Jeh ovah has do ne, is do ing, and will do fo r his ser- O PENING DI SCUSSION
vants? Indeed, such gra nd prospects con tribute to our
joy! M oreover, our bl essed hope m akes us lo ok to our God 's Wo rd urges us: "Trus t inj eh ovah w i tt!.-e.!!_~-)U r
happy, loving, generous God wit h sent ime n ts like th ese: heart , and do not rely on you r own understan ding. In
" Loo k! Thi s is our God! We have hQRed i n h im, and all your ways take notice of him, and he will ma ke your
he will save LIS. This is Ieh ovah ! We have hoped in him. path s straigpt." (p ro~ 3:5, 6) Np one in t he un iverse is
Let us be joyful and rejoice i n t he salY.atiOlLby h i m ," more trustworthy t han our heaven ly Fath er. Neverthe-
(Isa. 25:9) With o ur splendid hope firm ly fixed in mi nd, less, it is easier to read th ese words in Proverbs tha n to
let us pu t forth eve ry effort t~e_JehOYjJluYWl jov put th em into practice.
of hea rt. -
+- Trust is defined as "assu red relian ce on the charac-
ter,~ab ility~ strength, ortr uth oLsomeQne--.!>r.some-
thing." Webster's Eleventh New Collegiate Dictio-
Proverbs 3:5 contrasts trusting in Jehovah witllJean-
ing o n o urown.understandt ng, suggesting th at we (,:jW-
not do both . Jeh ovah gives us powers of understa nd-
lllg;and he expects us to use these in serving him. (Rom.
12: I ) Do we trust Jehova h's wisdom for what it is-i n-
nn lt cl y superio r to o ur own? (lsa. 55:8, 9) To " t ~l
lr-hovah" means to.Iet.hls.thl nki ng gu tde o ur thoug ht
11 11 .(C:J\es.~We take notice of hi fl1j ILalLouLWay~t
Iu ~ I Wi ll'11 J,~~c..li.lcc....dim eu It ci reum stan ces.] ehm:allQ1ess-
1'\ llitl\l' w ho put t hctr co mplete tr ust in him .

(}lJI ':I liON O UTLIN E

II'hov'lh - A Trustworthy God

\\ h.ll 1\ l1h ';11l1 by the cxpn-v.km "loyallove" as used i ll
11I1J1 l'/ (,,\\,( p. 17(U; 1\0 ' 1/ 1.'; p, It 1'<11'\ . 10- 11 ) Ilow
1111 '
142 "Fully A (compli.~/1 Ytwr Mill i ~t ry "-2 Timotnv 4:5 Unit 16 (h ) 143

is Jeh ovah's trustwor thiness and strengt h of cha racter How did Satan use each of these en tice ments 10
firm ly a nchored in his loyal love? (Ex. 34 :6, 7; Deut. te mpt Jesus in the wildern ess?
7:7-9, 12; I's. 136: 1-26)
How do Jesus' responses help us when we a rc faced with
Explain why the meani ng or definition of j eh ovah 's sim ilar challenges to our faith and trust in God ? (\\'13
na me is a sig nifica nt reason for putting: tru st in hi m? 8/15 p. 25 pars. 8-10)
(Ex. 3: 14; Itn .; 6:2-8 ) How did jesus' knowled ge of the Scriptures ena ble him
Why is Jehovah the epitome or truth'! Give exa mples to trust in Jehova h and resist temptat ions:'
'o fJehovah 's reliabilitv and in tegrity. ( 1 Ki. 8 :56; 1'5. 3 1:5: flow does Jesus ' exam ple help us to remain trustwor-
Heb . 6:18) thy in the face of temptation > (I's. 1:1-3 ler. 17:5-7'
How did Jehovah dem onstrat e that he tru sted his SOil, + If we are wellacquainted with the Bible, th is will
and what was thi s co nfi dence based o n? (l S3 . ~ 3: 3 - 7. enable us to bring principles and verses to min d
10-12; John 8 :2'1: Acts 8:32-35) that ca n h!p. us to keep our th ink ing straight
How did Jesu s demonstrate that he trusted in Jehovah in th e face of temptation , Each time j esus an-
under challengtng circu mstances? (Matt. 26:52. .s3) swered Satan, he gave a Scriptural reply, saying
" It is written" or, " It is said."-Matt. 4:4; Luke 4: 12;
+ j eh ovah taKes pleasure in thost' WilD tr us t in him. I's. 119:42.
and h('_l~comes whatever is necessary to bless and
protect.his people.- Zeph. 3:12, 13. Imitate a Widow's Trust

Jesus Trusted in His Fathe r Druma tic Bible reading 0( 1 Ki"ss 17:8-24. Th is ,1(-
cou n t will help us to appreciate the co n fidence
Dram atic Bible n:mJitls of Lu ke -1: 1-13. Th t-, til and trust that was d isplayed by th e widow o f 7..a rc -
count will highl igh t the tr ust that jesus pl acc.l I II pJ1 <1 th. Her situatio n was critical. Would she tr us t
h is heavenly Fath er. Once the dra mati c llibh- read in jehovah to save her and her so n, o r wo uld shl'
ing has co ncluded, the class will d iscu ss pr im I pu t her material needs ah ead of gaining Cod 's
pies and ide ntify lessons fro m the dramatt znt tou approval and friendsh ip? Be p repa red to foll o w
Be prepared to follow along in Luke 4: I -I J . ;llong in 1 Ki ngs 17:8-24.
What three entice me nts identi fied by the npo... th' .John \ViI,l! n-qucst did Elijah make of the widow of Zart'-
does Sata n li se to cha llenge o ur lovalt y and IrU "1 III It pll ,LIII , ,Il HI what assura nce did Il l' giVt' hvr? ( 1 Ki . 17:
hovah ? ( 1 John 2 :15, 16) I I, I I I
144 "Full,. Accomplish YOllr ,\fillistr,."'- 2 Timotl". -1:5 Unit 16 (b) H5

How did the widow put her complete trust in the God Blessings Overtake Those Who Trust in Jehova h
of salvatio n, and how did Je hova h ble ss and rewa rd her
for this? (1 Ki. 17:1 5, 16) What does Genesis L2 :18 imp ly abou' God 's blessin g!
(Gal. 3:16, 29; Re v. 7: 4; 14:1 )
Wha t does t he acco unt of the widow of zarephat h teach
us about trusting in Jehovah wh en we face financial an d What promise mad e to joshua wi ll prove to 1)(' tr ue for
other difficulties? (I's. 22:~, 5) us? (Deut . 28:1, 2)

How can meditatin g on such accounts increase our trust .. We can have co mplete fait h in everything jcho-
in the resurrect ion hop e? (l Ki. 17:1 7-24; 2 Cor. 1:3) va h God says, includ ing his promises for the fu -
tu re. He is the vcry essence and person ificatio ll
Trust Jehovah's Promises of trut h . Jehovah also has the alm ightY_PQy\'cr tc
pr~t his trusting ones and to brirl.R.i!.!1 of hi,
How can meditat ing on past acts of deliverance fort ify grand purposes to glorious success.-Ps. 9 1:1, 2,
us for what lies ahead? (Hab, 3:18) I,". 55:8-11.
How do th e followin g Scriptural accoun ts stre ngthen
yo ur fait h in Jehova h's ability to de liver h is peo ple?
Genesis 7: 1-5, 11
Exodus 14 :1 -~

2 Kings 19:32-35
Matt hew 24:15-18, 22
Read Iosnuu 23:14.
What evide nces are recorded in the Scriptures that vcr
ify the \vords of Jos hua to be factual ? Co mpa re the fo l-
lowing Scriptural promises:
Genesis 12:7
Exodus 3:8; 12:29-32; 1 6 :~ , 13-15
Deuteronomy 8:3, -l
Josh ua 11 :23
146 Unit 17 (al Unit 17 {ar

Persevere in Prayer Why did King David say that his prayer shou ld be pre-
pared "as in cen ~e"? (Ps. bl1 :2; Ex. 30:34 -38; Rev. S:8 )
O PENIN G DI SCUSSION Why should we give thought to improving the qu alit y
and quantity of our pra yers? (l's. Q2:1. 2; 119:147, 164 ;
Prayer is un iqu e a mong th e loving provi sion s o f Je- [ph. 6: 18)
hovah God. O~poser5 may confu3k)'Q1ILBihl e or {ill'.
vent you from meeting with fellow worshippers, but .n.u We Can learn From Notable Prayerv in the Bible
~ can rob you of prayer. To overstate th e value<rl What show , that although Jesus was a perfect man , he
prayer is impossible. How important it is, then, for each did not rely o n his own strengt h to endure? What con
o ne o f us to cher ish and take full adyallta)~e of this priv- fid ence did Jesus have in h is Fath er, and wh y? (Heb. .":7)
What do you especially appreciate about le<; II <;' prayers
Th e Ilible is not a prayer boo k. Yet. it co uld be etc- at Matthew 26:39. 47 . H ?
scribed as mankind 's greatest textbook on prayer. TIll'
In the accou nt at Luke 6:12, 13, j esus prayed all night
Hebrew Scr i!TI!J [es alo ne con ta in over 150 prayers. Some
What can we learn from thi s"
are short; oth eJ2_;tr~ Qn g . Th ey were uttered lnpu bhc
and in private, by kings and by cap tives, i1!....!riumph and What is supplication, and co ncern ing what may we sup-
in tribul ati on. At Psalm 6
r:2, we read David 's so ng: "()
Hear erof prayer, to you people of all sor ts will co me."
plicate Jehovah? (Ph il. 4:6: wU 11/1' p. 4 pars. 6- 7\
Why sho uld we look to Jehovah to cope Willi pressures
You pioneers may need strengt h a nd wisdom in "'pt.' ill this syste m, and how may we do so? (Matt . 7:7: Phi l.
ctal ways because of your own particular _Ci!('U111st<l 1U 1:13)
es. Your full reliance on j eh ovah by means oC pm 't. Wh at two major problems did Hannah face, and why
will help you to deal with life 's chal lenges. Th ervfo rv, did eac h pre sent a challenge? (1 Sam . 1:2 ) Wh y d id
this discussion should enhance yo ur understanding 0 1 l'eu i nn ah want Hannah to suffer, and how did 'ilw IHHt
th e privilege o f prayer and your appreciation for it. l l.mnah? ( 1 Sam . 1: .~-7 )
when yo u lace petty meanness or in justice, why i,
Q UESTION O UTLINE it u un fo rling to remember that j ehovah is th e ( ;od
01 jll\liu' ! whv do we not allow what ot he r, do to
Coming to th e " Hea rer of Praye r" t. ,llI ' l ' \I ' 10 stum nle r . Deut, 32 :4; l's. 11 9:16." )

What convin ces you that Jehovah Ill'..H \ vour p r,l ) I" III )\\' did Ha nnah pour out her heart H' her hea ven -
(I Ki. 18 :363R Act' I2:S-1 I; It el>. S:7 \
, lv F.lllwr in pr.iycr? ( I 'sam . 1:9, 10)
1~8 ''FilII), AccompU.," Your Milli.~ trr'-2 Timothy -1:5 Unit 17 (a)

Rath er than spea k in ge ne ralities, how was Hannah j eh ovah 's serva nts offered no table p rayers under a mu l-
speci fic in her praye r? Wha t comfor t d id this brin g titud e of circum stan ces, Wh ich of th e fo llowin g situa-
to her? How can our speci fic prayers help to unbur- tions have yo u experienced?
de n o ur hearts and mi nds? (1 Sam . 1:11; Ps. $ 1) You need gu ida nce fro m God m carrying n ut an
+ W hen you arc faced with adversity. be spl>cifie assign men t, as d id Elleze r, (Gen . 24: 12 14 )
in your prayers. Regardless of what you r problem You face opposition from you r fami lv, a" d id la-
is, whet her it is you r domestic situatio n, lo neli- cob. (Ge n. 32:9-12)
ness, or ill health, pr.i!y to J eh ()vlJ.l~ut it. .!?l'~ You wa n t to know God better, as d id Moses. (Ex .
scribe to him the ex'!,! nature of rOUT difficul ty 33 :12-17)
and how you feel.
You are confronted wit h oppo ne n ts, a" was Elijah.
EX PERIENCE: "Every _eve n in g I en trust all m y (I Ki. 18:36, 37)
troub lesjnjehovah," says a widow named Loui se. You find so m e aspects of the preaching work dif-
"So m etim es there a re qu ite a few, but I clearly ficu lt. as d id Jerem iah . (Jpr. 7.0:7-12 )
menti o n eac h " I)e." (w9.1 3/15 p. ~ )
You feel t he need to approac h jehovah to see k h is
As Hannah 's example illustrates, what should we keep forgiveness, a.. expressed bv So lomon. (1 Ki. 8 :
in min d wh ile p rayin g to God? (I's. 62 :8; I Thess. 5:17; 38, 39)
I Pet. 5:7) Why should this build our confide nce in Jl" You face persecutio n, as d id j esu s' discipl es. (Acts
hovah? 4:2~-31)

What co m fort did Hann ah receive by open ing her hea rt Future study pro ject : Abo u t 180 prayers a re reco rd -
to Je hova h? How m ight we benefit from Hannah 's ex ed in th e Bible. W hy not research t hese by means
ample when we strugg le with negative feel ings? ( 1 Sam . of l \!cltcllto\\'er Library, the Index, o r t he Research
1:18; I's. 55:22) Guide for lcho vu li's Wi tm"Sses. Ana lyzing the co n -
ten t o f th e prayers of o ther faith fu l serva nt s wi ll
How d id Hannah's second recorded prayer to j eh ovah be ,I so u rce of encouragemen t to you ,-w]] 2/l 5
reflect th e depth of her faith ? wh en yo u exa mi ne 11.111 p. 19.
nah 's p rayer recorded at 1 Samue l 2: 110. what do y O Il
learn abou t the need to I1<1Vt' an intiman- rl'lil litlll\ llll' Wo rk in Ha rm ony W ith Your Praye rs
with jehovah? How does her p rayl'r \ In'llg lhl' ll \01 11 \\'h .11 did David do wh en he learned that h i\ life wa...
fait h? Illlt 'tlJl.lrtly"! ( 1 S.III1 , 19:11, 12; Ps. 59 :1, 2)
150 "FilII)' AC((JI11p li.~1I Clif f M illist ry " -2 Timo thy -1:5 Un it 17 (h ) lSI

How did Nehem iah show th at he ap preciated th e prin- Endurance leads to an

ciple th at pra yers require works? (Neh. 4:9, 16)
Approved Condition
What acco unts in j esus' life show th at he acted in ha r-
mony wi th his prayer t ha t his Father 's nam e be gtori- O PEN ING D ISCUSSIO N
fied ? (Lu ke 5:23-26 : 17:12-15; John 17:4)
How did Jesus work in acco rd with hI Spr ayer for m o re "You need endu rance:'. rotc th e apostle Paul to the
harvest workers ! (Ma tt. 9:37. 38: 111:1-10, Luke 10:1-9 \ first-century Ch ristia ns living in judea.Fl leb, 10:36 ) Em-
pha sizing the importa nce of thi s qu ality, t he apos tle Pe-
How do we apply th e pr i nci pl e of wo rking in harmo-
ter likewise urged Ch ristia ns: " uppl y to your faith . . .
n y with o u r pra yers? ( las. 1:5; ...8 7 7/1 5 p. 19 par. 14 \
end ura nce." (2 Pet. 1:5, 6 what exactly is endu rance '!
Why must we acco mpany o ur prayers wit h a sense 0 1
co n fi de nce in jehovah? A Greek-Englis h lexicon defines the Greek verb for
"en d u re" as " ren~C;in,;...:.in
;: ... sta n d one's
Psalm 86:7 ground, hold out." Co ncern ing th e Greek noun for "en -
Hebrew s 11 :6 durance," one reference work says: " It is the s p i_~ich
canjreaLtluugs, flot simply with resignation, but with
1 Peter 3: 12
hlaztngl!Qpg . . . It is t he quality whi ch kee.QLa man
J John 5:14 o n his..ket with his fac~to t he wi nd . It is the virtue
How t ha nkful we ca n he that th e Crea.tPr of thi s vavt wh ich can transmute th e har9c..stt rial into glc rybecau sc
u n ive rse is close to a ll who carlon him properly ill beyond the-painj Lsccs -the goa l."
pr~er ! (Ps, 145:18) All of us want to take fu ll adran
As Chr istians, we must endure not on ly when expc-
ta~ of th e preciou s priYilege of prayer. If we do, Wt.'
rtcn ctng severe difficulti es or persecution but also w hen
will have th e joyou s prospect of drawing ever close r to
Jeh ovah , th e Hearer of prayer. l'(lping with situa tio ns in everyday life. Som e of you
m ay be dea ling with health problem s, opposition from
r.untly mem bers. or fm.'!'!51al difficulties. Perhaps yo ur
Il'rri !!2!Y is not as ~ rodu ctive as othe rs' arc. O r you 111<IY
Ill ' dow n hea rted because of a constant battle with yo w
own shc rtco mt ngs. 11m\! do you react to suc h circu m-
, Linn', t ha t cal l for e n d u ra nce? Can you main tain yotu
111\ while l'lH.luring'l
152 " f il II,. Accomplisll Yo", Miflistry"'- 2 TImot")' -1:5 Unit 17 (h) I S.1

UESTION O UTlI NE "Yo u Ne ed Endu ra nce " (Heb. 10:36)

Learn ing From Exampl es of Endu ra nce Why should we not be ha sty about evading sttuuuon -,
Why did God include examples of th e' endu rance o f o r assign me nts th at req ui re spertal end urance? (Rom .
faithful serva nts of o ld in the Bible? (Heb, 12:1; [ as, 5: 5:3, 4; j as. 1:4)
10, 11) When we endure, what does tha t reveal as to our
How a re thes e accou nts beneficial to us tod ay? (Rom . hear t? [Luke 8:15)
Why is it not wise to be in mo rbid fear of what fu-
The Bi ble urges LI S to "consider clos ely tbe.one.who has tu re persecu tion might include? (1 Cor. 10:11)
endured." (l leb. 12:3, What does Hebrews 5:7-9 tell us
about Jesu s' endu rance? How do we benefi t from h i.. What can help a person to endure persecution and
faithful co urse? (Rom. 5:19\ mai n tain his inrcurtty? (Prov. 27:11; Acts 5:41; l lcb .
Wha t did Job learn throug h his endura nce? (lob 42: 12:1, 2'
2, 12; jas. 5:10, 11 ) flow may end urance be involved in th e follow ing situ-
What was "the outco me" for Job t hat James referred ations, and wha t co uld be of help?
to ? How d id Job learn a bo ut Jeho vah' s qu a lities
while u nde rgo ing trials? (Job 42:5) Get u ng an early "tart in service
E.x.periencing very hot or very cold weather
Endurance Accomplishes a Great Work
Having a pcrso naury co nflict With your pioneer
Why does God per mit trials to co nw upon h is servan ?
(Jas. 1:2-4) par tner or another brother or sister

Why does God pe rmit wickedness that result s in w- lncttftcrence or apatny in the te rritory
vere persecu tion of his servant s? (2 Pet. 3:9, IS) What ra n help you to endu re the followin g situatio ns?
In wha t way do trials h ring us joy?
Fami ly oppos tnon (Ps. 27:10: Matt . 10:34-:17; Mark
flow are personal weaknesses brought to th e su rfan- b' W: 29 , 30)
means of trials? Why i" this all adva ntage?
Ill, cipline (Prov. 1:8; Heb. 12:11)
Jam es says that endu rance has a "work" that it I'" .1 \
co mplishing . Wha t is that "work"? Ilow chu-... vndur.u u t ' Poo r hea lt h or pe rio ds of dcpresston (1' '0 . 41 :J ;
make us "complet e and sound in all rc.. pll:" ..t ~1.llt. 11 :28 -:10; Hom. 12:12 )
154 "FI/lly A(COJllI)Ji.~11 rOIlT M ill i.~t ry "-2 Timothy 4:5 Unit 17 (h) 155

Temptatio ns, such as promises of a prominent po- EXAMPLE: A brother who had been i nc~ated in
sition or a jo b promotion wit h hig her pay but less Nazi ~ nce ntra t io n camps wrote: "When I ~ar
ti me for spiritual t hi ngs (I's. 37:25 ; Matt. 5:3; 6:33 ) rested, I was t h~ 1 that I had not neg lected per-
sonal Bible stu dy, as it helped me to have the faith
Pressu res at work, su ch as rid icu le because of YOU T to end ure ."-w72 p. 525 .
ad herence to go d ly pr inci ples (Ps. 55:22; Joh n
16:33) Chr istian associa tion (1 Cor. 105:33; ll eh . 10:24, 25)

FXPERJENCE: Many years ago, a maQ....!.:!lt.la ssed a Field serv ice (Malt. 24:14; 28: 19, 20)
broth er at work becausc.nf.hls.faith. The wor k- Prayer (I'rov. 15:29)
mate ridicu led the brot her and criticized his re-
ligio n for...ill.Q!l ths. Th e brot her felt that he could A good co nscience (1 Tim. 1:1 8, 19; 1 Pet. 3:16)
no lo mwr cope wit h it, so he pray~d to Jeh o-
" l e t Endura nce Complete Its Work"
va h to he lll-.h!Ll'l....Wdure the difficul t sit uatio n in
a (Juistlike way wit hou t return ing evil fO Levil. Wh ile we are await ing fin al realiza tion of our hope, our
To th e brot her's surprise, the work mate anolo- endu rance serves to bring o ut fine qu aliti es in us. (Jas.
gized and assured the brot her th at he wou ld nev- 1:3, 4 : w97 11 /15 PI' . 8-9 )
er agai n speak JJadl y-u L God in front of hi m . A How do we allow end urance to "complete" us?
shor t tim e later, t he wo rkmate left t he co mpany.
In what sense can we become "perfect" in God's ser-
Twen ty-four years passed before the brother met vice? (Matt. 5:48)
his former wor kmate again. The wor kmate tol d
h im t ha t he had stud ied t he Bible and had be- + By enduring trial after trial, we repeated ly exer-
co me a baptized Witnt;ss. He fur ther explain ed cise god ly gualities an d, at th e same time, n.cw
that though m an y years had go ne by, he hac.!..D ev- qu alities are awakene d. As a result of th is, we will
er forgotten "t hat Wit ness who with so m uch pa - not be lacking o r de fcctivl' in faith o r in any of
tience enduredconstant .ridicule of him and h h the ot h~ yua li ties we should have as Ch ristian s.
- 1 John 2:5
God ."- yhO! p . 60.
How will t he followi ng he lp you to endure so th at r O il How Has t he Pioneer Service School
can ma in tain a good relatio nsh ip with Je hovah ? fortified You to End u re ?
Persona l study, includi ng meditation (Prnv l o5 :2H, Wha t have you learned that will help you to sl /l)' in
2 Tim . 2: 15) ll u- pioneer servi ce?
156 "Fully Aceo l1/pli.~11 YOllr Mill i.~rry "-2 Timothy 4:5 Unit 18 157

What have you learned th at will eq u ip yO Il to encour- Students' Comments a nd

age others to endure?
Concluding Lectures
W hy is love an im po rta nt facto r in enduri ng? (Rom . 8:
38, 39; 1 Cor. B: 1. 8)
Students' Comments
What tr ials ha ve you personally faced and overcome
with Jeh ovah 's spirit? How have yOll benefited? You m ay wish to express yourse lf as to the trai ning
received at th e Pioneer Service Schoo l. You r th ough ts
Re wa rd fo r Endu rance may invo lve t he schoo l's effect on you as a perso n, on
th e way you view pioneer service, o r o n yo ur plan s for
What did Paul say to co m me nd t he Th essalonian brot h- th e fut ure. Th e instructor will allow tim e now for you
ers for thei r end urance? (1 Th ess. 1:3; 2 Thess. 1:4, 5) to express you r hear tfelt thoughts and feelings.
Wh at is the gra nd reward pro m ised by God to those
who endu re? (Luke 21:19; jas, 1:1 2) Concluding l ectures by Instructors
Each inst ructor will take 20 m in utes to give personal
enco uragement and Scriptu ral admo n ition fo r the ben-
efit of t he stude nts. There m ay be a few fi nal an nounce-
men ts to ma ke, along with di rection for co ncluding t he
school cou rse. All of this sho uld be included wit hi n th e
fi nal 40-min ut e per iod.

Conclus ion