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Horus Heresy Release List

number name author type

1 Horus Rising Dan Abnet novel
2 False Gods Graham McNeill novel
3 Galaxy in Flames Ben Counter novel
4 Flight of the Eisenstein James Swallow novel
4A The Kaban Project Graham McNeill short story
5 Fulgrim Graham McNeill novel
6 Descent of Angels Mitchel Scanlon novel
6A The Dark King Graham McNeill short story/audio drama
6B The Lightning Tower Dan Abnet short story/audio drama
7 Legion Dan Abnet novel
8 Batle for the Abyss Ben Counter novel
9 Mechanicum Graham McNeill novel
10 Tales of Heresy - anthology
11 Fallen Angels Mike Lee novel
11A Raven's Flight Gav Thorpe audio drama
12 A Thousand Sons Graham McNeill novel
13 Nemesis James Swallow novel
14 The First Heretic Aaron Dembski-Bowden novel
14A Garro Oath of Moment James Swallow audio drama
15 Prospero Burns Dan Abnet novel
15A The Iron Within Rob Sanders short story
15B Garro Legion of One James Swallow audio drama
16 Age of Darkness - anthology
16A Promethean Sun Nick Kyme LE novella
17 The Outcast Dead Graham McNeill novel
17A Death of a Silversmith Graham McNeill short story
17B Aurelian Aaron Dembski-Bowden LE novella
18 Deliverance Lost Gav Thorpe novel
19 Know No Fear Dan Abnet novel
19A Army of One Rob Sanders short story
19B Butcher's Nails Aaron Dembski-Bowden audio drama
19C The Lion Gav Thorpe short story
20 The Primarchs - anthology
20A Kryptos Graham McNeill short story
20B Grey Angel John French audio drama
21 Fear to Tread James Swallow novel
21A Distant Echoes of Old Night Rob Sanders short story
22 Shadows of Treachery - anthology
22A Brotherhood of the Storm Chris Wraight LE novella
22B Burden of Duty James Swallow audio drama
22C Gates of Terra Nick Kyme short story
22D Lost Sons James Swallow short story
22E The Divine Word Gav Thorpe short story
22F Garro Sword of Truth James Swallow audio drama
22G Warmaster John French audio drama
22H Strike & Fade Guy Haley audio drama
22I Veritas Ferrum David Annandale audio drama
23 Angel Exterminatus Graham McNeill novel
24 Betrayer Aaron Dembski-Bowden novel
24A Angron - anthology
24B The Sigillite Chris Wraight audio drama
25 Mark of Calth - anthology
25A Corax Soulforge Gav Thorpe LE novella
25B The Imperial Truth - anthology
25C Serpent John French short story
25D Honour to the Dead Gav Thorpe audio drama
25E Wolf Hunt Graham McNeill audio drama
25F Censure Nick Kyme audio drama
25G Scorched Earth Nick Kyme novella
26 Vulkan Lives Nick Kyme novel
26A Tallarn Executioner John French LE novella
27 The Unremembered Empire Dan Abnet novel
27A Riven John French short story
27B Luna Mendax Graham McNeill short story
27C Thief of Revelations Graham McNeill audio drama
27D Bjorn Lone Wolf Chris Wraight short story
27E Kharn The Eightfold Path Anthony Reynolds audio drama
27F Lucius the Eternal Blade Graham McNeill audio drama
27G Cypher Guardian of Order Gav Thorpe audio drama
28 Scars Chris Wraight novel
28A Maccragge's Honour Dan Abnet graphic-novel
28B Wolf of Ash and Fire Graham McNeill short story
28? Hunter's Moon Guy Haley audio drama
29 Vengeful Spirit Graham McNeill novel
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first pub Collected Visions, repub HH22 Shadows of Treachery

first pub Games Day 2007, rereleased as audio book & repub HH22 Shadows of Treachery
first pub Games Day 2007, rereleased as audio book & repub HH22 Shadows of Treachery

Blood Games, After Deshea, Wolf at the Door, The Last Church, The Voice, Scions of the Storm, Call of the Lion

repub in HH22 Shadows of Treachery

first pub in H&B5, repub in HH16 Age of Darkness

Rules of Engagement, Liar's Due, Forgoten Sons, The Last Remembrancer, Rebirth, The Face of Treachery, Litle Horus, The

first pub Games Day Anthology 2011, repub in HH22 Shadows of Treachery

BL 15 years
repub in Angron anthology
first pub in H&B February - April 2012, repub in HH20 The Primarchs
The Reflection Crack'd, Feat of Iron, The Lion, The Serpent Beneath

BL Anthology 2012/2013
The Crimson Fist, The Dark King, The Lightning Tower, The Kaban Project, Ravens Flight, Death of a Silversmith, Prince of Cr

GD France 2012
BL Weekender Anthology
BL Weekender Anthology

BL Advent 2012
BL Advent 2012
BL Advent 2012

After De'Shea, Butcher's Nails, Lord of the Red Sands

The Shards of Erebus, Calth That Was, Dark Heart, The Traveller, A Deeper Darkness, The Underworld War, Athame, Unmar

first pub HH Weekender; Hands of the Emperor, The Phoenician, By the Lion's Command, The Devine Adoratrice, Lord of th
printed upon the HH Weekender programme

first pub BL Anthology 2013/2014

BL Advent 2013
BL Advent 2013
BL Advent 2013
BL Advent 2013
first pub serialized August - October 2013

released alongside Macragge's Honour