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GST India

GST India Questionnaire

N Questions Answers
1 What is the SAP ERP Version and Modules implemented EEC6.0, FI, CO, MM & SD
whether all the latest SAP Notes w.r.t. GST implemented in the current system or to be
2 implemented To be Implemented
3 What is EHP [Enhancement Package] installed? NO
4 What is the support package installed? SP14
5 What is the tax procedure used (TAXINN/TAXINJ) TAXINN
6 Can you share the details w.r.t. current tax structure (CIN - Excise, VAT, CST) VAT, CST
7 What is the number of Legal Entities (Company Codes) to be migrated to GST 1
8 Explain the Geographic presence in India (Plants/Factories/Depots/Sales Offices etc.) 5
9 Can you share the current Enterprise Structure in SAP? CCD-BA-PC-CC
0 List down the current tax codes(I/O) used in SAP for India, VAT related Tax codes
1 What is the approx. number of sales orders and purchase orders open in the system
1 before conversion? Yet to analyze
2 What is the approximate number of forms and reports/registers affected due to GST? 20
3 Does all the plants/Sales offices have GSTIN registration Yes
4 List the business processes in Purchase Impacted by GST PO, GR, IR and Payment
5 List the business processes in Sales Impacted by GST Very less impact
6 List the business processes in Service, if any, Impacted by GST NO
1 Does the current business interfaced with any 3rd party tools/software. If yes, the
7 impact is to be analyzed In house Business application
1 Do you send the supply the goods to the Customer from the place of the Job worker/Sub
8 contractor NO
1 Solution Manager availability to approve the patches to download Yes
GST India
0 SAP Router & Service market place connectivity available? Yes
1 Sandbox or system back up should be made available. Yes