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In this article we will be discussing he could of also been influenced People believed that this young

the media panicking over video through the Batman movies childs obsession with violent
games and other media platforms themselves. media influenced this graphic and
that feature violent images and horrifying event.
stimulations creating the concept of Some people believe the criminal
was so easily influenced by media Reception theory is when
a violent life style.
because of the hypodermic needle creators of media such as a
An example of media placing blame theory. director or producer creates a
on video games because of a text with a hidden message
graphic event is the shooting that The hypodermic needle theory
that the creator would like to
took place inside of a cinema while is a theory that implies that
covey across to the audience.
an audience was spectating The mass media has an incredibly
The purpose of this is to try
Dark Knight Rises. In July 2012 powerful effect on its audience.
James Holmes entered a movie
and understand if the audience
This theory consists of people
theatre in Aurora, Colorado, where has a full understanding of the
believing that media is a
he shot and killed 12 innocent media platform. If done
commanding influence on the
movie-goer he also critically injured correctly the audience should
publics behaviour. There are
70 other people in the cinema. pick up on the message almost Jeff Weise
several aspects of media that
straight away however
Evidence shows he was influenced has demanded this theory such
through violent media such as films
throughout the film the
as the growth of radio and
and video games as authorities message will be
television. It also interacts with
released information regarding the repeated/reminded to the
the fact that Hitler used media
murders appearance when the audience.
propaganda in order to
shooting took place. Police told the
influence people to join the Moral panic is also involved when
public he was wearing a gas mark James Holmes
Nazi party during World War 1. the media presents issues and
and body armour as well as dying
murders such as the ones
his hair red to resemble the Joker, In 2005 a teenager shot dead nine featured in this article. Moral
a character portrayed in the famous people in his school. The mass panic is when a feeling of fear
Batman series. murderer entered Red Lake High overtakes a vast number of
It came to the medias attention School. It was also released he people. It is usually spread
that the murderer was potentially killed his grandfather and his through the media as their articles
influenced through video games grandfathers girlfriend before and productions make people
such as The World of Warcraft as entering the school grounds and more aware of issues causing a
well as the criminal being addicted killing his peers. Reports suggest moral panic.
to role-playing games. It was also he injured 15 people as well as
shown through his appearance- taking 9 innocent lives.