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About Us 3

Our Team 4

Milestones 5

Certifications and Honors 6

Partners 7

Services 8

Clients 10

Contact Us 11

1. About Us
CleverAds is Vietnam's
leading agency
in Digital Marketing.

As the first Google Premier SMB Partner

and the first Facebook Authorized
Reseller in Vietnam, CleverAds provides
efficient Digital Marketing solutions,
including a variety of online advertising
services for thousands of business
enterprises across Asia Pacific.

200 4,000 2,000 15% 30% 6

Employees Campaigns Clients Google AdWords Facebook Ads Branches
market share market share

2. Our Team

Nguyn Khnh Trnh

CTO CTO CleverNET Vice Director Chief Accountant HR Manager

D Khc Chu o Trng Lc n N c Hin Nguyn Th Hi L Th Thanh Huyn

HCMC Branch Danang Branch Philippines Branch Indonesia Branch

Lu Hong Anh Trn Minh Tnh on Thun Ha Nguyn Tr Cao

Creative Manager Optimization Manager Deputy Sales Manager

Phan Phng Tho Trn ng u Nguyn Thu Trang
3. Milestones
The name of "Google Premier SMB Partner" program change to "Premier Google Partner
The sole Agency of Vietnam has won 3 prizes of Google PSP Awards 2015 :
Best Quality AdWords Accounts, Southeast Asia
Mobile Performance Champion, Southeast Asia
2016 Display & YouTube Champion, Southeast Asia

2015 Welcomed investment from Yello Digital Marketing

2013 Established Philippines branch

Established Da Nang branch

2012 Officially became the first Facebook Authorized Reseller in Vietnam
Established Indonesia branch
Officially became the first Google Premier SMB Partner in Vietnam
2011 Welcomed investment from CyberAgent Ventures

2010 Became Google Certified Partner

2009 Established Ho Chi Minh City branch
2008 Started up
4. Certifications and Honors

Search Advertising Display Advertising Reporting & Analysis Mobile Advertising

Advanced Advanced Advanced
covers advanced concepts covers advanced concepts covers concepts and best covers the basic and
and best practices for and best practices for practices for creating, advanced concepts of
creating, managing, creating, managing, analyzing and improving mobile advertising, including
measuring, and optimizing measuring, and optimizing Google AdWords results. ad formats, bidding and
Search campaigns. Display campaigns. targeting, and campaign
measurement and

5. Partners

Google Premier SMB Partner Facebook Yahoo

CyberAgent Yello Digital Marketing

6. Services
Our services are diversified and up-to-date with Digital Marketing trends around the world. We bring more
than 10 online advertising formats, which are categorized into specific groups: search engine marketing,
social media advertising, display advertising and others.

Google Search & Google Display Facebook YouTube Instagram

Cc Cc Search Network The leading social A wide range of Advertising on the
Improve business Attract potential media network in advertising formats most popular social
performance by customers through Vietnam, an essential on the number one media network of
advertising on two display advertising advertising tool for video channel in image and video
leading search network even with a every business Vietnam. sharing.
engines on the low budget. enterprise.
Internet: Google &
Cc Cc.
6. Services

CleverNET TVC & Wifi Ads Google Apps for Email Marketing Forum Seeding
The advertising TVC and banner Work Reach and develop Spread and share
system on hottest advertising via Wi-Fi All applications in just customer relationship brand messages
mobile applications, connection at one tool, which via thousands of among a huge
the connection stations, airports and supports your emails sent at a time. number of forums
between advertisers other public spaces. company in and social media
and publishers. increasing internal groups.
connection and
7. Clients

8. Contact Us

Hanoi, Head Office Ho Chi Minh City Da Nang

3rd floor, 46 Vuong Thua Vu Str, G002 - Phu Nhuan Building, 20 Hoang K266/81 - Hoang Dieu Str, Binh Hien
Thanh Xuan Dist, Ha Noi Minh Giam Str, Phu Nhuan Dist, HCMC Ward, Hai Chau Dist, Da Nang

+84 4 3211 5825 +84 8 3997 9585 + 84 917 73 8448

Indonesia Philippines

Jakarta Branch: Cosmo Mansion 10th Unit 201, The Renaissance Building,
Floor Unit 1B The Jakarta Residences - 215 Salcedo Street Legazpi Village
Thamrin City Thamrin Boulevard, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Jakarta Pusat 10340, Indonesia

+62-21-3199-7580 - 82 +63-2-893-19-39 / +63-2-893-14-25

Clever Advertising Corporation - CleverAds

3th Floor, No. 46, Vuong Thua Vu Street,

Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

0919 01 8448 - 0919 02 8448