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Players Minimum 4. The best option: 18 players.

TOOLS Ball (volleyball, basketball or stuffed ball)

The game is played in the volleyball field.

PREPARATION The players are divided equally into two teams. One of the teams is lined
up on one side of the field, the other team on the other side.
FOR THE GAME The height of the volleyball net should preferably be 2 metres from the
floor. String can be used instead of the net.
The captains of each team are provided with a volleyball, a basketball, or a
stuffed ball.

THE GAME  After the whistle is blown by the referee, the captains of both teams throw their
balls over the net (or string) to the opposing team.
 The player who is close to the flying ball catches it and throws it back over the net to the other team.
 The balls are thrown back and forth over the net like this until both balls end up on the same side of the field,
either on the floor or in players’ hands.
 If this happens, the referee stops the game with a whistle blow and gives the opposing team one point. The players
of both teams change places, as in volleyball.
 When the judge blows the whistle, the players No. 2 from each team (those who took the places of players No. 1)
throw the ball in.
 When one of the teams has received 10 points, the players change the sides of the field and the game is repeated. If
the second game is won by the opposing team, the game is repeated one more time to determine the final winner.

The team gets a point in the following cases:

RULES a) both balls are on the other team’s side of the field at the same time, either in the
players’ hands or on the floor;
b) a player of the other team, instead of trying to catch the ball, hits it with his/her
hands like in volleyball, or kicks it;
c) a player of the other team throws the ball to the opposite side of the field under the
net; or throws the ball out of the boundaries of the field.

o If a team receives a point, the referee confirms it with a whistle blow. The players of the two teams change places;
and after the referee’s whistle blow the game continues.
o The ball is always thrown by the players of each team who are standing on the far right in the front row (like in
o The ball can be caught while it is in the air or on the floor. If a player has caught the ball, he/she can immediately
throw it over the net or pass it to another player of his/her team to be thrown over the net.
o If the balls bump into each other in the air, they will be handed over to the players on the far right of the front row so
that they could be thrown in the game again. In this case, the players do not change places; and neither team receives
a point.

Comenius project “Vintage Games” Rapla Vesiroosi Gymnasium

Comenius project “Vintage Games” Rapla Vesiroosi Gymnasium