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Swaziland Peoples Liberation Movement, SPLM

Inkhululeko YeBantfu!!!


We the people of Swaziland in one accord, believe that God is our source in this fight and we shall
overcome. United and of sound mind sharing a common purpose have come together to form the
Swaziland Peoples Liberation Movement, SPLM also known as Inkhululeko yeBantfu.
The SPLM is a militant and radical, socialist movement whose aim is to remove the current
undemocratic, oppressive, parasitic and tyrannical misrule of the despot King Mswati 111s
tinkhundla system of government. This goal we shall achieve through mobilizing and coordinating
ourselves and communities both in rural and urban areas through overt and covert social, cultural,
economic and political campaigns and activities towards our liberation.

The prevailing political non democratic impulse in Swaziland under the royal domination and
oppression is the longest standing state of emergency in the world which was put in place by the late
king Sobhuza 11 on 12th April 1973, overturning multi party democracy rule by banning all political
party activity, abrogating the constitution and assuming all powers of government to himself and
ruling the country by decree under the tinkhundla system of government .When King Sobhuza 11
passed on in 1982 there was a political vacuum in the country and a tussle for power ensued
amongst princes jostling for the throne.

In 1986 the current king Mswati 111 assumed power. King Mswati 111 infamous for his huge
appetite for money, lavish lifestyle, fleet of luxury German cars and private jets, playboy tendencies
has not relented from his fathers tinkhundla system. Mswati has gained a notorious reputation
regionally and abroad for his strong and heavy handedness to political dissent through his armed
forces killing, imposing lengthy prison sentences (including one comrade currently serving an 85 year
sentence on trumped up charges), exiling, intimating and crushing anyone calling for the return of
the country to multi party democracy.

The SPLM immediate goal is to remove this undemocratic system of government and replace it with
a democratic socialist government, with the people of Swaziland at the centre of our government.

Our Vision
To create a free, social democratic country in harmony and co-existing with itself and the rest of the

Our Mission
To mobilise and coordinate communities through social, cultural, economic and political campaigns
and activities towards self liberation.

Our Values

Liberate the people of Swaziland from an autocratic capitalist with semi feudal tendencies regime
and replace it with a peoples social democratic government.

Organise the unorganised Swazis to fight for their liberation from royal misrule and
Mobilise across ideological divide and political lines to fight this war for liberation
Create community awareness of the Peoples struggles created by the regime.
Build democratic Peoples organs of power for community development and protection
Create community conceived and sustainable cooperatives as vehicles for mainstream
economy participation.

Our Motto

Modus Operando
The SPLM has a standing constitution which is the ultimate governing document. Owing to the
prevailing hostile and dangerous political landscape inside Swaziland , the organisation shall operate
through out the four regions of the country basing its operations on this four pillars of our struggle
i.e. international solidarity, mass mobilization, combat and underground work.
These 4 pillars shall be fused and complimented by the SPLM 12 strategic pillars which are the
Movements backbone and cornerstone. These 12 pillars shall be periodically upgraded as guided by
the ever changing obtaining conditions on the ground. Leadership and operations shall be as follows
The SPLM shall be headed by a 6 member National command who shall comprise of the
President as known as Leader, the Chairperson, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary
General, National Organiser and Treasurer. The President and Secretary General shall be the
faces of the Movement.
There shall be an international mission which shall be located outside Swaziland whose main
function shall be establish fraternal relations for the SPLM across the globe.
The SPLM shall operate through its network of disciplined and a militant operatives, cadres
and volunteers operating as units spread across the 4 regions of the country organised
under regional command structures and local units whose main aim shall be to carry out all
operations and programmes of the SPLM in protecting and building capacity of the Swazi
people and all its social sectors towards a new democratic socialist political dispensation in
the new Swaziland.
Through our recruitment drive we shall recruit volunteers to be members of SPLM from
across the country irrespective of gender, colour, social background, religion and affiliation.
The movement shall operate in small underground units spread across the country.
The movement shall put respect for life as its cornerstone in all its operations and shall
subscribe to all international treaties, conventions, norms and standards that embrace and
promote justice and democracy for all.

The movement shall be open to working and forming alliances with all the like-minded
organisations and sympathisers inside Swaziland, and internationally.

Pillars of our struggle

1. International Solidarity
2. Mass Mobilization
3. Combat
4. Underground work

12 Strategic Pillars of our struggle

1. Political emancipation
The SPLM will;
Fight using ALL our pillars of struggle to eradicate the oppressive and parasitic royal
tinkhundla system of government and all its legacies and replacing it with a multi -
party socialist democracy.
Fight for the repeal of the current sham kings constitution and temporarily
replacing it with the 1968 independence constitution with amendments as the
supreme law of the land for a minimum of 3 years while a new constitution is
drafted by a properly convened national convention under the mediation of the
African Union, the United Nations and other credible international fraternal friends.
Fight that the constitution shall guarantee the separation of the 3 arms of
Change the name of the country from the current colonial name of SWAZI LAND
to an indigenous name that shall be agreed upon by all Swati people in an all -
inclusive, free consultative process. The new name of our country shall espouse our
origins, heritage, culture, oneness and national pride. Also change important
national names and symbols to embrace the new democratic and nation building
epoch in our country, this includes changing the national constitution, currency
name, national anthem, national flag, national courts of arms, names of our armed
forces and their insignia, street names, roads and high ways, national institutions,
national buildings names, national orders and awards etc. as shall be identified to
represent the new dispensation.
Embark on a nationwide civic education and introduction of constitutionalism,
multiparty democracy doing this to undo the years of indoctrination on the royal
supremacy and demonizing of democracy. This shall be done through the media,
road shows, mass communication and social media platforms, schools, churches,
community meetings and gatherings, etc. Any persons found to be deviating or
planting discourse to this nation building exercise shall be dealt with according
through legal systems of the land. Abuse of the institution of the monarchy to
maintain right wing agendas shall be dealt with very harshly and decisively.
Free and fair elections shall be held every 5 years , the winning party shall form and
run the government for the stipulated years in the constitution with its elected
leader being the Head of Government running all day to day affairs of the country.
The king shall continue to be the head of State for as long as he is deemed relevant
and a symbol of unity and approved by the people, embracing the centuries old
wisdom of inkhosi yinkhosi ngebantfu.
A constitutional body, the National Independent Elections Commission shall be
established to conduct all national and important elections and announce the

Different executive commissions shall be set up as provided for in the constitution
to enhance the rule of law, justice and harmony in the country.
Fight for the democratization of all rural and traditional governance structures. All
none confirmatory structures to the tenants of democracy, transparency and
service to the people shall be disbanded e.g. liqoqo, emabandla (ludzidzini counsel,
boarder adjustment committee and all similar patronage bodies.
Fight for the liberation and protection of all women and children from all form of
abuse, degrade and exploitation.
Fight for the transformation of all armed forces from being royal instruments of
oppression to national security and protection organs. Change all elements with
forces that shall remind people of the harsh years of tinkhundla misrule e.g. their
names, uniforms, colours, reputation etc.
Promote free and vibrate trade unionism to protect the rights of all workers in the
Fight for the transformation of the judiciary, the executive and the legislation to be
instrument of proper governance, accountability, transparency, rule of law and
service to the people and not tools of oppression and self - enrichment by the royal
family and its crooners.

2. Economic emancipation
Participation in the countrys economy shall be open to all people of Swaziland.
The SPLM will;

Through the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development transform and diversify
the Swazi economy from being a predominately agriculture and raw material exporting
economy to a modern 21st century multi sectoral ,technology and manufacturing based
economy conscious of environmental protection. Import good practises from
countries like Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Dubai to mention but a few. If such
research information is already available and not implemented due to wrong
government priorities, implement them and make them priority.
Repeal all laws and instruments that inhibit attractive Direct Foreign Investment (DFI)
especially in the mining sector. Open up the mining sector for the exploration and
mining of our countrys vast reserves of coal, iron ore, gold, diamonds other minerals
and resources currently laying untapped. The prevailing royal serving controls and
greed which has deterred numerous investors from investing in our mining sector
creating thousands of jobs for the Swazi people will be repealed.
Government through a the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, Ministry
of Finance, SIPA and similar bodies embark on a radical and ambitious global Direct
Foreign Investment (DFI) drive. This shall focus on real capital investment projects and
not royal vanity projects.
Address the prevailing deliberate exclusion, none participation and spectator position
of the general Swazi population in mainstream economic activities of the country. This
shall be done through various broad based local economic empowerment vehicles to
be formulated by the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development which shall
enable communities in and around big industrial activity areas to form co -operatives
and be assisted by government to buy a minimum of 30% stake in these enterprises
through our economic empowerment programme, the Broad Based People Economic

Empowerment Programme (BBPEEP). Communities to benefit from this include those
around industries like Ubombo Sugar, RSSIC, Thambuti Estate, Tabankulu Sugar Estate,
Shiselweni forest, Maloma calories, Jozini big 6 to mention but a few, more will be
Return the wealth and economy from a royal family to the people of Swaziland. This
shall be done through transferring the Tibiyo and Tisuka TakaNgwane conglomerate
and all its subsidiaries to its rightful owners, the People of Swaziland.
All present and past profits will be repatriated from the off shore accounts and
investments that King Mswati has stanched these assets in. The organisation shall be
turned into a schedule A government parastatal/ investment arm with all profits used
to supplement government treasury.
An extensive and elaborate investigation using international friends of the People of
Swaziland will investigate, trace and locate all monies looted and hidden in off shore
accounts and vehicles by king Mswati and his cronies. This money shall be used by
government to implement radical People centred economic, social and political
changes in the country.
Dispose of the kings jets and put the money back to government coffers.
Abolish all unnecessary royal joy overseas trips masqueraded as direct foreign
investment scouting trips. These shall then be conducted by the relevant ministry
officials and state entities under strict monitoring and accountability guidelines of the
Prime Ministers office.
Official state visits by His Majesty the King shall have its entourage strictly curtailed to
include only productive officials.
Unnecessary wasteful luxuries by government shall be abolished, these include first and
business class travel, huge travel allowance s, expensive hotel accommodation,
luxurious cars for cabinet ministers and officials and other wasteful expenditures shall
be identified and abolished. All air travel shall be economy class including the prime
minister, only the head of state shall be accorded first class/ chartered services within
reasonable costs. The SPLM government shall learn and implement good austerity
programs of the Chama Chama Mapenduzi Party of Tanzania government under John
Strict financial controls shall be employed at The Central Bank of Swaziland and
Ministry of Finance which shall seize from being a free to all looting by the royal family.
The Central Transport Authority (CTA) shall be restructured to stop its current wasteful
state. All past restructuring recommendations and reports shall be identified and
There shall be strict fiscal disciple and pro poor budgeting bringing an end to
indiscriminate expenditure on royal vanity projects, celebrations, wasteful annual
upgrades of royal palaces and huge unaudited expenditures on the army. The 2017/8
national budget is a case in point, the R1.3 billion allocation to the royal family shall in
the first year of the SPLM taking power shall be cut by half and gradually decreased
annually until it reaches an acceptable figure. All savings made from this cut shall fund
governments social security services for the people.
The Armys budget shall also be cut significantly and its operations audited within
security considerations and efficiency.

Establish a sound social security system under a new Social Development Ministry that
will restore the dignity, self -worth and respect of our people especially the aged,
disabled, and people with special needs. Put in place a minimum of R1,500.00/per
month as a national security grant for all deserving recipients.
Through the Ministry of Social Development social security program identify deserving
indigent families and provide safe and human houses. This is aimed at bringing back
dignity and pride to our people for being citizens of their own country. Bring an end to
the abject poverty and hopelessness that currently prevails under the tinkhundla Kings
Expedite as a matter of urgency the return of all monies with interest owed to ex
miners held in South African institutions to its rightful owners and beneficiaries.
Review tax structure and repeal all tax laws that are oppressive to the tax payer and
milking him to the bone to satisfy and sustain the royal family lifestyle and appetite for
money. Put in place a pro poor threshold that will exempt very low earning workers
from paying tax.
Put in place tax incentives and exemptions that will promote and enhance indigenous
economic activity.
Women economic activity shall be supported since they are the backbone of the well -
being of the family nucleus and their economic empowerment is key. A new Ministry
of Women and Rural Development shall be established to focus on the affairs of
women empowerment and development, people living with disabilities and rural
Put in place vehicles and programmes that will promote financial literacy and saving for
the population starting at primary schools school level as part of the re-educating of
our people towards the culture of entrepreneurship, financial independence and self-
To promote sustainable economic activity amongst the population government shall
create an enabling environment to the population especially the youth and women
through ;
a) Establishing a ministry that SMME activities, growth and development
b) Harness all available state and private funding institutions to make it easy for
finance and capital to be available to aspiring business people.
c) Revive the SEDCO into a vibrate and relevant business enterprise entity in tune
with the 21st century operations of similar mandates. Make funds available to
capacitate the SEDCO to expand its services beyond its current scope, borrow on
success stories from other countries on this.
d) The state institute obligatory legislation that shall ensure the awarding of business
opportunities to indigenous SMMEs and entrepreneurs in all small and medium
scale government projects e.g. food supplies to prisons, police college, schools,
army, hospitals. Any entities found to be using fronting to benefit and any other
programme reserved for indigenous / bonafide Swazis will be harshly prosecuted.
e) The state shall be to institute obligatory legislation that shall make it mandatory
that in all large scale government projects awarded to a foreign company 30% of
the contract shall be given to indigenous service providers through the people
empowerment drive called Broad Based People Economic Empowerment
Programme (BBPEEP). Where contract is given to an indigenous company, it shall
be obliged to give 30% shares of that contract to different small scale indigenous
companies to share amongst themselves.

Transfer all shares held by the King in mining operations to government control and put
in place an attractive mining policy that will attract direct foreign investment in the
mining sector.
All laws and instruments that vests all mineral rights with the King or the Ingwenyama
shall be repealed and all rights vested with government to manage according to new
Repeal all inhibitory laws and oppressive red tape that prevent indigenous SMMEs from
registering and participation in business activity in both rural and urban areas. These
include Swaziland Commercial Amadoda, chiefs consent/ stamps requirements, kings
signature, urban lease agreement requirements etc. Drastically reduce the time and
stringent requirements to register a business entity in Swaziland. Take lessons for the
South African Department of Trade and Industry and CIPRO.
State control entities like Swaziland Maize Cooperation, NAMBOARD, Swaziland
National Housing Board and similar entities mandate to be reviewed to determine if
they still serve their original mandate, if not find ways to make them more effective
and beneficial to the people. 1
There shall be a great revamp of land tenure rights in the country especially in rural
areas. Review urban land and development legislation to allow for sectional ownership
of land and properties and other progressive developments. Set a mechanism that will
curtaile the current unregulated and very high property prices in town to enable our
People to afford to buy title deed land and houses in urban areas.
All oppressive employment laws shall be repealed to ensure that quality, safe and
secure employment are made available to all people in our country.

3. Agriculture
This sector shall be diversified to ensure that there is food security in the country for all
SPLM shall;

Recapitalise the RDA programme by buying more farming machinery and equipment ,
providing farming inputs and putting in place a sound management system to make this
program for efficient.
Embark on a big recruitment drive of agricultural extension workers to be posted to the
main RDA areas especially in rural areas. This shall be done in conjunction with
strengthening the Skills/vocational training centres like MITC, National Agricultural Skills
Training Centre with the support of the University of Swaziland- Luyengo Campus and
to be built National University of Technology to come up with programmes that will
produce skilled diploma level extension workers to be posted to the RDA centres. These
extension workers shall be guaranteed employment at the RDA centres and the
governments Ending hunger - large scale food security programme by the state upon
completion of their studies.
Identify all idle government and Tibiyo farms and cultivate them to produce food crops
especially maize to feed our people. This will be done through the governments Ending
hunger- large scale food security programme. The abundant growing of maize in the
country shall reduce the currently very high prices of maize and eliminate food insecurity
in the country.
Government shall pass legislation that will kick start Swazi owned animal feed industry.
Through partnership with Tibiyo Takangwane the three large sugar producers shall use
their annually rested 10% of their farms to grow yellow maize which shall be processed

Swaziland Peoples Liberation Movement, SPLM Founding Manifesto, 2017.

to fodder, reducing currently high fodder prices due to the monopoly currently
controlled by Master feed. The current Ministry of Agriculture hay production project
must be recapitalised and a strict management system put in place to prevent a repeat of
the loss of farmers cattle due to the permanent climatic condition influenced 2015/2016
drought . Due to governments carelessness, indifference and ill preparedness more
45,000 cattle died because government could not provide mitigatory feed to feed to the
farmers after the depletion of grazing lands grass due to this drought.
Embark on a large scale research on how the agricultural sector can be diversified and
improved to promote food security and reduce the importation of food items from South
Africa like vegetables, milk and dairy products etc.
Support initiatives by indigenous commercial farmers that will grow them into big scale
framers through a farmer mentorship program that will be established by the Ministry of
Agriculture to link the small farmers with the already established big commercial farmers.
This will be coupled with leasing our farms under this program.
Review land ownership of so called crown and rural land from the king in his capacity as
King and Ingwenyama and transfer all rights to the government and occupants of these
Research shall be conducted to on how best land ownership can be best implemented in
rural areas to benefit the poor and ensure guaranteed land tenure which currently is not
the case.

4. The executive/ government

The Executive shall respect and embrace the separation of powers principle as guaranteed in
the constitution.
The SPLM shall;

Ensure that government core function and business is to service the people of Swaziland.
Governments vision shall be, be the number 1 government in Africa that holistically
cares and serves its people under a social democracy system.
Reform government/ civil service to mentally and practically adopt a people centred
approach moving away from the years of being used as a royal family machinery to
serve its own interests.
Formulate a Peoples strategic vision through an inclusive stakeholder consultative
process that will inform the government of the needs of the people, resulting in the
formulation of a People vision that will inform governments strategic direction. Lessons
shall be taken from the Chinese government vision of taking millions of its people out of
poverty which they achieve.
Retrain all public servants on their key mandate of being service providers to the Swazi
people, which they have to dispense with dedication and excellence. To do this the SPLM
government shall ;
a) Visit the Japanese and other success stories of how the public sector was made more
b) Come up with a Public Servants Pledge for efficient and effective public service.
Train public servants and its components and publicise this pledge to the public
through a massive civic education drive. 2
c) Set up The National School of Good Governance and Public Service. This will be
supported regional offices. Its main objectives shall be rebrand, retrain and develop
skills for public servants to better serve the nation.

Swaziland Peoples Liberation Movement, SPLM Founding Manifesto, 2017.

d) Realign and merge where possible ministries and departments to optimise
government business efficiency and save money. This realignment will allow the
SPLM to implement its people centred radical agenda.
Identify and repeal all tinkhundla government money wasting programmes and benefits
e.g. exorbitant salaries for the head of state, pensions former prime minister, contracts,
unaffordable regional conferences hosting and royal vanity projects.
Increase the scope of decentralised government services and identify others for better
access to services by the public.
Boost the morale of all civil servants by simplifying education and self - improvement
opportunities within the public service. Reward improved skills and offer 60 % cash back
for all privately financed further education. Offer birthday bonus payments to personnel
of the public service.

5. Justice, Judiciary and Constitutional development

The Judiciary shall be independent and one of the separate arms of government and its
functions spelt out in the national constitution. There shall be corrective Justice for all.
The SPLM shall;

The countrys constitution shall be the supreme law of the land. It shall guarantee the
separation of powers, have a bill of rights to mention but a few.
Ensure that the justice system is totally independent and custodians of the countrys
All people including the king shall be equal before the law and shall be liable to law suits
and can sue.
The courts, police, correctional services and (armed forces) shall be for the protection and
service of the People of Swaziland and shall never again be instruments of oppression and
repression by the royal family.
Institute a legal aid system to represent offenders.
Review the operation systems between the courts and the correctional services to reduce
the amount of backlog of cases.
Eradicate the Swazi national course and replace them with small claims courts, with cases
adjudicated by qualified and trained legal experts.
The countrys name shall be changed from the current colonial name of Swazi land to a
nation building name. This also includes changing the National Anthem, National Flag,
court of arms , name of currency, armed forces uniforms, vehicle branding and all other
tinkhundla legacies that promote royal family supremacy over the people of Swaziland and
are reminders of our troubled past. The new symbols and emblems must promote national
unity and building.
Establish regional high courts in the 3 other region, Shiselweni, Lubombo and Manzini.
All judges shall be employment process shall be transparent and fair to ensure the judiciary
system freedom and impartiality. They shall enjoy permanent employment status.
The highest court in the land shall be , the Constitutional court and shall the final
judgement over all legal and constitutional matters.
Through a legal instrument institute a Justice , Reconciliation and Reparation commission
that will address all the atrocities committed by the tinkhun3dla regime and its agents
against the people. These include reopening inquests for the murders of Ntokozo Ngozo,
Moathousand Ngubeni, Sipho Jele, salgaocar truck accident at Mnyamatsini, The boys
Swaziland Peoples Liberation Movement, SPLM Founding Manifesto, 2017.

struct by lighting at incwala (Lethumusa Ndlovu and Makabongwe Ndlovu ), release of the
2005/6 Treason Trail torture inquest report, KaMkhweli/Macetjeni evictions, Evictions of
families for the establishment of Mhlume and Simunye Sugar Estates, Vuvulane debacle to
mention but a few . All guilty parties must face the law.
In the run up to the ushering of the new political dispensation of our country, any person/s
found to have destroyed, manipulated or stolen any information or money from the
government or any of its machinery shall be dealt with harshly and charged with treason.

6. The Legislature
The Legislature shall be one of the separate arms of government and its independence and
functions spelt out in the national constitution.
The SPLM shall ensure that ;

Parliament executes its main over sight function of holding government accountable and
play an oversight role to the operations of government.
Parliament accelerates the passing of all legislation that will put in motion the radical
changes that will holistically transform the lives of the people of Swaziland.
Parliament identify all legislation that needs to be repealed to conform to the new
democratic dispensation in the country.
Parliament performs all its duties as outlined in the constitution.

7. Education and Training

Education shall be a constitutional right extended to all.
The SPLM shall;

Make education a national priority.

Education shall be free, of quality, relevant and a right for all.
The education system shall be reviewed to provide skills and diverse expertise to feed
into the job market and needs of the new diversified economy and developmental
priorities of the nation.
The correct history of our country must be rewritten and taught in our schools to
correct the distortions of the past.
The curriculum must also include real nation building and restoration of dignity of the
individual, the family unit, communities and the whole nation away from the royal
family imposition and supremacy. The curriculum must include Dignity, Compassion,
Fellowship, Self Worth, Respect and Justice
Conduct research on the Cuban revolution education policy and implement good
The scholarship program for tertiary education shall be reviewed to ensure access to all
deserving students . Remove all oppressive elements that perpetuate oppression and
patronage of poor Swazis by the tinkhundla right wing gate keepers at the scholarship
selection board, chiefs consents in all applications etc.
A collection system of scholarship monies from previous beneficiaries shall be improved
and must include members of the royal family who studied abroad.
Secondary school education shall be redesigned to offer a strong vocational component,
research and lessons shall be learnt from other countries how this was achieved.
As part of our drive to move towards a diversified economy, 2 new universities shall be
built. These are National University of Technology and a Medical University of

10 | P a g e
National University of Technology shall support specialised skills training institutions to
be built in the 4 regions over a 20 year period. Existing vocational skills institutions shall
also be upgraded to also offer some technology oriented courses. Where none exist
new ones shall be built e.g. in the Lubombo district.
Build and equip libraries in all the 55 developmental centre4s and strategic areas across
the 4 regions of the country, connecting them to the internet.
Promote financial literacy and the culture of saving for the population by introducing at
primary schools to high school level, financial literacy to promote entrepreneurship
from a very early age. Research how other countries have implemented this.
Improve and ensure that there is a cordial and healthy relationship between unions in
this sector and government.
Establish a national government funded school feeding programme in both primary and
high schools for all students, this shall be funded through savings made from 40% cuts
of the current R1.3 billion royal budget.

8. Health Care
The right to free quality health care in government clinics and hospitals shall be
guaranteed in the constitution
The SPLM shall ensure that the Ministry of Health;

a) Stocks all health care facilities and hospital across the country with all necessary
medication, equipment and staff. Improve the infrastructure and accompanying
conditions at all hospitals and health care facilities for better service delivery. This
shall include exotic medication including anti venom medication.
b) Improve conditions of service for all health care workers to ensure that they work
under conducive and safe conditions to be able to offer good services to the
c) Improve conditions of service, training and remuneration of Rural Health Workers
(Bagcugcuteli) and other community auxiliary health care workers.
d) Establish a health care ombudsman office to handle all health care related
e) Construct a state of the art national referral hospital to handle all kinds of
medical conditions. Within 5 years of assuming power total eradicate the phalala
fund cash cow and provide the services locally.
Improve and ensure that there is a cordial and healthy relationship between unions in this
sector and government.
Priorities mental health and psychology services as part of health care in Swaziland.
Embark on a massive recruitment drive for psychologists at the National Medical
University to address this skill scarcity.
Increase access to health care by improving the ambulance system, patient transport,
Emergency Rescue Services etc especially for the rural poor

9. Cultural and heritage exchanges

The countrys constitution shall guarantee and protect free participation and exchange of
culture and heritage.
The SPLM shall;

Swaziland Peoples Liberation Movement, SPLM Founding Manifesto, 2017.

11 | P a g e
Ensures that other clans and kingdoms that existed before the Dlamini dynasty was made
a superior clans are financially supported by government to reclaim the heritage and
rightful positions enjoying all the respect and dignity they deserve. This includes
remunerating (monthly salary, provision of a vehicle, and building of the house to provide
accommodation for them) the clans kings and chiefs.
Strip the Ludzidzini royal council the power to unilaterally try and adjudicate on
chieftaincy disputes. This shall now be done the National Council of Traditional leaders
which shall be constituted through a legal instrument and 5process that shall be free,
transparent, inclusive and democratic. The highest court in the land reserves the final
judgement over all traditional matters.
There shall be a significant reduction of royal celebrations as they are nothing by royal
hegemony festivals and do not contribute to national building. Resources saved from
these royal parties shall be ploughed back into the Ministry of Finance to fund national
beneficial projects like, purchasing of drugs in hospitals, beds, school feeding programs
etc. National social cohesion events shall continue to be held but under a different theme
and format. The king is he wants to celebrate his birthday shall do so at his house.
In consultant with all parties review the countrys holidays to be commensurate with the
new political dispensation and historical heritage.
Advocate for the promotion of cultural, heritage and history of the different clans/
surnames in Swaziland through the free and equitable use of the state media.
All so called cultural practices that are backwards and infringe on peoples human rights
shall be abolished.
Swati law and custom shall be codified and allowed to evolve without loosing its
No persons shall be forced, coheres or intimidated to participate in any royal, chiefs or
and traditional duties , celebrations or practises. This includes incwala, umhlanga,
lusekwane, kuhlehla, kuhlakula emasimi ebukhosi, kuzila, kungenwa etc. No persons shall
be victimised, persuctued in any way for their refusal to participate in these activities.
In the spirit of reconciliation the Lundzidzini Indvuna TV Mtsentwa must offer a national
apology for his utterances in the cattle byre calling/insinuating that none royal or chiefs
i.e. the public in attendance were rubbish infucuta.

10. Youth, Sports, the Arts and Recreation.

The youth are the cornerstone and future of our country and they need to be empowered
and nurtured for future leadership
The SPLM shall;

A dedicated Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation shall be established and
sufficiently funded.
Put in place programmes and funding to enhance holistic youth development in
The Youth talent in the arts and sports shall be allowed to develop to their full capacity
and optimum. This will be enhanced and financially supported by government.
Sports and the arts shall not be as tools to promote royal patronage. Patronage and
wasteful sporting events like the kings golf tournament, Ingwenyama cup, Kings golf cup
and similar mileage events shall be scrapped.
Sports shall be used to promote social nation building and social cohesion.
All sporting codes shall get equal government attention and development.

Swaziland Peoples Liberation Movement, SPLM Founding Manifesto, 2017.

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Different Sporting codes shall be introduced and played at schools with rural areas
targeted for sporting and recreation infrastructure development.
Institute research is conducted and lessons learnt from countries like Cuba, Russia and
China on how they developed their sporting excellence.
The arts in their totality shall be promoted and supported by government including
funding and supporting awards and recognition of excellence initiatives.
Build a national art gallery and holistic arts development centre.
Arts promotion bodies like the Matiwane Manana Cultural Foundation to mention but
one shall be engaged to discuss how the arts can be promoted, developed and supported
in the country.

11. Media and information Technology

The right to information shall be guaranteed in the constitution.
The SPLM shall;

Ensure that there is freedom, access and use of all government media platforms, the
Swaziland Broadcasting Cooperation (SBC) i.e. TV, Radio and all other state auxiliary
information vehicles.
The Swaziland Broadcasting Cooperation (SBC) shall be an independent state funded
entity with its main mandate being to inform, educate and entertain the nation.
Ensure that there is fair access and use of the SBC by all people including political parties
and formations. .
Ensures that government opens the space for private enterprises interested in exploiting
business in media by awarding operating and broadcasting licences for television, radio
(both commercial and community), print media etc.
Ensure that Ministry of Information Communication Technology puts in place a sound
media policy that will govern and develop this space in the country.
Ensure that there is access to media and all its platforms by all people of Swaziland
especially those in rural areas.
Introduce media awareness in schools especially rural schools.

12. International Relations and cooperation

The government shall represent the interests of the Swazi people wherever and whenever
required, and to promote friendship, co-operation and fraternal understanding based on the
respect sovereignty and independence.
The SPLM shall;

Establish relationships with other countries and international organisations and bodies to
pursue the national interests of the country.
The country shall with immediate cut all diplomatic ties with Taiwan and establish
diplomatic and trade relations with the Peoples Republic of China (mainland).
The countrys foreign missions shall be reviewed i.e. cut and merge missions for strategic
purposes. All unimportant missions shall be closed outright e.g. the Embassy in Kuwait.
Only beneficial international relations will be maintained.

13 | P a g e
For more information please contact;
Comrade Vusi Shongwe
Swaziland Peoples Liberation Movement, SPLM
Cell : 0810915380 / 072 7171225

Comrade Vusi Shongwe, is the leader/ President of the SPLM and is currently in exile in the Republic
of South Africa having fled the Mswati regime persecution in 2008 for his political activities and
convictions. Prior to his fleeing Swaziland he was working social development space with his last
position being a projects assistant for the United Nations agency, UNICEF. In 2005/6 he was
arrested and charged with High Treason by the Swaziland Government together with 15 other
political activists, and is currently out on bail since their release in 2006. His continued with his
political activities which compelled him to leave the country in 2008 when his life was threatened by
the regime.
Comrade Shongwe together with other like- minded comrades have formed the SPLM to advance
and quicken the emancipation of the people of Swaziland. This was after seeing fatigue,
complacency and change in priorities of the oldest political party in Swaziland which they for years
belonged to.

Social democracy putting our People first

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