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ed De Incident Report PUBLIC RECORDS: OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT REQUEST UNIT Soormsrneet OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 4807 (510) 238-3021 Incident Summary Incident Type: MISDEMEANOR ASSAULT Report Type: INCIDENT REPORT Inc Occurred Address: GUNMEN OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 94609 ‘SectorfBeat: CODI/11K Inc Occurred Start: 05/20/2017 15:20 tne Occurred End: 05/20/2017 18:25 % Gang Related: N No Reporting Officer: VANTREE, DEANOREA Primary Assigned Officer: CHUNG, MICHAEL Case Stat Disposition: Disposition Date: Offenses ‘Statute Code: C422 ‘Statute Desc: THREAT CRIME:INT-TERRORIZE Counts: 1 Statute Severity: MISDEMEANOR Persons Involved Person: 0001 Event Association: _ SUSPECT Nam ha Access: cs, ‘SectorfBeat: COD1/11X Characteristics Characteristic Type: ‘Further Defined By: Description: HAIR LENGTH SHORT HAIR STYLE CONSERVATIVE COMPLEXION MEDIUM [APPEARANCE CASUAL DEMEANOR OFFENSIVE DEMEANOR HOSTILE cLoTHING [BROWN JACKET, DARK COLORED PANTS. erson Offenses Statute Code: PO422 Enhancers: ‘Statute Dose: THREAT CRIME:INT-TERRORIZE Counts: Printed by: osj4542 Beep at ra Incident Repot PUBLIC RECORDS env. POUCE DEPARTMENT REQUEST UNIT 485 7TH STREET ‘OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 94607 (610) 238-2024 Incident Number: 17-026186 Persons Involved Person: 0002 Event Association: VICTIM Name oe: Aes SectorBeat: CoDNTK Person: 0003 Event Association: _ REPORTING PERSON Name: TS, SectorBeat: CODIHIX rene tsa oer pana ee PUBLIC RECORDS jamianer REQUEST UNIT ‘OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 94607 (610) 238-3021 Incident Number: 17-026186 Modus Operandi ‘Against Persons: Against Property: Occup General Premise 4: General Premise 2: Specific Premise: ‘Surrounding Area 1: ‘Surrounding Area 2: ‘Surrounding Area 3: Relationship to Suspect 1: Rolationship to Suspect: Weapon Type 1 -_ Automate: e Weapon Type 2: Automate: e Weapon Type 3: ‘Automatic: q Crime Against Property # of Premises Entered: Suspect Action tz Entry Point: Suspoct Action Ext Point Suspect Action 3: Suspect Action Suspect Action 5: Adaltvonal Factor ‘Adaiional Factor? Entry Method 1: ‘Adaltonal Factor Ext Method ‘Adaltonal Factor: Entry Method 2: ‘Adaltonal Factor: Exit Method 2: Secuty 9 Entry Tol Viet Location: Exit Toot: Electronte Locke: ( Entry Tool 2: ‘Video Surveliance: Exit Too! 2: Venice Entry: Sate Enty: Crime Against Persons Pre-incident Contact Suspect Action Presncent Contac 2: Suspect Aation 2: Preincident Contact 3 Suspect Actin 2 Viet Condition + Suspect Action 4 Viet Condition 2: Suspect Action & Vietim Condition 3: Sex crime 1: Vietin Condition 4: Sex Crime 2: Vietin Condition 5: Sex Crime 3: ‘Suspect Solicited 1: Sox Crime 4: Suspect Soleted 2: Sex Crime 6: Suspect Protended to Be: Vehicle involvement + Vehicle Involvement 2: Printed by: 5/542 Incident Report Page 4 of Printed atrtme: 8/17 1022 PUBLIC RECORDS ‘OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT sco STREET REQUEST UNIT ‘OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 94607 (610) 238-2024 Incident Number: 17-026186 Narratives ENTERED DATE/TIME: 5/20/2017 16:50:00 SUBJECT: SYNOPSIS Terrorist Threats - 422PC. ENTERED DATE/TIME: 5/20/2017 16:50:00 SUBJECT: FBR NARRATIVE (On today's date, at around 1650hrs., | was dispatched to a reported verbal threats incident which occurred at fi (EEE, With the following details: | Printed by: 084642 i Page Sof Printed datetime: 6/6/17 10:22 Incident Report Sates rae Sonera PUBLIC RECORDS Sarna Gar REQUEST UNIT (810) 238-3021 Incident Number: 17-026186