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Napier Sabre

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Napier Sabre01.jpg
Napier Sabre cutaway at the London Science Museum.
Type Liquid-cooled H-24 sleeve valve piston aero engine
National origin United Kingdom
Manufacturer D. Napier & Son
First run January 1938
Major applications Hawker Tempest
Hawker Typhoon
Napier-Heston Racer
The Napier Sabre was a British H-24-cylinder, liquid-cooled, sleeve valve, piston
aero engine, designed by Major Frank Halford and built by D. Napier & Son during
World War II. The engine evolved to become one of the most powerful inline piston
aircraft engines in the world, developing from 2,200 horsepower (1,640 kW) in its
earlier versions to 3,500 hp (2,600 kW) in late-model prototypes.[1]

The first operational aircraft to be powered by the Sabre were the Hawker Typhoon
and Hawker Tempest; the first aircraft powered by the Sabre was the Napier-Heston
Racer, which was designed to capture the world speed record.[nb 1] Other aircraft
using the Sabre were early prototype and production variants of the Blackburn
Firebrand, the Martin-Baker MB 3 prototype and a Hawker Fury prototype. The rapid
introduction of jet engines after the war led to the quick demise of the Sabre, as
there was less need for high power military piston aero engines and because Napier
turned its attention to developing turboprop engines such as the Naiad and Eland.

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Thumbnail preview of 1945 - 0699.pdf...2TH, T945 FLIGHT SOME POWER UP ITSSLEEVE :
Attending to the Napier Sabre and the portdrop-tank of an 83-Group Tempest. down
to'less than 10 per cent, of the pre-raid production, and only one-quarter of the
oil considered necessary for the enemy armed forces al...
1945 - 0699.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1945 - 1909.pdf... the machine has but recently been put into
anything like large-scale production. The present Mk. IV is a natural development
of t', Mk. I Firebrand, which was originally designed round-"the then new Napier
Sabre engine as a fleet fighter; as a tighter it mounted four 20 mm. cannon, and
these have been retained in the Mk. IV. It was, perhaps, vinfoflrtnate for the
Firebrand that the engine predict...
1945 - 1909.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1959 - 1257.pdf...0 lb. Estimated top speed was 306 m.p.h. at
15,000ft. Firebrand F.I To Specification N.I 1/40 Blackburn built (andflew early in
1942) a prototype of a carrier-borne single-seat fighter powered with a Napier
Sabre III, the radiators for whichwere installed at the wing-root leading edges.
Four 20 mm guns were mounted in the wings. Nine aircraft of this type were built.
Firebrand TF.II The load-carry...
1959 - 1257.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1946 - 1420.pdf...m using wood construction and must have all-
metal machines. British manufacturers would do well to bear this fact in mind.
Flightj pkftograi'l' MAGIC CIRCLE ; The use of an annular radiator with the Napier
Sabre VI engine of this experimental TT.nfliui TCmpt-l raises the top speed by 11
15 mph. Mr. Jack Ohrer, a young Napier test pilot, is seen entering a zoom climb
past the photographic Warwick....
1946 - 1420.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1947 - 1509.pdf...nt of the dear if rTarget'toiving
Tempestsr is proposed to convert fifty or soTempest Vs into two-seat target- towing
aircraft, probably for use in theMiddle East. The machines are to be powered by
Napier Sabre lies. Workhas already started on the first aircraft and when the final
form has been ap-! proved conversion of others will com- ; mence. Mk. VI Tempests
with Sabre VA: engines are already...
1947 - 1509.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1947 - 1520.pdf...e a consumption figure of 0.44 pt/b.h.p./hr
has been recorded. Cylinders ... ... Four horizontally opposed Recommended cruising
90 b.h.p., 3,000 r.p.m. Take-off power ... ... 110 b.h.p. Weight 280 1b Napier
Sabre VA THE twenty-four cylinder sleeve-valvedflat H Sabre series were at the end
of the Avar the most powerful piston en- gines available for our fighters and they
had built up an excellent r...
1947 - 1520.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1951 - 2402.pdf...milar : the wings were all-metal; the front
part of the fuselage was of steel tubing, and the aft portion consisted of a
stressed-skin, flush-riveted monocoque. But whereas the Typhoon had the H-type
Napier Sabre engine, the Tornado was built round the X-type Rolls-Royce Vulture.
The first Tornado was completed in 1939 and was armed with 12 guns. A programme for
production of the type at the Avro ...
1951 - 2402.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1948 - 0684.pdf... be located on one panel onjy. After
discarding a number of schemes, an arrangement w?fe produced which showed promise
and the new type of fastener was fitted for testing on a new installation of the
Napier Sabre engine in which some panels were hinged and others completely
detachable. Experience over an extended period has proved this fastener to be
effective, and in one instance after an aircraf...
1948 - 0684.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1942 - 0994.pdf...460 HERE AND THERE cates for pianoforte
playing, and an A/CW. with professional experience oi operatic singing, and a
corporal who has appeared on the stage and in cabaret. Missing Airliner T HE...
1942 - 0994.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1944 - 0588.pdf... civil operations." C O N T E*N T S The
Outlook 209 War in the Air .... - 301 Here and There ----- 304 Aircraft in Flying
Attitudes - - - 306 Sir R. Fedden Reviews Anglo-American Efforts 308 ' Napier Sabre
II - - - - - 309 Behind the Lines - - - - - 316 Seven Post-war Types - - - - 317
Sir Stafford Cripps Surveys Output -. * 319 Correspondence - , - - - 320 Service
Aviation - - - - -...
1944 - 0588.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1944 - 0604.pdf...io FLIGHT \IPPER BANK OF CYLINDERS OPERATINC
ON UPPER CRANKSHAFT NAPIER SABRE II 1944, but it is now permissible to give further
particulars and to disclose internal details of the design. As installed in the
Typhoon the engine delivers a maximum of 2,200 b.h....
1944 - 0604.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1944 - 0609.pdf...ARCH 23RD, 1944 FLIGHT NAPIER SABRE I is
sealed by a single taper-type pressure ring in the cylinder head. The drive for the
12 sleeve valves of each cylinder block is by a divided hollow shaft driven at
crankshaft spee...
1944 - 0609.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1944 - 0610.pdf...T4 F L I G H 1 ^APf.n ^3Bb. 1044 NAPIER
SABRE I drive upper and lower pairs of straight-tooth pinions, and the airscrew-
shaft gear is meshed with all four helical pinions. To equalise the drive from each
crankshaft to its pair ...
1944 - 0610.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1944 - 0062.pdf...sion there is, however, no reason why flight
at altitudes far greater than any hitherto attained, and at speeds very much
CONTENTS The Outlook - War in the Air - - Here and There - - - 2,200 h.p. Napier
Sabre A Great British Achievement Weight Estimating - - - Aircraft in Flying
Attitudes Behind the Lines - - - New Year Honours Altitude Sounding - - - Tricycle
Landing Gears Correspondence ...
1944 - 0062.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1945 - 2363.pdf...ighter designed and built by the firm. A
very unorthodox machine was produced some years before the war, designed mainly for
ease of production. During the war there followed the M-B III, which had a Napier
Sabre engine and a speed of 430 m.ph. at 20,000f...
1945 - 2363.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1945 - 2273.pdf...are to attack the speed of 606 m.p.h. we
shall be ready to defend it. But no extrava- gant claims nor any vainglorious
boasting. CONTENTS The Outlook - - - To-morrow's Light Aircraft Here and There -
Napier Sabre VII The School of Air Support Refuelling in Flight Civil Aviation News
- From the Austral:an Viewpoint Correspondence - - - - Service Aviation .... 543
545 548 550 554, a & b - 556 - 561 ...
1945 - 2273.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1944 - 2679.pdf...DECEMBER 28TH, 1944 FLIGHT 69.r> RETROSPECT
rudder as fitted to some of the later "Libs." All-up weight is given as 56,000 lb.,
and although one or more machines have already been built, productio...
1944 - 2679.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1944 - 1935.pdf...SEPTEMBER 2IST, I944 FLIGHT Advertisements,
n THE FIRST FLIGHT The determined pioneering spirit of the Wright Brothers solved
the problem of human flight. They added a petrol engine to their gli...
1944 - 1935.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1948 - 1444.pdf...t Aircraft Association is doing good pioneer
work in pressing manufacturers for low- power engines. At the other end of the
scale, in the 3,000 h.p. or over class, we have but two types, of which the Napier
Sabre has seen war service and a good deal of development, while the Rolls-Royce
Eagle, although already rated at 3,500 h.p., is undoubtedly capable of further
develop- ment, judging from the h...
1948 - 1444.pdf
Thumbnail preview of 1946 - 2270 - 0015.pdf... attains 540~i.p h. with a Goblin
turbine-jet unNapier Sabre VII) combines all-round utility and' ruggedness " with
outstanding performance At 18,500ft the tor speed is 485 m.p.h Standard armament of
the Lincoln Mk. II, as now in service with squad...
1946 - 2270 - 0015.pdf