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PRILOG Alarm logger

replaces the alarm printer

storing the alarms at the hard disk
Prilog have now for a decade replaced alarm printers all over the world in all kinds of installations, from
medical production factories, offshore installations, different types of ships to simple building access systems.
Anywhere a line printer is installed to log situations or events, Prilog can replace or be added to the system,
for safe storage and remote access and analyzes:
no more paper jam
no more printer noise
no more "out of paper" alarms
no more lost alarms/events
safe storing of alarms and events
automatic backup and reporting facilities
e-mail/SMS message service for chosen events
remote connection and inspection via network/satellite
alarm analyzing tool with facilities for E0 maintenance

As Prilog can connect to a network or telephone line and send e-mails or SMS for chosen events, it have become very popular for unmanned facilities and remote

Prilog functionality Signal analyses Search Function

Prilog runs under Win95/98/NT/2K on any PC, with Based upon requirements from huge offshore
no special requirements, except for a plants, Prilog has got an analysing tool which is
communication port and/or a network connection. used to detect the most frequent alarms in the
Prilog can replace any printer type with different system. By different selection methods the user
interfaces types. Prilog can fetch the alarms via can search through each channel and list out the
the COM port or via the network TCP/IP printer. If occurrences for different time periods, and analyse
the system is sending the messages via an parallel witch alarms causes most problems, and the time
interface, a HW converter is used to convert the window for these alarms. Any time the operator
signal to serial type or IP network connection if the may view the "10 on top" list with the ranging of
source is remote. the most annoying alarms at all times.

Prilog Writer E0-Maintenance support

The Prilog writer is the logger part of Prilog that As one of the requirements for E0 maintenance is From the power full Search function, the user can
reads the sources and writes the information to to on regularly bases to test different alarms for search through the stored signals and inspect the
the hard disk. The Prilog Writer will always run functionality, Prilog has been used for occurrences of the actual signal.
when the PC is running. The information is stored documentation of this tests. Some of the signals Each search setting may be saved for later use.
in a circular file, where the oldest lines is over may also be checked out due to the fact that the
written by the latest incoming lines, in order to not alarm have been activated during the last List Function
fill up the hard disk. The size of this file is maintenance period. The analysing tool is used to The List function enables the user to list out all
determined when Prilog is installed, and the place export the occurrence of a dedicated alarm within occurrences of a certain signal, or a group of signals.
for the file is reserved. a set time period. The result may be saved to a file for further analyses
or storage.
50 different channels pr PC E-Mail SMS support
There is no absolute limit for how many different Prilog can be set up to watch for a special alarm to Export Function
channels of alarm lines that can be received in one appear, and if detected send an e-mail or SMS to
PC, as this is a matter of PC capacity. A modern PC the specified receiver. Different receivers can be
would be able to handle up to 50 different Prilog may be set up for different alarm tags, or events.
channels simultaneously, if no other heavy The e mail may, if defined contain a number of
events detected up to this event in order to allow
the receiver to analyse the situation.
programs are running. Remote network access Via the Export function the user can export any part
or group of the stores signals to different file formats
Remote printer connection for storage or analyses. The export function may be
Prilog have built in IP functionality, and may executed with pre defined intervals or trigged by an
connect to any IP printer output in the network. incoming event.
This enables Prilog to collect printer sources from
remote installations via the network.

Prilog Storage Capacity

If your alarm printer prints 1 line of 80 characters When a PC with a Prilog Reader is connected to
every second 24 hours a day, and your hard disk the Writers PC via some kind of network
has 50GB capacity, Prilog can store all lines in a connection, the Reader can connect to the Prilog
period of 20 Years. Writer via the network connection. The user may
from the remote location inspect the stored data
with full Reader functionality.
Prilog Reader
The Reader is the user interface part of Prilog, and
can be started and stopped without interruption of
the logger part. The reader may connect to and
read different Prilog channels locally on the same
PC, or remote channels on another PC in the

Mailing list
To subscribe to the Prilog mailing list, send an email to
To unsubscribe, send to

Description Language Format Size
Prilog 6.97 (Released may 22, 2006. Full functionality, time limited) English Executable 4.0 MB DOWNLOAD
Prilog 6.98 (Released may 18.02.08 Full functionality, time limited, Install 6.97 first!) English ZIP 2.0 MB DOWNLOAD
Prilog Latest Release Notes TXT English Plain text 18 KB DOWNLOAD
Prilog Latest User Manual English PDF 1.1 MB DOWNLOAD
Prilog product sheet English PDF 2.6 MB DOWNLOAD
Prilog description document version 5.22 English PDF 174 KB DOWNLOAD
Conversion program from Prilog 4 to Prilog 5 Executable 253 KB DOWNLOAD
HASP key driver 4.98 for Win32/Win64 released 9/2005 English Executable 4.3 MB DOWNLOAD
HASP key driver 4.81 for Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP (old) English Executable 1.52 MB DOWNLOAD
COMCTL32 update update program for Prilog =<5.15
Executable 437 KB DOWNLOAD
(version 4.72.3611.1900, applies to Windows 95/98/NT)
HaspInfo version 1.5 (for changing/upgrading Prilog licenses,
Executable 1.1 MB DOWNLOAD
only for Prilog ver. 5.21 and earlier, self-unpacking installer)

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