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Form 4883T, 08/05

Supersedes 4883T, 04/04

Hunter 811
Computerized Wheel Alignment System

Increase Your Shops Performance

With The Most Advanced Alignment
System Available!
The 811s Powerful Processor,

Windows XP, and WinAlign
Software Make
Alignment Easy as
1... 2... 3!

1. Select Vehicle Make and Model

Vehicle specifications can be easily selected three ways:
Scroll through the specifications list.
Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.).
Typing in the first letters of the vehicle name.

2. Measure Angles
After compensation, camber,
front and rear toe, and thrust line
measurements are displayed.
Caster, S.A.I. and I.A. are dis-
played following
caster steer.
3. Adjust Vehicle
Patented bar graph shows the amount and direction of
adjustment required. As you make adjustments, the
arrow moves across the bar graph. The bar graph
changes from red to green as the alignment adjustment
comes within specification.

WinAlign Software Features and the
...Designed to Maximize
W inAlign Alignment Software

contains the largest vehicle specific

Patented Vehicle Measurement information database in the industry as
well as many patented adjustment, pro-
and Adjustment Features ductivity and merchandising features.

Installed in 60 countries and operating

ExpressAlign in 36 languages, WinAlign Software

WinToe Procedure


CAMM Control Arm Movement

Automatic Bushing Calculator

Tools & Kits Database
Virtual View


Vehicle Inspection Features

Live Action Inspection Videos *

Point & Click Inspection**

WebSpecs .NET Specification


Cradle Inspection*
Tire Inspection

Inspection Printouts**

ALLDATA Undercar
(Free Subscription for 1 year)

For additional information on WinAlign Power Features, see the WinAlign Software Brochure Form 4989T
* Digital Video option required. ** Digital Photo option required to view/print digital photos. These features are standard on 811P-Plus Models and optional on other 811 models.
Largest Vehicle Information Database...
Your Alignment Profits!
continues to lead the industry in inno-
vation and performance. Merchandising Features
New technology-based features that
speed and simplify the alignment
process is what makes WinAlign
Inspection Printouts
Software the most capable and powerful Pre-Alignment Analysis Printout
alignment system software available
today. Alignment Results Printouts
Work Management Reports

iSHOP Compliant

Training Features

AlignGuide - Vehicle Specific Photographs,

Videos and Animations Supporting* :
Vehicle Inspection and Adjustments

WinAlign Software Operation
Vehicle Troubleshooting
Equipment Operation
Video Tech

Hunter Online Features

WebSpecs .NET Specification
ShopResults. NET Online Service
UnderCarInfo.NET Subscription
Hunter Online
Standard with the 811P-Plus, this suite of Internet-based tools includes:

Specification Database*
Use Your Hunter Aligner or Front-Office Computer to
Get New Vehicle Specifications via The Internet...
WebSpecs.NET provides the newest vehicle
specifications, Adjustment Illustrations and
optional Digital Photos from an Internet-connect-
ed Hunter aligner or any Internet-connected com-
puter in the shop. Updated vehicle specs are
available online throughout the year. The newest
vehicle specifications are available on
WebSpecs.NET soon after release by the OEMs.
See Form 4686T WebSpecs.NET Specification Database for
additional information.

ShopResults.NET *
Online Service
ShopResults.NET provides you with an efficient
Internet-based method to communicate with vehicle
owners and business partners, store and retrieve
alignment records and even produce management
See Form 4890T ShopResults.NET Online Service for
additional information.

UnderCarInfo.NET Software Feature assists counter
service personnel when explaining needed service.
Much of the same extensive vehicle information
database that is available on Hunters premium
alignment systems can now be accessed using any
Internet-connected PC. Its as simple as going to the
UnderCarInfo.NET Web site and entering a user ID
and password.
See Form 4889T UnderCarInfo.NET Subscription for
additional information.

* Patented
Series 811P-Plus and 811 Features
H unters Series 811 is available in standard and Plus configurations. Series 811P-Plus has
upgraded PC hardware and many popular premium features standard. The 811P-Plus also comes
with special cabinet designs that hold alignment tool kits and after-market correction kits.
Feature Comparisons
Feature 811P-Plus 811
Processor and Intel Pentium 4

Intel Celeron
motherboard 3.0 GHz (or greater) 2.6 GHz (or greater)
Operating System Windows XP Pro Windows XP Home
RAM 256 MB DDR2 256 MB DDR
Hard Disk Drive 80 GB (or greater) 40 GB (or greater)
Universal Serial Bus USB 2.0 Standard USB 2.0 Standard
(2 ports-Frontside)
Video Card 64 MB Integrated 64 MB Integrated
Network Connection Standard Optional
Modem Standard Optional

Power Features 811P-Plus 811

WinAlign Software Standard Standard
WinAlign Tuner Standard Optional
Hunter VID (Vehicle 2 Years Free 2 Years Free
Information Database)
Hunter Online
WebSpecs.NET 2 Years Free Optional
UnderCarInfo.NET 1 Year Free Optional
ShopResults.NET 1 Year Free Optional

ALLDATA Undercar 1 Year Free* 1 Year Free*

Access Access
Color Printer Standard Standard
Digital Photo Standard Optional

Digital Video Standard Optional

Premium Cabinet Standard N/A
Pull-Out Printer Standard on R Standard on R R811P17L shown above,
Tray/Drawer and on S N/A on S photos of other models
Storage Drawers for Standard on R N/A follow on the next pages.
Stainless Steel Standard Optional
Turnplates No deletions or substitutions are allowed with the above configurations.
* As available from manufacturer
811P-Plus and 811 Cabinet Configurations
R811P19L with 19" LCD display.
Cabinet and monitor dimensions
(approximate): 68" H (with monitor
raised) X 29-1/2" D X 36" W*.

R811P19 with 19" UVGA

color monitor.
Cabinet and monitor
64-1/2" H X 29-1/2" D X
36" W*.

R Plus Cabinet Storage Features

The left-side drawers feature The pull-out printer tray/drawer The right-side door conceals the
ample room for alignment tool provides convenient printer CPU and storage drawer.
storage (shown with optional access. For all R cabinets.
Tools & Parts kits). R Plus
Cabinet only.
*With sensors, add 32" to width. With targets, add 43 to width.
S811P19L with 19" LCD
display. Cabinet and S811-17 with 17" UVGA
monitor dimensions color monitor. Cabinet
R811-19 with 19" UVGA color (approximate): 68" H and monitor dimen-
monitor. Cabinet and monitor (with monitor raised) X sions (approximate):
dimensions (approximate): 29-1/2" D X 22-1/2" W*. 59-1/2" H X 23" D X
64-1/2" H X 29-1/2" D X 36" W*. 22-1/2" W*.

R Standard Cabinet Storage S Plus Cabinet Features

The standard R cabinet features ample The Hunter S811P cabinet features ample,
interior storage space with room for the concealed storage space for the printer,
CPU and a slide-out media storage CPU and additional tools.
811P-Plus W Cabinet Configuration
W Plus Cabinet Features
W811P19L with
19" LCD display.
Cabinet and
43" H X 29" D X
32" W.
The Hunter W811P cabinet
features lockable concealed
storage space for the CPU.

The W cabinet mounts to either

a DSP600 Sensor column or a
shop wall.

Other 811 and 811P-Plus Cabinet Configurations

Model Monitor Type Dimensions (Approximate)
R811-17 17 UVGA Color Monitor 62H X 29-1/2D X 36W*
S811P19 19 UVGA Color Monitor 62H X 23D X 22-1/2W*
S811-19 19 UVGA Color Monitor 62H X 23D X 22-1/2W*
W811P19 19 UVGA Color Monitor 43H X 29 D X 32W
W811P17L 17 LCD Display 45H X 29 D X 32W
W811-19 19 UVGA Color Monitor 43H X 29 D X 32W
*With sensors, add 32" to width. With targets, add 43 to width.

Standard Aligner Accessories Optional LED Remote Indicator

Keyboard Provides complete control
Mouse while making vehicle adjust-
Steering Wheel Holder ments. View measurements
Brake Pedal Depressor with touch of a key. Display
Wireless Remote Control provides graphic indication of
Passenger Car & Light Turnplates live measurements
(Stainless Steel on Plus Models) (Part No. 30-328-1).
Power Requirements
120/230V, 1-ph, 50/60 Hz, 6/3 amps, 720 watts
Self-Centering Wheel Adaptors
For Hunter DSP600 and DSP500 Wheel
Alignment Sensors
Exclusive Features Provide Ease of Use, Durability
and Greater Versatility
Standard clamp range fits 10" to 24.5" (254 mm to 622 mm) rims.

Reversible adaptor rim studs provide adaptability for steel rims or specialty
rims with Run-Flat and Flange-Guard tires and can fit over hubcaps.

Adaptors unique design is able to accommodate a wide variety of wheel

configurations and sizes. Simply insert the rim studs into the appropriate
opening according to the rim-size range needed.

Quick-Knob provides fast adjustment of the adaptors range, allowing it to

fit various rim sizes.

Lightweight, non-flexing adaptors are designed to provide rigidity and

stability, yet are easy to handle.
175-325-1 DSP600-Series Adaptor Standard 175-325-1
175-321-1 DSP500-Series Adaptor DSP600 Adaptor shown.

Adaptor Options

Tire Clamp Adaptor 28 Wheel Adaptor Extensions

Clamps effectively fasten wheel adaptors on tires with an Extensions increase the Self-Centering Wheel Adaptors
outside dimension of 19" (483 mm) to 40" (1016 mm). maximum rim range from 24.5" (622 mm) to 28" (711
Ideal for rims without rim lips or when space between tire mm). (Part No. 20-1792-1- contains 16 pieces, 4 for
and rim is limited. Grips onto tire treads and protects each adaptor).
alloy wheels from damage.
(Part No. 20-1789-1).
Sensor Options
DSP600 Sensor Groups
All DSP600 Sensor Groups include 4 Cameras, 4 Targets and Self-Centering Adaptors.
Standard configuration for Wall mount for straight-approach bays
most shops DSP600FMW
DSP600WMH Floor mount wide for drive-through bays. DSP600
Wall mount for angled-approach Model Shown
(herringbone) bays Doublewide pit mount with Optional
LED Remote
DSP600PM DSP600L Indicator
Overhead pit mount With full rise vertical camera lift
See Form 4946T
DSP600LP DSP600CM DSP600 Alignment
With 18 rise vertical camera lift R Cabinet mount configuration Sensors for additional

DSP500 Sensor Groups

All DSP500 Sensor Groups include Self-Centering
Adaptors and Sensor Docking Stations.
DSP506, DSP508
4 Optical Sensors- DSP508 with Cal-Check
DSP506-RH, DSP508-RH
4 Optical Sensors with Ride Height- DSP508-RH with Cal-Check
DSP506 XF, DSP508 XF
4 XF-Radio Cordless Sensors- DSP508-XF with Cal-Check
See Form 4947T DSP500 Series Sensors for additional information.
4 XF-Radio Cordless Sensors with Ride Height DSP508-XF-RH
with Cal-Check

Optional DSP500 Sensor Battery Charger

Additional DSP500 sensor batteries can be charged by using an optional charger.
Available for use as an internally installed* recharger or an external, table-top model.

Batteries not included.

Optional Battery Recharger Kit ... or combined with an optional AC Adaptor Kit (20-1864-1)
(20-1832-1) can be installed at the AC Adaptor Kit (20-1864-1) for use includes an attached wall-
rear of your console to help con- as a convenient, centralized, pluggable power supply for
serve valuable work space... table-top recharger. 100-240 VAC input.

Visit our Web site: www.hunter.com

For detailed information on models, cabinets and accessories, contact your Hunter representative.

WinAlign software upgrades may require additional and/or upgraded hardware. Because of continuing
technological advancements, specifications, models and options are subject to change without notice.

* DSP600WMS configuration may also be applied to customer designed support structures and ceiling mounted. 11250 Hunter Drive, Bridgeton, MO 63044
See Site Requirements for details. 1-800-448-6848 314-731-3020 FAX: 314-731-1776

Copyright 2005 Hunter Engineering Company 0805CAP10M.59

AlignGuide, Automatic Bushing Calculator, CAMM, ExpressAlign, Faster Caster, PartHunter, PicturePerfect, RangeFinder,
Shim-Select, VideoTech, Virtual View, WebSpecs, WinAlign and WinToe are trademarks of Hunter Engineering Company.

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