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GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: FARAH B. FABIANO Learning Area: ENGLISH

DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: JUNE 12 - 16, 2017 (WEEK 2) Quarter: 1 ST QUARTER


A. Content Standards The learner demonstrates
command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking
NATIONAL understanding of the oral standards of English in order to participate in various oral communication demands (situation,
HOLIDAY purpose and audience) understanding of various linguistics nodes to comprehend various texts
understanding that English language is stress timed to support comprehension
understanding of various linguistics nodes to comprehend various texts
understanding of the oral standards of English in order to participate in various oral communication demands (situation,
purpose and audience) understanding of verbal and non-verbal elements of communication to respond back
understanding that words are composed of different parts to know that their meaning changes depending in context
understanding of the forms and conventions of print, non-print, and digital materials to understand various viewing texts
B. Performance Standards The learner
uses the correct function of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in general and their functions in various discourse
(oral and written)
prepares for and participates effectively in a range of conversations and collaboration with diverse partners, building on others
ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively
analyzes text types to effectively understand information/ message(s)
reads with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension
uses linguistic cues to appropriately construct meaning from a variety of texts for a variety of purposes
prepares for and participates effectively in a range of conversations and collaboration with diverse partners, building on others
ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively
uses paralanguage and non-verbal cues to respond appropriately
uses strategies to decode correctly the meaning of words in isolation and in context
applies knowledge of the various forms and conventions of print, non-print, and digital materials to appropriately comprehend
print, non-print, film and moving texts

C. Learning Competencies EN6LC-Ib2.3.6 EN6RC-Ib-6.1 EN6V-Ib- EN6VC-Ib- 5.1.2

Write the LC code for each Analyze sound devices EN6RC-Ib-6.2 Infer meaning of Describe different
(personification) in a text EN6RC-Ib-6.3 idiomatic forms and
heard EN6RC-Ib-6.4 expressions using conventions of film
EN6F-Ib-1.6 Analyze poem with 4 or -affixes and moving pictures
Read aloud grade level more (blocking)
appropriate text with an stanzas in terms of its
accuracy rate of 95 elements (rhymes,
100% sound devices, imagery
EN6WC-Ib- 2.2.2 and
Write a 3- line 4- stanza figurative language)
poem EN6OL-Ib- 1.17
Relate an experience
appropriate to the
Observe politeness at all
Show tactfulness when
communicating with
Show openness to
II. CONTENT Personification Analyzing Poem in Affixes Blocking
(Subject Matter) terms of
Rhyme, Sound Devices,
Imagery, and Figurative
III. Learning Resources
1.Teachers Guide Pages
2.Learners Materials Pages
3.Textbook Pages
4. Additional Materials from Learning Activity Sheet in Activity Sheet in BEAM Activity Sheet in
Resources (LR) Portal) English 6 English 6 Decoding Meaning of English 6
(Quarter 1: Week 2) (Quarter 1: Week 2) Unfamiliar Words using (Quarter 1: Week 2)
Structural Analysis
(pp. 40-48)
B.Other Learning Resources
A.Review Previous Lessons Ask: How are plural Ask: What is Ask: What have you Ask: What have you
irregular nouns formed? personification? How is learned about learned about affixes?
it different from other personification? In the previous week,
figures of speech? you learned about
different forms and
conventions of film
Today, you will learn
another convention
of film which is
B. Establishing purpose for the Lesson Listen as your teacher reads a short Do Lets Try This Do Lets Try This Task 1. Picture!
poem Dinnertime Chorus by Activity Sheet in BEAM Picture! Look at
Sharon Hendricks. English 6 (Quarter 1: Decoding Meaning of each picture below.
Analyze the mood of the poem and Week 2-Day 3, p. Unfamiliar Words using Then answer the
the writers purpose for writing it. 1) Structural Analysis (pp. questions that follow.
Guide Questions:
1. What is the poem all about?
2. What emotion did you feel while
listening to the poem?
What have you
3. Why do you think the poem is
noticed in each
entitled Dinnertime Chorus?
4. What do you think is the writers
What are the
purpose for writing this poem?
positions of
Listen as your teacher rereads the
characters in each
poem Dinnertime Chorus by
Sharon Hendricks.
What feelings or
emotions does each
The teapot sang as the water boiled
picture convey?
The ice cubes cackled in their glass
How do different
The teacups chattered to one
positions of
another While the chairs were
characters affect the
passing gas
mood in each
The gravy gurgled merrily
As the oil danced in a pan
Does blocking matter
Oh my dinnertime chorus
in pictures? How
What a lovely, lovely clan!
about in films?
C. Presenting examples /instances of You should know that in reality, it is Read Lets Study This Read Lets Study This Blocking was
the new lessons impossible for inanimate objects to Activity Sheet in English BEAM originally a theater
move and act like humans. In the 6 Decoding Meaning of term that refers to
poem you listened to, the writer (Quarter 1: Week 2-Day 3, Unfamiliar Words using the positioning and
used personification. pp. 1-4) Structural Analysis (pp. movement of the
In the previous week, you learned actors in the stage.
about it already. Today, we will An essential part of
review personification. Be ready for rehearsal, blocking is
the tasks ahead. necessary for a
smooth performance.
Personification is the attribution In cinema, camera
of human qualities, nature or and lights are added
characteristics to inanimate objects to the equation.
or something nonhuman. It is also Blocking in a motion
the representation of an abstract picture involves the
quality in human form. Examples: precise synchrony
"And then one day the boy came and movement of the
back and the tree shook with joy." actors in relation to
(excerpt from The Giving Tree by camera and lights.
Shel Silverstein) The little dog The director is the
laughed to see such sport, And the one responsible for
dish ran away with the spoon. blocking. He must
(nursery rhyme) The night was guide the cast to
creeping on the ground! She crept accommodate his
and did not make a sound vision for the
(excerpt from Check by James arrangement or
Stephens) composition of the

Sketch the Scene

One efficient way to
block actors and
camera is to use
drawings. Hand-
drawn pictures are
fine, although
computers make the
job easier. Floor plans
and storyboards are
often combined for a
faster process but
also to help the crew
visualize everything
needed for the shoot
to happen. Floor
plans are used to
design the layout of a
scene with actors
and camera
positions. Floor plans
are quite convenient
when shooting a
scene with an
elaborate setup. A
number of actors and
complicated camera
movements (dollies,
cranes) constitute a
good definition of
elaborate setup.
Storyboards are also
common. They are a
collection of frames
that tells the story
visually. The frames
illustrate the more
important shots in
the movie.
Storyboards are quite
convenient when the
directors are
explaining exactly
what type of
composition they
Attention to Body
Language Deciding
on the positions of
the subject and
camera are only the
first and second
steps of blocking.
The third is body
language - posture. A
director must pay
close attention to
how actors use their
bodies and what is
signified by their
postures and
gestures. Quite
professional directors
instruct actors on
how to move their
hands and legs and

In the frame above,

you can see two
actors with
contrasting postures.
Angelina Jolie, looks
refined, elegant,
impeccable, and
holds herself straight,
with air of nobility.
Her back does not
touch the chair. Her
hands are held in
front of her bosom
we can tell this is not
comfortable. At the
opposite end of the
spectrum, you can
see Johnny Depps
gesture and posture -
slouched in his chair,
legs crossed,
supporting his arms.
He looks tired and
uncouth. Therefore,
keep in mind that a
lot of information is
conveyed by posture.
D. Discussing new concepts and Task 1. Listen and Jot Down! Do Lets Do This Answer Lets Do This Task 1. Is Blocking
practicing new skills #1. Listen as your teacher recites the Activity Sheet in English BEAM Important? What do
poem Bicycling by Alan Loren. As 6 Decoding Meaning of you think is the
you listen, jot down all examples of (Quarter 1: Week 2-Day 3, Unfamiliar Words using importance of
personification from the poem. pp. 4-6) Structural Analysis (p. blocking in movies?
Write your answers inside the 43) Choose your partner
wheels of the bicycle below. and discuss your
answer with him/her.

E. Discussing new concepts & Task 2. Build Up a Tree! Listen Answer Lets Do More Answer Lets Do More Do Lets Do More
practicing and concern to new skills #2 again to your teacher as he/she Activity Sheet in BEAM Activity Sheet in
reads the poem Trees by Joyce English 6 (Quarter 1: Decoding Meaning of English 6 (Quarter 1:
Kilmer. List down all examples of Week 2-Day 3, p. Unfamiliar Words using Week 2-Day 5, p. 4)
personification from the poem. 6) Structural Analysis
Write your answers inside the blank
(p. 44)
upper part of the tree below.

F.Developing Mastery (Leads to Task 3. Are You Ready for the Answer Lets Enrich Task 2. Viewing the
Formative Assesment 3 Choral Reading? Work with your Ourselves Movie Trailer! Your
groupmates to present a choral Activity Sheet in teacher will show you
reading of the following selection. English 6 (Quarter 1: a movie trailer of
Week 2-Day 3, pp. Heneral Luna. With
Oh, No! your partner, identify
For several days, a colony of hungry and describe the
ants positioned themselves at the scenes where
sidewalk every morning. They blocking was applied.
waited there patiently for some Do this by
unexpected meal. One morning, a completing the
careless biker drove his bike with a following table.
basketful of bread. The ants
annoyed the biker that he stumbled
over a big rock. Unknowingly, the
biker dropped a bag of bread. The
happy ants carried the bag of bread
to their place. They happily shared
with each other the success of their
plan. It was skillfully planned by the
king ant. From then on, they
patiently gathered mounds of dirt
for another ambush. But rainy days
came and the mound of dirt was
washed away.
G. Finding Practical Applications of Ask: Is listening to or reading poems/any Ask: Why are rhyme, Ask: Why is learning Ask: Why is blocking
concepts and skills in daily living literary piece with personification enjoyable? sound devices, imagery, affixes important? important in film?
Why do you say so? Why do you think and figurative language If you were a film
learning personification is important? essential? director, what kind of
blocking technique
would you apply to
your film and why?
H. Making Generalizations & Personification is a very Read Lets Remember Read Lets Remember Blocking is simply
Abstractions about the lessons important tool used by writers to This This the relationship of
enliven and give human attributes Activity Sheet in BEAM the camera to the
to inanimate objects. It adds beauty English 6 (Quarter 1: Decoding Meaning of actors. Essentially, it
and creativity to any literary piece Week 2-Day 3, p. Unfamiliar Words using is the physical
movement of the
10) Structural Analysis
actors relative to the
(p. 44)
position of the
I.Evaluating Learning Write your own personification poem with Do Lets Work On This Answer Lets Test
three-lines and four stanzas. Activity Sheet in Ourselves
English 6 (Quarter 1: BEAM
Week 2-Day 3, pp. Decoding Meaning of
9-10) Unfamiliar Words using
Structural Analysis
(p. 45)
J. Additional activities for application or Task 4. Say Yes? Say No? Read Do Lets Reflect Answer Lets Enrich Task 3. Film
remediation the following statements taken from Activity Sheet in Ourselves Critiquing! Watch
the selection titled Oh No!. Write English 6 (Quarter 1: BEAM your favorite movie
Yes on the blank before the number Week 2-Day 3, p. Decoding Meaning of at home.
if the sentence shows 10) Unfamiliar Words using On a one whole sheet
personification and write No if it Structural Analysis of paper, identify the
does not. (p. 46) message conveyed
_____ 1. A careless biker drove his by the film in at least
bike with a basketful of bread. two to three
_____ 2. A colony of hungry ants sentences. Write
positioned themselves at the down the scenes
sidewalk. _____ 3. From then on, from the film where
they patiently gathered mounds of blocking was applied
dirt for another ambush. then list down the
_____ 4. Unknowingly, the biker possible reasons for
dropped a bag of bread. their application.
_____ 5. The happy ants carried the Prepare to present
bag of bread to their place. your work in class
next meeting
VI. Reflection
A.No. of learners who earned 80% in the
B. No. of learners who requires additional
acts.for remediation who scored below 80%
C. Did the remedial lessons work? No. of
learners who caught up with the lessons
D. No. of learners who continue to require
E. Which of my teaching strategies worked
well? Why did this work?
F. What difficulties did I encounter which my
principal/supervisor can help me solve?
G. What innovations or localized materials
did I used/discover which I wish to share
with other teachers?