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Tabor Adelaide - School of Education - Lesson Plan

Student Teacher Name: Caleb Everett Date: 15/05/2017

Curriculum area: Year level: 9 General capabilities:

Music School: Findon High School
Lesson time: 45 mins x 2 curriculum priorities: English, Maths
Topic: Sound
production, band
Curriculum Content Improvise and arrange music, using aural recognition
Descriptions of texture, dynamics and expression to manipulate the
elements of music to explore personal style in
composition and performance (ACAMUM099)
Manipulate combinations of the elements of music in a
range of styles, using technology and notation
Practice and rehearse to refine a variety of
performance repertoire with increasing technical and
interpretative skill (ACAMUM101)
Perform music applying techniques and expression to
interpret the composers use of elements of music
Anticipated outcomes Unit Outcomes:
Students will be able to use basic sound production software to create and
construct their own pieces of music. Students will have the ability to play
their band pieces in time and with higher levels of skill.

Lesson Outcomes:
Students will further their knowledge of band work and music production

Students prior Basic knowledge of musical instruments and basic music notation.

Revised for Australian Curriculum January 2014.

Resources needed Laptops
Instruments for practical segments

Lesson sequence and Introduction: What hook will you use to Differentiation
time sequence get students interested?
This class ability varies
Beginning Recap previous lesson and spend the first 15 greatly, however for this
minutes of class on Soundation. lesson the students will
all be able to connect
Ask each student to explain to the class what and engage with the
they are aiming to do, and where they are up to content.
in their Soundation piece.
Many of the students
Have students play segments of their pieces to come from various
the class for feedback and help. multicultural
backgrounds, some with
Split class into band groups and assist each English as a second
student in their instruments. language. Content will
Middle need to be differentiated
Girls group is starting on band this lesson. in order for students to
Make sure to listen to their songs before engage and understand
playing. the lessons and content
While playing start with the music and slowly
fade it out so there is the transition of playing One of the students
with to playing alone. comes from an
End Aboriginal background
Remember to rotate bands quickly so that each and various classes are
group is able to have a good amount of time changed to cater for
playing their instruments. different needs. This
student misses lessons
occasionally as they are
enrolled in a different
program every fortnight.

Assessment of students Methods to be used:

(Formative/summative) Students Soundation projects (When completed)
Band work
Evaluation for Throughout the next lessons students will be learning more content
students. throughout band lessons including chords and being able to play new and
Where to next? more complicated songs. Soundation assessment will be completed
through homework time and as class work.
Evaluation of your The lesson today ran well and felt very productive. Asking each student to
planning explain and show what he or she have done so far for their assignments
was beneficial as it allowed those who had not done as much to understand
more fully what was expected through the assignment.
An improvement to the lesson would be, in the lesson previous, to explain
that the students would be showing work to the class so as not to put them
in an on the spot position.

Revised for Australian Curriculum January 2014.