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PCI-AC5 Adapter Card Quick Start

For complete hardware and software installation If You Are Running Windows 95 or 98
instructions, see Opto 22 form #1211, PCI-AC5 and AC5 If you are running Microsoft Windows 95 or 98, the
Users Guide. computer will discover the new card and try to find driver
information in the systems .INF file.
Installing the Adapter Card
1. Turn on the computer.
1. Turn off the computer. Remove the power cord and
the computers cover. 2. When the New Hardware Found dialog box
appears, highlight Driver From Disk Provided by
2. Before handling the PCI-AC5, discharge excess Hardware Manufacturer. Click OK.
static electricity by touching the computers metal
chassis. 3. Insert the Opto 22 Adapter Card Toolkits CD, which
came with the card, in the CD-ROM drive. Enter the
3. Push the ribbon cable through one of the PCI slot path for the CD and the file PCI_AC5.inf. Click OK.
openings in the computer, and then attach the cable Information from the CD is copied to the .INF file. If
to the adapter card. you do not have the CD, contact Opto 22 Product
CAUTION: Do not scratch the card or other cards in Support at 800-835-6786 or 909-695-3080 and ask
the computer, as scratching may irreversibly damage for part number ADAPTERCARDTOOLKITCD.
the card or other devices.
Installing Software
4. Install the PCI-AC5 card in the expansion slot. Verify
that the PCI-AC5 card is properly seated in the PCI The PCI-AC5 and AC5 Toolkit is software you will need for
socket. Secure the card with the screw. the PCI-AC5 adapter card. The toolkit is included on the
Opto 22 Adapter Card Toolkits CD, which came with the
5. Connect the cable from the adapter card to the Opto card, and is also available free from our Web site.
22 digital I/O mounting rack.
1. Insert the Adapter Card Toolkits CD, or download
See the PCI-AC5 and AC5 Users Guide for cable the toolkit file from our Web site at
part numbers and pinouts. www.opto22.com/products/softdevkits.asp.
6. Reinstall the power cord. Leave the computer cover 2. Run the installation, which automatically places the
off temporarily so you can see the cards LEDs. necessary files in the correct locations for the
Because the card is self-configuring, it has no operating system you are using.
jumpers. Configuration is automatically done by PCI For additional information on installing the card and
BIOS when the card is installed. using the driver, see the PCI-AC5 and AC5 Users Guide.
The guide is on the Adapter Card Toolkits CD. You can
also download it from our Web site (www.opto22.com) or
request a hard copy by calling Opto 22 at 800-452-6786
or 909-695-3087.

Form 1222-000830PCI-AC5 Adapter Card Quick Start Copyright 2000 Opto 22.